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Algordanza uk brochure

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Read the Text Version Symbol of Love Your Memorial Diamond

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The Memorial Diamond A symbol of love, closeness and remembrance for your beloved.The diamond burial is the most beautiful and everlasting way to bid farewell to your loved one.Today, increasing mobility and globalization often complicate the regular visits to and the mainte-nance of a grave. Compared to traditional types of burials, the Memorial Diamond is a very person-al monument of mourning, memory and joy.Memorial Diamonds are timeless heirlooms passed down over generations.The ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond is solely made from the carbon of the beloved person’s cre-mated remains. Every diamond is a unicum that reflects the uniqueness of the deceased person.The ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond is a wonderful and timeless connection to a beloved person. your personal place of mourning, remembrance and joy. an everlasting heirloom over generations. unique and individual.

Our Promise to youOur ValuesYou entrust us something incredibly valuable. In all we do we keep the reminiscence of a belovedperson at the center of our full attention. We work with the utmost piety and caution, in order to satisfythe trust and encouragement placed in us by family members all over the world.Our CautionUpon reception of your order a unique reference number is generated, which allows us to supervisethe entire process from ashes reception, to the isolation of the carbon, to the finished diamond. Addi-tionally it helps us to guarantee discretion throughout the process. The ALGORDANZA diamond burialis ISO-certified and attested by a Swiss notary public.Our true Memorial DiamondsThe ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond is solely made from the carbon isolated from the remains ofyour beloved one handed over to us. After manufacturing the diamond according to your wisheseach gemstone is controlled and the ALGORDANZA authenticity certificate is issued. The diamond - the noblest of all gemstones - consists exclusively of carbon, ar- ranged in a strong crystal grating. This arrangement of the carbon makes the dia- mond the hardest known material and a bewitching and fascinating jewel.

About ALGORDANZAALGORDANZA is the Rhaeto-Romanic - a historic Swiss language - word for ‘remembrance’. For overa decade we have been creating the Memorial Diamonds in our own laboratory in Domat/Ems,Switzerland.We are dedicated to give infinite continuance to the remembrance of a beloved person. The highlycomplex creation process of a Memorial diamond is the outcome of our efforts to create somethingimperishable and equally personal.The idea to isolate carbon from human cremation ashes and create from this carbon source a Me-morial Diamond arose in 2003. The following year was filled with investigations on acceptance andtechnical feasibility. Since 2004 ALGORDANZA is a solid and steadily growing company, representedin over 33 countries today.Our company is member of the Swiss Association of Funeral Services and commits voluntarily to thestandards and ethics of the Swiss, German and Austrian funeral homes. ‘The Memorial Diamond is a very unique way to say farewell to a beloved person. With the utmost caution, respect and discretion we allow you a new, charming way of remembrance.’ Rinaldo Willy, Founder

Your personal Memorial Diamond Weight Ø 0.25 ct 4.1 mmThe ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond reflects the uniqueness 0.30 ct 4.3 mmof the deceased. Your Memorial Diamond is manufactured indi- 0.40 ct 4.7 mmvidually upon your request. 0.50 ct 5.1 mm 0.60 ct 5.4 mmSize 0.70 ct 5.7 mmSize and costs depend on the weight of the Memorial Diamond. 0.80 ct 5.9 mmThe weight of the diamond is measured in carat. Choose your 0.90 ct 6.2 mmpreferred size with the size chart. 1.00 ct 6.4 mmFamily Diamonds Family DiamondsThe ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamonds are available as family 4 x 0.15 ctdiamonds too. From the ashes of your loved one, we are able to 3 x 0.20 ctcreate more than just one diamond. Thus, multiple family mem-bers can have their beloved person with them.ColourThe ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond shines in exceptional,different shades of blue. Each diamond glints in its own, uniqueblueish colour and is the manifestation of its uniqueness. Thecolour depends on the element boron contained within thediamond. The more boron embedded in the crystal grating ofthe diamond, the darker the blueish shade.

CutThe cutting of a diamond is a craft, since only the exact proportions of the diamond are able tounleash the exceptional sparkling. We entrust your personal Memorial Daimond only to sophisticat-ed experts to cut it by hand. Choose your preferred cut or decide for a rough diamond - as thediamond uniquely formed itself.Laser InscriptionEach ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond is inscribed with theALGORDANZA signet and its unique reference number. Addi-tionally, a personal inscription may be engraved at a premi-um. The length of the message depends on the cut and thesize of the Memorial Diamond (25 - 50 characters).Diamond CasketYour personal Memorial Diamond comes in a noble diamondcasket. Upon request the casket can be printed individually.

Your Personal Precaution You want to arrange your diamond burial in your lifetime? You want to be kept as an imperishable, affectionate memory by your family? You want to unburden your bereaved? You want to give your family something exceptional to remember you?Become entitled to have one or more Memorial Diamonds made for your beneficiaries after yourpassing.VG 50At contract conclusion, you complete a down payment of 50 percent of the total amount. Uponyour passing, we produce the diamond(s) according to your determined wishes as per the conclud-ed contract. Your beneficiaries will be asked to pay the outstanding instalment prior to the receptionof their finalized personal Memorial Diamond(s).VG 100At contract conclusion, you pay the total amount on the trustee-administrated guarantee account.The price complies with the valid rates at contract conclusion. Upon your passing, we produce thediamond(s) accordint to your determined wishes as per concluded contract. The beneficiaries willreceive the Memorial Diamond(s) without any further payment.

How to order your Personal ALGORDANZA Memorial DiamondFor many years we work successfully with numerous funeral homes and partners worldwide. We arepleased to recommend an institute or partner nearby. Our partners are competent, caring andpleased to consult you on your order. If there is no institute or partner nearby our team in Switzerlandwill be at your disposal.Ashes disposalThe cremation of an adult amounts to an average of 2.5 kg of remains. To produce a Memorial Di-amond, we do not require the entire amount of ashes. We require a minimum of 500 g of crematedremains in order to create one or more Memorial Diamonds.You can choose among three options: Transformation of the entire amount of ashes If no additional burial is desired, we keep the ashes in the process until only the amount of carbon we need remains. Transformation of part of the ashes (>500 g) Either you send us only the required 500 g of ashes or we return part of the ashes that is not required back to you. This depends on the laws of each country. Handing over the remains not used in Switzerland The remains not required can be personally picked up along with the finished Memorial Dia- mond(s) in Switzerland.

The Creation Process of a Memorial DiamondNatural diamonds grow over thousands of years deep in the bowels of the earth, where high pres-sure and high temperature prevail. For the creation of a Memorial Diamond we have to simulate thenatural environment. With our own HPHT-machines (high-pressure-high-temperature) we are able todo so. Ashes reception Upon reception of the urn or ashes, it is marked with their unique number of the order. This reference number is generated upon reception of the order and ena- bles us to thoroughly document the entire process. Carbon - The Element of Life The human body consists of 20% carbon - the element of life. During cremation, the majority escapes as carbon dioxide. In the ashes remain between 1 and 5% carbon. In the first step we isolate this carbon. The Isolation of Carbon By means of a special chemical process the remaining carbon within the ashes is dissolved from all other compounds. The ashes is processed with different solu- tions, until all minerals are dissolved and as pure carbon as possible remains. The Growing Cell The isolated carbon is the foundation for the diamond growth and is inserted into a special growing cell. The growing cell will be carefully placed into our HPHT-ma- chines and will enable the growth of the diamond.

The Diamond GrowthTo initialise the growth process a small starting crystal is embedded in the bottomof the growing cell. Under the pressure of 16 tons and with a temperature of 1’400°C the Memorial Diamond grows around this starting crystal.The growth process depends on the desired size of the Memorial Diamond. Thebigger the diamond, the longer the growing cell remains in the process.Afterwards the rough diamond is carefully obtained from the growing cell. Thestarter crystal, that has initiated the growth process, has dissolved.Cut & PolishThe obtained rough diamond is hand-cut by experienced experts according toyour wishes. If you have decided to have a rough diamond, only the facets of thediamond are polished. Thus, the diamond can sparkle just as the cut diamondsdo too.Laser InscriptionThe ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond is engraved with itsunique reference number. Additionally, upon request an indi-vidual inscription is lasered onto its girdle. The inscription is onlylegible under a microscope.CertificateEach Memorial Diamond is subjected to a thorough quality check and describedin the ALGORDANZA certificate. With this certificate we guarantee the diamond’sauthenticity, weight, cut and colour, as well as the origin of the entire carbonsource for the creation of the diamond from the delivered cremation ashes.

Frequently Asked QuestionsIs the ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond a genuine diamond?Yes, the ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond shows the same physical, chemical and optical propertiesas a natural diamond. In our laboratory in Switzerland we recreate the natural formation conditions.Does the weight (size) of the diamond depend on the amount of used remains?No, the size and weight of the diamond depends on the duration of the growth process. The longer thediamond remains in the growing phase, the bigger it gets.How much ashes is needed for the process?On average, the cremation of an adult human being generates 2.5 kg of ashes. We need at least 500g of these ashes for synthesis.What happens to the rest of the ashes?The rest of the ashes, not used in the process, will be either returned or handed over in Switzerland. Ifno additional burial site is desired, the remains are left in the process as long as it takes to transform theentire ashes.Is there carbon remaining in the ashes after cremation?During cremation, the majority of carbon escapes as carbon dioxide. Inside the cremation ashes re-mains a carbon concentration of 1-5%. We are able to extract the carbon from the cremation ashes.This carbon will be the basis for the following diamond synthesis.What does ALGORDANZA guarantee with the certificate?With our certificate, we guarantee the authenticity, weight, cut and colour of the diamond as well asthe origin of the diamond from the cremation ashes given to us.Can I have more than one diamond from the same ashes?Yes, we are able to create more than one diamond from cremation ashes of an adult. We can specifythe number of possible diamonds after detailed analyses of the ashes in our laboratory.Are there laws indicating that a memorial diamond has to be interred?No, there are no legal bases indicating a necessity to inter the memorial diamond. The process-relatedtransformation of ashes does not leave behind remains that are obliged to be interred. Additionally, thecreation process of a memorial diamond is liable to Swiss law.How long does it take until I can hold my diamond in my hands?The synthesis takes about 5-8 months beginning from the date of reception of the remains and the re-ceipt of the prepayment. Nevertheless, the synthesis of a diamond is a highly complex process. In somecases, it can take more time. We assure you that quality and precision are our first priority.Why do the diamonds have different blueish shades?The colourisation depends on the element boron within the diamond. The more boron is bound tothe carbon grid the more intense is blue coloration. We do not affect the colour of the diamond. Theunique blueish colourisation emphasizes the uniqueness of your personal Memorial Diamond.Is it possible to synthesize a diamond even if the person has died and been cremated a while ago?Yes, the age of the ashes is not relevant for the synthesis.

Order Formfor Algordanza Memorial Diamond(s)Client: Deceased:Name: Name:Surname: Surname:Address: Born on ( Deceased on ( No.: Relationship of client to deceased:E-Mail:Diamond delivered to: Specification Memorial Diamond:Client‘s Address Funeral home Size: ct Amount:will be picked up in Switzerland Cut:Disposal of Ashes Inscription (extra charge, 25 - 50 characters)Transformation of whole ashesTransformation of 500g ashes, rest of the remains sentback to Funeral Home or Clienthanding over the remains in SwitzerlandAshes Request to Funeral Home (if necessary): Diamond Box:Funeral Home/Crematory: Individual inscription on Diamond Box (extra charge) Text 1 Max Mustermann 01.01.1950 - 01.01.2000Address: Max MustermannPostcode: 01.01.1950 - 01.01.2000Country:Phone No.: Text 2Fax No.: Layout Box Topview Text 1: Text 2:Remarks Date/Place: Signature:Alternative Endings 64 Eastern Quay Royal victoria dock 0800 0646683 [email protected]

Order Formfor Algordanza Memorial Diamond(s)Client: Deceased:Name: Name:Surname: Surname:Address: Born on ( Deceased on ( No.: Relationship of client to deceased:E-Mail:Price: VG 100 VG 50 Specification Memorial Diamond:Net Total :VAT: Size: ct Amount:Total: Cut: Inscription (extra charge, 25 - 50 characters)Diamond delivered to:Client‘s Address Funeral homewill be picked up in SwitzerlandDisposal of AshesTransformation of whole ashes Diamond Box:Transformation of 500g ashes, rest of the remains sent Individual inscription on Diamond Box (extra charge)back to Funeral Home or Client Text 1 Max Mustermannhanding over the remains in Switzerland 01.01.1950 - 01.01.2000 Max Mustermann 01.01 Text 2 Layout Box Topview Text 1: Text 2:Remarks Date/Place:Alternative Endings 64 Eastern Quay Royal victoria dock 0800 0646683 [email protected]

ALTERNATIVE ENDINGS64 Eastern QuayRoyal Victoria DockLondon E16 1AXPhone: 0800 [email protected]Office hours: 9.00 - 18.00Mon - Fri We're happy to welcome your at our Swiss headquarters. Please call us in advance toschedule an appointment.ALGORDANZA InternationalAndorra El Salvador PortugalAustria Finland RomaniaBrazil Germany SingaporeBelarus Guatemala SloveniaCanada Hong Kong SpainChina Hungary South AfricaColombia Indonesia SwitzerlandCroatia Italy ThailandCzechoslovakia Japan UKEcuador Mexico USA

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