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Published by info, 2018-08-26 07:58:31

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PROJECT SIBODU INFORMATIONThe Netherlands is known worldwide for its sustainabledurable and innovative technologies that nowadays are usedthroughout the world to spare man and the environment.Project SIBODUis the latest invention of Dutch sustainable bio-polymer technology.Nowadays, trees and forests are cut down to producehardboard and fiberboard, with the result of worldlydeforestation and environmental problems.

Project SIBODU focuses on the development and production ofdurable board materials for using in the construction industry,in the interior of homes and for the manufacturing of productssuch as furniture and related products.We have invented and patented a unique process and product:Engineering Wood board Panels (EWB-P) that is not made ofwood.We make \"wood\" of plant fibers (hay and straw, or even rice)with the same or even improved characteristics as ordinarywooden boards and panels. Unique as it is, no trees are cutdown for our panels and due our advanced and revolutionarypatented manufacturing techniques no harmful substanceslike Formaldehyde are released for man and environment.Our revolutionary hardboard meets the most strict Dutch,European and international standards concerningsustainability and environmental protection.

This sustainable an ecological friendly board material isinvented by Singhboard Holding BV Holding BV, from TheNetherlands, and the invention is fully patented.Currently, a Research & Development facility are realized inthe province of Groningen, The Netherlands. Due to the factthat this is a highly advanced new sustainable technology, theproject SIBODU is support by the province of Groningen, theSNN and RVO and the government of The Netherlands.ProductSinghboard Holding BV Holding BV have developed a technicalinnovation process for the production of a sustainable EWB-P.The development focuses on re-use of secondary agro-residuethat is 100% recyclable. Singhboard Holding BV Holding BVproducts will be supplied with a 10 year guarantee and isaccompanied with CE mark, DUBO mark ISO 9001, 14001,

18001 and 26000 (CSR) certificates. The available thickness bebetween 4mm and 38mm with a maximum size of 2650x 1250mm and densitiesbetween 500-850 kg/mᶾ. Fire resistance andwater resistance can be increased and enhanced to customerspecific requirements.ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTHThe most important environmental and health aspect ofSinghboard Holding BV Holding BV developed EWB-P are: • The sheet/board is lighter and stronger than regular plates made from woodchips

• Moreover, the boards are made of biopolymer, straw and hay, and can be made of rest material of other plants like rice, and not from wood • No trees are cut down, no deforestation • An sustainable production process, where no Formaldehyde release occursStandardsDuring development is taken into account the followingEuropean Standards: NEN-EN 316; \"Hardboard. Definition,classification and marking \"and parts 1 and 5 of the draftstandard NEN-EN 622; Hardboard. Specifications \"(types,properties, applications). The formaldehyde requirements aredescribed in NEN-EN 120. During the R&D testing are be doneof the following Standards: NEN-EN 310, 311, 317, 318, 319,320 and 321.Moisture ResistantMoisture resistant glued Singhboard Holding BV Holding BV issuitable for areas with a relative humidity of up to 80%. Mostof the properties are equal to those of standard SinghboardHolding BV Holding BV. Only the strength is less decreasing,and the thickness swelling lesser in a damp climate. The EMB-Industry Standard distinguishes two qualities: for use at

elevated humidity (H) and for structural applications in humidconditions (HLS).FireThe plate can be used for wall and ceiling coverings, partitionsin offices, office furniture, kitchens and interiors of shops,hotels and public buildings.ConnectionsMechanical connections can be made with screws, nails (withonly a very small diameter), and stapling. Best results indicatechipboard screws with a parallel shaft and double speed. Zinc

prevents the screw heads bunched around it. Stapling ispossible, for example as a temporary adhesion with the curingof the glue, or for confirmation on a frame, or vice versa.GlueMost adhesives are also suitable for Singhboard Holding BVHolding BV EWB-P. Does one glue other materials onSinghboard Holding BV Holding BV, then those generally areindicative of the adhesive of choice.Other determining factorsare the glue application (hand, glue roller or spray),flammability, presses and environmental conditions.DecorativeSinghboard Holding BV Holding BV is also an ideal surface forvery many finishes, such as veneers, paper, PVC, transfer andmelamine films, as well as paints and varnishes. DecorativePVC or paper foils are very good to fold sharp edges, such aswith television cabinetsand speakers.Also Singhboard HoldingBV Holding BV with smooth or textured paper is possible witha very smooth and shiny topcoat it. Transfer foil carrier is a 0.2mm thick polyester film having a decorative film (thicknessapproximately 0.035 mm) with a solid color, wood grain orother print. The bonding is effected with a thermoplasticadhesive.

A durable top layer with melamine resin impregnated paper.This are like to achieve many decorative finishes to transferfilms, and in both smooth implementation and embossed.ApplicationsIn addition to the applications alreadymentionedthere are stillmany numerous others to mention.Standard Board Singh, both veneered and painted in thebedroom can be used for all the furniture, dressing tables andso on. Playful or screen images can be applied to the smoothsurface.Walls of Singhboard Holding BV Holding BV are a good option.The surface can be painted or wallpapering can be done. Wallcoverings, one can make of Singhboard Holding BV Holding BV,provided with grooves or profiles, and finished with veneer orfoil. In ceilings, it is applied in the form of tiles or strips. Inpublic buildings it is fire retardant Singhboard Holding BVHolding BV as an application. Singhboard Holding BV HoldingBV lends itself well to new or renovated floors, self-supportingfloors and for leveling existing floors. In new construction ismoisture resistant Singhboard Holding BV a necessity, due tothe construction moisture. Singhboard Holding BV Holding BVis suitable for all types of interior doors.

The main environmental and health aspect is that noformaldehyde emission occurs, the sheet material isreusable, 100% recyclable, that the plate is lighter andstronger than regular wood plates and no trees have to be cutdown.The sheet material of Singhboard Holding BV Holding BV isdeveloped based on NEN-EN622The following table shows thevarious products and properties and applications to density(kg/mᵌ) indicated.The sustainability levelWith the patented formaldehyde free agro-fiberboard,Singhboard Holding BV Holding BV intends to offer aneconomically viable alternative to current wooden panels thatcontributes to 1.65 GJ / mᵌ Global warming potential (GWPglobal warming potential). The alternative Singhboard HoldingBV contributes to a negative \"Global warming potential (GWP).With a production of 60,000 mᵌ agro-fiber board, this

corresponds to -36 364 GJ. Assuming an average new buildconcrete prefab (20 mᶾ sheet) the production would be suitedfor 3000 homes. For timber frame homes even 500homes. The establishment of our production plant in thenorthern Netherlands simultaneously contributes topreventing deflation and provides employment forapproximately 46 people (direct in service), of whichapproximately 32 unskilled workers.This complies with the principles of sustainability, corporatesocial responsibility (CSR) and green economy in accordancewith economic and sustainable ambitions of the Dutchgovernment and related global sustainability agreements.Moreover, the factory to be realized will produce ecologicalsustainable hardboard material for export towards countrieslike China, US and South America.From research to ideaDeveloping a new product is generally based on scientificresearch and it takes some time to put the theory to put intopractice. The idea for the creation of Singhboard Holding BV ismotivated by scientific research. During the period 2005 - 2007the initiator conducted a case study in the rice district Nickerielocated in Republic of Suriname, South America. His researchhas led to a scientific model to visualize the concept ofsustainability. In addition, during this study he found that ricefields (rice straw) were burned by the rice farmers. This had

significant health consequences, in particular for the residentsnear the rice fields. From this data, the search was begun forpractical use or application of agricultural (waste) materials.This ultimately led to a durable board material consisting ofagricultural waste (straw) and a health / environmentallyfriendly binder.From idea to designThe patented material is unique to the EU and has at least thesame characteristics as in the use of regular wood plates. Inaddition, the production process is developed and designed in

compliance to the concept of sustainability. TherebySinghboard Holding BV Holding BV has the advantage andnecessary legal means that no other entity can bring thisproduct, an equivalent product or process to the market.Information regarding the production process and product forthis reason alone are provided under strict secrecy. To obtainpatent at first a survey advice had been obtained from thePatent Office to search for possible existing/granted patents.Next phase had been the filing and implementation of theinvention by the Patent Office. On this basis, the descriptionhad been tightened and the final to be obtained patentsubmitted.

From design to functional useLike other wood board material is formaldehyde-freeSinghboard Holding BV subject to mechanical properties andcharacteristics. These properties are of importance for thedetermination of the functionality. Singhboard Holding BVtherefore has a proprietary testing laboratory to provide atotal solution to customers.

The mechanical properties can be divided into: • Tensile strength • Compressive strength • Splitting strength • Bending Strength • Shearing strengthThe sheet material of Singhboard Holding BV can be producedin a way that the modulus of elasticity can be adapted tocustomer-specifics and the requirements of NEN 6700, NEN6702 and NEN 6760. This in such a way to make differentrequired flexural and compressive strength (modulus ofelasticity) possible to apply Singhboard Holding BV for variousfunctional use. In addition, it is possible to increase the heatand moisture resistance of the plate material of SinghboardHolding BV. This depends on the environment where thesheetmaterial will be applied, to distinguish: • Wet or dry areas • Construction or decorative • Use Function (home, office, school, factory, etc.)

The sheet material of Singhboard Holding BV is suitable forboth outdoor and architectural interiors and can be used asdecorative- or finishing material, such as roof, floor andsupporting structures. The most commonly used and thicknessof the board material for these constructions, is 18 mm.The initiatorThe initiator of Singhboard Holding BV, ScientistIng.R.P.K.Mohansingh PGDip, has a thorough knowledge andexperience as a process engineer and with materials. Hisexperience as a process engineer he has gained from among

others the renowned Hercules BV and Akzo ChemicalsBV. As aconsultant he has several businesses and government agenciesin the Netherlands and Suriname advised in improving theirproduction processes, business processes and managementsystems towards advanced sustainability solutions.Additionally he also provides training and education fornational and international companies. Moreover, with anextensive knowledge and expertise in the field of sustainabilitymodels related to the economic, ecological and social (EES)aspects, he has developed a model to visualize the qualitativeaspects of the EES and apply this within our boundaries ofcontemporary possibilities. He also has realized a variety ofprojects and studies for individuals and corporate clients, inorder to provide a contribution to a better global environment.Development & Research and production facilityThe production facility are to be realized in The Netherlands,in the province of Groningen. This with support from thegovernment, Groningen province and the municipalityVlagtwedde. For the development, a project team consistingof Dutch and Chinese experts has been established. Thegeneral project coordination, technical development andrealization, will be done by Singhboard Holding BV Holding BV,owner of the invention.

Several Dutch construction are also involved for theengineering of the building and infrastructure. The creation ofcertifiable management systems or obtaining the appropriateapprovals will be achieved by Environmental & IndustrialConsultancy BV.

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