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Smith Lake Living
" a community magazine"
Summer 2017 Issue

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Smith Lake Living

Published by eddie, 2017-06-29 07:54:51

Description: Smith Lake Living
" a community magazine"
Summer 2017 Issue

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Southern Comfort Services• Licensed HVAC • Honest• Insured Sales & Service • Fair• Bonded • Dependable Office: 256-287-2019 Cell: 205-275-7698 Summertime repairs: Call us today ! * Locally Owned & Operated * We Install & Service HVAC Systems in Re-models, and Pre-existing homes & Buildings * We’ll Treat You Like a Neighbor & Friend * Serving Smith Lake & Surrounding Areas for the Last 12 Years. Owners: Joe & Susan Boyd License # 04096 Pine Valley Outdoor Living ~ Sales & Rentals of Lake Toys ~ 3088 Curry Hwy. Jasper, Al 35503 (205) 221-PINE I 51

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‘white • willow interior design \ home decor home furnishing 302 1st. Avenue S.E. Cullman, Alabama 35055 (256) 739-7001 Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm Saturday 10am - 4pm Follow Us On: Instagram & Facebook54 | I 55

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YOUR APP ISATTENTION, LAKE LOVERS: HERE. The Shorelines app will tell you everything you want to know about© 2017 Alabama Power Company your favorite Alabama lakes. If you love life on the lake, you’ll love the Alabama Power Shorelines app. It covers all 14 Alabama Power lakes and gives you the power to stay informed and get the most out of your favorite lake. From the hottest fishing spots to lake levels to generator schedules, you’ll be smarter and safer every time you visit. So download the Shorelines app today or visit Then go jump in a lake. JUST SOME OF THE FEATURES: • Current conditions and water levels • Generation schedules • Fishing hotspots and hunting information • Interactive maps • Information about day-use parks and lake access I 57

256 - 385-6301• Foundation RepaiR & SuppoRt WoRk• excavating • Site teSting• Retaining WallS & eaRth anchoRing SyStemS WWW.eaRthWoRkz.netearthworkz60@yahoo.com58 I

Two of Birmingham’s top REALTORS® can also help you find your getaway at Smith Lake.With 28 years combined experience, Leda Mims and Joanna Ellard have sold realestate all across the Birmingham Metro Area from estate-sized homes to urban lofts.Both agents enjoy time with their family and friends on Smith Lake and can helpyou find your very own special retreat. Two agents, one team that list and sell in all areas of Birmingham and Smith Lake. Certified Relocation Specialists Leda Mims Joanna Ellard (205) 243-4599 (205) I 59

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The Time of the “Season” There is nothing I love more than grilling out. This By Samantha Actonis the time that I can not only cook my favorite meal, but straight to your taste it while taking in the air of the outdoors and absorbing Try this Pineapple Cheeseburger Recipe for example. Inthe vitamin D that I miss out on in my office during the my opinion, one of the best seasonings for hamburgerwork week. This is a time when I don’t feel confined, or meat contains a secret seasoning recipe from the famousstrained for time…unless I have a hungry family member chain restaurant called Fuddruckers. This easy to makechomping at the bit for food…But after a long relaxing seasoning makes the hamburger burst with flavor. Simplyday by the waters of Smith Lake, the best feeling, is combine 2 teaspoons of paprika, 1 ½ teaspoons groundto come home and light the grill. Whetheryou prefer propane, gas, electric or black pepper, 1 ¼ teaspoon salt, ½ teaspooncharcoal, the feeling is the same, dark garlic powder, ¼ teaspoonit is your food creation to be onion powder and ¼ teaspoonhad. Grilling food taste ground cayenne pepper alldifferent than that of the in a small bowl. Sprinklekitchen. The food that the seasoning ontoyou prepare tends to the hamburger priortaste more distinctive to cooking, and youand natural, giving your are ready to a more organic The pineapplefeel. With that smoked slices used fortaste that the on a grill this burger willwill leave, even certain substitute as theseasoning’s tastes will bun and then, ofstand out to you unlike that course, you canof your typical oven cooked then apply all ofmeal. Take this time to not only your favorite toppingsprepare a meal, but to prepare a such as lettuce, toma-meal to remember and enjoy during this toes, bacon, etc.period of relaxation, vacating all other worries. For the steak lovers,Here are some unique grilling ideas that will hopefully the marinating and seasoning isgive you and your family and/or guests, the experiencethey will love versus the meal they will simply consume. literally everything to this meat, but only certain cuts are the best when seasoned. Cuts such as Seasonings are everything, so try marinating your Sirloin, Round, Chuck and Flank, are great cuts to mari-favorite meats in seasonings that will not mask or cover nate. Those that are better off not marinated are the Newthe taste of the meat, but will bring the delicious flavor York Strip, Rob, Filet Mignon, T-bone and the tenderloin cut. Keep this in mind when choosing what you wish to grill. For the cut you choose to marinate in a particular ~ Specializing in cUSTOM BlinDS anD SHaDeS ~ Custom Sizes Professionally Installed - Call for a Quote Follow Us on Facebook Smith Lake Blind Company ~ Brian DeWitte Owner 205 873-1379 Natural Woven Roman Shades with privacy lining featured above are a favorite for Smith Lake homes.62 |

seasoning, Lemon-Oregano Steak Rub is an amazing se-lection. This seasoning is best on a Sirloin Steak. The in-gredients of this seasoning include 1/4th cup of oreganoleaves, 1 tablespoon grated lemon peel, 4 cloves of garlicand 1 teaspoon pepper. Another tasty choice for any cutis the Garlic-Thyme Steak Rub. This seasoning contains 3tablespoons of chopped thyme and 1 tablespoon of driedthyme leaves, 2 tablespoons of sweet paprika, 3 cloves ofgarlic that are minced and 1/4th teaspoon of ground redpepper. For those who prefer white meat on the grill,chicken has more seasoning flavor options than I caneven conjure up, but there are a few that stand out tome the most. One of these recipes is called Mango-Ries-ling Marinade Grilled Chicken. This recipe is actuallysurprising easy. All you need to produce this marinade is1 mango, 3 garlic cloves, 1/3rd cups of water, 2 table-spoons fresh lemon juice, 2 tablespoons olive oil, ½ cupsof Riesling Wine (Thus the name), 1/4th teaspoons driedoregano, 1/4th teaspoons cilantro, 1/4th teaspoonsonion powder, salt and pepper. After mixing these in-gredients, the amount is able to cover up to 8 bonelesschicken breasts. This particular marinade has such anamazing burst of flavor and accents the grilled chicken ina way that is unexplainable unless you try it. It is unique,it is tasty, and it is easy. There are numberous websitesthat contain many unique ideas for your individual tastepreference. Fish!! You are at the lake! You must grill up thatglory of a catch that you scored while fishing on the beau-tiful Smith Lake. Let’s use Striped Bass as our grillingchoice this evening, just for conversational purposes. Mypersonal favorite Creole seasoned Striped Bass. It is justthat! The trick with this seasoning is to first pour Italiandressing over the fillets and then sprinkle them with Cre-ole. For this particular fish, you only have to grill the filletfor ten minutes total. First place the fillets on the rack forup to 6 minutes with the skin side down, and then turn itfor an additional 2 or 3 minutes. This is simple, easy andabsolutely delicious. Another popular seasoning for anyfish is Tony’s Seasoning, in which you can find in mostgrocery stores. My point is, there are variations of seasoningsthat suit each meat type, specifically when grilling. Theseare only a few examples of how each dish can becomeyour personal masterpiece that your family and friendswill absolutely love, and love you for it. Take advantageof your summer months in the sun, find time to spendwith the ones that you cherish most and take that time togrill out by the lake while enjoying the company of thosearound you. Enjoy these delicious recipes! Cheers! g sll h I 63

Smith64 I

Lake Living ® I 65

In His Wakes In His Wakes 2017, A Day to Remember Tour, was an event bringing victory, hope, and purpose for the kids of the North Alabama Girls and Boys Club. Juanita Gonzalez, Director of the NAG&BC, and eleven of their kids showed up for the field trip for a fun day of water skiing, tubing, swimming, and knee-boarding, under the direction of founder and director of In His Wakes, Nate Miller. Juanita said, “This is not only a field trip, this event is what we classify as an exposure trip.” An exposure trip is an event where kids can experience things that they have never been associated with - things as simple as riding in a boat or learning to swim. You know the kids are excited when they are asking if they can come next year. The annual event is held at Denise and Greg Darnell’s home on Spring Creek. Nate kicks his program off with a session of dry land training showing kids how-to and what-not-to do on the water. Nate witnesses to the group with Bible quotes and a prayer, “All things are possible because the will of God, my life, and all things come from the love of God.” 66 |

Kids are divided in three groups: waterskiing, tubing, and knee-boarding for a fun day on thelake. Some of kids remain behind on the dock to swim and play games. After the morning session, kidscome in for lunch and a little rest time, and then they are back out for an evening session. Nate and his wife Ivy have been doing this roadshow ministry for fifteen years. Oh, it looks impres-sive with a big motorhome towing a new Ski Nautique boat up the road to the next location to host thenext A Day to Remember. Nate’s family and team have maintained their focus on the mission of movingdown life’s highway year after year with their vision set on God’s Word and God’s Will. g hSmith Lake Living I 67

68 |

Summer Tour 2017 Rock Creek on Smith Lake I 69

Smith Lake Concert Series...on Rock Creek by eddie hand The 4th Annual Smith Lake Concert Serieshosted at the home of Ashley Ford and DeborahRigsby was a huge success. “To accommodate theartist, we changed the date to June and were unsureif it would have an impact on our attendance, butit resulted with 170 attendees, our largest crowd,”said Ashley and Deborah. Head lining the event wasthe group Delta Rae, and kicking off the concert wasLiz Longley. Liz, a Nashville singer/songwriter, hasperformed at the Smith Lake Concert Series. Thisyear her number one fan, Stella her dog, helped heron stage, and she captured the audience’s attentionwith her tunes echoing not in an empty room butover the moon-lit waters on Smith Lake. Smith Lake Living had a chance to chat withEric Holljes, band member for Delta Rae, before theirperformance. I asked Eric if he had been to SmithLake and what he thought of the lake. “Alabamapeople keep secrets so well; you have a little pieceof heaven here,” said Eric. We spent all afternoon onthe dock swimming and relaxing. Relaxing is muchLiz Longley & Stella needed for the band after being on the road for eight years living out of a suitcase. Eric was excited about some of the band’s accomplishments. “One is that we just paid off our travel van,” Eric said with a smile. Their band has turned up the road and they have just signed with a Nashville well-known record label Valory Music Co. Their music started in Durham N.C. somewhat as a gospel/harmony/country rock and has developed to a sibling mix of male/female vocals in their recent album “A Long and Happy Life.” The Smith Lake Concert Series is one of those special events, special people, and special musical artists that “Lake Folks” know how to enjoy and keep the secret. Delta Rae Band Members Ian Holljes (vocals/guitar) Eric Holljes (vocals/piano/guitar) Brittany Holljes (vocals/percussion) Elizabeth Hopkins (vocals/percussion) Mike McKee (drums) Grant Emerson (bass) g sll h70 I I 71

The Arley Women’s Club Celebrates ...Military Banner Program at Local Fundraiser By Natalie Bonner The 44th Arley Day Festival, held on May 20th from Arley is proud to be the first town/city in Alabama7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. off Co. Rd. 77, near Hamner Park to boast these military banners. All of the flags favor withproved to be a major hit and overall homerun for attendees, a similar background of a custom-made banner featuringparticipants and vendors. Smith Lake at the top, with ‘Arley’ written out, and a picture of the proud veteran whom the family is honoring displayed The festival included a 5K run, a parade, a pancake across the banner in mostly traditional dress uniform, alongbreakfast, an antique car show, games for young and old with the information of where and when they served, andalike, food and merchandise vendors, and entertainmentfrom local artists all day. their ranking and identifi-The event is held annually cation.on the third Saturday inMay. “It’s a wonderful way to remember loved ones and The Arley Wom- commemorate their ser-en’s Club, a service who is vice achievement. So manycommitted to improving people in the communitythe community of Arley wanted to recognize aand its surrounding areas, family member, and that’shosts the annual festival. a proud thing for us to do.The members share the We are grateful to rec-goal of encouraging the ognize those whom haveuse of the Arley Library, served,” said Crump.and help fund a multi-tude of other projects and The first military ban-collaborations within the ners went up last year, withcommunity. They are also this year showcasing thedevoted to supporting the local schools and parks, educa- most impactful effort bytion and safety, and other deserving prospects within their the Arley citizens and the AWC. Arley has a population sizecommunity. The volunteers of the Arley Women’s Club are of around 4-500 maximum, and this little mighty town ishard-working and caring individuals who make a positive displaying over one-fourth of their size in military banners,difference in the lives of area residents. and are projected to grow exponentially in size every year. Twice a year the banners are hung for all to revere during the This year, the members wanted to continue to spread veteran season: once in Memorial Day, and the latter on Vet-their successful campaign of the Military Banner Program. eran’s Day, with the banners waving throughout the entireAWC member, Juanita Culler, came up with the initial con- month’s duration to showcase these service leaders.cept mid-summer last year when she visited family in anoth- The cost for a military banner is $125 for a 2-ft xer town in a different state, who were utilizing the concept of 4-ft banner, plus the hardware to hang it. Yard banners arethe military banners. She acquired the information needed to available at a minimal size by individuals for $20. If youbring it back to the AWC, and the program has been a great are interested in securing your own Arley military banner,way to give back to our local veterans ever since. please contact the chapter at and ask for Juanita Culler. Treasurer and two-year-long member Judy Crump of AWC President Laura Ulz has been with the club forthe AWC said that the military banner program has skyrock- the past four and a half years and has served as president foreted since its inception. “Arley is very small, and there’s a lot the past year. In regards to recognizing those veterans andof us who live on the lake, and the fact that we have over 100 patriots who have served our local families, regions, and na-banners up right now is just incredible. Not to mention, we tion, she said, “This program honors both those people whohave banners who actually go so far back as the Civil War!” have been in service and those whom are currently in ser- vice. We have banners representing those from the Civil War “This program has brought a lot of pride to the com- through WWI and WWII, as well as those through Desertmunity, and you can see people driving very slowly through- Storm, Korea, and even current wars. It gives us a great senseout the town, taking pictures. Even people from out of town of satisfaction to see the pride our community members arehave commented on how great this is to remember military taking in recognizing our local military service members.”folk who have given of their time, energy and service inorder to give back to us,” Crump said with a smile.72 I

Ulz futher commented that it’s been a personalhonor and privilege to work with the town of Arley, past andpresent, and this opportunity has given her a lot of pride inthe community and country to see current veterans still withus partaking in the program, and being able to see the prideand recognition on their faces as they are able to pass thatrecognition on to those still currently serving. Arley Day continues to be one of the largest fund-raisers for this incredible non-profit who assists the commu-nity needs as often as possible. This year’s festival brought inclose to 3,000 in attendance, and with next year marking the45th anniversary of the event, expect some major activitiesand even greater attendance. g sll h AddGasAndGo Watercraft LLC Mobile Repair Service & Sales 256-590-5369 Greg Huffman Owner Certified Mechanic I 73

Events FIREWORKS July 1, 2017 Smith Lake Park 256-739-2916FREDRICKS FIREWORKS OUTDOOR HOPE Horses July 3, 2017 PRESENTS for Heroes Ducan Bridge Marnia 205-387-1208 July 11th. 1301 Convent Rd. NE Cullman 256- 507-4088 Sweet Tater Festival Labor Day Weekend Smith Lake Park 256-739-2916 ON THE WATER! Smith Lake Park Bassfest October 7, 2017 Smith Lake Park smithlakeparkbassfest.com3PM - 8PM JULY 2, 2017 Smith Lake Concerts @ DEVIL’S BRANCH ON SMITH LAKE Trident Marina (JUST NORTH OF DUNCAN BRIDGE) Check facebook page for up to date events & dates.256-340-8899 /fredricksoutdoor Weekly Friday & Saturday Entertainment Golddiggers Bar & Grill at Lakeshore Inn & Marina 205-489-2462 June 10th. Dodge City host it’s annual fun day. Local businessesopen their doors to visitors with door prizes and give aways. Slides,rides, bounce houses, dunking booth, and numerous vendors wereon hand for the enjoyment of all the attendees. 74 |

205-281-0559 Custom Cabinet Design & Fabrication since 1996 Email: Joe@cabinetcreatinsbyjoe.comFollow us on Facebook ~ Cabinet Creations by Joe Church on the Lake Smith Lake RV Resort 800 County Road 202, Crane Hill 8 a.m. Every Sunday www.bethanybysmithlake.comFollow Us on FACEBOOK I 75

RCBC Fishing Tournament Gains A True Angler: Brooks Takes Home the Win and A Whole Lot More By Natalie Bonner In early May of this year, amateur-pro angler aficio- Jody Brooksnado Jody Brooks finally took home the gold to one of the off. With over 100 boats participating in the tournament,year’s most anticipated and competitive fishing tourna- Brooks stuck to his guns and pulled off a win that meantments in the area. more to him than he thought possible. “I’ve been fishing since I was two or three-years- “I feel pretty relieved to have won because I haveold,” Jody Brooks, official tournament winner of the Ry- been fishing so long and it was incredible to finally winan’s Creek Baptist Church Outreach Fishing Tournament one, and to win one all by myself at that. It was a uniquesaid. experience that I’ve never had before,” he said with a shrug and a smile. The competitive, self-taught fisherman recalledhis childhood; having been an enamored fan of watching This growing angler-to-be touched on the monu-pro-angler Bill Dance on TV as a mere kid, and accredited mental reason behind the tournament itself, communicat-that experience in recognizing the innate passion he had ing a sense of clarity and purpose for both the sport andwithin himself to pursue fishing to whatever degree and the contest far beyond his years.passion possible. Brooks cleared his throat and said, “The whole “No one else fished in my family. Still today, I am thing about this tournament is that they allow God to bethe first and only one to fish in the family. I taught myself centerfold here. You have to attend a church meetingmostly, and then, of course, I picked up most of what I before the tournament, and it was a real blessed dayknow going out there on the lake for the last 15 years,” for everyone. You could tell God was looking out for allsaid Brooks with a shrug and a smile. involved.” The talented, young fisherman and future angler “I feel especially blessed because aside from theis a modest young man, with an even tone and humble- tournament, there was a Bible contest, and I won theness to his nature that renders extinct to others his age. A20-year-old rising junior at Samford University, located inBirmingham, A.L., Brooks is currently majoring in Busi-ness Administration, with a focus on Accounting. Having played football for the college his fresh-man year, Brooks knew all too well the demands requiredto excel in class and on the field (or the fishing turf). Heis currently thinking about joining Samford University’sfishing team, but wants to take his time in order to makethe best decision. “If anything, joining the Samford team would allowme to travel, and in many regards, I should join. It wouldallow me to fish a lot more, and to even fish some newlakes. I’ve fished Smith Lake my whole life, but I’m notsure I have the time or money to commit to the [Samfordteam] that regularly right now, at this point,” he comment-ed. Since Brooks was 14-years-old, he has been con-sistently fishing tournaments, with one of his first fishingtournaments coming at the tender age of 10-years-old,with the help of a male mentor. He has won smaller fishing tournaments before,but the RCBC Fishing Tournament held at Smith Lakeprovided this life-long fishing enthusiast his greatest pay-76 |

Bible, too,” he said. “I think that’s a pretty powerful experience,displaying the divine power watching over all of us. It was verysurprising to me that out of all those people out there, I wonthe Bible as well, and I couldn’t be more grateful. The missionthat Ryan’s Creek has in their tournament is a success, and Iknow I’m not the only who feels this way.” Brooks is a prime example of passion and compassionin the local fishing industry. This young man has a lot of talentand drive, and at a mere 20-years-old, a very bright futureahead of him, no matter what he chooses to pursue. Summing up the RCBC Fishing Tournament, he said,“I’ve been fishing this tournament for the last five to six years,and everyone is always kind. The main goal is to find JesusChrist, and I think they do a very good job at that as they makethe fishing tournament more than just about catching fish.” g sll h I 77

Advertiser IndexAdd Gas and Go- PWC Repairs 256-590-5369 Lakeside Innovation Boat Docks 205-489-6158 www.wahoodocks.comAdvantageRealEst.Jason Chandler 256-339-3360 www, Lake Shore Restaurant 205-489-2462Alabama Power Company 800-525-3711 Lamar’s Glass 205-387-0297 www.lamarsglass.comARC Realty 205-243-4599 Leon’s Marine 256-734-3223Arrowhead RV Park 256-747-2519 Lynn Layton Auto Dealerships 256-353-8150 www.lynnlayton.comBama Steel Structures, Inc. 256-338-2066 Mustard Seed Nursery 256-737-7333Beverly’s Cut “N” Style 256-287-1906 Nelems Marine 205-221-3072 www.nelems.comB & H Tree Service 256-287-1446 Oden Glass 256-734-2800BJC Real Estate REMAX 256-287-9140 Pine Valley Outdoor Living 205-221-pineBMS Marine 256-747-2988 Pop’s Place Bar BQ 256-887-1313 www.popsplacebarbq.comC2 Designs, llc 205-529-8004 Progression Power Sports 205-369-2323Cabinet Creations by Joe 205-281-0559 Riverpeak Partners of Raymond James 205-874-1804 Construction 205-384-9990 Riverside Fly Shop 256-287-9582 www.riversideflyshop.comCountry Mall Convenience Store 256-747-6235 Russell Marine 256-841-6365 www.russellmarine.netCullman Overhead Door & Glass 256-734-0792 S & S Foods 256-287-2663Culpepper Real Estate 256-739-1389 Sharon Miller- ReMax Platinum 256-747-2613 www.smithlakehomes.netDC Scientific Pest Control 205-758-9029 Shoreline Properties LLC 256-507-0965 www.shorelinedevelopments.comDodge City Clock & Vacuum 256-287-2999 ShowcaseLighting Floors & More 205-387-0238Dodge City Collision Center LLC 256-287-0680 Silverock Cove - H2 Realestate 205-994-6504 www.silverockcove.comDuncan Bridge Marina & RV 205-387-1208 Skinner’s Country Mart 256-747-2082Duskin Point Marina 205-384-6942 Smith Lake Air Park 256-507-0965 www.discoversmithlake.comEarthWorkz 256-385-6301 Smith Lake Barge & RipRap 205-221-4229 www.smithlakebargeandriprap.comElite RV & Boat Storage 256-734-2382 Smith Lake Blind Co. 205-873-1379 smithlakeblindco@outlook.comFabri Tech Inc Boat Docks 256-385-2336 Smith Lake Concierge 800-811-3956 www.smithlakeconcierge.comFlooring America 205-718-7273 Smith Lake Park 256-739-2916 www.cullmancountyparks.comFlotation Systems Inc. 800-711-1785 Smith Lake Rentals & Sales 800-769-0757 www.smithlakerentals.comFSI- Paradise Pad 256-287-0445 Speegle’s Marina 256-734-0698 www.speeglesmarina.netFredricks Outdoor 256-340-8899 Southern Comfort Services 256-287-2019Freedom Insurance Agency 256-737-0011 Squirrel’s Marina 205-387-8616 www.squirrelsmarina.comFree State Vinyl 256-747-6867 TDI Services 800-461-6909 www.tdi.servicesGame Day Sportz 256-595-9073 tx T & M Plumbing 256-747-7370Goldiggers Bar & Grill 205-489-2462 Target Pest Control 256-739-5487 www.targetpestservice.comHarbison Coin Laundry/Storage 205-384-4011 The Lake Co. www.thelakeco.comHGC Contractor 205-943-0075 The SnowBird Retreat 269-967-6233 http://alabama-snowbird.comHarris Steel 800-397-9036 Tidwell Carpet & Flooring 256-739-5091 256-286-0050Harrison Drug 205-489-8806 Trident Marina 256-739-0738 256-734-2966 www.tpcountryclub.comHeritage Pharmacy 256-287-3333 TP Country Club 256-776-9675 256-796-2211 www.vintagewesthome.comHidden Shores 256-507-0965 Valley Heating & Cooling 256-734-5673 256-739-7001 www.wernerstradingco.comHilton & Barbara Williams 404-307-7164 Vintage West on 2nd. 256-797-0319 www.windemereatsmithlake.comHome Pro’s - Roofing & Const. 205-275-5226 Walker Brothers LTD H.O.P.E. Werner’s Trading CompanyHydro Glow Dock Lights 877-895-4569 White Willow Jeff Roberts & Associates 205-313-9150 www, Windemere at Smith Lake Justin Dyar “Mr. Smith Lake” 205-468-6375 Follow Us on FACEBOOK 78 | I 79


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