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Description: DIET SECRETS


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LOOK BETTER,BE HAPPIER!Slim like a star! Here’s the skinny on Hollywood’shottest diet tricks – and how YOU can stealthem to be a whole new you in 2015. From theMediterranean Diet, to juicing and gluten-freeeating. The editors of Star magazine focusonquick and easy ways to trim your tummy,fush out fat, get ft and look and feelbetter. This Star Special Reportcan change your life!

EDITOR IN CHIEF INSIDE Tony Frost 2 THIN-SPIRATIONS 46 FLATTERING FASHIONS EXECUTIVE EDITOR Dan Dolan Heavenly bodies Sofa Vergara, How Tracee Ellis Ross, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Demi Moore, Jada Kris Jenner, Hilary Swank and CREATIVE DIRECTOR Pinkett Smith and Jennifer America Ferrera hide their bumps Martin Elfers Lawrence can motivate you to meet and lumps with fashions that fatter your weight-loss goals. their fgures. MANAGING EDITOR Christine Reed 8 LIVE THE DREAM! 54 DELIVERANCE! ASSOCIATE EDITOR America’s favorite diet guru Denise All the pros and cons of slimming Debbie Ryan Austin reveals the best ways to start home-delivered meal plans used by eating healthier, plan a ftness regime Hollywood insiders including Marie PHOTO EDITORS and make your dreams come true. Osmond, Katy Perry, Britney Jenny Veiga Spears and Maria Menounos. 11 THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET Christine Visoke 56 DIET WINNERS Sample menus from the healthiest SENIOR EDITORS way to lose weight. Get with the Inspiring stories – and the inside scoop Sharon Keeble program and get slim – just like – on how Trisha Yearwood, Sarah Rachael Ray, Penelope Cruz and Ferguson, Carrie Fisher, Melissa Astrid Derfler Kessler Brooke Burke-Charvet. McCarthy and Khloe Kardashian won the Battle of the Bulge. CONTRIBUTING EDITORS 14 50 CELEBRITY DIET TIPS Lynn Allison 64 GONE TOO FAR Susan Baker Jennifer Aniston, Jordin Sparks, David Gardner Hilary Duff, Chelsea Handler, Tori Spelling, Angelina Jolie, Tara Martin Smith Beyonce and Heidi Klum spill the Reid, Nicole Richie and Lisa Marie beans on diet tricks that work for Presley are all scary skinny! Find out DESIGNER them – and will help you, too! what worried doctors have to say Nicole Perron about the skin-and-bone beauties. 35 HOT MAMMAS! COPY EDITORS 76 TEST YOUR DIET IQ Melissa Amodeo The quick and easy ways Christina Kimberly Carpenter Aguilera, Duchess Kate, Jessica This quick quiz is a piece of cake! Test Marie LaFauci Simpson, Halle Berry and Gwen your knowledge about weight loss Stefani melted off the pounds after and ftness and fnd out if you’re a RESEARCH DIRECTOR having their babies. diet couch potato or a smart cookie. Mireya Throop 40 THE PALEO DIET 80 LAST WORDS RESEARCHERS Stephanie Keiper Stone Age secrets – and sample Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton, Drew Barbara Koskie meals – that will help you feel Barrymore and Lena Dunham better, shed fat and look fab like reveal how they learned to love their Laurie Miller Jessica Biel, Patricia Heaton and bodies – and thumb their noses at Alison Rayman Eva LaRue. hard-hearted critics. PRODUCTION DIRECTOR 43 GO GREEN! Glen Marcinkoski Christie Brinkley, Alicia Weider Publications LLC, a subsidiary of Silverstone and Pamela Anderson American Media, Inc. explain the benefts of the vegan Chairman, President & diet – and how going meat- Chief Executive Officer free keeps them looking slim David Pecker and radiant. Executive V.P./Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Hyson Executive V.P./Consumer Marketing David W. Leckey Executive V.P./Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer Chris Polimeni E.V.P./Chief Digital Officer Joseph M. Bilman E.V.P./Digital Media Operations/CIO David S. Thompson National Enquirer (ISSN 1056-3482) is published weekly by American Media, Inc., 4 New York Plaza, 4th Fl, New York, NY10004. Copyright American Media, Inc. 2014.All rights reserved. PRINTED IN THE U.S.A.

HEAVENLY BODIES THIN SPIRAT Losing weight and kicking cravings is never easy. To be a diet success, you need every edge you can get – and sometimes the simplest things work best. It doesn’t get any more basic than putting a photo of your favorite celebrity best body on the fridge door. Experts say the image can serve as a daily reminder to watch what you eat and an inspiration to reach weight-loss goals. Tfhue4Rc5t)B-usfafIaoargHyotbouesratrasm-pdAev83boiea4ia,eNssri1n-tnsa2“2wigtbn3b4Naee.ool-5iee3mntw”pA6nipnobofaro,gsmuahrs2ncaiaetztd6nshlielicsez(a2ewla0hnod SOFIA VERGARA, 42 5-foot-7, 141 pounds 37-28-38 Confdent and curvy Sofa says: “I’m comfortable with my body and not afraid to show it off.”

RED-HOT STARS CAN HELPN- SLIMYOMUINAGCHSUIECVCEESS TIONS! nocTtoavihtcne5eec4br-defy0Goor,dhcenoboKeyretum,rn-datH9fmL.a3ns“d1n5dhe/IUe-E’tevb2I2na’es4es,tbMIta-1naoa3i2Duoll4bl0wltit,osayaIpma4muysoltals1.uc”ymtbhnhseaydasentshngeed Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 3

HEAVENLY BODIES BETHENNY FRANKEL, 44 5-foot-7, 121 pounds 37-24-36 The founder of the Skinnygirl brand never eats the same thing twice in a row. “That’s the key to being naturally thin – not being so regimented.” GPeGwhta5Ahayt-fiWibnnnoLiekgtotTtiet“anhY-l3egi9hRs4ktN,teoh-e1a2af,3O”yb5l2Eets-srhx3puhWie5nTyoserhusdcsiH,hnianiseay4dgetpss2y.aaeosnbudayr KJROUANPAN,A354 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 woTfoofh5rrMe-kfho“oieaRuormett3ssa-5iv7”lo-,e2Hns1l4t1tot3ae-uh3rpf5secoegrbuwueenrdiaevdict.eshss

“GdCturhopo6aro-phri–fsuPdpuonawinioanCRndkentgdsy-ns2HAmfhtfo,ooef2ofTrrr1Rrltot0oehhhmToiepteIskh,oGScrrsaouo3hannlul5leead6nxi0ksnyy,” Ss“ehfTaaeC5nt-hHfaHPaonesodonEdtAtnu-3ah9’Rsg3yRe,-lss1r2yw2Ow.L4w.0.e-jhuo3eNIpe5smtZonth,ualesEin3nhakd.9ree”tsfesevaeeylrssy great! SELENA aroblLeuoiats5uaisa-ntntRfhedohf.aoeoIlSsirut3kNhL-wrd4e7edi-,srIe2wN1iattt1S5yot4o-ase3rAAjnpn3ukadosi,bwcufooe5entuo1edntkkseassts GOMEZ, 22 fast. 5-foot-5, 125 pounds 34-24-36 The “Heart Wants What It Wants” singer loves junk food and hates working out. She gets her exercise from the dance routines she performs in her shows. Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 5

HEAVENLY BODIES HUGH JACKMAN, 46 6-foot-2, 181 pounds The “Wolverine” star has a better body than most men half his age thanks to intense workouts with his personal trainer. AaM5fA-ftftesoehrOhoDirtsgeothen-aO3ne5tEol4rt,tKw-ih1bRn2Mu2ir3gbe0te-craEt3aphIco2wkoeko,uerut5p,isnogDk2wdhiaenstim.tnhyi CAMERON ThghoretaIElm5cnSlde-uoSfoiEdstwomtTiootrYaahantEosnte-3Mef1ids8nPp0dhf-1oa,1’2esOH991gu64S9d8er-Uw01is83Ald.7o,oipmRw1Nofo9ksShu8,usIpen94iEjnotdu6rssstthsaes DIAZ, 42 5-foot-9, 128 pounds 34-23-35 The healthy eater and author of “The Body Book” insists “it’s not how many calories you eat, it’s what kind of calories you eat.”6 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4

MELISSA sHwoseLlahalJyyu.rLAswsno:aJ5gso“twW-hErhWofyeoerd’heNerolRlsfavptutnte-3eaNs9erE5jaoneu,”ydnb,yr?rnes2mataaTo4urhdtotmaooylte?a’as.kBnSeedhe GORGA, 35 5-foot-4, 115 pounds 32-24-30This Jersey girl stays slim byfocusing on lifting weights over cardio. “I stay active so I can eat what I want,” she says. JADA PINKETT SMITH, 43 5-feet, 110 pounds 34-24-33 Jada still has the body of a teenager, thanks to her active lifestyle. Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 7

A NEW YOULIVDERTEHAEM! TV FITNESS QUEEN DENISE AUSTIN’S SECRETS FOR GETTING STARTEDYou CAN do it – lose weight, get ft, feel and making YOUR needs a priority. healthier and be a whole new you! And To start, fnd a diet and ftness plan that fts NOW is the perfect time to start! That’s the inspiring message from your needs and, importantly, your personality, America’s most popular ftness says the perky blonde host of the blockbuster guru, Denise Austin, who says diet success is a TV series “Denise Austin’s Daily Workout.” matter of knowledge, planning, commitment “Make a ftness resolution that is easy to keep – andDenise Austin, don’t be hard on yourself,” advises Denise, who hasAmerica’s most sold more than 24 million exercise videos and DVDs.popular ftness guru, The next step is setting realistic, achievable goals.says exercise doesn’thave to be a SET THE TONEplannedevent – “Begin by fguring out the days and times each weekand begin that you’ll set aside for a workout,” says Denise. Atby taking frst, take “baby steps ” and start exercising “even ifit easy it’s just 10 minutes, for a morning power walk,” the former gymnast suggests. “It’ll set the tone for the rest of your day, boost your metabolism and make you feel energetic and confdent! “And get positive about your relationship with food, too! “Don’t skip meals – that will slow your metabolism. Eating the right foods in the right portions doesn’t mean you have to deprive ➜8 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4

“Don’t skip How tomeals – it measure yourslows your body fatmetabolism,”says Denise – n OKAY, you’re ready to diet.who reveals you But exactly how flabby are you?have to keep The most accurate waymoving to lose to determine your bodyweight fat percentage is with skin fold calipers that can take MAKE A FITNESS readings at several areas. RESOLUTION But if you’re on a budget, THAT IS EASY TO you can gauge your KEEP – AND Body Mass Index (BMI) without spending DON’T BE HARD $20 to $199 on the ON YOURSELF” calipers. You can used old fashioned math for free! A standard BMI formula offered by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention works like this: First multiply your height in inches times itself. Then use that number to divide your weight in pounds. Then multiply that number by 703 to get your BMI. A BMI below 18.5 is considered underweight, between 18.5 and 24.9 is normal, 25.0 to 29.9 is overweight and a BMI of 30.0 marks obesity. However, Orlando-based sports physician Dr. Gabe Mirkin says the most simple way to determine if you are overweight is to grab the skin on your belly: “If you can pinch more than two inches, you are storing too much fat in your abdomen and may be at risk for obesity and its associated risks.” Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 9

A NEW YOU The most effective way to get slim is ayourself! I love food! With the “steady, balancedright tools and tricks in place it’s weight-loss plan,”easy to enjoy the foods you love. says the ftness dynamo “Next, make a habit of drinkingmore water. Hydration isimportant. Not only does it fllup your tummy, it’s great foryour hair and skin and gives youenergy to get you through the day. Starting the day with warm water and lemon aids digestion So why not start each day with YOU CAN a glass of water like I do – warm LOSE UP TO water with a squeeze of lemon, 25 POUNDS which is great for digestion.” IN ONLY KEEP MOVING 10 WEEKS” Keep in mind that exercise can lose up to 25 pounds in only pill or gimmicks. This New Year, doesn’t have to be a planned 10 weeks” through a combination concentrate on your health! Diet event, says the author of over of workouts, healthy slimming pills, crash-dieting and products 10 popular ftness books. meals and motivation techniques. that promise instant results are never a good idea. A steady, balanced “Just keep moving! The average But you can’t achieve a fatter weight-loss plan is the most efective person burns up to 500 calories tummy, a bodacious butt, thinner method and will help keep the a day just by fdgeting! So get of thighs, or tighter arms unless you weight of for a lifetime. Do it – your chair and get up on your feet! commit to changing your ways, says because YOU and your health are Denise. “And now is your time! the most important thing!” H “Use every opportunity to use your muscles. For example, “I promise you, there’s no secret when you’re in the bathroom blow- drying your hair, why not do some squats? You’ll be amazed at how quickly some easy habits you adopt will add up to great results.” Denise has designed her own program – The 10 Week 360° Plan available on her website ( – that she says is a fun, healthy way “you10 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4

SIMPLY THE BESTMMEDAITKEREROAVNEERAN OLIVE OIL, CHEESE AND GRAINS HELP PENELOPE CRUZ & RACHAEL RAY LOOK BETTER AND LIVE HEALTHIERYOU are what you eat! And if you’re like Hollywood beauty Penelope Cruz and popular TV chef Rachael Ray, you’ll look better and live healthier by followingthe Mediterranean Diet. Bottoms This program is based on Up!the traditional eating patterns of n WINE is fine. PopItalian, Greek, Spanish and other that cork! StudiesMediterranean cultures. show drinking wine really does have More than 50 years of health benefts. scientifc research has The key is moderate shown people in the ➜ consumption which, according to the American Heart Association, is one to two four-ounce glasses a day. Drinking wine, according to multiple studies, promotes longevity, reduces heart attack risk, lowers risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, stroke, cataracts, and colon cancer, and slows brain decline. Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 11

SIMPLY THE BEST RACHAEL The TV chef RAY grew up on the classic diet Ð and sticks to it to this day Why it BROOKE works for BURKE-CHARVET Brooke Mediterranean region have the n Mom-of-four lowest recorded rates of chronic Brooke Burke- illnesses, including cancer, Charvet says she’s heart disease, and high blood fnally learned fad pressure. They also have the diets are NOT fab longest adult life expectancy. diets. “I’ve tried just about every So just what foods are in crazy diet you can this miraculous meal plan? imagine,” admits Brooke, a former The Mediterranean Diet is swimsuit model rich in vegetables, fruit, peas who, along with her and beans (legumes) and family, now follows grain, such as cereal, whole the Mediterranean grain bread, whole grain pasta system. That means and brown rice. Seasonally “lots of greens, fresh and locally grown, lots of fsh, lots of a ordable produce are best. vegetables,” plus the Middle Eastern The menu also contains spice harissa, which moderate amounts of fsh, is similar to a chili chicken, and low-fat dairy paste, for favoring. products. Small amounts of red The former “Dancing meat, eggs, sweets, and sweet with the Stars” co- desserts are recommended. host, 43, eats fve small meals a day, Most fat is unsaturated and and boasts: “I can comes from heart-healthy honestly say that I’ve olive oil and nuts. never been healthier That means skip the or ftter in my life!” butter or margarine. Herbs and spices replace12 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 salt for seasoning. A small amount of red wine – two glasses a day for men, one glass for women – has been

shown to increase the health benefts. Mediterranean Diet Other key elements of the Power PyramidMediterranean Diet? No smokingand moderate exercise. SLIM DOWN This guide was prepared by Greece’s Ministry of Health to help people follow the Mediterranean Diet, which has been embracedPenelope, Best Supporting by the World Health Organization. Experts also recommendActress Oscar winner for the 2008 replacing salt with herbs including oregano, basil and thymeflm “Vicky Cristina Barcelona,”followed the diet to slim down aftergiving birth twice in three years.“I love Spanish food,” saysPenelope, who’s 5-foot-6 and MONTHLY WEEKLYabout 135 pounds. “My diet is RED MEAT DAILY 4 servingsthe Mediterranean Diet, which Exercise Sweets, 3 servingsis good food. I eat well, but I In moderation Eggs, 3 servings Potatoes, 3 servings try to eat healthy.” Olives, dry beans, nuts 3-4 servings As for Rachael, growing Poultry up in an Italian family, 4 servings she ate a “largely Fish 5-6 servings Mediterranean diet” Dairy products that included “a ton of 2 servings salad and a lot of greens.” Olive Oil For cooking and use instead of butter Dinner was often pasta or steak with “a glass of good Wine In moderation wine,” she says. “I would Vegetables, including wild greens 6 servings never, Fruit 3 servings ever remove Non-refned cereals and products including that from whole grain breads, pasta, brown rice 8 servings my life. The most essential part of my day is One serving equals approximately half of the portions as defned in the Greek market regulations (portions served in restaurants) a good dinner.” ALSO REMEMBER TO: On the n Drink plenty of water n Avoid salt and replace with herbs (e.g. oregano, basil, thyme, etc.) Mediterranean Diet, you’ll typically eat under 1,400 calories a day and eat three meals on the bandwagon. It’s easy to the power of polyphenols – the whip up healthy, delicious meals chemicals that give fruits andPENELOPE and two snacks. using the recommended foods. vegetables their color, which are abundant in MediterraneanCRUZ Don’t go more than Weight loss expert Dr. Barry food. Research shows eating Sears, father of the iconic Zone more polyphenols can reverseThe Oscar- fve hours without Diet, considers the Mediterranean cellular infammation, whichwinner food. It’s also regimen a super healthy way to is a major fat trap. slim down. He’s adapted the Zonediscovered important to drink ratio – two-thirds carbs, one- The best thing about the third protein – to Mediterranean Mediterranean Diet? No guilt!the diet plenty of water, ingredients in his new book,when she and exercise daily. “The Mediterranean Zone.” Dr. Sears says: “If you mess uptried to lose with one meal, your next mealbaby weight Best of all, you His new plan also emphasizes can put you right back.” H don’t have to be a kitchen magician to jump Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 13

HOTTEST CELEBRITY DTIIEPTSWBphuaetgtnrteihysmo,asut.tTd’arorheseeasssanchene’attdlrremeitbehetrdheai-tyenayin,criltadot’nso-otpakwrluiwsnoeergactkyriypsefootseusrawrfysoboyor.eruIkss,nttetadiotyshofipneo!argfrotsthllolieomfmwthai–nnegdjob.14 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4

50 CELEB DIET TIPS Cameron Diaz AGE 42 5-FOOT-9Mariah KEEP Miranda Carey THE END Kerr GAME IN MIND AGE 45 AGE 31 5-FOOT-9 Lucky Cameron used to be able to eat 5-FOOT-9 anything and still stay slim, but these days she’s more conscious about her chow. “I’m o the fried foods. I’m very thoughtful about what I eat,” she says. “If you want to stay small, you have to watch what you eat.” Cameron flls up on water because, she says, “It wakes up my digestive tract.” She drinks a bottle of water frst thing every morning and nine more glasses during the day. DON’T GET LET JUICING YOURSELF Juicing is a great way to get GO HUNGRY all your vitamins and minerals,” says Miranda, who also drinks twoAfter her twins were born, Mariah dropped liters of water per day. Mirandaweight on the Jenny Craig diet, but she says loves spinach, avocado, broccoli and other greens because these the key for her was eating several small meals a day. She found that if she didn’t fber-rich foods keep her let herself get too hungry, she was less feeling full and prevent likely to drop her diet and binge. binges. She says: “I just ate more, but smaller portions.” Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 15

50 CELEB DIET TIPS Jordin Sparks Katie AGE 25Holmes 5-FOOT-10 AGE 36 5-FOOT-9 SAVOR Sofia EVERY BITE Vergara On special occasions, when she’s not counting calories, Jordin doesn’t beat herself up over every single bite she takes. “I cook up a storm and thoroughly enjoy every meal,” the American Idol Season 6 winner says. “The trick is to eat slowly, joyfully and mindfully, but stop eating before you are full to the gills.” EAT AGE 42 BERRIES 5-FOOT-7 Berries are one of Katie’s SET favorite snacks! What’s so great LIMITS about them? Not only do they Sexy Sofa doesn’t beat herself taste fab, they’re packed with up over a couple of pounds, but vitamins, and while fruit can she won’t let her weight get too far o target, so she never has to do a lot be high in sugar, berries of damage control. “I allow myself are a pretty low-carb a window of three to fve pounds choice. when I’m not working,” says16 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 the “Modern Family” beauty.

Adriana Amazing Lima Avocado AGE 33 Claudia n ONCE considered a 5-FOOT-10 Schiffer high-fat food with no place in a dieter’s menu, FIND AGE 44 avocados have come a A WORKOUT 5-FOOT-11 long way. Today the fruit is considered an “all-star YOU LOVE superfood” that not only flls you up, but slims“Boxing is my passion,” says Adriana, you down. Avocadosa Victoria’s Secret model who shed 35 are high in fat, but it’spounds of new mommy fat in just six monounsaturated, the “good” kind that helps months. “When I’m exercising, I’m burn fab, says ftness having fun.” She cut major carbs for trainer to the stars three weeks: “I did protein shakes, Harley Pasternak. “They help you absorb more veggies – everything grilled or vitamins and make you steamed and four ounces feel full,” he adds: “So of protein.” you end up eating less.” According to a recent study at Loma Linda University, eating half an avocado with lunch can reduce the need to snack in the three hours after a meal by 40 percent! Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner say the fruit also known as an alligator pear is a staple in their stay- thin eating plan. In fact, Garner often starts her day with a breakfast of scrambled eggs mixed with sliced avocado. And Beyonce gushes: “I love avocado – it’s one of my favorite healthy snacks!” KICK- START YOUR DAY THE HEALTHY WAY Claudia believes in getting o to a good start every day. “I eat lots of fruit for breakfast because it’s cleansing and quickly digested by the body,” she says. Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 17

50 CELEB DIET TIPS Beyonce Time Fasts To Moon AGE 33 Phases 5-FOOT-6 n A NEW diet trend co- ordinating a cleansing fast with the phases of the moon’s cycles is sweeping Hollywood – allowing stars like Madonna and Demi Moore to shed up to six pounds in 24 hours! Shenae Grimes Nicknamed the Moon AGE 25 Diet, the plan is said to 5-FOOT-3 work because the human CHOOSE YOUR body is 70 percent water VICES and – like the tides – is “Instead of a sandwich with fries, I’ll do a salad with fries affected by lunar gravity. so I feel less guilty,” Shifting atmospheric says 90210 cutie Shenae. pressure also affects the metabolism, which allows the moon to create a tide-like effect that increases the body’s ability to fush out excess water and toxins, says Christian Dyuraffur, president of the International Federation of Phyto and Aromatherapy. Adds celebrity ftness and nutrition expert J.J. Virgin, author of the bestselling The Virgin Diet: “This seemingly bizarre plan actually has some facets COMMIT that support weight loss. The benefts of FOR 22 DAYS intermittent fasting are well known and The diet and exercise plan trainer include fast fatMarco Borges gave proud mom Beyonce loss and increasedlasted 22 days, based on his belief that energy.” Virginit takes 21 days to create a habit. “Forget recom-mendsthe quick fx,” says Marco, who worked starting the frst daywith the superstar after the birth of her of a full moon withdaughter Blue Ivy. “It takes hard work a flling, protein-and dedication, but the rewards are packed breakfast. For real for those who put in the lunch, sip unlimited time and e ort.” amounts of fresh juice, water and green tea. Ease back into eating the next day with a light, but flling meal like fresh fsh18 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 and sauteed spinach.

Heidi DrewKlum Barrymore AGE 41 AGE 395-FOOT-9 5-FOOT-4 Olivia PUT Munn LESS ON YOUR PLATE AGE 34 5-FOOT-4 “I don’t want to live a life where you can’t have what you want. USE It just makes you want it more,” VINEGAR says Drew. “I just think you Before she heads out to a restaurant, should eat less of everything. Heidi will eat a salad at home sprinkled with vinegar, which works as an appetite A little bit less.” suppressant and helps her stay away fromthe bread basket at dinner. And when it comes to working out, the supermodel gets active WITH her four kids – she often joins them bouncing on the trampoline, riding bikes, swimming in the pool and hiking. IF YOU CANÕT SEE IT, DONÕT EAT IT That’s how Olivia stays thin. Says the super-sexy actress of her rule: “For example, if you buy a roasted chicken at the store, it sounds healthy, right? But those juices in the pan are made of what? Sugar? If I don’t know what’s in it for sure, it’s not going in my mouth.” Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 19

50 CELEB DIET TIPS Mariska Hargitay Snooki Polizzi AGE 50 5-FOOT-8 AGE 27 4-FOOT-8 Jennifer Aniston AGE 45 SWAP 5-FOOT-5 SNACKS For Mariska, fnding yummy substi- tutes for fattening favorites has helped her stay slim. “No more chocolate, and LOW- I’m fnally o the Pringles,” she admits. CALORIE “Now, I love tropical fruit. My favorites COCKTAILS are mango, kiwi, and papaya. They Newlywed Snooki stopped partying the remind me of Hawaii. Fruit in theway she once did now that she’s a mom of morning makes me feel light.”two. When she does imbibe, she sticks tosugar-free cocktails and limits how many DONÕT she drinks. “I have to quit drinking so DEPRIVE much,” the reality TV star said after YOURSELF her frst baby, son Lorenzo, was born. “If I do drink, it’s going to be vodka and seltzer…maybe two or three.” “It’s taken me time to learn that the key to having a great physique isn’t to deprive yourself of food, but to educate oneself about the foods our bodies crave and need as nourishment,” Jen says.20 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4

Audrina Patridge AGE 29 5-FOOT-6 Ali Larter Cheat Day Keeps You AGE 38 Honest! 5-FOOT-8 n DESPITE what die- NO hard dieters believe, CARBS the best way to lose AT NIGHT weight – and keep the “I rarely eat carbs at night because I pounds from piling back on – is to designate tend to put on pounds when I do,” one day a week as your “cheat” day. Knowing says Ali. “So I just make a sauce, there’s some slack allows you to stick to like a thick lamb ragout, skip a healthy eating plan for the long term.FIND the bread and pasta, and You will be satisfedTHE add a salad.” psychologically, and once-forbidden foodsRIGHT suddenly don’t seemMOTIVATION so tempting. Of course,“Being in the limelight, I’m very your cheat day isn’t an excuse to eat anythingconscious of my body,” says Audrina, you want! You certainly don’t want to blow aformer star of The Hills. “I’m doing week’s worth of hard work in a few shoots in the winter for Designate one portion of a meal – whetherthe summer, so I always it’s bacon double cheeseburger forhave to take care of dinner or a decadent chocolate brownie formyself.” desert – then jump back on the diet bandwagon. After Beyonce shed her 60-pound baby weight, she allowed herself to celebrate by giving into temptation. “Tonight I’m going to get chocolate wasted!” she told a crowd during a recent concert. Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 21

50 CELEB DIET TIPS How To Kristen End Sugar Bell Cravings AGE 34 n ASK any health care 5-FOOT-1 expert the No. 1 worst BE FLEXIBLE food – and they’ll all “I like to stay ft and challenge agree it’s sugar! Aside myself, but I’m not going to try to be a certain size or weigh a specifc from the fact that amount,” insists Kristen, who says she doesn’t own a scale. “My goal is to sugar contains feel good and look healthy…I’m nothing but always going to be the kind of person who treats empty myself.” calories and causesCheryl diseasesBurke from diabetes to obesity AGE 30 to tooth 5-FOOT-4 decay, it’s actually more addictive than many drugs! “Sugar is eight times as addictive as cocaine,” says Dr. Mark Hyman, author of the best-selling book The Blood Sugar Solution 10- Day Detox Diet. “It’s not a matter of willpower. Sugar scrambles your normal appetite controls, driving ORDER your metabolism to IT YOUR WAY convert it into belly fat.” Dr. Hyman suggests breaking your sugar“I ask for restaurant dishes to be made with addiction with hisolive oil rather than butter, or for them to 10 day cleansing fasthold the cheese,” says Cheryl. “If they can’t to stop the cravingsaccommodate me, I fnd something else on and in the process – lose eight to 25the menu.” The pro dancer also banishes pounds. His diet calls trigger foods. “I lose sight of my diet for ditching both the around snacks like tortilla chips, sugar you’re aware of so I don’t keep them in the – in cookies, cakes, and house,” Cheryl adds. sweetened coffee – as well as hidden sugar found in dairy, starches, grains, gluten, alcohol and beans. Actress Eva Longoria swore off sugar and goes on a sugar-busting cleanse every month. “Sugar is terrible,” says the sexy star. “And everything has sugar…rice, bread, fruit. It’s hard to get away from it.”22 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4

Kimora Lee Avril Simmons Lavigne AGE 39 AGE 30 6-FOOT-0 5-FOOT-1 Britney Spears AGE 33 5-FOOT-4 TREAT COUNT FATTENING CALORIES FOODS LIKE ABAD BOYFRIEND “I try to do just 1,200 calories a day. It may sound like it’s not“The hardest part [of dieting] is not eating much, but it’s actually a lot ofall the foods I love,” says Kimora. “[It’s] as if we had really broken up.” Nutritionist food if you eat the right things,” J.J. Virgin says if you don’t have Britney a healthy relationship with a says. specifc food, don’t keep it around the house! DO SOME DIET MATH Avril eats a vegetable-based diet most of the time, but cheats the other 10 percent. “You’ve gotta live life a little, so I do eat fast food every once in a while. But 90 percent of the time, I eat a vegan diet.” Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 23

50 CELEB DIET TIPS Vanessa Hudgens AGE 26 5-FOOT-1 Janet HAVE Jackson HEALTHY INCENTIVES AGE 48 5-FOOT-4 “Putting good stu into your body, you feel so much better,” says The High School Musical MAKE ROOMFOR DESSERT cutie. Vanessa likes to start her day with healthy fare like egg-white omeletsA proponent of the Nutrisystem diet, and veggies or oatmeal with Janet liked the plan because it let almonds and fruit. her indulge her sweet tooth. “It’s about well-rounded, healthy SHARE meals, which include cake!” she says. The Hunger Games star has a great method of portion control: “My husband and I split one appetizer and one entree,” Elizabeth reveals.24 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4

Elizabeth Sara Soup Banks Evans Is Simply Super! AGE 40 AGE 43 5-FOOT-5 5-FOOT-9 n WHEN 211-pound Jenny McCarthy neededRihanna to lose baby weight, she turned to a soup- AGE 26 based diet and quickly 5-FOOT-8 shed over 60 pounds. “I cook tons of soups CHOOSE and freeze them,” says TO DO the ft and fabulous former co-host of “TheTHE RIGHT View,” who now weighs THING in at a trim, toned 125“Carbs are the enemy,” says the pounds. “Then I eat them literally for breakfast,Barbadian beauty. Rihanna flls up lunch and dinner.”on other healthy foods, even if A scientifc study published in Obesityshe doesn’t love them. “I hate Research found those who ate two bowlsvegetables, but I make of soup a day lost an amazing 50 percent moremyself eat them.” USE than those who didn’t. COMMON “There’s so much research to indicate that soups SENSE promote weight loss, it’s Sara says she has no diet tricks and no foolish not to eat them daily,” says registered hard and fast rules when it comes to her dietitian and weight-loss expert Dr. Wendy Bazilian. diet. “I eat a little bit, and as soon as Of course, the kind of soup you choose makes I feel full, I stop. Then I don’t eat a huge difference. Skip the calorie-dense cream- again until I’m hungry,” says based soups and select those that are broth or the country songbird. bullion based. Or fll up on a fber-rich bean or veggie soup that’s a meal in itself. Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 25

50 CELEB DIET TIPS Water Kendra Works Wilkinson Ashley Wonders Tisdale AGE 29 n BESIDES flling you 5-FOOT-4 AGE 29 up for zero calories, 5-FOOT-3 water can help you STRIKE A lose weight for the BALANCE SCHEDULE long term by actually TREATS burning calories, “It’s all about where you are and say scientists in what you’re doing in your life,” “I have a cheat day for desserts,” Germany who says reality TV queen Kendra. “If says High School Musical found sipping I want to eat junk food, I go to approximately 17 the gym. If I’m taking a break Ashley. “I’ll have a strawberry ounces of H2O crepe with dark chocolate increased the from working out, I eat once a week.” metabolism by an more salads.” amazing 30 percent. The researchers also say consuming approximately six cups of water a day can burn over 17,000 extra calories a year. Turns out that because water is below the body’s temperature, the effort it takes to heat it up causes your body to expend energy and change metabolism. And water is actually an appetite suppressant, too. A glass or two before a meal flls you up so you eat less. In a Virginia Tech study, researchers found dieters who drank two cups of water before each meal lost 4.5 more pounds than those who didn’t.26 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4

Mario JessicaLopez Alba AGE 41 AGE 335-FOOT-10 5-FOOT-6 Alicia Silverstone USE THE AGE 38 BUDDY 5-FOOT-7 SYSTEM TRY Mario uses pals for accountability and support FROZEN – especially Jimmy Pena, who helped him write YOGURTa book on ftness. “Not only is Pena one of my bestfriends, he’s taught me so much about training and Jessica avoids dessert because high nutrition.” Also, down-size your dishes. “We’ve cholesterol runs in her family. But become this Big Gulp society, where everything when she does need a sweetness is larger, bigger and venti. Just take things down fx, she goes for frozen yogurt a notch,” says Mario. “Buy smaller plates! or dried fruit. If you eat o of them, your eye won’t assume that your cutting down Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 27 your portions” – even though you are! GO FOR GREENS “Add more kale and Swiss chard to your diet. It works wonders,” says Alicia, who went vegan in 1998. “You don’t have to have a diet mentality at all if you eat healthy, plant-based foods.”

50 CELEB DIET TIPS Giada De Laurentiis Rebecca AGE 44 Romijn 5-FOOT-2 AGE 42 5-FOOT-11 Olivia Wilde AGE 30 5-FOOT-7 BE PROUD LIMITOF YOUR BODY ALCOHOL Olivia likes wearing ftness-inspired “I don’t drink wine clothing even when she’s not working during the week, just onout. “I think the message you send when weekends,” Rebecca you go out in active wear is not ‘I says. starve myself to make myself thin’ ADD but ‘I work for this and I’m TOUCHES proud of my muscles.’” OF DECADENCE The petite Food Network celeb chef uses olive oil and bits of cheese in her dishes to make them satisfying – and delicious! That way Giada never feels deprived.28 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4

Kelly VinegarOsbourne Can Melt Your AGE 30 Middle 5-FOOT-2 n AN old-fashioned weight-loss remedy is making a comeback thanks to A-list celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Anna Megan Fox and Black EyedPaquin Pea’s front woman Fergie. AGE 32 5-FOOT-5 Sipping a daily dose of DONÕT organic apple cider GET TOO vinegar to curb the CRAZY appetite and fush away Anna believes that overly strict diets can set you up for failure. “Most people fat has been around can’t maintain anything that’s particularly strict for very long. I watch people trying for over a century. And and failing to do that a lot,” the beautiful now a new study backs actress says. Better to fnd a diet you can live with and helps you take up what millions have o the pounds slowly. always believed. In the experiment, participants who drank a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass water before eating had lower blood glucose levels compared to those who didn’t drink it. “The acetic acid…in vinegar may interfere with the body’s ability to digest starch,” says study leader Dr. Carol Johnston. And it’s that starch- blocking ability that can help you shed pounds. Megan Fox claims a combo of water and vinegar is a great way to cut back on sweets and that the tart concoction “cleans out your system.” DRESS Fergie swears by UP TO shots of two WORK OUT tablespoons unfltered ACV. “I’ve noticed “To get to the gym – when you already a difference don’t like yourself – is really hard,” says on my Kelly. “So I had to make it fun. I started stomach,” says the wearing cute outfts and putting on a singer and little bit of makeup. And as vain as it mom of two. sounds, it really helped me because “I trusted my trainer eventually I stopped hating the way I looked.” on this one.” Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 29

50 CELEB DIET TIPS Bob Full Fannies Jennifer Harper Back In Hudson Vogue! AGE 49 6-FOOT-0 n TIRED of trying to hide your AGE 33 GO padded posterior? Luckily, 5-FOOT-9 TO BED HUNGRY there’s no need anymore! “Stop eating three hours before Thanks to luscious, bed,” says the “Biggest Loser” trainer. bootylicious ladies like “Hopefully you’re getting eight hours of sleep, so you’re going for Beyonce, Iggy Azalea, at least 11 hours without food. Jennifer Lopez, and of “Then,” adds Bob: “Your body course, Kim Kardashian, is burning the fat that’s already stored.” big butts are now back30 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 in style – and girls who’ve got it are being urged to flaunt it! In fact, demand for a bottom- enhancing plastic surgery procedure known as the Brazilian butt lift went up a whopping 16 percent last year – and more than 10,000 operations were performed. The big-booty trend was inspired when J.Lo showed up at the 2000 Grammys in a low-cut butt-hugging, see- through green Versace gown. “After they saw her, people started asking, ‘Hey, how can I get a backside like that?’” says South Florida plastic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta, author of The Art of Gluteal Sculpting and TAKE THE world-renowned expert on butt augmentations. STAIRS AND And now big butts MAKE IT A GAME are big business! Gyms offering “When I lived on the 26th foor, I’d walk up!” said rounded-rump Jennifer, who “ignores elevators.” Jennifer loves classes are ActiveLink from Weight Watchers, a device that tracks swamped, while your ftness and activity levels. “It gives you a real look at sales of the $22 Booty Pop how active you are, and then motivates you to fnd new ways padded panties to move more each day, so you can reach – and, if you’re have increased by like me – beat your activity goal! I love a challenge!” While almost 50 percent. dieting, Jen, who shed 80 pounds in four years, learned And the company that she actually loved to cook for herself. Her former behind the ultra- undies plans to launch trainer, Elizabeth Josefsberg, suggests doubling a line of underpants that recipes and putting one portion away so that are 25 percent LARGER you have something healthy prepared if in 2015 – proving once you’re short on time. again that bigger is better!

ChelseaHandler AGE 39 5-FOOT-6 Gwyneth Paltrow AGE 42 5-FOOT-9 Jennifer Garner EXERCISE AGE 42 YOUR 5-FOOT-8 ELBOW EAT TV funnygal Chelsea, who WITH THE loves to hang out and bend SEASONSher elbow, says Òcalorie-wise Ever notice how much better a ripevodka isnÕt so bad, as long as you drink it with soda.Ó tomato tastes in the summer? Or clementine oranges in winter? YouÕll enjoy adding fresh produce to your diet more if you eat whatÕs in season. MAKE Gwyneth says: ÒI try to eat locally, OVER YOUR seasonally and always organically.Ó PANTRY Fitness and nutrition expert Valerie Waters, who has worked with Jennifer, tells clients to clean out their kitchens. ÒJust the action of getting out trash bags and reading food labels helps you focus and recommit to eating healthy,Ó she says. ÒPlus, itÕs a lot easier to stick to your diet when your pantry is stocked with good-for-you options.Ó ÒI canÕt not have carbs,Ó says Jen. But she makes adjustments: ÒIf IÕm going to have potatoes, IÕll have sweet potatoes, and I wonÕt fry them.Ó Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 31

50 CELEB DIET TIPS Hilary Duff Bethenny AGE 27 Frankel 5-FOOT-2 AGE 44 5-FOOT-7 Pink AGE 35 5-FOOT-3 USE A EAT WHAT WORKOUT YOU LOVE AND STOP BEFORE DVD YOU’RE FULL Now that she has toddler Willow to Hilary likes Mexican food but chooses grilled disheschase after, Pink squeezes her workouts instead of fried, preferring white meat chicken over fattier meats, and uses low-fat cheese or low-fat sour in any time she can. If she canÕt make cream in place of regular cheese and creamy sauces. it to the gym, she puts on exercise And when it comes to chowing down, Hilary uses a DVDs by celebrity trainers Jeanette Jenkins and trick learned from trainer Harley Pasternak. ÒIf Jillian Michaels. you feel full, youÕve eaten too much,Ó Harley taught the blonde bombshell, saying it takes a few minutes for your brain to catch up with your stomach. Instead, stop eating when you feel 75 percent full.32 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 TREAT YOUR DIET LIKE A BANK ACCOUNT You have so many calories in your bank account. Use a lot here, and youÕll have less to use later. ÒYou can have everything you want, just not at once,Ó says Bethenny. ÒIf you have pancakes for breakfast, have a salad with chicken for dinner.Ó

Ali Fedotowsky Smoothies Keep It AGE 30 Sweet 5-FOOT-7 n SMOOTHIES are hip with Katy Perry health-conscious celebs looking to shed a few AGE 30 pounds. Jennifer Aniston 5-FOOT-7 has been seen sipping SHAKE TAKE a post-workout VeganYOUR SALAD VITAMINS Cherry smoothie packed with fber, protein, andAli puts her salad in a Tupperware “Eating healthy is so important anti-infammatory container and adds just a smidge because I can’t a ord to get sick,” ingredients like of salad dressing. Then she puts on cherries and walnuts. the lid and shakes it to distribute says Katy. “I always need my Pregnant Gossip Girl the dressing evenly. “It gets all daily vitamins,” the busy Blake Lively cleanses the dressing very lightly,” the singer adds. with an Intoxicating former “Bachelorette” says. Detoxifcation delight “You use one-eighth as featuring kale, apple, much as if you tried beets, pineapple to pour it in and and Swiss chard. mix it.” Jessica Alba, who launched a healthy living company in 2012, practices what she preaches. She swears by her diet-friendly, super slimming Green Monster smoothie that packs a nutritional punch without packing on the pounds. To make the Golden Globe winner Jessica’s delicious drink, combine the following organic ingredients: 2 cups raw kale 1/3 cup strawberries, quartered 1/3 cup raspberries 6 oz. plain or vanilla Greek yogurt 1 Tbsp. honey or molasses Blend together, adding fltered water as needed. For a frozen smoothie, use frozen fruit or kale. Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 33

50 CELEB DIET TIPS Kellie Scrumptious Pickler slimming snacks AGE 28 5-FOOT-1 n THE trick to successful weight loss, say nutritionists, is healthy snacking that keeps your hunger at bay. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen likes hot peppers. Selena Gomez claims pickles are her go-to goodies. Here are fve more Maria slimming Menuonos snacks. POPCORN: Full of belly-flling fber AGE 36 and more antioxidants 5-FOOT-8 than most fruits and vegetables, three cups of air-popped corn contain less than 100 calories. SKIP DIET BAKED ZUCCHINI CHIPS: For a potato chip SODA AND alternative, thinly slice a DO A WORKOUT zucchini and toss in the oven with a tablespoon WITH BUDDIES of olive oil and sea salt. Bake 30 minutes Diet soda is a no-no! Although it has no calories, the at 450 degrees. diet drink is packed with sugar substitutes, chock-full of TURKEY JERKY: chemicals and can make you crave sweets. ÒJust because itÕs One ounce of fat- called diet doesnÕt mean that itÕs healthy,Ó says Kellie, who free turkey jerky has lost 40 pounds in 2012. ÒYou can have one every now and 13 grams of protein and 80 calories. then, but you canÕt drink it every day. Soft drinks Ð bad, GREEK YOGURT: bad! DonÕt drink soft drinks Ð horrible!Ó And whenGET BACK This creamy treatON TRACK itÕs time to burn calories, Kellie says working out provides 20 grams of with friends Òbreaks up the monotony.Ó Her protein per cup and 20 Maria sometimes treats herself to her favorite group activity? Hot yoga. percent of your dailyfavorite foods, like pizza, beer and potato required calcium. To reallyskins Ð and doesnÕt feel guilty about it! ÒI pop the favor of plain yogurt, add handful of just eat fresh salads, chicken or some heart-healthy blueberries. salmon for the next couple of days,Ó explains the TV HUMMUS & CARROT STICKS: Chock-full of celebrity news protein to balance blood gal. sugar, this chickpea- based carrot stick dip has only 25 calories per tablespoon. Add a few crunchy carrots34 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 for a satisfying snack.

NO KIDDING! NOWMMOIRMACMLEIES! PregnantAFTER-BABY BODIES TO DIE FOR Kim was busting outLow-karb Kim THEN all over – butsheds whopping she literally55 lbs. on ‘extreme worked herliquid diet’ butt off after herREALITY star Kim Kardashian baby wasis one hot mama – thanksto an extreme liquid diet bornwhich helped her to lose a Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 35whopping 55 pounds after thebirth of her baby girl North. Famous for her fabulouscurves, Kim admitted her bottomand hips were “huge” aftershe had musical mogul KanyeWest’s daughter in June 2013. DRINKING HIP-HIP HOORAY! And just like any new mom, shestruggled with her post-baby fgure. drinking her water concoctions.” As well as her liquid diet, Kim also The Keeping Up with theKardashians star wrote on followed the Atkins low-carb planher Twitter account about her focusing on eggs, veggies, cheeses,weight gain: “Do any of u moms fruit and healthy fats like avocadossee their bodies just not the and nuts. Then she kick-started whatsame? A di erent shape? she calls her “insane” workout regime and began taking regular hikes. “Urghhhh my hips andbutt are huge now! They By the time North’s frst birthdaywere big to begin with! rolled around, Kim was a sexy – and slim – newlywed after tying “Wish me luck on the dieting the knot with Kanye in a fairytale– it’s soooo hard for me!” Italian ceremony. Then just months later, she showed the world how A source revealed at the time: good her diet worked – by baring“She’s drinking a lot of water and I ALL (both front and back) for anthink that she’s been on one of those eye-popping magazine cover. Hliquid diet things. I don’t really see hereating much although she does cook. “But for the most part she’s alwaysgot that water bottle with her – just

NO KIDDING!Halle BerryÕs marvelousmagic numbers NOW where she eats 40 percentSTUNNING Halle Berry protein, 40 percent complexhas a magical fgure despitehaving two kids. Her secret? carbs and 20 percent healthyIt’s all in the numbers! fats. This balance controls insulin After Halle gave birth to herson Maceo in October 2013, levels which a ect fat storage –she turned to celebrity trainerRamona Braganza for help essential for diabetics like Halle.with losing those extra babypounds – and discovered losing And she also follows the 80/20weight is as easy as 3-2-1! rule – sticking to Braganza’s 321 Braganza’s 321 methodallows you to eat three meals, Plan for 80 percent of the week,two snacks and to drinkone liter of water daily to while allowing herself foodskeep the metabolism highto help weight loss. she really likes the rest of the Halle also learned to split time. Now if that’s not a recipeher plate into a 40/40/20 ratio for success, nothing is! H LOOKIN’ BERRY THEN GOOD AGAINMAKE 8 LBS. VANISH Hottie HalleIN FOUR WEEKS! divides her meals into 40 percentThis sample meal plan can help you slim like Halle. complex carbs, n BREAKFAST: Fire up your metabolism by blending ice, 40 percent protein and 201/3 cup of beets, 2 tsp. hemp seeds, half-dozenalmonds, 1.5 cups of berries with 1/4 cup of green percent fattea for a sensational slimming smoothie. Or youcan go really low-cal mixing 4 egg whites witha 1/4 cup of both fenugreek and tomatoes. n LUNCH: Stop storing fat and control insulin by mixing12 paprika and ginger coated shrimp with 3/4 cupof brown rice (40 percent protein, 40 percentcomplex carbs and 20 percent fat). Or make asalad with 2 cups of spinach, vinaigrette and 4 oz.of tofu and have a chapatti (Indian fatbread), too. n DINNER: Stoke your internal furnace with a 1/2 cupof chickpeas, 1 cup of caulifower and 1 cup ofquinoa. Or try curried fsh, 1/2 cup of brownrice and 1/2 cup of cucumber with yogurt. n SNACKS: 1 cup veggie soup in the morning, plus1/2 cup of hummus with celery sticks in theafternoon is a fun way to get fber. Or go fornonfat Greek yogurt and a fresh apple.36 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4

THEN NOWHER SECRET ClothesWEAPON AND horse GwenNAUGHTY had a “dailyBINGES struggle” to lose her babyAfter giving birth to frst son fat, but herKingston, Gwen discovered a way hard workshe could pig out on foods sheloved, including pizza, and still paid off!lose weight. Her secret weapon?Breastfeeding! Says the Rich Girl Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 37singer, “It’s so much work afterwardto get the weight off! If you justdo it (breast-feed), it comes off.And when you’re nursing, yourmetabolism is like whoosh!”Gwen Stefaniloses weighton the run FEELINGGORGEOUS Gwen Stefani IN THE PINK!looks amazing after giving birthto her third son Apollo lastwinter – and it’s all the resultof her passion for running.The singer – a long timeworkout fanatic who admits thatstaying slim is a “daily struggle” –managed to lose her baby weightwithin weeks of giving birth.She melted o the poundsby eating high protein,low carb meals and running at can’t imagine not doing it.least 20 minutes every day. “I’d like to have no rules and eatOut went fattening pasta, what I want, but I’ve learned over thebread and rice dishes which she years that I’m so disappointed when Isubstituted for egg-white omelettes can’t wear the clothes I want to wear.with veggies, tuna salads, hard “I’ve always been on a diet, everboiled eggs and protein shakes. since I was in the sixth grade.“The Voice” star, 45, usually It’s an ongoing battle and it’s aworks out fve days a week and nightmare. But I like clothes toocombines intense cardio exercise much…and I’m very vain.”and strength-training. But it was Despite being a busy mom andrunning that really paved the way to juggling a busy music career,her after-baby slimming success. Gwen always makes the time toGwen, married to British work out and take the time torock star Gavin Rossdale, says, look her best – otherwise she“I work out fve days a week, I gets wracked with guilt. H

NO KIDDING!Christina Aguilera lost40 lbs. in eight weeksSUPER mama juices, smoothies and THENChristina Aguilera more veggies. Shelost 40 pounds in just also ate six smallereight weeks after she meals a day to rev uphad her second child her metabolism. AndSummer Rain – and to get back in shape,didn’t go hungry once! she joined samba and belly dancing classes. The stunning 5-foot-2 singer managed to Now her body isget back in shape and amazing, and theinto her size 25 skinny self-confessed fastjeans by following an food addict is backeasy eating regimen to her pre-baby 110any mom can follow. pounds – without ever missing a meal! H Christina, 34, engagedto baby daddy Matthew GETTINÕ A FAST FOOD FIXRutler, knew she’dhave to take action SELF-CONFESSED In-N-Out Burger and McDonald’s junkie Seeing that big baby bumpif she wants to walk Christina managed to get her fast food fx even while slimming makes you appreciate howdown the aisle in a by tweaking her diet with easy-to-make healthy alternatives. far Christina has comefab wedding dress. Instead of greasy, fattening beef patties, she chowed down at home on low-fat turkey burgers without the bun and tasty So after Summer was grilled fajitas instead of high-calorie tacos. Smart girl!born in August, thesongbird swapped thefried foods and carbsshe loves for green How Kate Takes crash dieting or starving herself! Off The Weight Instead, the health-conscious ROYAL beauty Kate royal actually prepared her body Duchess of Cambridge, for post-natal slimming by doing may be pregnant again lots of swimming and Pilates but judging by how during pregnancy. Experts say this quickly she lost the helped Prince William’s lovely wife weight after Prince lose weight after giving birth. George’s birth she’ll be back in her skinny Kate was most concerned about jeans in no time at all! gaining back her enviable fat stomach. Incredibly, before she Naturally thin Kate got pregnant with baby Number 2, lost 29 pounds of baby fat due in early spring, she was as thin just 89 days after she had and ft as she was before George’s her son and heir to the birth after adopting a diet rich in Throne on July 22, 2013. smoothies, fruits, juices, and yogurt. And she did it without She also set time aside every day to work out with her personal38 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 trainer doing cardio, abdominal and weight-lifting exercises.

Jessica Simpson walks on NOWmild side and drops 50 lbs. Jumbo sizeJUBLIANT mom Jessica on Weight Watchers by adopting YOUÕVE JessicaSimpson’s impressive post their Simple Start program COME Apregnancy weight-loss of 50 after she gave birth to Ace. LONG weighedpounds has been a walk in the park 210 poundsfor the reality TV and movie star! She credits the popular eating WAY, during her plan with helping her to lose BABY! pregnancy, Even though she has had her her post-pregnancy weight adorable kids within a two- after Maxwell was born. but now she’s half year span, the gorgeous star is To help, she hired a chef the size she back to her pre-pregnancy to prepare her calorie- used to be weight thanks to a mixture of controlled meals Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 39 walking, chasing her children and she also hired and Weight Watchers. a personal trainer Jessica and her hubby, four times a weekformer NFL player Eric Johnson, to help her get ft andhave two kids: a daughter lose her baby belly.Maxwell, born May 2012 andson Ace, born June 2013. She also credits her “Eric and I go on walks children for helpingtogether,” says the 5-foot-3 her lose weight – doingblonde who weighs about 100 somersaults in the backyardpounds. “I try and walk about with Maxwell was a big assist!four miles a day consistently.It makes me feel better. Jessica says she’s determined “With both kids I’m running “to be the best version of myself.up and down my stairs a I want to be a great mom and amillion times. Kids can keep great example to my kids.”Hyour metabolism going.” The actress also jumped back THEN Canny Kate refused to try faddiets like other celebs underpressure to strip away fat afterpregnancy. Instead, she opted to eatlots of fruit, veggies and drink plentyof water. And in the early days,Kate also breast-fed George whichhelped to maximize calorie loss. Royal expert Katie Nicholl saidthe duchess even allowed herself tosnack on muesli bars and to enjoyher mom Carole’s home cookingas she lost her pregnancy weight. With this track record ofhealthy eating and a sensibleapproach to dieting andexercising, it shouldn’t be longafter the birth of her second child,rumored to be a girl, that Kateis back to her slim old self! H

EVOLUTIONARY EATINGDPTAHIELETEO AHIGH-PROTEIN, low-carb dietSTONE AGE STRATEGIES based on what ourHELP PATRICIA HEATON, ancient ancestorsEVA LARUE & JESSICA BIEL ate is sweepingFIT INTO THEIR GENES the nation, as body-conscious celebs swear the “caveman eating plan” has transformed their lives. Eva LaRue says she lost 20 pounds in fve weeks following the Paleo program – and has kept the weight o . “I lost inches o my butt, thighs, stomach, back, neck, face…all over,” says the former star of CSI: Miami. “Plus, I have so much more energy throughout the day.” The actress even convinced her ailing 70-year-old mom- in-law to turn Paleo. “Not only did she lose 2040 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4

pounds, too, but her hair grew back, her sight got better and she went o all her heart medications for the frst time in 10 years,” Eva gushes. The premise behind the Paleo Diet is surprisingly simple: if a caveman couldn’t eat it, neither can you! However, you are allowed the whole, unprocessed foods our hunter- gatherer ancestors foraged for and tracked, such as meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Eliminate anything a caveman couldn’t recognize – such as sugar, pasta, dairy, grains, starches, or alcohol. EVA LARUE JESSICA BIEL IF APATRICIA HEATON CAVEMAN ÒThe MiddleÓ COULDNÕT star Patricia, 56, (left), 48-year- EAT IT, old ÒCSI: MiamiÓ NEITHER star Eva and CAN YOUÓ 32-year-old Jessica (above Both Jessica Biel and Patricia right) all insist Heaton credit the plan for the back-to- their toned, tight fgures. basics diet keeps them slim “It just leans you down, slims you up and takes that little layer of fat, skin, water- weight right o your body,” says Biel. “I do a lot of cooking at home using fresh fsh or lean meat, like chicken or vegetables. I eat well, I don’t like the word diet.” ➜ Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 41

EVOLUTIONARY EATING The regimen was created 10 Caveman Diet Guideyears ago by Dr. Loren Cordain,a former professor of health and Eating like your ancestors did 10,000 years ago provides plenty of health beneftsexercise science at Colorado StateUniversity and author of The today. From a highly functioning immune system to better sleep habits to clearerPaleo Diet. He wanted to createa way to combat the chronic skin, this Stone Age eating plan – full of wholesome, unprocessed foods – alsodiseases that plague the modernworld – and determined food was improves your body’s fat burning process, stabilizes blood sugar and fghtsthe root of most physical ills. infammation. Sustained weight loss and increased energy are soon to follow. A decade later, the Paleo planhad become the most widely EAT THIS! NOT THAT!searched diet on the Internet. Seafood “By following these nutritionalguidelines, we put our diet more Boozein line with the evolutionarypressures that shaped our Seeds & Nutscurrent genetics, which in turn,positively infuences health and Grainswell being,” says Cordain, whorecommends eating grass-fed Lean Meat Legumesand organic foods. He wantsto limit exposure to pesticides, Veggiesantibiotics, and other chemicalsthat didn’t exist 10,000 years ago. Starch He says the diet reduces the Fruit Dairybody’s glycemic load, contains Healthy Fats Processed Sugarsa healthy ratio of saturated-to-unsaturated fatty acids, boostsvitamin and nutrient consumption,and has a favorable balanceof protein, fat, and carbs. STICK IT OUT “The Paleo Diet is by no meansa temporary diet,” says Cordain.“It’s meant to be a lifestyle, justas it was thousands of yearsago. You don’t just stop it if andwhen you start feeling better orreach your goal weight – youstick it out for the long haul. After being diagnosed withMS in 2012, Jack Osbourne, sonof Ozzy and Sharon, switchedto the caveman plan as a wayto combat the disease. “I’m a frm believer in you arewhat you eat,” he states. “I tryand stick to the Paleo Diet. At itscore, I look at MS as infammation,so I try and eliminate foodsthat cause infammation:dairy, gluten and grains.” H42 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4

GOING GREENVEG OUT!QUITTING MEAT MAKES YOU SLIM AND YOUNGER, TOOMEATLESS Mondays, fexitarian, semi- include Anne Hathaway and Johnny Depp. Gwyneth vegan…No matter the name you use, Paltrow, who is well known for dishing out diet advice, more and more of Hollywood’s elite stopped eating red meat after her good friend Leonardo are eliminating meat from their meals DiCaprio told her how bad it was for her health. and embracing a veggie-based diet. While celebrity vegetarians like the late Paul Newman “I’m not a vegetarian,” says the beauty. “I don’t eat redhave been around forever, this latest trend began with meat and haven’t in a long time. But I eat fsh and birds.”Beyonce and Jay Z in 2013 when the rapper wrote on hisblog that he was accepting a 22-day vegan challenge. The health benefts of a semi-vegan diet come as no surprise to registered dietitian and author Sharon Other celebs who follow a plant-based eating plan Palmer, who penned Plant-Powered for Life. “People often tell me they feel lighter and more energetic when they begin transitioning to more whole plant foods,” she states. “Many see signifcant improvements in health quite quickly, like lower blood ➜Switching toall-veggie eatingcan lower bloodpressure and makeyou slimmer Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 43

GOING GREENsugar and blood pressure, as well as dramatic weight loss.” n DONÕT PASS ON THE PEEL: When it comes to In fact, making the change to a more plant- some produce, Palmer recommends leaving the peels on. “Many nutrients are concentrated in the outside peelpowered eating plan – and switching animal or fesh of the plant,” she says, specifcally referring tofats for olive oil – often leads to women losing a apples, potatoes, peaches, beets, carrots and cucumbers.dramatic 30 pounds in 30 days! Most report they n PACK ON THE PROTEIN WITH SOY: Not only is soynot only look better, they feel younger, too. chock-full of fber and essential vitamins, it’s a completeTo incorporate a semi-vegan philosophy into plant-based protein. Adding one to two servings a day ofyour healthy lifestyle, try the following hints.n SWAP MEAT FOR MUSHROOMS: edamame, soy milk and tempeh will soon slim you down.Meat-eaters swear they don’t miss out n CHOOSE CHOCOLATE: The sweet treat containswhen they sub mushrooms in recipes compounds called catechins, which encourage musclescalling for red meat. And tasty fungihelp you shed pounds fast. A study to burn fat, says author Palmer. In one study,by Johns Hopkins University found participants who ate a diet rich in catechins lostthose who swapped a serving of meat 3.7 inches of abdominal fat in only 12 weeks!for one cup of mushrooms lost, on average, Remember, a plant-based diet can7 pounds in six months without provide all your nutritional needsany other diet changes. – if you know what to eat. H 5 Plant Powerhouses n When it comes to incorporating more produce into your diet, the following fve plants will give you the biggest nutritional bang for your buck. 1. KALE: King of cruciferous greens, kale contains more calcium, beta-carotene, magnesium and vitamins than any other green veggie out there. 2. QUINOA: Packed with protein and minerals, gluten-free, grain-like quinoa contains enough fber to keep you full for hours. 3. CHIA: Called a “dieter’s dream food,” fber- rich chia seeds trick the tummy into feeling full longer. Plus, one ounce provides 18 percent of your daily required calcium. 4. BERRIES: Blueberries and blackberries are a fat-burning superfood full of heart- healthy antioxidants. Plus, their natural sweetness keeps sugar cravings at bay. 5. GREEN TEA: From fghting cancer to boosting brain power, green tea can do it all. Studies also show that this plant-based beverage contains catechins, a powerful kind of antioxidant associated with an increased metabolism and the ability to burn fat.44 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4

CHRISTIE ALICIA PAMELABRINKLEY SILVERSTONE ANDERSONSupermodel Alicia Silverstone Actress PamelaChristie Brinkley, made her mark Anderson,who looks as playing a Clueless 47, is anothergood today at high school character, animal activistage 60 as she did but today the star who follows awhen she started has a new agenda Ð vegan lifestyle.her career in the spreading the word Weighing in at alate Õ70s, credits about her healthy svelte 115 pounds,her youthful plant-based lifestyle. the busty blondeappearance to a The star was just 21 beauty says shelifetime of veggie- when she swore off lives on greenbased meals. She meat Ð based on her juices, smoothies,stopped eating love of animals. She veggies, brownmeat when she says she immediately rice and quinoa.was just 13 and felt better and ÒMy refrigeratorbegins each day healthier and looked is full of kale andwith a breakfast Òsparkling!Ó Now 38, greens,Ó she says.of sheepÕs milk she claims her no- ÒI canÕt imagineyogurt with meat meals give her something greasyfruit and wheat off-the-wall energy or eating meat.Ógerm, followed and smooth a lunch ofbeans and othervegetablesleftover from theprevious nightÕsdinner. Carrots, cukes, potatoes and other veggies have a lot of nutrients in their skins Ð and olive oil is a great substitute for animal fats A vegan since age 21, Alicia is proud to be meat-free Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 45

CLOTHES ENCOUNTERSTHE SKINNY ON FAS COLOR BLOCKING RESHAPES YOUR SILHOUETTE The Swinging Sixties gave birth to color blocking – with multiple solid tones used in a single ensemble. Bright, bold shades are favored, creating a slim, clean silhouette that distracts from any fgure faws. Today black is often used to contrast vivid, color-soaked hues and fatter fgures. TAYLOR SWIFT RASHIDA MEL B White balances JONES Brilliant streaks of basic black on The pink pink draw attention the pop singer’s peplum trims to the singer’s legs Kate Spade dress. the actress’ waist. – not her hips.46 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4

SHION TRICKS TO LOOK THINNER INSTANTLY!clYoothuecssta!unTfhf“,”leowkseeh”yilweiseetimoghpsthhioanpsjiuzfiosntrgmoyuiontuufrttesmstoh–satstiamctatpmrlayoctbuiyfveacghaeottoyroisbiunurgt“etwsh.oebrbiglhytLEA MICHELE LUPITA FIT & The “Glee” NYONG’O FLARE star’s dress The Oscar- winning beauty’s THE BOTTOM LINE amps up the ft-and-fare frock With a ftted bodice and fared skirt, this glam factor features a full, with a sexy pleated skirt. versatile style fatters virtually every shape type. It can add feminine curves to a straight bodice. fgure, or cover up a bottom-heavy body with a fuller skirt. Fit-and-fare designs feature a wide range of necklines and hemlines, creating an exciting impression of drama and glamour. JESSICA CHASTAIN A classic ft-and- fare design, Jessica’s dress hugs her body on top, then fares out from the hips. Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4 47

CLOTHES ENCOUNTERS RUCHING KRIS JENNER At 598, the LOSE THOSE LUMPS! “mom-ager” boasts a The word “ruching” is from youthful fgure the French, and means to gather, in a ruched ruffe or pleat. It’s a sewing technique dress that hides used for centuries to decorate her tummy clothing, but today’s designers use and full hips. ruching to erase lumps, nip in AMERICA waistlines and fatter the hips, FERRERA creating eye-catching accents No lumps or bumps that cleverly camoufage for America! fgure faws. Ruching gives her a slim line. SWOOSIE KURTZ A ruched and gathered skirt balances Swoosie’s plunging neckline.48 Star D I E T S , 2 0 1 4

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