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AI OTC 2316 - itinerary

Published by rigel, 2022-05-06 10:05:32

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2316Sun City 1-3 June 2022 CELEBRATION

SUN CITY OVERVIEW Deep in the rugged bushveld, in the heart of an capable of generating 1.8 metre waves every 90 seconds. ancient volcano, lies one of the world’s most This water park has five exhilarating flume rides. From the unique resort, the internationally acclaimed Sun aptly names Temple of Courage swimmers drop a heart City. The Resort has a unique heartbeat and an stopping 17 metres down a chute and under a bridge African rhythm of its own and is unlike any other Resort before splashing into a small pool at the foot of the slide. destination in the world. This is pure fantasy and your For the less adventurous visitor to the Sun City Resort why every desire is met. not take a ride on the ‘Lazy River’. Opened in 1979, Sun City Resort is set in the stark A variety of sports activities may be enjoyed at Sun City. ruggedness of the North West Region of South Africa, and Year round good weather in this part of South Africa, is surrounded by mountains and the untamed majesty of ensures that Tennis, squash, swimming, golf, mountain the African bushveld. It is a wedge-shot away from the biking, horse riding, and parasailing are all on offer Pilanesberg National Park, where elephants, rhinos, lions throughout the year. Sun City has laid out spectacular and antelope roam freely. jogging trails. Sun City’s Gym and Health spa keep you perfectly toned, and a beauty treatment is the perfect The Sun City resort has amazed the international way to wind down after a workout. A wide range of water community with its glamorous casinos, gourmet sports including Water-skiing, Parasailing and Sunset restaurants, extensive sports facilities and star studded Cruises can be enjoyed at the Resort’s Waterworld. spectaculars. The full variety of entertainment on offer ranges from slots to safaris; the theatre extravaganza to a The Super Bowl as hosted some of the worlds greatest games arcade for children; horse riding to golf; the Valley performers in concert. Stars such as Queen, Bryan Adams, of Waves to The Lost City ... whatever it is you’re looking Frank Sinatra and Rod Stewart have performed at this for, you’ll find it at Sun City. 6,000 seat arena. This arena is also one of South Africa’s favourite venues for beauty pageants and sporting The Overnight visitors to any of the hotels at the Sun City Sun City Resort spectacular is famed throughout South Resort have free access to the Valley of the Waves. Africa as a glamorous & sophisticated theatre production. This is the most advanced water park in South Africa. A This stage revue pulsates with energy and is well known large lagoon dominates the scene with a wave machine for spectacular sets, trapeze acts and glorious costumes.

SUN CITY OVERVIEW PILANESBERG Africa. The prospects of expanding towards the Madikwe game reserve is in the form of the suggested ‘Heritage Park”. The area is named after the former Chief Pilane and has a unique Alkaline ring complex. This is the area’s primary The area is malaria free. geological feature. WEATHER In the centre of the south is the artificially created Mankwe Dam. Well, it is known for its high concentration of wildlife. There is virtually no rainfall during winter, and thus, the What is unique about the area’s vegetation is the cohabitant of humidity is very low. the Kalahari that meets the Lowveld. Officially the Park is the fourth largest National Park in South Africa and hosts Africa’s Cold mornings (4°C on average). Skies are typically sunny and ‘Big 5’ species amongst its other biodiversity. clear with daytime temperatures averaging 21°C, dropping to overnight lows usually around 3°C The formation of the Pilanesberg occurred 2 billion years ago. As its zenith, the volcano towered to 7,000 metres in WHAT TO PACK: height. Over the time, a series of volcanic eruptions occurred. There were further outpourings of lava, craters collapsed, ring Warm clothing, especially for night-time activities. Whilst every fracturing took place around the volcano and magma was effort will be made to try keep you warm, with bonfires etc., we squeezed into these fractures. The result is several “onion request that individuals dress warmly! rings” of rocks of different ages. Erosion over many millions of years has stripped away the mountain and the highest peak. Any items of AI OTC clothing for day wear as you may be What we see today is not so much a volcanic crater, but a cross captured for impromptu film footage. section through the magma pipes that were located at great depth below the mountain’s summit. Clothing and apparel suitable for your selected optional leisure activities, this may include sporting equipment or specialized Conservation has led to the birth of the Pilanesberg National clothing items. Comfortable shoes are always of benefit. Park. During the early ‘80s, many long-vanished wildlife species were trans-located to the Park. The location of the Park is in Dress smart for the gala dinner. an old volcanic crater and makes this one of a kind in South

ITINERARY - 1 June 2022 12h30 – 12h45 Arrive Sun City Cabanas Hotel 13h00 Lunch on the Lawns 14h00 Group Tour of Resort 15h00 – 18h00 Your choice of Activity or Leisure Time 18h00 Pre-Dinner Drinks 19h00 Valley Of Waves Dinner - Dress for the beach in winter* and be ready to perform with your Team! 22h00 Shuttles back to Hotel * Whilst every effort will be made to try keep you warm, with bonfires etc., we request that individuals dress warmly!

ITINERARY - 2 June 2022 07h00 – 11h00 Breakfast at Leisure 07h00 – 18h00 Your choice of Activity or Leisure Time 13h00 Lunch at leisure at your restaurant of choice, further details to follow. 18h00 Pre-Dinner Drinks at the King’s Ballroom 19h00 - LATE Let’s Celebrate 2316!! Dress SMART

ITINERARY - 3 June 2022 07h00 – 09h00 Breakfast and Check-out 09h00 Depart Sun City

An amazing array of activities awaits you ACTIVITIES with our compliments! Remember to select your choice on the registration form! HOW THE ACTIVITIES WORK: are free WtaochtseievnilteicechtsoeooivtsheinergrthtyheoeudTruiraeacrttiioovnniteyofapcyleotaiuvsirteysnt(aGoyto.elft)hoarttywoou Tier two • • PoatinlcmecateohsmeselmoRintSo,dVdwicPahatfietcoehrymeoiisuthardenperdrpemnefoneotdrreenenintnhctgaeostonwrbtauehftetwecarialnvlnaodniooloantobgtuiilumirtaybereoapsfnrttteehtfoeeertSehunenceeCxiatyct Activity Centres availability. • OcpaennrcmceeiytlltoaeutdiohbnaysvtewhesilelSlbeuecntaeCcdictyyeopAutcertdiavcaittsyivnCitoey,ncptarlneecsa.eslelantiootnest/hreaftunnods are • Odantceeaynodurtimboeokaisngweisllcaosntfriramnsefderwdeewtaiilllscwomithminutnhicearteesyoortutro and from the Sun City Activity Centres. • IsethxiospulnoldoritnycgooutmhpepruemflseaornrtyyoffasopcrielyintoiduesatoaletciShsuouroneslCeyitadynaRyaercsetoisvrtitit.ny.g.aotrall

oneThe Lost City Golf Course (18 Holes) TIER ACTIVITY The Lost City Golf Course with undulating and rocky terrain has an 18-hole desert-style golf course that is surrounded by spectacular views across the bushveld. Wide fairways, a series of lakes that separates the ninth with the finishing hole, the course covers more than 100 hectares and incorporates 28 000 square metres of water features. The 72-par course has live 2-metre long crocodiles on the 13th hole with a green in the shape of the African continent. This makes it one of the most unusual, exciting and interesting golf courses in the world. The course facilities include a Pro Shop, a practice putting green and a driving range. Bush Walk (4 hours) twTIERo Walks will be conducted in Letsatsing Game ACTIVITY Park bordering the Pilanesberg National Park but still within the boundaries of Sun City. It is a 700Ha reserve with plenty of wildlife such as Wildebeest, Impala, Sable antelope, Nyala and not forgetting all the smaller creatures, critters and bird life. Qualified field guides will collect the guests at the departure point and proceed to Letsatsing Game Park. Once in Letsatsing, guests and guide will disembark from the Game Drive vehicle and the bush walk will commence. Going as close to the animals without scaring them away or disturbing them too much.

Leeto-kgolo Village twTIERo Tour (3 hours) ACTIVITY Ever wonder about the rain making rock or how the local people live? Come and explore the rich and dynamic history of Bakgatla-Ba-Kgafela tribe, the people of Pilanesberg. This exciting tour takes you to four Bakgatla heritage sites, first stop is the Mphebatho Cultural Museum for guided tour. Then it’s time to hop on a bicycle and take a ride through the Village with a few stops at various places of interest along the way, including a local shebeen/tuck shop, at “Tshilong” where you’ll learn about traditional food preparation, the rain making rock and Kgosi Kgamanyane’s wall. The tour concludes at TT’s, a local hot spot with great food, company and drinks. twTIERo Quad Biking ACTIVITY Search for adventure and wildlife on one of our four- wheelers, while negotiating natural obstacles en-route. Enjoy a quad biking adventure trail through the Letsatsing Game Park, accompanied by experienced guides, with the possibility of seeing Zebra, Giraffe and other wildlife en route.

twTIERo ACTIVITY Archery Try your hand at the ancient sport of Archery and master this skill with a unique bow Experience the ancient art of archery with the help of modern-day equipment. Competent instructors will help you master the technique of shooting a re-curve bow. Mountain Biking twTIERo Explore the mountain bike route through the ACTIVITY Letsatsing Game Park. The route covers a distance of 9.7 km through a private game park situated in the Sun City Resort bordering the Pilanesberg National Park. It is a 700Ha reserve with plenty of wildlife such as Wildebeest, Impala, Sable, Zebra, Giraffe, Warthogs, Nyala, Kudu and much more, not to forget about all the smaller creatures, critters, and bird life. The mountain bike route consists of rocky terrain, rivulets and mountainous terrain that is not too steep. twTIERo Gary Player Health Spa ACTIVITY The Gary Player Health Spa and beauty salon is a relaxing retreat into a world of stillness and sensuality at the Gary Player Country Club. Unwind with a range of treatments and products, or work up a sweat in the fully equipped gym or steam room. At the Sun City Resort, you can relax, revive and rejuvenate yourself.

twTIERo ACTIVITY Water Ski and Water-skiing is an age old classic Wake Board where a rider is towed on water skis behind a boat. Wake Snake & Tube Rides twTIERo ACTIVITY The wake snake is an inflatable pencil-shaped The tube is an inflatable ring with handles on pontoon with handles. The rider sits on top, one either side. The rider sits inside with their legs person behind the other. Up to 5 people can go hanging out and the tube is towed behind the on a wake snake together. boat for a fun-filled, adrenaline-pumping ride of your life! Once you’re in position, hold on tight for a fun- filled, bumpy ride! Up to 4 tubes can be towed on a ride

twTIERo Parasailing ACTIVITY After a short run you’ll be hoisted effortlessly into the air to a height of about 35 meters. You’ll Thrill to this unique and exhilarating flight around the lake, with the beautiful Sun City Resort nestling below your feet, before landing gently back into the water. Jet Ski twTIERo A jet ski is a jet powered craft much like a ACTIVITY motorbike on water. It is highly maneuverable, thrillingly fast and yet very stable. Show off your adventurouse side and ski the waves at Sun City Waterworld Speed boat with Driver twTIERo Enjoy a wonderful view of Sun City and the Gary Player Golf Course while ACTIVITY on an exhilarating ride on one of our powerful speed boats driven by our experienced skipper. Up to 7 people can go on a boat together.

Segway Tour twTIERo ACTIVITY LAKE TOUR CROCODILE PIT TOUR Enjoy a guided Segway tour around the Glide up to the The Lost City Golf Course Gary Player Country Club golf course. Enjoy and enjoy picturesque views on your way to comfortable smooth pathways and breath the 13th hole. Get ready to get up close and taking backdrops of Sun City while gliding on a personal with the guardians of the green, some Segway. Nile crocodiles. The Maze at The Lost City The largest permanent maze in the Southern At the end of The Maze of the Lost City is the Hemisphere, The Maze of the Lost City Maze Bar that has a selection of ice-cold craft is constructed from artificial stone and beers on tap. The craft beer menu is updated wood, creating the illusion of an ancient regularly so you can always expect something archaeological discovery. It’s just as much fun new at this unique Sun City maze bar. for families to explore, as it is for team-building and corporate functions. twTIERo The Maze of the Lost City was added to Sun ACTIVITY City Resort in September 2012 and covers a half-acre. The Maze is accessed via a 100 metre-long suspension bridge from the Entertainment Centre, and offers some of the most spectacular views of the resort, particularly of The Palace of the Lost City and the Gary Player Golf Course. When night falls, flaming torches light the paths along the chambers.

Go to the Extreme!! Zip 2000 The Original extreme Zip Slide. Ride the one twTIERo that started it all! ACTIVITY Opened in 2004 Zip 2000 at Sun City is the world’s original extreme Zip Slide. For over six years it held the title of the world’s longest, highest and fastest zip slide. With an average speed of 120 km/h over two kilometres and reaching speeds up to 160km/h. It is still one of the world’s longest zip slides. There is a higher zip slide in Alaska, there’s a longer zip slide in South America. But to get the total thrill of speed, distance and varying heights above ground Zip 2000 is the ultimate and original experience. twTIERo Ten Pin Bowling ACTIVITY Strike It Lucky at The Magic Company at Sun City. Enjoy a round of classic ten-pin bowling.

Vortex Virtual Lounge Breakout Games Sun City has embraced the technological Unlock the codes, crack the clues and solve revolution to offer virtual reality experiences the mystery before you make your grand for guests and corporate team-building events. escape. Breakout at Sun City is a brand-new Situated in Sun Central, Vortex Virtual Lounge is mystery-solving activity which has been equipped with the latest 4D games and invites taking America by storm. Perfect for birthday you to immerse yourself in the exciting world of parties, family outings or team-building augmented entertainment. activities in Rustenburg, this action-packed adventure game is the most fun you’ll have Although virtual reality games have been on without breaking a sweat. the market for some time now, the technology has made it easier for people to experience it BREAKOUT – The World’s Leading Escape collectively. Game Adventure. twTIERo Games: Hunted ACTIVITY The Kidnapping Airplane Mystery

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