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RACDS Yearbook 2016

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RACDS Yearbook 2016

Published by RACDS, 2017-06-14 19:51:50

Description: RACDS Yearbook 2016

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ROYAL AUSTRALASIAN COLLEGE OF DENTAL SURGEONS Address P +61 2 9262 6044 Level 13/37 York Street, Sydney, F +61 2 9262 1974 New South Wales 2000 E Australia W

CONTENTS The College 2 President’s Report 3 CEO’s Report 5 Education Results 7 College Pathways 9 Committees 12 Reports 15 Regional Reports 23 Foundation Donors 26 College Remembers 27 Honours & Awards 29 rd 23 Convocation 31 Successful Candidates 34 Admissions to Fellowship 35 Admissions to Membership 37 Life Fellows & Members 40 Fellows 43 Members 57 Financial Performance 62

COUNCIL & STAFF RACDS Council Dr David Sykes President Dr Patrick Russo President-Elect 2014-2016 Dr Warren Shnider Censor-in-Chief A/Prof Paul Sambrook Honorary Treasurer Dr Peter Gregory Executive Officer Dr Chris Callahan Councillor A/Prof Peter Duckmanton Councillor Dr John Fricker Councillor A/Prof Nicky Kilpatrick Councillor Dr Albert Lee Councillor Dr Hugh Trengrove Councillor Dr Richard Widmer Councillor Registrars Prof Liz Martin General Dental Practice Clin A/Prof Neil Peppitt Specialist Dental Practice DrJulia Dando Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery RACDS Staff Stephen Robbins Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer Gary Disher* 2016 Haldor Aamot Director of Education Richard Ellis* Director of Education Michael Feliciano Financial Controller Emma Slattery Events Manager Maryann Walsh Executive Assistant Charlotte Anneveld Senior Education Officer - GDP Sheridan Ahearn* Senior Education Officer - Fellowship Simon Janda* Senior Education Officer - OMS Sally Hilton Education Officer - OMS Kristen Pontello Education Officer - MRACDS(GDP) Rebecca Swinn Examinations Officer - FRACDS(GDP) Sara Birks* Examinations Officer - FRACDS(GDP) Joan Wong* Examinations Officer - FRACDS(GDP) Rachel Introna Examination and Assessment Officer - SDP Lian Yu Accounts and Membership Officer Maree Till Accounts and Membership Officer Chris Ang ICT Support Officer Neil Devine* Database Administrator Marie McGowan Administration Assistant/Receptionist Evonna Lim* Administration Assistant/Receptionist Staff with * have left the College during the 2016 calendar year.

Council 2014-16 RACDS Council 2014-16 Back row (L to R) - Drs Chris Callahan, Hugh Trengrove, A/Prof Nicky Kilpatrick, Drs Albert Lee, Francis Chau (2015), A/Prof Richard Widmer Front row (L to R) - Dr Peter Gregory, A/Prof Paul Sambrook, Drs David Sykes, Patrick Russo, Warren Shnider Absent: A/Prof Peter Duckmanton, Dr John Fricker (OAM) ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2016 The Annual General Meeting of the College was held on 18 November 2016 at the College Office, Level 13, 37 York St, Sydney following the November meeting of Council. The attendees at the Annual General Meeting accepted the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting held on 27 November 2015 as a true and accurate record. The meeting also received the Annual and Financial Report for year ending 30 June 2016, the President’s Report and the Chief Executive Officer’s Report. The College has now embarked on its new corporate structure as a Company Limited by Guarantee with the passing of the Special Resolutions and the new Constitution at the Annual General Meeting. 1 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

The College MISSION STATEMENT OUR PHILOSOPHY “To promote excellence in the provision of dental education, At its heart, the business of the Royal Australasian College continuing professional development and a range of of Dental Surgeons is education and examination. internationally recognised educational qualifications in all aspects of dentistry.” Through every stage of the College’s development there has been an ethos of gaining and sharing knowledge The Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons is a with the goal of achieving the highest standards of clinical postgraduate education and examining body established practice. primarily to improve the knowledge and skills of dental practitioners. The Membership program is founded on this ethos to help practitioners develop and improve general practice skills. The College Constitution sets out the overriding objectives The program is steadily gaining recognition in the wider under which the College was established to: dental community, which confirms that the desire within a) advance the science and art of dentistry the profession to learn and teach has never been stronger b) encourage study and research in the field of dental than it is today. science and cognate subjects. To support the busy practitioner, the Membership The College’s mission is further described in the program is unique in its flexible approach to education and Membership Handbook: assessment. Through a variety of learning methods which can be completed by distance and in the candidate’s own “To promote the study of the science and art of dentistry; time, there is the ability to structure studies around busy life to bring together dentists for scientific discussions and and work commitments. clinical demonstrations; and to disseminate knowledge of the principles and practice of dentristry for the benefit of Self-directed learning, with the assistance of supportive the community by such means as may be thought fit.” mentors and high quality continuing professional development means practitioners have access to a ABOUT THE COLLEGE program that is not only clinically relevant but eminently achievable. Situated in the centre of Sydney’s CBD, the College office receives applications from over 500 candidates each year for its various educational programs and has a global member base of over 3000. College staff are committed to providing individual and professional customer service. The College takes pride in its ability to deliver high quality programs and services that specifically meet the needs of the profession and equip candidates and trainees with the The Royal Australasian skills and knowledge required to meet the challenges of College Of Dental Surgeons working as a dentist in modern society. The College also proudly hosts seven Regional Committees that are dedicated to meeting the needs of the Fellows, Members, candidates and trainees within their region. RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 2

PRESIDENT Dr David Sykes President It is with great honour that I submit the 51st Annual Report In the Specialist Dental Practice field, our registrar for the College Year Book, 2016. Council recognises that Clin A/Prof Neil Peppitt has completed a review of each the College needs to meet the rapid changes taking place specialty’s curriculum for both Membership and Fellowship in the dental profession and its educational environment. levels through the Boards of Studies. This review is To this end, this year has seen the College take some aimed at ensuring our examinations are set at the right significant steps in developing and moulding the College standard for the time and remain supported by the various for the future. Specialist Academies. The review also has relevance to our Memorandum of Understanding with various Universities The most important of these steps was to move the College for conjoint examinations. from an Association incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act in the ACT to a Company Limited by The College has been pleased to have the Universities of Guarantee. This move recognises the size and international Sydney, Queensland, Western Australia, Universiti Sains nature of the organisation the College has become and Malaysia and the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh provides some taxation advantage. Most importantly, it re-sign their Memoranda of Understanding (MoU’s) for a significantly improves the overall governance compliance further term and we have welcomed a new MoU with the of the organisation and allows the College to regularize University of Otago. the status of our satellite operations such as the Regional Committees. This change does not affect our not-for-profit During 2016, the Dental Board of Australia put to tender a status. project to develop a process for the clinical assessment of overseas trained specialists. The College responded to this The first step in the process was to consider and make tender in the belief that there were many skills the College the necessary constitutional changes to conform to the possessed that could be used to develop such a process. requirements of the Corporations Act. The new Constitution Indeed, the Board of Studies, OMS undertakes this task for was approved at the 2016 AGM and it is hoped that the the Australian Medical Board. Unfortunately, the College did final application for Company Limited by Guarantee status not win the tender but it is hoped that there could still be a will be approved during the first half of 2017. I would like role for the College in assessing the skill and knowledge of to sincerely thank the work initiated by our previous CEO, overseas trained specialists. Mr Gary Disher, his successor, Mr Stephen Robbins, our Financial Controller, Mr Michael Feliciano, Executive and In 2014, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Council, all of whom have worked extremely hard on fine (RCSEd) held a diet of its Diploma in Implant Dentistry in tuning and implementing this important evolution for the New Zealand. The Royal Australasian College of Dental College. Surgeons (RACDS) provided the names of three Fellows to train as local examiners for RCSEd. In 2015 and 2016, We continue to gain valuable insight into the detailed the examination was held in Sydney at the College offices. costs of the various College processes under the critical RCSEd do not hold training courses, only an examination gaze of our Financial Controller, Mr Michael Feliciano. This orientation course. Council felt that there was an opening ongoing work has provided the data needed to fine tune to hold a training course for potential local candidates. Such and rationalise budgetary decisions for the future. a course was held in 2016 and attracted 22 candidates. It 3 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

PRESIDENT PRESIDENT’S REPORT is hoped that this cooperation with RCSEd will continue in left an important mark on the governance, standards and the future and preparations are already in train to run the direction of the College during that time. RACDS training course again in 2017. As always, the College cannot function without the hard I am pleased to report that candidate numbers for MRACDS work of countless people at all levels of the organisation. My (GDP) and FRACDS (GDP) continue to be strong. Indeed, thanks must go to all our Registrars, Assistant Registrars, MRACDS (GDP) is oversubscribed. The core business of the Examiners, Mentors and Boards of Studies members. College remains our Membership and Fellowship exams Without these dedicated Fellows and Members, we could and it is paramount that, despite the many aspirations not run the examinations or maintain the standards that Council has for the College, we are not distracted from underpin the ethos of the College. these examinations and their supporting didactic courses. A strong education team must be in place, not only to run It goes without saying that a President in an organisation the exams in a fair, standardised and verifiable manner, but such as ours is simply a cog in the wheel of the Governing also to identify and introduce best practice educational Board. In the case of the College, it is Council that fulfills methods that are being used elsewhere. the role of Governing Board and the Councillors who comprised our Board through the 2014 - 2016 term have Our Director of Education during the first part of 2016, Mr been universally committed, hard working and effective. It Richard Ellis unfortunately resigned for personal reasons has been a pleasure to work with them and I offer heartfelt and I thank him for his important contribution during his thanks for their support and astute guidance in managing term. We wish him well for the future. We are pleased, the College in all its endeavours this year. however, to welcome Mr Haldor Aamot as our new Director of Education. He comes to the College from the Open Reinforcing this work is the vital administrative and University sector and has valuable experience in online logistical expertise provided by the College Office from learning systems. the CEO down through all our dedicated staff. My sincere thanks go to their efforts through 2016 and I would like to I must also report, that the College has also lost the recognise their outstanding efforts without which we could services of a further two outstanding individuals. Mr not maintain the respected and professional organisation Stephen Robbins resigned as CEO at the end of 2016, that is the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons. effective February 2017. Stephen stepped into the role again at a time of need; coming out of retirement to take on the task. He undertook to continue for a period and his Dr David Sykes calm, knowledgeable and steady hand steered the College President through a difficult time. I am greatly indebted to him for his support and wise counsel during this last year of my term. Dr John Fricker stepped down from Council at the November AGM and we will miss his incisive contribution in this forum. Dr Fricker has been involved in the College at many levels for a considerable number of years and he has RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 4

EXECUTIVE CEO’S REPORT Stephen Robbins Chief Executive Officer Human resources featured as a priority throughout the team is also heavily reliant on this role to assist with work year. Due to a significant turnover and depletion of College overflow during peak periods. Fortunately, the College was staff, a focus on recruitment and training was required to able to successfully recruit this position in a relatively short maintain the momentum of the College. My thanks go to space of time. Ms Sheridan Ahearn who assisted in the induction of a number of new employees. In April of 2016, the College Convocation occurred in Hobart. This added significant pressure to an already Rebuilding the Education team was a priority with the strained environment. With little exposure to such an event, looming Orientation Course and Final Examinations the College staff were professional and hard working. Workshop, however appointing an Executive Assistant to support the College Council was imperative. Ms Maryann The stability in the College was reflected in our Finance Walsh took up the role and became the first of several team. Led by the Financial Controller, Mr Michael Feliciano, appointments. the Membership and Accounts Officers never swayed from their duties. The month of May also saw the analysis, A restructure proposal in line with the College activities was development and presentation of the annual budget. With presented to Council and accepted. With this in mind, a the restructure in place, the College was placed in a solid supervisory role for the FRACDS(GDP) and MRACDS(GDP) financial position. was created. Ms Charlotte Anneveld (previously Senior Education Officer MRACDS) was appointed to this position. Systems development was crucial to ensure validity of data Recruitments continued for the Examinations Officer and enhance efficiency within the College processes. The FRACDS(GDP), Education Officer MRACDS(GDP), College outsourced its database management support to Examinations & Assessment Officer SDP and the Education an experienced IT company and renegotiated its network Officer OMS. Once the Education team was in place, support agreement with another company. extensive training commenced in policy, process and systems. The College image continued to be presented professionally and consistently in all our College material and for the first A Director of Education was appointed in April 2016, time, all publications including brochures, Program Guides, however due to a family tragedy, the incumbent was unable College News, Yearbook and the Annals were digitally to continue in the role. Later in the year, a new Director published in-house by our ICT Support Officer. of Education was appointed and Mr Haldor Aamot joined the College. His experience and expertise in vocational From a governance perspective, the Regulations for education and IT delivery of education is proving to be a Specialist Dental Practice were reviewed and overhauled great asset to the College. with a working party of the President, Registrar SDP and the CEO. After several months of consultation with the The College Receptionist / Admin. Assistant is a key role in various specialty Boards of Studies, these were adopted by the College. It is often the first experience a candidate may the College Council. have when interacting with the College. The Education 5 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

EXECUTIVE CEO’S REPORT In 2015 and 2016, a large number of Memoranda of The largest project managed throughout 2016 would be the Understanding fell due for renewal. With the co-operation Constitutional review of the College. For over two years, the of all bi-lateral parties, all existing MoU’s with Australian College has investigated and developed what was required universities, the College of Dental Surgeons Hong Kong, the to move the College from an Association Incorporated Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) and the University in ACT to a Company Limited by Guarantee. Under the Sains Malaysia were renewed for another term of five advice and direction of legal opinion and governance years. In addition, the University of Otago and the College advisers, the College administered the development of a established a new MoU for the conjoint examinations in new Constitution, revised By-laws and established required Specialist Dental Practice for the qualification of MRACDS. accounting practices in line with this new structure. The examinations for General Dental Practice were relocated back to the Women’s College at Sydney University Consultation was far and wide with representation to to provide the required support to the examiners and each and every Regional Committee meeting, Regional candidates. In time, this will likely move due to registration Committee forum at Convocation and of course the numbers, however logistics are an important factor in any members’ forum at Convocation. decision. As a result, the Orientation Course and the Primary and Final Examinations were successfully managed, which Finally in November 2016, the College membership voted when one considers the relatively new and inexperienced overwhelmingly to move to the new structure in order to staff is a true credit to them. maintain and develop the College’s future. The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Program, supported Moving forward, the College is analysing specific areas of its by Ms Sally Hilton (Education Officer (OMS)), struggled core activity. Under the banner of Education Governance, due to a vacancy in this role prior to Sally’s appointment. the College has formed a working Committee to review Throughout the year, a number of courses, assessments the needs of candidates, examiners and the community and examinations were held and if not for the rigour of the for dental education. This will provide the direction for the committee and board members, a substantial workload future framework which education and examination will be would not have been accomplished. One appeal arose in delivered by the College. the year which is extremely rare and very low compared to other Colleges. These matters are extremely delicate in I am comfortable that the College is in a strong position nature and both stressful and demanding for all involved. to do this and wish the College every success in its future. The College’s Appeal Processes were followed and the appeal was upheld by the Review Committee. Mr Stephen Robbins Chief Executive Officer RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 6

EDUCATION RESULTS Education and Examinations Outcomes 2016 Fellowship (GDP) Final Exam Final Exam Workshop Registered to sit Overall Pass The College’s core business is education and examination. The following statistics represent the education and examination Attendees (2015) 2016 Rate activity and outcomes in the twelve months since the 2015 Annual 43 96 33% Meeting of Council with comparison to the two previous years The Council is grateful to all Fellows, Members and academics who assist in the provision of education and undertake examinations Final Exam Workshop Registered to sit Candidates on behalf of the College. Attendees (2016) 2017 expected to present for 2017 41 67 n/a 2016 Orientation Course and Primary Exam 2016 Membership in General Dental Practice - MRACDS Orientation Candidates Course registered Candidates Pass rate (GDP) presenting Attendees to sit • 55 currently enrolled candidates • 31 candidates enrolled to begin 2016 2015 90 143 136 85% • 136 graduates of the program 2007 – current 2016 98 145 139 85% - 47 of these graduates from Hong Kong achieving MRACDS through the conjoint exam with CDSHK 7 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

EDUCATION RESULTS Membership by Prior Recognition Fellowship Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery – FRACDS(OMS) In 2016, nine applicants were granted Membership in a Specialist Dental Practice discipline by prior recognition of qualification Specialist and experience. The following table presents these and reflects Practice of Candidates Pass Rate against those presenting in 2014 and 2015. OMS presenting Successful 2016 2015 2014 2016 2015 2014 SDP Discipline candidates Surgical 2016 2015 2014 Sciences 15 12 12 80% 79% 75% (9) & Training (12) (11) Dental Public Health 4 3 1 Exam Endodontics 1 - - Final Exam 57% 71% Paediatric Dentistry 1 1 - 14 13 13 (8) (10) 85% (11) Oral Medicine 2 - 1 Fellowship FRACDS(SDP) by Examination Orthodontics 1 - 2 The following table summarises the activity of the examination Membership(SDP) by Examination for Fellowship in the Specialist Dental Practice disciplines from The following table summarises the activity of the examination 2014 – 2016. for Membership in Specialist Dental Practice disciplines from 2014 - 2016. These include conjoint examinations with the SDP Discipline Candidates Universities, The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and the presenting Pass rate College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong. 2016 2015 2014 2016 2015 2014 SDP Candidates Pass rate DPH Discipline presenting - - 100% - - 100% 2016 2015 2014 2016 2015 2014 Endo 1 - 2 100% - 50% Endo - - - 1 - - 100% Orth - - 2 - - 50% College Perio - 1 - - 100% - Endo - 1 - 2 100% - 100% Conjoint Fellowship and Membership Status – 31 December 2016 Oral Med - 2 1 - 100% 100% - College This table summarises the size and composition of the College membership as at 31 December 2016 compared with the data on Orth - 31 December 2015. Conjoint 4 7 8 100% 100% 100% GDP SDP OMS Total 66% Orth – FRACDS 1,255 (1,253) 150 (144) 240 (235) 1,645 (1,632) - Jun RCS Edin 8 7 7 100% 57% 75% - MRACDS 132 (98) 420 (410) n/a 556 (508) Conjoint Nov Total 1,387 (1,351) 570 (554) 240 (235) 2,201 (2,140) Orth - College 1 - - 0% - - Paed – College 2 3 - 100% 100% - Paed – Conjoint - 3 - - 100% - Perio - College 4 1 - 75% 100% - The Royal Australasian Perio – Conjoint - 1 4 - 100% 100% College Of Dental Surgeons Pros – College - - 1 - - 0% Pros – Conjoint 2 - 2 100% - 100% DPH - Conjoint 3 - - 100% - - RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 8

COLLEGE PATHWAYS Pathways to Membership and Fellowship The following diagrams outline the various pathways to Fellowship and Membership of the College. These are reproduced in each of the Handbooks for Education and Examination with the College. Pathways to Fellowship in General Dental Practice Subscribe to RACDS PATHWAY 1 PATHWAY 2 Apply for Exemption Enrol for the Enrol for the from Primary Primary MRACDS(GDP) Program Examination Examination Exemption Orientation Course Granted (optional) Orientation Day (optional) Primary - 6 Subjects MRACDS(GDP) - 2 Year Program • Anatomy (120 hours CPD) • Cell Biology & 6 Core Modules Biochemistry • Infection Control • Histology • Diagnosis & Treatment Planning • Practice Management, Law, Ethics & Risk Management • Microbiology • Therapeutics in Dentistry, Pain & Pain Management • Pathology • Medical Emergencies • Physiology • Clinical Examination Technique & Dental Imaging 1 Assessment per module (Short answer questions) Electives (3 of 6) • Endodontics • Periodontics • Operative Dentistry and Prosthodontics • Paediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics Primary Exam • Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology & Special Needs Dentistry  6 x Written • Dentoalveolar Surgery Examinations Primary - 6 Subjects (1/ subject) 1 Case Report per elective viva voce Examination  6 x viva voce Examinations After completing modules and electives (1/ subject) Membership in General Dental Practice MRACDS(GDP) Enrol for the Final Examination Final Examination Workshop (optional) Final - 2 Parts General Elective  Written Examination  Written Examination  viva voce  Case Review  viva voce Fellowship in General Dental Practice FRACDS(GDP) 9 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

COLLEGE PATHWAYS Pathways to Fellowship in Specialist Dental Practice Completion of Primary Dental Qualification (e.g. BDS/BDSci/BDent) Subscribe to RACDS PRIOR RECOGNITION MOU PATHWAY COLLEGE EXAM PATHWAY PATHWAY (to be discontinued st from 1 Dec 2017) Registered in a Masters/ Completion of an approved Completion of 10 years full- DClinDent Program with a Masters/DClinDent Program time specialist practice prior to University currently holding a 31 December 2007, including Memorandum of Understanding recognition as a specialist by with the RACDS the relevant authority Assessment of Eligibility to present for Membership Examination OR Enrolment in conjoint exam Completion of a Masters or Clinical Doctorate in the specialist discipline prior to 30 Enrolment in Membership June 2009. Program must be examination accredited by the ADC or Completion of University exit DCNZ exam conjointly with the College OR Completion of a 3year full-time Membership Examination specialist training program Successful completion of all outside Australia or NZ Prior to Masters/DClinDent program 30 June 2009 and specialist requirements registration with the DBA or DCNZ Membership in Specialist Dental Practice MRACDS(SDP) Dental Public Health Prior Recognition Requirements: 1. Completion of a minimum of 10 5 year minimum specialist experience years full-time specialist practise as approved by the Board of Studies, prior to 31 December Dental Public Health: MOU Pathway 2010 OR 4. Completion of a 2. Completion of a combination of Assessment of Eligibility to present for The College also has a MOU combination of degrees of 2 degrees of 2 years full-time Fellowship Examination with the Royal College of years full-time equivalent at equivalent at Australian/New Surgeons or Edinburgh (RCSEd) in Orthodontics and Australian/New Zealand Zealand institutes, or international Institutes prior to 31 institutes (as approved by the the College of Dental December 2010 Board of Studies) prior to 31 Surgeons of Hong Kong OR December 2010 OR Enrolment in Fellowship Examination and (CDSHK) in Dental Public Health. 5. Completion of a 2-year completion of Examination 3. Any program in the discipline of advanced training Dental Public Health or an The same procedure as the program/combination of appropriate combination of University MOU Pathway education & experience prior education and experience in the applies to 31 December 2010, discipline, as approved by the Fellowship in Specialist Dental Practice approved by the Board Board of Studies FRACDS(SDP) 6. RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 10

COLLEGE PATHWAYS Pathway to Fellowship in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Medical Degree & Dental Degree General Registration for both Medical and Dental with AHPRA Surgery in General Year Selection into the OMS Training Program OMS 1 SST Examination OMS 2 – OMS 4 Final Examination Research FRACDS (OMS) 11 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

COMMITTEES STANDING COMMITTEES 2016 Nominations Committee Dr David Sykes President Continuing Professional Development Committee Dr Patrick Russo President Elect (Convenor) Prof Ian Meyers Chair Dr Warren Shnider Censor In Chief Dr John Fricker OAM Member A/Prof Paul Sambrook Honorary Treasurer Prof Bernadette Drummond Member Dr Peter Gregory Executive Officer A/Prof Peter Duckmanton Member A/Prof Nicky Kilpatrick Member BOARDS OF STUDIES 2016 Dr David Sykes President (ex-officio) Board of Studies for MRACDS(GDP) Convocation Scientific Committee Dr Adam Keyes-Tilley Chair A/Prof Nicky Kilpatrick Chair Dr Catherine Prineas Assistant Registrar (GDP) A/Prof Werner Bischof Member Dr Patrick Russo Presidents nominee A/Prof Peter Duckmanton Member Dr Warren Shnider Councillor (ex-officio) Dr Aditi Bhide Member Prof Ian Meyers Member Dr Patrick Russo, Member Dr Greg Miller Member Dr David Sykes President (ex-officio) Dr Errol Kilov Member Convocation Arrangements Committee Sub-Committee - Examinations Committee MRACDS(GDP) Dr Patrick Russo Chair Dr Matthew Lim Member Prof Ian Meyers Chair Ms Emma Slattery RACDS Prof Michael Burrow Member Dr David Sykes President (ex-officio) Dr Catherine Prineas Assistant Registrar (GDP) Prof David Manton Member Constitution Committee Dr Michael Wyatt Member Dr David Sykes Chair (President) Dr Shalinie King Member Prof Martin Tyas AM Member Board of Studies for FRACDS(GDP) Education Board Dr Geoffrey Borlase Examiner Dr Warren Shnider Chair Prof Marc Tennant Examiner Clin A/Prof Neil Peppitt Registrar (SDP) Prof Liz Martin Registrar (GDP) A/Prof Liz Martin Member Dr Catherine Prineas Assistant Registrar (GDP) A/Prof Werner Bischof Member A/Prof Werner Bischof Presidents nominee Dr Catherine Prineas Member Dr Paul Beath Member Dr Julia Dando Member Dr Dimitra Mersinia Member Dr Francis Chau Member Dr Hugh Trengrove MNZM Councillor (ex-officio) Dr Christopher Callahan Member Dr Warren Shnider Councillor (ex-officio) Dr David Sykes President (ex-officio) Board of Studies in Dental Public Health Dr Hugh Trengrove Councillor (ex-officio) Clin A/Prof Neil Peppitt Registrar (SDP) Finance & Audit Committee Dr Patrick Russo Presidents nominee A/Prof Paul Sambrook Honorary Treasurer Prof Michael Morgan RACDS Nominee A/Prof Peter Duckmanton Member A/Prof Chun Hung Chu RACDS Nominee Dr Christopher Callahan Member Dr Peter Arrow Academy/ Society Nominee Dr Francis Chau Member Dr John Rogers Academy/ Society Nominee Dr Peter Gregory Member Dr David Sykes President (ex-officio) Board of Studies in Endodontics Clin A/Prof Neil Peppitt Registrar (SDP) National Awards Committee Dr David Sykes President (ex-officio) Dr Ross Bastiaan AM RFD Chair A/Prof Peter Parashos RACDS Nominee Dr Clive Ross CNZM Member Dr Alan Nerwich RACDS Nominee Dr John Fricker OAM Member Dr Jonathan Christo Academy/ Society Nominee A/Prof John Dale AO Member Dr Chun Yu Academy/ Society Nominee Dr Paul Scott Member Prof Martin Tyas AM Member Dr David Sykes President (ex-officio) RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 12

COMMITTEES Board of Studies in Oral Medicine BOARD OF STUDIES AND SUBCOMMITTEES Clin A/Prof Neil Peppitt Registrar (SDP) FOR ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY Dr David Sykes President (ex-officio) 2016 A/Prof John O’Grady RACDS Nominee Dr Agnieszka Frydrych RACDS Nominee Board Dr Ajith Polonowita Academy/ Society Nominee A/Prof Jocelyn Shand Chair (DoT Victoria & Tasmania) Dr Jonathan Tversky Academy/ Society Nominee Dr Geoffrey Findlay Member (DoT Queensland & NT) Board of Studies in Orthodontics Dr Chris Sealey Member (DoT New Zealand) Dr Bruce Austin Member (DoT NSW & ACT) Clin A/Prof Neil Peppitt Registrar (SDP) Dr Emma Lewis Member (DoT Western Australia) Dr Patrick Russo Presidents Nominee A/Prof Paul Sambrook Member (DoT South Australia) Dr Shane Fryer RACDS Nominee Dr Matthew Hawthorne Member (Elected) Dr Stephen Langford RACDS Nominee Dr Jason Erasmus Member (Elected) Dr Andrew Lush Academy/ Society Nominee Dr Christopher Poon Member (Elected) A/Prof John Razza Academy/ Society Nominee Dr Ankit Garg Member (Elected) Board of Studies in Paediatric Dentistry Dr Julia Dando Registrar OMS (ex-officio) A/Prof John Cosson President ANZAOMS (ex-officio) Clin A/Prof Neil Peppitt Registrar (SDP) Dr David Sykes President RACDS (ex-officio) Dr Patrick Russo Presidents Nominee Dr Omar Breik Trainee representative Dr Nina Vasan RACDS Nominee Dr Soni Stephen RACDS Nominee OMS CPD Committee Prof David Manton Academy/ Society Nominee Dr Vanessa William Academy/ Society Nominee Dr Bruce Austin Chair Dr Benjamin Erzetic Member Board of Studies in Periodontics Dr Ankit Garg Member Clin A/Prof Neil Peppitt Registrar (SDP) Dr Derek Goodisson Member Dr David Sykes President (ex-officio) A/Prof Kai Lee Member Dr Paul Gosling RACDS Nominee Dr Robert Witherspoon Member A/Prof Christopher Daly RACDS Nominee Dr Jameel Kaderbhai Trainee Representative Dr Rachel Garraway Academy/ Society Nominee Dr Susan Wise Academy/ Society Nominee OMS Education Committee A/Prof Paul Sambrook Chair Board of Studies in Prosthodontics Dr Andrew Cheng Member Clin A/Prof Neil Peppitt Registrar (SDP) Dr George Chu Member Dr Patrick Russo Presidents Nominee Dr Stuart Deane Member Dr Suzanne Hanlin RACDS Nominee A/Prof Dieter Gebauer Member Clin A/Prof Edmond Pow RACDS Nominee Prof Robert Jones Member Dr Simon Wylie Academy/ Society Nominee Dr Simon Lou Member Dr Stephen Travis Academy/ Society Nominee Dr Kim Tsao Member Board of Studies for Special Needs Dentistry Dr Kristian Van Mourik Trainee Representative Clin A/Prof Neil Peppitt Registrar (SDP) OMS Research Subcommittee Dr David Sykes President (ex-officio) A/Prof Paul Sambrook Chair Dr Sharon Liberali RACDS Nominee Prof Alastair Goss Member A/Prof Gelsomina Borromeo RACDS Nominee Prof Robert Jones Member Dr David Antunovic Academy/ Society Nominee Prof Frank Monsour Member Dr Kerrilee Punshon Academy/ Society Nominee OMS Examinations Committee Examination Observers 2016 Dr Julia Dando Chair Dr Robert Gan Dr Shazia Huq A/Prof Martin Batstone Member Dr Nonie Polycarpou Dr Nga Truong A/Prof Andrew Heggie Member Dr Lena Zhu Dr Dimitra Mersinia Dr Dylan Hyam Member Dr Catherine Prineas Dr Wah Lay Tan Dr Christopher Poon Member Dr Alexander Loh Dr Naseem Rather Dr Chris Sealey Member Dr Paul Coceancig Dr Ann Collins Dr Nathan Vujcich Member Dr Amanda Leske Dr Trudy Lin Dr Joshua Ch’ng Dr Jimmy Hsiao Dr Michael Skilbeck Dr Payman Hamadani 13 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

COMMITTEES Overseas Trained Specialist Assessments (Working Western Australia Group) Dr Raymond Lam Chair A/Prof Alf Nastri Member Dr John Watson Secretary Dr Chris Sealey Member Dr Dina Papas Treasurer Dr Andrew Savundra Student Advisor OMS Selection Committee Dr Andrew Bockenek Member A/Prof Jocelyn Shand Chair Dr Philip Cockerill Member Dr Benjamin Erzetic Member Clin A/Prof Sanjivan Kandasamy Member Dr David Sherring Member Dr Ahmed Saleh Member Dr Siva Vasudavan Member OMS Accreditation Committee Dr Peter Gregory Councillor (ex-officio) Dr Matthew Hawthorne Chair Dr Jason Erasmus Member South Australia Dr John Harrison Member Dr Dale Gerke Chair Dr Paul Meara Member Dr Danny Ho Secretary Dr Robert Witherspoon Member Dr Alan Mann Treasurer Dr Sushil Kaur Member OMS Training Committee Dr Zahi Khouri Member Dr Benjamin Erzetic Chair A/Prof Paul Sambrook Councillor (ex-officio) Dr Christopher Poon Member A/Prof Paul Sambrook Member Victoria and Tasmania A/Prof Sophia Jing Chair OMS Trainee Committee Dr Claudia Yung Secretary/Treasurer Dr Omar Breik Chair Dr Sarah Chin Student Advisor Dr Frank Chang Member Dr Nigel Souter Student Advisor Dr Susan Kok Member Dr Michael Yoon Student Advisor Dr Krishnan Parthasarathi Member Dr Matthew Chan Member Dr Trent Lincoln Member Dr Errol Kilov Member Dr Kristian Van Mourik Member Dr Luke Moloney Member Dr Jameel Kaderbhai Member Dr Warren Shnider Councillor (ex-officio) Dr Christopher Callahan Councillor (ex-officio) REGIONAL COMMITTEES 2016 A/Prof Nicky Kilpatrick Councillor (ex-officio) Dr Patrick Russo President-Elect (ex-officio) New South Wales New Zealand Dr Ian Sweeney Chair/Treasurer Dr Emma Black Secretary Dr Erin Mahoney Chair Dr Vasuki Delillo Student Advisor Dr Karl Lyons Secretary/Treasurer Dr Dimitra Mersinia Student Advisor Dr Sarah Ting Student Advisor Dr Soni Stephen Member Dr Thomas Butchard Member Dr Peter Mansour Member Dr Suzanne Hanlin Member Dr David Sykes President (ex-officio) Dr David Coburn Member A/Prof Peter Duckmanton Councillor (ex-officio) Dr Lara Friedlander Member A/Prof Richard Widmer Councillor (ex-officio) Dr Sergio Salis Member Dr Hugh Trengrove Councillor (ex-officio) Queensland Asia Dr Dwight Elvery Chair/Acting Secretary Dr Keith Bond Treasurer Dr Shiu-yin (Rony) Cho Chair Dr George Chu Student Advisor Dr Tsz-leung (Jason) Wong Secretary Dr Anura Ariywardana Student Advisor Dr Chun-kei Lee Treasurer Dr Andrew Thomson Student Advisor Dr Siu-fai Leung Student Advisor (Final) Dr Edward Ohlrich Student Advisor Dr Jerome Yu Student Advisor (Primary) Dr Simon Franks Student Advisor Clin A/Prof Edmond Pow Member E/Prof Newall Johnson Member Dr Francis Chau Member Dr Albert Lee Councillor (ex-officio) RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 14

CIC CENSOR-IN-CHIEF DR WARREN SHNIDER It is not just incumbent, it is mandatory that the Council and its The Education Governance Working Party have been asked to appointed Committees behave in a fashion that is likely to deliver consider the following expectations of Council: the aspirations and intent of the strategic plan. To that end, the then President, Dr Francis Chau noted that “Education, training, • the need to develop an overall education strategy aligned examination and professional development must continue to be with RACDS Vision, Mission and Values at the core of all College activity” as suggested in the 2013 -2016 • the need to develop an overarching Education and Strategic Priorities documents. Examination Framework (EEF) across all disciplines • the need to develop Online Learning and Examinations in It became increasingly apparent in the first half of last year that line with best practice. the Education Board was not meeting the task at hand. This was in large part due to a series of unsuccessful attempts to employ The responsibilities of the working party, as directed by Council, a suitable Director of Education. In the latter half of 2016, I am would include: very pleased to say that Mr Haldor Aamot has very successfully stepped into this role and I congratulate him on his early • evaluating what are the key elements of good education achievements. governance • researching like colleges and institutions with similar values Further encumbrance emerged in the parameters and and resources instruments of the Education Board itself. Francis’ Presidential • identifying the skills required to support good education successor, Dr David Sykes, along with the other Councillors at governance the meeting on 18 November, resolved to form a working party • identifying the resources required to deliver good education to review the purpose, function, responsibilities, structure and governance composition of the Education Board. The working party was • interviewing key stakeholders involved in the delivery of charged with the responsibility to critically review the Terms of education, examination and assessment within the College. Reference, scope and membership of the Board. (This may potentially include a sample of candidates or recently admitted Fellows or Members) By the end of that Council Meeting the Education Working Party • considering existing shortfalls and risks in education was ratified and would have the following members: governance. Dr Patrick Russo (President) Dr Warren Shnider (Censor in Chief) The Working Party have been hard at the task right up to the Prof Ian Meyers (Council, Chair of Working Party) summer break and continue into 2017. I look forward to reporting Dr Chris Callahan (Council) on the outcomes in future correspondence. I would like to thank A/Prof Debbie Cockrell (External) the Working Party and acknowledge the commitment the party Mr Haldor Aamot (Director of Education) members have made to this necessarily complicated process. Ms Rachel Introna, Examinations & Assessment Officer (SDP) to support the working party in terms of secretariat. Dr Warren Shnider Censor-In-Chief The Terms of Reference for the working party were to conduct an overall review of the education governance of the College, with the objective of determining what is required to govern the educational (including examination and assessment) aspects in a holistic and succinct manner on behalf of Council. 15 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

GDP Chair, Board of Studies for General Dental Practice DR ADAM KEYES-TILLEY Growing yearly on its success, the MRCADS(GDP) Program as Members. Examiners included Prof Ian Meyers, Dr Nonie entered its 10th year in 2016. RACDS welcomed 31 new candidates Polycarpou and Dr Erin Mahoney (Observer). to the program for 2016, taking the total number of candidates On 30 July 2016, 10 candidates sat the viva voce, nine of which currently enrolled to 114. passed and were subsequently admitted to the College as Members. Examiners included Dr Peter Mansour, Dr Nonie Twenty-three of these candidates attended a successful Polycarpou and Dr Andrew Cautley (Observer). Orientation Day that was held at the RACDS office in Sydney on Saturday, 12 March 2016. On 26 November 2016, nine candidates sat the viva voce, six of The cohort certainly travelled far and wide to participate in the which passed and were subsequently admitted to the College as day ACT- 2, NSW- 10, QLD- 2, SA- 2, TAS- 1, VIC- 2 and NZ- 4. Members. Examiners included Prof Michael Burrow, Dr Michael Wyatt and Dr Nonie Polycarpou (Observer). Congratulations to The candidates were welcomed to the College for the first time by the successful candidates. the President, Dr David Sykes and were given presentations by Dr Warren Shnider, Censor in Chief, Dr Adam Keyes-Tilley, Chair BoS MRACDS/RACDS Success stories MRACDS(GDP), Miss Charlotte Anneveld, Senior Education Officer Over the last two years, two candidates have gone on to (GDP), Prof Ian Meyers and A/Prof John Dale. successfully complete the MRACDS(GDP) and FRACDS(GDP), both via very different routes. These presentations went into great detail about all aspects of the program from how it operates, what is expected and how Firstly, Dr Adam Wahab, who upon obtaining College Membership, mentor/mentee interactions best take place. Finally, philosophical immediately presented himself for the Fellowship Examinations. discussions based around what the College represents, pathways To successfully complete both final assessments back to back to Fellowship and what the College hopes the candidates will is a great achievement indeed and is a testament to Dr Wahab’s achieve upon completion of the program, were also touched upon. commitment to continuing education. Dr Wahab’s success is a wonderful demonstration of the rigor of the MRACDS(GDP) CPD Program as a commensurate learning pathway to Fellowship. In 2016, many Fellows, Members and candidates attended the Accordingly, the Board would like to take this opportunity to 3 CPD events (Sydney and Melbourne) which were all relevant encourage more successful MRACDS(GDP) candidates, past to the current MRACDS(GDP) modules. The presentations were and present, to discuss the possibility of sitting the Fellowship incredibly educational and directly related to the program. They Examinations with your mentor or with a candidate who has were also very enjoyable for candidates to attend and network completed both Membership and Fellowship. with others from within the College. Secondly, a special mention must go to Dr Errol Kilov who May, RACDS Sydney successfully completed the MRACDS(GDP) as part of the first • Practice Management, Law, Ethics and Risk Management cohort some 10 years ago. Dr Kilov, now a BoS Committee presented by A/Prof John Dale, Dr Tom Boland and lawyers Member, last year decided it was time to convert his Membership from Meridian Lawyers into a Fellowship. Dr Kilov, amazingly after such a long hiatus, • Infection Control and Case presentation both presented by managed to negotiate Part 2 of the Fellowship with aplomb. Prof Ian Meyers August, RACDS Sydney Congratulations and welcome to the MRACDS/FRACDS (GDP) • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning presented by Dr Geoff club to Drs Wahab and Kilov. Hopefully their efforts will inspire Borlase the current MRACDS(GDP) cohort to consider the Fellowship • Therapeutics in Dentistry, Pain and Pain Management pathway with fresh eyes. presented by Clinical A/Prof Doug Stewart Finally, thank you to all Board Members, Mentors, Examiners and September, Melbourne Dental Hospital College staff for their ongoing commitment to the MRACDS(GDP) • Medical Emergencies presented by Mr Ian Cash Program and its ongoing development. As we know dentistry • Clinical Examination Technique and Dental Imaging is always evolving and the commitment to the program by the presented by Dr Louise Brown College, ensures its ongoing relevance in today’s ever changing • viva voce preparation presented by Prof David Manton world of Dental CPD. viva voce On 11 March 2016, seven candidates sat the viva voce, five of Dr Adam Keyes-Tilley which passed and were subsequently admitted to the College Chair, Board of Studies for General Dental Practice RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 16

GDP REPORTS REGISTRAR (GDP) PROF LIZ MARTIN 2016 was, as usual, a busy year of examinations and courses examine their clinical processes and understand the level at which supporting candidates presenting for Fellowship within General the Final Examination is set. The two clinical modules have been Dental Practice as the pathway for Fellowship continues to grow designed to provide candidates with opportunities to practise and and evolve. I would like to highlight a few key outcomes for the receive feedback on the process of working through a patient case. College during this past year that resulted in a high number of I wish to express my sincere thanks to Dr Geoff Borlase for the successful candidates completing the Primary Examination and effort he has put into creating and developing these modules with achieving Fellowship in the College. support from Drs Danny Ho, Aden Tran, Matthew Ma, Paul Beath, Eryn Agnew, Lara Friedlander and Geoff Borlase who assisted with The Final Examination marking the module assessments. The Final Examination was conducted over a two week period in January 2016 with one of the biggest cohorts of candidates Last year we also supplied modules for each of the elective groups presenting for Fellowship to date. Written papers were held in four and I am grateful to Drs Peter Salameh for preparing the Restorative/ Australian and two overseas venues on 13 and 14 January and the Periodontics module, Suma Sukumar and Eric Carter for the Oral viva voce component was conducted at the Westmead Centre for Surgery/Oral Medicine/Oral Pathology module and Prof Nigel King Oral Health in Sydney between 19 and 21 January. We welcomed for preparing the Paediatric Dentistry/Orthodontics module. one new examiner to the group, Dr Lara Friedlander and Dr Catherine Collins returned to the panel following a six year break The Orientation Course from examining. I would like to extend my congratulations and In 2016, the Primary Orientation Course was held from 4 to 15 July welcome to the 28 candidates who were admitted into Fellowship at Moore Theological College, University of Sydney. Ninety eight following this examination. candidates attended the course and benefited from the engaging and clinically relevant sessions covering the six basic science Final Exam Workshop (FEW) disciplines. My thanks go to the lecturers who presented during To support candidates in the successful completion of the Final the course including Prof Marc Tennant (Histology), Profs Laurie Examination, the College holds a Final Exam Workshop (FEW). Walsh (Microbiology) and Jane Dahlstrom (Pathology); A/Profs This was held on the weekend of 18 and 19 June at the Westmead David Newby (Pharmacology), Mike Nordstrom (Physiology), Phil Hospital Education Block and consisted of a series of lectures Dickson (Cell Biology), Norman Firth (Pathology), Mark Schifter and workshops to assist the 44 attending candidates with their (Microbiology), Ruta Gupta (Pathology) and Alex Forrest (Anatomy). preparation for January 2017. This hands-on workshop is designed Special mention should also be made of the additional support to enable candidates to improve their skills in presenting case received by College Fellows in the role of coordinators over this analysis and treatment, practise viva voce and writing techniques period; Drs Lena Zhu and Nonie Polycarpou. and network with other candidates on the pathway to Fellowship. My thanks go to Dr Geoff Borlase, who convened the weekend and The Primary Examination the facilitators and presenters including Drs Karen Woodcock, Paul There were 138 candidates presenting from five countries for the Beath, Lara Friedlander, Marina Kamel, Peter Salameh, Peter Fowler, Primary Examination which was held in late 2016. The written Suma Sukumar, Danny Ho, Eric Carter and A/Prof Alex Jones. papers were conducted in most capital cities of Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore from 28 to 30 November and the viva For the first time, a CPD course was added to the FEW program. voce component of the examinations were held in Sydney from 5 This was held on Friday 17 June, at no additional cost for candidates to 7 December. Following these, viva voce examinations were held to assist them in identifying and locating appropriate literature to in Hong Kong on 10 December and at USM in Khota Bharu on 12 support their examination preparation. The College is very grateful December. I am pleased to report a pass rate of 85% for this cohort. for the contributions made by Dr Shanika Nanayakkara, Ms Penny We welcomed two new Examiners to the Primary Examination Comans and Dr Paul Beath in this session. The afternoon was set team; A/Prof Ruta Gupta (marking papers) and A/Prof Norman aside for short presentations from facilitators representing each Firth in Pathology. From all reports, these new examiners enjoyed of the elective sections. There were 21 attendees at the CPD day the experience and we look forward to welcoming them back for and the feedback indicated that the candidates found the day very future exams. After five years of dedicated support in lecturing and useful. examining in Pathology, we farewelled Prof Jane Dahlstrom who indicated that she is not available to commit to future examinations Web Based Education Program with the College due to other work commitments. This program supports candidates preparing for the Final Examinations. The first module is intended to help candidates 17 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

REPORTS Singapore continues to be investigated as a potential venue for the viva voce Examination due to the increasing number of high level candidates presenting from Asia. As the College presence in the profession continues to gain high levels of recognition, this needs to be supported by quality education programs presented through the College. I look forward to another full year of courses and resources that aim to support education and foster advanced learning in General Dentistry. Prof Liz Martin Registrar, General Dental Practice Primary Examiners and RACDS education staff 2017 Back row (L to R) - Charlotte Anneveld, A/Prof Phil Dickson, Prof Marc Tennant, A/Prof Norman Firth, Prof Laurie Walsh, A/ Prof Mark Schifter, Gineke De Haan, Haldor Aamot Front row (L to R) - Sara Birks, A/Prof Alex Forrest, Dr Suma Sukumar, A/Prof Mike Nordstrom, A/Prof Tim Cole, Prof Liz Martin, Prof Jane Dahlstrom, Prof Robyn Callister, Rebecca Swinn Primary examiners and College staff enjoying a meal together RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 18

SDP REGISTRAR (SDP) CLINICAL A/PROF NEIL PEPPITT The year of 2016 for Specialist Dental Practice (SDP) was a I must extend a great appreciation to all the specialist dental productive one, with our annual examinations and assessments practice examiners who supported the 2016 examinations; running alongside a number of exciting projects aimed to revise namely Prof Marc Tennant, A/Prof James Hawkins, Drs Denise and progress examinations. Lawry, Stephen Duncan, Stephen Dahlstrom, Stephen Harlamb, Juliette Scott, Kareen Mekertichian, Andrew Toms, Athanasios It is always encouraging to see such a wide array of candidates Athanasiou, Stan Boyatzis, Gordon Burt, Geoffrey Young and applying for Fellowship or Membership and taking steps to Mr David Birnie. The expertise provided by these specialists is advance their knowledge and skills. The three pathways currently invaluable to the examination process. available for candidates to obtain Membership include the College examination pathway, the conjoint examination pathway and the SDP has eight Boards of Studies, one for each discipline, who prior recognition pathway. With the expert advice of the Boards of work in the background throughout the year consulting projects Studies, applications for each pathway are considered on a case- aimed at evolving our activities. In particular, this year saw a great by-case basis according to the College regulations. amount of work on the Fellowship and Membership examinations for specialists. A revised examination structure has been published 2016 saw many candidates in the eight SDP disciplines welcomed including case report requirements, written paper requirements, into the College. The annual College Fellowship and Membership the focus of viva voce examinations, areas of study and more. examination called upon experts in their field to examine The result of this consultation and review will provide candidates candidates in the fields of Paediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics and with a streamlined process that is assured to be contemporary, Endodontics. I am pleased to report a high success rate for these relevant and fair to all. examinations, with two candidates eligible for Membership and one candidate eligible for Fellowship. The workings of the Board of Studies and the RACDS education team can be seen in the revised Handbook – Membership and The Membership examination in Orthodontics held in conjunction Fellowship in Specialist Dental Practice. This document contains with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd) was a all the information relevant to SDP examinations and assessments successful one, with a 100% pass rate. The examination was held and supersedes many other documents in order to provide a less from 28 November to 30 November 2016 at the Adelaide Dental convoluted and informative experience for candidates. Hospital. This conjoint examination was also held in Edinburgh from 20 June to 22 June 2016 and the two candidates who sat In 2016, the College decided to phase out the option for the examination were successful. Congratulations to all who were Membership via prior recognition (an assessment of education involved. and/or experience). The prior recognition pathway will be discontinued from 1 December 2017 and applications will be In the discipline of Dental Public Health, a conjoint examination accepted only until this date. If you are an experienced registered with the College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong (CDSHK) took specialist who has graduated from a postgraduate program prior place and I am pleased to report that both candidates who sat the to 2009 or has a considerable amount of experience prior to examination were successful. 2007, you may be eligible for Membership without examination. I encourage those who might meet the criteria outlined on the Each year another group of final year students complete their College website to take advantage of this opportunity and get in postgraduate training programs across Australia and New Zealand. touch with the College education team. We are pleased to admit many of those students to Membership. In 2016, Membership examinations were held conjointly with the University of Sydney and the University of Western Australia under the MoU arrangements. There were 10 successful candidates who, on completion of their DClinDent Programs, will be eligible to be awarded Membership in their respective fields including Orthodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics and Endodontics. 19 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

SDP Finally, I must congratulate all those Fellows and Members who have been successful in their endeavours related to the Specialist Dental Practice in 2016: MOrthRCSEd/MRACDS(Orth) MRACDS(Pros) by Examination Dr Azza Al-Ani (NZ) Dr Christopher Ho (NSW) Dr Melissa Nguyen (SA) Dr Darryl Beresford (NSW) Dr Yana Itskovich (VIC) Dr Benlee Yap (SA) MRACDS(DPH) by Examination Dr Nida Khan (QLD) Dr Wing King Hung - Hong Kong (SAR) Dr Carlen Chandler (UK) Dr Wing Yan Chung - Hong Kong (SAR) Dr Thaleia Kouskoura (Germany) Dr Man Him Chau - Hong Kong (SAR) Dr Ravi Kamisetty (VIC) MRACDS(Endo) by Examination MRACDS(Orth) by Examination Dr Hari Krishna Ramineni (WA) Dr Naomi Kohan (NSW) Dr Emmanuel Chan (NSW) Membership via Prior Recognition Dr Doreen Ng (NSW) A/Prof Angus Crawford Cameron (NSW) - Paed Dr Elise McConnell (ACT) Dr Fatima Al Dhefairi (UAE) - DPH Dr Shady Aly (Qatar) - DPH MRACDS(Perio) by Examination Dr Manjunath Rajashekhar (QLD) - DPH Dr Hugh Lenehan (NSW) Dr Pathik Mehta (NSW) - DPH Dr Suman Madukuri (NSW) Dr Timothy Silbert (WA)- Endo Dr Saleh Shahidi (NSW) Dr Ramesh Balasubramaniam (WA) – Oral Med Dr Charles Sheridan (VIC) - Orth MRACDS(Paed) by Examination Dr Arun Natarajan (New Zealand) Fellowship by Examination Dr Yvonne Chau (NSW) Dr Angeline Lee - Hong Kong (SAR) I encourage you as new Fellows and Members to continue your journey and take up any opportunities to be involved as examiners, mentors, board/committee members or councillors. With an excellent education team in place at the College, I look forward to exciting progressions in 2017 and welcoming another cohort of Fellows and Members in the SDP disciplines of the College. Clin A/Prof Neil Peppitt, Registrar, Specialist Dental Practice RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 20

OMS OMS A/PROF JOCELYN SHAND The Committees of the Board have been busy throughout 2016 Fourteen candidates presented for the Final Exam and eight were and the Board of Studies had three face-to-face meetings. successful: Drs Jameel Kaderbhai (VIC/TAS), Tran-Lee Kaing (WA), Jen-Ti Hsieh (QLD/NT), Trent Lincoln (QLD/NT), Amish Patel (VIC/ Two new members of the Board commenced at the end of 2015. Dr Christopher Poon is a general member of the Board, TAS), Deegesh Shah (NSW/ACT), Zeb McNamara (QLD/NT) and Kenneth Wan (WA). nominated by ANZAOMS and A/Prof John Cosson is an ex-officio member as the current President of ANZAOMS. The composition Training Centre Accreditation of the Board of Studies for 2016: The New Zealand Training Centre accreditation visit took place in August 2016. The members of the Accreditation Team included A/Prof Jocelyn Shand Chair (DoT Victoria & Tasmania) Drs Paul Meara (WA), Robert Witherspoon (ACT) and Matthew Dr Geoffrey Findlay Member (DoT Queensland & NT) Hawthorne. The hospitals involved in teaching and training in Dr Chris Sealey Member (DoT New Zealand) Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch all received full accreditation Dr Bruce Austin Member (DoT NSW & ACT) for five years. Dr Emma Lewis Member (DoT Western Australia) A/Prof Paul Sambrook Member (DoT South Australia) Research Sub-committee Dr Matthew Hawthorne Member (Elected) Registrars commencing accredited training after June 2009 have Dr Jason Erasmus Member (Elected) mandatory research requirements. The Board acknowledges Dr Christopher Poon Member (Elected) the contribution and expertise of the members of the Research Dr Ankit Garg Member (Elected) Subcommittee (Education Committee), Profs Frank Monsour, Dr Julia Dando Registrar OMS (ex officio) Alastair Goss and Robert Jones who assess and review the A/Prof John Cosson President ANZAOMS (ex officio) research proposals and papers. Dr David Sykes President RACDS (ex officio) Triennium review of CPD4OMS Dr Omar Breik Trainee representative The triennium period for CPD was completed at the end of 2015. Honorary College Awards A random audit of 10% of Fellows who record their CPD via the At the RACDS Convocation in April in Hobart, Tasmania, Dr James CPD4OMS was undertaken in 2016. Worthington (New Zealand) was awarded a Fellowship without Training Committee Examination, FRACDS (OMS) and A/Prof Andrew Heggie (Victoria) received the Meritorious Service Award from the College. The Training Committee has also had numerous matters to review in 2016. The Committee reviews the borderline or unsatisfactory Selection six month formative assessment reports and it monitors the The selection process for training involves three components: progress of trainees who have previously received these reports. assessment of the CV, performance appraisals and an interview. The Training Committee also oversees the applications for re-entry Representatives from the six Training Centres and three in the training program, applications for interrupted leave and independent members were involved in the interview process. receives notifications of resignation from the training program. These were conducted in Sydney in July 2016. There were 22 Reaccreditation of the OMS Training Program applicants for 13 training positions. The AMC, ADC, MCNZ and DCNZ are undertaking the Examinations reaccreditation of the OMS Training Program, This leads to the The Surgical Science & Training (SST) Examination was held in Fellowship FRACDS (OMS) in 2017. The last major accreditation May 2016 at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria. The Chair process, involving site visits and interviews was in 2006. In the of the SST Examination Panel was A/Prof Martin Batstone, Royal intervening period, a written reaccreditation report from the Brisbane & Women’s Hospital. College was required in 2012, in addition to the annual reports that are submitted. During the Association Conference in October Fifteen candidates presented for the SST examination and twelve 2016, members of the Reaccreditation Team conducted some were successful: Drs Angus Cameron, Anthony Chellappah, Howard Cho, Jacqueline Dobes, Owen Ellis, Andrew Higgins, initial interviews with consultants and trainees. At the end of 2016, the Reaccreditation Submission to the Medical & Dental Councils Richard Huggins, Jivajothi Jeythevan, Margaret Kim, Liam Moore, was in preparation, for submission in February 2017 in advance of Shreya Tocaciu and Daniel Wong. The Final Examination was the two weeks of site visits and meetings in June 2017. held in August and September 2016. The written papers were held regionally and in NZ in August and the Oral and Clinical viva A/Prof Jocelyn Shand, Examination was held at The Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital Chair, BoS - Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in September 2016. The Chair of the Final Examination Panel was Mr Dylan Hyam, Canberra Hospital. 21 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

REPORTS Selection Interview Panel 2016 Final Examination Panel 2016 L to R - Drs Cameron Lewis (NZ), John Harrison (NZ), A/Profs Back Row (L to R) - Drs Chris Sealey, David Sherring, Jocelyn Shand (VIC), Alf Nastri (VIC) and Dr Christopher Poon Dimitrios Nikolarakos, Jason Erasmus and Christopher Poon (VIC) Front Row (L to R) - Drs Julia Dando (Registrar OMS), Dylan Hyam (Chair), Emma Lewis SST Examination Panel Back Row (L to R) - Drs Richard Wood, Ricky Kumar (Co-ordinator), Nathan Vujcich, John Harrison Stuart Deane, Geoffrey Findlay Front Row (L to R) - Drs Robert Greenberg (Anaesthetist), Patrishia Bordbar, A/Prof Martin Batstone (Chair of Panel), Dr Julia Dando (Registrar OMS) OMS Revision Course, April 2016, Perth WA RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 22

REGIONAL COMMITTEE REPORTS New South Wales 2016 was yet another busy year for the NSW Regional Committee. The Committee held its annual dinner on 27 August at Guillaume’s Restaurant in Paddington. Everyone enjoyed impeccable service, a seven course degustation and matching wines. It was an excellent event to catch up with like- minded colleagues and network. Primary Tutorials were held on 15 and 16 October to support our NSW candidates undertaking the Primary Examinations. The candidates were lucky enough to have lectures from Dr John Ladakis (Anatomy), A/Prof Alex Forrest (Histopathology), Dr Greggory Maynard (Pharmacology), Prof Laurie Walsh (Microbiology) and Prof Jane Dahlstrom (Pathology). All the candidates were additionally supported by our Student Advisor Dr Dimitra Mersinia. Finals Tutorials were held at the College on 17 December. Again, A/Prof Alex Forrest, Drs John Ladakis and Dimitra Mersinia the lecturers were of the highest calibre; Drs Soni Stephen, Geoff Young, Jessica O Neil, David Sykes, Eric Carter and Dimitra Mersinia. Dr Ian Sweeney Chair, NSW Regional Committee South Australia 2016 was an exciting year for the College membership in South Victoria & Tasmania Australia. After several years of relative inactivity, the SA Regional Committee initiated several events which allowed local Fellows, The Victorian and Tasmanian Regional Committee is committed to Members and in some cases, candidates and family, to attend and providing learning and networking opportunities, and assistance enjoy fun and information, as well as meeting old and new friends. to dental students, candidates, Fellows and Members. The first event was a free drinks and nibbles night held at a Wine The Final Year Dental Student Tutorial Program began in March Cellar in Adelaide which was attended by about 35 people. It was 2016. Students from both the University of Melbourne and a great night with attendees picking their own selection of wine Latrobe University attended a series of tutorials throughout the and enjoying a variety of delicious foods. year. It covered a variety of topics including case presentations so students would be better prepared for their Final Examination at The second event had an Asian flavour being a Vietnamese the end of the year. banquet. Around 20 people attended and enjoyed the camaraderie and the two presentations by Prof Mark Bartold and The focus of the Scientific Meeting held in August was on the Dr Dale Gerke. Future of Dentistry. Dr Patrick Russo opened the meeting with The final event for the year was in October and allowed family his experience in dentistry. Three young specialists, Drs Jason members to attend. It was Yum Cha at a local restaurant and was Yap, Aovana Timmerman and Tami Yap shared their most up to enjoyed by all who came. date knowledge in areas of Orthodontics, Endodontics and Oral Medicine. Dr Stewart Cottis, our dinner speaker, continued on the One aspect of being associated with the RACDS is to be able topic of Future on a global scale and gave our guests great insight to meet regularly with peers of similar desire to be a better into our rapidly changing world and how we should embrace professional. There is no doubt that the College enables networking changes. between practitioners, but it also enables a professional (whether a new graduate or one with additional years of experience) to Student Advisor, Dr Sarah Chin organised tutorial programs for learn more and demonstrate that not only do they have the ability Primary and Final Examination candidates. Candidates performed to become better but perhaps just as importantly, that they have well in their examinations. the desire to be better than average. Having said this, there is little point being involved with the College if Fellows and Members do A social drink was held at University House at Woodward. It was not participate in Fellowship. once again very well received, providing many ways to connect with each other. The SA Regional Committee is acutely aware that there must be value for someone involved with RACDS. Our primary objective The Victorian and Tasmanian Regional Committee look forward throughout the term of this Committee is to provide value to all to bringing more exciting programs to its members in 2017. who are associated with the College in SA. We feel we have started to achieve this in 2016 but want to improve in 2017. Part of how Dr Sophia Jing we can do this is to find ways we can “value add” and with this in Chair, Vic/Tas Regional Committee mind, negotiations are well underway which we hope will provide 23 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

REGIONAL COMMITTEE REPORTS substantially more value to those Fellows and Members who Following the WA Regional Committee AGM held immediately want to be involved with continuing education and the College. after the Scientific Day, 30 members and partners enjoyed a delicious meal at the Matilda Bay restaurant. The SA Regional Committee worked hard in 2016 and will continue to do so in 2017. I thank them all for their time and effort. The Regional AGM immediately followed the scientific content and the annual dinner was held later the same evening at Matilda Dr Dale Gerke Bay Restaurant. Chair, SA Regional Committee A candidate evening was held in August at the Burleigh Hotel Western Australia in Nedlands. Although not particularly well attended, it gave the opportunity for candidates to glean advice from more experienced fellows and experience a little collegiality. In March 2016, the WA Regional Committee held a cocktail function to welcome new Fellows and Members and congratulate them on their achievement. It was held at the University Club in The WA region end of year cocktail function was held on the 21 Crawley and attended by 45 Fellows, Members and partners. October at the Pan Pacific Hotel in the CBD. Over 50 Fellows, Courtney Murphy’s piano and vocals provided a musical backdrop Members and partners mingled in a relaxed atmosphere to to a very enjoyable evening. celebrate a busy and gratifying year for the WA Region. Dr John Watson The WA region was well represented at Convocation in Hobart in April. Congratulations to Dr Michael Nguyen who was co-winner Secretary, WA Regional Committee of the inaugural Kenneth J.G. Sutherland Membership Award (in 2015) for demonstrating overall excellence in the MRACDS General Dental Practice programme and was presented at Convocation. Dr Siva Vasudavan presented an outstanding Orthodontics Masterclass and Dr Raymond Lam performed admirably in the Young Lecturers Award. The WA Scientific Day was held on Friday, 17 June in the Terrace Ballroom, Hyatt Hotel, Perth. The theme was Dentistry Towards 2020 – a Comprehensive Update for the Modern Dental Practitioner. The aim was to discuss the burning issues in dentistry today across a range of disciplines. The presenters were: Dr Ahmed Saleh – Periodontics Prof. Camile Farah – Oral Medicine Dr Siva Vasudavan – Orthodontics New Fellows and Members for 2016 Dr Graham Carmichael – Prosthodontics L to R - Drs Amanda Phoon, Rod Jennings, Susan Wong Dr Vanessa William – Paediatric Dentistry and Michael Nguyen Dr Gus Jang – Endodontics Mr Daniel Brand – Medico-legal Matters A total of 128 delegates including 50 final year dental students were treated to a day of excellent content and advice on matters Queensland regarding techniques and materials in contemporary clinical practice. The Queensland Regional Committee is pleased to welcome Prof Ian Meyers from Brisbane to the College Council for the 2016 – 18 The final year students were invited by the Regional Committee term. to attend free of charge as part of an initiative to increase engagement of the College with undergraduates. Drs David Sykes, The Committee has been busy arranging combined RACDS / local Andrew Savundra and Andrew Bochnek gave a presentation to ADA CPD events for July 2017. This follows on from the inaugural the students about the College and the benefits of Fellowship and combined RACDS - local ADA CPD seminars in Townsville, Membership. Thanks must go to the Head of the UWA Dental Rockhampton and Toowoomba in 2015. Prof Newell Johnson School, Prof Camile Farah for making it possible for the students pioneered this style of presentation to break down the “tyranny to attend. of distance” in a large dispersed state such as Queensland. Also cooperation with local ADA colleagues in regional centres is being The WA Region was honoured to host the College President, Dr trialled as a means of reaching local dental surgeons and using David Sykes, who closed the meeting with an address. Dr Sykes their knowledge of local venues/catering. congratulated the presenters on the outstanding quality and content of their presentations and remarked that the WA Region Dr Dwight Elvery “punches above its weight” academically and clinically. Secretary / Treasurer RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 24

REGIONAL COMMITTEE REPORTS New Zealand The NZ Regional Committee has had a busy year which is highlighted by the exam success of our candidates in the Fellowship, Part 1 and MRACDS Examinations. Congratulations to all successful candidates. In August 2016, we had our annual study day in Queenstown with Dr Geoff Borlase heading a fantastic range of speakers in this beautiful setting. We were lucky to then have a fantastic dinner when we were able to congratulate Dr Laura Ichim on her success in the FRACDS Examination in 2016. The Committee were pleased to welcome the President, Dr David Sykes and CEO, Mr Stephen Robbins to the annual NZDA conference in October in Wellington. The luncheon at the beautiful Queens Wharf was well attended by NZ members. Congratulations and thanks are extended to Dr Hugh Trengrove for his ongoing service in representing NZ members at College Council. Dr Borlase presenting Dr Laura Ichim with the 2016 Kenneth J.G. Sutherland Prize for Fellowship Examination Thank you also to all the NZ Committee members for all their hard work over the past year. Dr Erin Mahoney Chair, NZ Regional Committee Asia The Annual Scientific Meeting was successfully held on 1 May 2016 at the Hong Kong Football Club. Dr Albert Lee, Council Member, briefly reported our College’s recent activities to the audience, followed by the lectures from our invited speakers: Drs Yoshitsugu Terauchi and Gracemary Leung. The lectures were very informative and were well attended by our local Fellows and Members. A series of tutorials were arranged by the Asia Committee to assist the local candidates in preparing their Fellowship Examinations. Tutorials on Anatomy and Microbiology were delivered by Dr Tipoe and Prof WK Leung respectively in early November. Dr SF Leung and various past candidates organised a sharing session Asia Committee with the final exam candidates on 28 November. All candidates Dr SF Leung (right) presents certificate to Dr Yoshitsugu who joined these sessions opined that those tutorials were very Terauchi from Japan useful in helping them to prepare for their exam. On 5 December, the Chairman attended the 196th Congregation of the University of Hong Kong and presented the RACDS prize to Dr YUNG Chun Yuen for his outstanding performance in the final year of BDS study. The Committee also joined the examiner dinner after the Primary Exam in Hong Kong on 10 December. Dr Shiu-Yin (Rony) Cho Chair, Asia Regional Committee Asia Committee Prof WK Leung (left) and the Primary Exam candidates 25 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

FOUNDATION DONORS Thank you to the following Fellows and Members who have made a donation to the RACDS foundation in 2016. Dr Abdullah ALATAL (Saudi Arabia) Dr Siu Fai LEUNG (HK SAR PRC) Dr Bruce William AUSTIN (NSW, Australia) Dr Chung Sing LO (HK SAR PRC) Dr William John BESLY (VIC, Australia) Dr Andrei LOCKE (VIC, Australia) Dr Paola BOWER (NSW, Australia) Dr Michael Nicholas MANDIKOS (QLD, Australia) Dr Pik Yuk Candy CHEUNG (HK SAR PRC) Dr Peter MANSOUR (NSW, Australia) Dr Lai Hung CHONG (HK SAR PRC) Dr Andrew Blair MARRIOTT (New Zealand) Dr Lap Yan CHONG (HK SAR PRC) Dr Kareen MEKERTICHIAN (NSW, Australia) Prof Hedley COLEMAN (NSW, Australia) Dr Christopher MUIR (QLD, Australia) Dr Ann COLLINS (NSW, Australia) Dr Colin NELSON (QLD, Australia) Dr Stephanie COOPER (TAS, Australia) Dr Andrew Lloyd NEWSON (New Zealand) Dr Stephen DAHLSTROM (ACT, Australia) Dr Chi Hong NG (HK SAR PRC) Dr Stuart DEANE (NSW, Australia) Ms Marianne NICOLLE (NSW, Australia) Dr Daniel DE ANGELIS (SA, Australia) Dr Edward James PEEL (NSW, Australia) Dr Grant DUNCAN (SA, Australia) Dr Catherine PRINEAS (NSW, Australia) Dr Mohamed ELFAR (ACT, Australia) Dr Teriko REX (NSW, Australia) Dr Geoffrey FINDLAY (QLD, Australia) Dr Anthony SELVARAJ (NSW, Australia) Dr Shane FRYER (NSW, Australia) Dr Timothy Mark SILBERT (WA, Australia) Mr Don GRANT (NSW, Australia) Dr May Kuen SIM (NSW, Australia) Dr Paul Christopher HAGLEY (NSW, Australia) Dr Alan SOLOMON (VIC, Australia) Dr Haifa HANNAWI (UAE) Dr Bernard SPECULAND (United Kingdom) Dr Narada HAPANGAMA (NSW, Australia) Dr Rowan Darroch STORY, AM RFD (VIC, Australia) Dr Edward HSU (QLD, Australia) A/Prof Albert Ee San TAN (WA, Australia) Dr Andrew HOWE (NSW, Australia) Adj A/Prof Gerald Anthony THURNWALD (QLD, Australia) Dr Leone HUTCHINSON (NSW, Australia) Dr Fiona Nguyen Ngoc THUY (VIC, Australia) Dr Issam JAWMAR (Saudi Arabia) Dr Gregory TILLEY (VIC, Australia) Dr Louis KEI (NSW, Australia) Dr Suet TSANG (NSW, Australia) Dr Shalinie KING (NSW, Australia) A/Prof Terry Richard WALTON, AM (NSW, Australia) Dr Paris KRITHARIDES (VIC, Australia) Dr Andrew Waugh WHILLANS (New Zealand) Dr Share Moon KWONG (HK SAR PRC) Dr Gary WILKIE (VIC, Australia) Dr Harish Chandra LALA (New Zealand) Dr Matthew John Tobias WILLIAMS (New Zealand) Dr Stephen LANGFORD (SA, Australia) Dr Marcus Ting-Pong YAN (NSW, Australia) Dr Vicky Wai-Kee LAW (QLD, Australia) Dr Wendy Hsiao Wen YU (NSW, Australia) Dr Albert LEE (HK SAR PRC) The Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons Foundation Bequest Programme Financially supporting post graduate study, research and training in the field of dental science RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 26

THE COLLEGE REMEMBERS... A/Prof Robin George Woods AM Dr Graham Jaunay Mount AM 1932 - 2016 1924 - 2016 After graduating in Dentistry Graham Mount graduated at the University of Sydney in from Sydney University in 1954, Robin George Woods 1945 at the young age of 20 joined the NSW Government and then became a tutor at travelling dental clinic. During that University until he was a stop at Wagga Wagga, he old enough to be registered. met a nurse by the name of He joined his father in private Judith who he later married practice in Adelaide and in 1958. in 1950 began tutoring in various part-time teaching In 1957 he bought a practice roles until 1980. in Yass where he could treat the “whole community” Graham was instrumental in rather than a particular social the foundation of the Post group. One of the first things Graduate Committee in he did in his practice was Dentistry of The University to establish a microbiology of Adelaide. He served with laboratory so that he could begin his clinical studies into the distinction as its inaugural Secretary from 1960-1963 and then as causes of dental decay and the antibiotic sensitivity patterns of its Chairman from 1971-1983. the bacteria identified as causing dental infection. Further, he was a fierce protagonist for the introduction of fluoride, and, with his Graham was an asset to the many University, State and Federal friend Syd Dobbin, introduced it into the Yass water supply, the ADA committees and advisory bodies. His clear understanding first town in NSW that was fluoridated. of the issues under consideration and his vision were always apparent. He had the ability “to sort the wheat from the chaff” Robin had a major commitment to the Federal Australian and to bring many situations to a diplomatic conclusion. Dental Association and international commitments as a Fellow of the Federation Dentaire International over four decades. His In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Graham and Owen Makinson involvement in particular as an advisor on pharmacological recognised the need to embrace “Minimal Intervention matters was especially important through his carefully crafted Dentistry”. Graham worked with Prof Rory Hume to revise the and very helpful ‘Guide to the Use of Drugs in Dentistry’ that was long established GV Black designs for cavity preparation and first published in 1972. He published many papers in Dental and in 1998 they published a major textbook, ‘The Preservation and Pharmacological Journals. Restoration of Tooth Structure’. The third edition of this work is currently being released. Robin had continuous involvement with the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Sydney and was awarded the title of Clinical During his long career, Graham was elected Fellow of a number Associate Professor in recognition of his commitment to service of professional charitable organisations and received many state, and leadership. He was a member of the Dental Faculty Board. national and international awards. He was appointed Chairman In 1988 he was appointed a member of the World Health of the Dental Auxiliary Personnel Committee of the ADA (SA) Organisation as an expert on Oral Health and became the first from 1972-76. Graham was instrumental in the registration of a Australian to be elected Chairman of the Commission on Dental small number of overseas trained Dental Hygienists and worked Products. tirelessly to institute a South Australian Dental Hygienist training programme. In 1982 he was awarded the membership of the Order of Australia. He was part of an extensive lecture program that supplied What is particularly amazing about these many professional textbooks and dental equipment to two university dental schools achievements is that they have been carried out simultaneously in Vietnam. This assisted Vietnamese dental colleagues in setting while remaining firmly in a country practice. In addition, he was up a Biennial International Dental Congress. These combined very active in the Yass Community particularly in the Swimming efforts have resulted in an exponential advance in the quality of Club and Music Club. Robin assisted with editing books on dental care available in Vietnam. Yass history and organising ANZAC Day marches, the Church Centenary and taking movies of local events. In 1988 he was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM). Robin passed away at the age of 83, leaving behind 2 daughters Graham is survived by his wife Margaret, four children, 17 grand- and one granddaughter. children and 10 great-grandchildren. 27 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

THE COLLEGE REMEMBERS... Dr Robert “BOB” Gordon Henry OAM Dr John Hugh Sinclair 1922 - 2016 1933 - 2016 Dr Robert Gordon Henry Dr John Hugh Sinclair passed was an Inaugural Fellow of away on 26th February 2016. the College. He was a true John was an Inaugural Fellow professional whose work had of the Royal Australasian spanned 77 years. College of Dental Surgeons in 1967 and was the Chairman Bob joined the Faculty of of the New Zealand Regional Dentistry, in Sydney in 1939. Committee from 1978 to He completed his studies for 1986. John joined the College his dental course in 1942, at Council in 1988 where he held the age of 20, too young to several positions including be registered as a dentist. He President from 1998 - 2000. worked at the Dental Hospital His wisdom touched and until 1943 in the interim. supported many candidates, Members, Fellows, Examiners, In 1943 after registration, colleagues and staff over a he joined the RAAF, was great many years. promoted to Squadron Leader in 1946, and demobilised in 1947. John was also an examiner in Oral Surgery for the Final After WWII, he began in a general practice in Roseville in Sydney. Examination from 1981 to 1983. He played an important In 1948, he joined the Orthodontic Department at Sydney Dental role as Council representative on the Board of the Division Hospital and became a Specialist Orthodontist joining Dr Walter of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from 1990 to 1998. N Benson DDSc. He remained with Dr Benson for some years and later set up his own practice in Macquarie St. In his specialty he received the distinguished service award from the Australian and New Zealand Association of Oral and Bob was a part-time lecturer and tutor at the Faculty of Dentistry Maxillofacial Surgeons in October 2001. John has also given at the University of Sydney for many years. He was a member of extensively of his time to his profession throughout his career - the Faculty Board from 1960 until 1974. to the New Zealand Dental Association (receiving Honorary Life Membership in 1995) and as a member of the Dental Council He continued to be very active in the teaching and guiding of the first group of students in Orthodontics for the MDSC 1965 -1967. of New Zealand. His service to dentistry was also recognised He was extremely competent in the use of removable appliances, internationally by election to Fellowship in the International but principally used fixed appliances with the edgewise technique College of Dentists, the Academy of Dentistry International and and later introduced “Begg Technique”. the Pierre Fouchard Academy. Bob was a member of the Australian Society of Orthodontists as Deceased Fellows & Members the National President in 1984 and attained Life Membership in 2001. He worked assiduously on a small committee preparing • Dr Brian Grant Allcock “Regulations for Examination in Special Fields with reference to • Dr Geoffrey Thomas Candy Orthodontics”. • Dr Brian Capper • Dr Ronald Czernezkyj On Australia Day 2009, Bob was awarded The Medal of the Order of Australia. Over the years he was very generous with his time. • Dr Stephen Montagu Hicks He was the Honorary Specialist Orthodontist to The Spastic • Dr Basil Wright Phillips Centre, Burnside Children’s Homes, and Dalmar Children’s Home. • Dr Michael Schulze • Dr John MacIntosh Scott Bob was a devout family man having many interests including cricket, gardening, golf, tennis, and swimming. He was also a • Prof Ross Lawton Taylor wizard at solving cryptic crossword puzzles. • Prof Henk Tideman • Dr Cecilia Hongyan Zheng Bob is survived by his widow Alfreda, two daughters Catherine and Libby, two sons David and Philip, nine grandchildren and two great grandchildren. RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 28

HONOURS & AWARDS Honorary Fellows Meritorious Service Awards 1965 Prof Sir Arthur Amies CMG In 1983 the College instituted the Meritorious Service Award 1965 Sir John Hall Best to be conferred on those who have rendered long and 1966 Prof A J Arnott CBE distinguished service to the College. 1966 Prof T D Campbell 1966 Prof S F Lumb 1966 Prof Sir John Walsh KBE The Honour Roll 1968 Prof Sir Robert Bradlaw CBE 1968 Sir Terrance Ward CBE 1983 Peter M. Gibbs 1968 Prof F C Wilkinson CBE 1984 Wilfred J. Simmonds 1970 Dr G Leatherman 1971 Prof N W G Macintosh 1984 Clarence J. Griffin 1973 Mr A Docking MBE 1984 David G. Esler 1974 Dr W A Grainger CBE 1987 Peter Davies 1976 Sir Kenneth Adamson CMG 1987 T. Bruce Lindsay ED 1976 Prof K W Cleland 1988 Athol W.J. Lykke 1977 Dr P R Begg AO 1988 Graham A. Thomas 1977 Prof G N Davies CBE 1988 Leslie P. Oliver DFC 1978 Prof I R H Kramer OBE 1988 Anthony H. Rogers 1979 Dr R Harris AM, MBE 1989 John G. Waterson 1979 Dr J F Lavis AM 1979 Brig A G Rowell AO, CBE, ED 1990 Robert M. Cook AM 1982 Prof Sir Paul Bramley 1991 Marnie E. Martin 1983 Prof K J G Sutherland 1991 Nihill H. Somers 1985 Dr H G Lamplough 1991 Noel D. Martin AM 1985 Mr W O Read 1991 Christopher G. Daly 1987 Dr E H Bastian OBE 1992 Michael A.W. Thomas 1987 D. S G Kings AM 1993 Lloyd G. O’Brien AO 1987 Dr J A Sagar 1994 John S. Lyell 1989 Dr R Y Norton OBE 1995 Philip C. Crocker 1989 A/Prof R M King 1991 Dr G Wing AM 1995 James M. Scott 1993 Dr J H Muller A.M 1997 F. Elizabeth Martin 1993 HRH The Princess of Wales 1997 Peter W. McKerracher 1995 Dr R W Hession AM 1997 Kornel Romaniuk RFD 1997 A/Prof J K Harcourt OAM 2000 Ann P. Collins 1997 A/Prof G H Hewitt 2001 Peter Bradford 2000 Dr S C Warneke AM 2001 Michael F.S. Tsui 2001 Dr J H Sinclair 2001 P Mark Bartold AM 2003 Dr K H Wendon 2005 Dr R J Bastiaan AM RFD 2001 Rakesh K Kumar 2007 Dr D H Thomson 2001 William C W Yung 2009 Dr N J J Peppitt 2003 E. Dell Kingsford Smith 2010 Prof E C Reynolds AO 2003 Robyn Lupton 2011 A/Prof B K Drummond 2004 Jonathan P H Rogers 2014 A/Prof W H Bischof 2004 David Wiesenfeld 2015 A/Prof Braham Pearlman (RFD) 2005 Norman Eizenberg 2015 Prof M J Tyas AM 2007 Alexis Smith 2015 Dr Francis Chau 2007 John K Harcourt OAM 2007 David G Purton 2008 Richard P Widmer Honorary Membership (MRACDS) 2009 Leslie Snape 2009 Frank Monsour 2016 - Ms Pamela Clark 2009 Marc Tennant 2011 Philip A Cockerill 2011 Hugh G Trengrove Australia Day Honours 2016 2011 Geoffrey W Borlase Angus C Cameron 2014 2014 Luke Moloney Dr Sajeev KOSHY – MRACDS (ENDO) OAM 2015 Andrew Heggie Greensborough, VIC Awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for service to dentistry in Victoria. 29 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

HONOURS & AWARDS RACDS Academic Prizes at Kenneth J.G. Sutherland Prize Australian Universities This prize was initiated by Professor Kenneth J.G. Sutherland AM of Western Australia as recognition for the candidate at the Final In acknowledgement of the academic success of talented final Examination who gained the highest marks in General Dentistry, year students, the RACDS Academic Prize was awarded by several such candidate having demonstrated eminence in the elective universities Australasia wide, to the following recipients: section of the Examination. University 2016 The prize consists of the College Medal and a monetary amount of AUD$500. University of Adelaide Jessie Tan Griffith University Alyssa Karam The 2016 recipient of the award is: Laura Ichim James Cook University Nicole Louise Stott University of Melbourne Shared Samuel Loh Daniel Beteramia Rubia Carakitsos University of Sydney Shared Vania Chow Jack Huynh Miree Cho Shota Shimada University of Western Australia Lisa Otway The University of Hong Kong CY Yung (2015 - 2016) The prize consists of a Certificate of Merit together with a monetary amount of AUD$750. Christensen Prize Subject Prizes Frederich George Christensen served the College in the formative On the advice of the Examiners, Subject Prizes for the highest years as a Councillor, lecturer, examiner and Chairman of the mark scored in each subject were awarded to the following:- Queensland Regional Committee. He found in the College an admirable vehicle for using his talents in helping energetic and Anatomy GOH, Phillip enthusiastic practitioners to achieve the status of Fellowship in Cell Bio & Biochemistry GOH, Steven the College. Histology BAGHAIE, Hooman Microbiology SHAW, Samuel It was not surprising that his death in 1969 did not mean an end Pathology GOH, Ryan to his endeavours, for he ensured that a tangible expression of his Physiology Le, Peter interests should persist in the form of a Prize for the successful candidate with the highest marks with outstanding proficiency at the Primary Examination held by the College. The Examination is Kenneth J.G. Sutherland of a high standard and has achieved an international reputation. The prize comprises of the College Medal and a monetary Membership Award amount of AUD$500. The 2016 recipient of the award is: This award is for the candidate/s who, in the opinion of the Samuel Shaw Board of Examiners, demonstrated overall excellence in the MRACDS(GDP) Program. The prize was not awarded in 2016. RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 30

23 Convocation rd No Mouth is an Island 30 March - 2 April 2016 Hobart The 23rd Convocation was held at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, During Her Excelleny, Professor the Honourable Kate Warner’s Hobart in beautiful Tasmania, from Wednesday 30th March opening speech, the importance of good oral health and the through to Saturday 2nd April 2016. role dentists can play in the community to ensure dental health services are provided to children and adults was highlighted. In the President’s address during the Opening Ceremony, Dr David Sykes welcomed the College’s official guests and their partners. Her Excellency, Professor the Honourable Kate Warner, Governor of Tasmania officially opened the 23rd Convocation in Hobart. Prof Peter Rathjen, Vice Chancellor, University of Tasmania; the Robert Harris Orator, Dr Sai Kwing Chan, President of the College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong, Dr John Lockwood AM, – Chair of the Dental Board of Australia, A/Prof Jillian Sewell - President of the Australian Medical Council, Prof Michael Morgan – President of the Australian Dental Council, Dr Rick Olive AM, RFD, President of Her Excellency, Prof Kate Warner, Governor of Tasmania the Australian Dental Association and Dr John Cosson – President of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. International speakers, Prof Kevin O’Brien College Awards – Professor of Orthodontics, University of Manchester, Prof Svante The following College Awards were made at Convocation: Twetman – Professor of Cariology, University of Copenhagen, Prof • Drs Mathew Albert Wei Ting Lim and Michael Toan Lam Paul Brunton – Dean, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Otago, Prof Nguyen received the Kenneth J G Sutherland Membership Gary Cheung, Associate Dean, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Award for 2015 Hong Kong and Prof Thomas Flemmig – Dean of the Faculty of • Fellowship without examination was awarded to Drs John Dentistry, University of Hong Kong. Lockwood AM, Michael Morgan, James Worthington and Prof Laurence Walsh The President acknowledged the College’s fiftieth year and • Dr Luke Moloney received the 2014 Meritorious Service congratulated the many Fellows and Members who have Award undertaken roles as Registrars, Examiners, Committee Members, • A/Prof Andrew Heggie received the 2015 Meritorious Service Councillors and Officers of the College for their significant Award contribution. Dr Sykes paid tribute to the sound foundation • Honorary Fellows admitted to the College were A/Prof established by past Presidents, in particular those who were Werner Bischof, Dr Francis Chau and Prof Martin Tyas. present; A/Prof John Harcourt OAM, Prof George Wing AM, Dr Ross Bastiaan AM RFD, Clin A/Prof Neil Peppitt and A/Prof Werner The 17th Robert Harris Oration was delivered by Prof Peter Rathjen, Bischof and Dr Francis Chau. the Vice Chancellor of the University of Tasmania. He delivered a thought provoking and interesting insight into on his research In the President’s address, Dr David Sykes congratulated the programme in embryonic stem cell research. The audience was new Fellows and Members in both general and specialist dental mesmerised as he took us on a journey into the future of stem cell practice as well as recognised members of the profession through biology and stem cell therapies. the presentation of College Awards. 31 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

Convocation theme Built on the theme: No Mouth is an Island – Oral Health in A special thanks to the panel of judges; Profs Elizabeth Martin, the Systemic Universe, the 23rd Convocation showcased Paul Brunton and Dr David Sykes and Colgate for their continued contemporary research and advances in our understanding support of this award. of the increasingly important role the dental profession plays in promoting individual health and wellbeing. The Scientific The Young Lecturer Award consisting of a certificate and a cheque Program was intended to challenge attendees and to encourage to the value of $2,500 was presented by Dr Susan Cartwright of clinicians to reflect on the role the dental professional plays Colgate on Saturday morning to the winner, Dr Sarah Ting. in promoting health. We were fortunate to be joined by two magnificent keynote speakers, Profs Svante Twetman and Kevin But it wasn’t all work O’Brien, both of whom certainly challenged but also amazed The opportunity for Fellowship was foremost in the organising and amsed attendees as they unravelled the contemporary committee’s mind when planning the event. A strong sense of evidence underpinning our management of both dental caries collegiality ran throughout the 3 days starting with the Presidents’ and malocclusion. In particular in his session titled In the absence cocktail party on the Wednesday evening. This continued with of evidence, is the salesman king?, Kevin O’Brien raised important the Taste of Tassie, an opportunity for local producers to show questions around the factors that drive patient expectations and off their wares and delegates to sample everything from honey the delivery of clinical services, particularly when there may be to whiskey and which followed a fascinating open lecture by little science to support a given intervention. The concurrent Dr Roland Watzl, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the Australian sessions featured speakers from both overseas and locally, who Antarctic, on the provision of medical services in the extremely explored the challenges facing the dental profession in providing remote expedition setting. The Convocation dinner was held at the care for people with increasingly complex co-morbidities internationally renowned MONA museum. The night began with including dementia and chronic disease. There was a particular drinks on the ferry from Constitution Dock to MONA. Delegates focus on the broader impacts of chronic disease with thought then had a private tour of the museum before heading to the provoking presentations from medical specialists including Prof formal dinner. The schedule for Saturday morning specifically Andrew Robinson from the Wicking Dementia Research and included a late start in order to allow delegates to recover gently Education Centre, respiratory physician, Prof Andrew Naughton from the previous night’s festivities as well as to encourage a visit and palliative care specialist, Dr Philip Lee. to the local Salamanca markets to further enjoy the best of what Tasmania has to offer. The introduction of small group interactive masterclasses, facilitated by highly respected College Fellows was a huge success Convocation is a flagship event in the RACDS calendar and Hobart as participants were able to engage in case based discussion 2016 upheld the traditions of education and Fellowship. We on a wide range of topics including; managing the aesthetic meet next in Adelaide in 2018 when Convocation will be paired demands of adolescents, diagnostic dilemmas, blood and surgery with the 3rd Joint Colleges Scientific Meeting. We look forward and treatment planning considerations in implantology. Post to welcoming all of you and our colleagues from the College of Convocation feedback on these masterclasses suggests that this Dental Surgeons Hong Kong and the College of Dental Surgeons will become a regular feature of future convocations. of Singapore. Full scientific papers for all keynote speakers and invited speakers Industry Support sessions presented at the 23rd Convocation can be found in the The Business Community supported the 23rd Convocation with Annals. a special thanks to our two Bronze Sponsors; Dentsply Implants and Colgate. The industry exhibitors that participated in the Young Lecture Award trade exhibition were Ansell, Colgate, Dentsply Implants, Dental The Young Lecturer Award has established itself as an important Protection, Dental Integrated Dynamics, Geistlich Biomaterials, part of College Convocation. All presentations from the four Henry Schein Halas, In vitro technologies, NSK, Sirona, Troll Dental candidates; Drs Raymond Lam, Sarah Ting, Jyotsna Raj and Nigel and Software of Excellence. Maher were of high standard in both delivery and content. RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 32

Scientific Speaker Session OMS - A/Profs Jocelyn Shand, Paul Sambrook & Dr Julia Dr David Sykes presenting Dr Francis Chau Honorary Dando Fellowship Past Presidents L-R - A/Prof Werner Bischof (2010-12), Dr Ross Bastiaan AM RFD (2002-04), Dr George Wing (1988-90), Dr David Sykes (2014-16), A/Prof John Harcourt OAM (1994-96), Dr Francis Chau (2012-14) & Clin A/Prof Neil Peppitt (2006-08) 2016 Inductees


ADMISSIONS TO FELLOWSHIP FRACDS - General Dental Practice Yasmina Adrian David Ka Hei Vincent Sze Tai Pamela Liem The ANDREANI BEST CHEUNG CHING DANG NSW WA Hong Kong (SAR) Singapore VIC Asa Yazdany Chiang Sigid Laura Marina Salah Mohanarajan FARD FU ICHIM KAMEL KANDASAMY Iran QLD New Zealand NSW NT Achala May Bernard Ming Xin Hui Izni Iwani KHOT LAM Hoy LIANG LOH MAJID VIC WA Hong Kong (SAR) WA Malaysia David John Jaswinder Singh Alvin Oi Ying Lydia Grant William MCKELVEY MUKHWANT SINGH NG NG O’DONNELL New Zealand Malaysia VIC SA NSW Hari Krishna Amir Tengku Aszraf Ahmed Adam Keith RAMINENI SAMAD TENGKU SHAERAN WAHAB WILLIS ACT QLD Malaysia VIC QLD 35 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

ADMISSIONS TO FELLOWSHIP FRACDS - General Dental Practice FRACDS - Endodontics Yuk Ying Lin Kit Angeline Hui YEE YEUNG Cheng LEE Hong Kong (SAR) Hong Kong (SAR) Hong Kong (SAR) FRACDS - Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Stephen John Roland Alexander Mehrnoosh Magdalen Benjamin Brinsmead AUSTIN BARROWMAN DASTARAN Kaow-Ling FOO GUPTA United Kingdom VIC VIC WA NSW Jen-Ti Rachel James J. Seung Yeol Christopher Shiva Shanker HSIEH KIM Samuel KIM Geok-Teh LIM SUBRAMANIAM QLD NSW VIC New Zealand WA RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 36

ADMISSIONS TO MEMBERSHIP MRACDS - General Dental Practice Seyoung Phillip F. Rahul Pik Yuk Candy Subin Josephine AHN AJAJE CHARI CHEUNG DUTTA New Zealand NSW New Zealnd Hong Kong (SAR) ACT Asseman Ruchika Priya Rucha Louis FAYAZ GARG GOPALAKRISHNAN GUPTA KEI VIC TAS VIC New Zealand NSW Con He Ehsan Toan Lam Patanjali LOIS MA NABAVI NGUYEN PANDEY NSW VIC NSW WA TAS Matthew Amanda Hui Ying Alexandra Mihaela Sumit Hana PETERS PHOON NGUYEN RADU SACHDEVA SAEED United Kingdom WA VIC QLD NSW Geetanjali Claudia SARRIA Hetal Michael Gamal Rachel SALWAN OREJUELA SHAH SHEHATA SIM NSW NSW NSW NSW VIC 37 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

ADMISSIONS TO MEMBERSHIP MRACDS - General Dental Practice Nick Barry Bharathraja Fiona Nguyen Alan Tam Jonathan STRETTON SUBRAMANI Ngoc THUY TRINH TSUN New Zealand New Zealand VIC NSW NSW Arun Prabu Ahmed Adam Kin Yip Jenny Wai Yee Amy VELUSAMY WAHAB WAN WANG WONG New Zealand VIC Hong Kong (SAR) QLD Hong Kong (SAR) Amanda Louise WRIGHT NSW MRACDS - Dental Public Health Fatima Man Him Pathik Shailesh Manjunath ALDHEFAIRI CHAU MEHTA RAJASHEKHAR United Arab Emirates Hong Kong (SAR) NSW QLD RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 38

ADMISSIONS TO MEMBERSHIP MRACDS - Endodontics MRACDS - Oral Medicine Mehdi Timothy Mark Ramesh Janina RAHIMI SILBERT BALASUBRAMANIAM CHRISTOFOROU NSW WA WA WA MRACDS - Orthodontics Mohamad Lloyd Michael Carlen Simon James Elizabeth Ellen AL-DUJAILI BUCK CHANDLER DEALL FISHER New Zealand WA Trinidad & Tobago NSW QLD Peter Duc Thaleia Braydon Mitchell Shaneel Charles Sepehr HOANG KOUSKOURA PATTERSON SHASTRI SHERIDAN TABATABAEE NSW Germany VIC VIC VIC QLD MRACDS - Paediatric MRACDS - Periodontics Yvonne Giselle Arun Kumar Susan Su Ee Jeremy Hoai CHAU D’MELLO NATARAJAN WONG Viet VO NSW VIC New Zealand WA NSW 39 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

LIFE FELLOWS & MEMBERS LIFE FELLOWS & MEMBERS CHOW, Douglas Kam-Yung - Mid-Levels, HK SAR PRC CHURTON, Maurice Craig - Auckland, New Zealand ABBOTT, Richard Henry - St Ives, NSW, Australia CLARKE, Peter John - Hamilton, New Zealand ADAIR, Peter Harold - Turramurra, NSW, Australia COAKLEY, Michael John - Sorrento, VIC, Australia ADAMS, Donald Bertrand - Wellington, New Zealand COATES, Peter James - Yeronga, QLD, Australia ADDISON, Michael John - Cronulla, NSW, Australia COHEN, Maurice John - Benowa, QLD, Australia ADEY, Alfred - Berrilee, NSW, Australia COLE, Russell - London, United Kingdom ADKINS, Ken Francis - Birkdale, QLD, Australia CONNOR, James Norman Esson - City Beach, WA, Australia ADLER, Edmond Arthur - Mount Lawley, WA, Australia COOK, Richard Graeme - South Perth, WA, Australia AITKEN, James Alexander - Avalon Beach, NSW, Australia COOK, Robert Malcolm - Middle Park, VIC, Australia AMERENA, Vincent Conrad - Brighton, VIC, Australia COSGROVE, Denis James - Nedlands, WA, Australia ANKER, John Harris - Wollongong, NSW, Australia COSTELLO, Maurice - Mitchelton, QLD, Australia ASHBY, John Warwick - Christchurch, New Zealand COWLISHAW, Vivienne Margaret - Burleigh Heads, QLD, Australia AVERY, Brian - Mordon, County Durham, United Kingdom CRAIG, Graham George - Balgowlah, NSW, Australia BAMBERY, Dexter Darcy - Wellington, New Zealand CREEDY, Brian Edward - Collins Creek, NSW, Australia BARBER, Anthony Francis - Adelaide, SA, Australia CRISP, John Cunningham - Essex, United Kingdom BARCLAY, John Keith - Otago, New Zealand CROCKER, Philip Cameron - Berry, NSW, Australia BARNARD, Peter Deane - Lindfield, NSW, Australia CROXSON, Lawrence James - Turangi, New Zealand BARNES, Peter Byron - Greenbank, QLD, Australia CUMMING, Richard - Breakfast Point, NSW, Australia BARTLETT, Samuel Zane - Papatoetoe, New Zealand CURTIN, Paul - Eastwood, NSW, Australia BAU, Dennis John - Cammeray, NSW, Australia CURTIN, John William - Kew, VIC, Australia BEHREND, Donald Albert - Toorak, VIC, Australia CUTRESS, Terence William - Wellington, New Zealand BELL, Marsden (William) - Auckland, New Zealand DAENKE, Lachlan Lewis - Port Elliot, SA, Australia BELL, William Patrick Leslie - Auckland, New Zealand DAGG, Keith Miles - Casino, NSW, Australia BENSON, Peter Ernest - Ingleburn, NSW, Australia DALE, John William - Bellevue Hill, NSW, Australia BERESFORD, Jack Stuart - Auckland, New Zealand DAWES, William - Mount Kuring-Gai, NSW, Australia BEVAN, Eric Mervyn - Dural, NSW, Australia DIAS, Andrew Paul Lakshman Henry - Clifton Hill, VIC, Australia BISHOP, Roger Geoffrey - Swanbourne, WA, Australia DINTE, Nathan Max - Avihail, Israel BLACK, Clifford Graham - Auckland, New Zealand DOWNES, Arthur Maxwell - Isle Of Man, United Kingdom BLACK, Owen Philip - Indented Head, VIC, Australia DOWSETT, Michael Hutton - Kingston, ACT, Australia BLOCH, Harry Martin - Melbourne, VIC, Australia DUCKMANTON, Norton Archie - Surry Hills, NSW, Australia BLOOD, Michael David - Hawthorn, VIC, Australia DUNCAN, Roy Graham - Clear Island Waters, QLD, Australia BOA, John Thomas - Canterbury, United Kingdom DUNN, Adrian Arthur - Vaucluse, NSW, Australia BOLTON, George Henry Philip - New Farm, QLD, Australia DUTHY, Lester Milton - Warrnambool, VIC, Australia BOND, Keith - Norman Park, QLD, Australia EDWARDS, Iain Greig - Woollahra, NSW, Australia BOOTH, David Robert - Murdoch, WA, Australia EDWARDS, John - Waiheke Island, New Zealand BOWDEN, Boyce Darryle - Cape Schanck, VIC, Australia ELLIS, Donald Hedley - Robina, QLD, Australia BOWELL, Geoffrey Reginald - Brighton, VIC, Australia ESLER, David George - London, United Kingdom BRADLEY, Denis John - Oatley, NSW, Australia EWART, Niel Philip - Auckland, New Zealand BROADBENT, Brian Gordon - Tamworth, NSW, Australia FEATHERSTONE, John Lawrence - Braidwood, NSW, Australia BROGAN, William Francis - City Beach, WA, Australia FENNELL, Lloyd Harold - Balwyn North, VIC, Australia BROWN, John Paul - Austin, TX, United States FENWICK, David Norman - Wallington, VIC, Australia BROWN, Tasman - Linden Park, SA, Australia FITZSIMONS, Robert Claude - Coogee, NSW, Australia BROWNBILL, John William - Malvern East, VIC, Australia FORTESCUE, Rex Edward - Vancouver, BC, Canada BRYANT, Roland Warwick - Castle Hill, NSW, Australia FREEMAN, Derek David - Potts Point, NSW, Australia BUCHANAN, Gordon - Orange, NSW, Australia FROST, Paul Linden - East Southport, QLD, Australia BUCHANAN, Susan - Greenwich, NSW, Australia FUNG, Hang Eric - Happy Valley, HK SAR PRC BURGESS, Peter Tilbury - Burnside, SA, Australia GAN, Robert - Parramatta, NSW, Australia BURKITT, Harold George - Arrawarra, NSW, Australia GARDINER, Gavin Thomas - Middlesex, United Kingdom BURTON, Colin Ernest - Berowra Heights, NSW, Australia GATES, Robert Edward - Wyong Creek, NSW, Australia BUSHELL GUTHRIE, Phillip - Indooroopilly, QLD, Australia GEARY, Colin Patrick Maurice - Dunedin, New Zealand CAMPBELL, Edward - Glen Iris, VIC, Australia GIBBS, Robert David - Auckland, New Zealand CAMPBELL, John Pritchard Stewart - Highett, VIC, Australia GIBSON, Horace James - Ipswich, QLD, Australia CANESTRA, John - Albert Park, VIC, Australia GILLIES, Robert Ian - Balwyn North, VIC, Australia CANNON, Jean - Toorak, VIC, Australia GILLINGS, Barrie Roderick D’Arcy - Turramurra, NSW, Australia CANNON, Peter Douglas - Malabar, NSW, Australia GODFREY, John Lewis - Mornington, VIC, Australia CATTERMOLE, Andrew Edward - Malvern, VIC, Australia GOLDSCHMIED, Felix - Kings Meadows, TAS, Australia CERNAVIN, Igor - St Albans, VIC, Australia GOSS, Alastair Norman - Adelaide, SA, Australia CHAN, Shun Chi Elias - Doncaster East, VIC, Australia GOTJAMANOS, Theo - City Beach, WA, Australia CHAN, Wing-Ho - Central, HK SAR PRC GOUNDAR, Satyanand Narainan - Herts, United Kingdom CHANDLER, Donald Kenneth - Adelaide, SA, Australia GRAINGER, James Keith - Currumbin, QLD, Australia CHAPMAN, John Henry - Bellingen, NSW, Australia GRANT, Alan Archie - Daisy Hill, QLD, Australia CHARLTON, Douglas Edward - Annangrove, NSW, Australia GRAVE, Keith Cyril - St Georges, SA, Australia CHAU, Kai Kin - Central, HK SAR PRC GREGG, Francis Alexander - Gordon, NSW, Australia CHESTER, Ian Colin - Ascot, QLD, Australia GREGORY, Peter John - Dalkeith, WA, Australia CHEUNG, Peter Kwok Kuen - Clayton, VIC, Australia GRUNDY, Geoffrey Esmond - Little Mountain, QLD, Australia CHOO, Soo Bin - Beverly Hills, NSW, Australia HAIG, Donald Andrew - Sandringham, VIC, Australia RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 40

LIFE FELLOWS & MEMBERS HALL, Roger Kingsley - Hawthorn, VIC, Australia MACGIBBON, David John - Indooroopilly, QLD, Australia HARDHAM, Richard George - Red Hill, VIC, Australia MACKIE, William James - Killara, NSW, Australia HARDWICK, James Lyndon - St Ives, NSW, Australia MACKIE, Robert Colin - Warilla, NSW, Australia HARRIS, Geoffrey Stephen - Cheltenham, NSW, Australia MANNING, Michael Francis - Rockhampton, QLD, Australia HARRY, Michael Romilly - Rose Park, SA, Australia MARK, Alan Ting Shu - Camberwell, VIC, Australia HARVEY, William John - North Turramurra, NSW, Australia MARTIN, Francis King - Paraparaumu, New Zealand HASE, Michael - Melbourne, VIC, Australia MARTIN, Anthony Peter - Mortdale, NSW, Australia HASTIE, Peter - Warwick Farm, NSW, Australia MASON-COX, Joseph - Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia HAWKINS, James Kell - Mosman, NSW, Australia MAYNE, Lewis Harper - Ipswich, QLD, Australia HAY, Richard Henderson - Mittagong, NSW, Australia MAYNE, John Ross - Bolton Point, NSW, Australia HEITHERSAY, Geoffrey Sinclair - North Adelaide, SA, Australia MCCARTHY, John Joseph - Sydney, NSW, Australia HELLSTROM, David Roger - Lindfield, NSW, Australia MCDONALD, David Francis - Busselton, WA, Australia HENRY, Patrick Joseph - Chittering, WA, Australia MCDONALD, James Peter - Edinburgh, United Kingdom HEWSON, Drew Robert - Newtown, VIC, Australia MCGEACHIE, John Kerridge - Crawley, WA, Australia HIGHFIELD, Don Henry - Mont Albert, VIC, Australia MCKERRACHER, Peter Willoughby - Mount Claremont, WA, Australia HIGHFIELD, John Ernest - Sydney, NSW, Australia MEIKLE, Murray - Cambridge, United Kingdom HING, Desmond Alexander - Vaucluse, NSW, Australia MERRICK, Alistair McClelland - Welby, NSW, Australia HINRICHSEN, Colin Frederick - Howrah, TAS, Australia MESSER, Louise Brearley - Middlesex, United Kingdom HOLLIS, Michael John - Christchurch, New Zealand MILES, Raymond Arthur - Main Beach, QLD, Australia HOWIE, John Stevenson - Auckland, New Zealand MILLS, Arthur Anthony - Orange, NSW, Australia HOWLE, Peter Creswell - Tamworth, NSW, Australia MITCHELL, Brian Newton - Cronulla, NSW, Australia HRIBAR, Davor Ante Lovro - Adelaide, SA, Australia MOBBS, William Robert - Edgecliff, NSW, Australia HUME, Wyatt Roderic - Alameda, CT, United States MOHAMED, Mohamed Yunus Bin - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia HURLEY, Daniel John - Drysdale, VIC, Australia MOLLENHAUER, Barry - Ivanhoe, VIC, Australia HYDE, Peter Frederick - Reedy Creek, QLD, Australia MOLONEY, Francis - Brisbane, QLD, Australia INNES, Peter Bruce - Dunedin, New Zealand MONK, Roger Donald - St Albans, Christchurch, New Zealand JACKMAN, Michael Patrick - Mitchelton, QLD, Australia MONSOUR, Francis - Windsor, QLD, Australia JACKSON, William James - Mosman, NSW, Australia MOR, Gordon James - Norman Park, QLD, Australia JARVIS, Ross Geoffrey - Royal Exchange, NSW, Australia MORRIS, William Max - Auckland, New Zealand JEFFERIES, Richard William - Kelvin Heights, Queenstown, New Zealand MURRAY, Christopher Graeme - Melbourne, VIC, Australia JENKINS, William John - Toronto, ONT, Canada NELSON, Eugene Horatio - Melbourne, VIC, Australia JOHNSON, Newell Walter - Griffith University, QLD, Australia NEUMANN, George - Bunbury, WA, Australia JOLLY, Mark - Killara, NSW, Australia NICHOLS, Paul Vincent - Sydney, NSW, Australia JOLLY, Brooke Hunter - New Plymouth, New Zealand NORMAN, John Edgar deBurgh - Strathfield, NSW, Australia JOYCE, Kevin Peter - Paddington, QLD, Australia NUGENT, Michael Anthony Caroi - Kensington Gardens, SA, Australia JOYSTON-BECHAL, Sally - London, United Kingdom OAKLEY, Gavan Ray - Yarra Glen, VIC, Australia KAFALIAS, Michael Constantine - Cammeray, NSW, Australia O’BRIEN, Lloyd George - Melbourne, VIC, Australia KELLAWAY, Richard Wallys - Cleveland Dc, QLD, Australia O’DONOGHUE, Donald James - Brookfield, QLD, Australia KENNEY, Ernest Barrie - Los Angeles, CA, United States O’GRADY, John Frederick - Williamstown, VIC, Australia KENTWELL, Peter Winton - Belconnen, ACT, Australia O’LOUGHLIN, Ian Howard - Timaru, New Zealand KESSLER, Selwyn - Parramatta, NSW, Australia O’REILLY, Karol Joseph - Mornington, VIC, Australia KING, Ross William - Hawthorn, VIC, Australia PARKER, Ines - Burnside, SA, Australia KINGS, Eric William - Somers, VIC, Australia PARKER, David Alan Scott - Burnside, SA, Australia KINSELLA, Philip - Killara, NSW, Australia PAUL, Stanley Peter - Brookfield, QLD, Australia KIRKWOOD, John - Northbridge, NSW, Australia PEARSON, John Rupert - Harkaway, VIC, Australia KLINE, Patrick Wilfred - Walsh Bay, NSW, Australia PEAT, John Humphrey - Auckland, New Zealand KLINEBERG, Iven - Westmead, NSW, Australia PEET, Bruce Edward - Mollymook Beach, NSW, Australia KNOWSLEY, Harley George - Christchurch, New Zealand POGSON, Kenneth Erle - Moss Vale, NSW, Australia LAM, William Kui-Po - Wan Chai, HK SAR PRC PULLEN, Geoffrey John - Kooyong, VIC, Australia LAM, Timothy Yat-Wah - South Perth, WA, Australia PURTON, David Graham - Dunedin, New Zealand LANGFORD, Anthony - Caulfield Junction, VIC, Australia QUINN, Neville William - East Melbourne, VIC, Australia LAWRENCE, Henry Ernest - Belconnen, ACT, Australia RABEY, Graham Peter - Cambridge, United Kingdom LAWRENTSCHUK, Leon - Black Rock, VIC, Australia RALPH, William James - Mornington, VIC, Australia LAWS, Alan John - Dunedin, New Zealand RATCLIFFE, Peter Harry - Alexandria, NSW, Australia LECHNER, Sybille Katherine - Fairlight, NSW, Australia RATTRAY, Susan Frances - Balwyn North, VIC, Australia LEHMANN, Gerald - Vaucluse, NSW, Australia RAY, Kenneth Richard - Berkshire, United Kingdom LESTER, Keith Simon - Gerringong, NSW, Australia REANEY, Philip John Richard - Havelock North, New Zealand L’ESTRANGE, Peter - London, United Kingdom REINERS, John Alexander - Prospect, SA, Australia LEUNG, Wing Ming - South Melbourne, VIC, Australia RENDELL, Colin Ray - Victoria Point, QLD, Australia LEWIS, Harris Keith - Bondi, NSW, Australia RICHARDSON, John Bennett - Melbourne, VIC, Australia LILIENTHAL, Bernard - Phillip, ACT, Australia ROBERTS, Graeme Lindsay - Blackburn, VIC, Australia LIMBRICK, Michael John - Auckland, New Zealand ROBERTSON, James Alastair McLean - West Footscray, VIC, Australia LIU, Frank Ting-Pang - Westleigh, NSW, Australia ROBSON, James Stanley - Hawthorn, VIC, Australia LUCAS, Douglas Russell - Box Hill, VIC, Australia RODDA, John Charles - Mosgiel, New Zealand LUND, Patrick George - Cleveland, QLD, Australia ROPER, Mervyn Goldsmith - Aspley, QLD, Australia MACCULLOCH, Reginald Douglas - Goulburn, NSW, Australia ROSEN, Ernest Martin - Waverley, NSW, Australia MACDONALD, Malcolm Ross - Leabrook, SA, Australia ROSENBERG, Ian - Dianella, WA, Australia 41 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

LIFE FELLOWS & MEMBERS ROSS, Clive Bentley - Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand TURNER, Robert Bruce - Peppermint Grove, WA, Australia ROVEDA, Sidney Ivor Luigi - Townsville, QLD, Australia VADIVELOO, Victor Kandiah - Ashwood, VIC, Australia RYAN, Edward Henry - Lane Cove, NSW, Australia VALENTINE, Henry Blair - Lower Hutt, New Zealand SAHHAR, Stan Costandy - Malvern, VIC, Australia VARTULI, Angelo Ralph - St Morris, SA, Australia SAMARANAYAKE, Lakshman Perera - Kelvin Grove, QLD, Australia VINCENT, Peter Fitzgerald - Brisbane, QLD, Australia SAWYER, John - Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom WADDELL-SMITH, Iain Kenneth - Springfield, SA, Australia SAYERS, Peter - Auckland, New Zealand WAGNER, Graeme George - Brookfield, QLD, Australia SCARFF, Anthony William - Kooyong, VIC, Australia WAINWRIGHT, W Michael - Vancouver, BC, Canada SCOTT, John Macintosh - Havelock North, New Zealand WALKER, Elwyn Peter - Christchurch, New Zealand SCOTT, Barry - Auckland, New Zealand WALSH, Jeremiah Finbar (Barry) - Grindelwald, TAS, Australia SCOTT, James Murray - Whitianga, New Zealand, New Zealand WALSH-BUCKLEY, James - Aspendale, VIC, Australia SEEMANN, John - Rose Bay, NSW, Australia WALTERS, Ian Paterson - Sydney, NSW, Australia SEYMOUR, Gregory John - Chapel Hill, QLD, Australia WALTON, Dudley Frank - Portsea, VIC, Australia SHEARER, Michael Watson - Kew, VIC, Australia WAN, Kwok-Kuen William - Chicago, IL, United States SHORT, Aubrey Gordon - Wellington, New Zealand WARDLAW, David Alexander - Balwyn North, VIC, Australia SHRIMPTON, Blair Alan - Balnarring, VIC, Australia WATKINS, Keith - Kooyong, VIC, Australia SIBRAA, Paul Douglas - Liverpool, NSW, Australia WATSON, Donald Charles - Mindarie, WA, Australia SMITH, Roy Andrew - Deakin, ACT, Australia WATSON, Bruce Ian - Mount Compass, SA, Australia SMITH, Neville Henry Hedges - Killara, NSW, Australia WATTERS, Allan Robert - West Pymble, NSW, Australia SMYTH, Jonathon MacLeod - Figtree Pocket, QLD, Australia WEI, Stephen Hon Yin - Central, HK SAR PRC SMYTH, Jennifer Mary - Figtree Pocket, QLD, Australia WELLS, Neville Brian - Mona Vale, NSW, Australia SMYTH, James - Seaforth, NSW, Australia WIDDOP, Fred Talbot - Sandringham, VIC, Australia SMYTHE, John Davidson - Double Bay, NSW, Australia WILLIAMS, John F H - Ballarat, VIC, Australia SOMERS, Nihill Henry - Naremburn, NSW, Australia WILLIAMSON, John Joseph - Figtree Pocket, QLD, Australia SOUTHWICK, John Havelock - Pymble, NSW, Australia WILLIAMSON, Raymond - Salter Point, WA, Australia SQUIRE, Bruce Edward - Melbourne, VIC, Australia WILLIS, Lloyd Everette - Auckland, New Zealand STACY, Geoffrey Colman - Killara, NSW, Australia WILSON, Ian Brownlie - Redland Bay, QLD, Australia STALLWORTHY, Robert Arthur - Wellington, New Zealand WILSON, David John - Edgecliff, NSW, Australia STARR, Samuel Alexander - Caulfield, VIC, Australia WINZAR, Clyde Francis - Corinda, QLD, Australia STEIDLER, Chee Claire - Liebenfels, Karnten, Austria WOLTER, Glen David - Kenilworth, QLD, Australia STEWART, Barry Leonard - North Ringwood, VIC, Australia WOODHOUSE, Anthony Dillon - Balwyn North, VIC, Australia STEWART, Allan Richard - Blakehurst, NSW, Australia WOOTTON, Raymond Olney - Heyfield, VIC, Australia STRONG, Russell Walker - Tennyson, QLD, Australia WRIGHT, Fredrick Allan Clive - Drummoyne, NSW, Australia SULLIVAN, Kerry Oral - Christchurch, New Zealand WYMOND, Geoffrey Michael - Sorrento, VIC, Australia SUTHERS, William Dixon - Clifton Gardens, NSW, Australia YEUNG, Stephen Chung Hon - Hornsby, NSW, Australia SUTTON, Anthony John - Blacks Beach, QLD, Australia YEUNG, Peter Man-Fong - Melbourne, VIC, Australia SWINBURN, Paul Frewen - Hawkes Bay, New Zealand YIP, Andrew Shing-Gaye - Vancouver, BC, Canada TEO, Kho-Wei Alan - Hawthorn, VIC, Australia YIU, Eric See Yue - Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, HK SAR PRC THOMAS, Graham Arthur - Moruya, NSW, Australia YUEN, Wai-Keung Terence - Toorak Gardens, SA, Australia THONARD, John Charles - Mount Compass, SA, Australia ZETTL, John Frederick - Hawthorn East, VIC, Australia RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 42

FELLOWS AUSTRALIA BARRATT, Alexandra Brandusa - Killara Australian Capital Territory BAU, Dennis John - Cammeray BEATH, Paul - Merewether BENSON, Peter Ernest - Ingleburn CARTY, Glenn Victor Lucas - Bruce BERTRAM, Anthony Robert - Menai CHIAM, Sher-Lin - Hackett BEVAN, Eric Mervyn - Dural COOPER, Michael Alan - Braddon BHOLE, Sameer - West Pennant Hills DAHLSTROM, Stephen William - Garran BILSKI, Arthur Georg - Lismore DAWSON, Anthony Stewart - Deakin BILSKI, Wojciech Marek - Lismore DOWSETT, Michael Hutton - Kingston BLACK, Emma Victoria - Lane Cove DUONG, Ann - Yarralumla BLACKLER, Stephen Michael - Sydney EVANS, Richard Iorweth - Turner BOLAND, Thomas William - Riverview FRICKER, John Peterie - Manuka BOND, Emma Louise - Penrith GOSLING, Paul Thomas - Hughes BORLASE, Geoffrey - Sydney GREEN, Jesse Nicholas - Turner BRADLEY, Denis John - Oatley HAR, David John - Canberra BRANDSON, Steven John - Manly HONG, Sunny - Canberra BRENT, Suzanne Faye - Sydney HYAM, Dylan - Yarralumla BROADBENT, Brian Gordon - Tamworth HYDE, Michael Terrence - Canberra BRYANT, Roland Warwick - Castle Hill KENTWELL, Peter Winton - Belconnen BUCHANAN, Gordon - Orange LAWRENCE, Henry Ernest - Belconnen BUCHANAN, Susan - Greenwich LILIENTHAL, Bernard - Phillip BURKITT, Harold George - Arrawarra LISING, Stephen Kwongee - Braddon BURTON, Colin Ernest - Berowra Heights MOUNTAIN, Keith John - Deakin CAMERON, Angus Crawford - St Leonards NATH, Neela - Crace CAMERON, Heather Margaret - Orange PACKIANATHAN, Manjara - Harrison CANNON, Peter Douglas - Malabar PEAKE, Gregory George - Belconnen CARTER, Eric Francis - Hunters Hill SETHI, Bikram - O’Malley CASTRISOS, Timothy Victor - Roseville SMITH, Roy Andrew - Deakin CHAN, Richard Wainin - Linley Point STACEY, Geoffrey Douglas - Chapman CHAN, Ambrose Kwok Leung - Strathfield VICKERS, Peter Gregory - Braddon CHAPMAN, John Henry - Bellingen WARNAKULA, Alex Ruwan Kumar - Franklin CHARLESWORTH, Gregory Clark - Sydney WITHERSPOON, Robert - Kingston CHARLTON, Douglas Edward - Annangrove WONG, Peter David - Deakin West CHEUNG, Monique Charlene - Naremburn CHEW, Kong Eng - Woollahra New South Wales CHI, Jonathan Yi-Shao - Castle Hill CHIU, Jenkin Jin-Chuen - Killara ABBOTT, Richard Henry - St Ives CHOO, Soo Bin - Beverly Hills ABDIOGLU, Hannah Hanife - Rozelle CHOU, Patty Peng-Chun - Chatswood ABOUELENEIN, Mahmoud - Raymond Terrace CHOW, Allan Wilfrid King Yee - East Killara ADAIR, Peter Harold - Turramurra CHOW, Yvonne Yuen-Fai - Milsons Point ADDISON, Michael John - Cronulla CHRONIS, Nicholas James - Stanmore ADEY, Alfred - Berrilee CHURCHIN, John Anthony - Sydney AHMED, Kamal - Razorback COLLINS, Ann Page - Westmead AHMED, Mahmoud Ahmed Mohamed Al Sai - Shellharbour COLLINS, Catherine Jane - Pennant Hills AHUJA, Rajiv - Baulkham Hills COMMANDEUR, Zoe - Warriewood AITKEN, James Alexander - Avalon Beach CONNELL, George Russell - Bowral ALCAINO, Eduardo Augusto - Burwood CONWAY, Richard - Drummoyne ALEXANDER, Sherene - Oatlands COOLICAN, John Edward - Chatswood AMDITIS, Constantine - Richmond CORNWELL, Helen Louise - Broadmeadow AMJADI, Mahyar - Randwick COULTER, Peta Beryl - Mosman AN, Qian - Allawah COUTINHO, Ajay - West Ballina ANDREANI, Yasmina - Chatswood COX, Stephen Clive - Epping ANDREWS, Nectarios - Petersham CRAIG, Graham George - Balgowlah ANKER, John Harris - Wollongong CREEDY, Brian Edward - Collins Creek ANKER, Anthony Harris - Miranda CROCKER, Philip Cameron - Berry ANTONIOU, Chrysostomos - Kangaroo Point CUMMING, Richard - Breakfast Point AQUILINA, Peter Joseph - Rozelle CURTIN, Paul - Eastwood AU, Anthony Raymond - Warrawee CURTIS, Nigel - Gosford AUSTIN, Bruce William - Sydney DAGG, Keith Miles - Casino AZIZI, Milad - Macquarie Links DALE, John William - Bellevue Hill BAHL, Adit - Northbridge DALY, Christopher George - Malabar BANNON, Michael John Benedict - Miranda DAVIS, Scott Murray - Woolgoolga BARNARD, Peter Deane - Lindfield DAWES, William - Mount Kuring-Gai DAWSON, Kenneth Henry - Port Macquarie 43 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

FELLOWS DAYMOND, Stephen Cunynghame - Sydney HOGAN, Louise Margaret Ermina - South Coogee DEANE, Stuart - Turramurra HONG, Jae-Man Zhuzhong - St Ives DEANE, Sheryn Ann - Turramurra HOWE, Andrew Macdonald - Birchgrove DHANRAJANI, Parmanand - Strathfield HOWLE, Peter Creswell - Tamworth DORNEY, Alan Brett - Pymble HUANG, Lincoln Luen-Keung - Seaforth D’ROZARIO, Robin Henry John - West Wollongong HUQ, Shazia - Castle Hill DUCKMANTON, Norton Archie - Surry Hills HUTCHINSON, Leone June - Birchgrove DUCKMANTON, Peter Michael - Pennant Hills IKRAM, Omar Hamid - Crows Nest DUGAN (NEE LAI), Kittie Kit Yuk - Baulkham Hills IRVING, Mark Allan - North Parramatta DUNN, Adrian Arthur - Vaucluse JARVIS, Ross Geoffrey - Royal Exchange DUNN, David Brenton - Sydney JAY, Emma Elizabeth - Summer Hill EDWARDS, Iain Greig - Woollahra JOLLY, Mark - Killara EGGERS, Rebecca - Bella Vista JONES, Alexandra Mary Reid - Nashdale ELLAKWA, Ayman - Seven Hills KAFALIAS, Michael Constantine - Cammeray EL-MASOUD, Bilal Mohammed Ahmed - Orange KAH, Melissa - Sydney ELSEYOUFI, Mohamed Gamal El Din - Quakers Hill KALAS, Michael - Beverley Park FATOURIS, Peter Nicholas - Waverley KALOS, Alex Peter - Darling Point FEATHERSTONE, John Lawrence - Braidwood KAMEL, Marina Salah - Revesby FELL, Robert Allan - Westmead KANG, Hyun Beth - Camperdown FITZSIMONS, Robert Claude - Coogee KARTIKO, Yudith - Woodcroft FOO, Eugene Mun Hoe - Chatswood KARVE, Avanti Parul - Strathfield South FREEMAN, Derek David - Potts Point KATHIRGAMATHAMBY, Sri - Strathfield FRYER, Shane - Wollongong KEATS, Matthew Pittman - Lane Cove GALLAGHER, Fiona Elizabeth - Brighton-Le-Sands KHAREL, Kamal - New Lambton GAN, Robert - Parramatta KIM, James Hyun - Wollongong GANTASALA, Mahesh Veera - Glenwood KIM, Ryan - Lidcombe GATES, Robert Edward - Wyong Creek KIM, James J. - Pymble GEDDES, Christopher John - Helensburgh KING, Shalinie - Glebe GEORGIOU, Anastasia Fotini - Glebe KINGON, Angus Mackenzie - Wahroonga GERZINA, Tania Maria - Killara KINGSFORD SMITH, Elisabeth Dell - Mosman GHALY, Benjamin John - North Parramatta KINSELLA, Philip - Killara GIBLIN, John Patrick - Hornsby KIPEL, Cigdem - Lane Cove North GILLINGS, Barrie Roderick D’Arcy - Turramurra KIRKWOOD, John - Northbridge GLUHIN, Elizabeth - Longueville KLINE, Patrick Wilfred - Walsh Bay GOSWELL, Anthony Clyde - Sydney KLINEBERG, Iven - Westmead GREGG, Francis Alexander - Gordon KTENAS, Paul - Coniston GUAZZATO, Massimiliano - Pyrmont KWAN, Deborah Wai Ling - Chatswood GUIRGUIS, Sam Adel - Boronia Park KWONG, Davina - Bellevue Hill GUNARATNAM, Kogulan - Concord KYAW, Emily Amarcho - Caddens GUPTA, Benjamin - Cammeray LAM, Patsandra Pui San - Botany HADDAD, Sami - Castle Hill LAN, Jennifer - Turrella HAGLEY, Paul Christopher - Tamworth LAPARDIN, Pavel - Strathfield HAPANGAMA, Narada - Wagga Wagga LAU, Joyce Wing Suet - Killara HARDWICK, James Lyndon - St Ives LAW, Amanda Wing Har - Mosman HARDWICK, Nigel John - St Ives LECHNER, Sybille Katherine - Fairlight HARGREAVES, Warren Scott - Rozelle LEE, Steven Moi Hing - Castle Hill HARRIS, Geoffrey Stephen - Cheltenham LEE, Kok Beng - Turramurra HARTY, Warwick John - Surry Hills LEE, Alexander - Hornsby HARVEY, William John - North Turramurra LEE, Joseph Cho-Yan - Kingsdene HASTIE, Peter - Warwick Farm LEE, Paulina - East Ryde HAWKINS, James Kell - Mosman LEHMANN, Gerald - Vaucluse HAY, Richard Henderson - Mittagong LEINKRAM, David Zachary - Bondi HEAP, Keith Leonard - Malabar LENEHAN, Hugh James - Epping HEARD, Fiona Margaret - Eastwood LESTER, Keith Simon - Gerringong HEE, Winston - Baulkham Hills LESTER, Kerry Joseph - Woollahra HELLSTROM, David Roger - Lindfield LEUNG, Luke Ho Pan - Carlingford HERRIOTT, Stephen Eric - Tweed Heads LEUNG, Alec Ching Lik - Hurstville HESSION, Reginald William - Pymble LEWIS, Harris Keith - Bondi HEWITT, George Henry - Pennant Hills LIEW, Vincent - Bondi Junction HING, Desmond Alexander - Vaucluse LIM, Lydia - Chatswood HO, Cheung-Tak Gareth - Burwood LITTLE, Fiona Patricia Margaret - Petersham HO, Teresa Yuen-Ting - Marsfield LIU, Frank Ting-Pang - Westleigh HOANG, Peter Duc - Lakemba LIU, Rex - Dundas HOFFMAN, Gary Russell - Broadmeadow LOCKWOOD, John - Hornsby HOGAN, Paul Francis John - Sydney LVOFF, Gregory Owen - Paddington RACDS YEARBOOK 2016 44

FELLOWS LYTTLE, Malcolm Newton Bridges - Penrith Bc POWELL, Keith Robert - Burwood MA, Matthew Paul - Kotara PRABHU, Anand Padmanabh - Hamilton MA, Serina Yok Ling - Harris Park PRABHU, Neeta Taranath - Oatlands MACCULLOCH, Reginald Douglas - Goulburn PRINEAS, Catherine - Caringbah MACKIE, William James - Killara RAO, Anupam Canchi Arun - Normanhurst MACKIE, (Robert) Colin - Warilla RAPHAEL, Sarah Louise - Balgowlah Heights MADDEN, Tristan Paul - Sydney RASEKHI, Mansoor - Mount Warrigal MADUKURI, Suman Prakash - Wentworthville RASHDAN, Tarek - Port Macquarie MALEK, Sameh - Turramurra RATCLIFFE, Peter Harry - Alexandria MALHI, Simrit - Pymble RATHSAM, Leander - Lane Cove MALOOF, Frances Rita - Homebush South REED, Barry Edwin - Charlestown MANSOUR, Peter - Cammeray REED, Maria Alexandra - Merewether MARTIN, Fjelda Elizabeth - Oatlands RIX, Leesa - Chatswood MARTIN, Anthony Peter - Mortdale ROBERTS, Kevin Joseph - Bankstown MASHEN, Zhen Yu - Kirrawee RODRICKS, Rohan - Westmead MASON-COX, Joseph - Wagga Wagga ROESSLER, David Mark - Hunters Hill MAYNE, John Ross - Bolton Point ROSEN, Ernest Martin - Waverley MCCARTHY, John Joseph - Sydney ROSSITER, Cheng-Yee - Beecroft MCEWEN, Alexander Bruce - North Sydney RUSS, Bradley John - Drummoyne MCGOLDRICK, Peter Francis - Forest Reefs RYAN, Edward Henry - Lane Cove MCHUGH, Anthony Thomas - Mcmahons Point SALAMEH, Peter - Panania MCNAUGHT, Andrew James - Blacktown SARKIS, Leba Michael - Northbridge MEDAGO, Inoka Jayathree - Albury SCHIFTER, Mark - Pennant Hills MEDAGO, Dumi - East Albury SCOTT, Juliette Maree - Drummoyne MEHANNA, Patrick - Newcastle East SEEMANN, John - Rose Bay MEKERTICHIAN, Kareen - Chatswood SELVARAJ, Anthony Patrick Prabhaker - Lake Haven MERRICK, Alistair McClelland - Welby SHAHIDI, Saleh - Turramurra MERSINIA, Dimitra - Neutral Bay SHARMA, Vikas - East Gosford MILLS, Arthur Anthony - Orange SHEORAYAN, Ajay - Hornsby MITCHELL, Brian Newton - Cronulla SHERRING, David - Miranda MITCHELL, Robert Donald - Kogarah SIBRAA, Paul Douglas - Liverpool MOBBS, William Robert - Edgecliff SIM, May Kuen - North Strathfield MOREL, Geoffrey James - Roseville SINGH, Jasvir - Kingsford MORGAN, Gary John - Chiswick SKAROS, Heba - Concord MORRIS, Craig Robert - Neutral Bay SMITH, Neville Henry Hedges - Killara MURPHY, Anthony Michael - Maroubra SMITH, Graydon Charles - Pymble MURRAY, Gregory Michael - Killara SMYTH, James - Seaforth MYLVAGANAM-DELILLO, Vasuki - Cabarita SMYTHE, John Davidson - Double Bay NAIM, Anthony Paul - Baulkham Hills SOLIMAN, Ghada - Parramatta NALBANDIAN, Sarkis - Cremorne SOMERS, Nihill Henry - Naremburn NG, Lai Poh - Maroubra Junction SONG, Jin-Seon - Milsons Point NG, Terry Man-Fai - Eastwood SOULOS, Evan - Kirribilli NGU, Katherine Phuong My - Castle Hill SOUTHWICK, John Havelock - Pymble NGUYEN, Chinh Xuan - Cabarita SPENCER, Mark Norman - Boambee NGUYEN, Khai Quang - Burwood STACY, Geoffrey Colman - Killara NGUYEN, Amy - Yagoona STENHOUSE, Mark - Merewether Heights NICHOLS, Paul Vincent - Sydney STEPHEN, Soni - West Pennant Hills NIKOLOVSKI, Jana - Figtree STEVENSON, Alastair Rowan Louis - North Sydney NIP, Catherine Ga Ying - Burwood STEWART, Allan Richard - Blakehurst NORMAN, John Edgar deBurgh - Strathfield STIMPSON, Melita Mary - Rozelle O’DONNELL, Grant William - Baulkham Hills SUKUMAR, Suma - Camperdown OLIVIER, Jodie Louise - Kellyville Ridge SUKUMAR, Smitha - Erskineville OMAR, Haitham - Yagoona SURGEON, Geoffrey Ralph - Mona Vale OMAR, Mohamed Abd Elmoniem Elsayed - Wallsend SUTHERS, William Dixon - Clifton Gardens O’NEILL, Jessica Elizabeth - Neutral Bay SUTHERS, Martin Dixon - St Ives ONG, Yuli - Jindabyne SVED, Anthony Mark - Sydney O’SULLIVAN, Mark - Charlestown SWEENEY, Ian Patrick - Turramurra OTENG-BOATENG, Benjamin Kofi Amoako - Harrington Park SYKES, David - Sydney PAGNI, Max - Castle Hill TAN, Franciskus Bengsiang - Parramatta PALFREEMAN, Vera - Broadway TAN, Daniel Chiang Hun - Penshurst PEET, Bruce Edward - Mollymook Beach TANG, Teck Huah - Lindfield PEPPITT, Neil John Joseph - Sydney TAUB, David - North Bondi POGSON, Kenneth Erle - Moss Vale TAYLOR, Barbara Anne - Coolamon POLYCARPOU, Nonie Caroline - North Parramatta TEMPLEMAN, Elspeth Anne - Orange POURSOLTAN, Payam - Castle Hill THOMAS, Graham Arthur - Moruya 45 RACDS YEARBOOK 2016

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