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J Worling - Portfolio 2021

Published by JW creative, 2021-07-24 23:16:48

Description: One woman's attempt at promoting her work :-)
Graphic Design, Photography, and illustration Portfolio

Keywords: Design,graphic design,illustration,Portfolio


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and photography, illustration, installations... PORTFOLIO - JAY WORLING

About 4 Recent Work 6 Two Brown Dogs and a Cat 8 The Cold Wet Nose 10 In Stitches 12 New Coasters 14 West Coast Civil Defence 16 Explore 18 Other Work 20 Look Hear 22 MSD Installation 24 Photography 26 Illustration 32 Murals 34

Hi, I’m Jay I am a multi-disciplinary creative and graphic designer based in Greymouth, New Zealand. I am a problem-solver with a passion for illustration, photography, words and humour. I have been designing since somewhere around 1991 when I was offered a job as a trainee/junior at a radio station. I spent my days drawing (by hand), measuring, cut- ting out with a scalpel and glueing the cut-outs to other bits of paper ... oh and play- ing Lemmings on the boss’s Mac while he wasn’t looking! Ahh to be 16 again. These days I am a freelance designer focusing on print and digital assets such as social media. For fun I build new things out of old things, make clothes , paint and take photos of fungus. 4

Art and Design Education: Relevant Employment: 2003 - Cert. Art and Design 1991 - Junior Designer Abel Tasman Education Trust, Radio Rhema, Riwaka, New Zealand Christchurch, NZ 2006 - Dip(Hons) Art and Creativity 1994 - Sales and Layout The Learning Connexion, Buy, Sell and Exchange, Wellington, New Zealand Christchurch, NZ 2015 - Cert IV Graphic Design 2001 - Photographer TAFE- NSW, Oamaru Mail Newcastle, Australia Oamaru, NZ 2015 - Adv. Cert Design 2015 - 2017 - Freelance Designer, Illustrator & Photographer Pumphouse School of Design, Newcastle, Australia NSW, Australia Contact Info: 2020 - 2021 - Designer Address: 726 Taylorville Road James Print & Explore Compendiums, Greymouth, 7805 Greymouth, NZ New Zealand Phone: 0204 151 6270 2020 - Current - Design and Email: [email protected] Marketing Support New Coasters, Greymouth, NZ Current - Owner Do Good Design Greymouth, New Zealand 5

Social media posts for Do Good Design, 2021 6


Case Study 1 Two Brown Dogs and a Cat Boarding Kennels Katie and Dean Shannon, the clients and owners of Two Brown Dogs, required a new brochure containing all their relevant and up to date information. Their current brochure was over ten years old. After a full discussion and receiving the information they wanted included I discussed with them the possibility of swapping from their current tri-fold to a booklet style, as this would allow them to share all the information they wanted as well as include updated images and other relevant material. The biggest hurdle was creating something that really reflects Katie and Dean’s personality and business style. They are kind, fun loving, passionate animal people who are semi self- sufficient. I pitched the idea of a graphic novel/ comic style and the “Best Holiday Ever” was born. Tools used: Ai, Ps, Id 2021 8

Project printed by Banner Express, 9 Auckland 150gsm gloss stock

Case Study 2 Two Brown Dogs and a Cat Boarding Kennels Katie and Dean Shannon, the owners of Two Brown Dogs, were so happy with the work done on their brochure that when it was suggested to them that perhaps they could do a newsletter or zine, they jumped on the idea. So together we dreamed up “The Cold Wet Nose”, a quarterly publication to be released at the beginning of each season to engage and inform their customers and pet owners with fresh photos and other content from obituaries through to first aid and cleaning tips. Shown here is the first issue produced for winter. All illustrations included are created by me especially for this publication, then digitised using Photoshop. Tools used: Ai, Ps, Id 2021 10

Project printed by Banner Express, 11 Auckland 150gsm gloss stock

Case Study 3 In Stitches Knitting Group In Stitches are a community of knitters both male and female who get together on Monday of every week to share ideas, knowledge and patterns. With a membership of over 40 active members who not only work on their own projects but collaborate on various larger projects over the year including making trauma teddies and hats for the homeless. They have an exhibition annually to display some of their work to the wider community. This year the group decided that they needed to update their look with a new logo, business card and a fresh style for their marketing material. Tools used: Samsung A3 mobile phone camera, Ai, Ps, Id 2021 12


Case Study 4 New Coasters New Coasters are a community led NGO based in Greymouth. They host and assist a lot of other small groups, often multi-cultural and food is a key focus. The Brief - Create posters and other material including logos and social media material to help them promote events. Previously all their material was produced in microsoft word. I also take care of their newsletter, events calendar. Key achievements in this role have been to make the events calendar easily accessible and readable, and also to create a professional, recognisable style for their promotional materials. Tools used: Serif Page Plus and Serif Draw Plus. 2020 - 2021 14

Puanga Matariki Potluck Dinner In honour of Puanga Matariki please bring a dish from your heritage to share. Do you like to meet new people? Are you new to town? Then come and join us for dinner! ALL WELCOME Greymouth Baptist Church 5.30pm, Saturday 26 June 15

Case Study 5 Civil Defence Animal Welfare Group The Civil Defence Animal Welfare Group has been established to help people on the West Coast care for and manage their pets in an emergency. It is made up of specialists in various roles relating to animals. The Brief - Create a brochure and social media assets to reach and inform pet owners in the Grey District Council area. It needs to cover how to be prepared for your pets in an emergency in a friendly, non-threatening way that is clear to pet owners The brochure etc. should also be in line with the look and feel of other Civil Defence information. Tools used: Ps, Id 2021 16

Front Cover Inside Back If you have pets, domestic Other Useful Resources: Get prepared for your pet - Your Checklist. animals, or livestock you need to include them in your emergency Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) Emergency Survival Items Identification Equipment plan. fare/animals-in-emergencies/ Getting Prepared Food: ID Tag: Cage/Carrier: Just like you and your family, your pets for your Pets At least 5 days of non-perishable food Add an ID tag to your pet’s collar with their Have a sturdy and safe cage, crate or need food, water, and shelter at the very Get Ready (canned or dried) in an airtight and or name, your name and phone number. Add carrier made from metal or plastic least. In the event of an emergency waterproof container. Try to keep it the your address if there is room. for safe transportation of your pet. tailor-your-plan/pets-and-animals/ what will happen with your pets? same as what you would normally feed to Cardboard will disintegrate if it gets wet. Consider having two emergency kits avoid upset stomachs. Registration and Microchip: The cage should be large enough for - one for at home and a ‘go kit’ to take Grey District Council * Remember to put in a can opener! Make sure your pets are micro-chipped and them to stand and comfortably move if you have to leave quickly. Make sure For more local Civil Defence information: your details are up to date on the database,. or lie down in. It must have adequate that everyone in your house knows Water: Include a family member or friend outside ventilation. Include a favourite toy or where the kits are. You might even let Store a minimum of 5 days water in of your household. Register your dog and blanket as your pet may have to be in the a neighbour know, just in case you are If you have any questions, please addition to what you have for your family. ensure that they are wearing their tag carrier for some time and this will help not able to get home. contact: Animals will drink more when stressed. on their collar. Include copies of these with their stress. Also add in a sheet or documents in your emergency survival kit. blanket to cover the cage. Remember to check your pet kit Civil Defence Animal Welfare Group Medicines: regularly for anything that needs adding Store any extra medical supplies and Photograph: Lead/ Harness/ Muzzle: or changing. Keep an eye on expiry [email protected] special dietary needs or supplements in a Keep current photographs of your pets - In the event that your dog may try to dates, especially for any medication. waterproof container. especially of any distinctive markings - in a escape or need to be restrained in an Change the water every six months to or waterproof container. Include information emergency situation. They may even keep it fresh. Vet/Medical records: about distinctive features, colour, age, and require a muzzle - even the friendliest Mike McEnaney Store copies of your pet’s medical, flea/ breed. Consider adding a photo of you and dog can become hard to manage when If it isn’t safe for you, worm treatment and vaccination records, your pet together to help prove ownership. stressed, and emergency services may it isn’t safe for your animals! Grey District Emergency Management Controller along with your vet’s name and number refuse to handle them. [email protected] in case your pet needs to be boarded or Keep a copy online: Make sure that the equipment is sturdy 027 450 0131 fostered. Upload a copy of all documentation to an and has ID tags. online storage facility such as Google Drive First Aid Kit: or OneDrive or your mobile phone or email. Have a practice run Have extra cotton bandages, tape, scissors, Doing this will mean you can access your tweezers and latex gloves over and above records from anywhere. Practice getting your family and pets to what your family needs. Talk with your vet the designated safe place in your house - about specific things like saline or antibiotic ideally where the Emergency Survival Kit ointment. is. See how quickly you can evacuate. Blankets/Bedding: We put Have a practice run regularly to see if you Have items like a favourite/ comfy blanket together can improve your time. or toy included as this will help to reduce this basic stress your pet will be feeling. kit for under Also try this at night as an emergency event may happen at night and there may Sanitation: $100 be a power cut. Add pet litter and box, newspaper, poo bags, gloves, and household bleach. 17

Case Study 6 Explore Compendiums Explore Compendiums is a high-end hotel compendium compiled and distributed by The Grey Star. It is aim is to inform tourist of things they can see and do in the area. Each compendium is specific to the area it is produced for e.g. Kaikoura or South Westland. It consists of articles and advertisements for the businesses of that area. I completed the design work on several of these compendiums and updated the logo from something that easily got lost to something a little bit more recognisable... Tools used: Ai, Ps, Id 2020 - 2021 18


My Dad is a modern philosopher... 20

Photography, Murals, Installations and stuff I’ve done just for the fun of it.... 21

Case Study 7 Look Hear 2016 Newcastle Australia The Brief: Create/Supply a guest speaker gift. The Solution: When one is living in The Hunter Valley in NSW, one always gives wine as a gift! Create the label based on the theme “The Future of Design” Tools used: Gouache on Paper Ai, Ps, Id 2016 22

“The Good Ship Bottle-shop” Hand painted gouache Hand painted gouache background 23

Installation work Ministry of Social Development Greymouth Office The Brief: Create a way to celebrate the great things that happen in the office for staff and clients. The Solution: Create the “Celebrate Tree” an MDF cut-out tree that can be decorated with leaves containing all the “Wins” for staff and clients, such as a great interview where a problem was solved or a job placement for a client. This piece was also used as a seasonal or event based installation where the leaves were changed for poppies to celebrate Anzac Day for example. The ribbon is hand carved to provide a greater dimensional effect. Tools used: Projector, Jig Saw, Scroll Saw, Sandpaper, wood carving tools and acrylic paint. 2018 24


Photography Charbonnier Hotel Singleton, NSW The Brief: Produce a series of photographs for the website and print centred around the restaurant and of menu items. Tools used: Canon EOS 500D, Lr 2014- 2015 26


Photography Various B&W I have over the years been privileged enough to take photographs of weddings, storms from the relative safety of my porch and wildlife wherever I find it. I have also had people let me take their portraits, worked for the Oamaru Mail (then a daily paper) and with The State library of NSW on their 100 years of Anzacs project. These are some of my favourites. Tools used: Canon EOS 500D, Lr, Gimp, Ps. Fuji point and shoot mobile phones, various. Dick T, 2001 - Practikan manual camera (apx 40 years old at the of use), Fuji film. 28

Sandy Bay After the Storm 2002 - Olympus OM10, Kodak TN400 film. Arianna, 2002 - Olympus OM10, Kodak TN400 29 film. Galah 2013 - Canon EOS 500D

Photography Crofts at Porters, 2019 - Canon EOS 500D Various Colour I have over the years been privileged enough to take photographs of weddings, storms from the relative safety of my porch and wildlife wherever I find it. I have also had people let me take their portraits, worked for the Oamaru Mail (then a daily paper) and with The State library of NSW on their 100 years of Anzacs project. These are some of my favourites. Tools used: Canon EOS 500D, Lr, Gimp, Ps. Fuji point and shoot mobile phones, various. Stand Out, 2013 - Canon EOS 500D 30

Moheke, 2012 - Canon EOS 500D Earthwares by Sandra, 2014 - Canon EOS 500D 31 2013 - Canon EOS 500D

Illustration Various Drawing is something I have always done since I was a child. While technology has advanced and there are some great programs out there for creating illustrative work, I love the immediacy of paper and pens, pencils and markers. The only digital part of my process really is the scanning and cleaning up of the work if it is being used on a product or in print. These are some of my favourites. Oh and I have also been lucky enough to have had some of my work published ... Tools used: Pens, pencil, paper, watercolour, Ps, Affinity Photo, Ai Taking his Guinea Parrot for a Walk, 2019 Gouache on Paper. 32

UPC, 2015, logo for start up. Sketches from my diary, 2019 Main drawing: pencil, Markers and colour pencil. Owl, 2013 Pen on paper Background and type: Ai Published by North Light Books Rabbit Dreaming, 2017 Strawberry, 2015 Pencil, colour pencil, pen, markers and paint 33

Murals Water Tank Private Commission. Allan Wakefield and Vicki Ellis Rutherglen, NZ Once in a while you meet someone in a completely random way and it turns into work. Enter Allan Wakefield, who had come around to our house to check out some building work, spotted a couple of my paintings and it turned into a commission to paint the water tank which is situated right beside the deck of their house. Being Australian and just a little bit homesick, Vicki (Allan’s partner) wanted scenes of Australia, including Ayers Rock, Indigenous Australians, an Anzac soldier, a sunset with kangaroos and as much wildlife as I could possibly stuff in. I created six panels of various sizes covering all 11.2 metres. Tools: Exterior house paint, brushes Website: 34


Now why did I go and put this on the last page? Because sometimes you just have to stick your neck out.... Thanks for taking the time to look through this portfolio.

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