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American Railroad Stock Certificate Collection

Published by Holabird Americana, 2018-09-30 19:59:13

Description: American Railroad Stock Certificate Collection

Keywords: Ken Prag,Stock Certificates,Railroad Stocks,Railroadiana


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ailroad certificate collectors world-wide have known of the Ken Prag Collection for decades R– not just one decade, but four. For about four decades, Prag was the major stock certificate dealer in America. Along the way, he collected one each of virtually every railroad stock he came across (and mining and other categories as well). He collected every form of railroad certificate, from certificate #1, usually attributed to the “founder” of the railroad, to each variant of printed certificate. He also collected special unissued certificates, which today may represent the only known example of some of the more obscure railroads. The collection contains thousands of certificates. It represents a unique opportunity to obtain rare pieces, as a collection of this stature has never before hit the marketplace. We have chosen to list the certificates for auction over the next approximate year in our auctions in a format that parallels our friend Terry Cox’s book on Railroad Stocks (and his new book coming out too!). They will be listed in alphabetical order by the name of the rail line, and not listed in geographic format, since most rails travel through many states. This booklet offers glimpses of the variety of certificates, their fabulous vignettes, art, form, and even rare autographs. The revenue imprinted pieces will all be offered in a single sale, and one rare example is shown in this booklet. We know you’ll enjoy this opportunity to make you’re collection the best it can be. Be sure to log into our auctions through They are currently planned for October, 2018, December 2018, February 2019. Fred Holabird If you have any questions please contact our office at [email protected] or call 775-851-1869. © 2018 Fred Holabird Western Americana Collections, LLC All rights reserved

Beargrass Transportation Company Cape May and Millville Rail Road Company 2

Chicago and Northwestern Railway Company Chicago Railway Construction Company 3

Denver and Boulder Valley Rail Road Co East Genesee Street and Seward Avenue Railway 4

Elk Mountain Railway Company Eureka and Colorado River Rail Road Company 5

Gagnier-Griffin Suspended Railway Bridge Co Great Northern Railway Company 6

Holman Locomotive Speeding-Truck Company Houston and Texas Central Railway Company 7

Humboldt County Railroad Hupp Automatic Mail Exchange Company 8

Indiana, Alabama, and Texas Rail Road Company Indiana, Decatur, and Western Railway Company Bond 9

Iowa Central Air Line Rail Road Co Jacksonville, Alton, and St. Louis Rail Road Co 10

Kansas City and Omaha Railroad Company Lancaster County Railroad Bond 11

Laurens Rail Road Company Lawrenceburgh and Indianapolis Rail-Road Company 12

Leavenworth, Topeka, and South-western Railway Company Lebanon Springs Rail Road Company - Printers Proof 13

Lehigh Valley Rail Road Company Logansport and Northern Indiana Rail-Road Company 14

London South Park and Leadville Railroad Company Longbridge Brake and Car Company 15

Los Angeles Consolidated Electric Railway Louisiana Central Railway Company 16

Louisville and Nashville Rail Road Company Louisville and Nashville Rail Road Company 17

Louisville Evansville and St. Louis Railroad Company Lykens Valley Rail Road 18

Mahopac Falls Rail Road Co Market Street Railway Company 19

Marysville and Yuba City Street Railroad Company Metropolitan Trust Company of the City of New York 20

Mississippi Central Railroad Company 21

Montana Railroad Company Mount Hood Railway and Power Company 22

Mt. Penn Gravity Railroad Co 23

Nashville and Florence Railroad Company National Tramway Motor Company 24

Nevada and Oregon Rail Road Company Nevada and Oregon Railroad Company 25

Nevada Southern Railway Company Nevada-California-Oregon Railway 26

New Jersey Southern Rail Road Company Oakland Railroad Company 27

Ocean Beach Railroad Co Oregon Central Railroad Company 28

Oregon Pacific Rail Road Company Pacific Railway Company 29

Parlor Cattle Car Company of Cincinnati Paterson and Passaic Horse RR Co 30

Pennsylvania and Sodus Bay Rail Road Pennsylvania and Sodus Bay Rail Road 31

Peoples Railway Company Petersburg Rail Road Company 32

Petersburg Rail Road Company Philadelphia and Seashore Railway Company 33

Phillipsburg Horse Car Railroad Company Pittsburgh and Allegheny Valley Traction 34

Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne, and Chicago Rail Road Company Pittsburgh, McKeesport, and Youghinogheny 35

Placerville and Sacramento Valley Railroad Company Portland and Willamette Valley Railway Company 36

Portland Terminal Company Portland Terminal Company 37

Portland Terminal Company Portland Terminal Company 38

Pottsdown and Phoenixville RR Company Prescott Manufacturing Company 39

Price Rail-Joint Company Railway Company of Pennsylvania 40

South Side Rail Road Company St. Louis and Iron Mountain Rail Road Company 41

Union Rail Road Transfer and Stock Yard Co Virginia and Truckee Rail Road Company 42

Worcester and Somerset Rail Road Co 43

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