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Feb 2021 Messenger

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Mesa Regal Messenger February 2021 4700 E Main St. Mesa, AZ 85205 I Activities Office: 480.981.5118 I Guest Services: 480.830.2821 4��� CALl(�AM MESA REGAL RESORTS

Mesa Regal Messenger 4700 E. Main St, Mesa, AZ 85205 What’s Inside: From Manager & AD Pg. 3-4 Daily Event Schedule Pg. 5-6 Clubs & Classes Pg. 4- 6 Pg. 6- 7 Activities Schedule Pg. 7 Sports Fitness Schedules Pg. 8-9 Upcoming Events Pg. 8-24 Lifestyle University Pg.12 - 3 ocal Businesses Pg. 36-50 O ce Hours All Offices are currently *No-Contact* Please contact us via phone/email Activities M-F 8a-4p | 480.981.5118 | [email protected] Sat 9- 2p Box O ce Purchase tickets online @ Guest Services M-F 8a-3p & S-S 9a-3p | Lunch 12-12:30 Post O ce 480.830.2821 [email protected] DArovpailBaobxlees M-F 8a-1p | Sat 8a-12p Sales O ce M-F 8a-4p | 480.830.8675 | [email protected] Courtesy Patrol Available 24/7 | 602.980.7375 [email protected] Police: 480.644.2211 (Non-Emergency) Welcome Back & Hello to Our New Residents! DISCLAIMER: The Mesa Regal Messenger is published by the Activities Office at Mesa Regal RV Resort, 4700 E. Main, Mesa, AZ 85205, 480-981-5118. The Activities Office reserves the right to accept, deny and/or edit all submissions for publication. Mesa Regal, Cal-Am Properties, its employees, affiliates and assigns do not endorse the paid advertising in this publication. 2

From The Manager’s Desk . Aww It’s that special time of year again Valentine’s Day! Make sure you surprise your loved ones with a special gesture of love and appreciation. The times we are living today merits a greater need to express to family and friends how much we love them every day. We wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day. et us continue to scatter kindness throughout our daily journey in life. We look forward to our annual Murder Mystery. This year we are limited to the number of guests however the excitement is contagious! We’ll have two nights of lots of fun with an outstanding cast, great food and drinks. See you there! A special thank you to our activities staff for their continued efforts in providing a fun calendar of events for the remainder of the season as well as our appreciation for housekeeping and maintenance for their daily diligence in their assigned duties for a safer environment for all to enjoy. We ask that you continue to help us by using hand saniti er located in each classroom. Also, thank you for wearing a face mask while using the facilities and, keeping 6’ social distance. Our maintenance staff continues with tree trimming and removal of diseased trees and stumps. To effectively utili e crew’s time, their directive is to remove trees or stumps while trimming on same block. We thank you for your patience and understanding as they move forward in completing this project along with the many tasks they encounter daily. our continued support and encouragement is very much appreciated. Thank you for your contribution in making Mesa Regal a wonderful community. Stay safe! Fondly, loria Manuel Salgado Working Together Today for Tomorrow’s ifestyle From The Manager’s Desk . anuary has been so nice with warm weather and seeing some of our friends and family. The fun is not slowing down anytime soon. We’ve had some fantastic entertainment, and fun days so far. Music on the atio Monday through Friday 3-5pm and Saturday and Sunday 2-4pm. At the West End you can enjoy music Saturday and Sunday 3-5pm. We welcome our new February uests, who we’ll be calling family soon. The cactus grill has daily specials and on Thursdays join us for a specialty dinner of Steak or Ribs. Feb 7 Super bowl Sunday, The actus rill will be serving up some fun for you, along with Food and Drink Specials. We have an evening dance on the patio Jodi Bee Feb 2. for Valentine’s on the patio with the famous oe Borne 6-8pm, Mesa Regal please secure your complimentary ticket. The month will continue with a Activities Director olf art arade Feb 6 at 2:30pm for Mardi ras ending back at the patio for Duane Moore. ri es for best dress and best decorated cart. et’s not forget our furry friends, celebrate National Dog Biscuit day and st Annual Mesa Regal Dog Show with us, Feb 23 see messenger for more details. 3

Hello Mesa Regal!!!! We from the sales team would like to express our appreciation for all your continued support and referrals! Keep them coming! As you know we have just started our friends and family referral Fly and Buy program, refer a friend that have NEVER been to Mesa Regal to come out and stay for 4 nights and 5 days for only $99. They must attend a presentation and this must be their first time here to be eligible, but then if they do purchase a NEW home from our sales team, they receive $2000. Back on their travel expenses and you receive a $2500 referral credit! WOW That’s all I can say! Have them go to to enter. Scott and I would also like to thank all those - who have continued to support us in our brokered home sales. We are here to help! Shelly Biele: 480-262-7249/ [email protected] ( NEW Home Sales) or Scott Harvey: 480-493-9464/ [email protected] ( BROKERED Home Sales) COVID-19 Update As you know, this has been a di cult time for all of us. We have made some changes due to COVID-19, but our goal is to continue to provide and serve our residents with as many events, amenities, & activities as we can! We have been working hard and considering many options as we continue the season; with number one being the safety of our residents, guests & sta . Lastly, In our planning we are trying to avoid as many changes as possible, but they may happen. We ask that you have patience and know we will do our best! Please take the time to ensure your information on your reservation and ticket account is updated in case we need to contact you. We can’t wait to see you out and about! Please Remember... 4 Masks & Name Badges are REQUIRED while using any of our facilities or attending activities or events. We Thank You in Advance for Your Compliance!

Daily Schedule NEW NEW *Complimentary Ticket Required, Limited Class Size 5

Daily Schedule (cont.) NEW *Complimentary Ticket Required, Limited Class Size 6

FEBRUARY 2021 SUN MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 31 1 2 No Bingo today 3 4 9am 5 No Country Store 6 2:30—4:30 Coffee time in Regal 2-4p, Patio NO Football Pop Half Bar 2:30-4:30p Hall New Image 12p Outdoor Trivia David Only up Music Sammy Cee Band Half Bar near the post office 3-5p West End 2-4pm, Patio 4pm Social Patio Boomer Fashions 9am– 2:30p signup 11:30a Eric Morrow Watching weather Ticket only possible addon 5pm Patio MMD 4pm Social Patio 3-5pm Patio 3-5pm Patio 3-6pm Patio 13 music Dinner Show Ticket only The Breeze Award winners 2-4p, Patio 3-5p West End 8 5pm Patio MMD Soul Impressions The Tecca’s Van Braham Dinner Show 10 5p Specialty Steak Midnight Moon 3-5pm Patio 12 9-12p PL 3-5p, West End Sammy Cee Band 9 at the grill Country Store Southern Drawl 7 Superbowl 12p Outdoor Bingo 7p Regal 2-4 pm Patio Party at the Grill near the post office Music Squares Eric Morrow Online Chapel signup 11:30a (details in article) 11 9am Coffee 3-5pm Patio 3p West End Pool Sam and the Band SPECIAL EVENT SPECIAL EVENT Southern Drawl 3-7pm Patio 6-8p Patio See 4pm & 7pm flyer Regal Hall Action Kenny Hess Joe Bourne 3-5pm Patio Complimentary Comeback Buddy 5p Specialty Ribs Ticket required at the grill 7p Regal Music Squares 14 VALENTINES 15 Presidents’ day 16 Fat Tuesday 17 National 18 9am Coffee 19 20 Love your Online Chapel 3-5pm Patio 12p Outdoor Bingo “Do and act of CSoPfEfeCeIAtiLmEeVinENRTegal No Country Store pet day 2-4 Patio Sam & the Kristy Dee Solo Kindness day” Band SPECIAL EVENT 3-5pm Patio 12p Outdoor Trivia 2-4p, Patio 22 3p West End Pool Mardi Gras Golf cart 3-5pm Patio Harry Mathews near the post office David Only Midnight Moon 3-5pm Patio Parkling lot line up signup 11:30a Sammy Cee Band 2pm—contests See DJ & Midnight Sun *5-7 Tiana line... 4 & 7pm 3-5p, West End Regal Romcom flyer 5p Specialty Steak 3-5pm Patio Eric Morrow Desert Coyotes 21 3-5pm Patio at the grill Online Chapel 7p Regal Duane Moore Music Squares 2-4p Patio Van Branham 23 “ National Dog 24 25 9am Coffee 26 27 Biscuit Day “ 9-12p Parking Lot 2-4p, Patio 3p West End Pool SPECIAL EVENT Country Store The Breeze Eric Reitan NO Outdoor Bingo 3-7pm Patio Caution SPECIAL EVENT 3-5pm Patio Crazy Hat Party 3-5p, West End Silhouette Southern Drawl Dress up Dog show 5p Specialty Ribs See flyer 12pm at the grill Main Parking Lot 4 & 7pm Regal 3-5pm Patio 7p Regal Comedy Weezul Brothers Music Squares 28 1 Cactus Grill Special Complimentary 9am Thursday Recycle Guest Services Room request in Coffee time in Online Chapel Regal Hall Limit Keep an eye Ticket required for: Hall 480-830-2821 50 for onetime Activities 2-4p Patio events only. All out for pop up Aqua Cycle, Taquata, 12pm or before E/O Tues. Sam & the Band others email us surprises at Barre, Kickboxing, the Coffee Blog Feb 15 to Feb 22 Functional Fitness, will go out Trash is every 480-981-5118 3p West End Pool Midnight Moon [email protected] the pool and and Core Balance , Cactus Grill Friday Courtesy Patrol patio from Line Dancing, and 4 & 7pm Regal 3-5pm Patio Management Zumba Open 7day a wk 602—980-7375 Drama Get online: Sammy Cee Band and Activities * Feb 18 Tiana line dancing, no ticket required, just 2hrs of fun, join in or watch!

LETS GET PHYSICAL TODAY Aqua Cycle: This Zero impact cardio class uses specially designed aqua bikes to work the total body in the pool. Please remember to bring water shoes, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses to this cardio class. Taquata: This class takes Tabata or interval training to the pool with water weights, tetra noodles and your own body weight. Another zero impact workout to get the body moving and hear rate pumping. Your whole body will feel this high intensity water aerobics class. No shoes necessary but bring a water, hat and sunblock. Kickboxing: In our classes, exercises are largely adapted from boxing drills and cardio kickboxing elements. Boxers condition for optimal agility, speed, muscular endurance, accuracy, hand-eye coordination, footwork and overall strength to stay in peak performance. Exercises vary in purpose and form but share some common traits: they are rigorous and intended to ex­ tend the functionality of ones body in everyday life. If you have any questions please contact Laura Davis at [email protected] Classes are FREE this season! FITNESS SCHEDULE Class size is limited because of social distancing, Get your tickets at Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri 8am-9 Canton Vista Towergoint Canton Vista Towergoint Towergoint Aqua Cycle 8:00 Aqua Cycle 8:00 Aqua Cycle 8:00 Taquata 8:00 Aqua Cycle 8:00 Agache Wells Val Vista Villages Aqua Cycle 8:45 Kickboxing 8:45 9a-m10 Mesa Regal Sun Life Val Vista Villages Mesa Regal Agache Wells Taquata 9:00 Taquata 9:00 Barre 9:15 Taquata 9:00 Taquata 9:00 Val Vista Villages Canton Vista Towergoint Val Vista Villages Yoga 9:00 Taquata 9:15 Yoga 9:00 Yoga 9:00 Towergoint Canton Vista Barre 9:15 Taquata 9:15 10a-m11 Towergoint Montesa Valle Del Oro Valle Del Oro Canton Vista Yoga 10:15 Aqua Cycle 10:15 Taquata 10:15 Taquata 10:00 Valle Del Oro Aqua Cycle 10:15 Valle Del Oro Taquata 10:15 Mesa Regal Montesa Aqua Cycle 10:15 Barre 10:15 Agache Wells Aqua Cycle 10:15 Val Vista Villages Val Vista Village Taquata 10:15 Aqua Cycle 10:15 Taquata 10:15 Val Vista Village Taquata 10:15 11a-m12 Mesa Regal Agache Wells Agache Wells Sun Life Towergoint p1m-2 Aqua Cycle 11:45 Aqua Cycle 11:45 Yoga 11:15 Taquata 11:15 Barre 11:15 Val Vista Villages Sun Life Canton Vista Valle Del Oro Barre 11:15 Agache Wells Barre 11:30 Barre 11:30 Aqua Cycle 11:45 Yoga 11:15 Towergoint Good Life Mesa Regal Mesa Regal Mesa Regal Taquata 11:15 Aqua Cycle 11:45 Kickboxing 1:00 Kickboxing 12:00 Aqua cycle 11:45 Good Life Sun Life Aqua Cycle 1:15 Val Vista Villages Aqua Cycle 1:15 Spin 11:30 Towergoint Kickboxing 1:15 Mesa Regal Mesa Regal Kickboxing 1:00 Barre 12:15 Val Vista Village Good Life Aqua Cycle 1:15 Aqua Cycle 1:15


Family History - Family Search lass ome and learn how to do Family History online research using the Free Family Search computer software. It s an exciting way to grow your tree. In addition to the teacher a skilled volunteer assistant helps with each class for a more one on one experience. Due to ovid restrictions, the class si e will be open to only 6 students for each of the two class times. Mask and social distancing will be re uired! We are also able to offer online oom during the classes too! We will also teach you how to upload and preserve photos, audios, and stories into your family tree. This is my 4th year teaching this class at Mesa Regal! We always have a lot of fun expanding your family tree together!! There is NO cost for this class or omputer lub fee this year!!! 2 lasses are available each Wednesday 0- 2 and 2-2. To sign up for the classes please contact Terri Dinwiddie at [email protected] or call 402-650-0300 10

Check Out Our New Webpage! All the info you need in one place! 11

Lifestyle University Be on the \"look out\" for LIFESTYLE UNIVERSITY VIRTUAL CLASSES via your resort's email communications! Cooking Demonstrations Divine Desserts Gardening in Smart Phone How-To's Small Spaces View our wonderful and talent­ Join Cal-Am resident Videos made especially for T hese classes are led by our ed Catering Team! Join Chefs home-chef, Robyn Harrington those living in small spaces. technology expert, George Poirier. Keith, Bennie, Leticia & this season. Robyn will be Whether you already have the Learn the ins & outs of your Anthony as they prepare some demonstrating Keto-friendly of your favorites from our \"green thumb\" or hope to find Iphone & Android, the scoop on Cal-Am Cookbooks (published recipes, Holiday sweets and one - we've got some fun and the new IOS 74, what to do with over the summer) and are homemade pastas you just interesting gardening ideas for IMessage and all your Smart might want to try for yourself! you to try while staying here in Watch can do to keep you showcasing some recipes of Arizona! healthier. George will keep us their own. all on the \"cutting edge\" of technology! Mix, Pour & Sip Be Sun Safe in Arizona DIV Projects Conversational Spanish for Beginners Local mixologist and somme­ Join Allison Beavers, Do It Yourself classes with Do you have plans of traveling lier, Jessica Fleming, shares MD Anderson Clinical Services our Director of Decor, Diana to a Latin country in your future? her expertise with us for 2027. Mclaws! She will be demon­ If so, brush up on your Espanol Join her for informative wine Senior Manager as she strating easy-to-do projects with easy & informative videos classes and cocktail making this presents how to be sun smart and crafts for your home, covering; Spanish vocabulary & while enjoying the beautiful phrases, Spanish \"Small Talk\", season--Cheers! Arizona climate. T his is an RV and other \"small spaces\". how to order drinks & food at Floor Stenciling, Seasonal restaurants, how to make a hotel educational video brought to Decor, Sewing projects and reservation & speak with the us by the T.W. Lewis Melanoma hotels staff! much more! Center of Excellence at MD Healthy Living Anderson Cancer Center in Gilbert, AZ. Beauty Classes Educational Lecture Series It's All Fun & Games Join our Cal-Am Salons team! Taught by local historian Ken Be on the lookout for \"how to\" Virtual classes, programs & Sorenson. Join Ken for many videos on some of those games workshops are coming your way You will learn easy-to-do hair­ of his lecture topics from World you've wanted to play but were this season from our friends at styling techniques, how to best History, US History, World Wars, a little hesitant to learn; Euchre, Dignity Health and Natural use hair products for specific Space Race, Literature, and Art. Mahjong, Chess, Texas Hold'em, Grocers! From workshops on Diabetes Education and types of hair, and natural Backgammon and others. beauty lotions, scrubs & lip Healthier Living, a Keto Reset program to seminars on Immune balms you can make at home! health, heart health and improving muscle won't want to miss out on these opportunities for self improvement & empowerment for the new yearl 12

Clubs & Classes Mesa Regal Technology Users Group (TUG for short) The TUG (formerly known as the Mesa Regal Computer Club) is still alive and kicking. We will be in operation at Mesa Regal starting in Jan. However, like many things, we will look a bit di erent in 2021. 1. We have in person meetings every Thur at 10:00 am in Royal Hall. COVID guidelines enforced. Guest speakers will be person or online presentation (projected on the large screen). These meetings will also be streamed via such services as ZOOM, Facebook or YouTube so you can watch/participate from your own home. 2. Computer room monitors were very well received and able to assist with minor computer related issues. Unfortunately, we are NOT able to provide them this spring. We’re exploring ways to provide support w/o requiring direct contact. 3. We have one class lined up for January (Family Search) - More info to come! 4. Previosly, we required registration & payment of only $10 in dues. For this year only, we will be o ering “membership”without having to register or pay dues. We hope to keep you engaged in all things The book club will meet February 2 at 11 AM in the lounge. The title of the book we are reading is Zipper Sand Art eramics Room Comfreiemndesetwthhielemcorenaittionrgs asonmd metahkinegnew beautiful. BriAnlgl Psucirspsoosres,Gqluuielti(nogr Aplienesnaen'sdTEalcmkeyr's Glue). Classes are free. Kits available for purchase. Classes are on Tue, 2:30pm through Mar 30th Mesa Regal Street Reps Mesa Regal has always had an active Street Rep committee. This year we are unable to have large meetings so the Street Reps Board has decided to forgo the monthly meetings. We still are committed to listening to your concerns and will work to resolve any issues that you bring forth. Those concerns can be emailed to me at: [email protected] or drop o a note to me at #1186. I will do my best to respond in a timely manner. Next year I expect that we will resume the monthly meetings. Have a safe and 14

Clubs & Classes The GPS User Group meets every Thursday morning in the Lounge,from 9 A.M. to 10 A.M. or after Co ee & Donuts. Bring us your hand held GPS and we may be able to update it for free. This user group is a no charge activity. The Mesa Regal hristian Women s Pilates exercises bene t your body by helping to uncheons have been canceled for improve your posture, focus on bodily alignment, Feb. and March of 202 . We are sad and strengthen your core abdominals. We will be using a variety of tapes from di erent Pilates not to be able to put on these instructors every Monday and Wednesday at 8 a.m. luncheons but because of the large in Royal Hall. Class will be limited to the rst 20 people as we will be social distancing. You will numbers of cases of ovid in need to bring your own yoga mat and wear a mask. Maricopa ounty and the Pilates w/ restrictions in place, we have Friends decided not to have the luncheons for this year. We plan to start up again in December with our first meeting and look forward to seeing everyone then! We pray for continued safety and health for all of you in 202 !! MR Jewish The Mesa Regal Jewish Social Group meets on the last Saturday of every Social month in the Lounge from 5:P.M. to 9 P.M. During the season, we may Group plan an outing to a Jewish style restaurant etc. ALL FAITHS ARE WELCOME. This is a no charge activity. More info: Lois and Gene Scha ner | [email protected] | 847-677-8048 We meet on the rst and third MR Photography Club Saturday mornings of the month at 10:00 A.M. We do not have a membership fee. This is a no-charge activity. Here is our schedule for Dec. Please understand that we must be exible as di erent situations may occur for the need to change plans. Sat, Feb 6th: Computer Training Lab, photo showing Sat, Feb 20th: Meet in Multipurpose Room, photo outing Tempe Town ake 15

Clubs & Classes (cont.) Apple User Group Tuesdays 9:30 - Please wear your masks and social distance Learn how to 11:30 in Royal get maximum use of your iphone or ipad. No sign-up required | Shuffleboard Bowling A group of volunteers has come forward and prepared the Bowling has started at Bowlero Shuffleboard courts for use. There will be organi ed play on Lanes, 1754 West Southern Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 9:00am. Beginners Ave., Mesa, AZ The alley is are welcome to join in as well. The shuffleboard courts are located between Alma School located next to the tennis courts. and Dobson on Southern Ave. layers are reminded to bring a few nickels since match losers in Mesa. are asked to give their winning opponent a nickel. Masks will be Bowling starts at 1:00 PM. Practice starts at 12:45. Early re uired to play and at this time there is no saniti er or wipes arrival is suggested. Always available at the courts so feel free to bring some along. looking for new bowlers and If you have any uestions feel free to contact im Hadley at subs. 406-868-9204 or Eric Hodnett at 54 -840-2025. To sign-up or for any questions Play Schedule: Rolle Bolle Mon 9AM | Tue 6PM Thur 10AM | Sat 9AM Meet at the Rolle Bolle Courts 15 minutes before the game starts Dan Robinson 502-667-2258 Ping Royal Hall: Sun 4-6p | Tue & Thur 6-8p Pong All Welcome: Beginners - Recreational - Advanced FREE Lessons 1st Hour of Play All Equipment Provided: Balls, Paddles, & Tables Meet at the Rolle Bolle Courts 15 minutes before the game starts 16

Sports Hello Bocce Club Members. The COVID-19 situation is really throwing a monkey wrench into our bocce ball season. Darlene and Terry are not able to return for Bocce this season. As you know, Club they did our scheduling and statistics. Sara and I are not sure we will be able to make it down to Mesa this year. The best I can say is The Mesa Regal Softball Committee would like it will be at least another month before we have to explore the opportunity for Mesa Regal Men organized bocce, if at all. The Bocce Executive Board and Women to play organized Softball next fall hopes that you are all doing well and staying healthy. If you would like and winter If you are interested please contact: KERRY > At this time open play is available at your own risk. Remember to MR Pickle social distance adn where a face mask. Hand sanitizer will be made available by the club. > If you’re playing, please register as a member. Membership is free It Ball Club helps determine the numbers of players, what programs are needed and how to receive the weekly newsletter and invite of special play otinmtehse(it.ea.b3le.0ocnhtahlleenPgaleo, lVaedrddeerds,eectkc.o) rRoegnilsitnreataiot nmfroprimckslecbanallbcelufbo.uconmd . > As things change information will be sent via our weekly newsletter, posted on the bulletin board behind the Palo Verde building, the website (, and our Facebook page at: Mesa Regal Pickleball Friends and Players We look forward to seeing you on the courts! Shelly Athmann | President, Mesa Regal Pickleball Club MESA RE A TENNIS B: O RTS ARE O EN OME OIN THE F N The tennis courts are open for social and recreational play. MR residents are invited to join the MRT and play recreational league matches with teammates for some good, healthy fun. layers at all skill levels are welcome to join the club. Remember social distancing and to wear your mask. Mesa Regal New to Tennis Interested in a Tennis Club Skills Tune- p’ ontact Hal ohen at (9 6) 704-4478 for details. ontact MRT Membership hairperson, Sue oggerst, at 835 or (2 7) 4 5- 28 for additional information. Golf League sign-ups are now open for the season at Royal Palms G.C. Sign-ups will now be done through Text to Mark Kellogg @ 253-820-4591 or email to [email protected] For the most up to date t-times available, text me and I'll respond as soon as I'm able to. Thanks to all of the MR golfers for your understanding. Thursay Golf at August Ranch Individuals, couples a Team 18 holes - Executive Course Contact: David Radmacher Ellsworth & Lansing (l/4 mile S of Baseline) at Unit 1311, (701) 261-5129 17Thurs Morning - Tee Times start at 8:15 am

Whatch the blog The Kansas ity hiefs will face off against The Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Superbowl 55, where the Buccaneers have a home field advantage. 19

IILIIVIIE: MUIIIC L�@ 1Uf/; I 1<.,rH4'); ON IIIHIIIIE: PAIIIO� Doors @ 8:30am, Please Do Not Arrive Early MAIN PATIO > You will be provided a cup, we are not able to serve into MON-FRI: 3-SP & SAT: 2-4P outside cups > The hall is limited to 50 people, but will have sound WEST END PATIO outside if we fill up SAT & SUN: 3-SP > Mask & social distancing is required > Please only sit with people in your household & follow CHECK THE MESA REGAL the instructions of staff & volunteers BLOG OR MESSENGER FOR MORE INFO If you just want to grab a donut & coffee feel free to still comeby! We will also post on Face Masks & Name Badge Required Facebook & share in the blog if you'd prefer to stay home. MUSIC SQUARES GAMES I FUN I PRIZES UDNUATIBL SYOQUUAWRIENSI +lST SUN: ACTION +2ND SUN: WESTERN BLACKOUT DATES: +.3RD SUN: COMEDY NOV 26, DEC 24 6 31, FEB 11, MAR 18 +laTH SUN: DRAMA FACE MASKS 6 NAME BADGES REQUIRED +5TH SUN: NEW @ RED BOX

Mardi ras olf art arade line up in Main arking ot 2pm ri es for Best Dressed - ou and/or your art on the patio at 3pm Come join in on the Thursday Fun, Dance, Laugh and Stay for Dinner

National Dog Biscuit Day, Feel free to dress up your pup for our 1st Annual Dog Show Dog iscuit for each entry from a es Come join in on the Thursday Fun, Dance, Laugh and Stay for Dinner

PNleoatese: Masks, Social Distancing and Name Badges wi be required while using any Mesa Regal facilities and a ending events or activities. 24


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ompany Jesse Keenan, US Marine Corps Veteran 480-616-3636 7 SERVICE CALL UP TO WITH REPAIR OFF TUNE-UP FREE COIL NEW UNITS WASH , , PRS Must Present This Ad• Not ValidWith Anv Other Offers 43

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QUICK AND TIMELY MOBILE RV SERVICE MlMflllllIVIIMIISllf//tllit We'llcome toyou wuh 28 years experience *AJC * PLUMBING *WATER *SLIDE OUTS *WATER DAMAGE EXTENDED WARRANTY ACCEP I Do You Suffer From Stenosis? Back Pain ? Vv'e Can Help!! Sciatica? Disc Problems? Don't Let These Health Issues Keep You From Enjoying Life. We offer an effective 4-step natural approach to help you regain your health: Why Suffer? CALL TODAY!!! • Spinal Decompression to take pressure off irritated nerves (480)820-9147 • Targetednutrition to reduce inflammation and to promote healing • Gonstead chiropractic to specifically address spinal misalignments offer fllliies 11/23/2020 • Therapies to relax muscle spasms and to decrease pain For a limited time, we are offering a $49 evaluation (nonnal ly $290) to see ifwe can help which includes: 1. Computerized ne1ve exam 2. Spinal X-rays (ifneeded) 3. Report offinding and recomm endations IntegrityChiropractic Health Center~ 1122 S Greenfield Rd Mesa, AZ 85206 Ste 102 Joshua Sohn D. C. 50

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