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Design a Responsive Shopping Catalog to Boost Business Sales

PubHTML5 takes the hassle out of creating a custom catalog. Take advantage of libraries of assets like ecommerce icons to enhance the catalog.

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As an interactive format for presenting products, catalogs help drive more attention and engagement to the content. The catalog made with PubHTML5 will look good on any desktop computer, iPhone, iPad or Android tablet/smartphone, giving customers an instant access to your contents and ensuring them a great viewing experience. Moreover, you can link a product image on a page to a checkout page in this business catalog maker, which enables customers to buy directly from your catalog and helps you get as many orders as possible. Besides, PubHTML5 supports Google Analytics integration with the catalog. That’s to say, you are able to get real-time statistics to see how your content performs, making it easy for you to improve contents to attract more customers.
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PubHTML5 Free Business Catalog Maker

Introduction to PubHTML5 Business Catalog Maker

1. Instant Online Sales

Add ecommerce icons and links to achieve instant online sales. There are a wide range of ecommerce icons to inspire customers to buy. These icons include PayPal Purchase button, PayPal Price and more. You can set links to any contents. Based on the link to certain checkout page, readers can immediately buy what they see in your catalog.

2. Flexible Output Option

This business catalog maker enables you to publish the catalog in various formats such as HTML and Android application, maximizing your reach. Upload the catalog online to make it accessible to anyone on any part of the world. You can share the link to your online catalog on any platforms. Or publish a local catalog to distribute your contents offline.

3. Real Time Update

Want to make changes to existing online catalogs? Add your new content in the business catalog maker, and upload the catalog to replace the existing one in one click. Readers can see the new contents the next time they open it. The link to your updated catalog is the same as the one of the original catalog, saving your trouble resending the catalog to readers.

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