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TeamViewer vs TeamViewer Tensor

Published by Rosie Harman, 2019-04-25 08:20:59

Description: TeamViewer has recently launched a new SaaS solution for enterprises called TeamViewer Tensor. Is it better than TeamViewer? How does it help organizations with audibility and enhanced collaboration? Read this comparison to find out.

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TEAMVIEWER TENSOR Empowering a Secure Global Workspace for Enterprises

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 1.1.TeamViewer 1.2.TeamViewer Tensor 2. Feature Comparison 2.1.Security 2.2.Scalability 2.3.Manageability 2.4.Integrations 3. What Makes TeamViewer Tensor Better? 3.1.No Location and Time Boundaries 3.2.Remote IT Support for Employees 3.3.Augmented Reality Remote Support 3.4.Built-in Session Activity Logging 4. Summing Up

TeamViewer is one of the most powerful and intuitive software on the market for remote support, online collaboration, and remote access. It’s available for personal and non-commercial use without any charges. It’s widely used around the world to remotely connect to mobile devices, desktops, and IoT devices regardless of the location. TeamViewer business expansion has got users thrilled already. Another new kid on the block is TeamViewer Tensor. How TeamViewer Tensor is different from the original TeamViewer is the first question to pop into one’s head. This comparison will throw some light on the prominent features of both the software. INTRODUCTION TeamViewer TeamViewer, as we all know, is a software that lets you connect to multiple workstations remotely. TeamViewer is accessible and powerful which is why it’s popular not just among individuals but large corporations, too. TeamViewer Tensor TeamViewer Tensor, on the other hand, is an enterprise SaaS platform that provides secure remote access, control, collaboration, and support. It caters to the regulatory needs of large corporations for connecting their global workforce.

It’s a cloud-based platform that uses SaaS solutions to offer great flexibility to organizations. It is built on the world’s largest remote connection infrastructure that covers 200 countries and connects more than 1.7B devices. Feature Comparison This feature comparison will give you all the details you need about TeamViewer and TeamViewer Tensor: Security TeamViewer secures its traffic by using privacy key exchange and AES session encryption. This ensures that the interconnected computers do not decipher the data stream. TeamViewer Tensor, on the other hand, is much more secure. It works with identity providers using SMAL 2.0 to let you manage, control, centralize and secure your account logins. It provides single sign-on security for user authentication. This cloud-based identity and access control is assisting large companies in reducing user management efforts. It is made possible by connecting the TeamViewer software with user directories and identity providers. It ties with the organization’s existing infrastructure and integrations like Centrify, Azure, Okta, and OneLogin, etc. Scalability TeamViewer lets you remotely access both desktops and mobile devices. It allows you to host meetings, share screen and give presentations to multiple participants. TeamViewer Tensor has the ability to scale a large number of devices by using standard deployment software. Just like its ancestor, it also supports Mac and

Windows devices. The end user is not disturbed at all whenever more devices are added to the network. The administrators, on the other hand, have to give very minimal input. An added layer of connectivity is provided to enterprises that support BYOD and CYOD. Your team enjoys accessibility by staying within the corporate security guidelines. Manageability TeamViewer’s cross-platform access is everyone’s favorite. You can connect PC to PC, PC to mobile, mobile to PC, and mobile to mobile. TeamViewer Tensor is a device agnostic platform. It’s one step ahead of TeamViewer. It allows you to connect PC to PC, PC to mobile, Mobile to PC and mobile to mobile. It supports Chrome OS, Universal Windows Platform, macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Linux. Integrations TeamViewer’s APIs are awesome when it comes to integrations. You can customize them to meet your individual needs. It allows you to work centrally from a single location without switching from one app to another. Like TeamViewer, Tensor also integrates into platforms commonly used by large organizations. It supports Boss solutions, Microsoft Intune, Cherwell, Zendesk, Zoho, Salesforce, Jira, Amazon WorkSpaces, Freshworks, MobileIron, and more.

What Makes TeamViewer Tensor Better? TeamViewer Tensor is built on the strength of the basic TeamViewer features to address the common issues of enterprises. It will help organizations in implementing state of the art connectivity. It will also foster AR and IoT innovation. Since remote access and support is highly critical for businesses, TeamViewer Tensor is developed to address those critical needs. Here are some advanced features of TeamViewer Tensor that deserve audience attention: No Location and Time Boundaries TeamViewer Tensor has changed the remote connectivity paradigm. It allows enterprises to assign appropriate user access rights to their employees so that they get full desktop access. They can use their network servers, computers or mobile devices to connect and collaborate. This enables team productivity. TeamViewer IoT connector allows the users to connect their devices or sensor without accessing any network. They can do that from anywhere in the world. The Tensor framework is built on its own IOT connectors that feed their own data and sensors into the network. IoT allows enterprises to create new business models and open multiple revenue streams. You can connect your device without using any complicated firewall or VPN configuration. You will always know what is happening in the IoT environment. In fact, you can do real-time monitoring. Plus, you will have control over the IoT devices and machines. You can change their settings and even intervene whenever necessary.

Remote IT Support for Employees It’s no brainer – employees have to encounter technical issues all the time. However, it is frustrating to deal with these issues for not just employees but the help desk technicians. TeamViewer Tensor has resolved this problem. It allows enterprise IT teams to solve their technical issues in a jiffy. Remote admin and control of server make this happen. TeamViewer Tensor allows enterprises to manage, support, and update the interconnected devices no matter what operating systems they are running on. There is no need for a VPN connection. The devices don’t need to run on a superfast bandwidth either. Tensor can play a major role in eliminating maintenance costs of appliance solutions. No onsite installations will be necessary. You can manage hundreds and thousands of interconnected devices. Another great thing is that you can silently update the corporate devices using the network admins. That means your technicians will be able to offer interruption free functional and technical support. All devices in the network will always have the latest software updates. Augmented Reality Remote Support By integrating TeamViewer Pilot, enterprises will get their hands on Augmented Reality tools that enable the employees and clients to share the camera view of their smartphone. Cool, right? This camera acts like the eyes of the user. This AR remote support is like no other. This feature is provided to fix issues beyond the user’s screen. No matter where your clients are, by simply connecting via the TeamViewer Pilot app, you can look through their smartphone camera and solve their problem. There is no need for you to be present onsite! Built-in Session Activity Logging The activity logging feature allows you to audit user actions, comply with your organization’s data security requirements, and detect risks. It’s like getting an audit report. TeamViewer Tensor allows you to record the remote sessions and log all the user activity. You can control user policies through the management console. You can authorize access permissions to different users on the basis of the

company’s policies. All the changes you make are automatically applied to the concerned devices. TeamViewer, no doubt, has been empowering users across the world to connect anything, anywhere at any time. TeamViewer Tensor is a big innovative leap. Its Augmented Reality remote support and IoT implementations can enable businesses of all sizes to reach their digital potentials at their best. TEAMVIEWER TENSOR

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