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McAfee online training
McAfee SIEM interface dashboards are providing an excellent overview of the events collected as well as analyzed by the SIEM. The screen in the McAfee SIEM displays that more than a million of total events collected.
Our McAfee SIEM online training also includes:
1. McAfee enterprise security views
2. McAfee Application data monitor
3. McAfee enterprise Log manager and McAfee enterprise log search.
Our McAfee training covers end point security which includes:
1. Application control and change control administration
2. Data loss prevention End point administration
3. Drive Encryption administration
4. McAfee ePolicy advanced topics and many more.
Salaries for McAfee Consultant after doing McAfee SIEM certification:
Salary for McAfee consultant is estimated $97565 per year according to Glassdoor.
Top companies using McAfee product:
2. ASD
3. Agbar
4. ASI
5. CGI
6. CSC
7. CONTEC and many more.
Our virtual guided on-demand live instructor training offered online i

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McAfee online training