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Think 3) Read the sentences describing things related to weather. Fill in the blanks using the words given in the raindrops. snow wind clouds rainbow Sun a) They can be black or white. b) It has got lots of colours. You can see it sometimes after it rains. c) You can see it in the sky during the day. d) This is frozen water that comes from clouds. 49 e) You can fly a kite where there is a lot of this. Rain… Rain… Rain…

4) Think and answer the following questions. a) Is a raindrop bigger than a waterfall? b) Is a puddle bigger than a stream? c) Is a stream bigger than a river? d) Is a river bigger than a sea? Now write the following sources of water in order of their size, from the smallest to the biggest. One is done for you. raindrop   river   stream   puddle a) b)   streamc) d)   Speak 5) Sit in a circle and talk about rains. Ask each other the following questions. • Do you like rains? Why or why not? • What do you like to do in the rainy season? • Do you like to go out? 50 • What clothes do you wear during the rainy season? • Describe a rainy day.

Read 6) Read aloud these words. puddle play rain drip dark hop straight jolly 7) W rite down the following words on chits of paper. Your teacher will call a student who will pick up a chit and read out the word. The student has to make and share a sentence using that word. fall  run  swim  bounce  leap  travel  jump  jog  drop Write 8) Complete the following poems using the words given in the boxes. Remember to rhyme wherever possible. (3M per question) a) play  away  day Rain, Rain go ! 51 Come again another . Little Johnny wants to . Rain… Rain… Rain…

b) pane  rain  play ? ‘Pitter-patter, pitter-patter’, can you hear the ‘Pitter-patter, pitter-patter’, on the window . ‘Pitter-patter, pitter-patter’, let’s go out to . 9) Given below are some sentences. Write them beside the correct pictures. (1M per question) • Ram is jumping in the puddle. • Children are playing in the rain. • Sabika is carrying an umbrella. • S  ana and Rani are taking their dog for a walk. • Arsh, Geeta and Sumit are floating paper boats in the puddle. a) 52

b) c) d) e) 53 Rain… Rain… Rain…

10) Write down four things that you like to do and four things that you do not like to do. (2M per question) Things I like to do Things I do not like to do Value-based Questions 11) Do you think water is important? Write two reasons why. (2M) Ans. 54

12) Can you think of two ways in which we can save water? (2M) Ans. Activity Collect pictures of different sources of water. Make a collage and write the differences between the different water sources. Share your collage in class. 55 Rain… Rain… Rain…

Unit 3: Rain… Rain… Rain…(Section 2 – pages 116–121) Warm Up When clouds full of water come together and become big and heavy, it starts to rain. Look at the picture of a rainy day and label it with the words given in the box. raindrops umbrella dog flowers children 56

Picture Glossary Word Meaning Meaning Word Meaning fall hide Word hop Listen 1) Listen carefully to your teacher. Fill in the blanks with the words given in the box. fall come hide hop drink a) Big clouds the Sun. 57 b) Raindrops from the sky. c) Rabbits into the holes. Rain… Rain… Rain…

d) Snails and worms out. e) We tea. Think 2) Look at the pictures and unjumble the words. a) RDAINRSOP b) ASNSIL c) MWOSR d) AOSTB e) BRAIBST 58 Speak 3) Y our teacher will divide the class into pairs. Make the sound of a letter to your partner and ask them to write the letter in their notebook. Then, make a list of words starting with the letter that you have written. Share your list with the class.

Read 4) Read aloud these words. would very your around which because why always tell cold 5) Read the following words. Circle the words that are spelt correctly in each pair. a) cloudy clowdy b) umbrela umbrella c) driping dripping d) lightning lighterning e) thender thunder Write 6) Answer the following questions based on the story. (1M per question) a) Who hides the Sun? 59 Rain… Rain… Rain…

b) Where do birds hide? c) Where do rabbits go? d) Which two creatures come out during rains? e) Can you think of two activities that people do on a rainy day? 60

7) Write two rhyming words for the following words. (1M per question) a) rain b) hop c) Sun d) fall e) sit Value-based Question 61 8) Write ‘T’ for true or ‘F’ for false. (2M per question) a) We should not close leaking taps. b) All living things need water to live. c) We can waste water. d) Rain comes from dark clouds filled with water. e) We should throw garbage in lakes and rivers. Rain… Rain… Rain…

Activity Draw a scene of a rainy day. Also draw the things that you would like to do on a rainy day. Show the drawing to your classmates and describe it. 62

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