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NOTE TO PARENTS A MESSAGE FROM SSM'S HOME EDUCATION PROGRAMME Dear Parent/s, Greetings from the Singapore School Manila's Home Education Programme family! We understand that you only want the best for your child's growth and development. With that in mind, we encourage you to look through your child's portfolio, so that you may see your child's progress. Your child's portfolio is a direct link between you and your dedicated home education advisor. It will be used to assess your child's progress and will contain important insights concerning your child. We ask that you regularly go through your child's portfolio and note down any concerns that you may have. This will help with your consultation with your assigned advisor, he/she may guide you with any issues you may encounter as the parent-teacher. You know your child best, and we would like to understand your child more. Please feel free to message your assigned advisor regarding any comments or suggestions regarding your child's performance in the programme. Remember parents, we are one with you in the holistic development of your child. BIG smiles and WARM handshakes, Your Singapore School Manila's Home Education Programme Family



VISION We envision ourselves to be known for providing a high standard of quality education placing equal emphasis on all aspects of human development. We dedicate ourselves to achieve our vision by: 1.Striving for academic excellence by offering the strongest and most updated curriculum in the world. 2.Training our students to do higher thinking in all subjects through application of concepts. 3.Developing our students' love for learning and thirst for knowledge. 4.Empowering our parents to be the best teachers for their children as they take an active role as agents of positive change in the world. 1

MISSION We, the SSM community, dedicate ourselves to achieve our vision by: Striving for academic excellence using modern teaching strategies, disposing of the pressures and trauma associated with conventional teaching methods; Training our students to do higher thinking in all subjects, preparing them for a rapidly- changing world; Developing the value of positivism through our educational system enabling our students to love learning and to cope well with the challenges of life; and Encouraging environmental and social awareness, thus empowering our students to take an active role as agents of positive change in the world. 2

PROGRAMME HOME EDUCATION Singapore School Manila’s Homeschooling Programme was especially created for parents who believe that they can be the best educator for their child; who believe in the Singapore and Cambridge curricula, but are unable to find a school for their children in the area; and parents who wish to include religious instruction for their child already enroled in the curriculum. It was also created especially for students who are differently abled and gifted learners who need learning materials and methods suited to their own learning pace and needs; who need more challenging materials that will allow them to work at a faster pace; who have commitments that require them to travel a lot; who plan to apply to universities abroad that require Cambridge International A Level Certification. 3

PROGRAMME HOME EDUCATION Singapore School Manila’s Homeschooling Programme will follow the same pathway as in-person classes. 4

ADMISSIONS HOME EDUCATION The requirements for admission into Singapore School Manila’s Homeschooling Programme are as follows: Documents 1.Birth Certificate of the child 2.Copy of latest report card (for students who previously attended traditional school). Not required for students starting the Homeschooling Programme at Nursery level. \"If you study to 3.Copy of passport (for non-Filipino remember, you will forget. If you study to citizens) understand, then you Fees will remember.\" 1.Admission and Processing Fees 5 (Price) Assessments 1.Admission Test This is administered to ensure that the child’s entry level will be correct. We at Singapore School Manila believe that risking the wrong entry level for the child can discourage the student or even cause trauma. 2. Interview with the child 3. Interview with the parents This is done to better understand the child’s family and home situation, as well as the motivations for pursuing home education.

ADMISSIONS HOME EDUCATION The admission procedure will also follow the basic age requirements for students. These age requirements will be considered as general guidelines as there may be cases where the child will be ready for a higher level, reinforcing the need for an admission test to ensure proper entry level. However, all students must finish Grade 12 or the Pre-University Level before the age of 22; if projections are made and the student will not be able to finish the programme by the cut-off age, the student will not be admitted into the programme. 6

RESOURCES HOME EDUCATION Singapore School Manila will We will also require and be providing the following resources for the provide training for Parent- homeschooling programme: Teachers on the following Resources 1. Books topics: 2.Teacher created activity Training sheets (only for preschool) 1.Teaching model, to be 3.Full course outline able to create effective Includes a list of all the concepts the students lesson plans will need to learn per level 2.Learning styles, to create lesson plans suited for the kind of learner the student is (e.g. Visual, Auditory, and Kinaesthetic learning styles) 3.Creating lesson plans that follow teaching models 4. Creating effective formative and summative assessments 5.Positive Discipline, a discipline model that focuses on positive points of the child’s behavior 6.Grading and Rubrics 7

GRADING SYSTEM HOME EDUCATION The Parent-Teacher will have to C. Unit Assessment (30%) grade the child according to SSM's grading and rubric system, Short tests designed by to be guided by the Home the Parent-Teacher and Adviser along the way. Students administered after the will be internally (by the Parent- child finishes each unit Teacher) marked and externally Done for the purpose of (by the school) assessed and holistic grading and graded per subject based on the learning following criteria: I. Portfolio (50%) Criteria: A. Seatworks (30%) Learning outcomes from the book, material, Any graded and written or course (70%) activity (e.g. Activity Past concepts from sheets previous units (15%) workbooks, research papers) Application of concepts to real life situations B. Projects, Experiments, (15%) Others (30%) D. Participation and Attitude 8 Towards Learning (10%)

GRADING SYSTEM HOME EDUCATION II.Singapore School Manila's Summative Assessments (50%) Standardized & administered by the Home Adviser to ensure that quality learning is taking place Can be formal or informal tests The Parent-Teacher will have to grade the child according to Singapore School Manila’s grading and rubric system, as well as upload all seatworks, formative assessments, projects, etc. to the school’s online portal. The child is required to achieve a final grade of at least 60% out of the total 100% to move up to the next term or next level. If the child is unable to receive a passing mark, they may review again and take a new, different summative assessment. 9

SUBJECTS PER LEVEL PRESCHOOL TO LOWER SECONDARY LEVELS * Filipino and Filipino Literature subjects are only required for students who are Filipino Citizens. ** Mindfulness Class is a special class designed by Singapore School Manila to meet the needs of children in today’s context and required for the grade levels assigned to take it. It will tackle real life values, challenges, and topics such as social media, depression, loneliness, etc. We believe that teaching our students to be in touch with their emotions will contribute to their holistic development as individuals. 10

SUBJECTS PER LEVEL CAMBRIDGE IGCSE TO CAMBRIDGE AS/A LEVEL * IGCSE Level English and Chinese may be taken as a first or second language. ** IGCSE Level Coordinated Sciences include Biology, Chemistry, and Physics taken as one class but carry double credit. *** IGCSE Level Filipino is taken as a language class and is no longer required for students who are Filipino citizens. **** Students who take Global Perspectives for IGCSE and Art & Design for both IGCSE and AS & A Levels cannot take the Cambridge exam under the Home Education Programme. However, they may take it as extracurricular subjects. ***** A Level Creativity, Service, Community (CSC) is required to complete the A Level Program, where students are encouraged to try new things and seek out new experiences for the purpose of growing as individuals. It may include activities such as volunteering at a hospital or orphanage, or starting a new business venture. 11

SUBJECTS PER LEVEL REMINDERS Parent-Teachers may also opt to include religious instructions in their child’s curriculum. At Primary and Secondary Levels, Art and Music can be substituted if the student is already enrolled in a specialised art or music class outside of class hours. After Grade 12, the student may take IGCSE or AS & A Level Examinations in any accredited Cambridge school in the world as a private candidate. Singapore School Manila will be in charge of coordinating with the Cambridge school of choice for the student to be able to take their examinations. The suggested amount of hours allotted for home education is at 3 to 4 hours of school time everyday. It is recommended that academic subjects are taught at least 2-3 hours a week per subject, and non-academic subjects are taught at least 1 hour a week per subject. Actual teaching time will vary depending on the student, family, and the abilities of both, but focused, one-on-one instruction will be quicker and more efficient. It is also completely possible that some days will have more or less hours dedicated to learning. This manner of conducting homeschooling will allow the student to learn at their own pace, and in a way that is both efficient and effective for them -- simply studying to remember will lead to forgetting, but studying to understand will leave the child with knowledge that will last for a lifetime. 12

REPLY SLIP After reading this manual together with your child, please sign the reply slip below and submit it to your assigned Home Education Programme Advisor on or before the enrolment period. Please upload and/or email the signed reply slip to your advisor. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (REPLY SLIP) Date: __________________ I have read, I understand, and I agree to the terms and conditions of the Singapore School Manila's Home Education Programme Manual. _______________________________ ______________ Parent's Signature over Printed Name Date

Lots 1 & 40 Blk 2, East Street, East District, Aseana City, Parañaque, 1702 (+63) 917 632 1506 (+63) 7502 7076 [email protected]

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