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AI Project

Published by, 2022-11-08 08:38:01

Description: AI Project


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Tarunya KshSub: Artificial Intelligence Activity / Project Use of AI 4Ws Canvas and Data features ___ By Tarunya Kesharwani INTRODUCTION ”Good morning. My name is Tarunya Kesharwani of Class Xth B, and here I describe a common problem of helmet wearing while driving a two-wheeler.” The Theme - Helmet Detection Bot I choose is the 3rd Sustainable goal, which is Good Health and Well Being for detecting and tracking people who are not wearing helmets while driving a two-wheeler.

2 Problem Statement ❝ Government and non-government agencies responsible for the public health and well-being (Who) ensure that a safe and healthy environment is made available to people. For this, certain rules and laws are in place - one such rule is to wear a helmet and to be precise, wear a full helmet while driving a two-wheeler. But, some people violate this rule and do not wear helmets (What) in public dwellings, roads, and highways (Where) or just hang them on their conveyances(What). It is important to ensure that helmets are worn to avoid any mishaps and ”accidents(Why) Tarunya Ksh 4Ws - who, what, where, why Who has the problem? What is the problem? Where/When does the problem Who else faces the problem? What are the elements of the arise? problem? What is the context/location of it? Agencies ensuring public health and wellbeing. ● People Do not wear helmets When people drive their two-wheelers ● They hang their helmets without wearing helmets. Why should the problem be solved? It is important to ensure that helmets are worn to avoid any mishaps and accidents.

Tarunya Ksh 3 Ways for Acquiring Data As our AI project is Helmet Detection which will capture images of moving people and identify those who are not wearing a helmet when driving a two-wheeler, We need to collect lots of images of ● People wearing a helmet ● People not wearing a helmet ● People with two-wheelers ● People with different vehicle than a two-wheeler ● Images with people and complex backgrounds ● Helmets with different colors and structures The internet can be a good source of such images and government’s public domain databases as well. Thank You I hope you liked my Work !! Submitted by - Tarunya Kesharwani Class - Xth or 10th Section - “B” Submitted to - Miss Hira Shareef (AI)

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