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PUB HTML5 Features Overview

Turn PDFs into shoppable, interactive page flip publications.

Wonderful reading experience of online publication

Brings Readers An Interactive Reading Experience

Transform your print-ready PDFs into high definition interactive page flip publications. Reach new audiences with your brochure or magazine by publishing them to an online publication. By utilising these technologies we can enhance the reading experience with a wealth of interactive functions such as zooming pictures, slideshows, movies, audio and guided reading. With over 90% of the global tablet market share, the iPad is the perfect vehicle to promote your publication while creating a interactive publications. will grow this audience to include Android and iPhone devices.

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HTML5 JQuery online publication technology

HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery Based

PUBHTML5 make your content look like a real flipbook or magazine using all the advantages of HTML5. The web is getting beautiful with new user interfaces based in HTML5; PUB HTML5 is the best fit for a magazine, flipbook or catalog based in HTML5.

The latest technologies, mobile friendly, cross platforms, all of these features make your publications suitable for the trend of web technology. PUBHTML5 is born for the future internet, so choose our publish solution and get rid of all the troubles of compatibility and transferability.

digital book cloud publishing

Automation and Cloud Publishing

You are able to publish your own online digital magazine at PUB HTML5 Cloud Publishing Platform - an innovative, cloud-based technology.

Cloud Publisher Benefits:
1. Ideal for digitizing back issues
2. Automated work processes to save time
3. Scalability of high-volume publishing
4. Easy mass roll-out in your organization
5. Expand your reselling model
6. API to integrate with your existing systems

 PDF to HTML5 book converter


  • Customize interactive flipbook publications with your own domain, logo, branding colors and style
  • Easily customize the color scheme and styling of your PDF publications to match your brand - no coding skills required
    Share your content via a Custom URL ( to draw leads back to your site
digital catalog with shopping cart


When it comes to online catalogs, users spend most of their time browsing through pages. We wanted to create a digital catalog that people love to use, so we focused on making sure that swiping through pages and zooming in would be an incredibly intuitive process.

We’ve built the fastest online catalog software available today with HTML5. Everything from opening a digital catalog to viewing different pages is faster than any other catalog service.

Hyperlinks work on digital catalog

Hyperlinks edit available

PUB HTML5 will automatically detect and import the existing hyperlinks (common links and email links) in source PDF file into the project, saving your valuable time.

By adding page references in your online catalog, you can help customers quickly navigate to other pages in the publication. It’s also possible to add links to websites. These links can be used to link products in a digital catalog to your online store, for example.

multiple products to the digital catalog


The product view allows your customers to stay inside the online catalog while browsing for more product information such as images, product videos, and in-depth product descriptions.

It’s easy to add multiple products to the digital catalog that can be opened with a single click. This is ideal for lookbooks and fashion catalogs as you can tag all the products that a fashion model is wearing.

Media-rich digital catalog

Media-rich online digital page flip catalog

Enhance product descriptions in your digital page flip catalog with video, or add videos to any page of your digital catalog to inspire and engage your customers even more.

To bring your audience a unique reading experience, the Page Editor feature in PUB HTML5 allows you to embed YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, offline videso, related audio, images, a photo slideshow, camera displayer, responsive buttons, shapes and text in different types, and even custom links. Easily.


access online magazine from everywhere

Accessed anywhere easily via the Internet

When you turn a PDF to online digital flipbook in HTML5 standard, you can either read it offline or upload it, then access the digital catalog anytime anywhere without carrying it around.

PUB HTML5 uses advanced cloud storage technology, and your publications will be saved in cloud hosting after you click the publish button. All visitors can have a view of your publication anytime anywhere!

Flexible publish options for digital catalog

Flexible publishing options

Four publish types are available to users:

  • HTML5 - Publish *.html file and related files in HTML5 standard
  • ZIP - Zip created HTML files for convenient storage and sharing
  • EXE - Output standalone executive application to run on PC
  • To FTP Server - Publish publications to your site with FTP integrated
  • Email To - Directly email generated zip file to your reader
  • WordPress Plugin - Convert publications to WordPress plugin, Joomla module and Drupal module
Mobile friendly HTML5 digital catalog


Our online page turning catalogs have been tailor made specifically for each supported device (i.e. desktops as well as iOS and Android mobile devices) to deliver a consistently amazing experience.

To make sure our digital catalogs feel like any other native app on iOS and Android devices, our web app supports gestures. People can use spread and pinch to zoom in or out, swipe to browse through pages, and drag to navigate around a page while zoomed in.

Fast and easy publishing digital catalog

Fast and easy publishing

The intuitive and user-friendly UI of PUB HTML5 online digital catalogs software enables a novice to start the first project easily and build a digital catalogs in minutes.

The easy-to-use edit feature makes it easy to manage your eBook style, you can even directly publish your e-publication to your website page without ever leaving the software.

Convenient for reading

Convenient for reading

With PUBHTML5 software, users can quickly create searchable and zoomable content to help their audience search the content in eBook.

Moreover, users are allowed to add a helpful table of content and bookmarks related to the book content for the html5 Catalogs reader to handle the html5 Catalogs ebook more conveniently. Users can also create a user friendly book with the powerful editing options in the software.

free PDF to digital catalog converter

HTML5 Online Digital Catalog Maker Freeware

Not sure whether PUB HTML5 meets your demands or not? Don’t worry about it! PUBHTML5 also offers a free version of digital catalog maker, which can be applied for PDF to digital catalog conversion. The digital catalog maker freeware retains the basic features of the whole version and allows users to convert any PDF to an engaging digital catalog book with a custom feel and look. Moreover, the online share service is available in the free version too, and you can upload 20000+ books to the PUB HTML5 online server each month.

data statistics available

Access Statistics to Supervise Uploaded eBook

Optimize your content and budget via PUB Html5 Metrics, delivering real-time insight into audience engagement and preferences.

Over 30 Metrics and 130 Reports on what's working and what needs to be fixed in your content strategy
Track engagement with reports on zoom patterns, page views, time on page, widget interactions and more. Try and get that from a PDF!


social share expediently

Social share feature integrated

Users can easily share the products in your digital flipbook to Facebook, Twitter, or via email.

With just a few clicks, the digital catalog maker can simply share the digital catalog that he/she is reading via social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or via email.

track published book use Google Analytics

Trackable with Google Analytics

A marketer's dream - connect to your existing free Google Analytics account for advanced content insights

PUB HTML5 integrates with your existing Google Analytics account at page-level Incorporate Google stats and dashboards into your content reports