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Queenscliff June 2020 No. 326 and Point Lonsdale Your Community Voice \"Spend some time with us!\" Local businesses are re-opening their doors this month with a new video pitch that takes would- be-visitors into local stores and asks them to 'Spend some time with us.' Pictured: The Bookshop at Queenscliff's Jane Tuttle. Photo courtesy PLonQ David McDonald Builders David McDonald Builders sets the standard in prestige homes. Specialising in unique design and renovations of outstanding scale and style. Building with Excellence The Rip June 2020 Page 1 • p: 0418 599620 • e: [email protected]

The Rip June 2020 Page 2

Community Letters workshops on hold for now Adding up the costs of It takes a village... Destination Queenscliff By Kitty Walker One of the very big positives about trading Queenscliffe Climate Action Group. The Wreck Bell has been rung on Destination during CV19 in Point Lonsdale has been Queenscliff. After six years of wasted effort, the overwhelming sense of community and This has been an incredibly tricky period taxpayer funded rescue packages approaching consideration for each other. In some ways it’s for everyone in the Borough and never has a staggering $1 million, plus undisclosed felt like the village slipped back in time and it felt more important to come together as a council overhead costs left to be picked up landed perhaps somewhere in the 1950s! Home community. As restrictions slowly begin to by the unwitting Queenscliffe ratepayers, the delivery and even more personalised shopping lift, Queenscliffe Climate Action Group has project has finally been cut adrift. services have been connecting with those in regrouped with the Borough of Queenscliffe isolation. and mapped a way forward to re-engage our What appears to have been salvaged is the community to develop our Climate Emergency controversial South Hesse St project where Queenscliffe Council carers have quietly Response Plan (CERP) together. apparent “improved drainage works” will looked after our elderly isolated in their continue to see polluted outfall flow onto homes. We’ve witnessed cheerful deliveries  Just before the full impacts of COVID-19 the Queenscliff back beach, and an enhanced of beautiful gourmet meals, carefully selected restrictions presented themselves, Council had streetscape with additional car parking spaces, wines, warm and snuggly knits, cups of coffee, approved the process, timelines and budget delivered to the doorstep of an adjacent gaming pharmaceuticals, groceries and other staples, within the Borough’s ‘Climate Emergency venue already planning future renovations. bringing a smile to many. Response Plan Project Initiation Document,’ with a clear commitment to holding all- Fortunately the project also includes the long Our pets have never looked as pampered, important, community-wide workshops before awaited under-grounding of the electricity thanks to La Petterie’s fastidious grooming and the end of March. lines. care. At the Tomato Farm, Ange and Jane have packed hundreds of boxes of beautiful produce   The inability for us to gather together We now move on to The Hub project with ready for collection for locals and visitors alike. has meant that these workshops could not some $5.75 million of new taxpayer funded Thank goodness too for our newsagency and proceed. The good news is, Council has booty which, it appears, has fallen into the post office, which has dealt so calmly with the recommitted $40,000 to this project in its 2020/21 hands of the Borough of Queenscliffe Council tsunami of parcels and mail arriving daily. budget, which is a really important outcome. crew. Our beaches have also been very well We have always believed that our community We can but hope that Council has learned loved. There have never been so many sets must drive the development of this plan for it from the Destination Queenscliff debacle and of footprints in the sand as during this time to be successful. Council are rightly concerned stormy seas are safely navigated as The Hub of social isolation. The surf has consistently that moving to a remote, online model of project progresses. pumped and has provided a much-needed community workshops is unlikely to produce adrenaline fix for young and old. the type of energetic conversation and idea Keith Stowers generation that we want to build this project on. Queenscliff We’ve discovered Lonnie is a great place to live during times of anxiety and isolation.  The plan now is to ensure we are absolutely SHARE YOUR VIEWS The traders want to thank the community for ready to roll with workshops when restrictions Views expressed in published letters are not supporting them as much as possible. We really are lifted to allow public gatherings. In the necessarily those of the editor. Letters may are so appreciative of your patronage. We meantime, we will work with Council to be edited. Preference will be given to letters look forward to continuing to trade in maybe develop a comprehensive information and carrying the author's name and address. Email different ways, but, hey, that is all part of the survey pack and will conduct small, stakeholder letters to [email protected] creative magic of this quirky little village! consultations online, so that when workshop Thank you! dates are set, the community is already actively Point Lonsdale Traders engaged.  Regular updates can be found on our website: POINT LONSDALE which is again for Queenscliff. The good news is by the Office of the Victorian Government CIVIC ASSOCIATION a $640,000 allocation for works on the Lonsdale Architect before the formal planning process NEWS Lighthouse Reserve, however this is well short begins and public comment is sought. Council of the $1 million plus originally promised for also expects to have a facility manager in place Have your say on the Hub this priority project. Monies have also been set- for the start of an expanded Hub operation. aside for a new Coastal Strategy and Climate Council is currently seeking on-line community Besides COVID and continuing sea erosion Action Response Plan. feedback by 7 June for their Hub floor plans along Lonsdale Bay’s shoreline other note through their survey monkey medium - . www. worthy matters include Council’s 2020/21 An early set of draft drawings showing ]. Budget and soon to be released plans for the internal and external features for the new $5.75 million Queenscliffe Cultural Hub. Queenscliff Cultural Hub surfaced recently. They showed the library building largely Most residents would have received untouched and the new connecting Hub Council’s brochure for next year’s budget building, housing the museum, visitor outlining welcome spending on assets, information centre, auditorium, a lift and environment and waste, planning and other shared amenities for the 3 tenants. These plans deliverables. Other features include a two per have now been superseded with new ones that, cent rate-capped increase, a rebate to offset at the time of writing, haven’t been seen. Issues rising waste collection charges, annual property to be addressed in the revised plans include revaluations, $422,000 borrowings and $6.5 the construction materials to be used, the front million carry over capital spend, the majority of of the new building and how the new design sits with Queenscliff’s 150 year old heritage streetscape. The Association understands that the latest design plans are being prepared by the consultants KTA, which must then be reviewed The Rip June 2020 Page 12

Opinion City of Greater Geelong Update We need to move forward together By Cr Jim Mason It's been a tough three months for local stock fridges with food, bring back the previous A big thanks to everyone who took the time business, with many forced to stand down staff quotient or go back to business as usual. to read through the Draft 2020-21 Budget and staff, change their business models or close give their feedback, before consultation closed! their doors altogether as a result of Victoria's As we move into the second half of 2020, In case you didn’t have the chance to browse COVID-19. let’s work together as a community to enjoy, through the projects and initiatives proposed Trish Berry, owner of Point Lonsdale's Noble highlight and share what we have. Let’s all for the Point Lonsdale area, I’ll take you Rot, says ther community must learn lessons think and do outside the square. through a handful. and move forward together... Here are some of my suggestions: Council’s set aside $610,000 for a second year of funding for the Bellarine Enhanced The gradual easing of C-19 restrictions is • Be a tourist in your own town. Broadband Installation project, which is bringing some relief but also further uncertainty Finally buy that “present to self,” a partnership between the City, Deakin for many of us. From our a small local business book a romantic night or two in local University and AARNET. perspective, the last two months have been accommodation, try a new eatery or We’re proposing to install and run high tough - beyond even the most dire economic coffee shop, visit the galleries, walk or capacity optical fibre from South Geelong Train environments we could have imagined - with ride a different path and enjoy a new Station along the Bellarine Rail Trail corridor no capacity to plan more than a week or two view. to Queenscliff. For those of us who don’t fully ahead, no certainty, no end in sight. understand that technology lingo, it just means • A taxi boat between the Queenscliff and the project will bring faster internet to the We, along with many businesses, are counting Point Lonsdale piers for both locals and region – which is always welcome! the cost of significantly changing our operations, tourists, co-ordinated with ferry arrival As chair of the Rural and Coastal portfolio, coupled with the cancellation of annual events times… wonderful… a step back in time the $160,000 set aside for the development of a which help sustain us in the low season. The and definitely a business opportunity! Southeast Bellarine Coastal Reserve Strategy is Literary Festival, the Queen’s Birthday long right in my wheelhouse. weekend buzz before hibernation, Lighthouse • Enhance the street and locations The funding will go towards getting together Films, the fiery Low Light Festival, Lighthouse experience. Add a vibrancy with a panel of experts to investigate combining the Arts Collective events. All gone. Employment expanded outdoor seating capacity, Buckley Park Coastal Reserve, which stretches of locals cut. Family members instead doing the cooking and serving food outdoors, between Point Lonsdale and Ocean Grove, and pizza and wine delivery run to cut costs. external retail displays, art installations, the Lake Victoria wetlands. Doing this could planter boxes, more greenery - all result in a better protected wildlife park. There have been many positives. Sadly, they supported by more streamlined and As you can see, these proposed allocations won’t show up on our profit and loss statements reduced permit requirements cover vastly different fields. The focus has but they are positives, nonetheless. We have been on delivering connectivity of shared paths enjoyed and appreciated sustained loyalty from • Join together to create ‘Integrated and other facilities and initiatives that the our regulars. Being frequently asked ‘how are Borough Experience' packages of community has been asking for in an equitable you going’ and hearing and feeling the heart- food, wine, retail, galleries, festivals, and accessible manner. warming concern that we not go under. We accommodation, spa and beauty Isolation busters: While it’s great to see state have met the new faces of those who holed indulgences, walking and cycling and coronarvirus restrictions have eased, we must up down here, with more time to “discover” historical sites. It’s all here now and can continue to follow the guidelines that keep us us. We’ve established a partnership with the be broadly marketed (particularly to the safe. Bookshop at Queenscliff, with books and wine other side) inclusive of meet the ferry As we know, the pandemic has upended being a marriage made in heaven. packages. everything and that often means our healthy routines are out of whack. Businesses like ours need to learn from this Some may say “Too hard - wouldn’t work While you’re keeping warm at home, I experience and the experiences of others. We’ve here,” “Will spoil what we have,” “We don’t suggest you take a look at the City’s website learnt that we need to be as creative, adaptable, need it…” called ‘Healthy at Home’. resourceful, tolerant and flexible as possible. It’s an online toolkit full of fact-checked I can’t agree. We must move on and open information and practical tips to live a healthy We will all be taking baby steps on the road our doors wider if we want the Borough to live lifestyle, including meal planners, shopping to recovery. The lockdown and the risky future on and thrive post the virus. lists, meditation exercises, workouts and have taught us that we all need to be patient, Trish Berry information about respectful relationships. expect the unexpected, look forward not back Noble Rot Wine Store and Bar ‘Healthy at Home’ can be found here: www. and embrace, or at the very least, tolerate Point Lonsdale change. The threat of again having to re-shape what we do looms large, so we can’t instantly Council’s agenda is still to work on un nished projects COVID -19 has changed the Borough’s priorities but only to Given the social distancing issues it is not possible to confer the point where Council must make decisions on in the usual manner. We are currently working on the best community services, support and keeping its residents safe. methods to obtain input into strategies to reduce Council The CEO and Council need to implement state and federal and community emissions. Some have suggested we have strategies on matters of safety and budget which takes a the original 2012 strategy rea rmed, then publish it for great deal of o cer time. I can assure you local initiatives comment by community groups and individuals to avoid including Climate Emergency and emissions reduction are signi cant delays or more costs. still very much on the agenda. One of the major issues we I would welcome any suggestions you have on this face is that of community consultation. important part of strategy development. If you would like to give a suggestion or feedback on this or any other Council initiative please use the Email: [email protected] or phone 0418931508 Cr Rob Minty This is a paid insert into your local newspaper by Cr Rob Minty The Rip June 2020 Page 13

Business Advice 12430912-SN46-19 Self Managed Super Funds Taxation Local Accountants on The Bellarine font James Rush FCPA oiQQHHnPliHoouutdommeeoLai&neeloyeeitnndPnssfHLssaososffcchoryiodoonllonhiimaQrrtffffHrosltLHHueelodaaitodeesoomannn&aerlllsmddoiiyenedddQnssrPPaaa&rceuelooyyolteneinhQfiintfeRRnnthaeauneettoltleshCsn&nmLLeoceoottnelaaannisCslflsssssocftddlaaaiaannlleedd CPA Luke Joyce hhoorrtt TTeerrmmofRR1ee-nn4ttaamllssoffnoothrrs11--44 mmoonntthhss.. Tel 5256 2815 80 The Avenue, Ocean Grove ce The Rip - 1/9thFranchises Now Available NTS au Outlined font ce Reduce the stress & time you spend on For MORE than just Mowing! your business paperwork by letting Epic Gardening, Mulching, Rubbish Removal Gardening, manage your bookkeeping for you. • Bank Reconciliations GuHtteeLdraJsgoneCbdTlsserBcaiFmaoorrpedmMidynOi,RngCEIg,ntoh,EsraRnpuxjporiudaserteanrm-ttcoeoePwn/iWrnWugM!onoorirFFFnkrrrwkaaannngAAAcccciNNNvvvhhhnaaaooooiiisssiiiwwwllleeegaaavsssbbbllleeeer Gardening, • Accounts Payable & Receivable PoFolricMeOPRoCElicthheaeCnhcjeukcskteemddowing! • Payroll (Including STP) IOnHsu&rSedCompliantFor MwOwIPIOIOPnnnRoowHHsssElluuuii.&&jcctrrriSSheemeeeadddCCCCsnmoohhjmmeeuoccswppkktlleeiimnaaddnngott.wneintg! Expert GPraurdneinngin, gH, • BAS Services • Xero software set-up wwOwH.& Expert Pruning, H Fran Briard: 0449 168299 or 131 ExpIenrstuPrarunncien/gW, Ho [email protected] InsuBroadnyceC/oWrpoo InsuBroadnyceC/oWrpoo 111333111 555BodyCorpo ouerferrr1co5slb1fiupuuaa-xgrerlbuiu1fcasy5lubermiunerayasdxgaiblbts,inuiuashnbsbyyberWpeoeefyayosoLcaiaemrfntsaiiucsrshno1suhdxetpupp-ossa1suLraeoeiambd5nrclurfruewtaeiydgxaetxocetrhulushufioeahobsekrtreyfemhusnaeoypteoshctriselfnehwioeeasafhdatmeumoymapwfseolfryeiiisuelaeiyldtery,mhawfnk,oryindmeilmeyolh MECHANICAL REPAIRS Pt Lonsdale/Queenscliff Automotive Service Centre Automotive Centre ○MECHANICAL REPAIRS (Steve Higgins) ○LOG BOOK SERVICING Full Car Servicing ○ENGINE TUNING All Mechanical Repairs ○TYRES & BATTERIES ○LOCAL FREE PICK UP & DELIVERY [email protected]@pcycruetihcretoqofnbnfnrcriesde.ihucneollydotfnbaloydnm.u!cctlsryoo.anmcsuou.anltsauun Fully Qualified Mechanic Air Conditioning All work guaranteed Repairs & Services 5258 1841 Pick Up Service Available 56 Bellarine Highway, Queenscliff [email protected] (Local area only) wwwwww.wqwh.wqch.bqc.bhc.occbomm.c..aoaumu .au The Rip June 2020 Page 14 46 Bellarine Highway, Queenscliff L onLnoineLnSoiennanSpinesaSpPnshaPopthsoogPtrohagoprthaoypghrayphy PHONE: 5258 4668 0418 524 861

Festival delivers $4.5 million economic boost Last year’s Queenscliff Music Festival (QMF) in 2019,” he said. “We’re in a great place going now have national and international events was officially the best on record, according to forward, even with COVID restrictions likely looking at us as best practice.” figures contained in the event’s annual report. impacting us this year. Key figures from the 2019 festival include: More than 27,000 people attended over its “The demographics really show that we’re • $4.49m Economic Impact (up from three days in late November, ploughing a hitting our market. We’re aiming to appeal to $3.78m reported in 2018). record $4.49 million into the local economy - up a family friendly, cross generational, music • $144k in Community Benefits through from $3.78 million in 2018. loving crowd. We want to be inclusive and donations and fundraising. a safe environment. We had a 30-plu per cent • 7.2% overall ticket sales increase on “2019 was a record crowd, with a increase in children 13 and under last year, 2018 corresponding increase in the average nights which really shows we’re delivering on that. • Total attendance over 3 days = stayed locally too,” said QMF Director Andrew 27,389 Orvis. “That’s absolutely the largest crowd “We’re now a leader in the waste and recycling • 514 volunteers we’ve ever had. I’d say The Waifs Sunday space too which we’re extremely proud of. We • QMF diverted 95% of waste performance on the Lighthouse Stage was the generated at the event from landfill biggest single crowd for a show we’ve had in • 178kg of waste (equivalent of 6.5 x history too.” 240L wheelie bins) collected at the festival sent to landfill. Ticket sales were up by almost eight per cent, • 94% of attendees come from outside with close to 90 per cent of attendees staying of 25km radius locally for two or more nights. • 55% of the crowd is aged 45+ • 71% female Mr Orvis said the positives figures • 88.9% of attendees stay locally 2 or demonstrated the festival’s place as a mainstay more nights on the Victorian events calendar. QMF plays a waiting game for 2020 event Pg 28 “We’ve done a lot of work in the last six years to consolidate the festival, improve the overall h of A4event and increase early ticket sales, and the benefits of that hard work really came to fruition , Mulching , Mulching H,eMdguelcThriinmgming Hedge Trimming HoerkdcgoevTerimjobmsing oorrkacteovweorrjkobs oorrkacteovweorrjkobs 555444666orate work The Rip June 2020 Page 15

DIGBY MORAN Stimulus boost for ferry terminals LANDSCAPES Searoad Ferries has been given a much- COVID-19 restrictions, with travel bans forcing (Assoc. Dip Hort, Burnely) needed shot in the arm, with the Victorian it to halve its services and stand down staff. Government allocating $5 million towards Specialising in low-maintenance, the construction of new ferry terminals in The new funding comes on top of $10 million low-water gardens Queenscliff and Sorrento. promised to the project under the Federal Government’s $370 million Geelong City Deal. Design & Construction The funding forms part of the $2.7 billion The company has previously claimed the new Quality Paving Building Works package, aimed at kick-starting terminals will deliver a $48 million impact and Retaining Walls the economy by fast-tracking shovel-ready create 193 jobs during the construction phase. Turf projects. Irrigation Other local projects to benefit under the The company’s $36 million project includes Building Works package include $8.03 million Landscape Plans for Council new larger terminals on both sides of the bay, for a new Bellarine Secondary College VCE approval to accommodate the almost one million people centre and $9.6 for the Portarlington Pier and who travel on its ferries each year. ferry service. Qualified Tree Arborist Searoad Ferries has been hard hit by 0412 520 438 or 5258 1547 email: [email protected] Railway derailed by pandemic The Bellarine Railway has issued a plea for maintenance during lock-down, in readiness inancial help to counter the impacts of the for the operation’s resumption. coronavirus. “One of our biggest challenges we will Despite an easing of COVID-19 restrictions face when we do return is being able to help across the state, the not-for-profit attraction, families ride our beautifully restored trains and which relies on tourist dollars to survive, is not maintain social distancing at the same time, we in a position to recommence its operations. can do this with compartment carriages and modifications,” he said. The organisation has established a donation page and is asking supporters to pitch in. Donations can be made on the Bellarine Railway web page. “Whilst we don’t have a return date set just yet it is hoped that maybe in the next few months we can start running passenger trains again and also look at some of our famous events such as Thomas the tank engine weekends,” said Railway president Steve Dalton. “Even though we are not running services, we don’t have an income and we still need to pay the bills and keep the lights on. Being a not for profit organisation this has and is exceedingly difficult for us.” Mr Dalton said volunteer crews had been working on a number of projects and track Massage Therapist HOME MAINTENANCE Petrina Blair-Tierney Including • BATHROOMS Remedial/Sports/Relaxation/TMJ • KITCHENS Ph: 0429 380 317 Grant Rogers - Point Lonsdale PH: 0438 261954 Ct. Neuromuscular Therapy Dip.Ther.Mass/B.Ed. (Phys Ed) The Rip June 2020 Page 16 Health Fund Rebates Available POINT LONSDALE

The first of yoOurrgpahnoisteos three fitness stations has We can: been installed • Scan your old photos to print, preserve & share. in Point • Caption & keyword your photos so you can Lonsdale search for them anywhere on your computer. Outdoor gym almost ready to go • Retouch & repair the digital copy of your The first elements of remains hygenic. photos to remove unsightly elements that spoil Queenscliffe's new outdoor “We know our community is your precious images. gym have being installed, just in • Make a digital photographic archive of your time for an easing of coronavirus excited to use this equipment, and family’s history. restrictions. we’ll let residents know as soon as Local small business. the equipment is ready for public Non-contact pick-up & drop-off. A workout station has been use,\" said Council spokesperson installed in Point Lonsdale’s Connor Parker.  To enquire please ring Lisa village park, opposite the on 0478 629 203. shopping centre. “Construction on the project is continuing as scheduled, and is Another will be placed an opportunity for us to provide further along the Point Lonsdale employment during difficult foreshore, and a third pod of economic conditions,” Mr Parker equipment will be located in said. Queenscliff’s Princess Park. The Queenscliffe Rotary Club COVID-19 restrictions on the was awarded $127,000 for the use of outdoor gymnasiums were fitnress trail after receiving the lifted on Tuesday May 26. most number of votes in the Victorian Government’s 2018 Pick It is unclear, however, how My Project initiative Council will ensure the equipment THE RULES AND FORMATS HAVE CHANGED FOR POWERS OF ATTORNEY Think ahead and be proactive! If you or a loved one became mentally or physically incapable, e.g. by an accident, a stroke or dementia, who would you want to manage your affairs and look after your money? A trustee company or at total stranger appointed under the Guardianship and Administration Act or a family member and a person of your own choosing? The solution is simple – have an Enduring and a Medical Power of Attorney drawn by a professional. ITS QUICK, IT’S SIMPLE AND IT WORKS! BRUCE ARTHUR & ASSOCIATES - LAWYERS Deceased estates + conveyancing + Wills + Powers of Attorney Servicing the Bellarine and Melbourne 94311070 • 52584847 • 0402133455 The Rip June 2020 Page 17

Crigan bookkeeping Ph: 0 4 1 7 5 4 3 7 8 6 because your time is valuable 3 D visualization New Homes 364159278 BOOKKEEPER & & REGISTERED BAS AGENT Warren Hobbs Heritage Energy efficient ● All aspects of bookkeeping and Business Archit ect Activity Statements Extensions Townhouses ● Updating your books [email protected] Commercial ● Calculation & lodgement of BAS ● Payroll - Single Touch Payroll Shop 3-54 Hesse St. ● Communication with ATO as required Queenscliff 3225 Daelene Crigan BAS agent 0416 148 861 25951362 [email protected] Builders with Experience Green Smart Builders Builder with Experience in Quality customised & architecturally-designed new homes, Your Point Lonsdale renovations & extensions Window Cleaning Specialists 5258 4640 - 0418 366938 Residential and Commercial [email protected] Eric Harvey 0448721399 2062 Bellarine Highway, Marcus Hill WILLS & ESTATES We can assist you with: Registered Building Practitioner. HIA Member › Wills and succession planning › Powers of attorney Local Wills & › Probate › Administration of deceased estates Estates Lawyer › Disputed estates › Home visits are available Sarah Murray 03 5226 8574 The Rip June 2020 Page 18

Libby Coker to take part in Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout O’D O W D Federal Member for Corangamite Libby Australia. This year is the third time the event design + construction Coker will this year take part in the Vinnie’s has taken place in Geelong. CEO Sleepout to raise funds to help break the imagine cycle of homelessness experienced by hundreds Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this innovate of thousands of Australians. year’s Sleepout will take place online, with create participants are sleeping on their couches, in The impact of COVID-19 has led to an their backyards or in their cars. 50 YEARS OF increase in demand on support services across BUILDING EXCELLENCE the region,\" Ms Coker said. Ms Coker acknowledge the work of the staff and volunteers at the St St Vincent de Paul “There are many people in our region who Society. are doing in tough and the pandemic has led to greater need as a result of people losing their “It is heartening that there are so many people job or experiencing a reduction in their income. putting their hand up to provide essential support to those in need, especially when many “I am looking forward to participating in of them are doing it tough themselves.” this year’s CEO Sleepout in order to raise awareness of the challenges being faced by The CEO Sleepout will take place on 18 June people experiencing homelessness, and raise 2020. much needed funds for frontline services.” You can make a donation to Libby Coker’s The CEO Sleepout began in Sydney in 2006. fundraising effort at Since then, it has expanded to cities across fundraisers/libbycoker. ADVERTORIAL CREATIVE PLANTING RETAINING WALLS AUTOMATED GATES DECKING OUTDOOR STRUCTURES GARDEN LIGHTING PAVING TURF MAINTENANCE Award-winning quality Sustainable designs 5258 1634 The Rip June 2020 Page 23

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