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Highlights for Children (October 2019)

Published by Flip eBook Library, 2020-03-18 05:34:40

Description: Highlights for Children Magazine

Ages 6-12


You Loved it Then, Today’s Kids Love it Now!

Highlights for Children, often referred to simply as Highlights, is an American children's magazine. It began publication in June 1946, when Highlights magazine was first published. As times changed, so did kids, and so did we. Don’t worry, though — we’re still the same trusted children’s magazine in the most important ways. The experts at Highlights still know how to keep kids motivated with fun while they are learning and practicing the essential skills they will need in school. Since its inception Highlights has carried the slogan "Fun with a Purpose".

Skill-Building Fun

The Highlights motto is Fun with a Purpose. In every 40-page issue, kids explore new topics, investigate fascinating subjects and find out about the world. A Highlights magazine subscription for kids will bring them 12 months filled with stories, games, puzzles, riddles, science experiments, craft projects and activities that are as entertaining as they are educational.

Plus, Highlights never includes third-party advertising, so you can rely on it to be a commercial-free zone where your young reader can play, learn and just be a kid.

Highlights Kids Are Cool!

One of the founding principles of Highlights is that we believe in helping kids become their best selves: curious, creative, caring and confident. That’s why we keep up with the interests of kids today, while upholding time-honored values like respect, manners, fair play, kindness, honesty and more.

Goofus and Gallant are still prompting kids to think about right and wrong behaviors, and “Your Own Pages” motivates kids to be creative and share their work for possible publication. We love to see what Highlights kids can do!


For more than 70 years, Highlights children’s magazine has been bringing Fun with a Purpose to kids everywhere.

What does it do?

- Hidden Pictures scenes develop persistence, attention to detail and concentration
- Matching games and other puzzles boost problem-solving skills
- Crafts and science experiments give kids self-confidence
- BrainPlay and other features let kids know their opinion is valued
- Stories from other lands and cultures expand children’s empathy

Kids love:

- Entertaining stories about kids like them
- Jokes and riddles to keep them giggling
- Fascinating science and nature topics
- A chance to see their own creative works in print
- Favorite features like Ask Arizona and The Timbertoes
- Seasonal crafts and activities

Parents love:

- Sharing the beloved Highlights tradition
- Award-winning, trusted content
- Watching their kids become curious, creative, caring and confident
- Ad-free means pure fun with no distractions
- Gets kids to enjoy thinking and learning
- Promotes positive values and creativity


Read the Text Version

OCTOBER 2019Highlights com.It!H O Pto Candyfor theTROOPSPage 24 4Page 11Page2SLIMECHECK OUT OUR APP!

A n sw e ro n p a g e 3 8 .M y s t e r yP h o t oFun This MonthWhich Web Is Which?Make YourOwn PicturePuzzleBy Laura CamaioneA familiar word or phraseis pictured in each of thesepuzzles. See if you can figurethem out. Then create yourown picture puzzle and sendit to us! Find our address onpage 35.Tongue TwisterA leaf swirls,a swallow flies.Find the PicturesCan you find each of these 11 pictures at another place in this magazine?Visit the cats at yourlocal shelter Bring .a book to read to them if youd like,’!Use a headband and chenille sticks to create cat ears you can wear.If you have a cat ,teach her a new trick or play with her and her favorite toy.Draw a picture or a comic strip starring a funny cat character.1 .2 .3 .4 .Answers on page 38.Answers on page 38.October 29 is National Cat Day!4 Ways to Celebrate CatsLipLipG ES G123Which spider built each web?

By Christine French CullyEditor in ChiefDear ReaderChristine Highlights [email protected] part of our mission to help make the worlda better place for the children of today andtomorrow, Highlights is committed tomaking responsible business decisionsthat will protect our natural resourcesand reduce our environmental impact.AWARDSHighlightshas beengiven awards by The Associationof Educational Publishers, TheEducation Center, LLC, Family ChoiceAwards, Freedoms Foundation, Graphic ArtsAssociation, iParenting Media, Magazine Design and Production,National Association for GiftedChildren, National Conference ofChristians and Jews, National Parenting Center, National SafetyCouncil, Parents’ Choice, Parent’s Guide to Children’s MediaAwards, and Printing Industry Association.HighlightsKids.comis a participant in the Kids Privacy Safe Harbor program of theChildren’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) of the Council of BetterBusiness Bureaus.PARENTS:If your child isnot quite readyforHighlights,callto switch toHigh Fiveatany time.HO1019_182736OCTOBER 2019 • VOLUME 74 • NUMBER 10 • ISSUE NO. 816Founded in 1946 by Garry C. Myers, Ph.D.,and Caroline Clark MyersEditor in Chief: Christine French CullyVP, Magazine Group Editorial: Jamie BryantCreative Director: Marie O’NeillEditor: Judy BurkeDesign Director: Patrick Greenish, Jr.Senior Editor: Joëlle DujardinAssociate Editors: Allison Kane, Linda K. RoseAssistant Editor: Patty CourtrightCrafts and Activities Editor: Lisa GloverCopy Editor: Joan Prevete HymanSenior Production Artist: Dave JusticeProduction Assistant: Susan Shadle ErbContributing Science Editor: Andrew BoylesEditorial Offices: 803 Church Street, Honesdale, PA 18431-1895. E-mail: [email protected] To submit manuscripts, go to (Writers younger than 16: please use the postal address above.)CEO: Kent S. JohnsonSVP, International and Global Content Licensing: Andy ShafranBusiness Offices: 1800 Watermark Drive,P.O. Box 269, Columbus, OH 43216-0269.Copyright © 2019, Highlights for Children, Inc. All rights reserved.HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDREN is published monthly.Cover price: $5.99ISSN 0018-165X (print); ISSN 2330-6920 (online)Printed by LSC Communications, Glasgow, KY.Designed for home and classroom use.Periodical postage paid at Columbus, Ohio; Toronto, Ontario; and at additional mailing offices.U.S. Postmaster: Send address changes to Highlights for Children, P.O. Box 6038, Harlan, IA 51593-1538.Canada Post: Publications Mail Agreement No. 40065670. Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to P.O. Box 99 Stn. Main, Milton, ON L9T 9Z9.Sometimes we make our list of customer names and addresses available to carefully screened companies whose products and services might be of interest to you. We never provide children’s names. If you do not wish to receive these mailings, please contact us and include your account number.To order, make a payment, change your address, or for other customer-service needs, such as changing your contact preference, please contact us:• Online:• Call: 1-800-255-9517• Write: P.O. Box 5878, Harlan, IA 51593-1378Wild PalsOne fall, we saw two chipmunks in our backyard almost every day. We named them Tom and Jerry, and they’d often put on a show for us. We’d laugh as we watched them zip back and forth in what looked like a game of chipmunk tag. Sometimes they’d leap on top of a big rock and strike a comical pose. We’d watch them nibble grass, plants, and acorns. Now and then, they’d stop and look up at us, as if to make sure we were watching.We thought we knew Tom and Jerry well—until we were startled to see Tom (or was it Jerry?) eat a small snake. And he ate the whole thing! Did he give himself a stomachache?we wondered. We did some research and discovered that chipmunks are omnivores, surviving mostly on plants and seeds but also on animal matter. We learned a lot by watching them, and we learned even more by reading about them.“I Know a Crow” (pages 20–21) is aboutneighborhood bird and a boy who learns iways. I asked the author, Eileen Spinelli,if it was inspired by a true story, and she said yes. Although it’s important toremember that wild animals are not petsit’s fun to think of them as special neighbones we should watch only from a safe disHave you come to “know” a wild critterwrite to me and share your story.This magazine of wholesome funis dedicated to helping children grow in basicskillsandknowledge,increativeness,in ability tothinkandreason,insensitivityto others in high,ideals and worthy ways of living—forchildren are the world s most important people’.Write to me!t aits ,bors—stance.r? I hope you’ll Your friend,Chipmunk photo by iStock/Getty Images Plus/RT-Images.

NUMBE1610Goofus and GallantDon t worry Goofus’,.Kyle will understand.11Gallant Challenge!Libbie Stanton collectscandy for troops overseas.12My SciWhat happens to tears andnose drips in space?14 Hidden PicturesHop on the bunny wagon! 15 JokesBacon s at the door’. 16 The Right Place for a SukkahHow will Shayni celebrate Sukkot in her new home?Dear HighlightsHighlights, ,INK-credible!October 8 isInternationalOctopus Day.201Read andlearn more aboutspiders They may.seem less scary.2Watch somespiders at work.You may findthem fascinating.3Draw spiderswith your brother.Try drawing themcute not scary,!c ber1630Lots of kids share this fear Sylvia Try these tips,!.6 Costume CraftingIt s almost as much fun ’as trick or treating- -!7 The TimbertoesSeason confusion.8 Sea Turtle Tot-Skittering to the ocean.Dear—Sylvia Washington,18 CraftsMake a ghostly mobile.20 I Know a CrowAnd he is quite a character.22 Join the BandA musical maze.24 Morphing Monster SlimeIt transforms into clay!Achoo!

25 Paws and ThinkUsing fast moving water -to make electricity.26 What s Growing’?Yum a Pizza and Cookie —--Tree and other kids plants’.27 Help the Cartoonists!Funny captions please,.28 Nico the NiftySam is jealous Will he .be there for his brother?30 Nature WatchWhat whinnies like a horse and hacks up pellets?32 The Biggest Thing in the GardenInchworm gobbles up almost everything.34 Your Own PagesSee more drawings bycreative kids like Genevieve.36 Soccer EverywhereIn Zimbabwe kids find a way,to play the sport they love.38 RiddlesHow are football playersand penguins alike?39 BrainPlayDo animals have furniture?40Ask ArizonaMareya is dreading Arizona s’haunted house party-.42Dear HighlightsEllie s wrestling matches’always end in tears.43Picture PuzzlerWhat s hidden among’the gourds?Quilt DesignGenevieve AdamsAge 11 • OhioOwl ScowlThis Great Horned Owl might win a staring contest ,but check out the hide and seek --champ onpage 30.I saw you blink. OCTOBER 2019 5

Costume CraftingShadows growing in the yard,Jack-o’-lanterns keeping guard.Almost time—we can’t be late.Oh, the costumes we’ll create!Yellow helmet, clunky shoes,Worker’s belt for wrench and screws.Leotard, antennae too,Foam-board wings in sparkly blue.Foil-covered cardboard cubes,Silver pants and dryer tubes.Trick-or-treating has begun,But costume crafting is half the fun!By Sue Nelko Carr Art by Vin Vogel•6 OCTOBER 2019

By Rich Wallace • Art by Ron ZalmeTheTimbertoesEveryone ran inside.A chilly rain began falling.Pa made soup.It was a cozy night for sleeping.A big change had come.It still feels like summer!It feels like winter.What a crisp morning.Now it feels like fall! OCTOBER 2019 7

Sea Turtle Tot-Eggshell left behindTurtle tot in motionCrosses moonlit sandsSkitters to the oceanScents of salt and seaInvite her to the foamFlippers take her deepTo wander her new homeBy Mary Jessie Parker8 OCTOBER 2019

A Sea Turtle s ’JourneyUsing her rear flippers ,a female sea turtle scoops a pit in the sand .She lays 50 to 200 eggs in the pit Then she .covers the eggs with sand and returns to the sea Weeks later the .,hatchlings break their soft shells They dig for .days to reach the surface of the sand When night .comes they scurry to ,the shoreline and dive into the waves They ride .the undertow to reach deeper and safer waters .There they eat and grow,.By the time a hatchling is 10 years old it is as big ,as a dinner plate If sea .turtles find enough food and avoid predators and other threats they can ,live for decades.

GoofusandGallantThere s some of Goofus and Gallant in us all ’.When the Gallant shines through we show our best self,.YOURGoofus and Gallant Moments“I felt like Goofuswhen I forgot mylunchbox at school.”Erica Age 9 Louisiana,,“I felt like Gallantwhen Isaid Good game to the other‘’team when they won.”Martin Age 6 Maryland,,Tell us whenyou ve’felt likeGoofus or Gallant Visit!HighlightsKids com or write to.Goofus and Gallant Moments803 Church StreetHonesdale PA 18431,Art by Leslie Harrington.“I hope I don t run into Kyle ’.I owe him a dollar ,”says Goofus.“Tanya I m sorry I forgot , ’.your book Is tomorrow !OK?” says Gallant.Goofus drinks from someone else s cup’.Gallant drinks from his own glass.10 OCTOBER 2019

Libbie Stanton was sevenyears old and on vacation whenshe heard about a sweet idea.Each year after Halloween, anorganization called Soldiers’Angels accepts candy through acollection drive, Treats for Troops.Then, to help service people feela little closer to home, Soldiers’Angels sends the candy to troopmembers stationed overseas andhands it out to veterans who arepatients in military hospitals.Libbie thought her town couldhelp. She put up posters and wenton news programs, asking peopleto donate Halloween candy. Sheput donation boxes at her school,the public library, and the town’swelcome center.Then the local VFW (Veteransof Foreign Wars) organizationhelped Libbie send the candy toSoldiers’ Angels, which sent thecollected treats to service people.A Ton of SweetsLibbie’s candy drive collected 60 pounds of candy the first year, 400 pounds the next—and 2,000 pounds (1 ton!) last fall. With the town’s help, she plans to keep the drive going. “I get a lot of joy from knowing that the troops get joy from getting candy,” Libbie says. “It gives them a little feeling of being back home.”A Tasteof HomeLibbie Stanton organized a candy collection in her town to give troops and veterans a taste of home sweet “home.”By Robert LeroseCandyComfortGALLANT CHALLENGE! !GALLANT CHALLENGEDo you know people who are far from home and might feel homesick ?You may like to support veterans foreign aid ,-workers or others Talk ,.with your family about how you d like to help ’.Then tell us about it !A Taste of Home803 Church StreetHonesdale PA 18431,

What happens to tears or nose drips in space?A Highlights Reader by e mail(-)Because of low gravity in space an astronaut s ,’tears don t fall Instead they form a blob of water ’.,that stays on the eye or cheek until it s wiped away’.Other fluids move differently in low gravity too.Astronauts get stuffy noses when they arrive in ConstructionIllusion2 The rectangles don t line up with ’those in the rows above and below.1 The rectanglesalternate light,and dark.This Australian office building looks a bit like a fun house with ,tilted lines and wonky wedge,-shaped windows .But the lines don t ’really tilt and ,the windows are perfect rectangles.The architects based the design on a famous eye trick the café wall ,illusion Here s .’how it works.Get back here!4The orange lineslook lighter next toothe dark rectanglessthan next to the whiterectangles That maakes.the lines seem to twwistor tilt causing the,rectangles to look wedge shaped-.

Scientists don t yet’know whyDaliansaurusneeded two big claws.One was enough formost troodontidpredators.Fossil waswell preservedand nearlycompleteStrong hind legsCovered infeathers25220114566PresentTriassicJurassicCretaceousCenozoic5DaliansaurusDOLL ee an SAW rus----“lizard of Dalian the Chinese city ” (whose museum has the fossil)Daliansauruswas one of many troodontids (TROH oh DON tidz a group of small ---),meat eating dinosaurs that lived during -,the early Cretaceous period in what is now northeastern China Like other troodontids .,Daliansaurushad a big killing claw on its second toe But unlike the others it had a .,big strong claw on its fourth toe as well,.WHEN:135 million years agoWHERE:ChinaHOW LONG:3 feetWHAT IT ATE:Small animalsBy Dougal DixonArt by Robert Squierspace and their heads look and feel puffy,.That s because blood and other fluids’aren t pulled down in their bodies as they’are in Earth s gravity’.Astronauts deal with a stuffy head inspace the same way they do on Earth by:blowing their nose They just may need it a bit more often.Other than near the black line is the top of ,this picture the same shade of gray as the bottom? Use one or two fingers to cover the line in the middle. The top and bottom are . . . the same shade!Eye Trickery3 The illusion doesn t happen ’without these thin lines between the rows The effect .works best if the lines are a medium tone ,not too light or too dark. OCTOBER 2019 13

Want a challenge?Fold back page 15 to hide the picture clues.Check out our Hidden Pictures app!In this big picture find the olive mushroom ice cream cone piece of popcorn carrot ,,,-,,,toothbrush duck lollipop artist s brush hat saltshaker open book boot and candle,,,’,,,,,.Countryside HayrideBy Mike DeSantis14 OCTOBER 2019

Picture CluesAnswers on HighlightsKids com..J O K E SLoudon:A train just passed.Ryan:How do you know?Loudon:I can see its tracks.Loudon Bricker Pennsylvania,Frog 1# :What should I dowith this paper?Frog 2# :Just ribbit up.Kayla Snow Indiana,A book never written:The Artof Lip Syncby Carrie O Key and’Mike Rafone.Lucy Currier Washington,Make us laugh!Send a joke or riddle along with your,name age and address to,,,803 Church StreetHonesdale PA 18431,“Knock knock,.”“Who s there’?”“Bacon.”“Bacon who?”“ ’I m bacon a cake for your birthday!”Grace Barney Massachusetts,Golfer: What do you think is the best car?Mechanic: I would say a sports car.Golfer: I disagree I d say . ’a golf cart.Mechanic: Why?Golfer: Because it gives you the perfect drive.Timothy Liebherr Wisconsin,Spider Knows—Roxyanne YoungSpider weaves. Web grows.Mosquitoes buzz. Spider knows.Lunch in a minute.BONUSCan you also find the baseball bat ,sock golf club ,,and heart?oliveduckice-cream conesaltshakerbootmushroomlollipoppiece of popcornartist s ’brushcandletoothbrushopen bookcarrothat OCTOBER 2019 15

The Right Place By Myra Sanderman Art by Renée KurillaShayni woke with a start. This wasn’t her bedroom. Then she remembered: they had just moved to the city for Dad’s job. It had happened so fast.“Sukkot starts tonight,” her mother said at breakfast.“Tonight?” Shayni said. Sukkot was Shayni’s favorite fall holiday. “We need to start building our sukkah right away.”“Shay,” Dad said, “we’re in an apartment now. There’s no backyard here. Where would we build it?”Shayni pressed her face against the window. Gone was the deep carpet of grass where she’d do cartwheels, and the flower garden where she and Mom would plant tulips. Gone was the swing that Dad hung from the thickest branch of the willow tree. Gone was the space for a sukkah, the temporary shelter she’d build with Mom and Dad each year outside their kitchen door.Instead, she saw tall apartment buildings lined up like concrete soldiers and a crowded alley below.Shayni sighed. “I thought we’d still build a sukkah.”“I’m sorry. We don’t have a place for it,” Mom said.“I’ll find one,” Shayni said.In her new room, Shayni leaned a few folded packing boxes against each other like a house of cards.“Every sukkah needs at least three walls,” she said to herself, remembering how she would help nail together wood panels from the lumberyard. “It needs a loosely woven roof that lets in light during the day and stars at night.” Their old roof had been made of willow branches. She found her art supplies and made long paper chains to lay across the top. She drew pictures of the harvest and her family to hang inside. It looked great.But it was cramped inside the cardboard sukkah. When she looked up, she saw only the dull glow of the ceiling light.“This is no place for a sukkah,” Shayni said.She went out to the balcony. The sun angled its way between the buildings. Surely she’d see stars at night.For the walls of her sukkah, Shayni wove old bedsheets in and out of the railings. The wind ruffled the sheets, just as she imagined it had ruffled her ancestors’ tents as they crossed the desert so many years ago.But part of the holiday fun was having friends and neighbors come inside the sukkah to visit. The balcony was too small for guests. “This is no place for a sukkah,” Shayni said.“I’ve seen pictures of sukkahs “This is no place for a sukkah.”“We re in an ’apartment now .Where would we build a sukkah?”16 OCTOBER 2019

built on rooftops,” Shayni said toher parents, and they agreed totake the elevator to the roof.But when they reached thetop floor and pushed openthe metal door, the building’sequipment roared and clanged.“This is no place for a sukkah!”she shouted.Shayni’s mom hugged her.“Your dad and I may have founda place. Let’s go see.”They got their coats fromtheir apartment and walkedoutside. The newly fallen leavescrunched beneath their feet.Shayni thought about the funand friends she’d left behind.Would she ever be happy here?They came to a largesynagogue and followed thesound of voices to the back ofthe building. On the lawn stooda sukkah! Inside, the walls werepapered with colorful drawingsof the harvest. Streamers hungfrom the slatted roof. Peoplelaughed and talked and filledtheir plates with crispy roastchicken, sweet potatoes, andsteamy vegetables. It remindedShayni of the sukkahs in herold backyard. Except this wasa strange place. Shayni didn’tknow anyone.Still, she lined up behindother children to say theblessings. When it was her turn,she recited the thankful prayerand held the citrusy-scentedetrog and the three branches ofthe lulav. She shook them inevery direction.Shayni took a deep breath.This was exactly the traditionher ancestors had followed toremind them that their faithwas all around. No matter wherethey were, they still foundshelter in their sukkahs andcelebrated the holiday.Shayni joined her parents.Above, a sprinkling of starspeeked through the roof.“This sukkah is differentfrom ours,” she said. “But itstill has all the things I loveabout Sukkot.”“So it’s the right place?”Dad asked.“I think so,” Shayni saidand smiled. “Please passthe chicken!”Shayni thought about the fun and friends she d left behind’.It reminded Shayni of the sukkahs in her old backyard.A Fall HolidayEvery year Jewish people ,celebrate the harvest festival of Sukkot They build huts .(sukkot in Hebrew to )remember the ancestors who spent 40 years living in temporary homes in the desert.

CraftsPhotos by Jim Filipski Guy Cali Associates Inc,,.Glow-in-the-Dark CroquetFOR THE GAME BOARD:1 . Paint a large piece ofcorrugated cardboard.2 . For wickets, activate six 8-inch-long glow bracelets. Poke small holes in the cardboard and push the wickets into the holes, making a course.3 .Add arrows to the course. For stakes, activate two 2-inch-long glow sticks. Push them in at the start and finish.4 . For bumpers, glue paper straws to the edge of the course.FOR EACH MALLET:1 .Cut off a 2-inch piece of a paper straw.2 .Glue the short piece of straw to the end of another whole straw, making a T.3 . Slide glow sticks into the straws.A Game for 2 or More PlayersBy Carmen Spiller18 OCTOBER 2019

Craft Challenge! Wit permission make a h,scarecrow using items from your recycling bin .Share your result on HighlightsKids com..Make Me Next Month !TO PLAY:Place pompom“balls at the starting stake ”.Players take turns using a mallet to hit their ball .The first player to move his or her ball through all six wickets and strike the finish stake wins.Shofar for Yom KippurBy Carmen Spiller1 .From cardstock, cut out two horns.2 . Glue the sides together to make a pocket. Use a marker to add decorations.3 .Punch two holes at the top. Tie on a ribbon hanger.4 . Write notes on paper. Place them inside the horn.A shofar is a ram’s horn that is blown like a trumpet on the Jewish High Holy Days. On Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, it is blown to signal that the fast is over and a good new year is beginning.Boo MobileBy Edna Harrington1 . Wrap two 12-inch dowelswith yarn. Glue the yarn ends in place.2 .Use yarn to tie the dowels together at the center. Add a yarn hanger.3 .Cut out ghosts and the letters for the word BOOfrom craft foam.4 .Tape the ghosts and letters to pieces of string. Tie the strings to the dowels. OCTOBER 2019 19

I Know a CrowI know a crow.I watch him fly—black wings against the morning sky.I fix his breakfast and whistle tillhe cartwheels to my windowsill.Pasta, pickle, apricot—a fussy eater he is not.But trickster? He is surely that!He fires pinecones at the cat.He splashes in the baby’s pooland chases after kids at school.He nips my cousin’s kite midair.He steals my sister’s underwearfrom off the backyard laundry line.And—yikes!—he’s even stealing mine!By Eileen SpinelliArt by Ana Duna20 OCTOBER 2019

Crow’s very fond of shiny thingslike silver chains and coins and rings.He’ll snatch your treasure in a flash.I wonder where he keeps his stash.Sometimes he tags along with me.I think he likes my company.He whirls and twirls as if to say“We sure are having fun today!”Sometimes I tag along with him.He teeters on the dumpster rimto root through trash. I hear a crunch—stale pizza. Crow has found his lunch.A scarecrow by the garden walldoes not scare clever Crow at all.Some crows make tools of leaves and sticks.I’ve read that some can count to six!The sun goes down. The bright stars gleam.It’s time to sleep and time to dream.Crow perches on a branch up high.His caw becomes my lullaby.We’re both as cozy as can be.I know a crow.And he knows me.

Join the BandPlay your way fromSTARTto FINISH by answering each question correctly.One Big FamilyA typical concert band is made up of instruments in three categories ,or families They include.electric ,acoustic and ,voice.woodwinds ,brass and ,percussion.Metal MusicThe___family is made up of instrumentsthat usually have long curved metal,tubes flared openings cup shaped,,-mouthpieces and valves or slides,.percussionbrassWhat Wood You Call It?A thin piece of wood like material-that is fastened over an instrument s’mouthpiece and vibrates tomake sound is called areed.wood chip.A Class on BrassWhich brass inst ment is this?TromboneTrumpetReed AloudInstruments that use reeds to make sound belong to the_____family.percussionwoodwindSTARTr m22 OCTOBER 2019

Shake It Up!Percussion instruments are usually played byshaking them or hitting them with mallets,hands or special sticks Which of these,.is NOT a percussion instrument?MaracaOboeBig SoundThe tuba belongs to the_______ family.brasswoodwindA Music MakerWhat instrument did Adolphe Sax invent in the 1840s?AdolphoneGreek SpeakWhich instrument has a name that comes from Greek words meaning “wood sound”?FluteXylophoneStanding forthe BandThe person who directs the band and uses gestures to help players play at the right tempo is called thecontractor.conductor.Art by Dave Whamond.FINISHSaxophone OCTOBER 2019 23

Morphing Photos by Jim Filipski Guy Cali Associates Inc except ,,.,background by iStock/Getty Images Plus/serikbaib.Make the Slime1.In a bowl, mix ½ cup of school glue, 1 tablespoon of baking soda, and several drops of food coloring.2.Add 1 teaspoon of contact-lens solution.3.Stir the mixture.When the slime fun is done ,transform it into clay.Transform It into Clay1.In a bowl mix the slime with ,2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil.2.Add 1¼ cups of cornstarch,1 tablespoon at a time.3.Use your hands to blend the mixture until it looks and feels like clay.4.Build fun shapes Let them .air dry for 24 hours-.Monster SlimeTo Store Slime:Keep it in sealed jars in the fridge .Add felt monster features!24 OCTOBER 2019

A Hydroelectric PlantPaws andThink At this plant fast moving water is ,-used to make electricity Why might .the plant have a dam to collect water and control the flow? How do you think the electricity travels from here to customers? Other than water what are some ,sources of energy Why might ?electric companies rely on a varietyof sources to make electricity? Why is it important to conserve energy How can you save energy ?in your home?My body han energysource tooArt by David Coulson.hasyo .

What s Growing’?We asked you whatthis plant will look like when it blooms .Thanks for all your fantastic drawings Here are just a few!.This is the most beautiful flower in the world. It has two guard plants to protect it from flower-eating plants.Hudson DannerAge 11 • New YorkPizza and--Cookie TreeKatherine BaughAge 7 • FloridaThe Fruit ful Plant-Treasure ZhouAge 9 • Ontario Canada,Plants of the Solar SystemCora BellAge 9 • North CarolinaDroopy DroopiesThese plants droop and make weeds. Do not buy them!Natalie LongAge 9 • Pennsylvania26 OCTOBER 2019

Seth AustinAge 10 • ColoradoThe Cat FlowerAlma RodriguezTexasMy Worm FriendsIt’s funny because it likes to eat weeds and cheese.Josie LeeAge 9 • UtahThe Singing FlowersOlivia StoreyAge 10 • KansasAlien PlantOwen FriesenAge 11 • TexasCalling all caption creators!Our cartoonists need yourhelp Write a clever caption for.any or all of these cartoons.Please label your caption A B, ,or C and mail it toPlease include your name,age and complete address ,.We must receive your reply by November 1 2019 to consider ,,it for publication.Help the Cartoonists!803 Church StreetHonesdale PA 18431,HelpCartoonists!the BCA OCTOBER 2019 27

Nico By Sara MatsonArt by Larissa MarantzLast summer, Sam had returned from camp with seven mosquito bites and three silk scarves.“Watch this,” he told his younger brother, Nico, one day.Sam tossed the scarves into the air, one by one. As each fell, Sam grabbed it and tossed it up again in a slow-moving circle.“Wow!” Nico said. “You learned to juggle.”“I still mess up a lot,” Sam admitted as one of the scarves drifted to the floor.Nico picked it up. “Remember that juggler who performed at the library?”“He could juggle anything,” Sam said, “even eggplants and cauliflower.”“I want to juggle too,” Nico said. “Will you teach me?”So after lunch, Sam taught Nico how to throw two scarves in an X shape—first the one in his right hand, then the one in his left.“Adding the third one is tricky,” Sam said.“Like this?” Nico said. “Oops!”Sam smiled. “It takes time to catch on.”But it didn’t take Nico long at all. After supper, he marched into the family room wearing a magician’s hat.“Presenting Nico the Nifty!” he announced, then pulled Sam’s scarves out of his sleeve. He began to juggle—slowly at first, then faster.“Amazing!” Dad said.“You’re a natural,” said Mom.Sam was silent. How could Nico be the better juggler? Sam was older, and he’d been practicing longer. It wasn’t fair.It took three days for Nico to learn to juggle beanbags and three more for tennis balls.At first, Sam worked as hard as Nico. But Sam’s scarves and beanbags and balls kept drifting and falling and bouncing to the floor, while Nico’s stayed in the air. Finally, Sam quit practicing. Juggling wasn’t fun anymore.A few weeks later, as Sam played basketball in the driveway, Nico hurried out of the house with his magician’s hat.“Guess what!” he said. “The community center is having a talent show in the park. I’m going to juggle water balloons. Isn’t that a great idea?”It was. But Sam didn’t want Nico to know he thought so. “Better wear your swim trunks,” he warned. “You’ll get wet when you drop the balloons.”Nico put his hands on his hips. “I’m a good juggler.”How could Nico be the better juggler ?Sam was older.“You re a ’natural.”the Nifty28 OCTOBER 2019

“So what? Juggling is silly.” Sam spun the basketball on his index finger, something Nico had never been able to do.Nico scowled. “Yeah? Well, basketball is silly too!”After Nico ran inside, Sam dribbled a few times and took aim. The ball swished through the hoop without touching the backboard. “Try to do that, little brother,” he muttered.On the morning of the talent show, Nico cut his waffle into pieces and built a tower with them. “What if I drop a balloon and everyone laughs?” he said.“You’ll do great,” Mom said. “Won’t he, Sam?”“You are taking a towel, right?” Sam joked.“Sam!” said Mom.“Just kidding.”After breakfast, Sam shot hoops outside while Nicopracticed one last time. Samhad just made a three-pointerwhen he heard a splat.“Argh!”Colorful balloon bits werescattered around Nico’s feet. “Doyou think it’s too late to cancel?”Nico moaned.Sam couldn’t help feeling badfor his brother. “Probably.”“Even if I’m sick?” Nico said.“My stomach sort of hurts.”Sam remembered his basketball tournament lastwinter. Before the championshipgame, he’d felt so nervous that healmost wished he could catch acold so he’d have a reason notto play. At the same time, he’dwanted to play to prove he could.Maybe Nico felt the same way.“You know what?” Sam said.“It’s good you broke someballoons. If you do it now, youprobably won’t do it onstage.That’s what my coach alwayssays. Make your mistakes inpractice, not during the game.”Nico looked doubtful.Sam tried again. “You’vepracticed a ton.”“I’ll probably mess up,” saidNico glumly.Finally, Sam told Nico thetruth. “Look, you’re the bestjuggler I know. Before you knowit, you’ll be as good as the onewe saw at the library.”“Really?” Nico said.“Yeah,” Sam said. “I’m sorryI was mean to you before.Come on. I’ll help you fill moreballoons before we leave.”Two hours later, Nicoaccepted his first-place trophy.He waved to Sam from the stage.“Way to go!” Sam called. Foronce he was happy for Nico, notjealous. It felt good.As they headed to the car,Sam had a thought. “We shouldask Mom to stop at the store onthe way home.”“Why?”“Because I think it’s time forNico the Nifty to try jugglingvegetables!”Finally Sam told ,Nico the truth.“ ’I ll help you fill more balloons.”

Nature WaScreechOwlPhoto by iStock Getty Images Plus AntonyMoran Inset by Picture Partners Alamy Stock Photo//./.DID YOU KNOW?Screech owls can be hard to spot even though ,they often live near wooded suburbs and in parks But it s .’not unusual to hear their calls at night One call sounds like .the high pitched whinny of a -horse Another is a bouncing trill .,like a rapidly repeating woo or coo.During the day screech owls are ,quiet which makes them even harder ,to notice The pint sized predators .-blend in well with trees Rusty brown or .-gray feathers provide great camouflage.They make their homes in tree cavities or nesting boxes At dusk they come out .,to hunt for prey usually insects and :rodents but sometimes earthworms ,,frogs and even small birds,.By Peter FriedericiTaking Out the TrashOwl Call YouHear songs and calls of screech owls !With a parent visit ,AllAboutBirds org .,the website of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.Some of what an owl swallows is not digestible A muscular .part of its stomach called the ,gizzard filters out what can t ,’be digested like feathers ,,bones and fur,.Then the owl hacks up those bits in a tidy grayish brown ,-“pellet like the one shown here”.Even if you don t see owls in ’an area pellets are a good sign ,of their presence.30 OCTOBER 2019

Puzzling PairsAdd one letter to the beginning of the words in each pair to make two new words with similar meanings.EXAMPLE:hop tore Add an to the ,.sbeginning to get shop and store.Answers on page 38.1 . old hilly ,2 . ear right ,3 . pot peck ,4 . art ash,By Clare Mishica5 . late latter,6 . ring ear,7 . way wing,8 . rip our,9 . rip rasp,10 . have hear,One Book LeftBy Teresa A DiNicola.Wally and Wendy Worm love to read. They have read all the books on these shelves except for one. ,Use the clues to figure out which book they haven t read yet.’WALLY AND WENDY HAVE READ1. all the books with blue covers.2. all the books about sports.3. all the books with a person s name in the title’.4. all the books on the middle shelf.Answer on page 38.

TheBy Rachel Hamby•Art by Pauline ReevesEvery day,Inchwormmeasuredthings growingin the garden.And chomp chomp chomp—,,—he ate them.One day Inchworm,discovered a blossom.And chomp chomp—,,chomp he ate them—.Rain showered the garden.The sun shined down on it.BIGGEST Thing in the GardenA ONE-inchworm radish .A TWO-inchworm pea pod.A THREE-inchworm okra.A FOUR-inchworm flower . . .Stop A pumpkin !nee s that flower dto grow.While the pumpkin grew,Inchworm measured other things.A SIX inchworm -tomato.A FIVE-inchworm pepper.A SEVEN-inchworm carrot.

Before long he found it,.When he woke up Inchworm was a,moth Moth left the cold dark garden!,,searching for warmth and light.Inchworm crawled under the leaf litter.He wrapped himself in a cocoon and fell asleep.Each day Inchworm changed a little,.Wind swirledthrough the garden.Frost chilled the air.So Inchworm measured a NINE inchworm-eggplant a TEN inchworm corncob and an,-,ELEVEN inchworm cucumber-!And chomp—,chomp chomp,—he ate them.Inchworm measured the pumpkinevery day Soon it was EIGHT.inchworms!I m too ’full Not yet!It s still ’growing.anyway .YAWN! OCTOBER 2019 33

Your Own PagesPushing My Baby Sister in Her StrollerAvery GerberAge 6 • IllinoisSquidCasimir SadauckasAge 6 • IdahoBaseballBaseball is exciting because of the satisfying sounds.The crack! of the bat striking the ball,the smack! of the ball hitting the glove, andthe whoosh! of the throw means fun is here!Whenever you hear these sounds,you know an entertaining baseball game is on.Baseball is thrilling, so you should play it too!Ryan BennettAge 8 • CaliforniaPeacock TreePurple leavesEach fall appearA delightful surpriseColors changingOccur each fallChanging leavesKeep me happyAbigail WilliamsAge 8 • PennsylvaniaBirthday Fail!Today is my friend’s birthday,a very special day.I’m throwing her a party.Nothing will get in my way.Do you have her presents?With all the gifts inside?Then go get in a hiding place.It’s time for the surprise.Happy birthday! You’re five, how great!Wait. What? You’re turning eight?I’m sorry about the age,but it’s your birthday—hooray!Your birthday was a month ago?I forgot the day?No way!Camilla O Reilly’Age 10 • MichiganBalloon on the MoveBalloon on the moveGraceful grooveEver changing wind-Gentle spinHigher and higherAway it aroseAs long as wind flows.Emily WilsonAge 12 • Tennessee34 OCTOBER 2019

WormsSaanvi RamAge 12 • IowaRiver s ’Cattapalooza!River CabanasAge 8 • New JerseyElephant CarouselKatie EnglebretsonAge 9 • TexasSad and HappySad is a feeling we all getwhen we want to hide andwe just feel hope is gone.Happy is a feelingof joy and love andwhen we want to shout“Yay!”Saraih BelleAge 7 • North CarolinaKitesOn the shore I see many things,Seagulls, crabs, and kites on strings,Kites that are blue, kites that are brown,Some yellow kites are spotted all around.When all the kites go up in the air,I ask a person if they would share.They give me a kite to soar way up there.When the kite goes way up, the trees seem to sway.Then I think to myself, What a wonderful day.Emmett KatzAge 8 • MassachusettsThe smiling sun is a part of us.The animals live . . . with feelings.The stars are beautiful lights in the sky.Forrest Shaffo-PerezAge 10 • CaliforniaMy DogDogs are the bestOh so sweetGoing to kiss youLiliana WoodwardAge 7 • GeorgiaWeston MontgomeryAge 6 • New YorkShare YourCreative WorkWe d love to see it’!Art must be on unlined paper.Poems must have fewer than75 words All submissions.must be created by you.Include your name age,,and address Mail to.Your Own Pages803 Church StreetHonesdale PA 18431,We cannotreturn yourwork so you ,might want to keep a copy.

Throughout Zimbabwe when kids ,find a little time they play football,“.”By Cecil DzwowaPhotos by Cecil Dzwowa except newspapers by iStock Getty Images ,/Plus artisteer and string by iStock Getty Images Plus CHBD///.Ignatius shows his skills using the new ball.S o c c e rE v e r y w h e r eIn Zimbabwe, where I live, kids play soccer more than any other sport. They call the game “football.”The kids play constantly—any place, any time. Often with no equipment or field, they agree on a rough space and start a game.Where do they get a ball? “We just make our own,” says is called a “pitch.” They turn any vacant lot or other open space into a football pitch. The teams agree on imaginary lines that define the field. Stones, shoes, oranges, or shirts serve as goalposts.Few kids in Zimbabwe have soccer shoes. Tichaona and his friends play in their bare feet.United Zebras vs .LeopardsSixteen miles away, in a village named Triangle, I interrupted a game by a baobab tree. A few of the boys frowned, and some tried to continue the game. When I told them that I wanted to donate a leather ball, they stopped playing and shouted in excitement.In exchange for the ball, I received a couple of high fives, and the boys agreed to play a game to show me their skills. They told me their team names, United Zebras and the Leopards.They had no referee. Ignatius explained that they do not need one. “Everyone here knows that 12-year-old Tichaona. “It is quite cheap and easy because all you need is an old plastic bag and newspapers.”Tichaona is a regular player at an open field in Chiredzi, a farming town in southern Zimbabwe. To make a ball, he and his friends stuff a plastic bag about half-full with foam rubber or newspaper. They work the bag into a round shape and tie it at the midpoint. Then they pull the upper end of the bag down around the bottom, making the outer “skin” two layers thick. Finally, they close the open end and tie it tightly.The boys do not need a perfect football field, which 36 OCTOBER 2019

he must be a good sport,” he said.The players knew just wherethe imaginary lines were.When the ball rolled out, oneof them put up his hands andeveryone stopped playing.The kids dribbled and passedwith skill. At one point, oneteam completed five passes, animpressive feat for any team.Goals were celebrated in style.When Ngoni scored for Ignatius’steam, the United Zebras, Ngonidanced to the applause of histeammates. Then they joinedhim in the dance, much to thedisappointment of the Leopards.Disagreements sometimesoccur, however. At one point, oneof the Leopards was tackled andfell to the ground. The Leopardsinsisted that the tackle wasunfair and called for a penaltykick. After a brief argument, theUnited Zebras agreed that theLeopards could take a penaltykick, which they convertedinto a goal.Now the Leopards seemed toforget about football. It was theirturn to dance.After the game, Ignatius showed me his skills in soccer-balljuggling. He wentthrough several tricks,such as kicking the ballup and making it perchon his knee, then settlingit first on his chestand finally on top ofhis head, where hebalanced it for severalseconds. The boyscongratulated him with high fives.Local football clubs watch fornew talent among the kids playingpickup games. One club invitedKomborerai of the United Zebrasto attend their training sessions.“But my dad said I should wait foranother year or so,” Komboreraisaid. “Presently, I play here withmy friends.”Developing SkillsBack in Chiredzi, I tfootball coach Winstonabout how kids play th“Playing with a small ba limited space is gooddeveloping football skilexplained. “It teaches ycontrol the ball closely.The boys shared theplaying for professionaThey knew that manyathletes also started plin their bare feet withhomemade ball. But thdream is far off. For nobig game begins whenethey can find a little spand a way to make a baThe leather ball sparked a game of nonstop action.Newspaper or other stuffingMaking Their Own Soccer BallsIn many areas of Africa ,kids make soccer balls out of whatever materials they can find.“Everyone here knows that he must be a good sport.”Skillful dribbling prevents a steal.Tichaona holds a homemade ball.Tough plastic bagstalkked toChhumahe ggame.balll inforrlls,”” heyou to”e dream ofal teeams.greeatlayiing ahatw, ttheeverpace all.String

Answers124853976TonguThe wormwiggled right.Caroline ImgrundAge 11 • IllinoisBrian braideda bramble.Jalen MillerAge 10 • OhioCovers: Hop to It! by Vipin Alex Jacob; What’s Wrong? by Dave WhamondIllustration credits:Page 2: Kevin Zimmer; 15: Jokes by Rich Powell, “Spider Knows” by Pat Lewis; 26: Mike Deas;31: One Book Left by Rich Powell, Puzzling Pairs by Paula J. Becker; 38: Kelly Kennedy; 39: Erin Mauterer.Photo credits:Page 2: iStock/Getty Images Plus/AlexMax; 3: Gina Lenz; 4: iStock/Getty Images Plus/Candy_Vandy;4–5: iStock/Getty Images Plus/AleksandarGeorgiev; 8–9: Christopher Doherty/Alamy Stock Photo; 11: courtesy ofSophie Silver-Stanton, (candy) iStock Unreleased/skodonnell; 12–13: (building) Peter Bennetts; 12: (astronaut)iStock/Getty Images Plus/alex_skp, (tissues) iStock/Getty Images Plus/subjug; 39: (girl) iStock/Getty Images Plus/Lisa5201, (fish) iStock/Getty Images Plus/GlobalP, (blocks) iStock/Getty Images Plus/Nenov, (teddy bear) iStock/Getty Images Plus/Ralers, (eating utensils) iStock/Getty Images Plus/Dimedrol68, (fruit) iStock/Getty Images Plus/Povareshka, (recycling container) iStock/Getty Images Plus/joebelanger, (dog) iStock/Getty Images Plus/AlexPotemkin.R DID L E SHow do you talk to a giant?Makenna Gochenour California,Why did Dracula s roommate ’move out?Madilyn McNiel New Mexico,How many seconds are in a year?Reed Grasso New York,How are football players and penguins alike?Matilda Kauble Colorado,What does Darth Vaderorder at Aiden Dow Florida,Which animal can jump higher than a house?Katelyn Mitchell Ontario Canada,,Why did the cow go to the concert?Carlo Colella Massachusetts,Why is the turtle the strongest creature in the world?Aniyah Klindtworth Oregon,Why couldn t the sailors ’play cards?Caleb Lezzeni California,1 . Use big words .2 . Because he kept coffin .3 .Twelve January 2nd February 2nd and so on :,,.4 . They both huddle .5 . Only one cannoli --.6 . Any a house can t jump —’!7 . He wanted to listen to moo sic -.8 . It carries its house on its back .9 . The captain was standing on the Italianrestaurant?page 2Fun This MonthWhich Web Is Which?Puzzling Pairs1 . cold chilly fear fright ,.2 .,.3 . spot speck dart dash ,.4 .,.5 . plate platter bring bear ,.6 .,.7 . sway swing trip tour ,.8 .,.9 . grip grasp ,.10 . shave shear,.page 43Picture PuzzlerMake Your Own Picture Puzzle1 . Jack in the box- --.2 . Tulips two lips().3 . Scrambled eggs.Mystery Photo—Pumpkin 31One Book LeftWally and Wendy have not yet read Early Bird Got the Worm!38 OCTOBER 2019

Take your brain on a hike!STARTDo animals have furniture?“THAT S ’SO SWEET !”said Sophie .Name three things she might be talking about.Describe afew shapeswithoutdrawingthem.If you could do today over again ,would you do anything differently ?Would you rather sit withyour legs down or up?Do you have a favorite month?What kinds ofsongs can youimagine a fishwriting?Whichgift hasmeantthe mostto you?Baby fish ,doo doo doo doo doo doo . . .Which chores do you like?Imagine a utensil thatwould combine a spoon ,fork and knife into one ,.WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE?THE ENDName some foods you wouldn t use ’to make artwork.Pick me !IF SO WHY DO ,YOU LIKE IT? WHY? OCTOBER 2019 39

Ask izonaThe Fear-Free ZoneBy Lissa Rovetch • Art by Amanda MorleyDear Scaredy Cat-,I’m one of those people who love spooky stuff, so Halloween is one of my all-time favorite holidays. I had always figured that everyone else liked getting a little scared too. But it turned out I was figuring wrong.Last October, my lifelong Halloween dream came true when my parents agreed to let us throw a real haunted-house party. I was in the middle of hanging a bat right next to a huge cobweb when my friend Mareya called.“Hey, Arizona,” she said. “I’m so sorry, but it turns out I can’t make it to your party tomorrow.”“Oh no!” I said. “Is everything all right?”“Everything is fine,” she said. “It’s just that, um, I have to use the time to clean my room.”“Really?” I said. “Why can’t you just clean your room today?”“I have a lot of organizing to do,” she said, “so it will probably take me two days. Anyway, I have to go to my guitar lesson now.”“OK, bye,” I said. I hung up the phone feeling disappointed and confused.But I couldn’t give Mareya’s call much thought at that moment because my little sister, Indi, was trying to get my attention.“If we hang the skeleton here,” said Indi, “I can jump out from behind the couch and make everybody scream!”“Great idea!” said my little brother, Tex. “We’re going to have the scariest haunted house ever.”Just then, a very unusual ghost popped in to say “BOO!”We all started laughing.“Hey! I’m a terrifying ghost,” said my dad. “Why aren’t you all shrieking with fear?”My mom smiled. “Honey, you might be slightly more terrifying if you used a plain white sheet instead of this flowery pink one.”The rest of the day was super busy. Between helping with decorations and working on my costume, I didn’t have much time to stop and think about Mareya’s phone call. But when I finally sat down to decorate our monster cookies, a funny feeling returned. It was typical of Mareya to spend two days organizing her room, but it wasn’t like her to miss her best friend’s party because of it. I decided to call her back.I had always figured everyone liked getting a little scared.40 OCTOBER 2019

“Hi, Mareya,” I said. “I’m just calling to say this party won’t be nearly as fun without you. Are you sure everything is OK?”“Ugh,” she groaned. “This is beyond embarrassing, but haunted houses are just too scary for me. I’m OK with lots of Halloween things, but the creepy stuff gives me nightmares. I know it sounds silly, but the truth is, I’m afraid of being afraid.”“That’s not silly,” I said. “I used to be terrified of sushi.”She giggled. “I remember.”I thought for a moment. “I have an idea that would make it so you could come to the party tomorrow and not feel scared at all. I just need to make sure my parents are cool with some rearranging. Then I’ll call you right back. OK?”“OK.”Well, my mom and dad were more than willing to help. We were able to move all the scary decorations to certain parts of the house. That meant the living room (where the food and games were) was a 100-percent fear-free zone.Mareya wasn’t the only one who was glad about that. It turned out there were quite a few people who were just as happy not to hang out with skeletons, mummies, zombies, and monsters.So, dear Scaredy-Cat, I don’t think there’s such a thing as an actual cure for fear. I know my fear of eating sushi went away after I convinced myself to try a tiny bite, and my fear of starting a new school year went away after I gathered enough information to feel prepared.But I also think that sometimes it’s OK just to feel how you feel. If scary movies give you tummy aches, maybe you should tell your friends you’d rather watch funny ones. If they decide to watch scary movies anyway, find something else to do during those times. And that doesn’t have to mean cleaning your room!Ciao for now,Arizona“Haunted houses are just too scary for me.”“Um I have to use ,the time to clean my room.”Mare a wasn t the only y’one w o was glad about hthe fear free zone-.

Dear HighlightsMy little sister and I like to wrestle,but I always end up making her cry.Ellie California,Wrestling can be fun but ,maybe this isn t the safest ’way for the two of you to play together If you want to continue .wrestling it would be a good idea for you your sister and your ,,,parents to talk about some safety rules You might agree to .wrestle only in certain places away from breakable objects and ,sharp furniture corners You could agree that when one of you .signals for a timeout the other person should respect the signal ,right away A parent could serve as the referee..You and your sister could also think of other ways to compete that will exercise your body and be fun for both of you.Why won t my ’parents let me eat in my room ?I throw away my trash.A Highlights Reader by e mail(-)During a time when your parents aren t busy ’,kindly ask them why they made this rule Then listen .to what they have to say .They might be worried about crumbs or spills which could ,attract pests or damage floors or carpets Or they may have other .reasons By speaking openly and honestly you and your parents .,may come to understand each other s point of view’.I have celiac disease (an allergy to gluten ).Everybody always says I feel so bad “for you !”and it just makes me feel worse.Rikki New York,It s understandable that you d ’’feel frustrated or upset when people say this a lot It might .help to remember that even though you hear it often each ,person is probably saying this to show you that he or she cares.Perhaps it will help to think of a short polite reply to use when ,people make these comments .Speaking in a friendly tone you ,might say It s nice of you to “ ’care I appreciate it But don t .!’worry there are still plenty of —yummy foods for me to eat .”By keeping the focus on all that you can eat rather than ,on those things you cannot ,people may be less likely to say that they feel bad for you.If they continue to make comments you can change ,the topic .Write to us !Please include your name age ,,and full address Mail to.Dear Highlights803 Church StreetHonesdale PA 18431,Or e mail us at Letters Highlights [email protected] by Keith Frawley.42 OCTOBER 2019

Picture PuzzlerArt by Ken Krug Find the ice cream bar slice of pie candy corn crayon wedge of orange carrot -,,,,,,fish butterfly cat basketball traffic cone balloon flower and crescent moon,,,,,,,.Answers on page 38.Photo by iStock Getty Images Plus jatrax//.

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