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TOURISM 2 student’s book + workbook

CONTENT TOURISM A1 Theme Grammar / Professional life Vocabulary Unit 1 Welcoming present simple tense: verb to be countries, nationalities and languages All-Inclusive subject pronouns / possessive adjectives personality adjectives Unit 2 expressions of greeting, introducing yourself / food and beverage someone and saying goodbye categories on the menu present simple tense: affirmative sentences present simple tense: negative sentences and questions expressions used in restaurants Unit 3 simple future tense environment and pollution Eco-Tourism be going to weather conditions calling on the telephone Unit 4 expressing likes & dislikes favourite holiday activities Mass Tourism prepositions of time and place: in / on / at money vocabulary talking about travel experiences Unit 5 Dream Jobs countable / uncountable nouns hotel jobs making comparisons with adjectives hospitality industry asking for and giving directions Unit 6 Rent a Car a, an, some, any modes of transportation quantifiers: a few , a little, many, much, a lot of, car rental vocabulary several-apologising & making excuses Unit 7 Cultural present progressive tense geographical features Tourism stative verbs / action verbs adjectives about products shopping phrases, bargaining Unit 8 Medical can / can’t (ability and possibility) illnesses and injuries Tourism should / shouldn’t words about health problems talk about health problems Unit 9 Ancient simple past tense: to be parts of a hotel Unit 10 Hotels checking guests in and out religions and places of worship Cruises must / mustn’t / imperatives parts of a cruise ship present perfect tense cruise ship jobs expressing lack of understanding and asking for clarification

Reading / Listening Speaking Writing read three different conversations between receptionists and guests read an article about guest rooms role play: check in at a hotel fill in a check-in form read an article about the world’s largest and most luxurious suite role play: order in a restaurant create your own menu read an article about a first class flight for your restaurant read an article about three popular destinations for ecotourism discuss the advantages and read an article about a famous park in Thailand disadvantages of eco-tourism listen to a conversation about booking a room role play: make a reservation read an article about the world’s best four destinations to travel to read an article about a mall in North America discuss the famous tourist write an opinion destinations in your country paragraph about the future of mass tourism listen to two different conversations about travel and transportation read a short article about five dream jobs in tourism discuss your job interview read an article about one of the most interesting jobs in the world skills listen to two different conversations about giving directions discuss the advantages and disadvantages of jobs in the tourism industry read a short article about the longest train route write a short paragraph read an article about three amazing yacht types listen to short conversations about making excuses discuss the traffic problems in about the advantages your country and disadvantages of driving a motorbike read a short article about a waterfall restaurant discuss the advantages and read an article about the most amazing lost cities disadvantages of cultural listen to a conversation between a salesman and a buyer tourism role play: a situation between a carpet seller and a customer read an article about the three best destinations for medical tourism discuss the differences read an article about three of the craziest spa treatments between traditional medicine listen to two different conversations about health problems and modern medicine role play: situations between a doctor and a patient read a short article about the world’s oldest hotel role play: hotel check out read an article about a historic hotel in Turkey listen to a conversation between a receptionist and a guest read an article about cruise journeys role play: asking for directions read an article about how to pass a cruise ship job interview

U N I T 1 Welcoming

PART 1 Vocabulary countries, nationalities and languages Read the words in the box and fill in the gaps in the chart with them. Warm Up Portuguese Greek Spanish Dutch Swiss Welsh Look at the photos below and answer Chinese American British the questions. Russian Arabic Persian 1 Where are these people from? Why do country nationality language you think so? the United States British English 2 Which countries are visited the most? the United Kingdom Iranian Russian Make a shortlist and discuss the Iran Brazilian reasons. Russia Egyptian Chinese Brazil Greek Wales Mexican Egypt the Netherlands Switzerland Mexico China Greece Complete the sentences with the words from exercise A. 1 People in the Netherlands speak _______. 2 Mexican people speak _______. 3 Chang comes from China and he speaks _______. 4 Richard’s ancestors are from Wales, so his grandfather can speak _______. 5 Switzerland is famous for its _______ cheese and chocolate. Work in pairs and take turns. Ask and answer the following questions. 1 Which foreign language(s) do you know? 2 Where and how did you learn it/them? 3 Which language would you like to learn the most? Why? 8

Reading PART 1 Read the title and subheadings below, Checking Out/Getting to the Airport and answer the question. Receptionist: Did you enjoy your stay at the hotel? 1 Which foreign language(s) do you know? Guest: Yes, very much. I need to go to the Where and how did you learn it / them? airport. My flight leaves in two hours. Which language would you like to learn R: We have a free service to the airport, the most? Why?What is the general topic of next shuttle leaves in fifteen minutes. the conversations? G: Great. I will wait in the lounge area. a) Traveling to the airport R: If you like you can leave your baggage here, b) Staying at a hotel we will put it in the shuttle when it arrives. c) Paying for a room G: Thank you. d) Eating out at a restaurant R: Thank you for staying at The Grand Woodward Hotel. The Grand Woodward Hotel Mark the following sentences as true Making Reservations or false. Receptionist: Good morning. Welcome to The Grand Woodward Hotel. 1 The room at the hotel includes free Client: Hello. I want to make a reservation. breakfast and dinner. R: When will you arrive? 2 The shuttle to the airport costs $15. C: September twenty-fourth. I will stay for two 3 Mr. Hannighan pays for the room with a nights, and I want a room for two people. Visa card. R: Do you want two twin beds or one double bed? 4 The room Mr. Hannighan wants is not C: A double bed, please. I also want a room with available. an ocean view if possible. R: That room is five hundred and ninety dollars Complete the sentences by filling in the per night. What is your name? blanks. C: Charles Hannighan. R: Will you pay with a credit card? 1 Mr. Hannighan’s room at The Grand C: Yes, a Visa. The number is 987654321. R: Thank you, Mr. Hannighan. You have a Woodward Hotel costs $ ______ per reservation for the twenty-fourth of September for a room with a double bed and a view of the night. ocean. Please call us if you have any questions. Have a nice day. 2 Some rooms at The Grand Woodward Checking-In Hotel have a view of the _________. Receptionist: Good afternoon. How can I help you? 3 Mr. Hannighan’s first name is ________. Guest: I have a reservation, my last name is Hannighan. 4 Check-out time at The Grand Woodward R: We have your credit card information, you just need to sign the receipt, please. Hotel is _______ o’clock in the G: What is included with the room? R: A breakfast buffet and free transportation afternoon. to the airport. Your room is 487, here is the key. G: Thanks. What time do I check out? R: At twelve noon. G: Thank you. 9

PART 1 Match the words (listed below) with Fill in the gaps with am, is, or are. the correct definition. 1 Hi, my name _____Diana. 1 reservation a a small bed for one 2 _____she Mrs. Wilson? - No, she _____not. She _____Mrs. person Taylor. 3 _____ you a musician? 2 twin bed b to leave a hotel room - No, I _____not. I _____a sportsman. 4 He _____Mark and he _____a doctor. at the end of a stay 5 Jeff and Betty _____dancers. They _____ married. 6 Sarah _____, not an engineer. She _____ an architect. 3 double bed c a van or bus from a hotel to the airport 4 check out d a medium-sized bed for two people 5 shuttle e an arrangement to be sure you have a room for a future date Grammar present simple tense: verb to be Look at the tables below and fill in the Writing gaps. Work in pairs. Read the paragraph affirmative statements Oliver. about Mr. Johnson and fill in the check I ______ Jake. in form for him. You are Tom / Helen / my cat My name is David Johnson. I am a He / She / It is doctor from Scotland. I was born on students 15 July 1983 in Glasgow. I am married We and I have two sons. At the moment I You are live in Glasgow city and my address is They 47 Hydepark Street, No: 3. My phone number is +44 141 221 6527. negative statements John. I am Tim. You are not a police He / She / It ______ teachers. We Mr. Mrs. Ms. You They ______ Name: _________________ Surname: _________________ questions Nationality: _________________ _________ Is you a teacher? Birth Place: _________________ he / she / it at home? Date of Birth: _________________ _________ we fine? Occupation: _________________ you Marital Status: _________________ they Address: _________________ ____________________________ Please see page 88 for details and more Telephone No: _________________ Country: _________________ activities on grammer. à see p. 88 10

Warm Up PART 2 Work in pairs. Look at the pictures and Complete the word webs with the discuss the following questions. correct adjectives from exercise A. 1 What kind of people do you easily become friends with? Why? 2 Which personality traits should a person have as a hospitality employee? Why? positive Vocabulary personality adjectives Read the adjectives below and put a negative tick near the ones you know. 11 a. uncooperative b. adaptable c. amiable d. enthusiastic e. combative f. capable g. intolerant h. impolite i. courteous j. arrogant Match the given adjectives with their synonyms from the box above. 1 aggressive e 2 egoistic _____ 3 flexible _____ 4 friendly _____ 5 gentle _____ 6 impatient _____ 7 unhelpful _____ 8 motivated _____ 9 rude _____ 10 skillful _____

PART 2 Reading Read the first two sentences below, and choose the best title: a own a luxury hotel b stay in a 5-star hotel c welcome your guests d improve your guest room MAKE YOUR GUEST ROOM FEEL Read the sentences below and fill in LIKE A 5-STAR HOTEL the gaps with the words from the text. The guest room in your house will feel like a 1 Always leave a ________________ in 5-star hotel room after you follow these tips. the room for the guest for them to use You will not spend much money and the room in the bathroom. will be more comfortable. 2 You should wash the bed sheets and even clean the ______________ to - Make it fresh: Wash the bed sheets before make the guest feel more comfortable in the guests arrive so everything is fresh. You the room. can also clean the mattress to make the stay 3 Extra ___________ and __________ more enjoyable. should be kept in the bathroom. - Organize: Clean up the room and organize the things in it. You should have a clock on the Mark the following sentences true or side table so your guest can set an alarm. false. - Welcome basket: You can give your guest a “gift” of basic necessities such as soap, mints, 1 Before your guests come, you must buy and tissues. Anything the guest does not use new towels. you can keep for the next guest. 2 It is important to keep an alarm clock in - Extra touches: Put flowers or candles in the the guest room. room to make the guest feel welcome. 3 You should wash the sheets, but you - Cleaning: Don’t forget to clean the bathroom, don’t need to clean the bathtub. especially the shower or bathtub. - Luxury: You don’t have to spend money on new towels, you only have to wash and dry them before the guest arrives. Leave a towel in the room with a new bar of soap, and there should be extra towels and tissue in the bathroom. If you follow our advice, your guests will feel like VIP customers in a luxury hotel! 12

PART 2 Match the bold words in the text (listed below) with the correct definiton. 1 bed sheet a to put things in order, to clean up a mess 2 mattress b a cloth used to dry off with after the shower 2 A: Is this my coffee? B: No, it is not _____ coffee. 3 organize c someone who comes to stay A: Where is _____ coffee then? B: _____ coffee is on the table. (home or hotel) 3 A: Does _____ father work in an 4 towel d it covers a bed, a person office. sleeps on top of it B: No, he is a miner. What about _____ dad? 5 guest e a part of a bed that makes A: _____ dad works in the candy it softer or more comfortable factory. to sleep on B: I guess _____ job is safer than _____ dad’s. Grammar subject pronouns vs. 4 A: Can I borrow _____ maths notes possessive adjectives for tonight? See the reference on page 89 and fill B: Sorry, but I need _____ notes to in the gaps. study tomorrow’s quiz. Ask Natalie? subject pronouns A: _____ notes are terrible, I can’t read them. 1 I am Josh. 2 Where are ____ from? B: Well, why don’t you copy _____ 3 He / ____ is the new English teacher. notes? 4 ____ is a pencil. 5 ____ are from Germany. Read the sentences below and circle 6 Are ____ from Greece? the correct words in italics. 7 ____ are Turkish students from Izmir. possessive adjectives 1 She / Her ring is beautiful but she / her necklace is not that good. 1 ____ mother is a nurse. 2 He / His mother is not a pilot. She / Her 2 What is ____ father’s job? is a lawyer. 3 ____ / Her roommate is from Russia. 3 I / My car is blue and he / his car is 4 This car is famous for ____ speed. green. 5 Can you take care of ____ kids tonight? 4 He / His is rich and he / his watch is 6 ____ clothes are beautiful. expensive. 7 ____ favourite city is London. 5 We / Our living room is big, but we / our house is small. Read the sentences and fill in the gaps 6 I / My aunt is from Turkey and with the words in the box. she / her husband is from Germany. 7 I / My computer is not working. Can I / your x6 they their her x2 my x6 my use yours? his x2 8 She / Her toothbrush is red. I / My toothbrush is blue. 1 A: Where are _____ friends from? 9 I / My name is Steve and I / my am a B: _____ are from Bulgaria. teacher. A: What are _____ names? 10 They / Their come from Antalya but B: _____ name is Anna and _____ they / their house is in Ankara. 11 She / Her uncle is a police officer and name is George. he / his is 28 years old. Please see page 89 for details and more activities on grammer. 13 à see p. 89

PART 2 1.2 Listen to the conversations and fill in the gaps. Professional Life Conversation 1 expressions of greeting, introducing yourself / someone and saying goodbye Karl: Hi, _________ Karl Thomson. Greeting Dorothy: _________ Karl. _________ Dorothy Hello Samson, and _________ my husband Ralph. Hi Karl: _________ Mr. and Mrs. Samson. Thank Good morning/ afternoon/ evening you for taking the time to meet with me today. How are you? Dorothy: It’s our pleasure. And please, call us How do you do? Ralph and Dorothy. Please have a seat. Fine, thanks. Karl: Thank you. Introducing yourself / someone Dorothy: You are welcome. My name is … I am … Conversation 2 I am from … / I come from … Her/ His name is … Pam: Hi George, _________? This is …. George: _________. How are you? She / He is from … / She/ He comes from … Pam: I’m good. Do you still work at the same Nice / Pleased to meet you restaurant? Nice to see you George: Yes, I enjoy working there. And you? Do Welcome to … you still work in an office? What is your name? Pam: Yes. I do. How are your children? Where are you from? George: They are both fine, too. Goodbye Pam: Well, I have to go home now. It was Goodbye _________. Bye George: Nice to see you, too, Pam. _________ See you (soon/ later) again. Hope to see you (again) Pam: _________, George. Read the expressions below and put a Speaking tick near the words you use to greet someone. Work in pairs and role play the situation below. Student A You are a receptionist. Student B is a guest and he / she wants to check in. Greet him / her. Student B You are a traveller. You enter into a hotel and walk to the reception for a check-in. Introduce yourself to the receptionist and check in. Hello Please Good morning Good afternoon Goodbye Pleased to meet you Welcome Thank you 14

U N I T 2 All Inclusive

PART 1 1. 2. 3. Warm Up 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Look at the picture. Which food and beverages do you see in this picture? 10. 11. 14. Circle them. 12. 13. a. chicken b. eggs c. watermelon d. potatoes e. milk f. steak g. fish 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Work in pairs and look at the picture Look at the pictures above. Put the again. What is your favorite food / food and beverages into the correct beverage? Which one / ones you never categories below. eat? Discuss. fruit & vegetables Vocabulary food and beverages dairy Match the food / beverages with the grains correct images. soft a. cabbage b. eggs c. lemonade drinks d. steak e. rice f. onions others g. butter h. milk i. pasta j. cheese k. beans l. watermelon m. mineral water n. bread o. peas p. cola q. lemon r. pineapple s. yoghurt t. tomato 16

PART 1 Match the words in the box with the given partitives. a. bread b. coke c. butter f. mineral water d. rice e. milk 1 a bottle of mineral water Read the article and answer the 2 two loaves of questions below. 3 a can of 4 three bags of 1 What is the Royal Penthouse Suite 5 a tablespoon of famous for? 6 a carton of ______________________________ 2 What does the penthouse offer its Reading guests in the room? ______________________________ Work in pairs and discuss the following 3 Why does it feel like home in the questions. penthouse? ______________________________ 1 Do you like staying in hotels? 4 How is the penthouse safe? 2 What is your best hotel experience? ______________________________ 5 What does the hotel provide for VIPs? penthouse: a small apartment on the roof of a ______________________________ building Fill in the gaps with the words below. This hotel suite costs $83,000 a luxurious private hang out night include security The Royal Penthouse Suite at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland is famous 1 The ________ at the concert was very for being the largest and most luxurious suite strict. We felt so safe. in the world. It costs $83,200 a night! 2 There are a lot of nice places to ________ in the city. The penthouse is on the top floor of this deluxe 3 Some rich people have their own Lake Geneva hotel. It doesn’t feel like a hotel ___________ jets. room. It feels like home. You have twelve 4 This cable TV package _____________ bedrooms, twelve marble bathrooms and a so many channels such as movie and food terrace with beautiful views of the Alps. The channels. penthouse also includes every possible luxury 5 There are ______________ cars you can think of, such as a latest technology everywhere in Los Angeles. It is flat-screen tv with sound system, a Steinway amazing. grand piano, a billiards table and a private gym. The suite combines luxury with maximum security and privacy. For example, it has bulletproof glass and a private lift to take guests directly to their magnificent residence. For VIPs travelling alone, the hotel also provides its private staff - a butler, chef, or personal assistant are ready to help you whenever you need. Enjoy your stay! 17

PART 1 Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs in the box. study do go listen work play get love Grammar present simple tense: 1 She ______ tennis. affirmative sentences 2 He ______ not like candy. 3 Does he _____ at the factory? Read the examples and rules below. 4 I ______ to bed at 10 o’clock. Circle the correct words in italics. 5 What time do you ______ up? 6 We ______ to cook. 1 We use present simple tense to talk 7 Do they ______ after school? about repeated actions and routines / 8 I ____ to music in the mornings. things happening now. - I play tennis every day. Speaking - They watch TV every evening. - We always study after school. Work in pairs and take turns. Read 2 We use present simple tense for facts the menu and role-play the situation and unchanging situations / temporary below. situations. - The sun rises from the east. Student A - I live in a caravan. You are a waiter. Student B comes to your 3 We use the suffix -s / -ing after the restaurant. He /She wants to order his / her verb in the third person singular. lunch. Help him. - He goes to school every day. - She reads her book every night. Student B You are a customer. Student A is a waiter. Read Read the sentences below and circle the menu below and order your lunch. the correct words in italics. Joe’s Restaurant Drinks 1 She drive/drives to work every morning. Coffee €1.25 2 They go/goes to the gym every evening. 3 We water/waters the garden every Starters Tea €1.25 day. Chicken Soup 4 He go/goes to Italy every summer. €2.00 Soft Drinks - Coke, 5 I play/plays the guitar every two days. Salad €3.50 6 She exercise/exercises every Sunday. Sprite, etc. €1.75 7 We read/reads the newspaper every morning. Sandwiches - Main Desserts €2.50 8 He watch/watches TV every evening. Apple pie €3.50 Course Cheesecake €1.50 Baklava €1.50 Ham and cheese €4.50 Ice cream Tuna Sandwich €4.00 Vegetarian Pizza €4.00 Grilled Chicken €2.50 Grilled Steak €2.50 Cheeseburger €4.50 Fish and Chips €5.00 Spaghetti €5.50 Please see pages 89-90 for details and more activities on grammar. à see p. 89-90 18

Warm Up PART 2 Work in pairs and discuss the following b. questions. c. d. 1 What is the most popular dish amongst e. the local guests in your country? Give f. examples. 2 What do foreign tourists usually prefer to eat in your country? Give examples. Vocabulary categories on the menu Read the given words and match them with their definitions. 1 main course 2 hors d’oeuvres 3 soft drinks 4 side dishes 5 dessert 6 appetizer/starter a food served in small portions, before the main dish b a beverage that isn’t alcoholic, and is usually carbonated c a small, light, and usually spicy first course in a meal d the dish usually consists of a meat, vegetables and starch e foods like fruit, pudding, ice cream, etc. served after a meal f foods like vegetables and potatoes that come with the main dish Match the following images with the words from exercise A. a. 19

PART 2 Reading Work in pairs and discuss the following questions. 1 Do you know about first class flights? 2 Do you have any first class flight experience? THIS AIRLINE TICKET BUYS Read the article and answer the YOU A PRIVATE SUITE ON AN questions below. AIRBUS A380 1 What did Derek decide to find out? 2 How was the check-in lounge? What do you get with the world’s most expensive 3 What did Derek do in the Private Room? plane ticket? Travel writer Derek Low decided 4 What do the suites include? to find out. So, he exchanged his miles for 5 What did Derek think about the flight? an SGD $23,077 (€14,360) ticket – and he documented it for the rest of us. Match the words 1-5 with their definitions a-e. Derek traveled from Singapore to New York in a private suite on a Singapore Airlines Airbus 1 luggage A380, and everybody treated him like a VIP 2 bellhop from the very beginning. When he entered 3 board Singapore’s Airport, he took his luggage to 4 flight attendant a check-in lounge for First Class and Suites 5 check-in lounge passengers. He said: ‘‘it was like a hotel lobby with a bellhop carrying your luggage.” Then, a to get on a plane, ship, or train they took him to an exclusive lounge called the b the bags that you carry when traveling “Private Room”. The staff calls it “higher than c the place in an airport where you First Class.” There he enjoyed eating delicious register your luggage food. When he was ready to board the plane, d a young man who carries bags they took him to his suite and offered him Dom e a person who works on an airplane and Pérignon champagne. The suites are luxurious, helps passengers according to Derek – they have a twin-size bed (it can turn into a double), a television, bedside cabinets, and a leather armchair. They offered him expensive pajamas, slippers, pillows, blankets, and gourmet coffee while flight attendants regularly checked on him. After the flight, Low said: “I have to say, after they served me Dom Pérignon in a double-suite bedroom at 36,000 feet, I’m not sure flying experiences get any better than this.” 20

PART 2 Grammar present simple tense: negative Read the sentences and fill in the gaps sentences and questions in the table. Read the rules about present simple 1 Where do they live? and circle the correct words in italics. 2 When does he leave the office? 3 What time do you go to bed? 1 We use do or does before / after the 4 What do you do in your free time? subject in questions. 2 We use do or does / don’t or doesn’t in negative sentences. 3 We use do or don’t / does or doesn’t for the third person singular. 4 We don’t use / use the suffix -s after the verbs in questions and negative sentences. question auxiliary subject verb complement word Read the sentences and fill in the gaps Where do they live? - in the table. 1 They do not (don’t) like fish. 2 Kemal does not (doesn’t) use a computer. 3 I do not (don’t) watch romantic films. 4 He does not (doesn’t) speak Chinese. Listen and circle the correct 1.3 words in italics. subject auxiliary + verb complement They negation like fish. 1 Anna: What time do / does you open the shop? do+not Bill: We open the shop at six o’clock every morning. Read the sentences and fill in the gaps 2 Chris: Do / Does your brother cook / in the table. cooks well? Dave: Yes, he do / does. 1 Do they read books? 3 Dave: Where do / does your parents 2 Does he have a car? live? 3 Does she drink tea every morning? Finley: They live / lives in Marrakesh. 4 Do you watch movies? 4 Gina: How often do / does Doris take / takes her dog for a walk? Henna: She takes her dog for a walk every afternoon. auxiliary subject verb complement Do they read newspaper? Please see pages 90-91 for details and more activities on grammer. à see p. 90-91 21

PART 2 Professional Life expressions used Listen to the conversation 2.1 in the restaurant below and fill in the gaps. Read the expressions below. Who may Waiter: Good afternoon, sir. use the expressions? Write H for host or Man: Good afternoon. Can I see the _______, hostess, W for waiter or waitress and G please? for guests next to them. Waiter: Sure, here you are. Man: What do you _______ for salads? 1 Are you ready to order, sir? W Waiter: I recommend our tuna salad, sir. It 2 Can I get you anything else? _______ with toasted bread. 3 Can I get your name? Man: Alright. Then, I will take this. 4 Do you have a reservation? Waiter: _______ you like something to drink? 5 Do you take credit cards? Man: Ah, yes. I’d like mineral water. You can 6 Follow me, please. bring it beforehand. 7 I need some time to decide. Waiter: Sure. _______ else, sir? 8 What do you recommend? Man: No, thank you. 9 Would you like to drink something? Writing You are working in a sea food restaurant. Look at the menu template and write your restaurant’s menu with the prices. 22

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