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NWLC Newsletter Winter 2020 2021 Edition

Published by marketing, 2021-01-20 10:36:04

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trainee update Winner: Munsif Kahn from Transport for Greater Manchester, keeping warm whilst checking his emails. Our winner, Munsif, was surprised for over a year and a half and miss and pleased to have won. He said my colleagues, the facilities and the following; ‘I wanted to make the heating!’ light of the realities of working from home for many young When we asked Munsif what he people who often don’t have the intended to buy himself with his luxury of space for big offices and prize of a £25 Amazon voucher desk stations. I mostly work at he said ‘I am going to buy some my breakfast bar but as the cold “microfiber dust mop slippers” weather comes in I have moved with my Amazon vouchers, so that closer to the oven. I’ve worked for I can stay warm, and clean my Transport for Greater Manchester kitchen floor whilst working’. pages 49 & 50

Practice Management in the time of Corona Anne Wright, Business Support Manager at Warrington Borough Council, looks at how her work has changed over the past few months. So here we are, 9 months into the Covid-19 when we would sit in traffic for hours at a pandemic and life is still not as we have ever time? Would work all hours of the day and known it. The sudden changes to life as a be lucky to see the kids before they fell result of the global pandemic have become asleep? Had no time for ourselves or what what is glibly known as the “new normal” truly made us happy? and many of us are beginning to remember the “old normal” wistfully and perhaps with The truth, I suspect, lies somewhere between rose-tinted glasses… Remember when we the two. I saw a meme that said people could just shake hands with anyone and would come out of lockdown as a drunk, a hug people? Go to the pub and actually sit chunk or a hunk and that seems to nicely with our friends? See our family whenever sum up the main reactions to the situation. we wanted to? Fly off on a whim to sunnier Many took solace in food and drink – after climes? Not so much of the…Remember all, what else was there to do? Others took

a more active line and started (or restarted) stressful. MIND have produced a Wellness practice management update exercising. In those early days when we Action Plan for working at home which you were allowed out for 1 hour a day to exercise, can access here. I’d recommend that you many people discovered (or rediscovered) look at it and have a go. the joy of walking, jogging or cycling and felt compelled to fit in as much as they could into One of the biggest challenges during this that precious hour. latest lockdown has been the fact that it is now dark when we get up, and dark by From a professional viewpoint, things late afternoon. It has been suggested that continue to be extremely busy and almost half of people report that their mood challenging - reacting to every change in is generally lower in winter months. SAD legislation or new piece of legislation and (seasonal affective disorder) is a real issue still continuing to deliver council services for many and the fact that we cannot go for to the public (and often in innovative and long evening walks in the sunshine, as was unfamiliar ways) has been a struggle for the case in the first lockdown, is doing little many council officers, not just those in Legal to help. The NHS and MIND both provide Services. Working predominantly from advice for those affected. home remains a challenge from a Legal Support/Practice Management perspective. We need to look after each other in these The nature of the work and the way in which challenging times. Keep checking in with we do it continues to change and evolve and colleagues and friends. Ask how they are our ability to support our fee earners has and if they say, “I’m fine” then ask again! been sorely tested. However there is often a Often people will just say they’re fine, but new way of doing things to be found and in if you ask again, they may actually have most cases we’ve found it. something on their mind. You don’t need to be a mental health professional – a genuine Making these changes to processes and listening ear is often all that’s needed. Details procedures “live” as we’ve had to has of the “Ask twice” campaign can be found been both challenging and enlightening. here. Changing a process overnight and not via the usual project boards, consultation The Law Society and the SRA have both periods and many iterations has enabled got dedicated pages on their websites business to continue but has also proven dedicated to the latest news on how the that it can be done much more quickly and pandemic is affecting the industry. Also, dynamically than we ever thought possible. Local Government Lawyer in association Working from home brings its own issues with LexisNexis conducted research into however, not only from a technology point lockdown and its impact on lawyers. It’s an of view and the work arounds we’ve had to interesting read and can be found here. implement, but also from a mental health perspective. Loneliness, isolation, a feeling And don’t forget… “Even the darkest night of being disconnected and trying to work will end and the sun will rise.” – Victor Hugo. with family life going on around you are all Take care and stay safe. pages 51 & 52

The latest from LLG Helen McGrath, Head of Public Affairs at LLG, with thoughts and views on current issues for local government lawyers. Guidance • July 2020: Data Sharing with the Electoral LLG are finalising the last stages of our Registrar Parish Council Toolkit alongside ADSO and SLCC for launch early next year and are • August 2020: Social Media Toolkit currently working on an examination of the new Model Code of Conduct. The guidance All guidance is available in the Document produced to date appears below. Library on the LLG Website. • 7th April 2020: Remote Meeting Regulations Consultations (Virtual Hearings) in association with ADSO Since the September update, LLG have responded to three consultations:- • 17th April 2020: Standing Orders • The Judicial Review – Call for Evidence Guidance (Remote Meetings) in association • The Reform of Exit Payments in Local with ADSO Government • 30th April 2020: School Admissions • Planning for the Future Appeal Regulations Guidance in association with ADSO Training and Webinars The Board have resolved to a hold a one-day • 17th May 2020: Special Education Needs Governance Conference in the Autumn of and Disability Regulation Guidance 2021. This will be a blended offering of both in person and hybrid options. • 28th May 2020: Town and Country Planning Coronavirus Amendment We are producing an LLG Elections 2021 Regulations Webinar for the 29th January 2021. Sessions will include a review of recent case law • 4th July 2020 - The Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No.2) (England) Regulations 2020

developments from 4-5 Gray’s Inn awareness and representation of the LLG latest Square, as well as guidance and advice from important work our sector undertakes. the Electoral Commission and an insight into their objectives for the delivery of successful Awards elections in May. The Board have just resolved to proceed with a virtual LLG Awards 2021 in July 2021. Our programme of weekly Covid-19 This year, the categories will be replaced webinars continue and have been well to have an entirely coronavirus focus in received by the membership. All our order to celebrate the achievements made webinars are available on demand through throughout the pandemic. More news on this our website here including sector specific will follow. training. Likewise, we continue with our weekly LLG Grapevine podcast. Campaigns and Stakeholders Work on the National Graduate Recruitment We also have a training programme offering a Campaign has restarted with a soft launch wide range of topics from Political Awareness, planned, including a work experience week. Licensing Committees, Prosecutions, Right to Buy and a blended Monitoring Officers LLG, along with other stakeholders continue conference comprising bitesize training and a to lobby for the continuation of the provision live interaction session. to hold remote meetings passed the 6th May 2021. We are actively liaising with the Equalities LGA in this regard. The School Admission We have advertised for a Non- Executive Appeal virtual regulations were extended to Director for Equality Diversity & Inclusion September 2021. and have received a large volume of applications. Shortlisting is on-going with an Judicial Review appointment anticipated in the New Year. LLG have issued Judicial Review proceedings against the government in Law Society Council Seat Review respect of the Exit Payment Cap along with We have been very vocal in relation to ALACE. Our joint application has been the Law Society’s proposal to reduce local granted permission by the High Court and government seats from 2 to 1 on the Council. will proceed to hearing in the middle of Following a motion at the AGM, the sector March. We argue that the cap came into was balloted on the 15th December 2020. effect before consultation on the Local The outcome upheld all resolutions. In Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) was consequence, local government now has completed and that it conflicts with the only one council seat. We are obviously Public Service Pensions Act 2013, thereby disappointed at the loss of local government infringing workers’ human rights. representation, and very much hope this will not lead to a marginalisation of If anyone has any queries about anything the profession. We will continue to work contained in this briefing or want to get proactively with the Law Society to raise involved please do not hesitate to contact me. pages 53 & 54

quarterlyconsortium Partner Firm Main Contacts David Hutton Tiffany Cloynes Partner Partner T: 0370 194 8927 T: 020 7620 0088 / 01332 378302 M: 07867 976835 M: 07741 312976 [email protected] [email protected] Ioan Davies Simon Goacher Legal Director Partner T: 0113 251 4861 T: 0345 073 9900 / ext 139582 M: 07843 069546 DD: 0151 243 9582 [email protected] [email protected] Front cover images, clockwise from top left: Silver Jubilee Bridge, Runcorn Gap; Palm House, Sefton Park; country lane, Cumbria; Manchester Canal, Manchester. © NW Legal Consortium January 2021. This newsletter and the legal articles included are intended solely as an overview of the law in England and Wales. No responsibility can be accepted for the completeness or accuracy of the contents included and professional advice should be taken in relation on to any specific matter.

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