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Supplier Handbook Staff manual 1

Published by Pinergy, 2018-01-23 12:51:52

Description: Supplier Handbook Staff manual 1


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BackgroundElectricity market de-regulated in 2007Market open to new entrantsChoice for consumers in terms of price and supplierHandbook is “rulebook” for engagement withcustomers in order to promote competition andprotect consumers

Name ChangeThe Commission for Energy Regulation (CER)is now the Commission for Regulation of UtilitiesCRUCRU 1890 404 404By Phone: Energy Customers TeamBy Post: Commission for Regulation of Utilities,By Email: P.O. Box 11934,Website: Dublin 24 [email protected]

ReviewCRU felt customers not gaining benefit of morechoice and competitionLow awareness of market among consumersLarge cohort finding it difficult to compareoffers/tariffsLarge number of consumers inactive in the marketCommenced in 2016 via workshops with suppliersand consultationsDecision made in April 2017Implemented in October 2017

Estimated Annual Bill (EAB)EAB objective is “to make it easier for consumersto choose cheaper electricity packages amongelectricity offerings” ESRI 2016Suppliers required to display the EAB on all marketing& advertisements which promote specific offers orinclude a reference to tariff/priceSuppliers must use following methodology: Based on updated average consumption figures Must include all costs: unit rate, standing charges, PSO, prepayment charges Must not include monetary value to non energy elements e.g. loyalty points, non cash offersIssue for innovators like Pinergy where monetaryvalue of an offer is uncertain e.g. LED bulbs, free daysetcEAB must be displayed on main body ofadvertisement, in prominent positionEAB font must be no smaller than 2nd largestDefinition of EAB calculation can appear in footnotesor referenced on website

Communication: 30 Day NoticeAlleviate issue where customers revert tostandard tariff on the expiry of their fixed termcontractFormal written notice to customers issued tocustomers by post or email at least 30 days butless than 60 days in advance of the contractexpiration date stating: Date contract ends EAB under current plan Charges currently being paid by the customer, unit rate, standing charge etc EAB under the new tariff Exact text “Is this the right tariff for you?” Exact text “There are no penalties for switching when your contract expires” Reference to CRU website where information on price comparison websites and licensed suppliers is available

Communication: Annual PromptAlleviate non-engagement by large number ofcustomersSimilar to 30 day notice, notification must be issuedto customers on same tariff for 3 years or more.Issued every 12 months until customers changestariffFormal written notice states: Statement that customer on same tariff for 3 years EAB under current plan Charges currently being paid by the customer, unit rate, standing charge etc EAB under the new tariff Exact text “Is this the right tariff for you?” Exact text “There are no penalties for switching when your contract expires” Reference to CRU website where information on price comparison websites and licensed suppliers is available

Customers Ability to PaySuppliers must have clear, transparent andfair policy for dealing with customersfinding it difficult to pay their billsPrincipled based approach: Appropriate credit control policy and trained personnel Proactively engage with customers Repayments must be based on customers ability to pay Monitoring arrangements

Code of Practice on Marketing and AdvertisingGENERAL All marketing and advertising of products and services will be fair and transparent in both content and format of presentation and appropriate to the customer to whom it is directed. Customers will not be burdened by unwanted, unfair or misleading marketing or advertising methods Marketing material will be easy to understand in plain and accessible language, accurate, specify clearly the product being marketed and the period it covers. All tariff comparisons will be dated and will compare “like with like.” The customer will be made aware that competitors’ tariffs are subject to change. Any discounts will be clearly set out showing any difference in all charges. For all fixed rate tariffs that contain components that are subject to change, these will be clearly highlighted and the customer will be made aware of this. No agent will misrepresent the firm or portray competitors in a negative or inaccurate way. No agent will provide misleading information or apply undue pressure in order to gain or regain a customer.

Code of Practice on Marketing and Advertising Our agents will not exploit a person’s inexperience or vulnerability.SPECIAL PROMOTIONS If we engage in a special promotion of a product or service, we will make the current or potential customer aware of any time limit of any kind which applies. We will also make customers aware of any change in conditions which may occur once the period of the promotion expires. Where changes in terms and conditions are made, we will inform customers in writing, by top-up voucher, email or post, no more than thirty days in advance.TARIFFS We will present tariffs in accordance with the detailed requirements of the Commission for Regulation of Utilities. These are outlined in The CRU’s Supplier Handbook. We will publish all publicly available tariffs for household customers prominently on the Pinergy website.

Code of Practice on Sign UpEnsure that Pinergy is clearly identified as the newsupplier.Confirm that the person transferring the supply to us hasthe authority to do so and that if they are opening theaccount in someone else’s name, that they have theauthority to do so and to ensure that the authority of anyjoint named account holder is obtained.Allow the customer to nominate a third-party contact totheir account.Ensure: The product has been explained to customer fully and transparently Discount or energy offer is fully explained Understand in general terms how the pay-as-you-go budget controller will work. Customers understand how they can top-up Customers understand any minimum contract period that applies Ensure the customer is aware of cooling off provisions, including start and end dates. We will inform them of procedures in order to cancel their contract within the cooling off period.

Code of Practice on Sign Up Explain any deposit, in the unlikely event that this is required. Ensure that the terms make reference to the debt flagging process, if this is appropriate. Ensure that the customer receives a copy of the terms and conditions Ensure that the terms and conditions explain any penalty that may apply if the terms and conditions are not met.We will ascertain if the customer is eligible to register as avulnerable customer and advise the customer of thesteps to take should they wish to register as a vulnerablecustomer.

Code of Practice on Sign UpCUSTOMER CONTACT BY TELEPHONEWhen calling a customer We must say our name and state we are calling from Pinergy and also explain the purpose of the call. They will give a contact number on request. If told by a customer that the customer does not wish to continue the call, we will end the call. We will not make contact with customers for marketing purposes (unless specifically requested by a customer): Before 9am or after 9pm on weekdays Before 9am and after 7pm on Saturday Christmas Eve Any Public or Bank Holiday Sundays

Code of Practice on Sign UpCUSTOMER CONTACT IN PERSON Must present an ID card showing the employees full name, company name, employee photo, Pinergy address and contact The customer will be told the reason for the visit and be provided with a checklist at the door in advance of the sale. If the customers decided to not continue at any point the Pinergy employee will immediately leave the premises - the customer will be removed from any future contact if requested (this applies to events also) Times of contact are the same as previously outlined unless requested by the customer

Code of Practice on Sign UpCUSTOMER CONTACT VIA EMAIL OR SMSWe obtain an ‘opt in’ of the customer prior to contactingthem for marketing purposesWhere a customer is contacted via email for marketingpurposes, we will clearly provide the following information: Our name and address. Our email address or other means of electronic contact. Our contact number.

Code of Practice on Sign Up ContinuedCONDUCT WHEN CUSTOMERS DO NOT WISH TO BECONTACTED Where a customer confirms that they do not wish to be contacted again for marketing purposes, we will log this request and remove the customer within 14 days from our marketing database in line with data protection law. The customer will not be contacted again for marketing purposes unless further consent is given. Where we engage an external agency to conduct direct marketing on our behalf, any request by a customer to be removed from the contact list is forwarded to that company. We respect a customer’s right to privacy and use personal information only for purposes consistent with this handbook.

Code of Practice on Billing Encourage customers to send in reading Suppliers must ensure that the payment options available to their customers are clearly stated in the terms and conditions of supply Suppliers to advise customers of the importance of providing Electricity Network Operator with access to meters and customer own reads.PAYMENT OPTIONS Cash through over the counter transactions at Payzone outlets Credit or debit card over the phone Credit or debit card through our Smart App and SMS.TARIFFS AND PRICES The customer will be notified 30 days in advance of new tariff - this will be done by top up vouchers, the budget controller, our website, email, newspaper ads, and text messages We do not require a deposit.

Code of Practice on BillingCLOSING ACCOUNT AND ISSUING FINAL BILL Customers should contact us in writing or by telephone to close the account. We will supply a final statement within two weeks together with refund of any credit due if applicable by credit transfer or cheque. The customer should submit a final reading in order to close the account. If an actual reading is not available, the account will be closed based on an estimated reading.ARREARS AND ARRANGEMENTS FOR IDENTIFYING ANDDEALING WITH CUSTOMERS IN DIFFICULTY.Although the budget controller is designed to measureelectricity usage with very high accuracy, the ESB Networksmeter remains the definitive record of the electricity used bythe customer.If there is a discrepancy between the budget controllermeasure and the ESB Meter, we will endeavour to determinethe cause and remedy the situation without delay. We willaddress the discrepancy in according with our Code ofPractice on Budget Controllers.

Code of Practice on DisconnectionOur budget controller means that customers pay inadvance and so should not run up arrears.If a customer does run up arrears (because of sometechnical failure) we will withdraw the electricity supplyonly as a last resort.Each customer disconnection case will be dealt withsympathetically particularly those in financial difficulty andlimited ability to pay.We encourage customers to contact us early if they arehaving difficulties keeping up payments on their account.Meter recoups to the value of 25% of each top up will beconsidered as a means to avoid disconnection.We will facilitate situations where the customer wishes tonominate a third party contact to represent them inrelation to their energy account.

Code of Practice on DisconnectionIf disconnection arises, however, we may request ESBNetworks to withdraw supply from a customer, subject to10 working days’ notice in writing, and in accordance withthe ESB Networks De-energisation Code of Practice. No disconnection calls will be made on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, eve of a Public Holiday or a Public Holiday. No request for disconnection of a household customer will be made until a ten-day period has expired after the sending of the disconnection notice

Code of Practice on ComplaintsCustomer complaints can be made by phone (1850 945020), post (Pinergy, Suite 1 Beaver House, Beach HillOffice Campus, Clonskeagh, D4, D04Y8X5), by email([email protected]), or through our website( – Note that although complaints can bemade over the phone, in some circumstances thecustomer will be advised to issue the complaint in writingAll complaints will be reviewed and investigatedWe will deal with complaints in the customers preferredlanguage

Code of Practice on ComplaintsComplaints will strive to resolve, apologise, or otherappropriate form of redress within 10 days If the complaint can not be dealt with in 10 days the customer will be notified in writing with the name of the person handling his/her complaint. A final answer will be sent within 2 months of the original complaint If the customer is not contacted in 10 days they are entitled to compensation If the customer is not satisfied with Pinergy’s response they can refer the matter to the CRU

Code of Practice for Vulnerable CustomerCRU’s description of Vulnerable Customers (VC)A vulnerable customer is defined in legislation as a householdcustomer who is: critically dependent on electrically powered equipment, which shall include but is not limited to life protecting devices, assistive technologies to support independent living and medical equipment, or particularly vulnerable to disconnection during winter months for reasons of advanced age or physical, sensory, intellectual or mental health.Who can register as a vulnerable customeror ‘Special Services’? Over 66 years of age living alone with another vulnerable person or with minors Those suffering from mental health conditions, deaf or hard of hearing, blind or partially sighted, mobility difficulty, language difficulty, speech difficulty, learning difficulty, dexterity impaired.Supplier may require a customer to demonstrate eligibility forinclusion on their register of vulnerable customers. This mayinclude requesting medical confirmation of vulnerability.

Code of Practice for Vulnerable CustomerUpdate to EOC & Customer Agreement Form forResidential Agents – Vulnerable customer question hasbeen added to the your End of Call script – See forms inWelcome Pack Pinergy must establish, maintain and regularly update a register (“Special Services Register”) of its customers who are vulnerable customers that are particularly vulnerable to natural gas or electricity disconnection during winter months As Pinergy is a PAYG service we do not take on customers who have Priority Service needs i.e. medical equipment that is dependent on electricity supply Special Services customers sign waiver of protection against disconnection in Winter months (1st Nov-31st March)

Code of Practice for Vulnerable CustomerWe will take reasonable steps to identify customers at signup Call scripts, sign up form, welcome pack informationIf we discover that a customer is vulnerable We will advise the customer to make an application to immediately register as a VC with us. We will, also consider whether our service is suitable for the customer since their disability may make it unsuitable. We will seek to make a payment arrangement with the customer instead of disconnecting them.

Code of Practice on PAYG Metering andBudget Controllers Customers will receive an annual statement Customers will be explained how to use there Pinergy Smart System and will be given a welcome pack with full details of how to use the system Customers will have their checklist or end of call script read to them Customers will be given a copy of tariff and also directed to the website as a source of the most up to date tariff, charges etc A statement will be issued within 6 weeks of a customer leaving our supply We will provide €5 emergency credit

Customer CharterAt Pinergy, we believe in setting high standards and workinghard to live up to them. We know our Pinergy Smart Systemallows our customers to control & reduce their electricitycosts and that this is a positive innovation everyone can enjoy. We promise to provide you a high quality service. We will treat you with the same respect that we would wish to be treated with ourselves. We will act honestly and openly and in accordance with the law. We will deal with queries, difficulties and disputes in a prompt manner.

Customer CharterAt Pinergy, we believe in setting high standards and working hard to live up tothem. We know our PINERGY Smart System allows our customers to control& reduce their electricity costs and that this is a positive innovation everyonecan enjoy.• We promise to provide you a high quality service.• We will treat you with the same respect that we would wish to be treated with ourselves.• We will act honestly and openly and in accordance with the law.• We will deal with queries, difficulties and disputes in a prompt manner.

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