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PubHTML5 > Q & A > How to submit an invoice of my order?

How to submit an invoice of my order?


How can I get the invoice of my order after I choose a plan and complete the order?


PUB HTML5 records every transaction and reveals all these transaction details to the user. Once you login with your account, you can check all the rental history. Besides, you can edit the invoice title and even print out the invoice of each order. And below I will show you how to submit the invoice title and how to print the invoice.



1 Login

Go to PUB HTML5 website and click "Sign in" at the top navigation bar and then input your account and password to login. If you don't have an account yet, you can create a new one.

login to PUB HTML5 online publishing


2 Open Billing

After you login, you will be directed to your Homepage as below shows.

open billing page to submit invoice

In the left managing panel, click Billing to open the Billing page.

check rental record of PUB HTML5 service


3 Submit Invoice Title

Click "Invoice Setting" tab and you can edit the invoice title of your orders. And then click "Done" to save your invoice title.

edit and submit invoice title


4 Check Invoice

Click "Billing Cycle" tab and select an order to check your invoice.

check invoice billing cycle

Click an item under Invoice No column and you will see below.

check invoice

You can even print out the invoice with custom settings.

print invoice


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