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I Speak Choose an animal that you like. Think of the food that the animal eats. Act like you are that animal. Walk and make sounds. Share with the class what you would like to eat. Let the class guess the animal. Many people have pets. Pets are like family. We need to take care of them. Make pairs. Discuss the animal that each of you would like to have as a pet. Give reasons for your choice. Tell each other two things that you need to do to take care of that animal. Share your thoughts with the class. Listen and Say Aloud egg Words with the short ‘e’ sound net wet get hen sell yes less Word Dictation 6) Listen to your teacher and write the words. a) b) The Clever Mouse 47

c) d) e) f) g) h) Language Game Rhyme game Rhyming words are words that sound like each other. Say these words: cat, mat, fat, rat. They sound like each other. Write as many rhyming words as you can for the words given below. a) may – b) win – c) by – d) now – 48

Listening Audio Listen to the audio and trace the names of the characters and things. b a mama hen 7) a b hen house 8) c puppy 9) c chickd d 10) Connect the Dots Maths Fun The mouse and his friends eat 8 rotis. They also give 5 rotis to another group of mice. How many rotis are there in all? The Clever Mouse 49

EVS Fun The cat is a pet animal. Pet animals are domestic animals. Domestic animals are those that live with people. Animals that we find in the jungle are called wild animals. Look at the pictures below. Name any three wild animals from Picture 1 and any three domestic animals from Picture 2. Picture 1 Picture 2 A Note to Parent Read stories from the Jataka Tales and Panchatantra to your child. Discuss the morals of these animal stories with your child. 50

8Lesson What is for Dinner? Adventure and Imagination Warm Up • Imagine that you have filled a bag with potatoes. When you open it later, you find stones in it. How would you feel? • What would you do? Let us read a story about a cunning fox and a hen. I Read A little hen lives in a small house in a ? Where does the little hen forest. One day, a hungry fox sees the live? hen. forest He thinks that he will catch the hen and cook her for dinner. dinner sack ? What does the fox When the hen comes close, the fox catches do when the hen her. He puts her into a sack and ties it up. comes close? 51

sharp He begins to run home. The sack is heavy. The fox sits down to rest and falls asleep. The hen has a sharp knife. She cuts a hole heavy in the sack and jumps out. She puts big stones into the sack and runs home. boiling The fox wakes up. He picks up the sack and goes home. He puts some water to boil in a pot. The fox holds the over the boiling water. The stones fall in. The hot water splashes and burns the fox. The fox promises never to trouble the hen again. splashes New Words Word Meaning cunning clever at playing tricks forest a place with many trees and animals dinner an evening meal sack a large bag used for carrying things heavy something that has a lot of weight sharp having an edge or point that can easily cut things boiling very hot splashes when water moves and falls with a sound 52

I Speak Sit in a circle with your teacher and friends. Discuss the following questions: • D o you feel bad when your friends say or do something bad to you? Why? • Do you say hurtful things to your friends? • Should we trouble others? Why or why not? • What should you do if someone troubles you? Bring a short animal story to class and share it with your friends. Listen and Say Aloud Words with the long ‘a’ sound Words with the long ‘e’ sound eat bee day same feet beat date make Word Dictation 1) Listen to your teacher and write the words. a) b) What is for Dinner? 53

c) d) e) f) g) h) Language Game Animal names Look at the pictures of the animals. Use the clues and complete their names. Then, colour the pictures. io oc ar r ul is ol l on ea k 1b h e 2b n f 3c y 4f 5h 6l 7w 8p 54

                          Listening Audio Listen to the questions and write the answers under the correct pictures. 2) 3) 4) 5) Connect the Dots Maths Fun A hen lays 6 eggs. The farmer takes 2 eggs. How many eggs are left? What is for Dinner? 55

EVS Fun Animals live in special homes. Do you know where foxes live? Foxes mostly live in holes in the ground called dens. Foxes also live in caves sometimes. L et us look at the homes of some animals. A bird’s house is called a nest. cobweb nest Spiders spin cobwebs. We make homes for domestic animals. Kennels for dogs and ‘coops’ for hens. kennel coop A Note to Parent Reading with your child is a great way to bond with them. Reading lays the ground for your child’s social and communication skills. Children usually love reading animal stories. Choose from The Panchatantra Tales or Aesop’s Fables for a few simple and popular stories. 56

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