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College Newsletter 08 February 2019

Published by ccaspers, 2019-02-07 20:20:53

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Issue 1 8 February 2019 Candles were blessed to celebrate the start of the school year Our year begins. The community celebrates scholarship and we join for Mass. Parents get involved and the staff attend an historic moment. We begin again into university placements with their first or It was very exciting to welcome the community second preference. back for a new school year. People arrived with an enthusiasm. There was a freshness about Aliesha Finlay was the College Dux with an them. Our mums and dads had purchased a new Australian Tertiary Admission Ranking of 98.3. pairs of shoes, got sons and daughters into a This puts her in an elite class of scholars. She new uniform, had the school bag ready and the is amongst the best students in Australia and lunch box was filled. There was the new haircut, we are delighted that she was able to balance the anticipation about subjects and teachers a full sporting and community commitment and then something powerful arrived with our to the College as well as her studies. She 900 students - their optimism. They were fresh. is a wonderful person and scholar. Aleisha We found them innocent and enthusiastic, joined Mia Dennis, Eden Smith and Ellie Todd easily manageable, deeply committed. There at Government House for the Merit Award is a fragility and a strength. They want to do ceremony. This is very exclusive company with well and they are a delight. They are trying so the Governor acknowledging that they are hard. They set high expectations and they keep amongst the best in a subject. smiling. Mostly our students are saying that they are okay. Mostly everything is working as I feel absolutely confident that a student we build the first of those 2019 relationships studying at St Mark’s can achieve in any area and establish those 2019 disciplines and they wish. I congratulate the students, their routines. families and the teachers. I welcome everyone to our school year. It will be An historic day – Live, Lead and Learn blessed and busy, challenging and charming. The entire staff of St Mark’s headed down to It will be filled with people and that is just how Adelaide to begin our school year together. we like it. On Day 1 of our return we joined 5,500 other staff members in an event called “Live, Lead, An outstanding Dux and our Year 12 results learn”. We got onto a bus at 5.30 in morning Our Year 12 results from last year were and headed to the Entertainment Centre. excellent. We certainly feel very proud of There wasn’t too much singing about ‘watching the 2018 scholarship and effort of our senior the wheels on the bus going around’ but the students and in fact the 2018 group set a coffee at Port Wakefield tasted delicious. The very high standard. There were six students day was hosted by the Directors of Catholic who scored in the 90s and 42 of our students Education and our Bishop, Greg O’Kelly SJ. It received an A in at least one subject. That was a day of inspiration and finding purpose in means 42, over half, working at an A grade our vocation as teachers and support staff in level in something. There were a large number Catholic schools. We met up with many past St of students (35%) with an ATAR in the 80s. Mark’s teachers. The reunions were joy filled, That says very clearly that our Year 12s were heartfelt, and fun. We recognised our place challenged and engaged in their learning. They in a most important system for learning. We trusted teachers. They got on with it. They understood that as a staff we make a huge worked hard. They had a vision for success. difference with our partnership with parents to There was 100% SACE completion again and support our children. There was a focus on our one of my joys was seeing so many students go purpose. RECEPTION 7

Celebrating the Dux Assembly Salesian House Whole School Mass begins. The welcome liturgy was quick and Parents Council We gathered as a school group in the Good dignified which was quite appropriate for the Sunday 17 February Samaritan Hall for our whole of school Mass to summer heat. Clayton Agnew received a badge begin the year. Fr Francis and Fr Harold guided of leadership as Captain of Salesian House and us in a joyful way into the ritual and helped we enjoyed the chatter around a barbecue tea make our sense of welcome strong. There were together. It will be a good boarding year. 1000 people in the gathering and I sat just next to new Receptions. They can distract me There were eight parents at the Parents and from my prayers. Actually, they seemed a little Friends meeting and there is a drive and energy distracted from their prayers as well. It must being created in that group. They have made be overwhelming. Our teachers try to reassure some wonderful plans to build community, and guide all of our new students and there is a support school events and raise a little bit reverence and focus that is modelled to them of money. They also seem to generate much by the other students. In fact, our students are laughter and make the gathering fun. It is very good together in a large gathering. They worth coming along to make a contribution and responded well to the theme around holiness watch the richness of parent involvement in the and happiness. College. In a liturgy there are a number of great and The Parent Information Evenings for the grace filled moments. Moments of holiness or Bosco community were well attended and when we sense the sacred. One moment came partnerships were cemented between upon us. Sharon Sard, the Bosco librarian, teachers and parents. The College took a walked with her three grandchildren Lachlan, chance to talk about how we work and how we Isaiah and Harper carrying the gifts in the will ensure the best outcomes for the children. offertory procession. I felt touched by the The parents were committed to support our poignancy of a family and more so because it processes. was the day, 25 years ago, that Sharon had begun at the College. Her offering was most Rural Bus Discussion symbolic. It was about the Eucharistic gifts The State Government is currently undertaking and a commitment to St Mark’s and family a Review of School Bus Services in Regional and the humble and deeply committed service Areas. In response our Catholic Education that she has given to us. It was beautiful and SA has been pushing the case with state the delightful Harper was oblivious and full of governments, that students attending Catholic enthusiasm and the boys a little more steady rural and regional schools should be granted and reverent. Family is important in our the same guarantees and access to school bus College. Seeing it in action creates holiness and transport as students attending government happiness. schools. The Catholic Education Office has extended an invitation for families to have a Parent Connections say in the Review. It is vital that parents and I have delighted in meeting a whole number carers, have a voice in this review, and I urge of families as the year begins. There have you to visit the School Bus Review website at been Parent Information Evenings, Benedict meet the parents, a Boarders Liturgy and the bus-review/about . At this site you will find links irrepressible Parents and Friends. to the Review of School Bus Services Terms of Reference, the SA School Transport Policy, the The boarding mums and dads gathered with online discussion forums and instructions on suitcases and nervous excited children. All where to submit a written submission. We have seemed enthusiastic and hopeful even if a voice. boarding can be a little daunting when it first Greg Hay, Principal

ARreoliugniodutshEedCuoclaletgioen From the APRIM After the Festivities we had a surprise visit from Fr Harold to school this week. He presented us with a cheque for $500 to add to our fundraising total on behalf of the Santo Nino committee. Special thanks to all involved in the festival for their friendship and support. A Student’s Prayer for a New School Year Lord Jesus, I ask for Your help as I begin this new school year. Allow me to experience Your presence in the many blessings You put before me. Kasey and Keelie receiving a cheque from Fr Harold on behalf of the Santo Nino committee Open my eyes to the new challenges and exciting opportunities that this new school year Start of the year brings. Open my heart and mind to new friends Our year has launched and it is one where we are invited to remember that “happiness is holiness”. and new teachers. Throughout the year as a community we will open up the themes of holiness and peace as important features of our journey. Give me a generous spirit to be enthusiastic with my studies and courage to accept new The staff began the year with two significant reminders of their vocation in Catholic Education. opportunities. Firstly we gathered on 23 January at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre with 5500 people who all belong to Catholic Education South Australia. We looked at our Catholic Identity as the crowning Help me to be attentive to my teachers and let jewel in all that is offered in a Catholic Education experience. Presentations from Bishop Greg me experience O’Kelly, Neil McGorran Director of Catholic Education and Key Note Speaker Robyn Moore left us with inspiring and important messages to bring back to the work we do in our individual communities. Your presence in my new friends. Jesus, inspire me to do my best this year! Amen On Tuesday 29 January all staff gathered with Fr Francis and Fr Harold as well and Nichii Mardon and Helen McKeough from Catholic Education. We shared in Eucharist to renew our commitment to this wonderful vocation of working in community at St Mark’s College. We especially welcomed our new staff members as they begin their time with us. Boarder’s Begin Our boarders gathered to begin the school year. They joined with their families and staff in a liturgy to mark the beginning of their 2019 school year. We installed Clayton Agnew as the 2019 Boarding Captain and assured him of our prayers and support in taking on this leadership role. Opening Mass Enjoy an afternoon of country music Week 1 was our first opportunity to gather the whole College together to celebrate the Feast of John with local legend Cactus Martens! Bosco and the beginning of our school year. Candles were blessed and water, the symbol of life, was also blessed to be used throughout the year. We thank Fr Francis for presiding over this important SUNDAY 10 FEBRUARY, 1.30pm celebration for us. NCMA HALL, AFFORD RD Philippines Immersion Preparation St Mark’s College students who will be Over the next five months our Philippines Immersion Team will prepare for the pilgrimage they travelling to the Philippines later this year will undertake in July. Fundraising is in full swing. All funds raised by the team will go directly to the will be selling raffles, drinks and afternoon schools and centres in need that we will visit during our travels. The students attended the Santo Nino Fiesta on January 28 hosted by our local Philippine community. It is one of the ways they will get tea. The money raised will go directly to a sense of the culture they will be immersed in. It was a truly joyful carnival atmosphere to celebrate help students in the Philippines! the influence of Child Jesus in our lives.

From the Deputy Principal Safety Matters May I draw your attention to a few safety Welcome matters - morning yard duty (supervision) A very, very warm welcome to the 2019 school does not begin until 8.25am. If students year! It was wonderful to see the smiles and happen to be at school a little earlier, please hear the chatter of the students as they remind your child/ren that they need to wait entered Benedict Campus last Tuesday. in the Quadrangle area until the Yard Duty We have enjoyed a really smooth transition teacher appears in their fluoro vest. Also, all and look forward to a most successful and playgrounds except for the JP playground (in rewarding year. the morning only) are out of bounds before and after school. Thank you for your cooperation I’d especially like to thank the teaching staff with this. for opening their classrooms and acknowledge the many parents and friends who took up the As we conclude Week 2 I’d like to take this opportunity to pop in during the open times, opportunity to thank you for entrusting your creating such a positive partnership with their precious child/ren into our care and I assure you child’s educators. that we are fully committed to your children, their formal education and their wellbeing. A special ‘welcome back’ to our staff, students and families who have returned and also a Melissa Gadaleta, special ‘welcome’ to the new (and not so new) faces. Mr Caleb Brown, Mrs Jane Klingner and Deputy Principal, Benedict Campus Miss Penny Malchow have officially joined the Benedict Teaching Team and 45 brand New Reception students Oliver and Leo new Receptions have taken their first step of primary schooling; Maha Ahmad, Sophie Congratulations Bath, Maya Becker, Martha Bishop, Addison Bradley, Jett Burford, Rocco Capurso, Poppy to our Deputy Principal Clarke, Astrid Connor, Sherdin David, Bailey Dunbar, Harvie Fleming, Lily Gadaleta-Neale, Award Winners for Academic Darby Gale, Finn George, Will Halvorsen, Millie Hancock, Mia Harmer, Flynn Haskett, Achievement in 2018 Daelen Hawkins, Olivia Higgins, Isabelle Hutchinson, Alcuin Jacob, Kingston Kiriacou, 6 Red Amahli Farinola Noelle Loizeau, Luke Martlew, Jag McCarthy, Isabella McInerney, Eli Murdoch, George Olsen, 6 Blue Ruby Stark Oliver Pellegrini, Hugo Phillips, James Ramsay, Fletcher Reddaway, Willow Reed, Harper Sard, 5 Green Mitchell Court Jayah Scarce-Evans, Sophie Snowden, Amy Spence, Ruby and Leo Stevens, Jaeger Thomas, 5 Red Davyn Freer Oliver Yarrow, Adele and Ava Yiannoulis. 5 Blue Trey Luteria We also welcomed the following students and their families into our Year 1-6 community; 4 Green Taylah Cameron Austin Arthur, Lachlan Bath, Mohamed Hendy, Kailee Lack, William and Madeline Murdoch, 4 Red Liam Saler Nischay and Sanyam Saharan, Zachary and Parent / Student Info Pack Anika Taylor and Saxton Winders. We really 4 Blue Ruby Champion Return Date hope you all enjoy your time at Benedict! 3 Red Archer Cretan Friday 8 February 3 Blue Molly Hudson In Week 3 fourteen Little Lions will begin their Receptions Rest Days Transition Program and the P+F Committee will 2 Red Lexi Gebert (for this fortnight) be hosting a morning cuppa on Friday, February Wednesday 13 February 15 from 8.30am in the Good Samaritan Hall. We 2 Blue Bailey Ferme Wednesday 20 February especially invite families who are new to the school to come and meet some of our existing 1 Red Mariana Kambanos Welcome Coffee families. Friday 15 February 1 Blue Peyton Talbot A note for your diaries Rec. Green Ella Petagna Little Lions Commences Benedict Assemblies are held every Week 3, Rec. Red Saesha Nannapaneni Friday 15 February 6 and 9 each term on Wednesdays at 11.20am in the Good Samaritan Hall. You are most Rec. Blue Jayce Cook welcome to join us. Please note: the Week 6 Assembly will be held in Week 7 due to Ash Wednesday.

Benedict Campus Starting School Congratulations to our Star Students in December 2018! Star Salesian Students Luke, Mia, Adele and Ava Buddies, Alicia and Indiana 6 Red Eric Smart 6 Blue Ruby Simpson 5 Green Alicia Farrugia 5 Red Mayah Camporeale Jag and Darby were happy to start school Addison, Finn, Oliver, Noelle, Rocco and 5 Blue Daniela Thompson Kingston 4 Green Johnathan Wilks 4 Red Flyn Jaeschke Sophie, Millie, Flynn and Hugo Alcuin and Martha enjoying a book 4 Blue Maelie Williams 3 Red Tong Makuei Year 6 Leadership Program 3 Blue Aiman Ahmad 2 Red Dylan Spence 2 Blue Caprie Sheasby 1 Red Addison Murdoch 1 Blue Jace Bellifemini Rec. Green Lexie Camporeale Rec. Red Archie Reddaway Rec. Blue Mercedes Will Star Samaritan Students 6 Red Noah Mathews 6 Blue Seth Dannenberg 5 Green Josh Whitehorn 5 Red Jackson Smallacombe 5 Blue Kobi Ganley 4 Green Ariel Tee 4 Red Aiza Hashmi 4 Blue Lincoln Leske Working in partnership Aliza gives Bridie a lift 3 Red Hamish Caputo 3 Blue Eva Paxman 2 Red Baden Mellow 2 Blue Jye Rafanelli Ley 1 Red Thomas McBride 1 Blue Zara Haskett Rec. Green Isaiah Williams Rec. Red Georgia McIntyre Rec. Blue Xavier Freeman-Keeley Mason and Kobi having a laugh Julius enjoyed the activities

Parent / Student Info Pack From the Deputy Principal the first of our Parent Information Evenings. Return Date Year 7 families held their Parent Information Friday 8 February Welcome evening on Wednesday. Led by our Pastoral Welcome to the 2019 school year and a Care Coordinators, Ms Toni Freer (Year7), Ms Bosco Student Leaders’ Camp very warm welcome to all our new students Jesslyn Byerlee (Year 8) and Mr Tom Gilligan Sunday 10 - Monday 11 February and families who have joined the St Mark’s (Year 9) the evenings were a formal opportunity Community. for families to meet their child’s support staff Year 12 Parent Information Night and key teachers. Monday 11 February, 7.30pm in the The beginning of the school year is a time of BGC great anticipation and excitement. Year 7 We strongly believe that communication and a students gathered last Tuesday, bubbling with shared partnership are instrumental in ensuring Year 10 Parent Information Night nerves and enthusiasm… their first day of high a successful learning journey is experienced Tuesday 10 February, school was finally here. They are confident and I would like to take this opportunity 7.30pm in the BGC members of our community, quickly learning to thank families for their attendance and what it means to be a high school student and commitment to their child’s education. I hope Year 11 Parent Information Night enjoying the wide variety of subjects available that families left feeling informed and excited Tuesday 10 February, to them to broaden their knowledge and open about the journey ahead and assured 2019 will 7.30pm in the Bosco Centre their eyes to a world of opportunity and wonder. be another great year. Year 7 Camp Year 12 students arrived with a different Helping your child at home Wednesday 13 - energy. There was a quiet confidence. They The following are some suggestions/reminders Friday 15 February were focused and ready for the academic of how to create a calm and happy home where challenge that lies ahead. They finally had your child can flourish academically. Salesian House Parents’ procession of the Bosco Centre! Council Be explicit about your expectations Sunday 17 February New Boarders welcomed, a leader has It can help for parents to talk about goals so that your child understands that worthwhile Bosco Students’ Leader emerged things take hard work and often involve doing Commissioning Our Boarders returned, and new families things that they don’t want to do at the time. Friday 22 February were welcomed in a Beginning of the Year Liturgy last Monday evening. It was a beautiful Family atmosphere and outlook celebration of families coming together as Your child’s mood affects how well they learn. A part of a special journey. Connections and positive outlook is the best thing you can inspire friendship are strong in Salesian House. We in your children to keep them performing well at commissioned Clayton Agnew as Salesian school and willing to tackle their homework. House Captain, a proud moment for Clayton and his family. He will make an outstanding Social Networking / Gaming leader for our boarding community. Following Social networking and/or gaming can be all the liturgy, we gathered for a BBQ dinner. It consuming. Teens today can be wired 24/7 was the perfect opportunity for new families without a break. Ensuring that the use of to make connections and share in the wisdom Facebook, Mobile phones, Games are balanced of those first night nerves. There was a great and monitored. energy amongst the boarding students, they huddled together, swapping stories of holiday Provide the basics adventures. A lovely way to begin the school Making sure your child gets plenty of sleep, year. eats the right foods and exercises regularly. Student Leadership Showing up at Sports Day, school On Monday we launched Student Leadership performances, assemblies and liturgies is a with our Meet the Principal evening. Year wonderful opportunity to be involved in your 12 leaders and their parents gathered in child’s co-curricular activities. celebration. It was an opportunity for us to affirm and congratulate them on their Getting to know your child’s Caregroup teacher leadership position and to share our hopes for and subject teachers is a great support to your the journey ahead. Leaders sat down with key child. Keep teacher-parent communication support staff who will nurture and guide them ongoing throughout the year. on their leadership journey. They talked about personal qualities and goals as well as what to Create a great learning environment expect as a senior leader in their final year. It Create an environment that your child learns was a wonderful evening for both families and best in. Their study area should include an the College with great pride amongst the group. appropriate size desk with drawers, a chair Soon we will call for applications for House that’s comfortable, and good lighting. representatives. Interested students are asked to apply through their House Leader. Families gathered in partnership Work with your child to set up a homework time On Tuesday Year 8 and 9 families gathered for frame that works in with their lifestyle.

Bosco Campus Try to check finished work to show you care and offer your child the chance to ask you any questions. Chinese New Year Create a love of self-learning Develop an interest in what your child is studying. This will hopefully motivate them and make the work more meaningful. Take a specific interest Successful dialogue with your child about learning is dependent on being specific and showing interest in what they are working on. Try to avoid broad questions such as ‘how was your day?’ instead, try to show a more directed interest, e.g. ‘How did your oral presentation go this afternoon?’ or ‘who won soccer at lunchtime today?’ Try to learn about specific events and facts and direct your questions towards your child’s interests. CareMonkey With our Year 7 and 8 students studying I would like to take this opportunity to thank our community for their response to CareMonkey. This Chinese this term, teacher Ms Briony Forster platform has allowed us to communicate more efficiently in partnership. It has also assisted us in writes about the Chinese New Year. moving towards becoming more environmentally conscious as a community through the absence of handouts. The 5 February 2019 starts the Year of the Pig in the Lunar Calendar. New faces on staff This year we welcome several new staff. Some return from leave, extended contracts or transferred Based on traditions from the Xia Dynasty across from Benedict, while others are new to our community. We welcome them all. They bring lots (21BCE- 16BCE), the calendar is used today of experience and talents and will continue to enrich us as a community. to mark the dates for cultural events and symbolic ancestral days. There are twelve Marc Forster, animals that each year is named after. Deputy Principal, Bosco Campus February 5, 2019 is the start of the year of the Pig. The Pig is the twelfth of all zodiac animals. New and returning staff include Brett Hay, Emily Komljenovic, Kristofer Sjostrom, Poonam Kataria and Annie Olsen According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be decided by the order in Liz Muday comes to St Briony Forster has moved Kirby Symons has returned which they arrived to his party. Pig was late Mark’s from St Joseph’s in from Benedict Campus from leave because he overslept. Another story says that Port Lincoln a wolf destroyed his house. He had to rebuild his home before he could set off. When he arrived, he was the last one and could only take twelfth place. The pig’s chubby face and big ears are signs of fortune as well. People born in the year of the pig are said to be diligent, compassionate, and generous. They have great concentration: once they set a goal, they will devote all their energy to achieving it. Though Pigs rarely seek help from others, they will not refuse to give others a hand. Pigs never suspect trickery, so they are easily fooled. Generally speaking, Pigs are relatively calm when facing trouble. No matter how difficult the problems are that Pigs encounter, they can handle things properly and carefully. They have a great sense of responsibility to finish what they are engaged in. If you have a student in Year 7 or 8, ask them to find your Chinese Zodiac sign and you can see how accurate you think these descriptions are!

Bosco Campus Around Bosco Campus House Parent Denise Ardon presents Clayton Austin ready to play during PE Bella, Amity and Grace creating in woodwork with his leadership badge Claire and Meteha getting creative Liam, Levi and Makon in Year 8 Design Sophie at the Salesian House Liturgy Mr Jordan assists Declan on the bansaw Year 12 Leaders met with parents and staff Athletics practive on the oval Kayla and Georgia enjoying Drama lesson The Year 7s were supported by teachers in the start of their high school journey

Around the College College Opening Mass Our community gathered and the beginning of the school year was celebrated with the Opening Mass. Waiting patiently for the Mass to start A special blessing Scarlette and Chelsea light the House candles Cleo receives Communion Standing for the readings Our Receptions first Opening Mass Dux Assembly The Dux of the College Aleisha, achieved a Our Mayor Leon Stephens was a special guest at the Dux Assembly ATAR of 98.3 Georgia was congratulated by Lauren and Eden was congratulated by Cooper and Our College Captains Jack and Millie Charlie Jaylea addressed the gathering

Community Notices RSL Bursaries for Year 12 Students Contact Natasha or Kellie for details: One $1000 bursary will be awarded to a student E: [email protected] at each school in Port Pirie. To apply, submit your CV, Academic History including your involvement [email protected] in school and community and your goals for the P: 0416 239 676 future. Applications due 8 March 2019 at the Music Tuition 2019 Wendy Palmer is now taking enrolments for RSL, The Terrace, Port Pirie. piano, guitar and singing lessons for 2019. Please contact 0439 164 899 for information. St Mark’s Celtics Netball Netball Registration details have been made SA Dental Service available at both campuses this week. Senior Registration and Merchandise Orders will take Keep your kids smiling place on Thursday 21 February, 6:30-8pm in the St Mark’s Sports Centre Bosco Campus. Junior Dental care is FREE for ALL babies, preschool and most children under 18 years Registration and forms need to be paid into the at School Dental Service clinics. Benedict Office by Friday 22 February. The School Dental Service is a Child Dental Benefits Schedule provider. Hip Hop Bounce, fresh dance that’s all about Call us now for an appointment! fun! Your local clinic is: Pt Pirie West School Dental Clinic Phone: 8632 1926 • Huge range of dance styles including Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Bounce-Sing (Musical Theatre), Contemporary and Adult’s Dance Fitness. The School Dental Service is a Child Dental Benefits Schedule provider. Call us now for an appointment! • Home of the Bounce All Stars Cheerleading Your local clinic is: program encompassing Stunt, Pom and Phone: Tumble. • Take classes to perform, compete or just Port Football and for fun; 2 years to adults, beginner to Community Sporting Club advanced. Open daily from 9.00am • All competition teams are now open to new members, we have teams for 5 years to adults in Hip Hop, All Star Cheer, Pom, Jazz and Contemporary. • Our very own Little Bouncer Club specifically designed to introduce your 2 or 3 year old to the magic of dance. • VET/SACE dance certification options for school years 9 and up (Port Pirie) • Five nights of classes in Port Pirie, over 50 classes to choose from. • New classes with updated timetables in Jamestown, Clare, Whyalla and Crystal Brook.

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