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166Vol. MONTHLY ENGLISH MAGAZINE Yoon Suk-yeol Wins Presidential Race 10 \\ 7,000 Miljenko Matijevic Unveils a Song for Korean Reunification 12 What Is an Existential Crisis? The Story Behind the Michelin Star System 36 48 04 9 772005 107008 ISSN 2005-1077

The Painter by Duane Niatum for Charles Krafft As salmon awaken to the pulsing dawn, he hears night heron farther down the Skagit River. The grey sky turning to white spirals calls winter one word blessed with distance. In the dark, his home rests in echoing waves. White blossoms cover willow, woodpile, the path. Desire leads him back to his cabin in Fishtown, to stir his morning coffee and the struggle with brushes. From the window he watches each falling flake enter the landscape of his gut, give a little order to his dreams. He sees the light begin its move toward spring and he aims to turn that movement into art. To fail in this dance is still to live in the wolf’s jaws.

Contents MONTHLY ENGLISH MAGAZINE NEWS FOCUS OPINION 08 THE WORLD IN RETROSPECT 10 WORLD FEATURES Russia Launches Invasion of Ukraine Yoon Suk-yeol Wins Presidential Race 12 HOT NEWS 14 PERSPECTIVE Miljenko Matijevic Unveils a Song for Korean What Are Sanctions? And Do They Work? Reunification 16 ARTS 34 CELEBRITY TRACKS Springtime MMTG Grows in Popularity on YouTube 18 WORLD ON THE MOVE 36 SPECIAL REPORT PepsiCo Launches New Pepsi Flavor What Is an Existential Crisis? 20 WORLD MATTERS 38 ACROSS THE GLOBE National Fertility Rate Continues To Drop in Erin Jackson’s Historic Medal Korea 39 PEOPLE 22 PHOTO NEWS ‘Mama the Idol’ Celebrates Pop Star Moms Photo News 40 CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES 24 EXPLORE THE IDEA Is Spring the Best Season? The Origins of Birthday Cake Traditions 42 ENTERTAINMENT 26 THE WORLD OF TOMORROW Epik High Is Back! Scientists Make Major Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough 44 BEYOND THE WINDOW The Birth and History of the Guinness World 28 IN SPOTLIGHT Records Samsung Unveils Its Galaxy S22 Series 46 SPORTS WARRIORS 30 KNOW RIGHT NOW Speed Skater Choi Min-jeong Wins Gold Korea To Restore Ancient Egyptian Temple Medal 32 HEALTH 48 ON THE ROAD Korean Researchers Develop Ultrasonic The Story Behind the Michelin Star System Technology That Kills Cancer Cells

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The World in Retrospect Yesel Kang Staff Reporter 8

Eastern Europe has become Around 5 a.m. local time, addition, many EU countries the stage for the latest standoff Russian forces launched a as well as the U.K. and the between Russia and Ukraine – series of missile attacks on U.S. have begun sending a conflict that has been years cities, including Kyiv, Kharkiv, aid to Ukraine in the form of in the making. After months of Odessa, Dnipro, Mariupol, military equipment and financial escalating tensions, Russian and Kramatorsk. Most of the assistance. Many EU countries President Vladimir Putin targets were military bases and have also agreed to host shattered the fragile sense of airports, but damage was also refugees for up to three years peace in Europe by directing reported in and around several without requiring them to apply his armed forces to cross the residential areas. Ukrainian for asylum first. northern, eastern, and southern President Volodymyr Zelenskyy borders of Ukraine at dawn responded to the attacks by Despite the rather impressive on Feb. 24. This invasion was imposing martial law. Zelenskyy show of solidarity from the heavily condemned by Western stated that Kyiv would issue West, there are lingering doubts leaders and raised fears of weapons to any Ukrainian who as to whether these measures a much larger showdown wanted to defend their country. are an appropriate response to between the Western powers Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. and Russia. The situation on the ground Some believe that they are not has only deteriorated since, enough, while others worry that On Feb. 24, explosions and as Russian forces have not they could further push Vladimir blasts were heard near multiple, stopped their assault on Putin into doing something major Ukrainian cities, only Ukraine. The violence has even more drastic. minutes after President Putin forced thousands of families declared in a televised address to either seek a way out of the start of a “special military the country or take shelter in operation” in the Donbas basements and subway stations region of eastern Ukraine. In for safety. the address, Putin claimed that he was responding to Numerous countries around the threat posed by NATO’s the globe have responded eastward expansion as well to the invasion by increasing as the military development of the severity of the economic an increasingly “anti-Russian” sanctions on Russia. In Ukraine. The Russian leader further justified the invasion by alleging that the current Ukrainian regime was filled with extreme nationalists and neo- Nazis. He asserted that Kyiv had subjected the Russian- speaking people of Ukraine to eight years of “bullying and genocide” and that the goal of the military operation was, in his words, the “demilitarization and denazification” of Ukraine. Putin went on to warn that any form of interference would invite immediate retaliation from Russia. The World Times April 2022 9

World Features Yesel Kang Staff Reporter The 2022 presidential election in Another one of Yoon’s key pledges Korea concluded on Mar. 10 with was to strengthen the country’s the main opposition People scientific and technological Power Party’s candidate, c apabilities. Yoon stated Yoon Suk-yeol, emerging as that he would work toward the victor of the race. Yoon transforming Korea into secured 48.56 percent of a global leader in new the total votes, defeating technologies. His plans his liberal rival, the ruling include increasing the Democratic Party’s Lee state’s support for research Jae-myung, by a margin of and development, as well as just 0.73 percentage points. instituting regulatory changes With this hard-won victory, the to create an environment that conservative former prosecutor fosters creativity and innovation. will be taking office on May 10, replacing the liberal incumbent, In his pledge to create a fairer President Moon Jae-in. society, Yoon made a controversial promise to abolish the Ministry of Gender Equality and This year’s election was colored by the public’s Family on the grounds that the ministry was desperate desire for change. Yoon’s election producing “unfair policies that favor women.” On campaign capitalized on this desire, emphasizing top of this, Yoon stated that he would raise the from very early on that he would be the one to penalties for sex crimes and for making false restore fairness and justice to Korean society. It accusations of such crimes. was pointed out that he was uniquely suited to fulfill this role, as evidenced by his long career as In addition to these gender-related policies, Yoon a former prosecutor. Yoon declared that he would made several other promises, such as making distance himself from any force or ideology that the finances of civic groups more transparent threatened a free democracy, sternly respond to and cracking down on the illegal actions taken corruption, and put the public’s interests ahead by hard-line labor unions. He also added that of political gain when managing state affairs. he would lower the age for facing a criminal trial He made many other pledges throughout his from the current 14 years to 12 years of age and campaign – some that were welcomed and some toughen the requirements for foreign workers’ that were hotly debated. families who sought to benefit from the national health service. Redressing the economic losses inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic has been at the top of In regards to inter- Korean relations, Yoon the president-elect’s agenda. Yoon vowed that declared that he would take a tougher stance he would institute a presidential committee that on North Korea and seek the “complete and would be assigned to COVID-19 compensation. verifiable denuclearization” of the country. While He stated that he would introduce new laws and no specific road map was given, Yoon mentioned revise existing ones to launch the related relief pressuring North Korea with international programs. According to Yoon, the new measures sanctions, building up his own country’s anti- would continue for two years after the pandemic missile defenses, and introducing additional is officially declared to be over. THAAD batteries in South Korea. 10

The World Times April 2022 11

Hot News Yejin Hwang Staff Reporter 12

On Mar. 3, Miljenko Matijevic, the lead vocalist the Korean Bell of Friendship with Park Wi-jin, of the rock band Steelheart, put out a special the director of the Korean Cultural Center Los single that reflected upon the unresolved, Angeles in the United States, while donning tense relationship between North Korea and traditional Korean clothing – known as Hanbok. South Korea. Titled “Trust in Love,” Matijevic’s Meanwhile, the Korean Bell of Friendship is a latest song wishes for Korean reunification by massive bronze bell that is located in California emphasizing how wonderful it would be to see in the United States, and it symbolizes the strong the two Koreas restoring peace together after alliance between South Korea and the United being divided for a long period of time. States. It was presented to the United States by the South Korean government in 1976 in Regarding the production of the song, Matijevic commemoration of the bicentennial anniversary said that he was inspired to make the song after of the United States’ independence. he watched news stories about inter-Korean relations. He added that the song would mean a On Mar. 4, the Korean Cultural Center Los lot to the Koreans who had shown him great love Angeles held a special ceremony to present and support so far. Matijevic is known to have Matijevic with Hanbok as well as a letter of long maintained a special relationship with South appreciation that was arranged by South Korea since he visited the country with his band Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for a concert in 1998. Moreover, he appeared in in recognition of his contribution to promoting one of South Korea’s most popular entertainment Hanbok worldwide. shows, titled The King of Mask Singer, in 2016. In addition to the meaningful message that the song intends to deliver, the music video also garnered immense attention upon its official release. One of the most impressive scenes of the music video depicts Matijevic striking The World Times April 2022 13

Perspective Boram Ma For The World Times When Russian President Vladimir Putin can make with another country. They may come commanded his forces to invade Ukraine, the in the form of trade or travel bans. Asset freezes West and many other countries reacted swiftly are also common – by which wealthy or powerful with condemnation. They also almost instantly individuals are cut off from their assets located adopted sanctions against Russia. But, you may in other countries. Sanctions can come from a wonder, what exactly are sanctions? And, how single country or a body of nations, such as the well do they work? U.N. Sanctions are a common political tool. They South Korea is familiar with the idea of sanctions. are economic and financial penalties that one North Korea is currently under sanctions from the country enacts against another country or certain U.N. due to its nuclear program. The sanctions individuals. In essence, they are policies that limit have been debilitating for the North Korean the amount of trade or transactions a country population and are likely to have had an effect 14

In the case of Russia, countries imposed sanctions that targeted several sectors in Russia, including petroleum, grains, and finance. Companies, such as Visa and Mastercard, have stopped operations in Russia, making it impossible for millions of Russians to pay for things. Travel bans have also been initiated that prevent Russian planes from flying into Europe and America. And many of Russia’s most powerful oligarchs have been cut off from access to real estate, private jets, and superyachts, as asset freezes have come into effect. However, the effectiveness of these sanctions is still in question. Putin went ahead with the invasion despite the sanctions, and most experts agree that it will most likely take time for the sanctions to have any real effect on Putin’s actions. Nevertheless, it is probable that ordinary people in Russia and all over the world will feel the effects of the sanctions the most, as the prices of food and everyday products are rising rapidly. Unfortunately, this type of collateral damage is one of the effects of sanctions. Discontent among the Russian people will put pressure on the government, with many hoping that the sanctions will somehow put an end to the war. on the country’s nuclear program as well. However, the North still continues with its nuclear program, indicating the existence of a continued source of income. It has been widely reported that North Korea continues to trade with some of its closest allies. Hence, even U.N. sanctions cannot succeed unless all countries commit to the sanctions. The World Times April 2022 15

Arts 16

Yejin Hwang Staff Reporter French painter Claude Monet is among the most extraordinary painters of all time. When it comes to discussing Monet’s artistic career, his contribution to the creation of impressionism cannot be left untouched. Along with several exceptional artists, such as Edgar Degas and Camille Pissarro, Monet launched impressionism in the late 1800s. This 19th- century art movement refused to embrace classical subject matter and strived to produce artworks that reflected the modern world. Some of the most common characteristics found in impressionist artworks are the use of small yet visible brushstrokes and the accurate depiction of light to express the passage of time. During his artistic career, this legendary artist is known to have produced approximately 2,500 artworks, which range from paintings to drawings. If you are a fan of Monet, you may have come across several paintings in which his first wife, Camille Doncieux, is portrayed as the main subject. Springtime, which was completed in 1872, is one of these paintings. In the painting, Doncieux, who is beautifully clothed in a contemporary dress, is sitting in the shade of some lilacs, and she is peacefully enjoying her own time by reading a book. Doncieux posed in Monet’s garden in Argenteuil, which is a place that Monet moved to in late December 1871. The city was exceptionally popular among many impressionist painters at the time, as it had many beautiful landscapes just like the one depicted in this painting. Moreover, the city could be easily accessed from Paris by rail. In addition to capturing his wife’s likeness in this painting, Monet also attempted to depict the brilliant effect of the sunlight as it shone through leaves. The accurate depiction of light is one of the aforementioned characteristics commonly found in impressionist artworks. Springtime is currently being held in the collection of the Walters Art Museum in the United States. The World Times April 2022 17

World on the Move Ryan Lim For The World Times 18

To continue their success, brands have to Source: PepsiCo continually find ways to reinvent themselves. They often struggle to create products and a smoother than its traditional Pepsi product. brand image that both satisfies their original Its name is Nitro Pepsi. Rather than being customers, who are usually older consumers carbonated in the traditional way, this new drink that love the brand’s original product, and will use nitrogen to create a frothy texture. Todd new customers, who are usually younger Kaplan, Pepsi’s vice president of marketing, consumers. These two groups often come from stated in a press release that Nitro Pepsi is a different generations with different tastes and “huge leap forward for the cola category and different ways of judging products. will redefine cola for years to come.” It will be released in the United States on Mar. 28 in In an attempt to expand its customer base and both regular and vanilla flavors. grow its market share, PepsiCo is attempting what it has described as its “most ambitious feat yet.” PepsiCo wants people who don’t drink soda to drink more soda. There are many people who claim that they do not drink soda because of the high carbonation levels and strong bubbles. To reach out to this group of people, PepsiCo plans to release a first-of-its- kind, nitrogen-infused cola that is creamier and The World Times April 2022 19

World Matters Yejin Hwang Staff Reporter 20

These days, declining birth rates are among the most common social problems faced by many countries around the world. Unfortunately, Korea is one of the countries where its birth rate continues to sharply fall in comparison to the past. In response to this bleak population situation, the government has long been introducing various policies to boost its birth rate. For example, families with more than two children have been given a government-sponsored card that comes with a variety of discount benefits. Moreover, the government has recently introduced an incentive package by which families can receive W300,000 monthly for each newborn child until they turn 1 year old. And, this innovative monthly incentive will gradually rise to W500,000 by 2025, according to the government. Unfortunately, however, the government’s efforts seem to have failed to achieve their goals. According to Statistics Korea, the country’s total fertility rate stood at 0.81 in 2021. This figure is down by 0.03 from 0.84 in 2020. Meanwhile, the total fertility rate represents the number of children that an average woman bears in her lifetime. It also turned out that only 260,500 babies were born in 2021, which is the lowest figure since Statistics Korea started to collect birth-related data in 1970. Surprisingly, the gap between the total fertility rates of 2020 and 2021 is not big given that the total fertility rate decreased by a whopping 0.08 from 0.92 in 2019 to 0.84 in 2020. However, Korea has once again become the OECD’s only member country that has a total fertility rate of below one child. It was in 2018 when Korea’s total fertility rate began to fall below 1. In 2018, the total fertility rate stood at 0.98. Unfortunately, Statistics Korea forecast that the population situation will get worse in the coming years. According to the organization, the total fertility rate will continue to fall to 0.73 in 2022 and 0.68 in 2023. The World Times April 2022 21

Photo News Arthur Koo For The World Times 22

Source: CNN Source: BBC 1. The World’s Oldest Land Animal 2. Fighting Racism Through Art This giant tortoise named Jonathan roams This painting by Tam Joseph is titled Spirit the fields of St. Helena, the minuscule of the Carnival. He completed the artwork island located in the South Atlantic Ocean. in 1982 during the early part of the Black The tortoise was brought to the island as arts movement in the U.K. The sobering a gift, and he is possibly the oldest land realities of the tension and racism that animal. Jonathan recently celebrated his existed in Caribbean-British life are 190th birthday. depicted in Joseph’s illustration. Source: BBC Source: CNN 3. A Tiny House 4. Green Blobs As a successor to the minimalist These green blobs are actually shrubs movement, the tiny house movement that can be found in the Andes Mountains seems to be taking off. People are across Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru. beginning to embrace living in houses The oldest of these wild shrubs is an such as the one in this picture. They want astonishing 3,000 years old. to reduce the size of their houses and the These shrubs can withstand number of things they own. the extremely dry and freezing temperatures that persist in the Andes. The World Times April 2022 23

Explore the Idea Yesel Kang Staff Reporter 24

To many people, no birthday is ever complete century, children celebrated Kinderfest with a without a birthday cake. A birthday cake is often cake that was topped with candles to represent the centerpiece of the celebration, with many each year of their life, as well as one extra candle popular birthday practices being tied to these to represent the year to come. The candles colorfully frosted and candlelit desserts. But, were lit in the morning and were kept burning where do these birthday cake rituals come from? throughout the day until after dinner, which was when the cake would be eaten. The birthday child The tradition of placing candles on birthday would then blow out the candles and make a cakes may be rooted in an ancient Greek wish, much like how it is done today. ritual to honor the birth of Artemis – the Greek goddess of the moon, the hunt, chastity, wildlife, and childbirth. On the sixth day of every lunar month, worshippers would bring round cakes as offerings to the temple of the moon goddess. These cakes were decorated with candles so that they would glow like the moon. The birthday practice of making a wish may also originate from this ancient ritual, as it is said that the Greeks believed that the smoke from the candles would carry their prayers to the heavens where the gods dwelled. Cakes began being served at birthdays and weddings during the time of the ancient Romans. These cakes were flat and circular, and they were made with flour, nuts, yeast, and honey. Leaders and men of high status, as well as men turning 50 years old, would be served these special treats to honor their birthdays. Women, on the other hand, did not celebrate their birthdays until the 12th century in Europe. Germany’s Kinderfest, or the birthday celebration for children, is also credited for many of the contemporary birthday practices. In the 18th The World Times April 2022 25

The World of Tomorrow Yesel Kang Staff Reporter 26

On Feb. 9, scientists at the Joint European Torus (JET) fusion reactor in Oxfordshire in the U.K. announced that they had achieved a major scientific milestone – breaking the previous record for generating and sustaining nuclear fusion. This breakthrough may have brought us one step closer to developing practical nuclear fusion, opening the door to a near-limitless source of clean energy in the not- so-distant future. Nuclear fusion is the process that powers the stars in our universe. When two or more atoms of light elements, like hydrogen, fuse to form a heavier atom, the fusion releases a massive burst of energy. It is the opposite of nuclear fission, which involves splitting atoms to release energy. Proponents of nuclear fusion consider it to be the answer to the ever-worsening global energy and climate crises. Unlike fission, which is what nuclear power plants use today, fusion is inherently safe in that its energy production is not based on a chain reaction. Fusion requires plasma to be kept at very high temperatures with the support of external heating systems and be confined in an external magnetic field. Anything that disturbs the precise conditions necessary for the fusion process will cause the reactor to automatically come to a halt within a few seconds, with no effects taking place on the outside. Fusion is incredibly environmentally friendly in that the process could produce four million times more energy than burning coal, oil, or gas, without releasing any harmful atmospheric emissions. Additionally, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency, nuclear fusion won’t produce high-activity, long-lived nuclear waste. Compared to the waste generated by nuclear fission, which would take between 1,000 to 10,000 years to break down, the waste generated by nuclear fusion could be recycled and reused within 100 years. Another point in favor of nuclear fusion is that the experiments at JET have confirmed that fusion is still feasible with a fuel that is based on deuterium and tritium. Deuterium is abundantly available in seawater, while tritium can be harvested as a by-product of nuclear fission. In other words, there’s enough fusion fuel on Earth to power the planet for millions of years. Scientists and engineers from EUROfusion, an organization made up of nuclear research institutes, worked alongside the scientists and researchers from the U.K. Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) on the Joint European Torus, the largest operational fusion device in the world. And on Dec. 21, 2021, the reactor managed to generate 59 megajoules of sustained energy during a five-second fusion pulse, more than doubling the previous record of 21.7 megajoules that was set during experiments performed in 1997. While the results shown by JET may not look very impressive at first glance, scientists are optimistic about what they seem to indicate about the future of nuclear fusion. Researchers involved in the experiment have also stated that the data gathered from the tests will be vital in helping them to predict how the larger, and more powerful, version of the reactor – the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) – will behave once it begins operating in 2025. The World Times April 2022 27

In Spotlight Yejin Hwang Staff Reporter Every time Samsung Electronics unveils its new The most important specification to note about smartphones, people of all ages rush to find out this series is that these three smartphones come the specifications of the new phones. This makes with exceptionally better cameras than their sense because smartphones have become an predecessors. indispensable part of our everyday lives, with Samsung Electronics producing some of the Both the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus world’s most popular smartphones. feature image sensors that are approximately 23 percent larger than their predecessors. These Once again, Samsung Electronics has made two smartphones also come with a revolutionary headlines nationwide, as it has officially unveiled feature called “Nightography” that helps the its Galaxy S22 series. The series, which was camera absorb more light, enabling users to take launched on Feb. 25, includes the Galaxy S22, sharper photos in a dark environment. the Galaxy S22 Plus, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra. 28

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is equipped with a four-lens rear camera that consists of a 108-megapixel wide-angle camera, a 12-megapixel ultra- wide camera, and two 10-megapixel telephoto cameras. This high-end smartphone’s camera offers a total zoom of 100x thanks to its “Space Zoom” technology. What’s also appealing about the Galaxy S22 Ultra is that it includes a built-in S Pen, just like the Note series, and it comes with up to 1TB of storage. The World Times April 2022 29

Know Right Now Boram Ma For The World Times 30

The Korean government has agreed to help Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities to restore an important historical site. The Ramesseum is a temple that was built by Ramses II in the 13th century B.C. It was built to commemorate his rule and achievements. It includes statues, courtyards, and grand gates, called pylons. It was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. The Korean government plans to send experts from the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and the Korea National University of Cultural Heritage. They will assist Egypt in restoring the temple’s pylons and its access road. Ramses II was one of Egypt’s most famous pharaohs. He was a warrior pharaoh who greatly increased Egypt’s territory. He attacked and successfully conquered parts of modern-day Libya, as well as Lebanon and Syria during his epic battles against the Hittites. The World Times April 2022 31

Health Yejin Hwang Staff Reporter 32

Cancer is among the leading causes of and eventually died within 72 hours. This death in many countries around the world. can be attributed to the free radicals that Unfortunately, this has long been the case in were produced by the breakdown of the Korea. According to Statistics Korea, cancer mechanophores’ molecular bond in reaction has been responsible for the most deaths in to the ultrasonic vibrations. Free radicals can Korea since 1983. The Ministry of Health and transform oxygen into active oxygen after Welfare also reported that around 40 percent they have a chemical reaction to oxygen. of men and around 36 percent of women are In this process, it is important to keep the likely to develop cancer when they live up to transmission time short. If the transmission 80 years and 86 years of age, respectively. time is prolonged, ultrasonic vibrations can be converted into frictional heat. However, Fortunately, considerable advances have mechanophores have also been specially been made in terms of cancer treatment in designed not to react to heat. Korea. On Feb. 17, the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology announced that The results of this research have recently it has recently developed, in cooperation with been published in one of the world’s most the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign renowned multidisciplinary scientific journals, in the United States, a high-intensity titled Proceedings of the National Academy focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology that of Sciences. This innovative technology has can destroy cancer cells. This innovative garnered immense attention, as it has proved technology is known to remotely stimulate that ultrasonic technologies can be effectively specially designed chemical molecule units, used not only in medical checkups but also in named mechanophores, through ultrasonic cancer treatment. vibrations, which can eventually produce active oxygen in cancer tissues. Cancer cells die when a large amount of active oxygen is produced. To test the ef fectiveness of the new technology, the researchers conducted research on a mouse that had mechanophores inserted into its cancer tissue. When the researchers exposed the mouse to the high-intensity focused ultrasound, the cancer cells failed to spread The World Times April 2022 33

Celebrity Tracks Jungyoon Lee Staff Reporter 34

Korean interview shows have gradually evolved over time. Interviews with celebrities, which were previously seen on television shows, are now available on a variety of YouTube channels. One of the most popular YouTube channels for this type of content is called MMTG, which has approximately 1.77 million subscribers as of Feb. 25, 2022. The channel and its videos are gaining popularity, particularly among Korea’s “MZ generation,” as it evokes nostalgia through its use of music from the past and celebrity interviews. Lee Eun-jae, also known as Jaejae, is the Korean host and producer who runs the show with great energy and enthusiasm. In a recent interview, Korean actress Han Ga-in, who hasn’t appeared on television shows – or reality shows – for a few years, demonstrated her attractive and bright charm when she had an interview with Jaejae. Viewers positively commented on the video saying, “Jaejae makes people feel comfortable and makes them open up their minds in the pleasant atmosphere.” Another person commented, “It was also nice to see the natural side of Han Ga-in as an individual and actress, which was naturally revealed in a comfortable moment.” The program’s popularity continues to grow as a result of its diverse content, which includes K-pop groups’ comebacks, actors’ promotional activities, and Jaejae’s incredible interviewing skills. The World Times April 2022 35

Special Report Yesel Kang Staff Reporter 36

At some point in your life, chances are thoughts and help you to gain clarity about that you’ve either said or heard something yourself and your life. It’s also a good along the lines of “I’m having an existential way of reminding yourself of all the things crisis.” It’s a concept that we are all quite that you enjoy about life, as well as the familiar with, and yet it is not one that we positive experiences and interactions that often stop to think about more deeply. So, collectively give life meaning. what is an existential crisis? And how can we overcome it? Another method is to break down your existential questions into smaller, less The term “existential crisis” refers to complicated questions. For example, rather a psychological episode in which an than asking yourself if you’ve done anything individual finds themself questioning the with your life as a whole, you should, very foundations of their life. A person who instead, ask how you’ve impacted the world is experiencing an existential crisis may try around you in the past month. Focusing on to discover if their life has any meaning, the small but positive actions that you’ve purpose, or value. Existential crises performed will help you to recognize that typically strike during times of transition your life is not insignificant. or great change. When we are faced with circumstances that we are unable to adapt Lastly, reach out to your friends and family. to or come to terms with, we find ourselves Talking with your loved ones about your questioning the direction our life is taking. inner turmoil will help you to feel less But, while brief reflective periods about lonely and isolated. They can also help you life’s “deep questions” are fairly common to reexamine your situation with a fresh and harmless in general, the lack of perspective. Try asking them about how clear answers can cause extreme stress you've impacted their lives, as well as what and despair, especially when the doubts your most positive and admirable qualities become persistent, overwhelming, and are. You may find yourself surprised by unresolved. their answers. Since existential crises can be extremely debilitating to one’s mental health, it is important to find ways to overcome them. While there is no easy way to break free from an existential crisis, there are things that you can do to work through it, one step at a time. One way to find relief is to start keeping a journal. Maintaining a written record of your thoughts and experiences will provide an outlet for all of your negative The World Times April 2022 37

Across the Globe Yejin Hwang Staff Reporter American speed skater Erin Jackson recently made speed skating career up until this point. Jackson headlines around the world for becoming the first switched from inline skating to speed skating shortly Black woman to ever claim a speed skating gold before the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. medal at a Winter Olympics. Moreover, Jackson’s recent achievement can also be attributed to her fellow speed skater Brittany It all happened when Jackson competed in the Bowe, who gave up her spot to ensure Jackson women’s 500-m race, which was held on Feb. 13 as would compete in Beijing even though she finished a part of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Thanks first in the Olympic trial. to her exceptional speed skating skills, Jackson claimed the astonishing gold medal in the event with Jackson’s recent accomplishment will help her a time of 37.04 seconds. With this feat, Jackson achieve her goal of increasing racial diversity in also became the second Black athlete overall to the sport of speed skating. Jackson hopes that the ever claim a speed skating medal in Winter Olympic achievement will inspire people of color around the history. American speed skater Shani Davis was the world to believe in their abilities and reach for their first Black athlete to ever achieve this feat, which dreams. took place at the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics. Meanwhile, on the day that Jackson made history, the silver medal went to Miho Takagi of Japan and the bronze medal went to Angelina Golikova of Russia. Jackson defeated Takagi and Golikova by a margin of 0.08 seconds and 0.17 seconds, respectively. Jackson’s gold-medal win also deserves widespread celebration given that she has had a relatively short 38

People Jungyoon Lee Staff Reporter Some of our most beloved artists returned after hard to care for their children. They motivated spending time raising their children. Mama the Idol, others by showing that mothers can do anything by a Korean reality show that first aired on tvN on Dec. challenging themselves to believe in their abilities 10, 2021, featured eight different episodes depicting and dreams. various artists who became mothers, with the goal of re-debuting the members as a new group. The show featured six female artists who have previously performed as pop stars or members of idol groups, including Park Jung-ah of Jewelry, Byul, Yang Eun-ji of Baby V.O.X Re.V, Sunye of Wonder Girls, Hyun Jyu-ni, and Kahi of After School. Since they were caring for their children, the participants had taken breaks from singing for many years. The members each showed solo performances in the first episode, surprising the viewers who had been waiting to see them for a long time. The following episodes featured the members performing dances and song covers, with the members eventually making their debut as the project girl group, MAMADOL. On Jan. 28, 2022, MAMADOL released its debut single “WooAh HIP” and performed on various stages. The members of the group provided courage and hope for many people, especially mothers who have been working The World Times April 2022 39

Controversial Issues Is Spring the Best Season? Sterling Ah San Copy Editor What’s This About? The four seasons – winter, spring, summer, and fall – all have their own unique characteristics. For some people, summer or winter may be the best season of the year. For others, the beautiful falling leaves make fall, or autumn, the best season of the year. However, there are many people around the world who enjoy spring as their favorite season. Is spring the best season of the year? Let’s find out. 40

This house believes that spring is the best season. Pro Con “I agree…” “I disagree…” Spring is the best time of the year, as flowers Spring is not the best season. Although begin to bloom again and people are able to go people enjoy seeing flowers bloom after a outside to enjoy the sunny and warm weather. long, cold winter, the arrival of these plants In contrast to the winter season, the weather can be a horrible occurrence for those who becomes warmer and there is more daylight in have allergies. According to The Washington spring. This means that people can enjoy more Post , 24.4 million Americans suffer from time outside instead of needing to be inside to seasonal allergic rhinitis, commonly known as stay warm. The extra hours of sunlight allow hay fever. Hay fever is an allergic reaction to people to participate in more activities in the pollen, which is commonly emitted by plants early hours of the morning or even after work. in spring. The condition can be very painful An interesting fact: the spring weather actually and uncomfortable for some people, who can makes people safer. Researchers found that suffer from a runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, due to the extra hours of sunlight, there was a and coughing. Although weather steadily 27 percent drop in robberies in spring. Crime becomes warmer in spring, the temperatures also reduced overall. Thanks to the spring can be confusing at times. Some days may weather and the blooming of beautiful flowers be warm, while others may be cold. This and plants, there are many activities to do and makes it difficult for people to plan what they festivals to attend. In Korea, there are many will wear on certain days. In comparison to cherry blossom festivals to attend in spring. summer or winter when people know exactly Cherry blossoms are beautiful flowers that only what they should be wearing to handle the bloom in spring and they signal to everyone weather, springtime weather can actually be that the weather is getting warmer. The flowers very confusing. In addition, couples are also only last for a short time and then they usually statistically more likely to break up in spring. disappear. They are unable to be seen in any Some people attribute this to the weather other season. For these reasons, spring is the becoming warmer. If you don’t suffer from best season of the year. allergies, I can understand why you would like spring. However, spring isn’t for everyone. The World Times April 2022 41

Entertainment Yejin Hwang Staff Reporter This year, Valentine’s Day must have brought a lot of joy to many fans of Epik High both in Korea and abroad. On Feb. 14, this beloved hip-hop trio finally put out the second part of its 10th full-length album, titled Epik High Is Here, with the first part having been unveiled in January 2021. The second part of the album consists of 12 different tracks, two of which have been released in advance. These two songs are “Rain Song” and “Face ID,” which have completely different charms from one another. “Rain Song” consists of relaxing melodies and talks about how one can’t help thinking about someone they love when it rains while they listen to a sad song. In contrast, “Face ID” can be characterized by its powerful melodies. It mainly delivers the message that keyboard warriors should be mindful of what they post online. 42

When it comes to discussing the aforementioned album, “Gray So Gray” is one of the album’s most iconic tracks that cannot be ignored. The song is the title track, and it includes Younha as a featured artist. It talks about how one wishes for others to sincerely understand and respect them as well as their actions. Many fans of Epik High were pleased to find out about Younha’s participation in the song. Epik High has long maintained a special relationship with Younha by producing many songs with her. Meanwhile, Younha also participated in “Rain Song” as one of the vocalists. On Mar. 1, Epik High embarked on its concert tour in North America. The trio will also perform at the 2022 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which is one of America’s biggest music festivals. It will be held in California in April. The World Times April 2022 43

Beyond the Window Yesel Kang Staff Reporter 44

The Guinness World Records is one of the highest-selling copyrighted books in history, with approximately 3.5 million copies being sold annually in 100 countries and in 23 languages. The popularity of this franchise has resulted in it being recognized today as the global authority on record- breaking achievements. But, where and how did this illustrious source of knowledge come into being? The book’s story began in the early 1950s. In 1951, Sir Hugh Beaver, who was the managing director of the Guinness brewery at the time, joined a hunting party in County Wexford, Ireland. Frustrated with his lack of success in hitting his target – a golden plover – the man started a somewhat heated debate over whether the golden plover was the fastest game bird in Europe. After failing to find an answer in any reference book about birds, Sir Hugh realized that there were hardly any records of similar achievements – detailing the fastest, the tallest, the smallest, and so on. In 1954, while coming up with a new marketing campaign for his beer, Sir Hugh recalled the argument that he had with his friends three years prior. Thinking that pub frequenters would appreciate a book of records that could be used to settle friendly pub arguments, Sir Hugh decided to have one made. He hired Norris and Ross McWhirter – sports journalists and founders of an agency that supplied facts and figures to newspapers, yearbooks, encyclopedias, and advertisers. The McWhirter brothers compiled as many records as they could, working 90-hour weeks for over three months to fill 198 pages in total. The Guinness Book of Records was first published in 1955. Initially, 1,000 copies of the book were printed and given away for free in pubs that stocked Guinness. The book was an instant hit, however, so the company decided to start selling it for a price. It only took two months for the book to become a No. 1 best seller in the U.K. The book was so popular that a new branch, called Guinness Superlatives, was created, and multiple editions were made in different countries. The World Times April 2022 45

Sports Warriors Arthur Koo For The World Times Korean short-track speed skater Choi Min-jeong finally succeeded in her last event at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, successfully defending her women’s 1,500-m gold medal that she won in 2018. After settling for silver medals in the women’s 1,000 m and 3,000-m relay, Choi was able to beat Arianna Fontana and Suzanne Schulting in her gold-medal-winning performance. Choi had come second to Schulting in both of the races in which she won silver. “I cried a lot,” Choi recounted to reporters after the race. She continued, “After crying a lot, I was able to pull myself together to prepare myself for the relay and today’s race. I think that helped me get better results.” 46

She also gave respect to her competitors, Fontana and Schulting, and she said that it is “wonderful to compete against such wonderful athletes.” She also mentioned that she will need to continue “making strong efforts” to keep up with the two athletes. Dubbed Korea’s “Queen of Korean Short Track,” Choi’s persistence paid off greatly, and she was able to return to her homeland of Korea as a gold-medal-winning hero. The World Times April 2022 47

On the Road Yesel Kang Staff Reporter 48

You probably know what a Michelin star is and what it represents. But, did you know that the Michelin Guide, which documents restaurants that have been awarded the illustrious stars, is published by a French tire manufacturer? So, how did a tire company come to rate restaurants, and why is this, of all things, the most prestigious award that a restaurant or a chef can receive? To understand this, we must go back to the year 1900 in Clermont- Ferrand, France. It was a time when the automobile industry was in its infancy, with less than 3,000 people owning a car in the entire country. To create more demand for automobiles and boost the sales of the tires they manufactured, the brothers André and Édouard Michelin decided to create a guide aimed specifically at motorists. Their new Michelin Guide provided drivers with all sorts of useful information, such as maps, instructions on tire repair and replacement, mechanics, listings of petrol stations, and suitable restaurants and hotels located along popular routes in France. These guidebooks became an instant success, which prompted them to quickly publish country-specific editions throughout Europe. Changes were introduced to the Michelin Guide in the early 1920s. Due to the rising popularity of the restaurant section of the book, the company began expanding on it – going so far as to recruit a team of food critics that would visit restaurants anonymously to review them. Then, in 1926, the company introduced the star system to award particularly good restaurants. While the guide initially only gave out single stars, in 1931, the system was restructured into the three-star system that we know today. And as driving in the early 20th century was very much limited to the rich and famous, the selective standards of what to include in the guide were notoriously strict and elitist. Only the finest of restaurants were considered for stars. The popularity and reputation of the Michelin Guide meant that its stars quickly became more consequential for restaurants and chefs than perhaps any honor, and it has remained like this ever since. The World Times April 2022 49

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