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Published by Joseph Edward Schur, 2022-05-29 16:43:11

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CreditsEDITOR-IN-CHIEF Therasa A. McLennan PUBLISHER & CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER MANAGING EDITOR Joseph Edward Schur Rose Marie Bresolin CASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Dev Ramsumair CREATIVE DIRECTOR Dan Walsh PHOTOGRAPHY DIRECTOR Jonathan Levy Steve Pryce SENIOR EDITOR Roger Lamoureux STYLE EDITOR Analucia Beltran Chris Daly JEWELLERY EDITOR Joanne McLennan DESIGN EDITOR Steve Falusi Darren Dobson ARTS & CULTURE EDITOR Blair Phillips, Davin De Kergommeaux MUSIC EDITOR Paola Ortiz Harlen Troost LIFESTYLE EDITOR Vesuvius Bay Productions SPIRITS EDITORS [email protected] HEALTH & BEAUTY EDITOR TRAVEL EDITOR GRAPHIC DESIGN EDITORIAL CONTROLLER Hasnain Chhatriwala, CPA COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR Marcia Reid SPECIAL EVENTS DIRECTOR Richard Emannuel Foltys SPECIAL EVENTS PHOTOGRAPHER Maggie Habieda SUBSCRIPTION & CIRCULATION MANAGER Andrew Torres ©2022 SPENCER MAGAZINE LIMITED | All Rights Reserved Spencer Magazine is published four times a year in print + \"Limited Edition\" Hardcover Issues Also published regularly online. ISSN 2563-5395 (Print) ISSN 2563-5409 (Online) ADVERTISING & STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP INQUIRIES Acceptance of ad placement in Spencer and/or subsidiaries is at the discretion of the Publisher. To reach our sales department or one of our strategic partnership coordinators, call (800) 719-2468 or email us at [email protected] 2022 SPENCER MEDIA KIT 2

Contents MEDIA ADVERTISING...................................................................4 DISTRIBUTION...............................................................................5 RATE CARD 2022 - RATES, DATES & SPECIFICATIONS......6, 7 Cover of the Volume 3, Number 1 \"Spring 2022\" Issue of Spencer Magazine, featuring Ravi Narine [ Publisher’s LETTER Connecting with Families and Friends: that's Spencer! Our mission is clear: to connect with families and friends of all ages, from everywhere around the world. We're responding to the interests of our extraordinary audience! Spencer readers enjoy the highly inspired, engaging and entertaining editorial content and advertising. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, we celebrate the richness of each season. Capturing the very best of life with stunning photography and compelling articles. Showcasing products and services befitting the targeted lifestyle. Our adver- tising is carefully chosen for a discerning audience. This is truly a valuable publication, a coffee table magazine/book of enduring quality. Spencer's print and digital distribution, along with social media channels, events and our Spencer TV Channel is far reaching, and continues to build a sense of community around our world. That's why: We are Spencer, and we are the World. Joseph Edward Schur, Publisher Chief Executive Officer, Spencer Magazine Limited [email protected] toll free: (800) 719-2468 ext. 802 3 SPENCER MAGAZINE LIMITED

Spencer media advertising COLLABORATING with SPENCER is a BRILLIANT DECISION. The reward is knowing that you've reached the right demographic. Why, you ask? Our Editors are in touch with the interests of our audience. The Spencer Sales team works closely with our Editors, creating advertising solutions, through a collaborative process with Advertisers. A highly effective partnership. That's why Spencer is well respected as a first-class publication. Our advertising and sponsorship partners know the value of being seen in Spencer, on the page and/or screen. Our audience includes affluent consumers of products and services who can afford, and more importantly, appreciate the finer things in life. Spencer Spotlight Product Reviews for everything from Style and Fashion, Design, Galleries, Wine, Craft Beer, Spirits, Restaurants, Cars, Planes, Yachts, Resorts, Spas, Travel, Cruises, Hotels, Luxury Residential and Vacation Real Estate. Style Fashion for Men, Women and even Kids. Hats, Shoes and Accessories, Jewellery, Watches and more. Design House and Home. Interior Design. Architecture. Furnishings, Appliances, Audio/Video. Arts & Culture Art Collecting and Investment. Art Galleries & Exhibitions. Music, Film & Television, Theatre. Lifestyle Fitness/Spas/Resorts. Recreation/Sports. Wine, Beer and Spirits. Culinary Arts. Luxury Cars and SUVs/Yachts/Aviation. Travel: Domestic & International. Properties Luxury Homes, Condominiums and Vacation Properties. Mortgages. Insurance. Security. We're producing a number of original content projects, along with We're planning six very exclusive and private marquee events for acquisitions and securing broadcast licences of content for our Spencer 2022, along with several public events. The focus of each event is audience. based on Spencer's Editorial departments: Style, Design, Arts & Cul- ture, Lifestyle and Luxury Real Estate. Our award-winning producers and partners can work with you to promote your brand with dynamic commercials and television show We look forward to discussing with you the many Sponsorship oppor- content. tunities to choose from. 2022 SPENCER MEDIA KIT 4

Spencer distribution/circulation PRINT DISTRIBUTION: WHEN EXCLUSIVITY MATTERS! Spencer Magazine... the periodical of choice for sophisticated readers of all ages. We make sure that Spencer reaches the audience that best represents your key values. Spencer Magazine is available for sale at better newsstands and bookstores across Canada and around the world. Circulation for 2022 is limited to 10,000 print copies per issue. Certified auditing provided by CMCA. PLUS: Spencer Magazine Limited is actively engaged in sponsoring important causes and events. Just a few examples: SickKids Hospital, Women's Empowerment Awards, The Institute of Fashion, The Vanguard, Italian Car Day, Scuderia Ferrari Club Supplemental Targeted Distribution: w Celebrities w Travel and Tourism Bureaus w Country Clubs w Special Events w Executives w Luxury Hotels and Resorts w Yacht Clubs w Specialty Retailers w Fine Automobile Dealerships w Spas and Salons w Galleries w Professional Sports Teams READERSHIP AGE (Print) DISTRIBUTION: CIRCULATION DISTRIBUTION: GEOGRAPHIC 16-19 - 9% 1) Supplemental Targeted Distribution: 4,963 1) Ontario, Canada: 66% 20-34 - 21% 2) Single Copy Sales: 3,253 2) Canada : 16% 35-48 - 33% 3) Paid Subscriptions: 1,117 3) U.S.A.: 11% 49-64 - 26% 4) Archives: 667 4) International: 7% 65+ - 11% *Data compiled from Respondents submissions on or before October 25th, 2021. DIGITAL: REACHING THE WORLD ON SCREEN Paperless. Environmentally friendly. is our conduit to the world! Through the Google Translate app, our exciting articles in Spencer Magazine can be read in over 100 languages. Imagine that! But what does that mean for you? Spencer changes the rules of the game for digital publishing, turning our magazine into an engaging and interactive rich media experience. We can add all types of static and rich media into our digital publication, with video (YouTube/Vimeo), audio, animations, image/video popups, and embed- ding links to your site. Our advanced technology provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to make a stunning impression! And perfect for sharing youradinsocialnetworks. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you to reach your marketing goals! 5 SPENCER MAGAZINE LIMITED

Spencer STANDARD RATE CARD 2022/23 RATES, DATES and SPECIFICATIONS ADVERTISING RATES (NET) 1x 2x 3x 4x Insertions $3,850 3,660 3,475 3,300 $2,250 2,145 2,035 1,945 Double Page Spread $1,895 1,810 1,720 1,635 $1,450 1,375 1,300 1,245 17\" x 10 7/8\" (Trim) - 17 1/4\" x 11 1/8\" (Bleed) $1,450 1,375 1,300 1,245 $2,250 2,145 2,035 1,945 Full Page $1,095 1,045 $1,095 1,045 990 945 8 1/2\" x 10 7/8\" (Trim) - 8 3/4\" x 11 1/8\" (Bleed) 990 945 $4,620 4,390 2/3 Page Vertical $4,500 4,275 4,170 3,965 $4,430 4,210 4,065 3,860 5 1/2\" x 10 7/8\" (Trim) - 5 3/4\" x 11 1/8\" (Bleed) 3,995 3,795 Half Page Vertical 4 1/8\" x 10 7/8\" (Trim) - 4 3/8\" x 11 1/8\" (Bleed) Half Page Horizontal 8 1/2\" x 5 1/4\" (Trim) - 8 3/4\" x 5 1/2\" (Bleed) Half Page Horizontal Spread 17\" x 5 1/4\" (Trim) - 17 1/4\" x 5 1/2\" (Bleed) 1/3 Page Vertical 2 5/8\" x 10 7/8\" (Trim) - 2 7/8\" x 11 1/8\" (Bleed) 1/3 Page Square 5 1/2\" x 5 1/4\" (Trim) - 5 3/4\" x 5 1/2\" (Bleed) Premium Positions: Inside Front Cover (Double Page Spread) Outside Back Cover (Full Page) Inside Back Cover (Double Page Spread) SPONSORED PARTNERSHIPS: We'll always consider opportunities to feature products and services that benefit our audience! Let us know if you have an idea that we can collaborate on. 2022 SPENCER MEDIA KIT 6

Double Page Spread Full Page 2/3 Page Vertical 1/2 Page Vertical 1/2 Page Horizontal 1/2 Page Double Spread 1/3 Page Vertical 1/3 Page Square ADVERTISING DATES 2022/3 - Four Print Issues - Special Hardcover Issues ISSUE (Volume 3, #2 and 3: 2022) Volume 4, #1, 2, 3 and 4: 2023) Release date Material date Booking deadline July/August/September - 2022 July 6 June 28 June 25 October/November/December - 2022 October 7 September 30 September 26 January/February/March - 2023 January 6 December 29 December 27 April/May/June - 2023 April 5 March 31 March 28 July/August/September - 2023 July 7 June 30 June 26 October/November/December - 2023 October 6 September 29 September 25 We also feature a very special hardcover copy of \"Spencer's Best\" available in stores and through subscriptions. Mechanical Requirements: We are an Adobe CS environment. High resolution, Press-ready PDF files with Proof. Cover: Ultra Gloss 110M. Paper: 100M Gloss. Binding: Perfect bound. Screen: 150 lines per inch. Full page trim size: 9\" x 12\" (all live content should stay 1/4\" minimum from trim). Trim crop marks: positioned outside bleed area. Bleed: .125\" Graphics: Images and artwork to be supplied digitally and must be high resolution (300 dpi) in CMYK color space. We accept high-resolution PDF files through email (ads@spencermag. com). Files must have 1/8\" bleed on all sides. Printing: Web offset, gloss stock 100M. GENERAL INFORMATION. Acceptability: The content and designs of all ads are subject to the Publisher's approval. HST/GST: Rate does not include HST or GST. Where applicable, the appropriate rate of HST or GST will be added to the price of all advertising in or services provided by Spencer Magazine Limited at the time of invoice. Commissions: 15% of charges for space, position and colour allowed to recognized agencies. Cash Discount: 5% on net if paid within 15 days of invoice. Terms: Net 30 days. 2% interest charged per month on overdue accounts: 24% per annum. All advertising material will be destroyed by Spencer Magazine Limited if not requested within one year after date of last issue. 7 SPENCER MAGAZINE LIMITED

We are Spencer, we are the World Head Office: Toronto's Liberty Village Spencer Magazine Limited 60 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6K 1X9 Toll Free in Canada & U.S.A. 1-800-719-2468 2022 SPENCER MEDIA KIT 8

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