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Published by lynette, 2019-05-15 00:57:30

Description: Hillcrest High, hillcrest, Midvale, Utah, class of 1970

Keywords: Hillcrest High, hillcrest, Midvale, Utah, class of 1970


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chool ong Th?\"Ough all th s ason of the year and all the yeaTs to con~e. We'll sing ou1,. p1 aise lo'u_,d a zd cl a?\" to Hillcre ·t H ·gh 1ve love ·o deu1·. Ou?'\" colors in their plendo?'\" b1·ight, long 1vave the green wnd whit . JtT1( a l1va .V·· t 1:ll r 111 e?n ber ot~r spi'l\"~it a Ld our 1night. m11 ho 0? ed to b lo? g to _vou, w 'll keep your sta 1da1 d · h ·gh. u;; ,ll cl 1 .vou in yo? r vi ·to?\"1. ::; and in d.~ ctt sta d b.1· Though son1eda11 we 1nust leave you, our;· hearts will always thrill, to the glo1 y of your b a ~ty on th ·r st of1 oll·ng hill .

illc e~ t '7 Volum 8 Publish d by A soc1ateci Students f Hillcrest High Sc ool Midvale, Utah Organizations Pag 16 Activiti s Pog 56 dministration Pag 108 Classes Pag 126 Editor Lyn tte Beckstead Ass't. Editor Stev Matson Advisor John F. lyon Photograph r Arval Nelson Printed by Wheelwright Lithographing Company Cov r picture by Gordon Smart

creating memories ofretrospection . ... 2

resulting in a prototype of humanity 3

an aggregate of associated individuals

receiving a compendium ofimpressions .... 6

gives an amplifacation of interests 7

a blustering sea of youth and spirit . ... 8

brings praise to effort more than to prize or fame 9

an electrric chain of hun\"an itnpul es .... 10

transports a desire for future success 11

beginning with the que. t jo1~ indi idual e ·i ·tence . . . . 12

inspires motivations of perceptability 13


: .~t ~ .b • • ~' • •' J• •\" - . ; .':~--~-.a }·t-~. ~ .. ·: .. ' .. · ... ·: - ._ --\" is_ . ;;..; '- I• . . . . ') \"'. -- • ~ •• .. •

Row On e: Koren St1llmon, Karla Pearson, Michael Miller, Lyle Buchanon, Jolene Carlston Arnie Bigler Row Th ree: Suzette Noland, Kristine Marchant, Stan Lund, Sharon Nilsson, Fronk Reid, Roy Smart. Row Two : Kathy Martineau, Deb- Wells, Rick Nelson, Pam T schner Margie Loveless, Don Evans, David Smith. bie Chnstenscn, Bob VanDaM, Bob Conder, Jeon Dongo, Lindo Hampton, Kim Row Fou r: Susan Bascom, Londo Ault, Bruce Densley, More Doman, Cathy Cutler, Paulo Chr;stionson, Mario Dean, Lorry Droke. Only the most qualified singers in the senior Members of the Chamber Choir sing new music for doily practice 1n sight reading. class, and those who hod been in Junior Choir lost year, were allowed into the Chamber Choir. The Chamber Choir appeared twice on television dtsploying its talents to people beyond the boundaries of Hillcrest. Bingham, Jordon, Brighton, and Hillcrest High Schools combrned their choirs for a Christmas program on KSL television. Hillcrest's choir was also televised on December 5 at Temple Square while singing for the annual \"lights-on\" Christmas ceremony. On January 31, the Chamber and a coppello choirs performed with the Utah Symphony Orchestra conducted by Maurice Abrovonel. President Michael Miller, Accompanist Carol Parry, and Secretory Koren Stillman conclude final arrangements for a choir performance. 18

\"For every minute you waste, some choir in the state is getting better than you,\" was Leo Dean's way of prodding the Junior Choir to greater effort and determination; his response to mistakes vJas, \"Are your parents first cousins?\" Preparing for next year in A Cappella and Chamber Choir, the Junior Choir developed a professional quality. Anticipat1ng the annual Christmas assembly in December, the choir began learning Christmas songs in early October. For the remainder of the year both classical and semi-modern music w ere studied in class. Students reflect differing reactions while Mr. Dean points out their errors. Through his various hand motions, Mr. Dean leads the Junior Choir to expressive singing. Row One : Carolyn Pork1n, Sondra Wengren, Becky Payne, Susan Bird, Debbie nell Burgan, Barry Newbold, Dove Johnson, Joy Mortmeou, Louise Nix, Camille Ontiveros, Claudine Droge, Bryon Player, John Yates, Steven Pugmire, Scott Ras- Wore, Janet Keorsley, Jenny Hutchings, Sharon Parsons, Sandy Peterson, Lindo mussen, layne Newman, Robert Monson, Brent Dahl, Nancy Bullock, Sharlene Johnson. Row Four: Bev Newbold, Conn1e Proctor, Marie Churich, Rebecca Furse, Lori Densley, Sheri O'Brien, Lori Bosh, Sid Brown. Row Two : Marylou Glover, Paulo Crum, Cindy Mann, Steve Smori, Bruce Wh<ttoker, Doc Curtis, Lopez, Chris Henneman, JoAnn Jex, Debbie Sundberg, Debbie Nielson, Kathy Mario Alba, J1m Ault, John Frankenberger, Randy Note, Oleo Lovell, Lesly Jen- Erdman, Anno VanDam, David King, M ke Christensen, John Preston, Steve son, Carol Johnston, Morieon Owen, Melanie Hughes, Doris Hansen, Kathy Jenkins, Marion Chesley, Scott Dumas, Ginger Eckman, Bonnie Leavitt, Undo Whittle. Row Five : Sher Pearson, Lindo Stewart, Cynth1o Marchant, Carolyn Hatch, January Beck, Marilynn Olsen, Koren Horns, Irene Peterson. Row Three : Dov1s, Lmdo Moser, Jonell Nelson, Randy Venneri, Scott Bradford, Tom Seal, Bryce Carlson, Susan Stevens, Cindy Johnson, Christy Moy, Undo Dawson, Dennis Brimhall, Devin Hoyden, Scott Jolley, Bryon Droke, Debbie Pierce, Sherry Kathy Olson, Carole Corter, Reed Bateman, Steven Poulsen, Steve Snyder, Bur· Bodell, Julie Rosenhon, Sharlene Wonberg, Lori Cartwright, Ann Vandergriff, Becky W hite. 19

Row On e: D1ono Lopez, L1so Leatherwood, Down Phelps, Jon1ce Maynard, Mar- mg. Row Two : Koren Bess, Lynda Wollgun, Lynette Beckstead, Connie Ed- lene Newbold, Gayle Bush, Dennis Higbee, Dove Dumas, Dono Beck, Don Buck, munds. Moureeno Hansen, Lorna Mecham, Joe Monnos, Dean Bannon, Kevin Roald Densley, Monte Atk1nson Randy Holt, Douglas L1ndouer, Sheri Mocfor Hills, LeRoy Forg1e, Wayne Lyon, Ross White, Bruce Monson, Kim Carlston, Louno lone, Pot K1kel, Voler1e Brown, Kathy Ontiveros, Terry Setterberg, Dione Flem- Austin, Denise Thurmond, Julie Sm1th, Roxanne Beckstead, Yvonne Sorenson, Excitement and vibration rhymed with the A Cappella Choir this year, as the ninety-eight students met every third period throughout the year in preparation for ilumerous concert and assembly assignments. Although competition was keen with last year's fifty-three programs, the A Cappella Choir in their pink crepe dresses and dark suits met this challenge with vigor in anticipation of an extraordinary year. December 2 marked a performance on KSL television. Tedious hours and diligent practice rewarded the A Capella with the satisfaction of an outstanding performance January 31 with the Utah Symphony Orchestra. Concluding the year's activities was an exchange concert between the A Cappella choirs of the new Brighton High School and Hillcrest High School last March. Preparing for the Christmas program, students perceive the vibration of their Assembling around the piano for oroct1ce ore officers Jim own voices by separating while on the stage. Row One : JoAnn VonAiphen, Whitely, president; Chris DeGrott, secretary ; Sheri M acfarlane, J mmy Whitely, Yvonne Sorenson, Dono Beck, Jonene Johnson, Tim Ander- accompan i st; and Monte Atkinson, accompanist. son, Lynda VonOostendorp, and Rick Brown. Row Two : Steve Berrett, Diona Lopez, Dean Bannon, Kns Beckstead, Roger Kidd, L1lo Webb, and Blaine Olson. 20

Kris Beckstead Row Three: Bonnie Kochis, Anna Marie Conti, Vickte Garrick, Row Four: Elaine Gonzales, Connie Templtn Janet Holl, Lila Webb, JoAnn Von Kathy Shepherd, Chris DeGroot, Grant Hawk•ns, Steve Berrett, Blaine Olson, Alphen, Roger Kidd, Rick Brown, Tim Anderson, Von Horttn, Kevm Oltverson, Ron Chesnik, Steve Ledkins, J•m Whiteley. Marlo Dean, Richard Cook, Peggy Greg Bnm, Keith Shaw, Larry Hansen, Kirk Pond, Ray Brown, Manlyn Anderson , Smtt, Kathy Jorgensen, Janene Johnson, Lynda VanOostendorp, VICki Landers. Annette Larsen, Ltnda Parkin, Carol Bennett, Lorra•ne Tangaro. Concentration and intent practice are necessities shown by Richard Cook as he studies ''While Angels Sing, \" the piece to be sung in the annual Christmas program. Individual voices resounded in harmony as Mr. Leo Dean dtrected his students to disperse throughout the auditorium to better hear themselves stng . 21

Assisting the cheerleaders and songleaders in pep assemblies, football games, basketball games, and other spirit-arousing activities, the pep band stimulated pride 1n Hillcrest Huskies by performing for activities both in and out of school. These musicians, composed of volunteers from the marching band and concert band, provided the rhythm and music at all games. Through their efforts, students were better able to achieve a loyal pride in their school. · So Whot! ' wos 1ust one of the mony stimng ond orous1ng mus1col select1ons thot the pep bond ployed this yeor. Through such numbers he bond promo ed school sp1r1t os they looned enthusiosrP to every gome. Consisting of various instrumentally inclined students of Hillcrest High School, this year's Dance Band, an extra-curricular activity was organized to perform not only at spec1fic dances, as the name suggests, but also at other functi o ns such as assemblies. M embers of this group, selected for their playing ability by M r. Winslow Christensen and Ron Tuckfield, met weekly in early morning practices to learn popular and modern musical selections. Through their willingness to work in out-of-school activities, they mtroduced enj oyment and entertainment into many programs. Led by Mr. Christensen, the donee bond members ore Row One : Sterling Corter, Rolph Henderson, Rondy Godd, Adel bert Vonce, Brent Smort; Row Two : George Hellstrom, Mork Allen, Bloine Olson; Row Three: Rick Bienz, Cory We bster, Brod Burgon, Joy W1semon, Eric Hellstrom, Ron Tuckfield. 22

Row One : Blom e Olson John Hampton, M1choel Hoggard, George Hellstrom, Grant Sorenson, Joy W1semon, Enc Hellstrom; Row Five : Steven Kuwahara, Joe Kevm Beebe, Mark Allen Row Two : Sterling Corter, Rolph Henderson, Kenny Schindler, Karl Kreek Cory Webster, Brad Burgan Richard Underwood; Row Six: Hoggard, Steve Rushton, Randy Cole Timothy Hair, Mr. Winslow Christensen; Maxine Cordova, Goe Sorensen, Rosalyn Berrett, Donna Cook, Denn1s Wynn, Row Three: Steven Barrett, Randy Godd, Henry Truj11io, Mark Petersen, Adelbert Dole Olson, Row Seven: Mane Brody, Rock Ookeson, J1m Sm1th, Ron lyman, Jim Vance Brei Smart, Row Four : Blaine R1chordson, Dove Neno, Doug leonard, Gors1de; Row Eight : V1ctor Topp, Debra Keshishian . Trumpets, trombones, clarinets, flutes, and other instrumental sections combined this year to form the Hillcrest High School Band. Under the direction of a new conductor, Winslow Christensen, the Band achieved new heights in musical compilation. Individual members of the band performed in the school musical The Sound of Music last December. Other highlights of this year's activities included the University of Utah's Band Day, a Spring Concert, and a Christmas Concert at Hillcrest, and the Jordan School District Band Festival. Planning the year's oct1vit1es ore bond counctl members Brad Burgan, Paul Beard, Rolph Henderson , president; Arthur Pelligrino, secretory; and Blaine Olsen. 23

:·:- ~~· :,..':!·---- . .,:-'-- --)-.·- I __- _:: Posmg for their picture with Mr. Winslow Christ1onsen ore members of the orchestra Row One : Eliz· obeth Morley, Gail Griffin, Karla Pearson, Bryce Atkinson . Row Two: RoNoe Timothy, Lon Dene Belcher, Cathy Fulton, Dove Neno, Matt Judd Mon e Atk1nson , lending support to the rest of the orchestra Mont Atkinson ploys his boss violin in o practice session. Confronted with the task of preparing the orche tra to play for The Sound of Music, Mr. Winslow Christiansen, a new teacher at Hillcrest, was in charge of the smallest orchestra ever at this schooL To solve this problem, he combined the members of the orchestra with students in the band to fill vital parts for the arrangement. Later in the year, the orchestra and band were combined once again to present a Christmas Concert and a Spring Concert to the studentbody and their parents. Playing h1s trumpet in the orchestra, Ron Tuckfield is the only member of the origmol orchestra playing o brass 1nstrument. 24

Student Council, the legislative voice of the school, became the power through which students could give expression to their problems. This year's Student Council met monthly to discuss rules govern1ng dress, 1mproper conduct at games, excess litter, and the possibility of lengthening the lunch periods. After rehashing old ideas and expressing new ones, the fifty-five representatives reported back to their home rooms to ask for the students' support. In the spring the members joined with other district high schools to discuss problems and draw from each ideas which would improve the schools and the studentbodies. Jennifer Sainsbury, seated, explains that the money brought in by the movie l1stening to the various viewpomts of the home room representot1ves, ·· ro rn Curto in,\" shown on Oct. 31, wlil be used for the new student lounge. studentbody officers Mario Dean , Grant Hawkins, Jennifer Somsbury, ond • Koren Dahl discuss the l1tter problem dur'ng the first council meet1ng. Student body officers ltsten os members of the Student Council discuss the factors involved in keeping the student lounge open throughout the doy. 25

What does DECA stand for? Unabbreviated it is the Distnbutive Education Clubs of America; but it was much more than that for the thirty students taught by Mr. Faye Thomas. During class hours, these students acquired essentials of competent business procedure through building well-illustrated merchandising displays, practicing sales techniques, and studying prominent business men. But after class, the DECA sponsored the ub-for Santa program, sold popcorn at football games, and represented Hillcrest in the state DECA competition on March 20. All in all, the club's activities, together with their desire to learn, provided an outlet for the members' talents and abilities. Constructmg o mm1oture football f1eld in the library display case ore L1stening to o lecture on business procedures ore Deco students Rocheol Lopez, Rocheol Lopez, Tmo Reyes, D1onne Lopez, and Eloone Gonzales. Dorrell Reese, Rick Nelson , Debb1e Potter, Darlene Cook, Steve Green, Jeff Kior, Stan Wells, Bruce Densley, Bdly Rochordson, Rick Brown, and Joe Monnos. Looking for new merchandiSing d1sploys ore Mr. Faye Thomas, Bruce Wrapping Sub·for·Sonto Christmas presents ore Densley, presodent; and Sharon Ostlund, vice·president. Gayle Corter and Roxanne Beckstead. 26

As newspapers are d stributed by classrdooms, Dov1d Lopez picks up the correct number for h1s f1fth penod class from a member of he Sentry staff. Constantly faced with deadlines, the Sentry summarized the activities at Hillcrest in the form of the school newspaper. During the year, the class attended workshops in journalism at Weber State College and B.Y.U . Guest speakers came to the school from local newspaper agencies to offer tips on producing good newspapers. With their grades to earn, and the goal of creating an interesting, informative paper, the editors and other members of the staff spent time out of class and after school obtaining information, writing, proofreading, typing, making layouts, and listening to Mrs. Earlene Mitchell point out where improvements could be made. Earlene Mitchell Christine DeGroot Pat Kikel D'Ann Butterfield Marjine Montoya Colleen Rossi A-dvisor Editor Ass 't Editor Cindy Doty Joyce Pacheco Eddie Saez Boos Peterson Julie Smith Jeanne Dunn Nora Reyes Kirk Smith Renee Engstrum Carmen Rivera Sandy Robinson Teresa Trujillo Vicki Landers Ross White Mike Merkling 27

John F. Lyon Lynette Beckstead Steve Matson Jackie Boulton Yearbook Advisor Editor Ass 't. Editor Photo. Editor As early as last May, the two ed1tors, along w ith one carry-over, began the ted ious work of planning a unique yearbook, different from all others . St aff members introduced sound into the yearbook Arval Nelson Wayne Bigler by s1tuatmg a recording in the back containing Photograp hy Ad vi so r Photog raphe r the sounds of Hillcrest. In addition other innovations were used, such as narrative heads and a special screening process on division pages. Although the majority of last year's yearbook members graduated, many new staff members from two high schools in the district entered, and with them came many new ideas on yearbook planning and organizing . With four less students the busy staff missed many classes, worked before and after school to finish such work as writing copy, redrawing layouts, screening pictures, and locating misplaced items. This effort and determination prod uced a boo k unique f o r 1970. Shooting pictures th is year w ith a new Universal View camera, While Lorry McLeery helps Louri Willond look for ideas in post yearbooks , Gory Mr. Nelson tokes class portraits in the oudotorium . Ostler views color transparencies with Lynette Beckstead and Jockoe Boulton. 28

Laughing in on attempt to pose WyloGene Myers in the special blouse worn by Tom Seal, respons1ble for top1ng the junior girls, Jackie Boulton and Lour1 Willond straighten out the collar. sounds of H1llcrest, records the morning announcements from room C-210. Tom Seal Snd. Ed., Copy Writ. Randy Cole Sharlene Furse Russ Logsdon Larry McCleery WylaGene Myers Copy Writer Copy Writer Copy Writer Copy Writer Typist Randy Nate Gary Ostler Jim Peters Boyd Wenerstrom Lauri Willand Copy Writer Copy Writer Snd. Ed ., Copy Writ. Copy Writer Copy Writer 29

Jeanne Boggess L. VanOostendorp Porn Adams Pat Lloyd Terre MacNeil Karen Bess Advisor Prest dent Vice-President Secretary Historian Costume Director Kathy Ontiverous Kay Kemp Carol Bennett leslee Brady Pam Dazley Connie Edmunds Publicity Chairman Soctal Chairman Us1ng elasl•c props to help portray the meaning of the1r dance Although Dance Club this year was directed by a new campas•tion are Conn•e Edmunds , Suzette Noland, Kristine advisor, Miss Jeanne Boggess, the club still maintained Marchant , Annette larsen, and Krist1ne Pearce . the same busy schedule. Following the theme \"A Time for Us,\" the Dance Club planned and decorated for the Homecoming Dance from September until October 3 when the dance was held. Other activities included building a float for the homecoming parade, providing the choreography for the school musical The Sound of Music, and presenting interpretive dance selections in the Christmas Assembly. In April, the Spring Dance Concert Highlighted the Year for the Dance Club; it showed the skills learned and developed during the year in an evel'ling presentation to the parents and students of the school. Stretching elastics into triangles to emphasize lines and balance are Karen Bess, Marlene Newbold, Karla Pearson, and loma Mecham Stapling foil to a piece of wood to make a sign for the F.B .I. who played for the Homecoming Dance are Terre MacNeil, Suzette Noland, and Annette larsen .

Worm1ng up on the parallel bars ore Kristme Rawson, Leslee Brady and Terre MacNeil . Practicing various interpretive positions to present to the club are Pam Adams, Kathy Ontiveros, V enice Larser., Pat Lloyd, and Kay Kemp. Kristine Pearce Mary Russell Karla Pearson Judy Smith Kristine Rawson Connie Templin Dianne Evans Annette Larsen Kristine Marchant Karen Hopkins Venice Larsen Lorna Mecham Matilda Leyba Carol Huish Marlene Newbold 31

Successfully rounding out the year with the artistically endowed setting of The Sound of Music and Life With Father, Mrs. Glenna Dodge's tage de igner developed creativity 1n match1ng the set specifications from the drama department. Designing and painting the stage settmgs, the stage design crew worked hand-in-hand with Mr. Pouwel Vuyk's thespians in bringing recognition to Hillcrest in the region one-act play competition and enjoyment for the aesthetic Huskies. Po nt1ng a background far The Sound of Music are Sandra Wengren, Watching as a University instructor explams the color combmatian used for the Janet Ferguson, and Julie Rosenhan. scenery far the Univers1ty of Utah's Nutcracker Suite are Kathy Whittle and Linda White While Mrs. Glenna Dodge instructs Kathy Powers, Nailing on an archway design, Paul Grubb hammers while Kathy Jorgenson watches Larry Drake mix paint. Ray Schmiett braces the design from underneath. 32

Ron Johnson critically evaluates Ginger Eckman's pointing as she odds finishing touches. Art Club Advisor Mr. Wayne Kollpack and officers Sandy Rom- ney and Arthur Zizumbo discuss the club s Homecomong float. \"Art in our everyday lives,\" this year's Art Club Theme, was presented to the studentbody through display case arrangements of famous paintings such as Blue Boy and the Mona Lisa along with the members own patntings. Furthering art apprecia- tion among the club's twenty members was accomplished by visits to out-of-school art exhibits and shows. This training, coupled with the direction of Mr. Wayne Killpack, taught art students to appraise paintings. Putting their artistic skills to a practical application, members designed and built a float for home- coming parade. Due to the uniqueness of the float, it w as used as a mascot during the football season. Watchong an after-school demonstratoon are Art Cfub members Row On e: Joe Eckman and Carrie Cox Row Two: Margaret Doyea, Debra Thorton , Skip Carter, Juloe Anderson, Roxanne Emerson, Motzi Larsen, Kathy Jorgensen, Gonger Schmielt, Randy Holt, Rene Newton, Sandy Romney, Mark Hardman, Arthur Zizumbo, Penny VanHorn, Jeanne Dunn. Ron Johnson, and Chris Gotburg. 33

Being absent from the Hillcrest club scene for one year, the Junior Red Cross Club reorganized September 25th with Gayle Bush as president and Mrs. Diana Hendricksen as advisor. One of the major activities during the year was decorating for the Veterans' dance, held January 7th for the servicemen at the Veterans' Hospital. Members of the club also donated much of their time to collecting and wrapping donated items for the servicemen in Viet Nom. Red Cross Club president Gayle Bush ond Krostine Marchant d1scuss offices that need to be filled . Making necessary preporotoons for upcom1ng oct1v1ties ore, sitting : Kathy Ontiveros, Mitzi larsen, Debbie Olsen, ond Eileen Anderson; stand ing : Mortho Bullet, Kathy Atkinson, Patricia Richards, Reno Richards, Mox1ne Cordova, ond Goye Brinton. Working on the decorations for the Jonuory donee held ot the Veteron·s Hospital ore, sitting : Morsho Leak, Janet Keorsley, Jonell Nelson, Lynette Beckstead, ond Marlene Newbold; standing : Mrs. Diona Hendricksen, Teresa Jorgensen, ond Cynthia Marchant. 34

Observmg as Camille Ware, Jan Reves, and Wyla Myers rehearse their Odonzzi, Sandy Peterson, Chns Henneman, Kathy Harkness. Row Two: parts far The Sound of Music are, Row One : Maqeane Owens, Debbie Linda Moser, Carolyn Davis, Donna Wh1te, Lesly Jenson, Christy May, Jo· lene Lund, Olea Lovell, Lori Cortright, Jackie Boulton. Watch1ng the advisor Pauwel Vuyk demonstrate the l1ghtmg system are Combining their interest in the theater and their Janet Ferguson, secretary; Marlene Newbold, v1ce-pres1dent; Camille Ware, enjoyment of drama, the Thespian Club restricted treasurer, and Mitch Huntsman, pres1dent its membership again this year to those students possessing special talent and abilities. This limited the club membership but greatly increased their dramatic value. By helping with make-up and scenery, members learned about the technical and perfoming aspects of their fields. During 1969-70 Thespians expressed performing abilities in The Sound of Music and Life With Father . Members also competed in school, regional, and state interpretive meets held in March. Helping set up scenery for the school musical are, Row One : M1tch Huntsman, Myrna Lybbert, Susan Bird, January Beck, Mary Dawn Fannin , Colleen Rossi, Connie Lake, Rhonda Ball, Janice Maynes, Bev- erly Newbold, and Lon Densley. Row Two : K1m Carlston, Ren1 Christian, Sherry Bodell, and Dianne Littlefield.

Coordinating efforts in stimulating interest in fore1gn countries, languages, and c~stoms, last year s four language club combined into one new club th1s year in order to provide a more varied program Club functions included an initiation party for old and new members, guest speakers, and more parties including a Christmas get-together. This year's activities were highlighted by a foreign language seminar at Brigham Young University and a formal dmner dance at the Hotel Utah Skyroom last November. Funds for the club, which met bi-monthly, were raised through membership dues of one dollar, through bakesales, as well as selling decorative candles during the holiday season. As part of her lnlllallan, Lynne Pngmare must endure 1cy water Travel pamphlets are center of mterest far Jenn1fer Willand, Richard Kastner, Lauri Willand, bemg poured dawn her leg by Trudy Warnes, Matilda Leyba, Sheila Page, JoAnn VanAiphen, Aida Z1zumbo, Kathy Olson, Claudine Drage, and MISs Venna Kaye Beck. Leslie Lyman, and Cmdy Olson Study1ng the Aztec calendar are club members Linda Johnson, Larry Pollock, Bl1nd-folded in1t1ates Shannon Openshaw and Sherne Hansen are Matilda Leyba, Byrl McClellan, Mrs. Anne lasella, Karen Atkinson, tricked into eotmg marshmallows and chocolate puddmg as a sub Carolyn Wamker, Cindy Parkin, Ruth Wilson, Trudy Warnes, and Randy Reid. slltute for French pastry while Mrs. lasella prepares 11 and Larry Pollock, Den1se Mitchell, Claudme Drage and Karen Steadman watch. 36

As club members watch from the background , 1n11 ate Penny Poulsen fin1shes first 1n the peanut race . Studying a Russian calendar are club members Debbie Green, Rack Oakeson, Dianne Evans, Terri HardwiCk, Kenna Matson, Penny Paulsen, Russ Logsdon, Sherrie Anderson, Teresa Warnes, Teressa Brewer, and Wanda Livingston, Finding amusement in M1ss Venne K. Beck's attempt to record a French lesson are club members Robyn Crebs, Renee Engstrum, Cal Harkness, Gaye Brinton, Robin Munson, Jo Lynne Ready, Lynne Prigmore, Ann Deneris, Lmel Krichbaum, Penny Van Horn, and Ken B1rd. 37

Sep ember 10 marked the beginning of a colorful and exciting year for the Hi Ettes, as they elected new officers to plan the year's busy schedule. Rushed to meet an October deadline, the twenty-f1ve members completed their eight-dollar, kelly-green dresses in time to usher at the school's productton, The Sound of Music . As well as serving at P.T.A. meetings and special banquets, each girl contnbuted $1 .00 for a Christmas party. Unique to the year '70, the Hi Ette cho e \"Usher and Unity\" as a theme for thetr first entry of a float in the Homecoming Parade. Built by the members, the float portrayed their reputation for friendliness and as b1Jilders of school spirit. Ass1gnmg this yeo(s new and cholleng1ng respons1bdlt1es ore Mrs. Eun1ce Pixton, advisor; Susan Green, secretory and treasurer; Trudy Warnes, president, and Joanne Snarr v1Ce·pres1dent. Bock to school night, October 2, marked the Hi Ettes' flfst big assignment. Sheme Anderson, Lynn Prigmore, and Tish L1ndouer prop open the doors and d1stribute programs. Smil ng conhnuous1y while grect1ng parents from seven.thir y to en o clock, Goy Bnnton and Kenna Mo son pass out programs 1n the oud1tor1um entrance 38

Competmg against time to get their dresses finished for the deadline set by the Hi Ette Club are Mary Webster, Renee Engstrum, Sheila Page, Martha Bullett, Carol Parry, Dotty Dowd, Beverly Schulte, Teresa Warnes, Yvonne Sorenson, Monanne Jensen, and Robyn Rees . While PTA off1cers supervise program distnbut1on, Gay Bnnton, lynn Progmore, and Kenna Matson return for add1t1onal supploes . Filled with the exc1tement of the~r float entry m the Homecommg parade, and workong diligently to complete 1t are club members. standing : Sue Hopkons, Kris Neeley, Cheryl Pellegrino, Mane Horton, Kathy McDonald. Paula Johnson, Susan Knudsen, Koren Hopkins, and Aida Z1zumbo kneeling : Becky Wright, Mary Huntsman, Cmdy Olson, and Debra Holton 39

AI emplong to smg o song at tryouts, Conger Eckman, Debboe Phillops Kom Carlston songs a song for Ginger Eckman , Fronk Reid, Janos Johnson, Rick Nelson, Stan Wells, and Becky Conkle break out Margaret Jenkins, JoAnn Jex, and Louise Nox. laughong when the cai'T'era os poonted at them Being judged for their ability to sing with emotion, to harmonize with one another, and to play instruments, forly-five students tried out successfully for the folk singing club this year. Functioning not as a whole but in groups, the Cha on Club entertained 1,300 students as it presented its annual assembly here at Hillcrest in January; the club also traveled to junior high schools in 1he valley to play for them. Activities began in October with an initiation party where all new members faced trying ordeals, such as blowing an olive off a flour-covered table top. Other activities included hootenanies held at churches, a Thanksgiving banquet, and a Christmas Party in December. Carol J hnston leads a group on the song · Blowon\" on the Wind.' Kelly Kemp, Mary Russell, Londo Hatch, Jenny Hutchings, Lindo John- Row One : Valeroe Brown, Peggy Jones, Debbie Phillops, Nancy Bol- son, and Moureena Hansen Row Three: Janos Johnson, Camille loger, Down Phelps, and Paulo Chrosloonson . Row Two: Becky Conkle, Wore, Kathy Atkinson, Jono Cabobi, Roxanna Beckstead, Delores An - derson , Koren Bess, and Koren Stillman. 40

Pousmg to listen to Bob Conder's instructions ore Marion Chesley, Marg ie Loveless, Sheri Macfarlane , Randy Holt, Kim Wiseman , Ann Deneris, Sharon Parsons, JoAnne Hoskins, Rick Nelson, Colleen Anderson, Stan Wells, and Sue Stevens. Advisor Boone Colgrove l1stens as President Bob Conder ond Secretory Jean Dongo ploy a guitar duet. Watching Vice-President Jonene Johnson demonstrate a chord ore John Preston, Arnie Bigler, Lesly Jenson, Oleo Lovell , and Bryon Droke 41

Holdmg the club seol, Mrs, MoRee Nelson presents usefultdeos to Aide Z1zumbo, secretory; Members of the Future Homemakers of Mononne Scot , pres,dent; Ronan Sm1 h, song d1rector, Pamela Gee, treasurer; America sent cookies to the soldiers and Kathy Atkinson, his orion. in South Vietnam in October, February and April, as one of their service projects Learnrng to decorate cakes, make paper flowers, and arrange table decorations helped FHA m mber become better homemaker Each year the FHA Natrona! Program of Work Committee selects from the club's constitution two purposes. This year, \"Make Time Work for You\" and · Dare to Care\" were selected as subjects for discussion. For the first purpose, Hrllcrest's FHA Club asked a housewife to speak on the importance of budgeting time. \"Dare to Care, · the second purpose, was handled by a police officer in his speech to the club on November 20. Selling Christmas candles and scrapbooks were two of the money- raising projects the club completed during the year Their most significant accomplishment was sponsoring the \"Huskre Howl\" in mid-March, a stomp where everyone came dressed as cowboys. Preparing the needed motenols for the club float ore, kneeling: Patricio Richards Working on the float ore club members Delores Curley, V1ckie Garrick, and Cheryl Pellegrino; standing: Renno R1chords, Carol Ann Heugly, Jean Wilcox, Roe Lynne Walsh , Yvonne Sorenson, Goye Brinton, Done te H1nckley, Yvonne M1ero, Marie Horlm, and Kathy McDonald. Debra Hilton Debb1e Olsen, and Robyn Rees, 42

Members of th1s unique organization attended all the Utah Symphony concerts at a specially reduced price. In th1s way the Symphony Sub-debs attained appreciation for symphon1c mus1c. They were given Lori Cartwright, the president of the Symphony Sub-debs, shows o poster advertising the the opportunity to enroll in a Concert Membership Reception to JoAnn VanAiphen, Heidi Boe r, Kathy Harkness, Kaye Jacobs, Goer's Preview, lectures on music, that Violet Ekstrom, Miss Crossgrove, Debra Ike, Vickie Carlsen, and Robyn Crebs.. was held prior to each concert. Young musicians throughout the state put on the entire Salute to Youth Concert which took place October 15 at the Tabernacle. Afterwards the Sub-debs and the par icipants attended a reception 111 the Empire Room in the Hotel Utah. Various symposiums were held at other schools throughout the year where symphonic music was discussed; and on October 24, the Utah Symphony Orchestra performed in the Hillcrest auditorrum. Christmas theme was used at a formal dance on December 29 at the University of Utah for the Sub debs and their escorts. To introduce next year's officers, another formal dance took place on May 15. Listening to guest speakers, making trips to the library, and looking up references were typical examples of the kind of research eleven club members were involved in each Tuesday after school, as this year's Model U.N. repre ented Switzerlan the Republic of Malagasy, and El Salvador. All of the work required 111 this research was in preparation for the annual U.N. Assembly held this spring at the University of Utah. There, U.N. Clubs from the state high schools met to conduct a simulation of an actual U.N. meeting. While Pres1dent Greg Brim asks Rebekah Hanson, Jan Revos, and Renee Engstrum a quest1on, Advisor Ann Gnff1 hs partially holds the group's attent1on as she pomts out El Salvador to lorry McCleery, David Bates, Russ Logsdon, Randy Olson Eric Hellstrom, Ted Kalis, and Randy Green 43

Kevin Oliverson John Preston Steve Kuwahara Eric Hellstrom Bryan Drake Pres ident Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Posing foro p1cture depictmg a major Key Club respans1bility are Mr. Val Farnsworth, adv1sor; Steve Kuwahara , Bruce Manson , Bryan Drake , Eric Hellstrom , Kevin Ol iverson, John Preston , and Mr. Paul Argile, advisor. Mark Allen Kim Carlston Craig Anderson Hal Collison Norman Arbon Steve Crapo Bruce Densley Daniel Evans Randy Gadd John Hampton George Hellstrom Randy Green leon Hansen Ralph Henderson 44

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