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Highlights for Children (July 2019)

Published by Flip eBook Library, 2020-03-18 07:08:59

Description: Highlights for Children Magazine

Ages 6-12


You Loved it Then, Today’s Kids Love it Now!

Highlights for Children, often referred to simply as Highlights, is an American children's magazine. It began publication in June 1946, when Highlights magazine was first published. As times changed, so did kids, and so did we. Don’t worry, though — we’re still the same trusted children’s magazine in the most important ways. The experts at Highlights still know how to keep kids motivated with fun while they are learning and practicing the essential skills they will need in school. Since its inception Highlights has carried the slogan "Fun with a Purpose".

Skill-Building Fun

The Highlights motto is Fun with a Purpose. In every 40-page issue, kids explore new topics, investigate fascinating subjects and find out about the world. A Highlights magazine subscription for kids will bring them 12 months filled with stories, games, puzzles, riddles, science experiments, craft projects and activities that are as entertaining as they are educational.

Plus, Highlights never includes third-party advertising, so you can rely on it to be a commercial-free zone where your young reader can play, learn and just be a kid.

Highlights Kids Are Cool!

One of the founding principles of Highlights is that we believe in helping kids become their best selves: curious, creative, caring and confident. That’s why we keep up with the interests of kids today, while upholding time-honored values like respect, manners, fair play, kindness, honesty and more.

Goofus and Gallant are still prompting kids to think about right and wrong behaviors, and “Your Own Pages” motivates kids to be creative and share their work for possible publication. We love to see what Highlights kids can do!


For more than 70 years, Highlights children’s magazine has been bringing Fun with a Purpose to kids everywhere.

What does it do?

- Hidden Pictures scenes develop persistence, attention to detail and concentration
- Matching games and other puzzles boost problem-solving skills
- Crafts and science experiments give kids self-confidence
- BrainPlay and other features let kids know their opinion is valued
- Stories from other lands and cultures expand children’s empathy

Kids love:

- Entertaining stories about kids like them
- Jokes and riddles to keep them giggling
- Fascinating science and nature topics
- A chance to see their own creative works in print
- Favorite features like Ask Arizona and The Timbertoes
- Seasonal crafts and activities

Parents love:

- Sharing the beloved Highlights tradition
- Award-winning, trusted content
- Watching their kids become curious, creative, caring and confident
- Ad-free means pure fun with no distractions
- Gets kids to enjoy thinking and learning
- Promotes positive values and creativity


Read the Text Version July 20 19 HIDDEN PICTURES PUZZLE TOWN ! FIND OUR APP AT “The Missing Cookies” • See page 20 Let’s Mooove!

Dear Readers Highlights High Five has received the Family Choice Award, the Association of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award for Preschool Fiction and the Preschool Periodical of the Year Award, the Learning Magazine Teachers’ Choice SM Award for the Family, the NAPPA Gold and Silver Awards, and awards from Parents’ Choice and the National Parenting Center. To subscribe to High Five or transfer your subscription to Highlights , make a payment, change your address, or for other customer-service needs, such as changing your contact preference, please contact us: • Online: • Call: 1-800-255-9517 • Write: P.O. Box 5878, Harlan, IA 51593-1378 Sincerely, Meghan Dombrink-Green, Editor y, Meghan Dombrin We love to hear from you! [email protected] PARENTS: If your child has outgrown High Five , call to switch to Highli hts g at any time. The salt water difference! Luke, age 3, from Florida shows his results from the science activity in the January 2019 issue. Say “Squeeze!” Magdalena, age 5, from Arkansas makes juice from oranges (February 2019). Send us your photos at Your High Five ! With so many milestones for young children to reach, it can be hard for parents to remember what children should know and when. A survey by the nonprofit ZERO TO THREE found that 43 percent of parents think a child should master sharing by age two, when the skill actually develops between ages three and four. In “Sharing at Camp” (pages 6–9), Indi and fellow camper Isabel struggle with this practice. After you read this story, you might talk with your child about how Indi and Isabel handle the situation and what self-management skills they use. What is your family’s favorite sharing strategy? Learning to Share As part of our mission to help make the world a better place for the children of today and tomorrow, Highlights is committed to making responsible business decisions that will protect our natural resources and reduce our environmental impact. Photo (top) by Kyle Anderson Cover art by Gareth Lucas Art: tree by DigitalVision Vectors/Getty Images /subjug; background by iStock/Getty Images Plus/karandaev; fireworks by DigitalVision Vectors/Getty Images/filo

Highlights High Five Volume 13 • Number 7 • Issue No. 151 Editor in Chief: Christine French Cully Vice President, Magazine Group Editorial: Jamie Bryant Creative Director: Marie O’Neill Editor: Meghan Dombrink-Green Art Director: Yvonne Duran Craft and Activities Editor: Lisa Glover Copy Editor: Joan Prevete Hyman Production Assistant: Susan Shadle Erb Editorial Offices: 807 Church Street, Honesdale, PA 18431-1895. E-mail: [email protected] CEO: Kent S. Johnson Vice President, International: Andy Shafran Business Offices: Highlights for Children, Inc., 1800 Watermark Drive, P.O. Box 269, Columbus, OH 43216-0269. Copyright © 2019, Highlights for Children, Inc. All rights reserved. Highlights High Five is published monthly. Cover price: $5.99 ISSN 1943-1465 (print) • ISSN 2330-6955 (online) Printed by LSC Communications, Glasgow, KY, and Seymour, IN Designed for use in all the classrooms of early childhood, including child-care centers, preschools, schools, and the home. Periodicals postage paid at Columbus, OH; Toronto, ON; and at additional mailing offi ces. U.S. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Highlights High Five, P.O. Box 6038, Harlan, IA 51593-1538. Canada Post: Publications Mail Agreement No. 40065670. Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to P.O. Box 99 Stn. Main, Milton, ON L9T 9Z9. Sometimes we make our list of customer names available to other carefully screened companies whose products and services might be of interest to you. We never provide children’s names. If you do not wish to receive these mailings, please contact us and include your account number. HF0719_182736 7.7721 7.652 7.352 8.4022 9.7199 7.652 11.6677 7.652 4.4057 5.9198 11.4303 9.1661 7.652 9.357 9.9163 6.8882 5.9198 3.0963 5.9198 3.0963 Fun at the Beach A Look and Look Again puzzle Back Cover Puzzles Find the Pairs Look for Us Inside Sweet Pineapple Spread A quick topping Baseball Action! An action rhyme 7.352 7.652

4 Reading July 2019 Fireworks Show By Cara Krenn • Art by Amanda Enright Up they fly and whistle and zoom, fireworks burst with a great big BOOM! They sparkle and crackle and fill the sky with red, white, and blue— Happy Fourth of July!

Reading 5 July 2019 By Marileta Robinson • Art by Ron Zalme Spot sees a box in the yard. The box makes a noise! Spot tries to be brave. He moves closer. He peeks underneath. Chipmunk is happy to get out!

6 July 2019 T e x a n d I n d i Reading Sharing at Camp By Lissa Rovetch • Art by Amy Wummer It was the first day of Draw-a-Doodle art camp, and the campers were choosing materials for a project. “I’m using these cardboard tubes,” said Tex. “Cool,” said Indi. “I’ll use this green yarn.”

7 July 2019 “Hey,” said Isabel. “You took my yarn!” “I did not,” said Indi. “Yes you did,” said Isabel. “You took it. Give it back!” Indi tried to talk, but instead of words, only tears came out.

8 July 2019 “OK, friends,” said Counselor Lindsey. “Let’s take a deep breath and count to 10.” The girls breathed deeply and counted. “It sounds as if you both had the same idea about the yarn,” said Lindsey. “Would you like to take turns with the ball of yarn or each cut a piece to use?”

9 July 2019 “You can use the yarn first,” said Isabel. “I’ll hold the ball for you.” “OK,” said Indi. “Now we’re the yarn team!”

10 Puzzle July 2019 Find t h ese objects hidden in the big picture. My First Puzzle Six Horseshoe Crabs By Kristen C. Strocchia Six salty horseshoe crabs scuttle from sea to shore, then scurry, scoot, and scamper from shore to sea once more. Boomerang Horseshoe Toothbrush Paper Clip Snowman Button Comb Glove Cupcake

11 July 2019 Art by Patrick Girouard

July 2019 Reading TRUCKS Build a House By Karen Dockrey • Art by Joe Bucco A bulldozer pushes rocks and dirt out of the way to make space for a house. An excavator puts rocks and dirt into the dump truck for the truck to haul away. 1 2 12

13 July 2019 A backhoe digs a hole for the house’s foundation. A dump truck pours gravel into the hole. 3 4

14 July 2019 A concrete truck stirs concrete in a turning drum on its back. Then it pours the concrete over the gravel. A crane uses its long arm, called a boom, to lift lumber to frame the house. 5 6

July 2019 Finally, the house is finished inside and out. A moving truck hauls furniture and boxes. The family can move in! 7 15

16 Puzzle July 2019 Make a Pizza By Dianne Moritz • Art by Chris Borges Roll a pizza, flip a pizza, pizza man. Make me a pie as fast as you can. Toss it and twirl it and cover it with cheese. Then top it all off with . . . pepperoni, please! Look for squares triangles , , and circles in the picture. What else do you see? What do you like on your pizza?

17 July 2019

Puzzle 18 hat’s illy! S July 2019 Art by James Loram

W h at silly t ings h do you see?

20 July 2019 Reading The Missing Cookies By Helen Dent • Art by Rocco Baviera One day, Tiger and Panda made curly cookies. They set the cookies outside to cool and went into the forest to play hide-and-seek.

21 July 2019 “Surely the cookies are cool enough by now,” said Tiger as he found Panda for the third time. “Let’s go back to your house.” But when they reached Panda’s house, the cookies were gone. “Tiger,” said Panda, “did you eat the cookies while I was hiding?” “Me?” said Tiger. “I didn’t eat a crumb. You gobbled them up, didn’t you?” The friends glared at each other.

22 July 2019 Just then, Sloth Bear ambled out from the nearby trees. “Thanks for the cookies,” he said. “What cookies?” asked Tiger. “The ones you left here for the animals of the forest,” said Sloth Bear. “Very nice of you. Very tasty too.”

23 July 2019 Panda and Tiger began to laugh. “I’m sorry I thought you ate all the cookies,” said Tiger. “I’m sorry I thought YOU ate all of them,” said Panda. “Let’s make some more,” they said together. And that’s just what they did.

Puzzle 24 July 2019 Fun at the Beach Photo by Getty Images/Stockbyte How are these pictures the same?

25 July 2019 Look and Look A ain g How are they different?

26 July 2019 Read A oud in nglish and Spanish l E Who’s Moving In? By Ana Galán • Art by Roberta Angaramo Bebo and Juan were playing outside when a large truck parked in front of Juan’s apartment building. “¡Mira ese camión!” said Juan. “That’s a moving truck,” said Bebo. “I wonder who’s moving in.”

27 July 2019 Spanish pronunciation by Linda Elman, Ph.D. The movers started to unload boxes. One mover carried a bicycle. “¡Mira esa bicicleta!” said Juan. “That bicycle is like mine. Maybe someone our age is moving in,” said Bebo. ¡Mira ese camión! MEE-rah EH-seh kah-mee-OHN Look at that truck! . . . esa bicicleta! . . . EH-sah bee-see-KLEH-tah . . . that bicycle!

28 July 2019 Someone appeared carrying a big box. A ball fell off the top and rolled toward Juan and Bebo. “¡Mira esa pelota!” said Juan. “Let’s give that ball back,” said Bebo. He picked it up, and the two friends walked over. ¡Hola! OH-lah Hello! ¡Bienvenida! beeyen-veh-NEE-dah Welcome! ¡Mira esa pelota! MEE-rah EH-sah peh-LOH-tah Look at that ball!

29 July 2019 “¡Hola! ¡Bienvenida!” said Juan. “Hi! Welcome!” said Bebo. “Hi, I’m Gaby,” she said. “Thanks for my ball. Would you like to play?” Bebo and Juan helped her carry boxes inside. Then the three new friends played together for the rest of the afternoon.

30 July 2019 Activity You Need Sweet • 4 ounces cream cheese, softened • ½ cup crushed pineapple, drained 1. Put the cream cheese into a bowl. 2. Add the pineapple. Mix well with a spatula. 3. Put your pineapple spread on bread, crackers, or celery. Before You Be g in Wash your hands.

Pineapple Spread Berry Bite Put the spread on a graham cracker. Top with a slice of strawberry. Blue Ants on a Log Wash, then cut celery into short sections. Put the spread into the celery. Add blueberries on top. Tropical Treat Put the spread on banana slices. Top with fruit. By Heather Leann • Photos by Jim Filipski, Guy Cali Associates, Inc.

July 2019 32 Activity ball By Claudia Kramer Kohlbrenner • Art by Jeff Crowther 1. The pitcher throws the baseball. 2. The batter swings to hit. Baseball, glove, and bat art by iStock/Getty Images Plus/Quarta_ 3. A fielder snags a low ground ball 4. or a fly ball in the mitt.

July 2019 33 Action 5. A player runs the bases. 6. Good hit! Jump up and shout! 7. Then the umpire hollers, “Safe!” 8. Or the umpire yells, “You’re out!” An Action Rhyme

34 July 2019 Activity Make N a t u r e Patterns By Megan Devine • Photos by Jim Filipski, Guy Cali Associates, Inc. 1. Go on a nature walk. Collect stones, leaves, twigs, and other natural objects in a basket. 2. On a flat surface, arrange a few of the objects in a small circle. Photos: Stick-frame by iStock/Getty Images Plus/lantapix, photo border by E+/Getty Images/studiocasper • Natural objects • Bag or basket You Need

4. Add more rings to create a pattern. Pattern Play Think about how you will use the objects you found. What kind of pattern will you create? You can make a design based on objects, colors, shapes, or sizes. July 2019 35 3. Make a ring of objects around the first set. Take photos of your creations so you can share them with family and friends.

Look for these pictures inside the magazine. A B C D Look for the hidden “Smiling ” on the front cover. Happy 4th! Find the pairs. Art by DigitalVision Vectors/ Getty Images/bortonia A. page 14 B. page 6 C. page 28 D. page 22

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