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KBH Newsletter | May 2020

Published by kidzbookhub, 2020-04-29 03:04:21

Description: KBH Newsletter | May 2020


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KIDZ BOOK HUB NEWSLETTER What’s new at Kidz Book Hub MAY 2020 Home learning: ideas for learners STRATEGIES FOR READING 5-6 YEARS 3-5 YEARS • Continue with the strategies above but at a more difficult level eg you might label the cooking utensils or • Put labels/stick it notes on key household items eg tools in the shed or recreational items such as bicycle oven, toaster, washing machine, fridge. or treadmill. • Put labels on people – Dad, Mum, brother, sister. • Read a book a day using the strategies outlined above but encourage the child to read the simple words • Practise reading the labels every day (until it gets themselves. boring) • Encourage the child to take over the role of reader • When shopping get your child to read notices and from you. labels in shops. Continued overleaf • Read signs in general eg traffic signs, street names. • Read a book a day and discuss book features – cover, title page, demonstrate how each page is a new sentence or idea, indicate illustrations and how these explain the text. • When reading run your finger under the text so that the child associates the voice and story line with the words in the text • Have an alphabet ‘letter of the day’ • Write a sign that shows the day of the week and put it on the refrigerator eg Thursday • Do the same with numbers. Today is the 6th or 26th. • Nursery rhymes and songs. Write up the text and point to the words as you sing along.

KIDZ BOOK HUB NEWSLETTER MAY 2020 What’s new at Kidz Book Hub Page  2 Home learning: ideas for learners • Don’t pounce on a mistake. Encourage skipping words STRATEGIES FOR WRITING that are difficult to ensure that the flow of reading is ( jointly or independently) maintained. 3-5 YEARS • Encourage the child to make predictions about difficult words. Use context, pictures, first letter of the word to • Encourage simple writing tasks e.g, shopping lists. ask - what could it be, what would make sense? • Write simple instructions to be pasted around the • Sound out words if you want to assist the reader – house. Eg wash your hands make sure that these are phonetically regular words • Write labels for common household items e.g jars in e.g dog, cat, run, stop. the pantry • Phonetically irregular words have to be recognized • Encourage all writing even if it is gobbledegook. by the reader as they cannot be sounded out eg the, • Always ask the child to read their own writing and talk though, thorough, when, where. These are known as sight words meaning that the reader has to learn them about it – what is its purpose? by sight based on their graphophonic structure. • Encourage explanatory writing on pictures i.e. label all 6-7 YEARS drawings with names or simple descriptions • Encourage your child to read multiple books each day. 5-6 YEARS • Try and identify topics that are interesting to the • Write letters or emails e.g. to Grandma/pa or to a reader or funny or quirky. friend. • Be there to help but try and leave the reading and the • Write instructions for having a birthday party or a decoding of the text to the child. meal. • The best way to assist is to talk about the book before • Write a description of an event for a friend. reading, indicating the likely content and identifying • Write and illustrate a wall story. Keep it short – say 5 or difficult words or concepts and explaining these before the child reads it. 6 pages. • Read different types of texts with your child e.g. Continued overleaf recipes, instructions, explanations.

KIDZ BOOK HUB NEWSLETTER MAY 2020 What’s new at Kidz Book Hub Page  3 Home learning: ideas for learners 6-7 YEARS • Write a review of a television program or video game. • Write “How things work’ texts. Eg a bicycle, a skateboard, a computer, the internet. • Write a wall story – write a simple text (one or two sentences) on a separate page to create a story. Illustrate • Write about ‘My Family’ – who are they? what do they do? the text. Remember stories have a beginning, middle and What are they like? end. Paste them up in sequence on the wall so that others can read them. • Write about ‘My friends’ – what are they good at? What do they look like? Why do you like them? • Use stories on kidzbookhub as models for your child’s own experiences/stories. • Remember to encourage/explore cultural diversity in allCarlos_Cover_216x216.indd 19/11/12 10:10 AM • Write ‘How to’ texts e.g. how to clean your teeth, how to reflections. and Dinalie Dabarera play soccer, how to swim. • Think about researching an aspect of yoFuiorncaoMuunrtrrayy’s culture on the internetBook Awards and then writing about it as if Children’s writing for a visitor or new migrant. SEE FURTHER PARENT GUIDE MATERIALS ON PAGES 5-6 CaFionwa iMthurhrearysjeoriniesswCwarwlo.ksiadnzbdthoeForkCiehnaudtbse.cropmillar rlosin both English and Chinese. Rationale book for preschoolers A read aloud and read along The Carlos and Friends bilingual book series has been specifically written for parents and early literacy educators to 毛毛虫卡洛斯 A read aloud and read along help 3-8 year old children get ready to read in a fun, relaxed book for preschoolers way. These 5 books have been written to be read aloud by a parent or early educator. The children can then remember 适合儿童高声朗读的书 the books and read along or recite the books. They have been CarlCosaterpillarthe deliberately written as short, sweet and engaging texts so that children can have fun being read to by introducing new Children’s Chinese and English characters and vocabulary in both languages. Book Awards Bilingual version The text has been printed in both Mandarin and English so Carlos_Cover_216x216.indd 1 作者     菲奥娜  默里 that the parent or educator can read aloud in either language. These books will particularly work well in international schools Fiona Murray in China or in English speaking countries wishing to teach and Dinalie Dabarera Mandarin to young children. 绘图      戴娜丽  达巴瑞热 Reading aloud to young children in any language is a wonderful way to move them from oral language to written language. 9/11/12 10:10 AM

KIDZ BOOK HUB NEWSLETTER Carlos_Cover_216x216.indd 1 M A Y9/11/12 10:10AM 2020 Book Awards What’s new at Kidz Book Hub Children’s and Dinalie Dabarera Fiona Murray Page  4 Carlos andCFathrerlCoiesatnerdpsillasreries book for preschoolers A read aloud and read along Individual Book Descriptions 毛毛虫卡洛斯 A read aloud and read along Biography of author and Mums and Dads book for preschoolers translators Come and join Carlos the Caterpillar and friends! 适合儿童高声朗读的书 菲奥娜莫里 Carlos the Caterpillar  CarlCosaterpillarthe Fiona Murray 16 pp plus cover printed both sides 教育学硕士(读写教育) Carlos is a green caterpillar who loves to eat!A read aloud and read along He M Ed (Literacy Education book for preschoolers 菲奥娜莫里是 澳大利亚阅读教育的专家,她曾在悉 goes out every day to eat lovely gre适e合n儿童le高a声v朗e读s的.书 One Chinese and English Bilingual version 尼公立和私立学校1-6年级任教,担任学前早期教育的 ISBN 978-0-6482625-0-3 Children’s day, after meeting Andrea the Ant, he bites off a bitGETTINGREADYTOREAD Book Awards 作者 菲奥娜 默里 老师。她曾为 Fiona Murray The Carlos and Friends series: 新南威尔士教育部工作,是早期干预和特殊儿童教育 • Carlos the Caterpillar and Dinalie Dabarera 绘图 戴娜丽 达巴瑞热 师资咨询专家。 • Andrea the Ant • Benita the Bee 《毛毛虫卡洛斯和他的朋友们》(5本小丛书)于2013 • Izzy the Lizard • Sammy the Slug 年获得美国《月光儿童读物优秀奖》。 more than he can chew! Taught in both public and private primary A read aloud and read along schools (K-6), Fiona Murray is a specialist CCaarrllooss_thCeovCeart_e2r1p6illxa2r_1c6o.ivnedrd.ind4d 1 C蚂athAre蚁tlh安ConeA琪sad儿tnreetrpa illar9/11/12 10:10AM 08-A9p/r1-118/127:2190::5140 AAMM literacy teacher in Sydney, Australia. She Carlos_Cover_216x216.indd 1 A read abloouodkafnodr prereasdchaoloonlegrs has also worked for the NSW Department of Education as a Regional Consultant book for preschoolers for Early Intervention and Integration (assisting teachers to support children with 适合儿童高声朗读的书 a disability in a mainstream classroom). Additionally, she has worked in preschools Andrea the Ant  Mums and Dads and crèches as an Early Learning Teacher Come and join Carlos the Caterpillar and friends! and a Support Teacher for children with a disability. 16 pp plus cover printed both sides Carlos the Caterpillar and Friends (5 books) have received a Moonbeam Children’s Andrea is an ant who loves to find aphids on plants Book Award from the United States for 2013! A read aloud and read along 中文翻译 Chinese Translation so she can feast on their honeydew. She meets Ben-book for preschoolers 适合儿童高声朗读的书 姜扬:美国肯塔基大学, 认知神经科学和心理学, 副 ita the Bee who wants to find honey goo too! Benita Children’s Chinese and English 教授 ISBN 978-0-6482625-1-0 Book Awards Bilingual version Associate Professor, Cognitive Neuroscience flies off to find flowers. GETTING READY TO READ The Carlos and Friends series: an作adn者FDdioiFnDnia菲oailnniM奥eaaluD娜iMeraruDba默rayarr里baeayrraera and Psychology, University Kentucky, USA • Carlos the Caterpillar 绘图 戴娜丽 达巴瑞热 Meanwhile has not• Andrea the Ant • Benita the Bee • Izzy the Lizard • Sammy the Slug quite found the honeydew of her dreams.Andrea_Cover_216x216.indd 4 21/11/12 11:20 AM Carlos_Cover_216x216.indd 1 9/11/12 10:10 AM Andrea_cover.indd 1 Andrea_Cover_216x216.indd 1 21/11/12 11:19 AM Mums and Dads A Areraedaadloauloduadnadnrdearedaadloanlogng 08-Apr-18 7:30:22 AM Come and join Carlos the Caterpillar and friends! bobookofkofroprrepsrcehsochooleorlsers Benita the Bee  C蜜B蜂athere芭nl妮Coit塔saattehre Bpielelar适合儿童高声朗读的书 20 pp plus cover printed both sides Benita has turned into a silly bee. She doesn’t likeA read aloud and read along Chinese and English book for preschoolers Bilingual version honey or pollen anymore. Instead s适h合e儿童l高ik声e朗读s的t书o use 作者 菲奥娜 默里 绘aan图nddFDFiDoii戴noninana娜laaiMle丽iMeuDurD达arrbaa巴raybaray瑞erre热ara ISBN 978-0-6482625-2-7 Children’s flowers as musical instruments. Izzy the Lizard hasGETTINGREADYTOREAD Book Awards The Carlos and Friends series: • Carlos the Caterpillar • Andrea the Ant • Benita the Bee • Izzy the Lizard • Sammy the Slug to show Benita how she can be a real bee and enjoy Benita_Cover_216x216.indd 4 21/11/12 11:18 AM Benita_Cover_216x216.indd 1 21/11/12 11:18 AM Benita the Bee_cover.indd 1 08-Apr-91/811/71:230:1008:1A0MAM music too. Mums and Dads C蜥Iz蜴athzre怡yl泽CotshaetLerizpailrldarCarlos_Cover_216x216.indd 1A Areraedaadloauloduadnadnrdearedaadloanlogng Come and join Carlos the Caterpillar and friends! bobookofkofroprrepsrcehsochooleorlsers Izzy the Lizard  适合儿童高声朗读的书 20 pp plus cover printed both sides A read aloud and read along Izzy the Lizard has lots of fun in her gorgeousbook for preschoolers gar- 适合儿童高声朗读的书 den. Gertie the Garden Gnome is her friend and Children’s Chinese and English looks after Izzy. ISBN 978-0-6482625-3-4 Book Awards Bilingual version Watch out GETTING READY TO READ E The Carlos and Friends series: 作者 菲奥娜 默里 • Carlos the Caterpillar 绘aan图nddFDFiDoii戴noninana娜laaiMle丽iMeuDurD达arrbaa巴raybaray瑞erre热ara when Cat goes• Andrea the Ant • Benita the Bee • Izzy the Lizard • Sammy the Slug funny! Izzy_Cover_216x216.indd 4 21/11/12 11:21 AM A read aloud and read along 21/11/12 11:21 AM Izzy the Lizard_cover.indd 1 Izzy_Cover_216x216.indd 1 A read abloouodkafnodr prereasdchaoloonlegrs 08-Apr-91/811/71:229:1107:1A0MAM SC菜aat叶mhre虫lmCo萨sya米tteherSpliullgarCarlos_Cover_216x216.indd 1 book for preschoolers 适合儿童高声朗读的书 Mums and Dads Come and join Carlos the Caterpillar and friends! Sammy the Slug  16 pp plus cover printed both sides Sammy is a sleepy slug in a bunch of spinach inA read aloud and read along the 杨藻镜:中国北京师范大学, 外国语言与文学学院, 教授 book for preschoolers Chinese and English Professor, School of Foreign Languages and fruit shop. Join him on his travels适合to儿童P高声a朗t’读s的书house Bilingual version Literature, Beijing Normal University, China when she buys the spinach! Oh no! Is Sammy goingGETTINGREADYTOREAD Children’s an作adn者FDdioiFnDnia菲oailnniM奥eaaluD娜iMeraruDba默rayarr里baeayrraera to end up in a stew? Book Awards 绘图 戴娜丽 达巴瑞热 ISBN 978-0-6482625-4-1 The Carlos and Friends series: • Carlos the Caterpillar • Andrea the Ant • Benita the Bee • Izzy the Lizard • Sammy the Slug Sammy_Cover_216x216.indd 4 21/11/12 11:22 AM Carlos_Cover_216x216.indd 1 9/11/12 10:10 AM Sammy the Slug_cover.indd 1 Sammy_Cover_216x216.indd 1 21/11/12 11:22 AM 08-Apr-18 7:29:02 AM Specifications Full colour throughout, 215mm square, Saddle stitched Gloss laminated cover: cover 300gsm, text pages 115gsm The 5 book series is available with a cute carry bag.

KIDZ BOOK HUB NEWSLETTER MAY 2020 What’s new at Kidz Book Hub BLM 10 Page  5 Parent Guide Materials Assess Now Parent Guide How you can help your child as a reader • Before beginning to read, turn off the TV and computer and settle in somewhere comfortable. • Read to and with your child as often as you can and encourage her/him to join in. Vary the type of books, for example, short stories, poems, and longer stories read in chapters. • Build up a collection of favorites – your child will want to revisit them over and over. Include fiction and nonfiction books. Help your child make a collection of books by his/her favorite author. • Draw the child’s attention to, and discuss, the illustrations, photos, captions, and headings in the books you are reading with her/him. When reading picture books help the child tell the story from the pictures on each page. Help your child make connections between what he/she reads and his/her life. • Let your child read to you and anyone else who is willing to be read to. Accept and praise your child’s attempts to read. • Allow “wait-time” when your child is reading to you. She/he needs time to reread and self correct. • If your child inserts a word while reading and it makes sense, don’t interfere. If a word he/she reads doesn’t make sense wait until the end of the sentence or paragraph and say, “ You said…, does that make sense?” • Enroll your child in the local library, and browse with your child at the local bookstore. • Encourage your child to bring a book home from school every day. • Use instructions to make things together, for example, cooking or planting seeds. • Give your child books as presents on special occasions, and encourage him/her to give books as gifts to friends and family.© 2008. This sheet is reproducible for classroom use only. 123

KIDZ BOOK HUB NEWSLETTER MAY 2020 BLM 11 Page  6 What’s new at Kidz Book Hub PAasrseensst NGouwidPearMeantteGruiiadles How you can help your child as a writer • Show your child how you use writing: write the shopping list, reminders, telephone messages, greeting cards, and e-mails in front of them. • If your child asks about letters, call them by NAME, not sound. • Buy your child some magnetic letters so he/she can make words, and put them on the refrigerator door. • Make a family message board and encourage the child to write her/his own messages. • Encourage your child’s attempts at spelling, telling him/her to try it on his/her own. • Write messages to your child such as “please feed the dog,” and encourage her/ him to write replies. • Make a special place where your child can write. Make sure there are pencils and paper there. • Encourage your child to make and send greeting cards for special occasions. • Encourage your child to write and send letters and e-mails. • Write a letter to your child and send it by mail. • Start a family diary to record special days and events. • If your child asks you to fix his/her writing, check with the school to see if there is an agreed editing checklist and get a copy. • Work with your child so that she/he is making the corrections, not you. • Don’t use a red pen to correct children’s writing. • Make sure your child has access to a dictionary and thesaurus that he/she can use. There are simple picture and junior dictionaries at bookstores and libraries. 124 © Assess Now 2008. This sheet is reproducible for classroom use only.

KIDZ BOOK HUB NEWSLETTER MAY 2020 What’s new at Kidz Book Hub Page  7 CONTACT Bob Andersen [email protected] +613 9489 3968 +61 (0) 416 878 499 [email protected] Kidzbookhub: An exciting web‑based literacy product!

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