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Hillcrest High Class of 1993

Published by lynette, 2019-05-08 18:41:45

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The Power of One

Thi V, orld is such a bu y place that w often fail to notice the people around us in need. In a movie releas d early this past y ar, a boy named P.K\" was abl to overcome many obstacles and learn to loy p opl for WllO. not what they are. He taugll t tllousands of Black South Africans to read English in the 1940's using only a handful of p ople to Ilelp. P.K. us d his knowledg and understanding of life and the world to enrich those born into less fortunate circumstances . Too often people say that on person cannot make a difference. Tilose who say and think such things have not yet b gun to discover what life really is about. As we go through that daily gruel. we touch veryone whom we come in contact witll , like it or not. Some of the little things like being friendly. smiling. and sa) ing kind things to each other are among the things tllat do not always come naturally. but are good traits to acquir . In the bigger picture. the world feels as though it has begun to deteriorat e in the last d cade from careless consumers who continue to take until there is nothing left and fail to give anything back. Some. tllough. Ilave begun to do their part. by buying products which are nvironmen- tally friendly and recycling thos which are not biodegradable. One person CAN make a difference. If you Ilave any beliefs. views or values. or see a need for change. chanc s are. you ar not alone in those feelings. Wilen one person comes forward. Otll rs can band togetller and make a differenc . Th I' is strength in numbers but only when those numbers unite and becom ... 11Th Povve r Of One .1I Everyone Ilas something good and uniqu to offer to tile wllole. On p rson CA throw their trash and re y labl goods in their proper places. On p rson CAN make a differ nc in th e live of childr n wit ll AID by raising money and offering support to th ir families. On p r on CAN Ilange th ours of soci ty by organizing a group to aid tilOS homel s from tragi natural disasters. Yes. OIlE p r s on Cf\\ll gU I QJ fI f; t II f; 0 r I cI \" .'81.flr~1 0 U .QJ rl D f; t.Jl f; Ofl I lolly Marlin Yearbook Eclilor 1992-1 93 2 ·:·0p ning

11 r cr opllomor Troy yr Iries 10 g I Ih ophomor fir d up al Ih \"Burning f Ih /-I \". Junio r Erin Land rman looks on h ping fo r a IOU Ild wn . Junior Emily Bingllam gives a big ki 10 h r firsl b rn . IwO li ler bOHI in ellild d evelopm n1. Yo u g irls wash up nie Iyl Pero t\" ain. 1 byn\"l \\ir Ileaci\" MOll Icy. Meric \"wrapping I apeI''' I lalpin anel \"Moel\" Me Ilel So o.

Dressed to Impres mack it. kick it. pun 11 it. .. II 'S tile 92-93 Pow der Puff them The fight tllat broke out between the game to end early, leaving the juniors disqualified, and the se- niors victorious. An unidentified being landed in the halls of Hillcrest to show off their Halloween spirit. Watch out \"Goldie LOcks,n here comes Mr. Garrison displaying his school spirit on \"hair-doo· day during Homecoming Week. 4 .:. Op ning 11 rine Harding is fl ying Iligh as til BO's are introduced at tl\"l opening a mbly . \" tinkyl\" Guy' ar going around witll on l\"Iairl ss armp it . and proud o f it. .. all for Senior I rid

A feather on their head, a hula hoop around their waist. and shakin' their booty, is what La- dies' Senior Pride is all aboutI Andy Lambert starts the year of right, and Jumps right into action at the opening assembly. On Haliowe n. Dumbo mad hi Opening .:. 5 firsl publi app aran e sin his fi\\'lng a id nt.

Homecoming Mr. Garri on I lally rJi, pccl oui. I ani . jackc l. an I lic - il's a wild o one can ever forget the \"sctra\\Vk as\" Day. spirit and unity that com es from Homecoming We k . Between pep rallies and the big football game on Friday night, students re- ally f It a part o f the high school sc ne. The roaring flames from the Burning o f the \"H\"were known to bring a tear to many eyes as til y realiz d t1lat th ese happy tim s would all b over much too oon . Th An- nual Hom coming Dance, With th th m ,\"Lovan Bu ild a Bridge\" was on wh i Il holds many m mo- ri sand h Iped to s t th mood fo r th n tir v ning. 6 .:. Hom oming

Husky fans get wi ld and razy at til Ho m o ming Gam Wllic ll we w o n! Hom oming .:. 7

Homecoming \\\\leek 8 -:-11 0 111 'o l11ing

This year, hom coming Brooke M S rvy, JOY w k was fill ed with lots of Ison , Becky orth, int resting and fun v nts in luding an obstacl St phanie Paxton, Shalice Pay, icol P as. i 01 ours , cowboy dan Ritz , A lison Ritchi , Shae mak -ov r, and th e all tim favorit s-- th e dunking ayloy, Anal Shultz. booth and pi ating con- Cor y Shea, Mindy Shipp, t st. During this time , th J nn St adman, Becky student body was intro- Tidw Il. andB kyWilson. duced to til qu n c andi- Y s, a whopping 28 andi- dates from til different da tes this year, and a 11 a tiv Iy partic ipat d in lubs. Til candidat s Spirit W k. 0 on will b w r : Amb r able to forg t Pajama Day, Do Day, Cowboy Day, Ba kwards Day, or Gr n and Whit Day. It wa fun for all g tting into hool spirit and supporting th BO's. 1992 - 19 11 0 m o min g Que n A n hult z r ig n s supr 'm ! Hom

Kalli Hackell . Hi lo rian :5 1 pll allic herin e Hard ing. e ll rl eacting PCiXlon . Pub . Hclalions: ranel 11 Heprcselll Ci liv Price. I ii lori an: J s i a Jackson. 10 ·:· SBO's c c rela ry:

Studentbody Officers 92-93 Defi nitely an exp erience This has definitely been Good luck in ~e futur I have sllar d . Ilov you \"A Tim T o Rem e m b r.\" I love you all . SherineIlarcling. heer g uys ! -Jessica Jacks n.Sec I will never forget. Thank will n ver forge t th e uniqu and xciting v nts This yea r has b n It was hard to fig ur o ut you studentbody fo r al- and friends, I Ilav b n g r a t!! Tim fli s Wll n ho w to d o things with a luc ky en o ug h to associat you'r having fun . Thank n w adviser and n w lowing m e to hay don e w ith . I really appr c iat you SSO's fo r the m m o- princ ipal. but w did p r tty th s u p p o rt o f tIl ri es. -'IepllanlePaxlon. Pub.Helalions O K . TIl anks to tIl this. Your Hus ky Prid is adminis trati o n an d s taff. To all th e s tud ntbo d y, Wow ! TIli y ar has s - tud ntbody for your sup- incred ib l Muc h as th ank you fo r m aking rio u Iy b n tIl ab solute po rt .-Jefi ~ Iaybey. VP Hillc r s t s tand unit d. best! Thanks to ev e ryon Gracias!-Mindy hippoACliviliesCoor. Ke p Smiling-Kalli 111'1 kell . Ilisi. w ho m ad e it so p ial. From th m o m nt I firs t Good luc k in all th at you d o w a introduc d as tIl n w This year's be n g rea t! I a n 't b Ii v hig h Hill c res t-R e m m b r to p r id nt to g raduati o n sch ool is ov r. I will nev r k p your futur b rig ht nig ht , I Ilav Ilad tIl But why d id it hay to fl y forget all th e fun tim - s I'v and full o f Ilappin ess! had. Hill r s t i th e best. Thank SS ' for all o f th \\ ryon for o ur by so fas t! To the L ad r wond rful m m ori w e support! -,\\nclrewLamben. Pres of the pack, Mr. Garrison , .:. 1 1 Thanks for all o f th e sup- port and andy bars! T o Mrs. Allgood we lov you , Thanks fo r th man y, many memori s- I'll lov y ou for v r!-BranclonPnce. \"'5 1.

I 2 ·:·Class of'93

The YeariJook Stnrf consists of: Mmie- Halpin. ndvisor; Holly Martin. E(!itor-in-Cllief; Liza Dear Yearbook Slaff. cates. Copy editor; Jaylenc Law. l)usil1ess manager; Jcnnitcr MCFarlcll1c. Computers; This year has been one long. hard haul: bUI we've dvistl Etllerington. Yvette Brusic. Anctm HCClton. Marla Lepc. Aubrey Vosgier. Scott done iI! The book is beauliful jusl like we knew il Franci<;. Debl)iC' Iluntcr. Andria Srnitll. Amy Price. Corey Sllca. Suzi Perry. Aimee Moore. woulclbe! Thanks for all of your suppon and Olarnac Bnglcy. Emily Lcvanger. PI1()IograptJers Steve wood . Dave MClrion. James commitmenl. Also. thanks for putting up with me. Gamflwi. Mikc Petcrson. especially on those days where nothing seemed to go righl. Our hard work and dreams ha\\'e now t'lecome a realily. Lizu: You have been an absolute angel! Thanks for listening to my gripes and tor putting all of your hean into Ihis projecl. Through all of thiS we ha\\,e learned a lot and I have truly founei a fricnd in you, Jay: Thanks for being so supponi\\'e and good about helping OUI wherever was needed, You are a beautiful person, ,\\Iurfa: It's been fun getting 10 know you , You really havc a lot to otter Ihe worlet. You make everything you lauch better :\\nclro t, corey: You 11a\\'e made me laugll e\\'t'ry day you werc late and had e\\'cn better excuses as the days went on.1 hope you can always slay friends Yl'l'fI(,,: You arc so Clne! You will rcally go lar With your slllans anel acti\\ism Emily: Yes. tllat picture of you al1llMar), was the cutesl thai we'vc C\\'cr seen! Chornac: You 11a\\'e PUI a 101 into Ihis. Thank you lor always being willing 10 help alit ancl go 111(' extra mile I\\imee: IvffCK' E'Y IvfO' LJ'S'E forcvcr! Suzi: YOli have added as special insight 10 things that we would not ha\\'e 11ad without you . smTt: Well . what can I)e said') You 11(1\\'e 1X'('I1 a good spon . /\\Iwa~ 's be who you ilre and (ion't let tile woric change YOll . Amy: You are a special persolll Thilnks for alwilYs heing cairn e\\'cn when under pressure .Iennifer: Thanks for all YOllr help with the compwers You reall\\' h(1\\'e a knack. :\\lIiJrcy: You're Clne! Thanks tor your help Christi , YOli are a funny onel Enjoy heing a senior! l \\n(/ri(1: Morrissey rules Ihc uni\\'crse! .\\IWilYS stay cool. You have made this year a 101 01 fun . IJd)/lie: You 11ave so IllUCllCnf'rb')'1,.\\11 ot your wrillng talents will laKe yoular! PS: Depcclw ~lo(k Rules! ~II·(J('• .lames. ,\\like. t'r 0(/(1(': Withoul your laleills. Ihis book woulcl nOI 11av(' becn whm it is no\\\\' ,\\fWIC\" Tl1imks for your conlidenc(' in r11l' to let me do Illis joiJ. 1I11as [('(lily laught me illol alJolitlife. people . myself. ill1(lll1e world I lov(' ~'Otr all! Gooelluck in all \\'ou dll Lov(' . I lull\\' Milnln Y('mlJook Etlitor-in-C1lil't

I (j + Pcrformin J Arts Division Tile' Ililicr SI 1\\ IC'l IT lling I (nei mmc il _ 10 exci ll' lile crow ei Cl i II I powder pull gC'lIlll' .

leaillteam in one of their memorableperformances Tile Jazz Band perfolTling at on of many activitie . Mr. Northway' conducting is an an of it own. E ings at the Burning of the II. Drill tcam perfoms tllCir Iiallowcen clan c and I ave ikki Pease leaps inl Ihe air al Ihe opening a sembly. many IV nel ring!

T ile Dance ompany m e mbers ho w lilelf g race anel lal nl al lile oj) n ing a s m l Iy. Dance Co . In an air of their own \"Dance om pany thi y ar ha love dance and 110W to xpr s all been a wond rful xp ri nc A ll o f that lov - th rough m ov m nt w hen th girls Ilav shown great w p rform . You w ere d di a ti o n and s u p e rb \"Robyn always th re if w e ever work. Everyone o f th taught us had problem s w ith our m m bers Ilav work d dancing . Thank you v ry lIard to Il elp pull t - how to much for h Iping u grow. g th r wonderful perfor- xpr ss We love you fo r all you m ances . our love do. We have Ilad a lo t o f for dance The o fficers w ould like guest teacll rs this y ar. through to thank the girls for all the Til y hav giv n us gr at movement, \" support you Ilav given ideas and m p liments. It us . W ar v ry grat ful lIas be n gr at to g t th ir for all o f your help. We instruc tion and input . We app reciate appreciate all o f you sti king to it and all o f th hard work and dedica ti on showing all o f your p rsev ran th y Ilav put into each lass . You hav b n inspirational; k p it Robyn , you are wond erful! on up . Thanks to you it has be n a o f us could have done it w ithout you . wonderful year! You are terrific l You hav m ade us what w e are Everyone has d dica t d th ir today, through diligence and deter- lives to being the bestl\" mination . You have taught us how to -Kristi Warne r Pease, Pil illil Kimball. Ii n Ri Ili - R : D viet Hin IZC . Jenni fc r Morgan . A udr y R ck . i all' Wili l amp . Jay Nc l o n , Am y Jaco b o n . Marl in . Krislic Warnc r. II III r I ayn c . Jaillle Am ancla FOLI I fc r. T ill any Harlow . L I' L II nclric kson . .J ~ ' II Jo ll nso n lark , /\\ng la .al'lT II , Ann Campb 1I1~4 : [ rin

Yal Drill TearYl Rise above the rest Californ ia. Th Y competed with four ro utines : mili tary. dance . prop. and novelty. We would The offi c r are: Me l- like to issaSchoenf Id-Pres id ent. thank our Jennif r Cook- V ice Pr i- dent. Shali pay- Dan advisors MistT ss. J nnifer Erickson- ... w e love Drill Mistres. Rebecca you- best Jackson- Senior c r tary . Erin Call- Junior Secre tary. fri e nds! R b ecca Dibble- Historian. Jaime Rys r- Public ity. Th advisor this y ar w re S r nda S ho nfeld and h r co-ad i- osco. Tiley work d very hard tl1i y ar to 11 Ip til Drill T am in th ir many omplish- m nts. Melissa Iloenfeld and T r L p Z r 11 for Ih 51 r5 in III op n ing assemlJly. Drill Team .:. I 9

Zac Zumbrunnen . a ir. Doolitll e. Iries I s II Eliza 10 Higgins (Andrew Lamb 1'1 ). Higgins sho w s o f[ Eliza 10 il is m Oliler ( icol Goodwin)allil e ASCOI Races. My Fair Lady The School Musical It w as im pressive to see 200+ curt ain did no t rise. So as his qu high scl,ool stud nlsput on a musical am e li e was fi g ll tin g with til o f Broadway caliber . TI, pans o f curtain saying damn , damn ,etc . Keri Eliza Dolittl and Mrs. Anderson told o f a time Higgins w ere do ubl \"Damn! sl, e was about to casted. lcol Goodwinand Damn! s ing and Il er new ly Keri Anderson alter- made ostum came nated nights playing a Damn! undone. Sh escaped different part . Starting Damn! in tim e be fo re she on a W dnesday night, b cam xposed . Zack Keri w as the first to play Damn!\" Zumb runnen was Eliza and ico le firs t instuct d to pin I, Mrs. played Mrs. Higgins. Both A ndrew L am b ert Pierce 's 11 k b ut did a wond rful job . n- (Henry Higgins) lie did no t understand . dr w Lambert related n usp c tin g ly Janae th humorous story f w h nil wa Il ipman w as Ilon ified when sl, waiting for hisqu tosay\"Damn,Damn, was p in h don tl,e bottom . It wa Damn Damn , Damn\"but tl, . such a Ilit . it w as incorporated into til show. - liza (Nicole Goodwin) beaulifu lly ing you w Ril 'Enr)' 'Iggins. Ju I you WRil!\" 20 .:. School Play

Io n I Pi k ring (Jord n r z) ff r his Henry Higgins (And r w Lambert ) is ins ulted arm . showing \\'id n o f hi gentlelmanly b y Eliza'S (K ri A nd rson ) ac usati o n . m ann r to w ard young Eliza . k ring (Jord n Orosz) and Mrs. Ie Good\\·vin) ha t at til CO l. tio n . 5 11001 play ·:· 2 1

Jonall'1an Br wSler (Jordan Or SZ) y lis al Dr. Li Ul enanl Roo ney (Jared Tilo ma ) 110WS his Ein I in (Br I Ang II) for er aling a rae Ihal naslY lemper wil en a fe llo w p !icem an di - only a mOlher auld love . ob ys him. Mortimer (TOm ydegg r) and Elain ( i a ll Go dwin) m l ra in a passionale goodbye. T ddy (Andr w Laml) rt ). Abl)y (Keri Ander- on). and Ihe Rev. Dr. Harper (Jeff Mal)ey) sil d wn for a friend ly chal al I a. 22 .:. Ars ni and Old La c

t\\bby and Marth a (Kendra H rr I) s mile in d lig hl a Ih y xp la in 10 Jo na lho n of 111 ir d adly d d T ddy Brewsler g rins g le full y a h an- no unc s hi d partur 10 Ih Panama Cana l 10 bury a \"yellow fever v ic lim\". Arsenic and Old Lace . TwO lovely o ld ladies and a bottle of F bruary 9. 10. 12 .& 13 . kept the audienc :.r--, \".'~ I. ':~ ; poi on d eld rb rry w in qual a d e- laughing thr oughou t til e e nt i r e I Iigil i fu l p lay o f murder and perfo rmanc .The cas t in- ~ 4. ' .. rj . '.. m ys t ry. Aft r Mortimer \"Insanity c luded : K ri And rson as runs in my Abby Brewst r. J ffMab y , Brew ler stumbl s upon a d ead body in the window family, it as the Rev. Dr. Harp r. , a t. h finds o ut Ilis lovely practically . .•.. .1 . \" . . \". . \" gallops.\" ndrew Lamb rt as Teddy ,.: ,~. ).~.. .;~•. • ..'\";.. -:, --:.•• 0. Brews ter. Stan Clawson aun l . Miss Abby and MiSS as Officer Brophy. Cody Carlson. as Offic r KI in . Martlla. hav b n poison- Kendra H rre t as Manila ing m en to put 111 m o ut of th irmis ry. Th irnep llew . , . :\"'!.'; :.:;.\\;;.\" ..J who Ihink h is T eddy ~. / ~.:: : :-.... Mortim r Brewsl r. icolle Goodwin ... .''.' Ro sevelt . buri e III \"y 1- as E lain H arp e r. Tom low fev er\" v ic tim in Ih .. . c liar. w lli 11 11 tllinks is Brewster y d egg r as Mortime r Br wst er. Je ff L f vr as .'.~ th Panam a Canal. Ano tll er Mr. Gibbs. Jordan Orosz a witll Jonathan Br w t r. Bre t ng II as Dr. Ein tin . Za Zumbrunn n as Offi r O'Hara. Jared Thoma as Li UI nant Rooney. and /\\dam J. Woo l ey as MI'. per- Wi tl rspoon . t d by MI'. Yuy k. Monim r o mfo rt Ela in . w hil Iding jonalhon on his all mpl 10 a lia k Iler. A r nic and Old La .:. 23

Amour Chanter 24 .:. Amour Chanter R I : f) Ie Brigg. Jel' in Kim- Becky T iclwc ll-. ecrem ry . HUll1 O v eso l1 I 5: i 0 1 Wi IK<1!llj1. Presicleili . Mer clilh II II. 1\\llg I Il1I clso n . Jcnl1ilcr I c l c rso n . GI<1c l. I' illl Ellioll H2 : I'vlm ily n 5 11<1\\\\1. l-{ccI1( I Jl. I<1cKinno n R4 : Cl1ris linc L ClLrr <1 11 <1 lc. Juli I1n c Jcnsen Grcw Colc r11C1I1 . SI1Crc1 IYIl II1Inl. I)cwi s . Iynclie Ili1WS-5()('icll Vice K<1cc~ ' W<1 l1in I : Julie Kennard. Lco l1<1 ThOI11<1 H3: Emi ly ' (l in . Prcsiclc nl. {\\I11), Sorenson . I crla Io ni c LOw . L li ra Fris trlrj1. .Iul c p Oli lsen. Leslie ,Iacle

Vocal Ensemble R I: K ri A nderson-Soprano Sec- B nn II . R3 : A ndrea Iickc lson- Pres icen t. Ma ti Tenn y . lisa Ilul Ilings. Richi lark. Jennif r ti OIl L acl r. L anne Isaac-Vi Secre tary . Mik BU lierfi elcl. Eliza- Faber R4 : David Lill er. Jana You ngberg. I\\lark Jensen-Presi- P re id ~nl. lacie Masca ro . Ilae b Ih Eyre. Killl Wallin-So ial Vice Cilipman. Jared 10 k r . Craig d ent . Di xie Frand n . Luk ~ aylor. R2: JOlln Tarbel . Pau l Egbert . indy Rice-Alto Sec ti o n Seamons-Bass eelio n L ead er. L eader. Shan I n Halcil R5: I l idi rens n . Ho lly B lI ilyon

Concert R2 : Greg Hansen-Tenor Sec lio n Leader. Je nnife r. M c Far Choir Dan Benne ll . f\\lisa Fabe r . Ke llee M a rs l1a ll. Pierce. Renae t\\ n Jo n Voss . Jo hn T a rbe t. Ko ri-Anne S ila fe r. R i zZ IO. Pa ul S R I : Kim Jackson . Tiffa n y M eservy. Tamara Ko rby Sha fe r . Pe le r Cox. Hobe n Ma rr. Lead e r . Rac l1el Przyl)yla. Erynn Ekins. Lea nne Isaac-v ic e B ecky Tidwe ll . Hac llell e Brown. T re nl L eaele r . Shelly Pres icle n t. Ro b y n Burkins llaw. Tracey M oss. zac Zumbrunne n . La ura I la ic. N icole AsS !. Sec li o n L e Tl1urbe r. Silerry Bascom. De lese Briggs. Wi l ka mp. Joshua Sm ilh . Jus l in BUll erfie ld . Ilc iner R4: A n S Jeein Kim. Cllrislin e D av is. Do ro lhy M a ril y n Shaw . Janelle Edwa rcls. Russ Sil a w. Julia 1\"10 Rincllisbac l1 e r . Mindi Baker. Suzanne Spe rry. R ya ll GO II fredson . N ic ll o le L ove. T rav is B P c rry. Li sa D evers. 1\\lic ll e ll e Rounds . Elega l1le . Asll ley Lund . CllrislOp ll Jolln- I le ieli I IUl c l1ings 1\\lc ly nn Minson. Ka lhy 1\\lcClce ry. Beilia n y son . Sam B e u s R3 : Andrew L a mbc n . Li ls le r . Nalalie D Pinnell . M elnely Bun. B ecky \\ Vilsoll . /\\my Bryan C row. Cand ice Mason. Il e icii Dan Sampson . M Burnson. 1\\ lI e n Chris lense n . Eric Jo hn- L es lie G lacie. F SOr(-n'>on . G r('\" t a Co\\cn1211 1, T a n\")I\" \" C urt, ... son . !-Iea l 11e r pay n e. Ca rie M ye rs. Pau l gyle. Joely Ile p \" Reyn olds. Darre n Norelfel1 . Eli zabe l ll Ey re. Smilil . Jeffrey B U A n clr ca Mi cke lso n -Secre l a r y. Ky le Aaro n Yo u ng. I ' a l1 ~C\" n . l\\. l ikv HlIlI c rli C' ld . I );ul \" () v( \" ~n ll . ,\"'> lil ... kl' ll . /\"vI . 11111(,

rla ne. Brian Pugh. Ke lly Ja ime Ry ser. Silannon Saylo r . Mika l t\\ une. Leona Tilo mas. Kim Ellio l!. ,\\ nelrew n d e rson. Ch e ri Burk . Sieve Pa u l Emell . Ja n ae Cilipman. t\\lison Rilc l1ie. Conne r . Jus lin Ilarvey R7 : 1\\like Sea m o n s-Bass Sec lio n Ja recl T o le man . M a rk Gold. Julia nn e Ke lley. Da n Sm i111 . Julie Ke nna rd- Mac Kinno n -t\\ ss l. Se c li o n Je n se n . M o nic a L owe. Donald Livingslo n . ,\\ ss!. Seclion L eaele r . Nicl10lee n Dave Fi fe . Joa nna Yo u ng. Slacie Mascaro. P o nd . C r a ig Egl)e rl. 1\\lall11cw Feh r . 1\\,la lll e w G ra n e re- Da n Severi nse n . iVli ke S uelbury. CI1ris l ie Tenney. ,\\nelrea Ne wIll Cl n . 1\\,lic I1ele eaele r . Jim T ielw e ll . Bryce Coy le. M ic h e lle Ma ll lle ws . 1\\ lic I1a le Bown . Sm i111. Casey Ile eiman. B ill l'l ic I1a rclllile. Brilla n yNasl1. NicoleCo rl)e ll . C unis. Dave Tullis. Ja reci S ioker. 10 11 . SI1arae Ila n soll . Zac Bria n B urk. Ka rl I la rrison R 6: iVli ke Nunez. 5 11a unn a C llri s l e n sc n . Dixie Brunson . Me raelee Lloyel. L egrancl O lsen . Cllris lina w all. La uric FrClnelsc n . ,\\ aron Rukman. David s. Luke Sore nson . David Il uni e r S i eve Br iggs. 5 11 a n clo n Neff. Kimberly Wa llin -Soc ia l Vice awes. Je nnife rYo ung l)Crg. Ila lc ll .M y nelie I laws. Kare n I\\ Slll o n. D an Presi el e n l . Silac Say lor. Bre ll Mike Gales. La ura Firsl rup . Ili li . Darren Fre i. !-lo ll y Be ll ilyo n . SI1Cil Cl .J enson. Ric l1ie Clark. ;\\Iillcly S l1ipp. Bill e r. 1\\ lark .Ie nsen -Presiclelli . Jarecl Sman . CI1risiine I lauss ic r. Da n ,\\ I1(lcrso n . Forresl Milc ll e ll . G reg /v - Anna lee SCI1UI1 Z. Julie DClrringlOn . ,\\aron Doy le O lsc llC\\\\'. Keri ,\\ I1( I(' r50 n - T app . Sle ven Park. Joe l) ' HCm lc)'. Pa ula Sopran o SC('l ion Leade r . Cinel), \"\"onll . Tric ia !-lile. f\\clria n Hicc-,\\if o SCCl ioll '-(\"Hler. l OS' ) Ul ler-Ass!. Sec li o n Leaele r . J i ll c n ln . I ,'0\\' . \\lld ('r~() J1 j\\ I \\ ' r i )1l Hilli e r T oele l Gali)fai lll R 5 : Da n Hl.rk c I );H. u l 1\\ 1 J ~ 'lI)( ·ng. 1 ,'''''' ' .<-H AtS, ,\" \\IIC'l RC l liI V (WI .

Mixed Choir R:l Lau ra Westerby, Kelko Yanagiya, Heidi Brown, Angel Archuleta, Ma nd y Snow, Ryan Gottfredson-Vice Presi- dent, David M. Ennenga-Social Vice President, Spencer Smi th,Jos h Berrett, Brandon Smart, Sharie Whitehead, Camille Carling, Nina Pugh, Lisa Black, Kim Loone y R2 : Halley Bishop , Melanie Hoyt, Susan Hayes, Lani Turnbow, Shanna Sheppick, Shane Floyd, Donald Livingston, Robert Mauar, Wa rren Baggaley, Kara Butterfield, Tenille Richards, Cynthia Vernon, Theresa Onstott, Ai lee n Reeder R:3 Audree Carlson, Haley Holmes, Jackie Hansen, Jennifer Pol- lock, Heldi Tolman,Zac Zumbrunnen- President, Dave Kimball, Brian Pugh, Dave Moffit, Trisha Garrett, Marci Greensides, Maggie Ray, Julie Voss, Laura Hadlock, Mindy McArthur, Holly Overson, Krlstin Wilson, Jaynie Olson, Lisa Hancey, Jaso n Oliver, Dan Severinsen-Secretary, Daryl Olschewski, Clyde Fowler, Janice Jensen, Jann LeVi tre, Juli Hutchings, Angela Hansen, Kate Lo w der R:5 Mandy Sawyer, Johanna Ward, Kim- berly Bascom, Karen Horrocks, An- gela Newma n, Dan Anderson, Aaron Ruckman, Ben Hansen, Colen P. Booth, Stephanie Lords, Melissa Peck, Anne Finley, Lindsay Jones, Lexia Dew 27·:·

Jazz Band \"\"\"\"\"\"I From to Z: Damien A llen . Antoni •••• lien. LorinBall , Daniel Ball , Robert Brinton, Garry Carlson , Michele Crutis . a th an Emmm r. A lyssa Englund, Laura Fa irbanks .M lissa Fraidenburg, Michael Fuller, Shelly Gordon , George Granholm, Gregory Hansen , Elisa Hansen . Paul Hansen , Brad hardy, Tara Harrison, Robert Hill , Craig Howard , Stephen Jones, Jason Koon. David Utster, Steven Pl1 illi ps, Brandon Rasm u ssen. Micllael Roderick , A rthur Sm ith , Justin Vance , Kevin Walker, Andrea Wayne, Robert Wilde, Jonathan Wirth. Kristin Wright . •••• Orchestra From A 10 Z: Dan Ball , Cath rin Beus, arah Black. Jess ica Bosen , atali Daw s. Kim God frey, Kim Hagen , Nathan Hall tt , Christoph r Hay s. Ja on Hunte r, Krist e n Kem r r, Jason Koon, t pha nie Koon, Meli ssa Ll oyd william Opheikens, Travis Ri hin , Marilyn Shaw. Jaron lark. Loena Thomas , Jenni e Wa ll . M Ii a woud n, Micll II woud n 28 ·:· Band

Concert Band From A to Z: Dami nAil m Antoni A ll n . Lorin Ball . Shaorn Ba ll , an i I all . Craig B is hoff, D borah Bla k, Robert Brinton . Mik aldw II . Garry Carlson. BenCordova. Michele Curti. Joanna Davis, ha y ne D k rv r . Rya nD nt . n a th an Emm r.alyssa Englund, Laura Fairbanks,Melissa Fraidenburg, B n Gra ff, George Granholm , John Gull y ,Greg Hansen. Elisa Hanse, Paul Hansen , Tara Harrison, ryan Hart. Robert Hill, Jar d Holmberg . Jed Holtby, Craig Howard , Jeremy Hunt, kevin Johanson, Rohit Khosla . David Litst r, Thom Longstroth, Phillip Madsen Roque Manzanar s. Daniel Manzanares. BrandonM rrill , Tr vor Montague. Rebecca Monense, Nicholas Mow 1', Jess e Ne wson . J r m y N wson, Steven Ph ilips , Brandon Rasmuss n . Mic hael Roderick. Dan Ruf n r, Daniel Sh ip ley, Cam ron Sisam. Spenc r Sm ith ,Justin Vanc , K vin w alk r. Jerem y Wardle, An- drea wayn . Roben Wilde, Chari s wi lliams, Mark Wilson , Jonathan Wirth Northvvays' Bunch Ma n y p e ople imit a t muscia l th parking lot. Th I.ard work Jazz sounds by humming. c lapping I. ands Band requ ires , d finat ely paid off or wha tev er else m akes . - - - - - - - - - - - , ror Gr g Hansen wl.o a b eat. Howev er instru- Ins trum nts fing red his w ay to b e- m n tal thi s sounds i,t are more than omeaSterlingS holar. needs the c ultiva ti n r wood or a Even though most do Mr. No rthway and m any ho urs o r practic to b p iece of m ta l, not know tl.e words to r al music . Erni h the s hool song, th y t y create do know thos to \"1-1 y, ortl.way i w II quali- musi , Babyl\". It i a ravorit t th pir- play d b the ing musi ians b - ing a Laura Fairbanks rt Band. pror s iona l j azz orc l. tra pia s mus i an . It tak trong desire, tai- th lass i al music and g t th op- nt. and dedica tio n to b a part o r portun ity to p rrrom ror tl. chool th group. p lay , E rnie onhway , Ih lal n1 d direclor o r Ih WI. n most are cuddl d up in All r tl. ja zz,pep and a rcil s ira gro ups . H Ilas d on a 10110 imprav Ih music d p anm n l in Il i warm b lank - ts , tl. J zz Band' ar 11 r \\\\' years al Hill r 51. h adligh ts ar til firs t t pinto

\"\"\"\"'\" SchC)C)l Barlcis Section 8 Who hasn 't heard of Section 87 Co nt~ ct ~ist Robert have been p laying together Their T-shirts are seen o n bodies all for fiv y ars. but o ffic ially formed over the halls. But who is Sectio n 87 the ir band two y ars ago. The members are Matt Jones. (a The nam of til e ir band came from senior at Hillcrest who plays guitar and sings) Josh Wells. ( a senior at stopped them from spending a lo t o f an artic le Mike read about Skinny Hillcres t. who plays base gu it ar) and Greg Baker (a junior from Judge. who tim on th ir music . \"It's like a mar- Puppy. Contac t List was the name 01 plays drums.) The band was form d three years ago. They now des ribe riage. \" Josh says about the hours a company tha t d is tribul d tapes 01 themselves as a \"hard-cor . aggr s- sive band\" w ho p lay \"thinking man's th y spend toge ther. \"All the hard unkown artists . Skinny Puppy ord red music.\" work pays o ff in a f w minut es o f some o f these tapes and aquired They got their name from a Coalvi ll crash-up derby. Th announcer kep t p laying.\" Matt says abou t p erform ing . th eir music s ty l from them. asking for th peopl in se ti on four to sit down . They joked about the \"It's unbeli v eabl 1You're in a d iff r- T il ey p rac tice almost v ery day. announ er. saying he was a \"Se ti on 8 .\" A friend. St v e Beaudoin . sa id it nt s tat o f mind and wil en th y hear \"You don' t just wri te a song .\" Mike would b a good nam fo r a band and \"it kinda tuck.\" us p lay. til y know w 'r s rious xplain . \"y ou just k p working witll Matt has writt n th Iyri 0 far . about our musi .\" som thing until it sounds good.\" \"Som times th words don 't m an anything .\" h says. lith y just ound \"You f I s ar d and free .\" JOSll on tac t List p lay d in las t y ears good.\" inc ludes.\" but wh nth p eopl s tart and this y ears talent assembly . Mike S c tion 8 ha p erform d n e at the Bar and Gri ll and twi ce at lub ge tting int o it. so do you. \" says it 's r ally exciting w hen you gel Starrz. Th y also p rform d a t tll is y ar's tal nt assembly and last y - ar' \"W 're not in it for the g lamour.\" th han to perform in front of p ople. Ba ttl of the Bands. They b th agr that chool om firs t, bu t tll i ha n't they both on lud e . \"we do it for For !like it 's jus t a lo t of fun . He f Is ourselv s and if it pleases o th r p ople. tllat tog til r h and Rob rt have llad WilY not I t til m hear it and enjoy it.\" a positiv e ffect on e cho ther. \"Rob- on ta t List is \"mod rn t hno\" e rt is more into OMO and I'm more band w ith musi ranging from arti t upbea t. We r ali ze tha t ach s tyle is li k Dep 11 Mode. OMO. kinny uppy jus t as good . 0 w ombine til m.' and Front 242 . A rt r gradua tion . he wou ld like 10 The m e mb rs ar Mik B radford. (a con tinu to p lay. Hc doe n't p lan !O s nior at I lillc rest WllO play k yboard ) rely on music a llis Illaj r sour e 01 and Rob rt Kapadia (a g raduat fr m in Olll . b ut 11C'd \"like to sc some· I lill r s t. Wll l lay drum ). Mike and thing Ilappcn in tllC future. \"

Stage Page \"Take t~enty five • • • \" lag r w ·:·

. Sports 32 .:. Sports Division-Pa~c

Jamie Reid practices her forehand in prepara- tion to win # I singles in Region HI play. Julianne Jens n (captain) how LIS til e serve that helped her win Il er m at h ag in t Hunt er. heck out th girls ! The g irls t nnis tea m pra ti e their s rves as they pr I ar to win th R gion HI hampionship. 34-:- Girl's T nni

Girls Tennis Love means nothing to a tennis player! t am has sport. but it takes a lot ofteam effort to y ar. and win. nior Jamie Reid said. \"Each w r reward d with th R g ion III p rson has to win their match for the Ilampionship . Th s ladi s w r team to w in . We ea h all won our und f at d during matches FOR the rest th ir r gular s ason liThe most important of the team. \" The JV pia . II of til varsity goal to theteam was to team was very sup- t am qualifi d fo r play the best that we portive of the varsity stat . Ev n though team by cheering them non of th m placed. could and really work on at state even though th y all did a g reat job together to help each they didn 't have to be and p layed th ir b est . there. A llison Shields How did they ac- other become better was voted the most o mplish all of this? players ,II said junior \"positive player \" by The girls mad a goal Amanda Foulger. CoachBosco. Shewent b fore th s ason to to all of the varstiy win region . They practices for state in worked very hard together to help case one of the girls o n another b ecom e the best th ey needed a partner to practice with. Se- could. On of the t am's biggest nior. Jamie Reid was the most positive streng ths . a ording to Coach Bosco and supportive to players on the var- is its \"depth. \" sity team . A ll of the girls worked hard T nnis is basically a one-on-one and it payed off! ngela Hobb . # 1 varsit y singles . pr par for a pow r s rve. Girl ' T - nni .:. 5

l VarsilY leammaws anxious ly w ail for 111 r su ll of Ille p revio us p l a ~ ' . nior J remy Illilll looks n Willl anger as Ille Hu ky q uart rba kg I sack dllll!!! lev Mil Iwll , Trevor ,oak. I-{og r Be klllcll1 , Skillil c r. 7, JOS ll l'3 urkc. Delvc Fir. Bria ll 7. Jerc llly Slllil ll. Ilacl Se\\ ' rClIlC . ICl II I - 11 11. Jc Illes TaulllOCp al1 . 7. Aa ron Huckm all . HllSS I)Celr ingcr. C: lij io MClrlil1 cz. SCOII I Icrson . I re ll JCIlSOIl. [\\ el ro n TClPP. ric Roberts. Salll K I l l , Ty l 'I' Carlsoll. 7. I\\ lik JCI1SCIl. 7. Eric 1 el lllOn TC lllpCSI. l~ ra ll( I()11 csb il . 7. 7. Jim I\\Ic l o~ · . 7. 1\\ Ii kCl I ,\\ un . SCOll Jensen . mill V ugllan. TOll Y TrOll C'r, Travis J Il a11501l . JOIl I)elrk. JCl ln l II<1ynic . .Jarcc l 0 15011 . I o ug IiIn . SullivCl Il. 7. I~uss Sperry. Brandon Price. Br(,l1 Uriane. Ilris CllrislCllsCll. lel l l M Yllarc i. Jc lI C:llris 01. Oil . Jasoll PillS, Darcll Slrouct . Tl' II~ ' COII CIl . Rubell Lo p ez. I CIl P letson. Slall Sop er. Eri c Hoi)en s . Dan Ho i) rt S. alilall I: splill . I ~rian (/of! . L<1rry LUfl(\\I x ' rg. Pilil Sc pp. Il acti ock. SCO lt Elcter. I (j\\ ' ' rilC ll ficld. I ~ra l lcto n e lsoll . I\\like Fr Cillall 6 .:. varsity I- oot/)a ll

kay. wllo is it? 1 r 4 a lit tll e re doing a Brc lI B rys n drip witll swea t wh ile ta king a br k. di co on til f tb II fi Id? varsity football Blood, Guts, War, And Gore TOp sp d, reacll ing the 100 yard From concus ions to p in c h e d touchdown . The g ar is pack d, you nerves or popp d bones. the 92-93 feel pump d. Th voice football season has been in th bac k of your head tough . Slloulder/chest is telling you to k ep liMy arm was pad, helm its, and simply movin'.Outofnowhere floppin' I had a tIl \"right\" stuff, do sn't a big-rig basIl s into you s em to b e enough for turning v ryth ing in- d isconnect d these insan Huskies. sideou\\ ... Mom nts later colar bone, and I Okay, e ll k it out. th stat of cons ious- d idn' t know it,ll you're going out for the ness hits you. A ircle said Larry pass, tIl e ba ll is of faces tow I'S over L u n d be rg. th e r .. .It's yours. i t's your moti nl s body. yours ... BAMM ... A 2 10 Yes, you do all mpt to pound A lt a. linebac ker g t up, but the ins tant atomizes your ... x-body. ro ll r coas ter mode poss sses your \"My arm was f1oppin' Iliad a d is- body in it - n tir ty. conn t d colar bone. and I didn't \"During th h m o ming gam , I know it ,\"sa id Larry Lundb rg . wa Ilit hard about tIl third quart r. I One tIling is for sur you b tter Our varsit y team ra ks th ir b rains try ing to lat I' found ou t I got a on u ion.\" w at h out for tho V .F. P. figur o ut w lla t tll e ir nex t pla y ilould b e . said Telly Esplin . y. M.L P

Sue Kennedy k ic ks b a k and r laxes a ft r a hard d ay a t I ra tice. Songleaders \"We got spirit, yes we do!\" d and til ir song routin . and in a combin d routin w itll til var ity cll erlead r . til y took2ndplace. Tile songi ad rs w r always w illing to Jenn Tempest 11 Ip o tllers . and w er a member of invlov d in many com- mun it y and s rv i e the songleaders proje t Til ey not only summed up g av - til ir b s t in songl ading. but al o in th y ar with 110 I acad mics . Til e four words ... tlHad to b done !tt .n tley . Til TillincC' CIClrk s I10 WS LIS11c r pC(1 rl~ ' \\\\'11it S <111(1 11l'r til y n - I d t g rc cl t taic ilt a1cl p c p rally . piri at t I Ill. ancl aGHE T

_' /lennl unci ~(l t lie _mil big t til c/leer fl'e ling tllat tl1l'Y 11 ci p erf t1unrlg tilt' o p ning (1SSE mbl~ ·. Varsity Cheer Who Are These Students? b r of awards for their tal ent and ability . Th se awards include taking first in s tate and U. .A. ~-----------, This isn't all that the \"A crowd varsity h rJead ers do howev r. they also par- and a tic ipat in many com- munity s rvice proj c ts . smile is all One of these se rvice you need,\" proj c ts inc luded taking one school day in th ars ity says Mike spring and going to Jor- dan Vall y chool. They r of cour Peterson. work d with III stu- nsdedica te d nt tl1 ere all day h Ip- many 110urs o f their liv ing tIl m and just b ing practic ing to entertain w ith tIl m . This tak sa th stud ntbody at footba ll gam s. lo t o f pat ience and p rsist nce that bask tball gam s . and ass mbli o ften go s unno tic d. Tl1anks for TIley also p rform at m any omp ti- your uns lfi 11 support. ti o ns and 11 I' C iv d a g r at num- Vc1rs ity he r .:. 39

\"I'm p laying kcc p aw ay. a ncl il is alVay Iro m yo u .\" H: I Hoge r IW( k lll8n . JClrcc l l18y nic . Cilris C hnS I (' n~(\"1I Jamcs T aumo c peall j llmps up [o r a calcl1 above 11: Ja m cs (; r8Ile1l11 . HliSS Spcrr~ · . Del\\'ifl Cilrilc illic ici. 1'(' Brigl11 Il p laye r. In ,\\lIe rl mcll . I ~c n Pe lc rSOll . i\\ like 11. l ajor~. Jim Tic lwcll . HClI l)('n Lopez . i\\ like l \\lInc. .o ry Hyc lmall . i\\ lali M ay n c rc l H :2 JOS I1 1311rkc . SCOII ,\\ ll kc. J\"llllC:s Ta ulllocp ca li . TO Il ~ ' Tro ll e r. I )a ll Ha l) ns. Eric Hol}- e ns. Hyclll i\\ lc \\l[cc . i\\ likc IOree m all . J3rall(lo ll Nelson. Elijio i\\la ninez. ChriS 13c\\'crlc), Branno n N sl)i l. Brel(1 Gree \\'cs . Hy c1l1 i\\ I ,\\[c H:3 13ell I Iii I. Tr \\'or Cook. DOli ' tvlinc.Trelll Sio rm . 13rielll J)caringer. Tyler CClrlson. I~ ri c va llg llll . Dare ll Sl roliCI. I Ili l Sap p. Jo ll UrianC'. Tra\\' is Jo I1a nson . Sam l a l o~ · . Tra\\'is BalC' m a n . N8111an Skillne r. HlI -S Kce l 11 JV Football Clapping \"Cleats\" \"It's a p lan ,it 's Sup rman , no it's a xcited Wll n v arsit y won the foll ow- football \" and it 's bing carri d in for a ing day at Homecoming. Many of the touchdown by a J.V. Player. Th play rs ar also m emb rs o f til var- famous gre n and white sity squad. lot of til uniforms w re all over lilt was a players w r new and ini- the fi Ids this fall sp- tially had difficulty work- ially in the gam against hard year, ing tog th r as a force- Taylorsville . B fore the but w e ended ful t am . ft r a Wllil game th j rsey clad 110W v er they m Sll d bodi s and I at d feet up bing toge tll r lit rally as w ell ga ther d in a seclud d better than we a wi th o tller t am corn r. Th ir oaches thought we m emb rs and w ent o n gave th m an inspira- tion al p p talk r om - ever would.\" thing b au th t am was ampl t Iy I ycll ed. JV Play r They w er a PUml - d and hyp d up that th y lapp d til ir hands inces antly for t n m inut s. ar Apparently it turn d out to be good Trevor lu k b au th y won til gam . It unfor ett al I m e m o ri w b ig win t 0 .. Til Y w r - furtl tadium .

:\\ I,mht'\\\\ l~I,)ssl'~ 1,) h.l' S ,) \\\\'<)I er brc,)k du ri ng lIlt' '1ll11l \\\\'11 1) \\\\\\ ' SI .Iorti m . Soph Football It's a unity thang! Fr I. ' fr m tile Ilands o f th 01 - g ing w h n w e w re d w n, spe- b all swiflly ially aft er Tony g t a Ih I t m - tile W s t Jordan g am .-------------, Val nti. liThe minute 10 a lo t o f th t - am m - m - b el's, oacll T ak no had you go on a lo t 10 d o witll th win- ning sp irit. ah the field, Takeno was aw youlre going e x la im dO nnie alazar. Wh at keeps m e nt um c on tinu s on instinct til ophom or t am w hen til e ki k r z r S alone .\" p lay rs going d uring o ne in o n til e ba ll an d o f the ir gam s7 Tony p rop lis it hig ll into the John Val nti Robe rts says , \"My air and thro ugh the goal broth I' and I are a lways po t . With a record o f try ing to s Wll O an d o 6-3 , o ur sophomor footba llt am has b e tter, so it's the com p ting aga ins t Ilad an exc iting and succ s fu l s a- him that keeps m e going during any son .\" lo t f Ih tim it was til o f o ur gam es.\" Sopho m o r s, you Robe rt s brotll I' tha t k p t the team had o ne hec k o f a season . K ep it uP! 40 B ri an Borg earc ll es fr n li a lly I r~ ' ing 10 find o m eone 10 Illro w III b II 10 b e fo re Il e g IS sacked . , Marlin , am e ro n 1a Isen, Op llOlllor o otball .:. 4 I

Triponi. 11 rri Jon William . JV Cheer Some Special Smiles i o nly a word. It is jus t a \" I love going up in tunt .\" said A m y b lank p i tur in o n 's mind . Thi word Wi lli am s WllO is n 'l a s trange r to ala n I ring o nly th e 1110Ugilt o f un- heig llt . Wil n m os t people think o f ve ntful Ilapp nings. Ileerlead ers a PI' o n- But suppOrt Ihal word \"Jv Cheer sup- e iv d id a comes inlO w ilh I irit . and tile tru e port d atllletics tl ir mind. Il eezy m c ning is achiev d. with spirit and smiles and p rf t I gs. Tili s i xa tl y wlla t b ut it i n't comple t Iy miling JV 11 erl eader spunk that Ilccrl caders arc IJrouglll to Hill r Sl fi elds made gaInes nt s lik evcryon and gym. It took a rnore than \" I don't tilink o f gan1es , but m ys If be tt er tllan umm I' o f 6:00 \\ .IVI. a n y ne e l e.\" sa id m mories .\" t p llani Ciialt e rt o n. JV Supporter \"Wll a t r all y m ake tim n p nt o n 11 r n at i til t w e til p art o f tllCS cle- ar all able to Ila\\'e fun va t cl gal a wc ll a III I) Y Tilis toge tlle r.\" ai I o n lie rl eacl r. \" I y ar 11m I an inklin f til va rsit y lovc smiling c 11 Ilau 511ing anel 11 r a I t by Ilaving I)oy o n til squac t. g ives m a r _a ll to.\" sa id Yv tt y\\, 11 (' l'3rllsik p rf rl11 (,(\\ ( I 111(' OJ) !ling (lS- s(, I1lI)I~ ' 10 <1 \\'('r~ ' r('cepli\\ 'c cro\\\\'<I . Tili Ila allowecl tile JV CJUe (I to cia 13rus ik . It is til 51) c ic I miles tllat m re o mpl x Slunl ma I J.V . qu a I g r at.

Erin Land rman and lix L re w o rking togeth r to imp r s tile s tud nt b d y in til pening a sem b i),. Soph Cheer Hovv do you get spirit? \"W g Ot spirit . y eah . yeah. w e g ot ready. Sophomor heer won all 1st spirit . y eall . yeall. W g ot wlla- w ll a- priz s at U.S.A . camp. and fe I th Y wlla- wlla- wll a- wll a- wh at? W got hav good unity . With the h Ip and spirit! \" This is on of ....------------. support o f MS . Mousl y. s ev e ral c h e rs w e \"I g-et their advisor. th s e girls migllt h ar from our spirit by are ab le to p erf c t th ir supporting sophomore ch rs and t am spirit. Cll erleadersatagame. drinking a \"Ms . Mousley works us Just how do th e s e hard and makes us do sophomore ch rl ad- 40 OZ. our b es t. She makes ers g t spirit to ch ron Dr. Pepper\" sure w e get things done a g am ? Em ily Gibson and helps usstay in line .\" says. \"I g t spirit from says Erin A lix Lee's favorite part in v ryone around m e .\" Landerman c heerleading is dan ing Bu t Erin Landerman and stunts, while o tll ers g ts spirit in a wllole njoy being in the crowd different way. \"I ge t spirit p erforming. y lIing re- by drinking a 40 oz. Dr. P pperl\" ally loud.andbeing in assembli s. Ev n There's no doubt how great these though tllese cheerleaders are young, b g inner cheerleaders are doing and they g e t the experience it takes to b e IIOW muc ll tll ey've accomplislled al- b etter in cheer. Tile SOpil m o re c lle rl ead ing quacl sho w tlla t practice m akes perfect w lle l1 tll )' I rfarm in til op ning assem bly. I 3: t\\li x Lee. Ka tlly vViliiam s. I\\leagan L ry. Kim Jo llns. I 2: Emily ibson . Ti ffclllY Cunclifr. K IIi Il ris tensen . R I : rill a n ie Yeam an . H IIi SOpilOlllorC CI1 .c r .:. 43

- 11 ' an lIpsid d own w o rld o lll lile re .blll Harvey kn w s 110 W 10 fil in . Harvey Husky Who's Harvey's Heart? Have you ever wondered who evolv d from a furry blob to o ur Proud Illat furry I' atur running around Hill I' s t m as o t. Th re w a a time our football and bask tball gam s wh n th little mou w asn't invited is7 1fyou guessed Doyle Olsch wski to anyHili rest v nts. He wassougly, and Adam Diamond you 're right! that ev nwith tile add d expens , the Th se are the two costum only last d for Huski s 1I1at mak on year. Though Harv y 's h art b at We would Harvey's g Oll n b tter, andmak Ilimcome to like to thank his sm e ll may have life . Th y 'r th on s, wors ned. Adam 's taken that give up fresh air Doyle and car of that probl m , he to add extra support Adam for puts a little co logn on and magic to many Harvey and spiffs him up Hillcrest events. So making befor each performance. as years go byand you Harvey Harv y can g t pretty reminesce on your banged up at times but days at Hillcrest, w e come to life! h hangs in there and can all think of that mak s us proud . \"Many furry pup and who studentsknockon myhead made him come to lif . For these are and pull my tail\", say's Harvey w earer the times to rem emb r. Doy l Olschewski.Soaswecansee, As time has gone by, Harv y even tllOUgh Harv y often takes a licken has imp roved witll age . Slowly 11 's he keeps on ticken . Harvey Husky.'\" 4

~IS . HlI lI : .\\ ti\\ 'is x . ~ Ii 11 len :\\ 11 n : I I ~ ad heerk d er . Is . Han - n : ,'\\ d \\,i o r Wrestling Cheer REUTEUGEHH! T il Ile at i o n a III w res ll rs mal 11 . Til Y p ra Ii Illr days a work 111 - ir 11 rd t 10 p in down til ir w eks for a coup le o f Ilours . T ile oppon nl. nd b id e III mal ar advisors : Ms . Hall and Ms. Han o n. III w r s tling c ll rl ad- , - - - - - - - - - - - - - , Ilelp o ut w itll III ro u- \"They get tines and add m oral sup- ers. Ileering tlle ir Ilard- t. T il e w res tlers work me port . Tiley p re form at Ilard to up llo ld til p rid e pumped p ep assem b lies . A t tile and ready at Hill r t Higll 11001. Fall Spon s assem b ly T il yar 11 Ip d out tr - til Yp r sented a routine m ndou Iy b y tll w r s- to introduc tile wres- tling cll erl ad r . T il for the tiers of til y ars. Tile cll eerlead rswork Ilard c lle rl ad r 11 Ip o ut andpu tin ex tra ffortt o match.I\" a n d w re s tl e r g iv til e w res tl e rs a Jon Voss agrees tllat til yar sup- boost b e fore and after portiv e . Jo n v os said . til m a tc ll e s . Til e y \"Tiley g t m p ump ed d corat tll eir 10 kers and ready for til m atc ll .\" o n til d ay o f til m a t Iles . and g iv e Tile Ilead Ileerleader is Micllalina til m tr a t aft rw ards . Tile c ll eer- A llen . T il ir advisors are Ms . Hall and lead ers Ilav p rali w ll r tlley put MS. Hanson . toglle ter routin s for til L aura ani li e Wr tling 11C r .:. -{'5

lions from coa 11 s am 211lain LIP I r a p ike:' . 46 .:. varsity voll yba ll

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