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Handy pocket guides, take them wherever they go.

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P9686_Pocket Guides

Published by Positive Promotions, Inc., 2017-10-25 08:56:11

Description: Handy pocket guides, take them wherever they go.

Keywords: pocket guides,wellness pocket guides,safety pocket guide,parent guides,nutrition guide,emergency guide,healthcare guide,teachers guide


NOVEMBER IS NATIONAL2017 Innovative Ways to Educate, Promote & Inspire POCKET GUIDES Take advantage of this exciting offer and save! Add a personalized message, your name or logo, and recipients will see it every day! The handy pocket size means you’ll be with S8OA9NLL¢Y E them wherever they go. Hurry! Offer ends 12/15/17. EACH 44-Page Booklet 36-Page BookletHealthy Aging: A Guide Complete Weight Loss Guide & RecorderTo Living A Longer, Better ITP-151Life ITP-204S Includes a protective vinyl sleeve • Lose weight the healthy way• Track all medical information in one place through smart eating and exercise!• Includes information about important health test screenings and adult vaccinations • Includes how to find daily calorie goals for weight loss; a reproducible food diary; calorie counts for everyday foods; basic tips for eating and exercising;• Offers tips for preventing health problems, such as certain types of cancer, a one-year weight log; and a chart of calories burned with common exercisesosteoporosis, heart disease, Alzheimer's and more• Provides symptoms for health issues such as heart attacks, strokes, breast cancer,and prostate cancer• Tips for good nutrition, staying physically active, safe driving and managing stress 100 Foods Your Body Will Love ITP-185 • Highlights 100 foods, beverages, and spices that provide substantial health benefits, and ways to use them • Includes sections on Fruits, Vegetables, Grains and Proteins, and more • Nutritional Listings, which include 10 important nutrients (Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Zinc, etc.) and a list of foods that are good sources of them • Easy-to-use listing for those wanting to incorporate specific nutrients into their diet • Includes tips for eating out and snacking in healthy ways, and how to control portion sizes CUSTOMER TO BROWSE PAGES OF FAVORITE! THESE POCKET GUIDES, ENTER ITEM NUMBER ONLINE 36-Page Booklet PRICING FOR ALL POCKET GUIDES CUSTOMER SALE ONLY Qty. 25-99 100 250 500 1,000 2,500 Size: 3 3⁄4\" x 6\", Personalization: READY IN 89¢ Reg. Each $1.29 $1.12 $1.09 $1.01 97¢ 89¢ 4Minimum: 100: Imprint in black; EACH Sale Each 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ CUSTOMERImprint area: 3\" x 1 1⁄4\"; BUSINESS DAYS Setup charge: $30 ADD ART PREP & SHIPPING POSITIVEPROMOTIONS.COM/HANDBOOKS I CALL: 800-635-2666 I FAX: 800-635-2329

HEALTH & WELLNESS 36-Page Booklet 100 Smart Wellness 36-Page Booklet Strategies ITP-199Healthy Heart:Nutrition & Fitness • Features 100 tips to maximizeGuide ITP-115 physical, mental, and emotional health for adults• Helps establish of all ages heart-smart exercise and eating habits for life! • Tips on Eating Right, Heart Health, Losing Weight, Reducing• Explains how to fit in Stress, Healthcare Consumer regular exercise every day, with an emphasis on aerobic conditioning Smarts, and more• Gives suggestions for making heart-healthy food choices, plus tips on • Includes additional information Eating Out and Cooking At Home on Heart-Healthy Superfoods, Portion Control, and Advance Healthcare Directives• 19 pages of food charts with calorie, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium counts plus trans fat information on today’s most popular foods36-Page Booklet 36-Page BookletFinding The Right Walk Your Way To FitnessBalance ITP-155 Guide & Daily Log• Explains the concept of ITP-86 Englishbalancing calories from ITP-100 Spanishfood and drink with calories • Everything to know to start a successful walking programburned through activity ITP-86 English• Helps recipients achieve the right balance with sections • Motivating reasons to get activeon the Dietary Guidelines, the USDA’s MyPlate plan, • Explains benefits of using “steps” to track progressportion control, increasing physical activity, and more TO BROWSE PAGES • Provides ways to add steps to each day• Features nutritional information for hundreds of foods, OF THESE POCKET • Exercises for stretching and strength training GUIDES, ENTER ITEMand a way to track daily eating and exercise NUMBER ONLINE • Tips for healthful nutrition, especially for losing weight or maintaining weight loss CUSTOMER FAVORITE!2 POSITIVEPROMOTIONS.COM/HANDBOOKS I CALL: 800-635-2666 I FAX: 800-635-2329 ITP-100 Spanish

HEALTH & WELLNESS Flip over Includes healthy ranges for 8 critical concerns Know Your NumbersFirst 18 Pages Flip over For 18 Health Journal ITP-132 36-Page Booklet In English 2 Books In 1! Pages In Spanish • Recipients can track their own test results • Room to keep years of results in one handy guideGrocery Shopping Made Easy: Tips For People With • Includes information for men & women about crucial health testsDiabetes & Prediabetes Flipbook (Bilingual) ITP-205 • Information on important numbers to record: cholesterol levels• Provides important nutrition information for managing diabetes & prediabetes and blood pressure readings, as well as recommended CUSTOMER• Features shopping lists and tips for every food group screenings for cancer, hearing loss and much more FAVORITE!• Includes carbohydrate counting basics, reading nutrition labels, FREE SAMPLES! and more Visit or call 800-635-2666 CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS APPLY36-Page BookletFast Food Nutrition Guide Total Food Counter For Healthy Living ITP-18ITP-27• Features 24 popular, low-cost • A useful reference guide to restaurants, from Burger King® and Taco Bell® to Pizza Hut® and Dunkin’ Donuts® Personalization more than 800 common foods 36-Page Booklet appears on back • Gives calories, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium,• Updated with the latest menu choices, calorie, fat, saturated carbohydrates, and fiber counts for each food, plus key factsfat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, fiber and sugars CUSTOMER about trans fats CUSTOMER FAVORITE! • All food groups are represented, as well as oils, beverages, FAVORITE!counts for over 1,000 foods and drinks frozen meals, desserts, and sweets• Compares nutrition information to make smart choices in fast-food and take-out meals • Also includes U.S. Dietary Guidelines; Daily Calorie Finder;PRICING FOR ALL POCKET GUIDES and moreQty. 25-99 100 250 500 1,000 2,500 Size: 3 3⁄4\" x 6\", 36 pages; READY IN SALE TO BROWSEReg. Each $1.29 $1.12 $1.09 $1.01 97¢ 89¢ Personalization: Minimum: ONLY PAGES, ENTER ITEMSale Each 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ 100: Imprint in black; Imprint 4 89¢ area: 3\" x 1 1⁄4\"; Setup charge: $30 EACH NUMBER ONLINE BUSINESS DAYS ADD ART PREP & SHIPPING FREE SAMPLES AVAILABLE: CALL 800-635-2666 OR VISIT POSITIVEPROMOTIONS.COM/SAMPLE 3

PREVENTATIVE Includes a Includes a Protective Vinyl Protective Vinyl Sleeve SleeveWomen's Men’s Health TestsHealth Tests And ScreeningsAnd Screenings Passport ITP-126SPassport ITP-170S 16-Page • Provides men with the 16-Page• Gives women the information they need to stay current Booklet on their health tests and screenings recommended schedules for all major health tests and screenings Booklet• Covers breast cancer exams, vision and hearing exams, • Room to record results for everything from routine physicals and checkups for skin cancer and more blood tests to colorectal screenings, prostate exams and mental• Space to write results and notes, keeping records in one place• Handy for taking to health fairs and medical office visits health screenings, as well as vaccination dates• Includes a protective vinyl sleeve • Easy to carry to health fairs and medical appointments CUSTOMER FAVORITE! • Includes a protective vinyl sleeve FREE SAMPLES! Visit or call 800-635-2666 CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS APPLY Medical Information Recorder Flipbook (Bilingual) ITP-190 • Helps patients and their healthcare providers keep track of medications, vaccines, and more • Space to keep doctor, dentist and specialist contact information, as well as space for notes • Pages to record Prescription Medications; Over-the- Counter Medications and Supplements; Vaccines; Weight, BMI, and Waist Size; Health Tests; and Procedures and Surgeries • Features lists of questions to ask doctors during a hospital stay; before medical tests, procedures, or treatment; and about medications • Includes information on advance healthcare directives (healthcare proxy and living will) and being an organ donor Your Imprint Can Appear On English or Spanish Side (it will appear on English side if not specified) Flip over Flip over For 18 Pages In Spanish 2 Books In 1! First 18 Pages In English4 POSITIVEPROMOTIONS.COM/HANDBOOKS I CALL: 800-635-2666 I FAX: 800-635-2329

PREPAREDNESS36-Page Booklet ITP-175 36-Page Booklet ITP-195 English EnglishDisaster Recovery Identity Theft:Guide Protect Yourself, ITP-210 Know What To Do SpanishITP-175 EnglishITP-181 Spanish ITP-195 English ITP-210 Spanish• Helps victims of natural and other disasters know what to do to stay safe and get their lives back in order • Help your customers and members of your community be aware of and combat the growing issue of identity• Created with the help of a former Federal Emergency theft; what to do and how to be prepared Management Agency official, provides information on: • Immediate actions to take after a disastrous event • • Covers warning signs as well as preventative tips Making sure your home is safe • Ensuring safe water • • Includes a list of tactics identity thieves use and how Surviving without power • Working with FEMA • Dealing with insurance • Recovering emotionally • Helping children to be aware of them cope • Avoiding crime and fraud • and much more ITP-181 Spanish Parents’ Guide To Online Safety Flipbook (Bilingual) ITP-141 • Educates parents on teaching children basic safety rules for enjoying the internet’s many benefits and how to avoid pitfalls • Includes dangers of cyberbullying and sexting, a wide variety of parental controls available, helping children learn how to “do the right thing” online. Also features a Cybersafety Pledge for children to sign Flip over First 18 Pages Flip over For 18 TO BROWSE PAGES In English OF THESE POCKET 2 Books In 1! Pages In Spanish GUIDES, ENTER ITEM NUMBER ONLINE READY IN PRICING FOR ALL POCKET GUIDES 4 Qty. 25-99 100 250 500 1,000 2,500 Size: 3 3⁄4\" x 6\", All Pocket Guides are SALE Reg. Each $1.29 $1.12 $1.09 $1.01 97¢ 89¢ 36 pages except for ITP-170S and ONLY BUSINESS Sale Each 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ ITP-126S, which are 16 pages; 89¢ DAYS Personalization: Minimum: 100: EACH Imprint in black; Imprint area:ADD ART PREP 3\" x 1 1⁄4\"; Setup charge: $30 & SHIPPING NEED HIGHER QUANTITIES? CALL FOR PRICING: 877-258-1225 5

CAREERJob Search Made Easy Getting A Job: A Guide For New TeachersITP-127 ITP-202• Handy reference guide for job seekers, packed with useful tips! • An essential tool for new educators• Helps job seekers through the embarking on their careerssteps of finding the right career • Includes tips for writing resumesto having a winning interview and cover letters with samples• Topics include where to look for jobs, the do’s and 40-Page Booklet of each 36-Page Booklet • Details ways to prepare for job interviewsdon’ts of job applications, cover letters andresumes, contacting references, preparing for • Offers advice for filling out job applications and writing thank-you notesbackground checks, job fairs and more FREE SAMPLES! • Discusses using the Internet to your advantage• Back features a Job-Hunt Journal to help job Visit • Also includes: lining up references and letters or recommendations; seekers organize and track their job search or call 800-635-2666 what to wear for job interviews; and much more CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS APPLYAttitude Is Everything! 36-Page Attitude Is Everything! 36-PageInspiring Words And Booklet Inspiring Words And BookletHelpful Tips For Teachers Practical Tips ForAnd Staff Gift Book Nursing ProfessionalsITP-114 ITP-103• Reminds your staff of the power of a positive attitude and helps • Contains uplifting words of wisdom about nursing and compassion reinforce their enthusiasm for teaching from Martha Graham, Albert Einstein, Doris Lessing, Anne Landers and others; includes daily messages such as: Ability is what you are• A great way to inspire educators and remind them of the impact they capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude have on making a difference determines how well you do it• Includes colorful illustrations and photos, plus uplifting quotations • Also includes special sections on keeping one’s spirits up, energizing from world-renowned individuals foods, foot and back care, and stress management• Features tips on staying positive, 15 Reasons to Love Education, eating healthy snacks, managing stress, and more6 POSITIVEPROMOTIONS.COM/HANDBOOKS I CALL: 800-635-2666 I FAX: 800-635-2329

PARENTING Flip over Flip over2 Books In 1!First 18 Pages Flip over For 18 Pages In Spanish 2 Books In 1!First 18 Pages Flip over For 18 In English Pages In Spanish In EnglishMissing School Matters: A Parent’s Guide to Student Growth Mindset Parenting: Raising Smart & SuccessfulAttendance Flipbook (Bilingual) ITP-188 Kids Flipbook (Bilingual) ITP-212• Educates parents on the importance of attendance to a child’s academic • Decades of fascinating research by Stanford Professor Carol Dwek, Ph.D., success, encourages communication between parents, children and shows how people of all ages can build intelligence, become more resilient to educators, and helps boost attendance at your school setbacks, and succeed in every area of life. The key is having a growth mindset.• Includes: Why good attendance is important; Working with your child’s school; • Includes: • What Is A Growth Mindset? • 10 Ways To Help Your Child Build A Communicating with your child; Getting help at home; Plus space to record Growth Mindset • Boosting Confidence • Encourage Problem Solving • Helping school contact information and much more. Learners Succeed Flip over Flip overFirst 18 Pages Flip over For 18 2 Books In 1!First 18 Pages Flip over For 18 In English In English Pages In Spanish 2 Books In 1! Pages In Spanish Parents’ Guide To Student Success Flipbook (Bilingual)Positive Parenting Flipbook (Bilingual) ITP-203 ITP-142• Stress the benefits and rewards of positive parenting with this • Based on the concept that a parent is a child’s first teacher, this guideeasy-to-follow handbook. shows parents how to play a key role in their child’s academic success• Includes tips and reminders about setting good examples, opening • Includes sections on helping children with homework, studying, andcommunication, building good character, and much more. testing. Also includes valuable information on building good character and making smart choices PRICING FOR ALL POCKET GUIDESSALE Qty. 25-99 100 250 500 1,000 2,500 Size: 3 3⁄4\" x 6\", Personalization: READY IN TO BROWSE ONLY Reg. Each $1.29 $1.12 $1.09 $1.01 97¢ 89¢ Minimum: 100: Imprint in black; PAGES, ENTER ITEM 89¢ Sale Each 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ Imprint area: 3\" x 1 1⁄4\"; 4 EACH Setup charge: $30 NUMBER ONLINE BUSINESS DAYS ADD ART PREP & SHIPPING FREE SAMPLES AVAILABLE: CALL 800-635-2666 OR VISIT POSITIVEPROMOTIONS.COM/SAMPLE 7

VITAL INFORMATION IN A HANDY POCKET-SIZE TO TAKE ANYWHERE!A Guide To Good A Parent’s Guide ToNutrition For People Raising Money $martWith Diabetes And Kids ITP-65Prediabetes ITP-206 • Helps parents give children• Provides tips for healthy eating for people with diabetes an understanding of how and prediabetes to spend, save and invest Jefferson Middle School• Includes information on how wisely, and makes it fun to share to read Nutrition Facts labels 40-Page lessons in money management. 36-Page• Offers suggestions for keeping blood sugar at optimum levels Booklet • Includes: Special sections for guiding kids from ages 3-18; Incentives Booklet• Features calorie, total fat, saturated fat, sodium, carbohydrate, fiber, sugar, and protein counts for hundreds of foods, including and reminders that encourage kids to save; How allowances can teach favorite menu items from popular fast-food restaurants money management skills; Tips on teaching kids to be savvy shoppers; Sample budget format that kids can fill in weekly CUSTOMER Emergency Preparedness FAVORITE! Guide: What To Do When Disaster Threatens ITP-98 English • ITP-130 Spanish • 36-page comprehensive guide will help people prepare in advance for hurricanes, earthquakes, thunderstorms, tornadoes, volcanoes, fire, chemical or terrorist attack and other disasters • Includes Steps for Creating an emergency plan; Preparing a disaster supply kit; Treating injuries; A page to fill in important local emergency phone numbers; and more ITP-130 g Spanish 36-Page Booklet ITP-98 TO BROWSE PAGES OF English THESE POCKET GUIDES, FREE SAMPLES! ENTER ITEM NUMBER ONLINEVisit PRICING FOR ALL POCKET GUIDES or call 800-635-2666 Qty. 25-99 100 250 500 1,000 2,500 Size: 3 3⁄4\" x 6\", Personalization: SALE READY IN CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS APPLY Reg. Each $1.29 $1.12 $1.09 $1.01 97¢ 89¢ Minimum: 100: Imprint in black; ONLY Sale Each 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ 89¢ Imprint area: 3\" x 1 1⁄4\"; 89¢ 4 Setup charge: $30 EACH BUSINESS DAYS ADD ART PREP & Be first in line for exclusive email offers, products and downloads. Text JOINPOSITIVE to 33233 or visit 800-635-2666Fax: 800-635-2329 Please Note: We welcome all orders right up to the time of events. Orders © 2017 Positive Promotions, Inc. All rights reserved. Most received less than two weeks prior to an event are subject to availability. If of the products, graphic designs, logo treatments andHelp Make A Difference - BRCH-576 an item is out of stock, we will substitute a similar item of equal or higher slogans herein are the property of Positive Promotions,PLEASE RECYCLE P9686 value so that your event can take place on time. As always, your 100% Inc. Nothing herein may be reproduced without the satisfaction is guaranteed from Positive Promotions. express written consent of Positive Promotions, Inc.

P9686_Pocket Guides

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