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BD ELT South African Adventure

Published by rigel, 2022-05-10 10:10:44

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BD ELT South African Adventure Kruger Shalati Train on The Bridge 20 – 22 September 2022

BD ELT South African Adventure Kruger Shalati Train on The Bridge Kruger Shalati: The Train on the Bridge. One of the most anticipated and exciting new offerings coming to the iconic Kruger National Park, South Africa. A perfect combination of Africa’s most breathtaking natural splendours with well-deserved luxuries aboard a newly refurbished train that’s reminiscent of African excellence. Permanently stationed on the historically-rich Selati Bridge above the Sabie River, Kruger Shalati offers the most unique luxury accommodation in a re-envisioned train which will pay homage to the guests who explored the park nearly 100 years ago while welcoming new explorers from near and far. The train celebrates where the first visits to the iconic park were allowed in the early 1920s, the train would park overnight in the exact spot where Kruger Shalati is positioned. The glass-walled, large train rooms allow for infinite views along the length of the majestic Sabie River while the style of the train is a celebration of African design in collaboration with local art and crafting skills. High above the riverbanks, aligned with the floor level of the train, will lie our bespoke deck with pool, offering a swimming experience unlike any other – with crocodile, hippos, buffalos and elephants greeting guests meters below – a vista unlike any other! Experience the Kruger, suspended over the Sabie River.

Accommodation 3

Dining The Bridge House restaurant dining-room The Bridge House sunken lounge The Bridge House outdoor dining area Indoor carriage bar seating area 4

Kruger National Park An overview In the heart of the Lowveld, stretching for 352 kilometres from north to south along the Mozambique border, one of the world's foremost national parks can be found. This is the Kruger National Park, a wildlife sanctuary larger in area than Israel. Covering 19 624 square kilometres and averaging 60 kilometres in width, Kruger provides a refuge for 147 mammal species, 500 species of birds, 116 reptiles, 34 amphibians, 49 fishes, 457 types of trees and shrubs, 1 500 smaller plants, and countless insects. An entire subculture of devotees has developed over the past 70 years around the unpredictability of wildlife viewing, the apparent endlessness of the wilderness and the Park's unique atmosphere. And it is these ardent supporters who are the Park's greatest defenders. Kruger National Park, originally known as the Sabi Game Reserve, was founded in 1898 by Paul Kruger, who wanted to protect the animals of the game reserve. In 1926, Kruger’s dream came true when the National Parks Act was passed. The Sabi Game Reserve and the neighboring Shingwedzi Game Reserve were combined to create Kruger National Park. Today, roughly 950,000 people visit Kruger National Park every year, of which roughly 80% are South Africans. The park boasts more than 3000km of roads that allow visitors to explore the park in their own vehicles, but safari guides are readily available as well. 5

Kruger National Park Weather The dry winter months between May and September are generally the best times of year to visit Kruger National Park because the bush thins out a bit, making the animals easier to spot. September is a popular month since the nights and mornings are less chilly. Elephants visiting a waterhole Steamer trunks and pith-helms are no longer required for safari trips What to pack: A malaria carrying mosquito (Anopheles funestus) sheltering from the rain beneath a leaf. To have a good Kruger experience, plan to bring items like binoculars, insect repellent, a camera, a map, a hat and sunscreen to protect you against the African sun. You’ll also want to pack a couple of light T-shirts, a few long-sleeved shirts for the chilly nights, a warm puffer jacket, hiking boots, shorts and long pants. It is also recommended that you dress in layers, as the mornings are usually quite cold, but it generally warms up significantly throughout the day. Avoid wearing white, which makes you very visible to the animals. Red attracts some animals, and bright blue can attract biting flies. Stick with neutral colors like sand, brown, and muted green. Malaria. While South Africa is mostly malaria free, Kruger National Park does have some areas where the malarial mosquito is found. Antimalarial drugs are available at pharmacies in South Africa and by prescription from your doctor. If you develop influenza-like symptoms, such as body pains, headache and fever, 7 to 20 days after visiting a malaria area, you must have your doctor test you for malaria immediately. 6

Itinerary 20 – 22 September 2022 7

Tuesday 20 September 10h05 Depart JNB OR Tambo International 11h05 Arrive SKU Skukuza Airport 11h35 Airport Transfer to Kruger Shalati Train on the Bridge 12h30 Welcome Drinks and Orientation of the camp 13h00 Lunch Served until 2pm 14h00 Afternoon at Leisure / Optional in-room spa treatments* 16h00 High Tea at Lounge Carriage on The Bridge 16h30 Afternoon Game Drive / SANParks Walks Walks limited to 8 pax per booking / Drives unlimited numbers 19h30 Pre-Dinner Drinks 20h00 Dinner Served at Bridge House * for your own account 8

Afternoon activity Afternoon Game Drive Kruger's game drives are for guests who want to get closer to the wildlife side of nature and experience the Park's fauna up close. These drives leave the camp before dusk and return after sunset lasting around three hours. Search for grazers in the cool afternoon and predators starting their nightly hunts. Sunset is a time when night animals emerge and a drive during this period is the perfect opportunity to witness the beauty of the bush as it changes from day to night. Learn about fauna and flora from our expert guides and return to camp with a spot-lit nightdrive. SANParks Walks Most of Kruger's camps provide guests with the opportunity to take part in daily early morning and afternoon guided walks. Up to eight guests are taken out of the camp's boundaries to explore the surrounding wilderness areas adjacent to the camp. These interesting spots make for exciting time-fillers, as experienced (and armed) guides share their knowledge of the fauna and flora to explain natural wonders. The walks are relaxed and don't take longer than a few hours, so no over exhaustion will take place. Two armed field guides accompany you on the walk in order to ensure your safety, they will focus on the things that you will usually not be able to see from a vehicle. By being out on foot you cover an area more intensely and you are able to experience nature using all of your senses. If there is any large game in the area you are more than likely able to encounter them and have an exhilarating experience of approaching them on foot. Comfortable shoes must be worn, and clothing should be natural colours and applicable to the prevailing weather conditions. Cameras and binoculars can be taken along, as very interesting sights will be discovered and guests can revel in the spotting of fascinating creatures and plant life. 9

Wednesday 21 September 05h00 Morning wake up calls and Tea & Coffee served at The Bridge House 05h30 Morning Game Drive / SANParks Walks Walks limited to 8 pax per booking / Drives unlimited numbers 09h00 Breakfast served at Bridge House 09h30 Depart for off-site meeting 10h00 - 12h00 Off-site meeting 12h00 Return to Kruger Shalati Train on The Bridge 12h30 - 14h00 Lunch served 16h00 High Tea at Lounge Carriage on The Bridge 16h30 Afternoon Game drive 18h00 Meet at the Bush Banquet 18h30 Dinner served 21h00 Depart Bush Banquet for Lodge 21h30 Arrive back at Kruger Shalati for post dinner drinks 00h00 Bar closes 10

Thursday 22 September 05h00 Morning wake up calls and Tea & Coffee served at The Bridge House 05h30 Morning Game Drive / SANParks Walks Walks limited to 8 pax per booking / Drives unlimited numbers Optional in-room spa treatments* 09h00 - 10h00 Breakfast served at Bridge House 11h00 Check out of room 12h00 - 13h00 Lunch 13h00 Depart for Airport * for your own account 11

We look forward to welcoming you Kruger Shalati Train on The Bridge BD, the BD Logo are trademarks of Becton, Dickinson and Company or its affiliates. © 2022 BD. All rights reserved.

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