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Top flipbook software for teachers to make inspiring textbook with multimeida and animation.

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AnyFlip Gives You an Attractive and Interactive Textbook

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Have you ever heard about the students complaining the boring class and assignments? I guess the answer must be yes. The traditional paper textbook with just printed words and photos have been considered as belonging to the buggy-whip age and cannot satisfy the curiosity and imagination of the kids. Therefore, more and more educational institutions begin to seek help for the interactive flipbook software. From where I stand, I think a successful textbook should be full of the contents which are interesting and lively, practical and effective. How about having a look at the comparison of traditional paper book and the digital flipbooks below? And you will understand well the overwhelming advantages of digital flipbooks.

Traditional paper book VS digital flipbooks

1. There is no doubt that traditional paper book cost much more money and time, also more paper. However, digital flipbooks cost people zero paper and little time and money for the reason that they just need one flipbook maker and convert fast and deliver to every student without any labor or any cost.

2. One of the pressures of today’s students is their huge and heavy schoolbags filled with all kinds of paper textbooks. But for the digital flipbooks, what they only need is just one mobile device like a pad for study. They can view all the contents on the pads, mobile phones or laptop.

How to make an inspiring textbook with the interactive flipbook software

1. PDFs to flipbooks

As there are lots of textbooks for one grade, so the Batch Convert function in AnyFlip plays a much import role here. Prepare all the PDFs of the textbook and then just import them simultaneously into the software. If you want to readjust the page size, you can choose a wide page cut mode to cut the pages. It is so nice and wise to add the watermark of your school badge in the flipbooks. You can achieve this during importing.

2. Design and customize

After import, you can begin to decorate the flipbook with the powerful functions. Lots of pre-designed themes, templates, backgrounds and scenes are here for you. A lively layout gives a stunning first image to your students and catches their eyes in the first time. In addition, you can insert some teaching videos in the flipbooks to “talk to your students”. Add slideshow while you need to show more photos for one theme.

3. Deliver to every student

Depending on different needs of different students, you can publish your flipping textbook as multiple formats with the help of this software. The following formats are supported, HTML, EXE, ZIP, App, FBR, mobile version or burn it to CD/DVD. In this way, students can read the digital flipping textbook anywhere and anytime.

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