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FIreworks Over America's 2017 Product Catalog
See what's new from our 35 new items. Over 500 other items to choose from.

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Published by jeff, 2017-05-02 16:22:04

Description: FIreworks Over America's 2017 Product Catalog
See what's new from our 35 new items. Over 500 other items to choose from.



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WHY BUY FROM US ® BRAND DIVERSIFICATION Fireworks Over America takes pride in our private label items. However, we understand the importance of brand diversification in your stores and stands. We continue to offer all private label items plus our Time Bandit and Duck Commander items, we have also expanded our domestic supply of Brothers and Black Cat items. WE WANT TO GROW WITH YOU Honest & Reliable 100% AFSL Tested Fast & Efficient Product & Premise Liability Best Customer Service in the Industry Certificates All Items Have Valid EX Numbers2 HD Product Demonstrations on DVD

SKY BUSTER®ROCKET SHY HAWK™ROCKET 2017 NEW PRODUCTThese high flying rockets are packed with action! Red These powerhouse rockets fly high and hit hard! Redfive star w/crackling star; green five star w/white glitte; star w/white glitter; green star w/crackling; blue staryellow five star w/red glitter; purple five star w/green w/white glitter; yellow star w/crackling.glitter. Packing: 24/4; FOA 1568Packing: 24/4; FOA 1566JUMBO SMOKE BALLS™NOVELTY SMOKIN’ USA™NOVELTYGreat balls of smoke! You have to see them to believe Celebrate America with intense Red, White andthem. Thick smoke that is gorgeous! Blue smoke! You wont believe how long it goes!Packing: 36/1; Size: 3-7/8”x6-3/4”x6-1/2”; FOA 1711 Packing: 96/1; Size: 3-1/2”x1-3/4”x1-3/4”; FOA 1712SMOKELESS CELEBRATION FOUNTAIN™ 11FOUNTAINLight up your party and really add some WOW! Thissmokeless celebration candle is perfect for birthdays, weddingsand all special occasions. Emits a smokeless shower of sparks.Packing: 180/4; Size: 7-1/2” x 1/2””; FOA 1745

LET IT RIP BOYS™500 GRAM The name says it all…Light it up and let it rip! Explosive time rain mine to huge red, green, sky blue, lemon and purple bursts; Huge white glitter bursts with explosive LOUD crackling silver chrysanthemums. Fast tempo and LOUD! 25 shots Packing: 4/1; Size: 11”x9-1/4”x7”; FOA 5957 SWAMP BLASTERS™ WAKING UP THE GATORSTime to blow up the bayou! And this gives you 16 ™500 GRAM shells to do it! Turquoise, orange and yellow with gold glitter; Brocade with red glitter; Turquoise and green This one’s so BIG and BAD it wakes the gators! Gigantic with gold glitter; Gold crown with green glitter; Tur- purple and blue bursts with white glitter; Gigantic silver wave quoise and purple with green glitter; Turquoise and and sea green with red glitter; Gigantic brocade to blue with red with crackling flower; Crackling with crackling white glitter; Gigantic orange and sea green with crackling flower; Deep purple with crackling flower; Turquoise silver chrysanthemum; Gigantic silver wave with orange and red with gold glitter; Color dahlia with crackling and green glitter; Gigantic brocade and peach red with white flower; Turquoise and red with green glitter; Red with glitter; Gigantic lemon and blue with white glitter; Gigantic crackling flower; Lemon yellow and white with gold brocade with green and red glitter; Gigantic LOUD crackling glitter. silver chrysanthemum. 8 shots Packing:6/1; Size:5-3/4”x5-1/2”x27-1/2”; FOA 5988 Packing: 4/1; Size: 11-3/4”x11-3/4”x11-1/2”; FOA 595812

EFFECT EFFECT JEP-NOT JUST THE LITTLE BROTHER™PULL THE TRIGGER™500 GRAM 500 GRAMPull tEhFFeECtrTigger…let it fly! 1st, 3rd and 5th Rows: Red, green or blue tails to red, green or blue bouquets;Spectacular red, blue and white glitter triple mine; Then Alternating with silver, gold or purple tails to silver glitter,red and blue bursts with jelly fish; 4th and 6th Rows: And gold willows or crackling; Crackling comet tails andGigantic red and blue dahlias with white glitter. It’s Red, fourteen shot finale of crackling tails to crackling flower. 49White and Blue America! 36 shots. Shots.Packing: 4/1; Size: 15-1/8”x10-5/8”x6-7/8”; FOA 5959 Packing: 4/1; Size: 10-7/8”x10-3/4”x6”; FOA 5960 EFFECT HEY JACK™500 GRAMSWAMP MASTER™500 GRAM Si’s just telling you…Hey Jack, this is one you don’t want to miss! Alternating gigantic bright gold bro-You wEFiFllEbCTe the party with this awesome finale cake and cades with blue stars with gigantic blue and goldyour crowd will be “Happy, Happy, Happy”! Criss-cross bouquets. Ending with a finale of gigantic cracklingbarrage of 210 red and green trailing stars. Now you’re brocades. 9 with peanut oil! 210 shots. Packing: 2/1; Size:12”x12”x12-3/16”; FOA 5964 EFFECTPacking: 2/1; Size: 24”x17-3/4”x5-1/2”; FOA 5962 13

BLOWIN UP THE BAYOU™500 GRAM LADIES NIGHT OUT™500 GRAMIt’s time to party down Robertson style! And this bad The boys don’t get to have all the fun. There’s nothingboy is just the one to help you do it! 3” Shells explode like a ladies night out! 30 Gigantic bursts of gold glitterinto enormous alternating bursts of red and yellow; with blue stars; Gold glitter crown, Gold glitter willow toEnormous green with crackling pistil; Enormous red green bursts; Multi-colored star bursts; And a finale ofglitter with green pistil; Then finishes with an in- gold glitter crown with blue stars. 30 shots.credible finale of enormous gold brocade bursts to Packing: 4/1; Size: 11”x9-1/4”x7”; FOA 5970multi-colored tips. 9 shots.Packing: 2/1; Size: 14”x13-1/2”x13-1/2”; FOA 5968BOSS OF THE BAYOU™500 GRAM THE ULTIMATE MAN CARD™In West Monroe there is no question of who is the 500 GRAMboss of the bayou! Gigantic brocade crown withwhite glitter; Gigantic brocade crown with blue and Man up and light the fuse! Huge alternating bursts ofgreen glitter; Gigantic Brocade crown with red glitter; silver chrysanthemum; Giant green bursts with greenGigantic gold willow with white glitter; Gigantic gold glitter; Huge turquoise and orange bursts withwillow with green glitter; Gigantic gold willow with crackling silver chrysanthemum; Giant bursts of redred glitter. 12 shots. and sea blue with white glitter. 20 shots Packing: 8/1; Size: 9”x9”x9”; FOA 5974Packing: 4/1; Size: 11-1/4”x9”x9-3/4”; FOA 5972 THE WILLIE™500 GRAM Willie shows off his patriotism while shooting this bad boy! These thunderous bursts are spectacular when gigantic gold glitter brocade crowns with blue stars alternate with gigantic red glitter bursts with gold glitter brocade crowns. 25 shots14 Packing: 4/1; Size: 9-1/4”x9-1/2”x8-3/4”; FOA 5976

REDNECK STYLE™200 GRAM MULTI-EFFECT DUCK HUNTER™Let’s get the party started…Redneck Style! Huge bursts 200 GRAM MULTI-EFFECTof red and white glitter; Huge bursts of purple and yellowstars; Ending with huge bursts of silver chrysanthemum Phil is the King of the Duck Hunters! Big bursts ofand crackling. 7 shots alternating red tail to red stars with silver glitter; GreenPacking: 12/1; Size: 11”x9-1/4”x7”; FOA 5980 tail to big purple stars with green glitter; Blue tail to big blue stars with red glitter. 12 shots. Packing: 9/1; Size: 11”x9-1/4”x7”; FOA 5978DUCK ELIMINATOR™ MAMA’S FAVORITE™FOUNTAIN FOUNTAINCall ‘em in and take them out! Gold showers with green Take it easy with this fabulous fountain. Silver showersand copper stars. Gold and silver flashing showers with with red and copper stars switching to gold showers withred. Then gold showers with purple stars changing to purple and silver. Changing to silver showers with greensilver flashing. Ending in a finale of gold and LOUD silver and red stars adding crackling purple and yellow stars.crackling. Long-lasting!Packing: 24/1; Size: 6-3/4”x4”; FOA 5948 Packing: 36/1; Size:7-1/2”x3-1/2”; FOA 5949PACKIN PYRO™ROMAN CANDLE 154 multicolored stars, reports, flying fish, spinners, crackling,flowers and whistles. 5 shots per candle.Packing: 24/4; FOA 5955

TIME BA NDIT FI REWORKS ICE CRACKERS® TIME BANDIT®500 GRAM Firecrackers that never need unraveling. They’re Gigantic bursts of red to sky blue with white glitter waterproof and really loud! changing to purple and green with white glitter. The next series of earth shattering bursts are sky blue with Packing: 100/1; Size: 3-1/4”x6-1/2”x3/4”; FOA 1220 lemon and white glitter finishing with brocades to crackling willow. 12 shots. Packing: 4/1; Size: 9”x9-1/2”x9-1/2”; FOA 5710 BERING SEA BLASTER®500 GRAM PERFECT STORM®500 GRAM Bursts of sky blue and red stars with titanium gold co- Enormous bursts of red stars and white glitter; conut; Enormous bursts of purple and green stars with Enormous purple and green bursts with titanium gold titanium gold coconut; Enormous bursts of lemon yellow coconut; Enormous white glitter brocades that fill the with titanium gold coconut; Ear plugs highly recom- sky; Enormous bursts of red and lemon yellow plus mended! 9 shots. silver chrysanthemums. Hold on and enjoy the ride! Packing: 6/1; Size: 9-3/4”x9-3/4”x9”; FOA 5756 12 Shots. Packing: 4/1; Size: 9-3/4”x9-3/4”x9”; FOA 5757 STORM RAIDERS™500 GRAM These powerful bursts EXPLODE into the night sky with huge bursts of silver wave and green stars with red glitter; Silver wave and purple stars with green glitter; Silver wave with green and red glitter; Ending with a spectacular finale of silver crackling chrysanthemums. 8 shots. Packing: 4/1 Size: 9”x9”x9”FOA 576716

EFFECT TIME BA NDIT FI REWORKSTROUBLED WATERS®500 GRAM ROGUE WAVE®500 GRAMNine of the most explosive shots in the industry! Red dahlia This sEhFFeElCl Tshocker will most certainly clear the deck!and white glitter; Purple and green dahlia with white glit- One of the largest zipper cakes in the industry with 158ter; Finishing with gigantic bursts of lemon to purple dahlia shots. Starting with alternating colors of red, sea blue,and white glitter. 9 shots. lemon, & purple alternating with whistling tails then quickElFyFEsChTifting to crackling tails and gigantic silverPacking: 4/1; Size: 8”x8”x8”; FOA 5696 chrysanthemums. 158 shots. Packing: 2/1; Size: 7”x19”x16”; FOA 5725BANDIT BOMBS™500 GRAM TIME BANDIT TORPEDOES® 17KABOOM! That probably says it all! These bursts You know the Hillstrands have caught their limit whenare enormous and these bursts are LOUD! Nine you start to feel vibrations in your chest from the big-explosive shots of brocade to blue with white gest canisters in the industry! 32 Explosive reloadableglitter; Brocade to blue with red glitter; Ending with a shells with no two shells alike. These shells are barelypowerful 3 shot finale of LOUD crackling brocades to legal and not recommended for 9 shots.Packing: 4/1; Size: 11-3/4”x11-3/4”x11-1/2”; FOA 5775 Packing: 3/1; FOA 2967

LOCK AND LOAD® You have to see the size of these bursts to believe them! They are GIGANTIC! 24 Hardcore shells that have completely different effects… NO BORING REPEATS! 1. Pink and Lemon Stars 2. Blue and Yellow Stars 3. Yellow Wave and Green Glitter 4. Red Wave and Green Glitter 5. Purple Wave and Green Glitter 6. Pink Peony and Green Glitter 7. Brocade w/ Blue Stars 8. Multi-Colored Stars w/ White Glitter 9. Red and Blue Stars w/ White Glitter 10. Lemon and Orange Stars w/ White Glitter 11. Green and Purple Stars w/ White Glitter 12. Brocade w/ White Glitter 13. Turquoise, Purple w/ Gold Glitter 14. Green Wave w/ Red Glitter 15. Purple Wave w/ Crackling Pistil 16. Blue Wave w/ Crackling Pistil 17. Green Wave w/ Crackling Pistil 18. Green Glitter & White Glitter w/ Blue Stars 19. Gold Brocade 20. Brocade w/ Blue Stars 21. Silver Glitter to Crackling Flower 22. Green Glitter to Crackling Flower 23. Silver Palm w/ Green Glitter 24. Silver Palm w/ White Glitter TOWERING BURSTS WITH ECHOING BOOMS AND VIBRANT COLORS. 4 ULTRA PREMIUM FIBERGLASS TUBES ARE INCLUDED Packing: 4/1; Size: 27-1/2”x10-3/4”x5-1/8”; FOA 297018

FESTIVAL BALLS™ ARTILLERY SHELLS™ RELOADABLE SUPER SHELLSSix different shells. Red; Blue; White; Green; Yellow; Multi- Six different shells. Purple wave; Green wave; Brocadecolored peony. to blue; Brocade to red; Orange and white glitter; Lemon and green glitter.Packing: 15/1; Size: 3-3/4”x11-1/4”x3-3/4”; FOA 2939 Packing: 12/1; Size: 3-3/4”x11-1/4”x3-3/4”; FOA 294012 SHOT MINI ARTILLERY SHELL™ RED RASCALS®12 “mini” assorted artillery shells that go up approx. 25’ to Six crackers that go up approx.40’ before breaking into colored star bursts. 25’ to 30’ before exploding. Packing: 48/1; Size: 3”x6”x2”; FOA 2942Packing: 36/1; Size: 4”x6-1/2”x2”; FOA 2941STAR SPANGLED BANGERS® ELITE 8® 19We’re celebrating a red, white, & blue America with The bursts from these Super Shells are GIGANTIC!these Super Shells! This box of GIGANTIC Super Shells Spectacular color combinations make these Supercontains 6 different effects but all red, white and blue. Shells the ultimate in reloadables. 8 shells.6 shells. Packing: 12/1; Size: 14”x5-1/2”x5-1/2”; FOA 2958Packing: 12/1; Size: 14”x5-3/4”x5-1/2”; FOA 2955

RELOADABLE SUPER SHELLS BIG BAD BANGERS™ BOMBS BURSTING IN AIR® Six totally different GIGANTIC Super Shells. We put 6 Shot Reloadable. These are six assorted special effect these huge shells in a six pack so ALL customers can canisters with huge bursts in the sky. 6 shells. have the very best! Packing: 12/1; Size: 13-1/4”x5”x6-1/2”; FOA 2960 Packing: 12/1; Size: 14”x6”x5-1/2”; FOA 2959 BOMBS AWAY® TRIPLE BANGER BOMBS AWAY® QUAD BANGER Each shell includes 3 totally different effects that Each shell includes 4 totally different effects that separate separate in the sky to different points before bursting in the sky to different points before bursting into a multi- into a multitude of color and loud reports. 6 shells. tude of color and loud reports. 6 shells. Packing: 9/1; Size: 17-1/4”x6-1/4”x6-1/4”; FOA 2961 Packing: 9/1; Size: 17-1/4”x6-1/4”x6-1/4”; FOA 2962 2 DIRTY DOZEN® JUST 2 GOOD® These canister shells are bigger than ever. 12 assorted 8 Totally different “double-break” balls with spectacular canister shells explode into huge, loud colorful bursts. effects. 8 shells. 12 shells. Packing: 12/1; Size: 17”x5”x7”; FOA 296420 Packing: 12/1; Size: 17”x5”x7”; FOA 2963

EFFECTLOUD AND ROWDY® EFFECT 500 GRAMS OF FIREPOWERIt’s all about power! Nine explosive alternating bursts of COSMIC COLLISION®gigantic bright red; Gigantic sparkling green glitter;LOUD silver crackling; And gigantic spectacular blue. SixteeEnFFbEeCTautiful crackling silver mines with multi-colored9 shots. pearls on top; red and green pearls, silver pearls, yellowPacking: 4/1; Size: 10”x10”x8-3/4”; FOA 2974 and blue pearls. Followed by a wall of 4 giant, loud crack- ling, glittering mines with multi-colored pearls. Repeating. 16 shots. Packing: 8/1; Size: 9-1/2”x7-3/4”x8”; FOA 2977TIME BOMB® MAGIC THUNDER®Gigantic silver chrysanthemum plus color wave. Then 4 These shots sound like cannon blasts as they rocketShots of red stars to silver palm pistil; 3 Shots of green stars to the sky! Alternating silver tail to huge red and goldwith red palm pistils; Repeating several times. 11 shots. bursts; Silver tail to huge green and gold bursts; SilverPacking: 2/1; Size: 11-1/2”x11”x11”; FOA 2980 tail to huge silver and gold bursts. Ending in a 5 shot volley barrage of loud crackling flowers that fill the sky! 12 shots Packing: 4/1; Size: 10-1/2”x10”10”; FOA 2983SHOCK AND AWE® EFFECT 23Gigantic brocade crown with white glitter; Gigantic AND THE CROWD GOES WILD®brocade crown with blue stars; Gigantic brocade crownwith red peony; Gigantic brocade crown with purple RowEsFFoEfCTred, white and blue comets are sequentiallypeony; And gigantic brocade crown with red glitter. shot in rapid fire, back and forth with a spectacular fina-9 shots. le of huge, red, white and blue bursts. 153 shots.Packing: 4/1; Size: 10-1/2”x10-1/2”x9-3/4”; FOA 2988 PackiEnFgF:E1C/T1; Size: 17-1/2”x15-1/2”x9”; FOA 2989

EFFECT EFFECT EFFECT TOO HOT TO HANDLE® OFF THE CHARTS®500 GRAMS OF FIREPOWER This EisFFaEC3T5 shot zipper cake that shoots spectacular RapidEFFfiErCinTg red, green, yellow & blue comets leading shimmering gold mines with blue stars in rapid fire. into a volley of huge green willow bursts. Rapid firing Ending in a finale of gigantic blue star bursts. 35 shots red, white & blue comets ending in reports leading into a volley of huge silver glitter willow bursts. Rapid Packing: 2/1; Size: 16”x15-1/2x9”; FOA 2991 firingErFeFEdC,Twhite & blue comets ending in report with a volley finale of huge colored glitter willows. 192 shots. Packing: 1/1; Size: 19”x25”x8-1/2”; FOA 2992 EEFFFFEECCTT EEFFFFEECCTT THE BIG TICKET® EEFFFFEECCTT This One’s Got Huge Bursts! Red stars with silver palm GONE WILD® pistol; Red, blue and yellow burst with crackling palm center; Yellow peony with green glitter center; Purple, Six rows of six shots in each row explode out of this yellow and red stars with white glitter; Purple burst unique shaped item. The rapid fire makes Gone Wild with time rain center; Red dahlia with white glitter one of the most exciting items on the market. Alter- center; Whistling tails to an exciting finale of gigantic nating shots of red tail to huge white glitter bursts with time rain and crackling flowers. 22 shots. red stars then blue tail to huge gold glitter bursts with Packing: 2/1; Size: 11-1/2x14-1/2”; FOA 2993 blue stars. 36 shots. Packing: 3/1; Size: 13-3/4”x10”x8-1/2”; FOA 2994 RED, BRIGHT AND BLUE® WAKE THE NEIGHBORS® You want action…then this is it! 660 rapid firing Timing is everything and it’s really different with this hard Saturn Misile shots of red and white comets to thumping 500 gram item! Huge blue peony bursts with whistles, reports and crackling. gold glitter centers starting out one at a time, then four in Packing: 2/1; Size: 18”x28-1/2”x3”; FOA 2996 fast sequence, then a volley of four at a time that just fills the sky! 25 shots.24 Packing: 4/1; Size: 9”x9-1/2”x9-1/2”; FOA 2997

ULTIMATE ENCORE® FEEL THE BLAST® 500 GRAMS OF FIREPOWERThe bursts are huge! Firepower is everything as it These are some rockin’ gigantic bursts! Sea blue plusshoots 5 at a time! All shots start with a colorful glitter red glitter; Sea blue plus gold glitter; Sea blue plus whitetail that breaks into huge breathtaking bursts of white glitter; Ending in a finale of gigantic white spricate flower!glitter willow, red glitter willow, green glitter willow 18 shots.and yellow glitter willow with a spectacular finale ofgold crackling willows! 25 shots. Packing: 8/1; Size: 9”x9”x9”; FOA 3000Packing: 4/1; Size: 9”x13”x9-1/2”; FOA 2999JUST SHOOT ME® BAD MUTHA’ TRUCKA®Shoots 7 at a time to fill the sky with sparkle! 29 These shots come rocketing out of the mortars explod-Gigantic shots of red with white glitter; Green with ing into huge alternating bursts of silver to red, silverwhite glitter; Purple with green glitter; Yellow with to green, silver to blue and silver to purple. You won’tgreen glitter; And blue with green glitter. 29 shots. believe the volley of huge gold brocades in the end. InPacking: 6/1; Size: 10-1/4” x 8-3/4” x 9-1/4”; FOA 3001 this case... Bigger is Badder! 12 shots. Packing: 2/1; Size: 11”x9-1/4”x7”; FOA 3004BAD TO THE BONE™ SKY QUAKE™You want got it! Get ready for some big, big 1st Row - 8 Shots; Gold willow, brocade; Purple dahliabursts! Blue stars, silver fishes; Green glitter with purple with white glitter; Silver chrysanthemum. 2nd Row - 5and blue stars; White glitter with blue stars followed by Shot Fan; White glitter willow. 3rd Row - 8 Shots of silverhuge color bursts with silver glitter until you get to the chrysanthemum with blue. 4th Row - V shape 10 Shotbig finish. It’s a volley of gigantic crackling flowers that silver crackling fishes. 6th & 7th Row - 10 Shot red tail tofill the sky. 33 shots. red dahlia with time rain. 8th Row - 5 Shot fan redPacking: 3/1; Size: 8”x15”x10”; FOA 3006 dahlia with green. 9th Row - 8 Shot silver chrysanthemum with red and green stars. 54 shots. Packing: 4/1; Size: 14-3/4”x13-1/2”x7”; FOA 3009 25

EFFECT EFFECT EFFECT PLANET FIREWORKS® SKY THUNDER35 Gigantic shots of red and white glitter, Green and ® white glitter; Purple and green glitter; Yellow and green glitter; Blue and green glitter. Shoots 7 at a time. These bursts should be illegal! Gigantic bursts of500 GRAMS OF FIREPOWER 35 shots. alternating green and silver; Red and silver; Yellow and silver that explode in the sky! 3” Shells - The biggest on the Packing: 4/1; Size: 14-1/2”x8”x7”; FOA 3011 market! 9 shots. Packing: 2/1; Size: 14”x13-1/2”x13-1/2”; FOA 3014 TOP GUNS® EFFECT Any bigger bursts would be illegal! These 3” shells ENOUGH SAID® explode into gigantic brocade bursts with a powerful finale of red, white and blue stars. This one’s got the CautEiFoFnEC:TIt Starts Car Alarms! The bursts don’t get any right stuff! 9 shots. bigger or louder than this! Rapid fire silver glitter comets Packing: 2/1; Size: 14”x13-1/2”x13-1/2”; FOA 3015 precede a barrage of gigantic loud bursts that end with an explosion of colors and sound that fills the sky. 86 shots. PackinEgF:F2EC/1T; Size: 16”x10-1/2”x8-1/2”; FOA 3017 EFFECT EFFECT REDNECK RUCKUS™ EFFECT MIND GAMESExperience 500 Grams of Firepower! Powerful shots ® of red with green glitter; 4 Powerful shots of red, This great fan shaped 500 gram starts with; 1st Row: yellow and turquoise with white glitter; 3 Powerful Gigantic sea blue and lemon yellow bursts. 2nd Row: shots of green with white glitter; 4 Explosive shots of Gigantic orange and turquoise bursts. 3rd Row: Gigantic gold brocade crown; 3 Powerful shots of purple with crackling flower with turquoise and orange dahlia. Re- green glitter; 6 Action packed shots of crazy peats. Shoots 5 at a time. 30 shots. screamin’ snakes; Ending with 3 Gigantic multi-26 colored power shots with white glitter. 26 shots Packing: 3/1; Size: 13-1/4”x12”x9”; FOA 5525 Packing: 4/1; Size: 13”x10-7/8”x9”; FOA 5600

EFFECTTOTAL BLOWOUT® CHAIN REACTION®Red and green double ring with brocade center; Purple and OnceEFyFEoCuT get this chain reaction started…there’s noyellow double ring with brocade center; Orange and green stopping it! 80 Rapid fire multi-colored shots of red,double ring with brocade center; Yellow and blue double ring green, yellow, white and purple precede a finale of 6with brocade center. Purple and green double ring with bro- gigantic bursts of red and blue with white glitter; Purplecade center. Red and yellow double ring with brocade center. and gEFrFeEeCTn with white glitter; Lemon yellow and deep 500 GRAMS OF FIREPOWERRed and blue double ring with brocade center. Red and purple with white glitter; And turquoise, deep purplewhite double ring with brocade center. Ending with a finale of and gold glitter. 86 shots.gigantic bursts in a kaleidoscope of colors; turquoise, red, andgold glitter; blue, lemon yellow and white glitter. 12 shots. Packing: 2/1; Size: 16-3/4”x14-1/2”x8-1/4”; FOA 5630Packing: 3/1; Size: 12”x11-1/4”x9-3/4”; FOA 5615VOODOO MAGIC™ THUNDER DOWN UNDER®We used a little magic to get this new ghostly effect! These bursts are HUGE! Brocade plus gold glitter; BrocadeRed glitter mines to silver whirlpools; Huge blue star plus green glitter; Brocade plus white glitter; Red cometbursts; Green falling leaves plus ghostly silver whirlpool tail to red wave with time rain; Multi-colored peony; Redfishes; Huge bursts of red, green, silver and purple comet tail to red wave with time rain; Brocade plus goldpeony. Repeats several times. 30 shots. glitter; Brocade plus blue-green glitter; Brocade plus whitePacking: 4/1; Size: 12”x9”x10-1/4”; FOA 5638 glitter! Repeats. 18 Shots. Packing: 3/1; Size: 11-1/2” x 9-1/4” x 11-1/4”; FOA 5640GOLD RUSH™ PARTY USA® 27Check out these gigantic bursts of gold brocade It’s time to party America! Three rows of giganticwith crackling rain; Gigantic gold brocade with sky blue and deep fresh red with white glitter; Thenwhite glitter; And gigantic gold brocade to red with spectacular LOUD chrysanthemum crackling willowsgreen glitter. Repeating several times. 12 shots with red dahlias; Ending with gigantic fresh red dahl- ias with white glitter. 12 shots.Packing: 4/1; Size: 9-1/4”x9”x8-1/2”; FOA 5645 Packing: 4/1; Size: 9”x9”x9”; FOA 5650

KALEIDOSCOPE™ EFFECT MAXIMUM VELOCITY® It’s all about color...color...color! Gigantic bursts of sky It’s alElFaFEbCoTut speed and power with this zipper cake. Zig- blue with white glitter; Orange and purple with green zagging rows of multi-colored tails with time rain crackle, glitter, Red stars with white glitter, Orange and purple red, yellow, green, silver and pink. A spectacular finale of with white glitter and spectacular gold brocade with 6 huge multi-colored bursts ending with time rain crackle500 GRAMS OF FIREPOWER green glitter. 24 shots. that fEiFllFsEtChTe sky! 126 shots Packing: 4/1; Size: 9-1/4”x11”x9”; FOA 5660 Packing: 2/1; Size: 15-3/4”x14-3/4”x6-3/4”; FOA 5680 TEMPER TANTRUM® 18 CAR PILE UP® These explosive 9 shots create a chaotic tantrum in It’s a small package with explosive bursts! Alternating the sky! Powerful bursts of brocade to red with white bursts of huge brocade and blue stars; Changing to red glitter; Brocade to green with red glitter; Brocade to and green coconut; Finishing with huge LOUD crackling sky blue with green glitter; Ending with 3 gigantic silver chrysanthemums. 9 shots. shots of special white brocade. 9 shots. Packing: 4/1; Size: 8”x8”x8”; FOA 5695 Packing: 4/1; Size: 8”x8”x8”; FOA 5700 ROCK N ROLL® NIGHT CIRCUS® It’s color, color and more color! Huge bursts of bro- The most vibrant colors in the sky starting with green glitter cade to red; Huge bursts of brocade to green; Huge mines to spectacular bursts of fresh red, sky blue dahlia and bursts of brocade to blue; Huge red peony bursts; Huge lemon dahlia shooting over and over so that the colors fill bursts of sky blue and lemon; Huge violet bursts; Huge the sky. Ending with gigantic bursts of flashing green glitter. white glitter bursts; And huge gold glitter bursts to 30 shots silver crackling chrysanthemum. 12 shots. Packing: 4/1; Size: 9”x11”x9”; FOA 575028 Packing: 4/1; Size: 9”x9-1/2”x9-1/2”; FOA 5715

COSMIC THUNDER® GUILTY PLEASURE® 500 GRAMS OF FIREPOWERYou’re gonna shake the skies with these powerful bursts! Rockin’ gigantic bursts of sky blue and red with loudGigantic bursts of spectacular red and lemon dahlia; chrysanthemum crackling flower; Gigantic bursts ofGigantic bursts of dazzling grass green; All interspersed purple and green with loud chrysanthemum cracklingwith gigantic brocades that fill the sky! 9 shots. flower; Gigantic bursts of red and lemon yellow withPacking: 6/1; Size: 9-3/4”x9-3/4”x9”; FOA 5755 loud chrysanthemum crackling flower; Gigantic bursts of sky blue and lemon yellow with loud chrysanthemum crackling flower. 12 shots Packing: 4/1; Size: 9-3/4”x9-3/4”x9”; FOA 5758WILDLY WICKED® 3 SHEETS TO THE WIND®Loud and Crackling! These fierce bursts really push the It’s time to focus on these “bad boys!” Blue tail to giganticlimits! Spectacular LOUD gold crackling chrysanthemum bursts of orange and white glitter; Blue tail to giganticmines. Rapid fire to gigantic bursts of LOUD gold crackling bursts of orange and sky blue; Blue tail to gigantic burstschrysanthemums alternating with bursts of red and blue of orange and lemon yellow. 12 shots.that move across the sky. 25 shots. Packing: 6/1; Size: 7-3/4” x 7-3/4” x 8-3/4”; FOA 5762Packing: 4/1; Size: 13-3/4”x11-1/4”x8-3/4”; FOA 5759SKY GRAFFITI® POP STARS®Red tail to gigantic bursts of orange, yellow and purple Enormous bursts of fresh red and white glitter; Enormousstars with green glitter; Green tail to gigantic bursts of bursts of fresh red and sky blue with white glitter; Enormousorange, yellow and turquoise with white glitter; Gigan- bursts of fresh red, sky blue with green & white glitter; Enor-tic bursts of turquoise and red falling leaves; Red tail to mous bursts of lemon, sky blue and white glitter; Enormousgigantic bursts of multi-colored glitter. 30 shots. bursts of orange, sky blue and lemon with white glitter;Packing: 4/1; Size: 12”x11”x9”; FOA 5763 Enormous bursts of red and white glitter mix; Enormous willows with red and white glitter mix. 20 shots. Packing: 4/1; Size: 9”x9”x9”; FOA 5764 29

ONE NIGHT STAND® FULL BLOWN TILT®500 GRAMS OF FIREPOWER Alternating gigantic bursts of brocades with white Nine powerful bursts of sky blue, lemon and white glitter glitter and gigantic red and blue brocades with flitting exploding into loud crackling; Alternating with green, red, horse-tails that fill the sky! 6 shots. lemon and green glitter exploding again into loud crack- Packing: 6/1; Size: 7”x7”x7”; FOA 5765 ling! 9 shots. Packing: 4/1; Size: 9”x9”x7-7/8”; FOA 5766 CRACKLING THUNDER® OVER THE TOP™ Twelve gigantic bursts of silver coconut; Gigantic Gigantic bursts of orange, lemon, green, purple azalea bursts of red coconut; Gigantic bursts of sky blue with white glitter and LOUD silver crackling chrysan- with white glitter; Gigantic bursts of green glitter with themums; Gigantic bursts of fresh red, sky blue, purple, LOUD shockwaves of crackling silver chrysanthe- lemon, orange with green glitter; And gigantic bursts of mum; Gigantic bursts of silver coconut and sky blue; fresh red, orange, sky blue, purple azalea and green glitter. Gigantic bursts of lemon, green and LOUD shock- 12 shots waves of crackling silver chrysanthemum; Ending Packing: 4/1; Size: 9-7/8”x9-7/8”x9”; FOA 5769 with a spectacular LOUD crackling time rain. 12 shots. Packing: 4/1; Size: 8-7/8”x8-7/8”x8-7/8”; FOA 5768 BARELY LEGAL® PRIME TIME™ The name says it all! Gigantic bursts of fresh red stars Spectacular brocade and red glitter mine to enormous with white glitter; Green and purple stars with white bursts of brocade with red glitter; Alternating with spec- glitter; Fresh red and yellow stars with white glitter; tacular gold and silver glitter mine to enormous bursts of Yellow and blue stars with white glitter ending in a gold and silver glitter. 20 shots.30 barrage of really loud brocade to crackling! 19 shots. Packing: 4/1; Size: 11”x9-1/2”x8-7/8”; FOA 5771 Packing: 4/1; Size: 9-7/8”x9-7/8”x9”; FOA 5772

EFFECT EFFECTJAMMIN® EFFECTStarts with a spectacular red glitter, green glitter and ALL JACKED UP®wild whistling mine; Gold tail to enormous bursts of fresh This one explodes one blast after another! Spectacularred, sea blue and sparkling white glitter; Gold tail to silver tiger tail to monstrous bursts of sky blue, red andenormous bursts of purple and green to sparkling white white glitter. Ending in enormous brocades! 25 Shots.glitter; Gold tail to brocade with fresh red and sparklingwhite glitter. 30 shots. Packing: 3/1; Size: 9”x15”x8-3/4”; FOA 5778 500 GRAMS OF FIREPOWERPacking: 4/1; Size: 11-7/8”x9-1/2”x8-7/8”; FOA 5774EFFECTMAXIMUM INSANITY® WILD IMAGINATION®It’s alElFaFEbCoTut speed and power with this zipper cake. Let your imagination run wild with this kaleidoscopeZig-zagging rows of multicolored tails with time rain; of colors in the sky! 16 Gigantic shots of lemon andRed, yellow, green, silver and pink. Then ending with a orange dahlia with white glitter; Turquoise and pink;spectacular finale of 6 huge multi-colored bursts end- Lemon and pink with white glitter; Turquoise, pink,ing wEFitFhECtTime rain crackle that fills the sky! 182 shots. orange and lemon. All ending with a magical 4 shot volley that combines them all! 16 Shots.Packing: 1/1; Size: 21-1/4”x25-3/16”x7-1/16”; FOA 5779 Packing: 4/1; Size: 9-3/4”x9-3/4”x9”; FOA 5790 EFFECT EFFECT EFFECTAFTER MIDNIGHT® OUTA’ CONTROL®After Midnight is when the “wildest” things can happen! It’s time to get crazy! Gold glitter mines precede gigan- 31This is no exception! Enormous bursts of silver brocade tic bursts of green, purple and sky blue with gold glitter;with sky blue and red; Silver brocade with purple and Lemon, sky blue and blood red with gold glitter; Sky blue,green; Silver brocade with lemon and fuchsia; Silver green and blood red with gold glitter; Blood red, sky blue,brocade with sky blue, lemon and fuchsia. 7 Shots purple and green with gold glitter; Silver crackling willow with red and green glitter. 20 ShotsPacking: 8/1; Size: 9”x10”x8-3/4”; FOA 5791 Packing: 4/1; Size: 10”x13”x8-3/4”; FOA 5792

EFFECT500 GRAMS OF FIREPOWER BIG BAD AND LOUD™ EFFECT This is as Big and Bad as it gets! Alternating bursts THUNDER GUNS® of gigantic silver brocades with red strobing stars; Gigantic silver brocades with green strobing stars; ThesEeFFgECigTantic bursts pound the sky one right after the Gigantic silver brocades with white strobing stars; other with blue star mines to white glitter and fresh red Gigantic silver brocades with LOUD crackling silver dahlias. Erupting into a volley of gigantic bursts that fill chrysanthemums. 9 Shots. the sky! 30 Shots. Packing: 4/1; Size: 9”x9”x9”; FOA 5793 Packing: 4/1; Size: 11-7/8”x9-1/2”x8-7/8”; FOA 5794 FIRE IN THE SKY® RED LIGHT DISTRICT™ Light up your party with this explosive display of The sky looks like it’s on fire with these monstrous color! Gigantic bursts of pink, lemon, aqua, and bursts! Spectacular silver glittering mines precede an magenta dahlia. 16 Shots. eruption of gigantic bursts of blood red! 25 Shots. Packing: 4/1; Size: 9-3/4”x9-3/4”x9”; FOA 5796 Packing: 4/1; Size: 10”x10”x9-3/4”; FOA 5795 FORBIDDEN NIGHT™ NIGHT REAPER® ONE BIG BOOM™ These gigantic bursts are sinfully This spectacular cake will drag you Here comes the BOOM! 7 Gigantic spectacular! Shimmering gold glitter deep into the night with shimmering power shots together into ONE BIG mines to blood red tails; Silver whistle white glitter mines preceding LOUD BOOM of sound and color! 7 Shots. tails to red glitter with LOUD gigantic brocades with white glitter, crackling; Gigantic bursts of blood Brocades with green glitter, Packing: 8/1; Size: 9-1/2”x10”x9”; FOA 5799 red, sky blue, lemon, green and gold. Brocades with red glitter, Brocades 30 Shots. with multi-colored glitter and brocades to crackling stars. 25 Shots.32 Packing: 4/1; Size: 12”x12”x8-3/4”; FOA 5797 Packing: 4/1; Size: 11”x12-3/4”x8-3/4”; FOA 5798

BOOGIE NIGHTS® TEMPORARY INSANITY® 200 GRAM MULTI-EFFECTStarts with red, green and gold fountain then shoots six A frenzy of whistling and twisting silver, green and gold bursts. 6 shots. 13 shots.Packing: 36/1; Size: 6-1/2”x2-1/2”; FOA 2691 Packing: 36/1; Size: 8”x3”; FOA 2702300 SHOT SATURN MISSILE BATTERY™ SAPPHIRE®Each missile has a silver fiery tail with whistle. After severalmissiles it adds crackles and starts to shoot several at one This is a gem of a little item with big, big bursts!time. Then it adds bangs and starts to shoot more at a time Alternating big bursts of blue tail to blue stars withending with approximately 15 missiles in the sky at a time white glitter; Big bursts of blue star brocades; Big burstswhistling, crackling and banging. of blue stars with gold glitter. 7 Shots.Packing: 12/1; Size: 3”x25-1/2”x2-1/2”; FOA 2742 Packing: 24/1; Size: 4”x4”x5”; FOA 2753PARTY ON® SPACE JAM®Big bursts of white glitter with red stars; Alternating Seven big shots of purple stars with white glitter; Purplewith white glitter with green stars; Ending with crackling stars with green glitter; Orange stars with green glitter;silver chrysanthemum. 7 shots. Green stars with white glitter; Green stars with time rainPacking: 48/1; Size: 4”x3-1/2”; FOA 2754 crackle; Ending with crackling silver chrysanthemum. 7 shots. Packing: 36/1; Size: 4-3/4”x3-3/8”; FOA 2755 33

200 GRAM MULTI-EFFECT ALIEN ADVENTURE® WOO HOO® 7 Big shots of purple and time rain crackle; Yellow Green tail to big green and purple bursts with gold glitter; with green glitter; Green with white glitter; Purple Alternating with purple tail to big yellow and blue bursts with green glitter; Orange with white glitter; Purple with white glitter. 7 shots. with white glitter; Ending in a barrage of loud crack- Packing: 36/1; Size: 4-3/4”x3-1/4”; FOA 2757 les. 7 shots. Packing: 36/1; Size: 4-3/4”x3-3/8”; FOA 2756 LOUIE LOUIE® FIRE IN THE HOLE® Red tail to big red, green and blue bursts; Green tail to Red tail to big bursts of blue stars with green glitter; Green big bursts of time rain crackling flowers; Red tail to big tail to big bursts of blue stars to red glitter; Red tail to blue brocades. 8 shots. stars with white glitter. 7 shots. Packing: 24/1; Size: 5”x3-1/2”; FOA 2758 Packing: 36/1; Size: 5”x3-1/2”; FOA 2759 SHAKE N’ BAKE™ THRILLER™ Red tail to big bursts of red stars and green glitter; This 19 shot action-packed cake is sure to be a Thriller! Green tail to big bursts of blue stars and red glitter; Red tail to huge red, white and blue glitter. Ending with Red tail to big silver crackling flowers. 6 shots. crazy screams and green time rain! 19 shots.34 Packing: 24/1; Size: 5” x4-1/2”; FOA 2760 Packing: 24/1; Size: 4-3/4”x4-1/2”x4-3/4”; FOA 2761

TROPIC THUNDER™ ZERO GRAVITY® 200 GRAM MULTI-EFFECTThis color-changing cake has all the colors of the Big alternating shots of blue tail to deep purple withtropics. Red tail to yellow to red plus white glitter. Red tail white glitter; Blue tail to deep purple with green blue to red plus white glitter. Red tail to green to red 7 white glitter. 9 shots. Packing: 24/1; Size: 6”x4-3/4”; FOA 2763Packing: 24/1; Size: 4-3/4”x3-1/2” x3-1/2”; FOA 2762SKY DANCER® RANDOM ACTION®Big alternating bursts of red tail to red palm with white Small items can be deceiving. This one is bursting withglitter; Green palm with crackling flower; Purple palm color! Red tail to red palm with green glitter: Green tail towith green glitter. 7 shots. green palm with gold glitter; Silver tail to silver palm withPacking: 24/1; Size: 5” x4”; FOA 2764 red glitter; Yellow tail to yellow palm with green glitter; Purple tail to purple palm with silver glitter. 8 shots. Packing: 24/1; Size: 5”x4-1/2”; FOA 2767EFFECT EFFECT HOT VIBES®BREAK OUT® 6 Shots that alternate; Gold glitter tail to big red palm burst plus crackling flower; Gold glitter tail to big green palm burstThis mayEFFECTbe a small package but it’s loaded with big plus crackling flower; Gold glitter tail to big yellow palm burstbursts. Alternating bursts of red star mines to big crack- plus crackling flower; And gold glitter tail to silver palm burstling bursts; White glitter mines to big crackling bursts plus crackling flower. It’s a small package but it has really bigand blue star mines to big crackling bursts. 6 shots. bursts! 6 Shots.Packing: 60/1; Size: 4”x4”; FOA 2768 Packing: 18/1; Size: 5”x4”; FOA 2769 35

200 GRAM MULTI-EFFECT EYE POPPER® TOTAL TURBULENCE® 10 Big alternating bursts of; Red tail to red star burst 6 alternating shots of red tail to crackling; Green tail to with golden glitter wave; Red tail to blue star burst time rain; Silver tail to crackling flower. 6 shots. with golden glitter wave; Red tail to time rain bursts with golden glitter wave. 10 shots. Packing: 24/1; Size: 5”x5”; FOA 2771 Packing: 18/1; Size: 5”x5-1/2”; FOA 2770 NIGHTWAVES® SERIOUS SPINOUT® 8 alternating shots of red palm with white glitter; Pur- 8 shots of red tail to whirlwind to big yellow and green ple palm with green glitter. 8 shots. bursts; Alternating with whirlwind to big crackling bursts. Packing: 24/1; Size: 5”x4-3/4”; FOA 2772 8 shots. Packing: 18/1; Size: 6”x5”; FOA 2773 MAGIC CRACKLES® PUNK ROCKERS® 7 alternating shots of whistling tail to yellow with time 10 Shots of crackling to alternating bursts of red, green rain; Green with time rain; Purple with time rain. 7 and blue wave with time rain; Alternating with green shots. stars and time rain. Great price point for your retail sales. 10 shots.36 Packing: 24/1; Size: 6”x4”; FOA 2774 Packing: 24/1; Size: 5”x5”x4-1/2”; FOA 2775

BAHAMA MAMA® SKY CANDY® 200 GRAM MULTI-EFFECTRed tail to big bursts of red star time rain; Green tail to Red & green tail to big red crossettes with time rainbig bursts of green star time rain; Red tail to big bursts centers; Alternating with big green crossettes with timeof blue time rain crackling flowers. This is “Big Fun” in a rain centers. 7 shots.small package! 8 shots. Packing: 24/1; Size: 5”x4”; FOA 2777Packing: 24/1; Size: 5”x4-1/2”; FOA 2776EFFECT EFFECT TEXAS RATTLESNAKE®PARTY SHOTS® This one takes LOUD crackling bursts to a whole new level! Huge alternating shots of crackling, time rain &PickEaFFpECaTir (Packed two together). First Party Shot - 7 crackling flower. 16 shots.shot silver crackling mine with loud reports. Second Packing: 12/1; Size: 5-3/4”x5-1/4”x5-1/4”; FOA 2779Party Shot - 7 shot red, green, yellow, purple, silverand blue stars with report mine. Great price point foryour retail sales. 7 shots.Packing: 18/2; Size: 3”X3”x3-1/2”; FOA 2778FUNKY FANTASY® TWIST N’ SHOUT® 37Not in your wildest hallucinations has something been Red tail to big bright bursts of red and yellow with greenthis good! 6 big bursts of spectacular brocade with green glitter; Green tail to big bright bursts of green and purpleglitter; Ending with a big finale bursts of silver tail to with gold glitter; Blue tail to big bright bursts of blue andtitanium silver chrysanthemum. 7 shots. red glitter. 7 shots.Packing: 24/1; Size: 5”x4”; FOA 2784 Packing: 24/1; Size: 5”x4”; FOA 2785

200 GRAM MULTI-EFFECT EYE CATCHER® CALIFORNIA ILLEGAL® Big bursts of silver coconut with red glitter; Silver coconut Can’t go over 10 ft! No explosions! Can’t go outside a and gold chrysanthemum; Brocades with blue star. 7 6 ft. circle! NOT!!! Huge, huge bursts of sea blue with shots. red glitter; Lemon and orange with time rain crackle; Lemon with green glitter; With a finale of sea blue with Packing: 24/1; Size: 5”x4”; FOA 2786 crackling. It’s 7 shots of action-packed fun! Packing: 24/1; Size: 4-3/4”x4”; FOA 2788 MARTIAN METEORITE® DAZZLING DELIGHT® The sky is bombarded with huge, loud, flashing bursts Enjoy this display of brilliantly shining stars! Red tail of fresh red with white glitter; Purple stars with time rain to big bursts of sparkling red dahlia and green glitter; crackle; Orange stars with white glitter; Yellow stars with Green tail to brilliant blue stars with sparkling white green glitter; Yellow stars with white glitter; Ending in a glitter; Silver tail to loud crackling bursts with time rain. 9 barrage of silver crackling chrysanthemum. 6 shots. shots. Packing: 18/1; Size: 5”x4-3/4”; FOA 2790 Packing: 24/1; Size: 5”x3-1/2”; FOA 2789 PINK™ BLUE™ Huge dazzling pink bursts with sparkling white glitter Big, big bursts of turquoise and white glitter. Ending and gorgeous pink stars. 16 shots. with a four shot volley that fills the sky! 16 Shots38 Packing: 12/1; Size: 7”x6”; FOA 2791 Packing: 8/1; Size: 5”x5”x6”; FOA 2792

LIGHT UP THE NIGHT™ SOLAR FLARE®Fire up the cake…Light Up The Night In Colors! Huge These huge bursts have intense flashes of brightness 200 GRAM MULTI-EFFECTalternating bursts of turquoise, orange with green glit- that explode into the night sky! Alternating bursts ofter; Huge bursts of purple and green with loud time rain wave willow with red glitter; Wave willow with whitecrackle; Huge bursts of lemon, sky blue with white glitter. glitter; Ending in a barrage of bright flashing crackling8 Shots. willows. 8 Shots. Packing: 18/1; Size: 4-1/4”x4-1/4”x5”; FOA 2794Packing: 18/1; Size: 4-1/4”x4-1/4”x4-3/4”; FOA 2793SHOOT THE WORKS® A SHOT IN THE DARK®This one has it all! Alternating bursts of gigantic bro- Huge alternating shots of shimmering gold; Purplecades with lemon stars; Gigantic brocades with purple stars with white glitter; Shimmering brocade; Bluestars; Gigantic bursts of deep red stars; LOUD CRACK- stars with white glitter. 11 Shots.LING; Lots and lots of fish. Shoot this and you’ll Shoot the Packing: 12/1; Size:5-3/4”x5-1/4””; FOA 2797Works! 25 Shots.Packing: 16/1; Size: 5”x5”x4-3/4”; FOA 2796WHAT A BLAST® DRAGON’S FIRE® 39This one is TOO MUCH FUN! Huge alternating bursts of 19 Gold comets shoot skyward erupting into a barragelemon and purple; Purple and white glitter; Orange and of crackling dragon eggs. 19 shots.purple; Orange, lemon and green glitter. 16 Shots Packing: 24/1; Size: 3-1/2”x4-1/2”; FOA 2811Packing: 12/1 Size: 4-3/4”x4-3/4”x5-3/4”; FOA 2798

200 GRAM MULTI-EFFECT PURPLE HAZE® WILD N’ CRAZY® 16 Shots of alternating time rain tail to purple with Screamin’ silver snakes shoot skyward bursting into white glitter; Purple with time rain finishing with a 4 whirlwinds with multi-colored centers. 19 shots. shot volley. 16 shots. Packing: 18/1; Size: 4-3/4” x4-1/2”; FOA 2815 Packing: 24/1; Size: 4-7/8”X4”x4”; FOA 2814 NEON RAINBOW®® BLUE FIRED ICE® 16 Gold flashing, spinning comets burst into Silver sparkling comets shoot skyward exploding into multi-colored star bursts. 16 shots big bursts of sparkling gold and brilliant blue. 16 Shots. Packing: 24/1; Size: 4-1/2”x4”x4”; FOA 2816 Packing: 18/1; Size: 4”x4-1/4”4-3/4”; FOA 2819 CLOSE ENCOUNTER® DIAMONDS IN THE DARK® Huge bursts of sky blue with white glitter; Purple and Huge gold crackling bursts that explode into a barrage of crackling stars. The bursts get faster and faster until you orange with white glitter; Purple and lemon with white glitter; And a three shot finale of sky blue, red have several huge bursts in the sky at the same time for and white glitter. 10 shots. the finale! 20 shots.40 Packing: 8/1; Size: 7”x6”; FOA 2821 Packing: 18/1; Size: 4”x4-1/4”x4-3/4”; FOA 2822

RED HOT AND BLUE® TENNESSEE KICKER® 200 GRAM MULTI-EFFECTHuge bursts of red, blue and silver crackling stars. The 16 Huge loud bursts of orange and white with a fourbursts get faster and faster until you have several huge shot finale at the end! Rock Out the Tennessee Kickerbursts in the sky at the same time for the finale. 25 shots. for your next celebration!Packing: 12/1; Size: 4-1/2”x4-1/2”x4-1/2”; FOA 2823 Packing: 12/1; Size: 5” x 5” x 5”; FOA 2824FIREWORKS WIDE OPEN® IT’S A HOOT®Made especially for your racing fans! Huge color This one’s loaded with spectacular colors! Red tail tochanging bursts that change red to green, blue to silver, huge, huge bursts of red, green and yellow with whitesilver to red and yellow to blue in the sky before your glitter; Alternating with green tail to huge, huge bursts ofvery eyes! 16 shots. red, green and yellow with silver crackling chrysanthe-Packing: 12/1; Size: 4-3/4”x4-3/4”x4-3/4”; FOA 2826 mum. 10 shots. Packing: 18/1; Size: 6”x5”; FOA 2828JUNGLE NIGHTS® BREAKING POINT® 41It’s huge explosions in the night! Huge alternating bursts Red tail to big turquoise bursts with red stars; Blue tailof red coconut with white glitter; Huge brocades with to big bursts of turquoise with silver fish; Green tail togreen glitter; Huge bursts of silver crackling chrysanthe- big bursts of turquoise with green stars. 25 shots.mum. 7 shots. Packing: 16/1; Size:5-1/8”x5”x4 -3/4”; FOA 2834Packing: 12/1; Size: 7”x6-1/4”; FOA 2832

200 GRAM MULTI-EFFECT GREASED LIGHTNING® HEAT LIGHTNING® Big bursts release vivid colors that flash in the sky! The huge flashing bursts of special white glitter hang Alternating blue tail to purple star with white glitter; in the sky forever as they are accompanied by loud Blue tail to orange star with white glitter; Then loud crashing bursts of crackling silver chrysanthemum. whistles to a barrage of red star crackling. 25 shots. 16 shots. Packing: 12/1; 4-3/8”x4-3/8”x6”; FOA 2836 Packing: 16/1; Size: 5-1/8”x5”x4-3/4”; FOA 2835 PICTURE PERFECT® SEEK AND DESTROY® It’s a kaleidoscope of color in the sky! Red tail to huge A barrage of scrambling comets; Red tails to red moving comets; Blue tails to red moving comets; bursts of turquoise and orange stars with green glitter; Green tails to red moving comets; Ending with a 4 Green tail to huge bursts of turquoise and purple stars shot volley of darting scrambling comets. 25 shots. with gold glitter; Blue tail to huge bursts of turquoise and green stars to crackling. 16 shots. Packing: 18/1; Size: 5”x5”x4-3/8”; FOA 2838 Packing: 12/1; Size: 6”x5-1/8”x5” ; FOA 2837 BULLET CLUSTERS® SONIC BOOMERS™ Big, big bursts of crackling tail to red star plus gold Huge bursts of red wave, green wave, gold wave, silver coco; Green star plus gold coco; Crackling star plus wave and crackling that explode in the sky. Then it ends gold coco; Blue star plus gold coco; Gold crackling with a spectacular 4 shot volley that fills the sky! 16 shots. stars with gold coco. 10 shots. Packing: 12/1; Size: x6-1/2”x5”x5”; FOA 284242 Packing: 12/1; Size: 7”x6”; FOA 2841

ARKANSAS KICKER® MISSOURI KICKER®16 Shot multi-effects that alternate huge loud bursts of red 16 Shot multi-effects that has huge loud bursts of sparkling gold with a four shot volley at the end.and white with a four shot volley at the end. 16 shots. 16 shots.Packing: 12/1; Size: 5”x5”x5”; FOA 2851 Packing: 12/1; Size: 5”x5”x5”; FOA 2855 200 GRAM MULTI-EFFECTOKLAHOMA KICKER® MOON CHASER®16 Shot multi-effects that alternate huge loud bursts of 10 Huge shots! Red and green palms with white glitter;red and white with a four shot volley at the end. 16 shots. Alternating with purple palms with white glitter. The last three moon chasers are red, green and blue palms withPacking: 12/1; Size: 5”x5”x5”; FOA 2857 silver chrysanthemums. 10 shots. Packing: 8/1; Size: 7”x6”; FOA 2870AMP’D UP®® PYRO SPLASH®Imagine huge bursts of color and then amp it up some Sixteen shot spectacular gold willow bursts with alter-more! Huge bursts of sky blue and red with white glitter; nating color tips of red, green and blue. 16 shots.Huge bursts of purple and green with white glitter; Huge Packing: 12/1; Size: 7”x8”x5”; FOA 2884bursts of red and yellow with white glitter; Huge bursts ofsky blue and lemon with white glitter. 16 shots. 43Packing: 12/1; Size: 6”x5”x5”; FOA 2871

NIGHT MOVES® FIRE FRENZY®200 GRAM MULTI-EFFECT 9 Huge shots of brocade crown with red, green and 10 Chaotic shots of vibrant lemon, purple and blue blue; 2 Huge shots of red wave and green glitter; 2 dahlias with incredible brocade horse tails! 10 shots. Huge shots of purple wave with green glitter; 2 Huge shots of yellow wave and green glitter; Ending with 3 Packing: 8/1; Size: 7”x6”; FOA 2889 huge shots of red, yellow, sea blue and white glitter. 18 shots. Packing: 8/1; Size: 9-3/8”x7-1/2”x6”; FOA 2887 INCREDIBLE® MAGIC SHOW® These are some of the biggest bursts you have ever 10 shots of crackling tail to red star with crackling; Green seen! Gigantic alternating bursts of brocades and white stars with crackling; White glitter with crackling. 10 shots glitter that fill the sky! 10 shots. Packing: 24/1; Size: 5”x4”x5-1/2” FOA 2893 Packing: 8/1; Size: 6”x7”; FOA 2891 COLOR ME AMERICA® TOMBSTONE® Celebrate America! 20 huge loud bursts of red, These rockin’ shots are so loud they will “Wake the Dead”! white , and blue with a volley at the end. 20 shots 9 Huge shots of chicken blood red, lemon, turquoise, Packing: 18/1; Size: 4-3/4”x4-1/4”x4-1/4”; FOA 2894 purple with gigantic brocades to red with white glitter and green to white glitter. 9 Shots44 Packing: 8/1; Size: 8”x8”x7”; FOA 2898

JUMP JIVE AND JAM® EFFECT 200 GRAM MULTI-EFFECTOne hundred and two shots of brilliant gold and silver RAPID RAMPAGE®crackling comets rise high in the sky before bursting intoa loud crackling barrage. The shots speed up until you It’s 4E4FFsEhCoT ts of rapid fire action and color! Red, green,have several in the sky at once with loud bursts every- yellow, white and purple tails shoot back and forthwhere! 102 shots. before breaking into a finale of huge bursts; Red andPacking: 18/1; Size: 2-3/4”x7”; FOA 2899 blue plus white glitter; Turquoise and deep purple plus goldEgFFliEtCteT r; White spricate flower plus green and purple; White spricate flower plus orange and yellow. 44 shots. Packing: 8/1; Size: 8”x6-3/4”x8”; FOA 2907 EFFECT EFFECTFLAK ATTACK® EFFECTRed tail to red & blue with white glitter. Blue tail to WOW®turquoise and purple with gold glitter. Green tail to greenpalm with white glitter. 16 shots. 18 Shot Angled Cake - Shoots Three Big Shots at aPacking: 12/1; Size: 6”x5”x5”; FOA 2909 Time! Angled cannons launch 3 perfectly timed comets into the sky then break into alternating shots of big green and blue bursts; Big red and green spi- ders; Ending in a barrage of crackling gold. 18 shots. Packing: 8/1; Size: 6-3/4”x6-3/4”x8”; FOA 2913X-TREME® WHACK JOB® 4516 Alternating shots of red palm with time rain; Green Huge, huge alternating bursts of brocades and silverpalm with time rain; Purple palm with time rain; Yellow chrysanthemums with crackling flowers. 7 shots.palm with time rain. 16 shots.Packing: 12/1; Size: 4-3/4”x4-3/4”x5”;FOA 2917 Packing: 8/1; Size: 7”x7-1/2”x8”; FOA 2920

200 GRAM MULTI-EFFECT DIRTY DANCING IN THE SKY® EFFECT You won’t want to miss this. Huge, huge alternating FAST AND FURIOUS™ bursts of red and grass green to white glitter; Sky blue and grass green to white glitter; Huge bursts of It’s 87EFsFhEoCTts of rapid fire action! Purple, green, time colored dahlia to white glitter. 7 shots. rain and blue tail to color peonies. 87 shots. Packing: 8/1; Size: 9”x9”x8-1/4”; FOA 2921 Packing: 6/1; Size: 10”x9”x6-1/2”; FOA 2923 EFFECT EFFECT EFFECT EFFECT EFFECT ONE WILD RIDE® X-FACTOR® It’s oEnFeFECwTild ride with this rapid-fire action cake of These huge bursts fill the sky as they come rocketing screamin’, whistling snakes. Ends in a finale of huge out of both angles of the X. The spectacular effects iridescent blue bursts with gleaming gold glitter! include; Red tail to red stars and crackle; Blue tail 87 shots. with crackling flowers; Green tail to yellow stars with PackiEnFgF:E6C/T1; Size: 10-1/4”x6”x9-1/2”; FOA 2924 green glitter; Gold tail to gold glitter; Silver tail to huge crackling flowers. 18 shots. Packing: 6/1; Size: 8-1/2”x8-1/2”x7”; FOA 2925 PURE PARTY® SPACE MONKEY® ABOVE AND 19 Huge gold spider bursts High in the stratosphere these monkeys start dissipating into strobing and spitting whistling tails with blue and silver crackling chrysanthemums; Then blue tails BEYOND® crackling stars. 19 shots. emit yellow, purple & green glitter; Followed by crackling tail to yellow, purple, sea blue Packing: 12/1; Size: 7”x7”; FOA 2927 and silver crackling chrysanthemums; Fin- Layered silver fish mine to huge ishing with a big time rain willow and green bursts of sea blue, red, yellow and silver glitter. 19 shots. glitter then silver whistle tails with spit red Packing: 12/1; Size: 7-1/8” x6-3/4”; FOA 2937 glitter and silver crackling chrysanthemums. 18 shots.46 Packing: 18/1; Size: 5”x4-1/2”x5”; FOA 2936

#3 GOLDEN DIAMOND® #4 GOLDEN DRAGON®Gold Shower with silver and gold stars 6’ - 7’ high. Large fountain emitting gold spray with silver flashingPacking: 144/1; Size: 7”x2-1/2”; FOA 1875 stars 6’ - 8’ high. Packing: 72/1; Size: 8-1/2”x2-3/4”; FOA 1885COSMIC HAIL® SNOW CONE® FOUNTAINSThe case will contain assorted cones with three Shoots showers of Icy Hot shimmering silver crystals.different effects. 1. All gold. 2. Gold and silver. 3. Gold Packing: 18/1; Size: 13”x4-1/2”; FOA 1897and silver with crackles.Packing: 48/1; Size: 10-1/4”x3-1/2”; FOA 1896POCO DIABLOS™ SCREAMIN’ WILLY® 47These little devils are full of excitement! Multi colored Boy can willy “scream”! Small silver “screamin” fountain.showers with colored balls. Lots of fun in a little box! Packing: 96/6; Size: 5”x1/2”; FOA 19584 per pack. Great little fountain.Packing: 72/4; Size: 3-1/2”x1/2”; FOA 1904

FUNKY FOUNTAIN® SUN TEARS® An excellent novelty fountain. Multi-colored fountain Ping pang chrysanthemum with yellow and red stars. with four crackling balls that drop off and crackle while Blue stars with silver crackle. Ping pang chrysanthe- the fountain is shooting. Box of 4. mum with green and purple stars. Yellow stars with Packing: 24/4; Size: 6”x1”; FOA 1961 silver crackle, then adding colored stars. Gold flower with red and green stars. Green and purple torch. Silver chrysanthemum with colored stars. Giant crackle. Crackling balls are interspersed to add to the action and fun! Packing: 24/1; Size: 8-7/8”x3-1/4”; FOA 1962FOUNTAINS PICK SIX® NUTTY MONKEY™ Pick up a six pack of FUN! Six assorted fountains. 1. Red and Gold crackling stars interrupted by screaming green stars with gold showers - red and green stars with whistles. Followed by red, green, gold and purple white chrysanthemum. 2. Purple and green stars with showers changing to silver flashing stars. Box of 6. white flash -red and green stars with gold chrysanthe- mum. 3. Blue stars with gold chrysanthemum - blue stars Packing: 24/6; Size: 6-1/2”x1-1/2”; FOA 1979 with silver crackle. 4. Blue stars with yellow flash - blue stars with white flower. 5. Yellow stars with green chry- santhemum -orange stars with gold chrysanthemum. 6. Green stars with gold crackle. Packing: 9/6; Size: 3-1/2”x2-3/4”; FOA 1963 COOL® 2 COOL® Gold showers with purple pearls changing to gold and Flashing silver and gold showers changing to gold silver showers. Pack of 4. showers with purple pearls changing to flashing Packing: 36/4; Size: 4”x1-3/4”; FOA 1982 silver and red showers. Ending in a loud barrage of silver and gold crackling stars interspersed with red, green and purple.48 Packing: 60/1; Size: 4-3/4”x2-1/2”; FOA 1983

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