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Highlights for Children (July 2017)

Published by Flip eBook Library, 2020-03-18 22:11:49

Description: Highlights for Children Magazine

Ages 6-12


You Loved it Then, Today’s Kids Love it Now!

Highlights for Children, often referred to simply as Highlights, is an American children's magazine. It began publication in June 1946, when Highlights magazine was first published. As times changed, so did kids, and so did we. Don’t worry, though — we’re still the same trusted children’s magazine in the most important ways. The experts at Highlights still know how to keep kids motivated with fun while they are learning and practicing the essential skills they will need in school. Since its inception Highlights has carried the slogan "Fun with a Purpose".

Skill-Building Fun

The Highlights motto is Fun with a Purpose. In every 40-page issue, kids explore new topics, investigate fascinating subjects and find out about the world. A Highlights magazine subscription for kids will bring them 12 months filled with stories, games, puzzles, riddles, science experiments, craft projects and activities that are as entertaining as they are educational.

Plus, Highlights never includes third-party advertising, so you can rely on it to be a commercial-free zone where your young reader can play, learn and just be a kid.

Highlights Kids Are Cool!

One of the founding principles of Highlights is that we believe in helping kids become their best selves: curious, creative, caring and confident. That’s why we keep up with the interests of kids today, while upholding time-honored values like respect, manners, fair play, kindness, honesty and more.

Goofus and Gallant are still prompting kids to think about right and wrong behaviors, and “Your Own Pages” motivates kids to be creative and share their work for possible publication. We love to see what Highlights kids can do!


For more than 70 years, Highlights children’s magazine has been bringing Fun with a Purpose to kids everywhere.

What does it do?

- Hidden Pictures scenes develop persistence, attention to detail and concentration
- Matching games and other puzzles boost problem-solving skills
- Crafts and science experiments give kids self-confidence
- BrainPlay and other features let kids know their opinion is valued
- Stories from other lands and cultures expand children’s empathy

Kids love:

- Entertaining stories about kids like them
- Jokes and riddles to keep them giggling
- Fascinating science and nature topics
- A chance to see their own creative works in print
- Favorite features like Ask Arizona and The Timbertoes
- Seasonal crafts and activities

Parents love:

- Sharing the beloved Highlights tradition
- Award-winning, trusted content
- Watching their kids become curious, creative, caring and confident
- Ad-free means pure fun with no distractions
- Gets kids to enjoy thinking and learning
- Promotes positive values and creativity


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JULYYJUL720177201w Highlights 32PagePage 22Page 22CHECK OUT OUR APP!

Tongue TwisterFunThis MonthLicense LettersSummertime is the season for road trips! Can youmake at least20wordsbyusingthelettersinthelicense plates below?Water BalloonGamesFind the PicturesCan you find each of these 13 picturesat another place in this magazine?Sand Sculpting 101Heading to the beach? Bring recycledkitchenitems—suchascleanyogurtcups,drinkcartonswiththetopscutoff,and ice-cream containers—to help buildyour sandy creations. Plastic spoons,knives,andforksworkwell,too.A n s w e ro n p a g e 3 8 .M y s t e r yP h o t oBalloon Bowling.Use emptycans and plastic bottles as pinsand a water balloon as the ball.Set the pins on a flat surfaceoutdoors and see how manyyou can knock down.Yard Toss.Place four rulers(or other markers at varying)distances See who can toss.a water balloon the farthestwithout bursting it.Exploding Tag.Fill a few waterballoons and set themaside Instead of tagging.another player It,“ ”lightly tosses a waterballoon at that person(below the neck If).itdoesn t’pop that,person becomes It!1 .2 .3 .Be sure tothrow awaythe pieces afterthe balloonspop!For extra giggles use ,different sizes and shapes of balloons!Colin carries colorful cones.

As part of our mission to help make the world a better placefor the children of today and tomorrow, Highlights is committedto making responsible business decisions that will protect ournatural resources and reduce our environmental impact.By Christine French CullyEditor in ChiefDear ReaderAWARDS Highlights has been given awards by The Association of Educational Publishers, The Education Center, LLC, Family Choice Awards, Freedoms Foundation, Graphic Arts Association, iParenting Media, Magazine Design and Production, National Association for Gifted Children, National Conference of Christians and Jews, National Parenting Center, National Safety Council, Parents’ Choice, Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Awards, and Printing Industry Association. is a participant in the Kids Privacy Safe Harbor program of the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus.JULY 2017 t 70-6.& t /6.#&3 t *446& /0 Founded in 1946 by Garry C. Myers, Ph.D.,and Caroline Clark MyersEditor in Chief: Christine French CullyVice President, Magazine Group Editorial: Jamie BryantCreative Director: Marie O’NeillEditor: Judy BurkeArt Director: Patrick Greenish, Jr.Senior Editors: Joëlle Dujardin, Carolyn P. YoderAssociate Editor: Linda K. RoseAssistant Editor: Allison KaneCopy Editor: Joan Prevete HymanEditorial Assistant: Channing KaiserSenior Production Artist: Dave JusticeContributing Science Editor: Andrew BoylesEditorial Offices: $IVSDI 4USFFU )POFTEBMF 1\" & NBJM FET!IJHIMJHIUT DPN 5P TVCNJU NBOVTDSJQUT HP UP )JHIMJHIUT TVCNJUUBCMF DPN 8SJUFST ZPVOHFS UIBO QMFBTF VTF UIF QPTUBM BEESFTT BCPWF CEO: Kent S. JohnsonVice President, International: Andy ShafranSenior Editor, International: Julie StoehrBusiness Offices: 1800 Watermark Drive,P.O. Box 269, Columbus, OH 43216-0269.Copyright © 2017, Highlights for Children, Inc. All rights reserved.HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDREN is published monthly.*44/ 9 QSJOU *44/ POMJOF Designed for use in the classroom.Sometimes we make our list of customer names and addresses available to carefully screened companies whose products and services might be of interest to you. We never provide children’s names. If you do not wish to receive these mailings, please contact us and include your account number.Printed by RR Donnelley, Glasgow, KY.Periodical postage paid at Columbus, Ohio; Toronto, Ontario; and at additional mailing offices.U.S. Postmaster: Send address changes to Highlights for Children, P.O. Box 6038, Harlan, IA 51593-1538.Canada Post: Publications Mail Agreement No. 40065670. Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to P.O. Box 1255, Georgetown, ON L7G 4X7.To order, make a payment, change your address, or for other customer-service needs, such as changing your contact preference, please contact us:t 0OMJOF XXX )JHIMJHIUT DPNt $BMM t 8SJUF 1 0 #PY )BSMBO *\" Much of summer vacation isalready behind us. Are you looking for something new and different to do? It’s Highlights to the rescue! Here are several ideas sparked by features in this month’s issue:t 3FW VQ ZPVS DSFBUJWJUZ BOE BDDFQU UIF DSBGU DIBMMFOHF PO page 17. (You can send me a photo of what you make!) Then, with a parent’s permission, take turns challenging your friends—or yourself—with other odd combinations of materials found around your home.t *TO U JU iDPPMw UIBU JDF QPQT XFSF JOWFOUFEpages 22–23.) Think up yourt 3FBE i-ZEJB %BSSBHI T 4FDSF(pages 26–27), which is aboutin American history. Then askolder relatives to tell you a trustory. Write down the story inwords for your family to read a%SBX QJDUVSFT UP HP XJUI JU PSstory to create a play to perform.And remember, you can always wriHighlights. Tell us about your summwrite back to you.Your friend,This magazine of wholesome funis dedicated to helping children grow in basicskillsandknowledge,increativeness,in ability tothinkandreason,insensitivityto others in high,ideals and worthy ways of living—for children are the world s most important people’®.“Make It a ”Great July!FFown recipe for a frozen treaU .JTTJPOa true eventsome of your familyour ownndenjoF UIF .ite a letter to e ! We’ll Write to me!Christine Highlights [email protected]

70-6.& Ŕ /6.#&3 Ŕ *446& /0 10Goofus and Gallant®Gallant reaches out to kidswho seem sad.12Potato Salad Clues-What s the missing ingredient’?14Hidden Pictures®PuzzleFlamingo ring toss andpicnic food.15Jokes“Ashley who?”16 CraftsMake a patriotic crown that glows! 18 My SciA geode s crystals build up ’over thousands of years.20Your Favorite BooksFun picks from kids.21PawsandThink Checkout animportant building in U S history. .. 22 Ice a- -licious!Enjoy five twists on a cool summer treat.Dear Highlights,121Talk to yourmom.*U NBZ IFMQUP VOEFSTUBOE IFSQPJOU PG WJFX.23FNFNCFS UIBU XJUI BHPPE LFOOFM PS EPH TJUUFS-,ZPVS EPH XJMM CF DPNGPSUBCMFXIJMF ZPV SF BXBZ’.35BLF BMPOH B QIPUP PGZPVS EPH TP ZPV DBO MPPLBU JU XIFOFWFS ZPV NJTTIJN PS IFS.July3028Travel can be tough on pets and many families ,choose not to take them on vacation We hope .these tips help Kelsey,!150 Years!This year s Canada ’Day July 1 is a biggie (),celebrating 150 years since the nation of Canada was born “.”6 BrainPlayName some things you can color .7 Night s Canvas’An art show in the sky on the Fourth of July.8 Butterflies in DisguiseNow you see them ;now you don t’ .—Kelsey Utah,

24 Your Own PagesSee more creative work by kids like Addie. 26 Lydia Darragh s ’Secret MissionLydia had to warn the American soldiers quickly. 28 Nature WatchHow does a tortoise survive extreme conditions? 30 FunderstormA baby sitter thinks on his -feet when a storm rolls in . 32 5 Tricks to Try“Levitate a cup and more”,! 34 Lighting the Night SkyOne of the biggest fireworks displays in history. 37 The Timbertoes®Spiffing up the tree house. 38 RiddlesWhich kind of bagel can fly?40 Ask Arizona®No one seems to respect Arizonas stuff’.43 Picture PuzzlerDouble s at the poolo ’.Out and AboutIt s rare to see a ’desert tortoise outside of its burrow.Abstract FishAddie Osbahr\"HF Ŕ 'MPSJEB JULY 2017 5

If you seeballoons infront of ahouse what,might behappeningthere?WHAT THINGS CAN YOU COLOR?Name some things that block light .Name some that block sound.Why might someone take the time to build atowerthat won t ’last?“That dogshouldbe in themovies!”said Nate.WHY MIGHTHE HAVESAID THAT?WHAT TOYSDID THEADULTS YOUKNOW PLAYWITH ASKIDS?“The sun is sinkingfast said Olivia,”.What did she mean?If you had to describe acarrotin just threewords,whichwordswouldyouuse?STARTTake your brain on a hike !THE ENDHow do you decide whether to trya new food?Do you know more about takin care gof a fish or a bird ?WHY?W h a tm a k e sa s w in g f u n ?6JULY2017

Waitingfortheshowtostart—To turn night’s canvas into art. . . .Crackle, BOOM!Streaks of redAndbrightwhiteFlash overhead.Bursts of blue,Splashing high!IndependencePaints the sky.By Diana MurrayiArtbyMikePetrikNight s Canvas’ JULY 2017 7

A hungry bird may noteven see the butterfly!The picture above shows the QuestionMark butterfly with its wingsopen.When the insect flasheshesthese brightcolors,itt lets otherbutterflies know where it is.Thepicture at rightt showsthe same butterfly witthits wings up.Now the butterflylooks likea leaf or aStory and Photos by Bryan ReynoldsThey can change their looks with a flip of their wings.Butterflies in rockora piece of tree bark. A hungryy not even see the butterfly!bimas dull coloring, which helps Thutterfly blend in with theits surroundings, is calledcamouflage. Many other butterflies alsohave camouflage on the htom of their wings. bo8 JULY 2017

Twig photo by iStock Ivanastar/.Match theDisguiseYou can see four of thesebutterflies at right. The leftcolumn shows the butterflieswith their brightcolors showing.Therightcolumn shows thesame butterflies with theirwings lifted up. The picturesare mixed up. Can you matcheach camouflagedbutterflyto its brightlycolored self?Mourning CloakGoatweedLeafwingAmericanSnoutPearl CrescentA1234BCDAnswers: 1 B 2 D 3 A 4 C- . - . - . - .Butterflies!

GoofusandGallant®“IfeltlikeGoofuswhenI didn t give back my’friend s shoe’.”Arlo Age 6,British Columbia Canada,“That loud cough is reallyannoying says Goofus!”.Idea sent in byHeather Hess Age 10 Pennsylvania,,“Let s not invite Ali to play She s’.’no fun anymore says Goofus,”.“I hope your cough getsbetter soon says Gallant,”.Idea sent in byHeather Hess Age 10 Pennsylvania,,“Joe seems sad lately May I invite.him to game night?”says Gallant.There s some of Goofus and Gallant in us all ’.When the Gallant shines through we show our best self,.Art by Leslie Harrington.YOUR Goofus and Gallant MomentsTell us when you ve’ felt like Goofus or Gallant Visit !HighlightsKids com or write to .“I felt like Gallant when I picked up the beads frommy sister s necklace that’broke.”Anna Age 8 New York,,Goofus and Gallant Moments803 Church StreetHonesdale PA 18431,10JULY2017

Compare these two pictures Can you find at least 18 differences.?Check...and DoubleCheckStart at the arrow and find a path through the house passing ,through each room only once .You do not need to exit Simply .stop in the last room you visit.By Radha HSHouse TourAnswers on page 38.BONUS!How many cats and cat items can you find in the house? JULY 201711

It was time for the annual Potato-Salad ContestinRussetPark.“Do you think you’ll win the GoldenPotato again?” asked Alexis’s younger sister, Brianna.Alexis shook her head sadly.“Grandpa isn’t here to help this year.”“I’ll help you,” Brianna said.The girls mixed boiled potato chunks,mustard, mayonnaise, and a little salt and pepper in a bowl.“It doesn’t taste right,” Alexis said after she tried a bite of the salad. “What’s missing?”“Something spicy?” said Mom. Potato Salad-“What s’missing?”By Melissa BullsArtbyAaronZenz“Your grandpa loved spicy things.”“You’re right! Maybe he put ajalapeño pepper in it,” Alexis said.Mom cut up a bright green jalapeño and added it to the bowl.“It’s closer, but it still doesn’t taste right,” Alexis said.“Are you making Grandpa’s famous potato salad?” Dad asked.“We’re trying,” Alexis said. “But we’remissing some ingredients. Should we look in a cookbook?”“Grandpa was never one to follow a recipe,” Dad said.It was true. People loved Grandpa’spotato salad because it was one of a “Grandpa isn there ’to help this year.”Clues12JULY2017

“Maybe we ll find ’clues in here.”“This year s Golden Potato ’goes to . . .”kind. Alexis remembered posing with Grandpa for a photo after they won last year.Photo. That gave her an idea.She hurried to the bookcase and found an old photo album. “Maybe we’ll find clues in here,” she said, opening it.Lots of pictures showed Grandma and Grandpa cooking together. One showed Grandpa pretending to carve Grandma’s turkey with a saw. In another, Grandma was patting Grandpa’s face with flour, leaving white handprints all over.Dad laughed. “He and Grandma loved to tease each other, but he always called her Honey.”“Do you think he put honey in the potato salad?” Brianna asked.“It’s worth a try,” said Alexis. She stirred some honey into the bowl.But it still wasn’t quite right.Dad flipped through the album. One photo showed Grandpa fishing.“Do you think he put fish in his potato salad?” Alexis asked, smiling.Brianna laughed. “No way!”At the end of the album was the picture of Grandpa and Alexis holding the Golden Potato. It looked like Grandpa was crying.“Well, he did say the potato salad brought tears to his eyes,” Dad said.“I know the final secret ingredient!” Alexis shouted. She ran to the cabinet and grabbed an onion.“Will you chop this, Dad?” she asked.After Alexis added the onion, the family tasted the potato salad and smiled. They’d finally figured out Grandpa’s recipe.“Let’s get this salad to the contest,” Dad said.Alexis was thinking about Grandpa as the judges announced the winner.“This year’s Golden Potato goes to . . . Alexis Roberts!” “Alexis, why are you crying?” Brianna asked.“Oh, just because of the onions,” Alexis said, hugging the Golden Potato to her chest.“I know the final secret ingredient!”

Check out our Hidden Pictures app!Want a challenge?Fold back page 15 to hide the picture clues.In this big picture find the carrot baseball cap traffic cone question mark snake musical note flag heart ,,,,,,,,,open book banana ice pop artist s brush hot dog and bun diamond ring screwdriver and hairbrush,,,’,,,,.It s All Food and Games’By Jennifer Harney14JULY2017

Picture CluesMake us laugh!Send a joke or riddle along with,your name age and address to,,,803 Church StreetHonesdale PA 18431,JO E KSMom: Did you pick up your room?Ben: I tried but I couldn t lift it,’.Jack Gurnish Ohio,A book never written :Ionic and Covalent Bondsby Molly Cules.Ava Perlin Maryland,Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson .went camping In the middle of the .night Sherlock woke Watson and said ,,“Look up What do you see.?”Watson replied I see millions , “of stars.”Sherlock said And what do you , “deduce from that?”Watson answered Among the , “stars are planets and some of those ,planets might be like Earth Therefore .,there may be life among the stars.”“No said Sherlock It means that ,”. “our tent blew away.”Ian Illinois,“Knock knock,.”“Who s there’?”“Ashley.”“Ashley who?”“Ashley I changed my mind I don t need to .’come in.”Sianna Shrief Spain,gykind of tree?Jason: A palm tree.Angelina: Mine s a poet tree’-.Angelina Kliewer California,BONUSCan you alsofind the golf club,teacup crayon,,and feather?carrotopen booksnakebananahairbrushhot dogand bunbaseball capflagquestion markice popdiamondringheartartist s’brushscrewdrivertraffic conemusical noteAngelina:What syourfavorite’Answers on HighlightsKids com..Silly Tilly loves the veggiesin her garden patch.She keeps her eggplants safe and warmand hopes someday they’ll hatch.She sings to every ear of cornand pats each cabbage head,then tucks her baby carrotsin their cozy garden bed.—Diana MurraySilly Tilly s Garden’ JULY 2017 15

Lady Liberty CrownBy Gabriele Teich1.Cut out a 4-inch circle from apaper plate.Cut 1 / -inch-long slits 12every / inch to make 1224 tabs. Remove every second tab, as shown.2.Repeat step 1 with a second plate.3.Bend the 12 tabs on each plate, line them up as shown in the big photo, and glue them together. Let them dry.4. Paintthe crown. Cut seven triangles from a paper plate. Glue them to the top of the crown. Bend them upward.5.Tape aglow stickaround the crown.Woodland Message BoardBy Marie E. Cecchini1.Cover thin cardboardwith greencardstock.Add a cardstock canoe, river, and leaves.2.Glue ontwigsfor tree trunks. Add a twig at the top.3.Punch two holes, and add ayarnhanger.4.Tie a pencilto the top twig. Glue on anotepad.Make This Next Month !Craft samples by Buff McAllister Art by Holly Hatam Photos by Guy Cali Associates Inc except ..,.,dog and boy photo inset by iStock PeopleImages and clothespin by iStock kevinmayer//.Crafts

Seashell CrittersBy Anne Renaud1. Paintseveralseashells.2.Fromcraft foam, cut out fins, tentacles, and legs. Glue them to the shells. Add wiggle eyes.3.Using cardstockandmarkers,create a beach setting. Place the sea critters on it.Craft Challenge!What can you makeout of clot espins string and beadsh,,?TangramRaceA Game for 2 or More PlayersBy Denise EtheridgeA tangram is an ancientChinese puzzle. The objectis to arrange seven shapes,called tans, into a design.All seven pieces must be used without overlapping.1.Using the diagram at right, cut out seven pieces fromscrapbook paperfor each player.2. Use sheets of cardstock as game boards.TO PLAY:One player makes a design using his or her tans while the other players look away Once the design is finished the .,other players race to see who can re create -the design with their own tans the fastest .The winner gets one point If there are only .two players the player receives a point if ,he or she can re create the design in less -than 10 seconds The player who reaches .10 points first wins.Can you re create -t ese in 10 hseconds?Each player gets t e hsame seven shapes. JULY 2017 17

MYSCPitch PuzzleThese glasses have differentamounts of water with color added so(the water is easier to see Which glass).will make a higher pitched sound-when tapped with a pencil the one—with less water or the one with more?Think of your best answer then try,the experiment Were you right Read.?our explanation in Answers on page 38.The rind ismade of tinyquartz crystals.It looks impenetrable but,the geode s outer layer or’,rind has tiny pores that,allow in mineral rich water-.SpotlightLarge coarse grained -crystals form inside .They can be made of different minerals ,depending on what was dissolved in the water.The crystals point inward as they build up over thousands of years They are able to .grow large because of the open space in the pocket.Buried TreasureThis sparkly splendor is a geode (JEE ode a round or oval rock -),with mineral crystals inside .It forms within a gas pocket in volcanic rock or within a space left by dissolved minerals in sedimentary rock.Rock is made of minerals As water flows .through holes and cracks in rock it dissolves some ,of the minerals Dissolved .minerals may deposit on the walls of the gas pocket ,forming crystals Often the crystals .,are quartz one of the most common —minerals in the earth s crust’.18JULY2017

How do volcanoes erupt?Sofia and Nati by e mail(-)Volcanoes erupt because pressure of magma hot melted (rock underground becomes greater than the strength of )the rock above it so magma forces its way out as an ,eruption Like other bodies in our solar system Earth is .,hot inside and cool at the surface The differences in .temperature can cause rock inside to shift That can make .it melt Melted rock and the gas bubbles within it rise .——,increasing the pressure It can spurt out through cracks or .weak spots in the surface.By Dougal DixonArtbyRobertSquierTiny armsSaw edged-teeth could slice through meat but not crush bonesProbably the top predator in its environmentEarly relative of Giganotosaurus(another South American meat eater)TyrannotitanTyrannotitan is the earliest known big -meat eater from the Southern Hemisphere .It was as big as the huge tyrannosaurs in the Northern Hemisphere but wasn t ’related to them.WHEN:110 million years agoWHERE:ArgentinaHOW LONG:40 feetWHAT IT ATE:Other dinosaurstie RAN oh TIE ten ----“giant tyrant”25220114566PresentTriassicJurassicCretaceousCenozoic

My favorite books areLittleWomenandLittle Menby LouisaMay Alcott. I especially likeLittleWomenbecause the Marches havefour girls just like my family. Thefunny thing is we are similar to thecharacters in the book.Little Menisa sequel toLittle Women, and it’s sofunny! Both books have very happyendings and are very sweet, funny,jolly, and altogether wonderful!Therese Shimkus\"HF Ŕ 1FOOTZMWBOJBI really likeWritten andDrawn by HenriettabyRicardo Siri Liniers In Henrietta reads a book,that says A book is like a,“world you can carry aroundwith you which inspires,”her to make her own book I.really like it and you will too,,!My favorite book isBeauty Queenin the Whatever After series by Sarah Mlynowski. It’s about a girl named Abby and her little brother, Jonah, and they have a magic mirror in their basement. When they knock on it three times, it sucks them into a fairy tale.Izzy Wade\"HF Ŕ *MMJOPJTMy favorite book isI Wanna New Roomwritten by Karen Kaufman Orloff and illustrated by David Catrow It is about .a boy who has a brother and then his mom has a baby girl,so he has to move into his little brother s room He tries to ’.talk his mom and dad into getting his old room back.He has to move into his little brother sroom’.“Both books are verysweet funny jolly and,,,altogether wonderful!”I reall like yit and you ,will too,!“When they knock on the magic mirror three times ,it sucks them into a fairy tale.”Your Favorite BooksTell us aboutyourfavorite book!In your own words, tell usabout the best book you haveever read. Send your choice toYour Favorite Books803 Church StreetHonesdale PA 18431,Please include your name, age, and address.Beatrix Webb\"HF Ŕ $BMJGPSOJBAndrew Manning\"HF Ŕ -PVJTJBOB20JULY2017

Art by David Coulson.Does thatclock say it s’lunchtime?The Declaration of Independenceand the U S Constitution were. .signedinthisbuildinginthelate 1700s Why are these.documents important?Why do people visit placeswhere important things inhistory happened? How can you find out more about Independence Hall and other historic sites?ThinkandPaws Independence Hall

I c e - a - l i c io u s !Photos by Guy Cali Associates Inc except ,.,Frank Epperson photo by Bettmann Getty Images/.FRANK EPPERSONinventedthe ice pop at age 11 by—accident Back in 1905!,kids would make punch bystirring fruity soda powder-into water One day Frank.,mixed a glass of it but thengot called to supper He.left the drink outside withthe stirring stick still in it.The night was unusuallycold and the punch froze,.When Frank used the stickto pull the frozen drinkfrom the glass he licked,the ice like a lollipop Yum.!Years later he made and,sold his fruit ice sticks“--”on purpose He named the.treat Ep sicle combining-—Eppersonandicicle.But his kids called itPop s sicle’ ’—and hesoon changed thename to Popsicle.Lemonade Freeze1 .Mix up sweetened pink lemonade mix using ¾ as much water as the instructions call for (or try part water and part lemon-flavored club soda).2 .Fill each form halfway with fresh or frozen raspberries. Pour the lemonade mixture into the forms almost to the top.By Lucy Clark CrawfordBananas’ ’nBerriesIinventedice popswhenIwas11!1 . Put 1 cup of frozen or fresh strawberries (green tops removed) into a blender. Add / cup of 12milk and 2 tablespoons of honey. Put on the blender lid. Ask an adult to blend until creamy.2 . Cut a banana into chunks. Place one on the stick of each ice-pop form.3 . Pour the strawberry mixture into each form leaving ,room for the stick and banana. Put the stick into the form.A kid invented this sweet treat .Now you can make your own.By Alicia Anderson22JULY2017

Tropical Pop1 .Put a spoonful of mango sorbetinto each form.2 .Fill each one 2/ of the way 3with chopped pineapple. Add orange juicealmost to the top.Great Icy Grapes1 .Fill each form halfway with sliced grapes.2 . Add grape juicealmost to the top.Ice-Pop TipsŔ Wash your hands and any fresh fruit before you begin.Ŕ Ask an adult to help with anything sharp or hot.Ŕ You can make the pops in purchased ice pop forms-,3 ounce paper cups-,or even ice cube trays With paper cups or trays use aluminum foil to -.,cover them Poke a clean treat stick into each pop through the foil..Ŕ Place the pops in the freezer When they re frozen solid remove them .’,from the forms or tear away the paper cups and enjoy()!Cocoa Cooler1 . Mix up hot cocoa. Add mini marshmallows or marshmallow creme. Set it aside until the cocoa cools to room temperature.2 .Pour the cocoa into the forms.

Your Own PagesJonaz Awad\"HF Ŕ 'MPSJEBMy BikeAudra Massee\"HF Ŕ 8BTIJOHUPOBubblesBobbing up and downUp up high,Beautiful masterpiecesBy a stickLetting go when poppedEvery color fadesSoaring down dropletsAdelaide Smith\"HF Ŕ .BTTBDIVTFUUTBirdsA bird one day had a nest.She made it look its very best.She heard a peep, a squeak, a squeal.The chick looked so fresh, so new, so real.She heard a cry, a whimper, a wail.She saw a worm so slim and pale.She grabbed that worm and fed it to the bird.Alexis Drager\"HF Ŕ /FX .FYJDPSummerLots of sunIn the air,Boiling heatBut I don’t care.On vacationAt the beach,Swimming in the ocean,Out of reach.Passing daysBy and by,Summer endsWith a sigh.Grace Hayward\"HF Ŕ \"SJ[POBDinosaursFeathers claws and teeth,,.Herbivore or carnivore.Spiky sharp or scaly,,.They re all terrifying to me’!Joey Dziaba\"HF Ŕ $PMPSBEPCole Brockman\"HF Ŕ /FX :PSL24JULY2017

Share YourCreative WorkWe d love to see it’!Artmustbeonunlinedpaper.Poems must have fewer than75 words All submissions.must be created by you.Include your name age,,and address Mail to.Your Own Pages803 Church StreetHonesdale PA 18431,We cannotreturn yourwork so you ,might want to keep a copy.Graham Fitzgibbon\"HF Ŕ 0IJPVictoria Moore\"HF Ŕ *OEJBOBA Red DragonChristopher Yue\"HF Ŕ 8JTDPOTJOSnow LeopardNiobe Vaca\"HF Ŕ 1FOOTZMWBOJBOde to Pickled MangoI opened the fridge and searched in hasteFor a delicious mango tasteI spied a container’s bright-red lidI wanted to eat itAnd eat it I didConsuming each and every pieceEating it makes me at peaceAyan Barnwal\"HF Ŕ /FX :PSLThe CosmosThere’s space beyond this worldIn the distance.But if dimensions collide,The universe could die.But for now, you can see itLike a picture in the sky.If seeing it is what you want to do,It’s waiting for you!It’s the cosmos.William Cyr\"HF Ŕ .BJOFMe and EvieWe swim alongIn the deep blue sea.Me with Evie,Evie with me.Bubbles around us,I see a fish.We close our eyesAnd make a wish.Ellie Mano\"HF Ŕ 5FYBTThe Slushy IncidentMy mouth wateredAt the sightOf the many slushy flavors.Which one shall I choose?All of them, of course.As I walked throughThe parking lot—WHAM—All over my shirtWas the prize of a sweet,Wet,Delicious slushy.Some people would be sad.Others would be mad.But for me,It was all a laughing matter.Andrew Woodley\"HF Ŕ .JTTPVSJ

Lydiaheardthefinalorder.Itwouldbeanactof high treason,punishable by deathif she was caught.asleep. But Lydiacouldn’t sleep. Muffledsounds from the room pulled Lydia from her bed.She tiptoed toward themeeting room just in time tohear someone reading a finalorder. “The troops should marchout ...late in the evening of the4th, attack Washington’s armyand ...victory was certain.”Lydia slipped back intobed. Worried, she wonderedhow she would alert the troopsof the planned attack only two days away.When an officer knocked onher bedroom door to say themeeting had ended, Lydia didn’tanswer. He returned shortly andagain she didn’t answer. On the third knock, Lydia rose andpretended to be half asleep. Shestumbled into the hall, shuffledtoward the door, and locked it after the officers.Lydia Darragh and her family livedacrossfromBritishheadquarters. When GeneralWilliam Howe, the British commander, needed anadditional meeting room, he tookoveralargeroomattheDarraghhouse. Sometimes Lydia would overhear British soldiersdiscussing incoming shipmentsortroopmovements.Theyspoke freely around her becausethey knew the Darraghs wereQuakers, members of a religious group who remained neutral during the war.But the British were unaware that the Darraghs secretlysupported America’s war forindependence. Their oldest son,Charles, was a lieutenant inthe American army, and Lydiawas a spy for the Americancommander in chief, General George Washington.A Spy in ActionIn order to smuggleinformation to Washington,Lydia would tell her husbandwhat she overheard. He would write the message in code.Lydia would then fit the note By Rosalie LauermaniArtbyRickPowellIntheautumnof1777 during the,Revolutionary War,the British army seizedPhiladelphia and setup headquarters there.Lydia Darragh s’SECRETMISSIONon a buttonmold, sewfabric over it, and attachit to her son John’s coat.Fourteen-year-old John wouldeagerly trek to the Americancamp about 13 miles away atWhite Marsh to visit his brother. Charles would snip off thebutton, decode the message,and deliver the informationto American headquarters.On December 2, 1777, aBritish officer arrived at Lydia’shouse. He ordered her to preparethe large room for a top-secret meeting that evening anddemanded that everyone be inbed before the meeting started.When the officers arrived,Lydia let them in and went tobed. Her family was already 26JULY2017

Lydia s daughter Ann wrote an account of her mother s’,,’spy activities that was published in 1827 Some people have.questioned the facts in the narrative but most people tend to ,agree that Lydia Darragh was a courageous woman who fought valiantly for her country s independence She is considered to ’.be one of the founders of American intelligence.death if she was caught. So Lydia decided to act alone, without telling her family. She would not risk their lives.Before dawn on December 4, Lydia arose, wrapped her gray wool cape around her, and headed out. As she neared Washington’s camp, she spotted an American officer on horseback approaching her. She recognized him as a friend, Captain Charles Craig.The captain asked what she was doing so far from home. In a soft, hushed voice, Lydia told him about the British plan. Captain Craig thanked her and raced to headquarters.When the British arrived at White Marsh, General Howe found the American troops armed with cannons. Clearly, someone had warned them. In a cold fury, Howe ordered his troops to return toPhiladelphia.Lydia spent the next fewdays fearing for Charles’ssafety. She didn’t know whathad happened at White Marsh,and she certainly couldn’t ask.Once again, a British officerbanged at her door. Hemarched in, stone-faced,ordered her into the meetingroom—and locked the door.Lydia trembled, fearing thather secret had been discovered.She knew that spies werehanged. She felt faint and almost fell to the floor. The officer told her to sit down.Sternly, he asked if any of the others in her family were awake on the night of the officers’ last meeting. Lydia replied truthfully that they were all in bed and asleep. “I need not ask you, for we had great difficulty in waking you to fasten the door after us.”Rising from his chair so forcefully that it toppled over, he boomed, “One thing is certain; the enemy had notice of our coming, were prepared for us, and we marched back like a parcel of . . . fools.”He stormed out, without even considering that Lydia might have delivered the warning. A wave of relief rushed over Lydia. She thanked God that Charles was safe and the British hadn’t suspected her.A Secret MissionLydia was too troubled to sleep. She had never uncovered information this important. She knew she must act quickly to save the American soldiers, including Charles.The next day, she plotted a secret mission to warn General Washington. It would be an act of high treason, punishable by She knew she must act quickly.Lydia s Legacy’

Nature WatchProtectionA tortoise tucks itself into its shell when a predator attacks .Notice how the bent front legs can protect the pulled in head -.The gular horn, which sticks out on the front of the plastron (lower shell is larger on the male tortoise A tortoise can use it ),.to fight and to protect itself.Photos top by Roy C Averill Murray USFWS bottom by Jacob Daly: ().-,; ().CHOWTIMEAlthough a tortoise can spend weeks or months waiting for the right conditions before leaving its burrow for food other animals need to eat every ,day Think about the activity levels of .animals you see How often do those .animals eat How do you think ?their environment affects when they eat?DID YOU KNOW?For tortoises in deserts of the southwestern United States life is a ,waiting game Most of .their time is spent tucked away in burrows of rock or soil For months at a time .,they rest there inactive ,and with lowered body functions to deal with ,extreme hot or cold temperatures and lack of water.When they are out of their burrows they eat ,wildflowers like lotuses ,milkvetches and lupines ,.This juicy vegetation “”gives them water as well as food .By Peter FriedericiDesert Tortoise28JULY2017

What do the beach spots in each row (horizontally vertically and diagonally) have in common,,?Tic Tac Shore--Answers on page 38.Answers on page 38.Ella s label maker caused a ’jelly jumble! Each label is missing one letter and the ,other letters are mixed up .Can you puzzle out what fruit-flavored jelly is in each jar?By Elizabeth WiszJelly JumbleFor example ,this jar hasBERRY jelly.1234567 JULY 2017 29

“If you don t come out ’,you re going to miss ’the funderstorm.”miserablenight. What can I do?I look around for inspirlook around for inspirationationIand spot Billy’s sports trophiesand ribbons. Then it hits me. “Ifyou don’t come out, you’re going to miss the funderstorm.”“You mean ‘thunderstorm,’” he corrects.“Nope. I meanfunderstorm.”Billy peeks his head out.“What’sthat?”“It’s having fun during athunderstorm,” I explain. “Whenthe lightning strikes, you seehow many things you can dobefore the thunder comes.”“Likeacontest?”“Yep.”Atthat moment, lightninglights up the room. Billy looksat me expectantlI spot a lone sockdanglingfromhisdresser drawer. “How many socks can you put on one foot? Go!”“Then why are you actinglike a dust bunny?a dust bunny?”likeSilence for a moment,then thetruth. “I’mafraidof thunderstorms,” he says.Part of being a great baby-sitter is being an expert in a lotoffields—a nurse for bandagingbanged-up knees, a chef forconcocting interesting snacks,and a writer for coming up withgoodbedtime stories. This time,Ineed to be a psychologist.“Billy, a lot of peopledon’t likethunderstorms,” Isay.“I’m not a lot ofpeople,” hepoints out.I don’t know how to respondto that. Imake a mental note tobrush up on mypsychology andItake a more basic approach.“You’ll miss myfamous cheese-and-pepper-flavored popcorn.”“That’s OK,” Billysays.I don’t want Billy to have aSomymommentionstotheClarksonsthatI msortoftherksons that I’msortoftheClababy-sitter in our building andthat if they ever need me, I’mresponsible and have reasonablerates (meaningIworkcheap).Three days later, I’mplayinga matchinggame with Mr.andMrs. Clarkson’s five-year-old son, Billy, while they enjoydinner anda movie.Things get interesting afterfa lightning bolt brightens thedarkening sky like a cameraflash, followedbya loud crashof thunder. Billy flies off thecouch and runs to his room.The Clarksons gave meemergency numbers and otherinstructions, but they didn’ttell me what to doif their kiddecides to hide under his bed.“What’s wrong, Billy?” I askas if I don’talready know.“Nothing,” he says.”By John SamonyArt by Nadia RonquilloFunderstorm30 JULY 2017

“Ready ,set . . .go!”breathlessly onto the floor.“Sixteen seconds,” I say,looking at my watch andsmiling. “Not bad.”We don’t hear anything for a minute or two.“I think the storm is going away,” he says.So is the worried look inhis eyes.When the Clarksons return, they apologize for not callinghome. They were in the theater and didn’t hear the storm.“How’d our boy weather thethunderstorm?” Mrs. Clarkson asks as she gives Billy a hug.“Funderstorm,”he corrects,giving me a sly look. “And I can’t waittill the nextone!”Billy isn’t kidding.I can’ttakeother baby-sittingjobs if storm clouds start rollingin because I’ll know to expect a call from the Clarksons.Billy has a lot of records to break.n board. “Let’s see your hopping onkills.” I peek out the window.skReady, set . . .”Atthe flash,“Ryell, “Go!”IyHe starts hopping on one foot.fter 10 seconds, he switches toAfe other foot, then back againth20 seconds. He’s at 29 hops athen a softer boom signals thewhnd of the round.en“That’s the best I’ve everone,” he“You getting hungry?” I ask,inning like a cheetah. “At thegrext lightning bolt, go to thenetchen, grab the popcorn, andkitme back.”comI can still see a little worryhis eyes. “You OK?” Iask. in“Yes,” he says confidently,urprising me with the speedsuhis answer. ofI yell “Go!” exactly when e flash comes.thHe peels out ofhis room.Sixteen seconds later, he leapsSixback in, drops the container ofpopcorn on his dresser, andfallsHeruns too his dresserand starts puutting on socks.starts puutting on socksandHis right foott grows bigger with each new one.I count aloong. “3 ...4 ...5 ...”He gets to 8 beforethethunder bbooms andrattles the windows.It also ratttles his nerves.Before hecanndive back underthe bed,I yelll, “Fruits! Howmany can youu name?”Thesky ligghts up.“Apple, bannana, pear ...,”he chants. Hee’s in the middle oflisting melonnswhen the roundends with a ssharp crack.“Pretty immpressive,” I say.“What else?” hesays.I smile. Noow he’s really“I think the storm is going away he says,”. JULY 2017 31

Uncover your hidden talentswith these cool tricks.#Z \"MMJTPO ,BOF Ŕ \"SU CZ 3PCFSU - 1SJODF“Remove ”a Finger1 . Bend your left middle finger and right thumb like this.2 . Place your bent thumb on top of your bent middle finger.3 . Curl your right index and middle fingers around to cover the gap between your two bent fingers.4 . With your left palm facing you pull your ,right hand away from your left to “remove the ”top of your middle finger .Eww!Tricks to Try“Levitate a Styrofoam Cup”1 . Use your thumb to punch a hole in a Styrofoam cup.(Make sure the cup is empty of course,.)2 . Clasp the cup with both hands with one ,thumb stuck in the hole.3 . Tell your friends you can make the cup levitate and open ,both hands with your thumb still in the hole.4 . Slowly lift the cup and act as if your mysterious powers are making it float.32JULY2017

Becomea StrawMusician2 .Suck water into thestraw and pinch thebottom to hold thewater in place.3 .Blow into the straw openingas you unpinch your fingersslightly releasing the water,slowly back into the cup.4 .Enjoy a musicalwhistle that changespitch as the wateris released.1 . Place a non bendy -plastic straw into a tall glass of water.Create a Straw-splosion1 . Tightly pinch the ends of a plastic straw.2 . Roll up the endsof the straw untilabout an inch remains unrolledin the middle.3 .Ask afriend to give the middle a hard flick.4 . Prepare for a loud POP!Launch a Paper Clip1 .Unfold a paper clip so that it looks like this.2 .Gently bring the ends together,latching one side under the other.This may take a few tries.4 .Watch it soar.Whee!3 .Allow the latched side of the paper-clip triangle to fall gently onto a hard surface.P O P ! JULY 2017 33

On April 30, 2010, one of the biggest fireworks displays in history took place in Shanghai, China. The event opened that year’s World Expo, where 192 countries showed their most exciting new developments.For 30 minutes, a steady barrage of 50,000 fireworks lit the night sky above a two-mile stretch of the Huangpu River. They boomed, whistled, and crackled in time with blaring music, dancing Trained pros set off 50 000 ,fireworks in one show!By Andy BoylesContributing Science EditorPhoto by Philippe Lopez Getty Images Art page 36 by Robert L Prince/.()..searchlights, and spouting water fountains. “The display on the bridge alone was as big as the Macy’s show in the United States,” says James Deye, who coordinated the fireworks control systems.A section of the city was evacuated to protect onlookers. For the fireworks pros, one of the most dangerous jobs was collecting the duds after the show. Hot embers can still slowly burn inside a firework shell that didn’t go off, so it can explode without warning for some time after the fuse has burned away. After waiting a safe period of L ig h t in g t h eN ig h t34JULY2017

Only trained professionals should prepare fireworks mixtures!time, the experts carefullysealed and packed the dudsinto a hazardous-materialstruck for removal.S k yNight-Sky ColorsThe colors of fireworks are made by burning compounds that contain different elements .Some common elements used and their colors ()include strontium red calcium reddish (),(orange sodium yellow barium green and ),(),(),copper blue Some can be mixed to make ().other colors For example strontium and .,copper together glow purple.For these elements to give off light they ,have to reach temperatures of 1 500 to more ,than 2 000 degrees Fahrenheit more than ,—three times hotter than a campfire The fuels !that heat them need a lot of oxygen to burn ,so fireworks contain an oxidizer a compound “,”that releases a lot of oxygen when it s heated’.(Continued on next page)

SOUND EFFECTSA Peek Inside FireworksTHEDESIGNISINSIDEThe starsare arrangedinside tomake a face orother pattern.FIREWORKSMORTARThe tube that aims a fireworktoward the sky is called a mortar.Here s what s inside a typical’’mortar and a shell that explodesto make a ball shape.MortarShellFuseStarsStarsBursting ChargeTime FuseLift ChargeBANG1 . Lift charge launches the shell.2 . Powder burns inside ,making a lot of gases fast—.3 . Thick shell holds in the gases and finally bursts with a bang!WHISTLE1 .As this special mixture burns it ,releases spurts of gases making ,sound waves.2 .Sound waves that match the length of the short tube bounce back and forth adding up to make ,a high pitched sound-.3 .Sound comes out the open end .CRACKLE1 .Lift charge launchesthe shell.2 .Each grain contains two metal compounds .One is the fuel The .other is the oxidizer.3 .One after another ,the grains burn super hot :crack crack crack--!(Continued from page 35) DANGER !Only adults should handle fireworks Even .small ones are dangerous.36JULY2017

#Z 3JDI 8BMMBDF Ŕ \"SU CZ 3PO ;BMNFTheTimbertoes®The tree house needed work.Tommy sragwas torn onanail’.Home sweet tree house!Let s clean ’it up!It s as good ’as new!R - R -R IP !T a p t a pW h a c k!They fixed the floor and the loose nails.The kids borrowedtoolsfromPa.Tommy had an idea.Hey Pa,! JULY 2017 37

Answers124853976TongueSnowstorms,sandstorms and,cyclones too,.Vaishnavi R.Age 8™New YorkTwisterCovers:FunintheSun!byGaryLaCoste;What’sWrong?®byNigelSussmanIllustration credits:Page 2: Kevin Zimmer; 6: Erin Mauterer, except (blue-ink doodle) iStock/SylvieBouchard;11:HouseTourbyNeilNumberman,Check...andDoubleCheckbyCSJennings;15:JokesbyRichPowell,“SillyTilly’sGarden”byChristinaBrown;19:VolcanobyScottSoeder;20:I Wanna New Room,writtenbyKarenKaufman Orloff and illustrated by David Catrow. Used by permission of Penguin Random House LLC. All rightsreserved.Everyefforthasbeenmadetocontactthecopyrightholdersoftheotherbooksfeatured.29:Tic-Tac-Shore by Shaw Nielsen, Jelly Jumble by Jeff Crowther; 38: Pat Lewis; 39: In and Out (left) Gina Perry, (right) JoshLewis.Photo credits:Page 2: iStock/taratata; 3: Gina Lenz; 4: (Canadian flag) iStock/creisinger;4–5: (desert tortoise) iStock/twildlife; 6: (goldfish in bowl and bird) iStock/GlobalP, (tire swing) iStock/ZargonDesign, (image viewer) iStock/servet yigit, (card tower) iStock/Zerbor, (tomatoes and pepper) iStock/inkret, (balloon) iStock/nikkytok; 18: (top) iStock/michal812, (bottom) Guy Cali Associates, Inc.What is brown,has a hump,Mitchell Zimmerman Maryland,Answers 1: . I m chilled to the cone When “ ’!”2 .the door is open Silence A retail store .3 ..4 ..5 . A lost camel Well well well A plane .6 .“,,!”7 .bagel Let s go gigabyte Load the bases.8 .“’.”9 ..What did the ice cream say when it was cold?Riley Neff South Dakota,When are kids most likely to go into school?Haylie Oregon,What is so brittle that to name it is to break it?Tino Tinker Iowa,What did the man say when he saw three holes in the ground?Briar Texas,What does a computer say when it s hungry’?Ava Pelaez Florida,Where do lizards go to get their tails put back on?Mia Hepler North Carolina,How do you turn a walk into a run?Lucas Dunlop Washington D C,, . .Which kind of bagel can fly?Darshil Jhaveri New York,R DI DL E Sand lives at the North Pole?page 2FunThisMonthMystery Photo— 11House Tourpage 29Tic-Tac-Shorebeach ballsunglassesgreen-and-white towelbeach ballsurf boardbeach ballsnorkel gear shovel and pailflip-flopssunglassesflip-flops surf boardgreen-and-white towelshovel and pailflip-flopssnorkel gearcrabshovel and pailsunglassescrabsurf boardcrabsnorkel geargreen-and-white towelpage 18My SciPitch Puzzle—The glass with less waterin it will make the higher pitched sound -.When you tap an empty glass the glass ,vibrates and the number of vibrations ,per second gives the pitch More .vibrations per second give a higher sound When there is water in the .glass the vibrating glass must vibrate ,the water too It s harder to vibrate a ,. ’heavy object than a light one so the ,water slows down the vibration The .more water the more the vibrations are ,slowed and the lower the pitch,.page 43Picture PuzzlerWe found these words with double s You may have found o ’ .others baboon school moose :,,,broom poodle bamboo roof ,,,,door roots boots Hula Hoop ,,,-,book cookies goose kangaroo ,,,,scoop stools pool noodles ,,,,cooler blooms bassoon ,,.BONUS! Goat tote boat coat ,,,,music note .page 39IN1 . nINe p .2 .INt .3 . kINg p .4 .INk .5 . wINd s .6 IN .k .7 IN . rg v .8 .INe .9 . prINce .OUT1 . snOUT.2 . mOUTh tr .3 .OUT.4 . SOUTh Carolina .5 . Girl ScOUT.6 . dugOUT.Jelly Jumble1 . APPLE GRAPE PEAR KIWI .2 ..3 ..4 ..5 . MANGO PEACH LEMON.6 .7 .

Use the clues to think of words with IN in the middle of them Example .:warmhearted = kINd1.before ten2.two cups equal who sits on a throne4.color of a flamingo5.moving air6.a place to wash your hands7.finger jewelry8.what grapes grow on9.male heir to the throne“ ’I d hate to see the fleas big enough to wear those.”“I ate my homework.”“He s bilingual’.”Punny PupsUse the picture clues tothink of words that contain OUT.By Teresa A DiNicola.Answers on page 38.InAND Example:sprOUT564321 JULY 2017 39

Ask izona®“I’msorryfortakingit.”Andthatwasthat.IndiandKate went off to the backyard,andIdecidedtotrytochangemy sour mood by taking outthearts-and-craftsbox.Ifoundcraft sticks and seashells forapictureframe,putonsomemusic, and got to work.AsIcarefullygluedontheshells,IrememberedhowIndiandIhadfoundthemtogether at the beach. That’swhen I decided to make theframe for Indi to apologizefor overreacting.BythetimeIwasfinished,Iwasstarving.“I’mgoingtomakemyselfa snack!” I told my kitty cats,Charlie and Cow. “You guysstand guard to make surenobody touches this until theglue dries, OK?”Charlie and Cow flicked theirears, which Ithoughtmeant“Aye, aye, captain! We are yourloyal guards.” But it actuallyturnedouttomean“Sorry!Dear Not Laughing,Iabsolutelylovemylittlebrotherandsister,TexandIndi,butsometimesIfeelfrustratedwhen they don’t respect my stuff.“Ooh! Where’d you get thatcool necklace?” I overheardIndi’s friend Kate ask.“Ijustfoundit,”saidIndi.“I love the daisy in the middleof the heart!” said Kate.“Yeah,” said Indi. “It’s my newfavoritethingintheworld!”“Excuseme,”Isaid.“Wheredid you find that necklace?”“Right there on the floor,”Indisaid,pointingtoaspotjustoutside my bedroom.Iputmyhandsonmyhips.“Soyoufoundanecklacerightoutsidemybedroomanddidn’tthink it might be mine?”Indi shrugged.“Well, your favorite newthing happens to be my favoriteold thing, and I’d like it back.Please, please,pleasejust leavemystuffaloneonceandforall!”Isaid.Imusthavesoundedprettyangry because Indi’s eyes filledwith tears.“Here you go,” she sniffled.Private Property—#Z -JTTB 3PWFUDI Ŕ \"SU CZ \"NBOEB .PSMFZ“Where did you find that necklace ?”I asked.Keep Out!40JULY2017

We are just fluffy little purr-monsters who can’t be trusted to guard anything whatsoever.”The reason I know this is because, when I returned, Tex was busily building a craft-stick extravaganza and had managed to ruin my frame in the process.“No!” I exclaimed. “You wrecked my project. It took me forever to make that. Did you not even see it there?”“See what where?” Tex mumbled, holding a fistful of craft sticks in one hand and glue in the other.“Why doesn’t anyone respect my things?” I cried.I went to my room, shut my door, and made a gigantic sign that said Keep Out. I guess I caused enough commotion to worry everybody. Before long, I heard a knock on my door.“We’d like you to come out for a family meeting,” said my mom.Tex and Indi had told my parents what had happened. So after Kate had gone home, we all sat in the living room to talk things over.First, I apologized for lashing out. Then I explained that even though I knew nobody was trying to steal or wreck my things, I needed to feel that my possessions were being respected.Tex and Indi agreed to try harder to be considerate of my “No You wrecked !my project.”stuff. And I agreed to be gentler and more understanding when they accidentally took or ruined something that belonged to me.Of course, Cow and Charlie were at the family meeting, too. They flicked their ears to say they’d be happy to stand guard for me anytime, but I said that all I really needed them to do was snuggle in my lap and purr.So, dear Not Laughing, I think you should calmly ask your mom or dad to help you make a safe, off-limits spot for your most special stuff. And you could calmly let your brother know that you don’t like having your things taken and wrecked. I agree it’s good to have a sense of humor about a lot of difficult stuff. But respecting other people’s property isn’t always a laughing matter.First I apologized ,.Then I explained my feelings.Ciao for now,Arizona“We d like you to ’come out for a family meeting.” JULY 2017 41

Art by Keith Frawley.There is a ride at the amusement park that I m ’not tall enough to go on, but my friends can go on it I m . ’really jealous.A Highlights Reader (by e mail-)We understand why this would be frustrating Whenever you .start to feel jealous try to switch your focus to being thankful for ,all that you are able to do At the amusement park think about .,the many rides that you can enjoy In time you will be tall enough .,to go on this ride with your friends For now perhaps you can ask .,a friend to ride other rides with you Choose to make the most of .the things you can do and you ll have a great time,’!I m getting ’eyeglasses soon, and I m ’afraid people will laugh at me.Evie Washington,me but I m not really ,’listening. How can I take my mind off my book?Rachel New York,You are not alone Some .books are very difficult to put down especially when you re ,’at a good part If you see that !someone has been trying to talk to you maybe you can say ,“Sorry I didn t realize you were !’trying to get my attention .”Then close your book make ,eye contact with the person ,and try to listen carefully Keep .in mind that the book will still be there when you have time to return to it.It might also be helpful to set aside a specific time for reading when you re unlikely to ’be interrupted such as before ,bed That will help you to fully .engage in other conversations and activities during the day.Dear HighlightsWrite to us !Please include your name age ,,and full address Mail to.Dear Highlights803 Church StreetHonesdale PA 18431,Or e mail us at Letters Highlights [email protected] might be surprised we have heard from kids who want —glasses just because they like the look of them But if anyone !teases you try to laugh it off You can say I know I look ,.“different but I love being able to see everything If the teasers ,!”don t get a reaction from you they may leave you alone ’,.Try also to remember that good friends will like you for who you are not for what you wear Hold your head high be yourself ,.,,and show confidence If you can do that people will notice how .,happy you look while wearing your new glasses.I really like to read .Sometimes when I m ’reading people talk to ,42JULY2017

In this silly scene find all of the items with double,o ’s in their names.Answers on page 38.Picture PuzzlerArt by David ArumiBONUS!How many things in the scene rhyme with float?

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JULY 2017N U S !

A Bumpy RideBy Dave KlugCheck out our Hidden Pictures app!Can you find these objects in thebig picture?featherspool of threadbellcrayonbelt rakesailboat scarf goosebananagolf clubsafety pinmagnetsockflashlight fishcarrottoothbrushpaintbrushpenironsneakerpencilmittenhammerteacup

From the shores of Rouen,France, sculptor FrédéricAuguste Bartholdi watched theIsèresteam toward the AtlanticOcean. His 214 wooden crateswere on board. “Goodbye, mydaughter, Liberty,” he said.“Atlastyouaregoinghome.”The waiting was over.The idea for a statue as a giftof freedom and friendship fromFrance to the United States hadexcited Bartholdi for 20 years.But it had frustrated him, too.Designing the StatueThings went fine at first.Bartholdi scouted America forthe perfect location. He spotteda small island in New YorkHarbor. “In this very place shallbe raised the Statue of Liberty,as grand as the idea which itembodies, casting radiance uponthe two worlds,” he wrote.Then he got down to work.He designed the statue to looklike his mother. He selectediron and steel for the frameand copper for the statue itself.He worked with the bestengineers in the world tomake her tall and proud.The Statue of Liberty was shipped from France to America in crates, complete with instructions on how to put it together.By Barbara D. KrasnerPhotos courtesy of the Library of Congress, except statue (page 45, center) by iStock/kaarsten.1876: The Statue of Liberty’s right arm and torch on display at the Philadelphia Exposition.Running into ProblemsBut soon a lack of money delayed his progress. He had wanted to complete his statue in time to help America celebrate its 100th birthday—the year of liberty—at the 1876 Philadelphia Exposition. But all he had to show was the statue’s right arm and torch. Later, these stood in front of New York

LIBERTY FACTS25windows inthe crown.1886: The invitation to the statue’s dedication on Bedloe’s Island, New York.1885 :Bartholdi and his statue make headlines in America.City’s Madison Square Park.The world kept waiting for Miss Liberty. There still wasn’t enough money to build her or her pedestal.France promised to pay for the statue. By 1880, France had collected the money from more than 100 towns and cities and 100,000 people.America promised to pay for the pedestal. It was a huge job. Some might even have said it was colossal.Famous American artists, writers, and actors donated their works to an auction in 1883. More than 1,000 people received invitations to the auction and an exhibition. On the opening night, the head of the Pedestal Fund said, “Here is everything charming, . . . elegant, . . . beautiful, and . . . splendid. It is such an exhibition as our country never saw before.”But the exhibition and its auction failed to raise enough money for the pedestal.The Statue Comes TogetherHungarian immigrant JosephPulitzer, owner of New York World newspaper, came up withan idea. He printed daily pleas for money. He wrote, “The statue, the noble gift of our young sister republic is ready for us . . . and we stand hagglingand begging and scheming in order to raise enough money.”Pulitzer’s plan worked.Money poured in from all overAmerica—from rich and poor and children, too. Jane M. gave 50 cents and wrote, “I am only a sewing girl, but I am in full sympathy with your effort.” Another child scribbled, “I am a wee bit of a girl, yet I am ever so glad that I was born in a time to Now it was time to build.Once in New York, Bartholdi’s crates traveled by barge to Bedloe’s Island. There, small railway cars carried them on makeshift tracks to the foot of the pedestal.It took workers several months to put Miss Liberty together, using a system of numbers, letters, and symbols that had been marked on each piece back in France.At last, two sets of steel beams locked into the Statue of Liberty’s steel skeleton as it rose to its full height of 151 feet on top of its 89-foot pedestal and 65-foot foundation. Nothing could shake the statue loose.And on October 28, 1886, hundreds of thousands of people huddled under their umbrellas in the rain and wind for the statue’s dedication. And there was President Grover Cleveland accepting this gift from France—Liberty Enlightening the World—on behalf of the United States.She was well worth the wait.7 rays in the crown for (7continents 7 seas,).The date July IV MDCCLXXVI ,(July 4 1776 ,),is written on the tablet.Torch replaced in (1986 made of copper )and covered in 24 karat gold leaf-.35 feet from ground to tip of torch.contribute. . . . When I am old enough, I will ask my Mama and Papa to take me to see the statue, and I will always be proud that I began my career by sending you one dollar to aid in so good a cause.” The World printed the name of each person who contributed, down to the last penny.Finally, Miss Liberty could have her pedestal.

Photo by iStock/FotoMaximum.Art by Barry Gott.Fruit KebabsBy Anna\"HF Ŕ \"MBTLB1 . Drain a can of pineapple chunks. Put the chunks into a bowl.2 . Wash some fresh raspberries and blueberries. Pat them dry.3 .Peel and slice a kiwi. 4 .Peel an orange and a grapefruit. Cut them into bite-sized chunks.5 . Carefully poke wooden skewers through the fruit.6 . To eat the kebabs, remove the fruit with your fingers.7 .Enjoy!The Grumpy Hiker—Diana MurrayAsk anadult tohelp you withanythingsharp.I sit on a logafter taking a hiketo write down this listof some things I don’t like:My bug bites are itchyMy boots are too tightThis log is too lumpyThe sun is too brightThat path was too hillyI’m getting a crampMy socks won’t stay up andMy sandwich is dampThe birds are too noisyI just spilled my drinkThis list would go on butmy pen’s out

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