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Salud COOMEVA Magazine || August - September 2016

Published by El Colombiano, 2016-08-05 12:09:02

Description: Coomeva Private Healthcare supports the message and invitation by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA), who is working together with WHO and UNICEF to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week.

Coomeva Private Healthcare seeks to work towards creating a safe and healthy childhood for our children. It is our desire to serve as a support in the task of learning, unlearning and developing spaces to provide guidelines on: raising children, protecting them, the timely identification of risk factors, preventing illnesses that are prevalent in childhood, warning signs and symptoms, and on forming healthy habits in order to prevent chronic diseases in adulthood.


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ISSN 1692 - 5556 August – September 2016 - Issue 130 COOMEVA MEDICINA PREPAGADA THE POWER OF FRUIT

Issue 130 BREASTFEEDING:August – September 2016 FROM DAY ONERevista Salud FounderGilberto Lotero Muñoz (R.I.P) Coomeva Private Healthcare wards, ensures the child’s good healthChairwoman of the Board supports the message and invita- not just during childhood, but throughoutMaría Eugenia Pérez Zea tion by the World Alliance for their whole life. This is due to the nutritio-Executive President Of the Breastfeeding Action (WABA), who is nal benefits of breastmilk and its positiveCooperativo Coomeva Business Group working together with WHO and UNICEF effects on the immune system, as it stimu-Alfredo Arana Velasco to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week. lates the physical, intellectual and psy- The focus of this year’s event is related to chological growth of the baby and crea-CEO the Sustainable Development Goals esta- tes a special bond between the motherCoomeva Sector Salud blished through the Millennium and the child, providing a sensation ofGilberto Quinche Toro Development Goals which have been defi- well-being and happiness to both.Prepaid Medicine CEO ned by the UN and will serve as a guide for Breastfeeding is also key part of sustai-Jorge Alberto Zapata Builes the next 15 years. nable development as it is the tie bet-General Manager In aligning ourselves with the government’s ween nutrition and food security, andXiomara Iveth Campo policies, Coomeva Private Healthcare development and subsistence; as it is anEditorial Committee seeks to work towards creating a safe and environmentally sustainable practicePascual Estrada Garcés healthy childhood for our children. It is our when compared to other alternatives.National Director of Prepaid desire to serve as a support in the task of Our nursing mothers have all theHealthcare learning, unlearning and developing spa- support of an extensive national networkHernán Darío Rodríguez ces to provide guidelines on: raising chil- of professionals that are dedicated toMEC National Director dren, protecting them, the timely identifi- developing preventative and educationalBlanca Inés Vélez cation of risk factors, preventing illnesses measures that seek, together withNational Director of Oral Health that are prevalent in childhood, warning parents, to provide children with theJoas Benítez signs and symptoms, and on forming heal- best conditions for their growth, deve-Director of Epidemiology thy habits in order to prevent chronic lopment and education. This support canClaudia Patricia Erazo diseases in adulthood. also be found at our Synergy HealthAtención Sinergia Salud National We are convinced that children that are Comprehensive Healthcare Units.Security Chief only fed breastmilk during the first sixBertha Varela Rojas month of life, and as a supplement after- •Together we can contribute to building aNational Medical Auditing DirectorMartha Liliana Cifuentes healthy and responsible society!National Coordinator of HealthcareProvider Relations Editorial and Graphic Direction, Magazine General Editor Journalists ComercializaciónClaudia Alexandra García prepress and printing Paula Andrea Montoya T. Isabel Vallejo El ColombianoNational Coordinator of Sinergia Salud El Colombiano Magazine Editor Ana María López de Mesa Cali: 310 544 2354Providers Tel.: (4) 331 5252 Natalia Estefania Botero C. Ingrid Cruz [email protected] Fernando Saavedra [email protected] Graphic Editor Daniela Granada Bogotá: (1)4156764 ext. 1504National Director of Marketing and Hugo A. Vásquez E. Maria Isabel Abad Medellín: 312 202 7269Advertising Design Paola Cardona [email protected]án Villegas Carolina Salazar L. Photography 313 570 7356National Chief of Risk Management in ShutterStock, Complimetary [email protected] Castillo PérezInternational Business ManagerEditorPaula Lilián Henao BermúdezEditorial CoordinatorEvelyn Catalina Morales HenaoCollaboratorsMarco Emilio Ocampo OsorioMauricio Castillo PérezThe contents of all Salud Coomeva Medicina Prepagada S.A. magazine articles are illustrative in nature and/or for general knowledge. In no case are they meant to replace the advice or guidance of a physi-cian. Readers shall not use this information in order to self-diagnose and/or perform an analysis, diagnosis or treatment of a disease or health problem without consulting with a certified physician.The product and service offers made in the ads published in the Salud Coomeva Medicina Prepagada S.A. magazine are the sole responsibility of the advertisers. Also, the company is not liable nor obligatedto provide its affiliates the services, procedures or treatments described in the contents of articles that are not included in the coverage offered by Coomeva Medicina Prepagada S.A., nor shall they be obli-gated to include them in their plans and services. All rights reserved. May not be reproduced in any form or system. © 2016

CONTENTSAugust - September 20167 23 43 65( )WITH YOUR WORLD ( )WITH YOUR MIND ( )WITH YOUR BODY ( )CORPORATE8 Trends 24 Grandparents 44 For your smile 66 Focus A home with its doors The joy of being a Your teeth in the hands Dental wide open. young grandparent. of a specialist. emergencies.12 Prevention 28 For him 48 Infographic 68 Special Protect your eyes with Men experience The heart: our own Story of satisfied proper eye care. depression too. personal motor. customers.16 A healthy mind 32 Harmony is health 50 Your generation 72 Institutional Medicine for happiness. Useful apps for taking A time of change. Loyal user plan. care of your health.18 Little giants 56 For her Take a stand 36 Couples Living with the symptoms against bullying. No kids: a couple’s deci- of menopause. sion. 58 Eating naturally 42 Games Fruit for a Crossword puzzle and healthy body. sudoku. 62 Before How to handle supplements.

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WITH YOUR WORLD( ))WITH YOUR WORLDHEALTHY HABITSCAN SLOW ANDEVEN REVERSETHE AGINGPROCESS OFHUMANS.PRACTICE HEALTHY HABITSA nutritious diet based on fruits andvegetables, physical training, yogafor reducing stress and socialsupport in different areas of life helpto rejuvenate your cells.INCREASE THE OXYGENIN YOUR BODYVitamin C works to detoxify thebody. Foods that are rich in vitaminC such as oranges and limesare ideal, as they are easy tofind and prepare.HYDRATEWater brings nutrients to yourbody’s cells, it aids in digestion,eliminates waste and keepsyour kidneys healthy.70%OF THE BODY IS MADE UPOF WATER WHICH MUSTCONTINUALLY BE REPLACED,AS DAILY ACTIVITYCONSUMES A LARGE PARTOF THIS RESERVE. 7


( )WITH YOUR WORLD trendsSome routine practices done at homecontribute to the presence of allergies,which are caused by closed spacesand poor hygiene. MEDICAL ADVISOR: ALFONSO CEPEDA SARABIA Allergy Specialist, practitioner at Coomeva Private HealthcareA healthy home means keeping and biological contaminants as much as everyday routines such as opening possible. Included in this first group of doors and windows. This is what contaminants are detergents, disinfec-the allergy specialist, Alfonso Cepeda tants, chlorinated products, pesticides,Sarabia, suggests. Native to Barranquilla, perfumes, paints, formaldehyde woodsCepeda is one of the three Colombian and cigarette smoke. While it is impossibleparticipants of the ISAAC,* the most to completely stop using some of these pro-extensive and recognized study in the ducts, it is possible to limit their use; otherworld on this topic. products with ecological seals of approval can be found in the market, and it is also According to him, the habits we form in important to keep the house well ventila-the home contribute to the presence of aller- ted when these products must be used.gies. Among many others, one cause of aller-gies is the fact that our lifestyles have beco- Included in the second group, theme more and more enclosed and sedentary. biological contaminants, are mold parti- cles, dust mites and cockroaches. While This new tendency of being in confi- it is impossible, and even ill-advised, toned spaces has inspired Dr. Cepeda to completely eliminate them, it is impor-refer to the new generation, which is tant to maintain certain practices thatglued to their cell phones and isolated can keep them away.from nature, as “the square meter chil-dren;” children who live in enclosed spa- The first way to do so is to reduceces not just in their homes, but humidity, a breeding ground for mold. Asthroughout a vicious cycle of unhealthy research shows, mold is directly related topractices. Because of this lifestyle, these the number of asthma attacks in children.children and youth develop symptoms in This can be managed by making simpleclosed spaces such as sneezing, nasal con- everyday efforts which should be donegestion, runny noses, pruritus or itchy regularly in all homes, but especially ineyes and nose, coughing, wheezing and those located near streams or rainforests,even difficulty breathing. where humidity is prevalent.FRESHEN UP YOUR HABITS Recommended steps include ventila-In order to break this cycle, Cepeda ting the home daily, even for just a smallsuggests reducing chemical contaminants period of time, and opening the windows and doors of closed spaces (rooms, bath- 9

WITH YOUR WORLD rooms, storage rooms, closets, cupboards or chest of drawers, etc.). Doing this redu-( )trends ces the amount of mold and dust mites that have collected there, therefore redu-10 cing the possibility of serious asthma and respiratory allergy symptoms. It is also recommended to remove rugs and objects that gather dust from bedrooms. Vacuum pillows and mattresses for 10 minutes once a month, wash sheets and blankets with hot water once a week, and clean sofas and couches periodically. If it is still humid, the use of a dehumidifier is recommended, which can be purchased at your local depart- ment store. INSPECT YOUR HOME Pets are also a source of several different allergies. Dogs and cats produce small allergy-causing particles that float and stay in the air for a long period of time. Rabbits and hamsters can cause asthma, hay fever and pink eye. When an allergy has been diagnosed and is caused by a pet, it is best to remove the pet. If this cannot be done, there are some strategies that can help, but only partially. For example, avoid allowing the pet to enter the bedroom and prohibit it from laying on the bed. Ventilate the home or use air purification systems with highly efficient filters. Vacuum furniture, curtains and pillows frequently. In main- taining the pet’s hygiene, bathe it once a week and pat them down with a wet towel every three to four days. All of the above described tasks form part of set of healthy routines that keep homes ventilated, clean, with air flow exchange to the outdoors, and that pre- vent concentrated humidity and the use of chemicals. As Cepeda explains, the idea is to seek out a healthy environment in the home, but also go outdoors and move beyond that square meter of space. •*The International Study of Asthma and Allergy in Childhood

CLEANLINESS, ( )WITH YOUR WORLDA HEALTHYHABIT 111 In the bathroom: Wash shower cur- tains regularly with bleach or with a similar product to avoid the accumu- lation of mold. In addition to asthma, mold can trigger other allergies and cuase skin irritations. Get rid of unnecessary materials that it can accumulate on.2 In the bedroom: Keep the upper part of dressers clean. You can use newspapers to get to areas that are hard to reach. This also helps pre- vent the accumulation of grease, dust and grime in the kitchen. Eliminate small objects that gather dust, especially books.3 Ventilate: Regulate humidity, bring in oxygen and renew stale indoor air. It is best to do this daily, both during cold weather (avoid condensation) and hot weather (helps cool you down). Avoid dust gathering on fabric such as couches and beds.

( )WITH YOUR WORLD 80% PROTECT OF ALL THE WORLD’S CASES YOUR EYES OF VISION IMPAIRMENT CAN BE PREVENTED OR CURED BY WITH PROPER EYE CARE TAKING PREVENTATIVE MEASURES. Harmful habits such as reading with low light and spending toomuch time in front of a television can affect the health of your visual organs. MEDICAL ADVISOR: JAIME ALBERTO GARCÍA ORDÓÑEZ Ophthalmologist, practitioner at Coomeva Private Healthcare Sometimes we believe that if we can see well, we can force our eyes to operate in conditions that are harmful to our health. As common as they may sound, some of the following situations can affect our vision: reading a book without enough light, trying to understand a magazine article while we are traveling in a moving vehicle or being in front of a computer screen for over eight hours. Our eyes, the organs in our body that allow us to see, also need care and atten- tion. It is not just about going to a specia- list to be prescribed glasses or contact len- ses, even a poor nutrition, lacking in vita- mins and minerals, can also create vision problems. “Vitamin deficiencies weakens the eyes’ capabilities and make your vision deteriorate little by little. First comes eyes-12

train and then it becomes difficult to see ( )WITH YOUR WORLDwell. Nutrition is part of all the functionsof the human body. It is important to 13believe that nutrition is necessary for theeyes,” states ophthalmologist, JaimeAlberto García OrdóñezENVIRONMENTAL CAUSESTouching your eyelids constantly withdirty hands and not implementingappropriate hygiene in taking care ofyour face are actions that have aninfluence in the development of visualproblems, which can be caused by bacte-ria and diseases like conjunctivitis(commonly known as pink eye).There are also diseases that influencethe inception of eye conditions. 246Tobacco use can dry out youreyes, preventing grime andsmall particles that cansometimes get stuck inthe eye from getting clea- MILLION PEOPLE IN THEned out. This causes for WORLD HAVE LOW VISION,infections to develop, ACCORDING TO THEtriggering the onset of eye WORLD HEALTHconditions. ORGANIZATION.Not getting enough sleep isalso a risk to your eye health.When you sleep, your eyes recover fromtheir daily routine and epithelial cells areregenerated.AVOID RISKY BEHAVIOR“One of the most common habits thatcause a diversity of vision problems isscratching the eyes with force. This beha-vior causes damage to the cornea,”explains García Ordóñez. Pay specialattention to children, they tend to puttheir face too close to mobile devices, abehavior that can cause different types ofeye conditions. Remember, there is no surgery or inter-vention that can completely recover theabilities this organ loses. So if you wantoptimal visual health, avoid this riskybehavior. Review your daily activities andtake preventative action.

( )WITH YOUR WORLDEYE CARE 1 ENVIRONMENT: Work in 5 INCLINATION: Your work well-ventilated areas and, material should be at an inclina-The following recommendations can if possible, in open spaces. tion of 20 degrees, this elimina-help transform many people’s ability tes reflection and allows you toto see: 2 LIGHT: Should not be too be further away when the mate- strong or too soft. It is advisa- rial is on a flat surface ble to work with natural light in addition to a stronger light pro- 6POSTURE: It is important for jected towards your work area. your whole body to have correct Avoid the projection of light posture. Your back and head directly front of your eyes and should be straight and your feet avoid shady areas as they can should be able to touch the floor whenever possible. Your head or 3 cause fatigue. body should not be twisted. This DISTANCE: Your work material means that you should avoid rea- should be between 14 and 16 ding while stretched out on the inches away from your face. If you are writing, it is advisable 7 floor or on the bed. to hold onto the pencil one to REST: For every two hours of work, you should rest for bet- 4 three centimeters from its tip. ween a minimum of 5 to 10 WHEN YOUR EYES BECOME minutes. After finishing reading TIRED: If your eyes are fati- a page, it is recommended to gued, it is better to rest than to lift up your head and focus your force your eyes to work. eyes on a distant object for a few seconds, this allows you to relax your vision.14

(Taking care of your ( )WITH YOUR WORLD vision with eye care helps to control factors that can cause 15 permanent damage to your vision. 8 PERIPHERAL VISION: Whenever you perform a task where you are fixated on something (driving, watching TV, reading, etc.) you should be aware of your peripheral vision, the things that surround you. This is why it is recommended to 9 watch TV with the lights on. WATCHING TV: The correct dis- tance for watching TV is approxi- mately seven times the size of the TV screen. It should not be watched while in an inclined posi- tion or while you are stretched out on the floor. Nothing should10 be reflected off of the screen. GO TO THE OPHTHALMOLO- GIST: You should not fixate on objects that you cannot see clear- ly, and you should not squint in order to see well. If you make a face or squint your eyes and your •vision improves, you should see your ophthalmologist

( )WITH YOUR WORLDMHEADICPINPEIFNOER SSSmiling heals physical diseases.In order to get better, have a positiveand determined mentality in order tounderstand the disease and its origin.MEDICAL ADVISOR JOSÉ GERARDO ALBÁN. PhysicianSince the 70’s, the scientific world tances consist of 50% of the neurotransmi- began to connect physical health tters that are in charge of expressing joy, problems with people’s emotions. In enthusiasm, vitality and happiness.1964, psychiatrist George Solomon noti-ced that the condition of his patients with This was explained by surgeon Josérheumatoid arthritis worsened when they Gerardo Albán, who has studied techni-were stressed; which is what was happe- ques for treating people without medica-ning not only with this condition, but tions or diagnostic procedures. “I camewith different autoimmune diseases. across a new science called psychoneu- roendocrinoimmunology, which explains Later, other healthcare professionals how the mind can make us sick and howfound that there was also a similar con- the mind can heal us.”nection between stress and the endocrinesystem; when women became stressed, According to the WHO, 85% of disea-their menstrual cycle either shortened or ses are psychosomatic. “If the origin of thebecame longer. It was finally determined disease is in the mind, that is where wethat this state affects the body. have to treat it. As doctors, we focus on the body; we perform symptom-based In order to explain this, it is important treatment and we do not get to the root ofto understand that the body releases both the problem,” he emphasizes.positive substances such as dopamine(which makes the body feel healthy), as well When people go to a psychiatrist, theyas negative substances such as cortisol (the prescribe them medications to treat depres-stress hormone), which make the body feel sion, to help them sleep and to managestressed out, angry or sad. These first subs- their panic attacks, among other condi- tions. This allows for dopamine to be artifi-16

( )WITH YOUR WORLD a Healthy Mindcially released into the body. There is a In order to explain this, Dr. Albán THE ROAD TOnatural way to produce it, however; and that affirms, “Nobody dies of cancer. Patients MEDICINE FORis by smiling. Each time you smile, even if die from thinking that they are going to HAPPINESSyou do not feel like doing it, dopamine is die from the disease. When they say, ‘Youproduced which counteracts cortisol. have cancer,’ or some other disease 1 Every day, imagine who you want to without a cure, the majority of people be. Decide if you want to be younger, “If you have a headache, what should you release their own internal negative phar- healthier, full of life, happy, Laugh. And if you have gastritis? Laugh. maceutical laboratory; but when thisYou will begin to notice that your life will vicious cycle is broken, people can think 2 Throughout the day, at least 10 times achange. It works!” explains the specialist. of the future and choose to continue day, repeat who you want to be by living. That is when one’s life expectancy saying, “I am:” I am healthy, I am young, When someone is stressed or depressed, is raised from months to years.” I am happy, etc.they release cortisol, their blood pressureincreases, and their blood-sugar level increa- The cure for happiness is to love your- 3 Before closing your eyes and going toses. This contributes to obesity and causes self. ‘Stop beating up on yourself,’ as they sleep every night, think of yourself asacne, osteoporosis and gastritis; mentally, say. It is important to move on and a healthy being. Someone who is heal-the individual enters into a dark space, express yourself: “No guilt, embarrass- thy, has no tumors or pain. This personmaking them negative. In general, the indi- ment, or fear. I am a good person, the that you imagine will stay with you andvidual’s immune system becomes low, product of the best parts of myself. If I the next day when you wake up, this ismaking it easier for viruses and bacteria to love myself I eat healthy, I engage in the person that will be with youattack. This is why after experiencing emo- physical activity, I walk, I breathe in fresh throughout the day.tional trauma, it is common for colds or air, I go out in the sun, I enjoy lifebody aches and headaches to occur. without restraint nor am I frustrated 4 Smile every hour, this is your dose of because of a future that is being cut dopamine. If you are sick, in some sort According to the specialist, the first short. Making the decision to change my of health crisis or are in pain, dedicatething you can do is to stop the negative life depends on me.” five minutes, three times a day, to thin-substances that make you sick from pro- king that the organ or body part thatducing, and generate the positive ones Abandoning traditional medicine or is ill is healing, getting better and isthat heal you. These positive substances medications is not necessary. It is important becoming regenerated. Imagine a neware released through positive thoughts for people to understand that the power of healthy you.such as joy, happiness, love and being at the mind can heal. It is a process. Little bypeace with yourself. “The key is to be little the improvement can be seen and the 5 Before going to bed write down whathappy, which is why my instructions for person will feel the need to progressively you are thankful for: family, your job,healing any disease is to have a doctor’s have fewer treatment sessions or medica- your home. This positive thought willappointment for happiness, or medicine tions. When happiness allows you to see bring you peace and will prepare youfor happiness, where I teach people what the suggested treatment as something good, for new situations and people to bethey have to do to be happy and cure the results will be even better; this repre- brought on.themselves of any disease such as cancer, sents the disease working towards healing.lupus, arthritis, and asthma, among 6 Smile everywhere and at everyone. Ifothers. And all that they need to change is Coomeva Private Healthcare keeps its you want people to love you, love.their mental programming.” members in mind by providing them with Happiness is contagious. the tools to heal physically and emotiona- It is best for the individual to first filter lly through the power of a positive andthrough their mind, take note of what has powerful mind. Revista Salud Coomeva,happened in the last few days, months or together with Dr. Albán, will hold ayears. “It is important to know what is “Medicine for Happiness” conference inaffecting them emotionally and when they major cities throughout the second half ofbecame aware of the problem. Often the year. Find out how to attend at yourtimes, when they discover this, they arehealed. It is not in what is physical it is in •closest Comprehensive Healthcare Unitwhat is mental,” he adds. (UIS, Spanish acronym) 17

( )WITH YOUR WORLD BULLYINGTAKE A STAND AGAINST More and more tools are available every day to fight school bullying. It is important for parents to play a more active role because the solution starts at home. MEDICAL ADVISOR: LINA MARÍA SALDARRIAGA. Psychologist.A few years ago the English word school where the strongest and biggest stu- PUTTING THE MATTER ON THE TABLE “bullying” became incorporated dents take advantage of the weaker ones. into the Spanish language in The problem is that this issue has alwaysColombia, “matoneo”, as it is known in Lina María Saldarriaga, Director of been spoken about with regard to the vic-this country. This word is used in the PaPaz Content and Research tim, but we understand little about theschools, is in the news and in parent Network, affirms that what has happe- abuser, the bully. According toconferences. What up until this moment ned in the last few years is not due to the Saldarriaga, the first thing that has to bewas considered almost normal, issue becoming more common; it is understood is that when a child targetsunderhanded abuse that has always been because researchers, teachers and princi- their victim, it can’t be assumed that theya part of schools, exploded with situa- pals have more tools to detect the pro- have some type of mental issue or thattions that were beyond violent. The blem and have become more aware of the they have a serious anger problem. Oftenissue hit a new low when the University effects that bullying has at school. times, these bullies need attention, needFundación Universitaria de Ciencias de to achieve power in their relationships, orla Salud released in 2013 that in In the sixties there was already eviden- they may simply lack social skills, which isColombia, one of every five children ce of bullying, it is not something new. why bullying becomes a tool for them.were victims of this form of abuse. What we didn’t understand was the damage that this causes and the magnitu- “Bullies have difficulties putting But that wasn’t all. In 2014, the Plan de of it all. Parents sometimes believe themselves in the shoes of others, feelingFoundation published a study that revea- those myths that going through intimida- what others feel or understanding theled that 77.5% of students in Colombia ting experiences make children stronger consequences of their actions. It also can’thad experienced bullying at school at or build their character, but this is not be assumed that just because they are asome point between first and eleventh true. Children who are victims of bullying child, they are unstable, making themgrade; just like in the movies about the have problems forming relationships and become a bully.” There are warning symp- have serious self-esteem issues.” toms for parents to be aware of: if your18

( )WITH YOUR WORLD little giants (Bullying is caused by intolerance. The consequences of it include dropping out of school, poor academic performance, or in the worst of cases, suicide.child constantly makes fun of others, or to mitigate the bullying if they are kind to THE ROOT OFdoesn’t demonstrate regret or guilt when their aggressor, but this makes them even THE WORDthey make a mistake, make sure they are more of a victim. They have to be taughtnot a bully. “There are children that are to be very firm without retaliating.” The term “bullying” was coined in thedemonstrating that they need something United States and is a loan word inor they may even be victims themselves.” Is there a way to prevent bullying? Spanish. It represents the charging or They key is for parents to be involved in attacking of the bull in bullfights. In theVICTIMS AND VICTIMIZERS daily lives of their children. The average United States, this issue has been oneDifferent theories exist about the victims. parent, who only has time for their work, of the factors associate with some ofSome experts believe that they are chil- needs to be encouraged to get involved the school shootings.dren that are not capable of managing and get to know what their child does,their emotions; they react by hiding or who their friends are, how they interactcrying, showing signs of weakness, or with them; they need to keep an openperhaps they don’t have a solid group of dialogue with them, instill them withfriends. There are also those children that trust, support them in developing lastingstick out for having different physical cha- friendships, make plans for them to goracteristics, or they are not good at sports out with their friends or to play a gameor at art. together at home. The important thing is, Saldarriaga explains, “…to teach them “Victims need to be taught to speak to respond assertively in these situations;with conviction because many times they that if they are being bullied, not to reacttend to react to these attacks by being with violence, but to seek help, especiallycompliant. They believe that it is possible when they are very young. In the case of 19

WITH YOUR WORLD( )little giantsWHAT GOES ON IN adolescents, they need to be taught toTHE LIFE OF A BULLY? respond with conviction.”► They hide from their own fears ► They live in areas with high levels of Remember, bullying take place from► There is abuse at home delinquency within a school, but the solution starts► They experience a lack of affection from within the home.► They flaunt their power ► They are the child of separated parents► They experience a lack of loving attention ► Their needs for comfort cannot be met BULLYING ON THE INTERNET► They don’t have the space to be with Cyberbullying is a type of bullying that so they supplement these financial uses media such as social networks, messa- someone ging programs, e-mail as well as electronic needs through illicit means devices such as computers, cell phones,► They have little to no upbringing on and tablets in order to achieve the same values ► They discover their sexuality earlier objectives as physical bullying. The purpo- than most se of this type of bullying is to hurt someo-► They have witnessed and are victims of ne through repeated attacks where there is domestic violence ► They abandon their college studies ear- an imbalance of power, the difference this lier than others time is that this is achieved through elec- tronic media. Be aware of your child’s ► They perpetuate abuse in a relationship social networks, remember that every web- and among their family site has regulations and age restrictions,WHAT IS THE PROFILE OF A VICTIM? •and that parental controls exist as a way to► They cry often or intellectual weakness protect and supervise your child► Are insecure► Have some type of physical ► They don’t participate in games for fear of rejection20



20% WITH YOUR MINDOF THE NEED FOR ( ))WITH YOUR MINDOXYGEN AND CALORIES INOUR BODY COMES FROMOUR BRAINS.FROM THE VERY FIRST YEARS OF LIFE, THE BRAIN IS IN ACONSTANT PROCESS OF MATURING WHERE IT CONTINUALLYESTABLISHES NEW CONNECTIONS BETWEEN NEURONS.REPEAT ACTIVITIES GET GOOD SLEEP WAKE UP THE MINDPracticing something repetitively and focu- A lack of sleep can have a negative A lack of information to the brain causessing while performing tasks can improve effect on the memory and brain func- confusion, stress and delusion which isthese connections and make them functio- tion, creating a greater risk for the early why practicing communication is annal, increasing your potential to learn. onset of severe dementia. excellent way to fuel the brain. 23

( )WITH YOUR MIND THE JOY OF BEING A YOUNG The images of grandparents that are old, loving, far away and out of style GRANDPARENT are beginning to collect their dust on post cards and old photos. MEDICAL ADVISOR LINA MARCELA BENÍTEZ. Grandparenthood can be experienced in Psychologist, practitioner at Coomeva Private Healthcare different ways, not just because some older grandparents have an attitude of Taking on this new role and being openness and learning with regard to aware of what it consists of is their grandchildren – different than what they had with their children – but becau- fundamental to understanding its se sometimes, this state of “grandpa- function in the family. renthood” surprises parents that are still young, which has an influence on their relationship with their grandchildren. It may be that for these young grandpa- rents, it is difficult and strange to take on the name “grandparent” or any other related nickname, they may not have any peers to relate with because their situation is so uni-24

( )WITH YOUR MIND grandparentsque, and they may be shocked to be pushed (Being a grandparent is relatedup a notch in the scale of generations. to getting the opportunity to enjoy timeWithout admitting to it, they may even feel with grandchildren without having to playthat this role pushes them into premature a motherly or fatherly role. It is a role thataging, as if becoming a young grandparent can be enjoyed at any phase of life.were a contradiction in terms of genealogy;or they may even feel loss because their chil- THE ROLE OF EXPERIENCEdren were rushed into parenthood. The role of grandparents is essential forWhatever the feeling may be, the situation grandchildren because however old theymust be addressed in the best way possible. are, they can contribute their experience and help children grow with the emotions According to psychologist Lina Marcela that they develop. Along the side ofBenítez, “How this new situation is faced grandparents, children develop a feelingdepends on the coping strategies that each of safety, confidence and affection, contri-person has developed throughout their buting to their emotional stability.whole life. For some adults, this tends to bean unexpected situation more than a blow But not only do the grandchildren winto the ego; in the end, they manage to come from this relationship, grandparents bene-to terms with it through the experience and fit too, as they get to see the worldmaturity of having gone through the jour- through the eyes of their grandchildren.ney of parenthood themselves.” Through grandchildren, new expressions, advances in technology and new ways ofBEING A GRANDPARENT being and doing become part of grandpa-Beyond this particular situation, being a rent’s homes. Younger grandparents havegrandparent creates many changes in the additional advantage of being able topeople’s lifestyles; adapting to and beco- share valuable time throughout the livesming aware of this new role and the func- of their grandchildren and can have funtion it plays in family dynamics is key to participating in many activities together.the life of this new family member. In sum, having grandchildren allows Choices do exist. The young grandpa- grandparents to become aware of whatrent can either take on a role that allows they know and they let them know of alltheir child to take responsibility for the the love and care they are willing to giveobligations and activities that they are able them. On the other hand, havingto perform, or they can take on a more grandparents allows grandchildren toactive role because their child cannot yet have a connection with their history. If,meet all the demands and responsibilities for grandchildren, grandparents are thethat this new situation requires. connection to experience (however old grandparents may be); for grandparents, With regard to the grandchild, howe- grandchildren are the connection to whatver, it is important that the boundaries of is new. This dialogue between two peoplethe father and grandfather, or of the from two distant generations brings greatmother and grandmother, be well esta- affection and great joy.blished both in everyday discourse andwith the responsibilities that, to the extentpossible, the father or mother take on.There are also several other areas in whichboundaries must be established, as the roleof grandparents is at a different level thanthat of role of the parents, and their role isto complement how their children raisetheir kids from a different place in life. 25

WITH YOUR MIND( )grandparents 55 TO 60 IS THE AVERAGE AGE THAT AN ADULT BECOMES A GRANDPARENTBEHAVIORS OFA POSITIVEGRANDPARENT► They respect the guidelines their chil- dren use to raise their own kids, even if they are not in complete agreement► Their opinions serve as a reference point for the parents and they help them make decisions based on their experience► They develop a special relationship with their grandchildren, the make time to be playful with them, treating them special, but without going overboard► They take advantage of being able to share their experiences and memories► They help teach parents with what they may be missing, but they do not try to change what they already knowMORE OPPORTUNITIES THAN DISADVANTAGES1 2Benefit from the joy and affection of a Spend time with young children, play, 3 •Opportunity to do new things or do things new family member teach and have fun that you did when you were a parent26


( )WITH YOUR MINDMEN EXPERIENCEDEPRESSION TOOWhile it affects both menand women, the symptomsof this illness can vary alittle depending on gender.MEDICAL ADVISOR MARÍA ADELAIDA ARBOLEDA.Psychiatrist, practitioner at Coomeva Private HealthcareMany times men do not recogni- “Men with depression tend to feel a of this condition. Those with a family ze that they suffer from depres- hole in their lives; they feel desperate history are more likely to experience this sion and avoid seeking help and anxious. Their behavior demonstra- illness than those who have families infrom a specialist to treat this condition. tes that they are very tired and they may which no indications of depression haveBased on beliefs and culture, the pers- even lose interest in sexual activity,” been detected.pective they have of life requires them to explains the psychiatrist, Maríabe strong individuals that cannot Adelaida Arboleda. Stress is also a determining factor insuccumb to this illness. They come off the development of this condition. Itreluctant to discuss their feelings and Some of the other symptoms that can be caused due to the loss of a lovedwhat bothers them. occur among men who are depressed one, work problems, or due to the end include difficulty concentrating or of a loving relationship, among many Depression among men, however, is a remembering things, a reduced appetite other situations that affect menreality; a condition that can affect them or loss of appetite, suicidal thoughts, and make them face their emotionsno matter what age they are. It is treatable, headaches, stomach cramps and digesti- and feelings.however, and can be cured. Someone with ve problems.depression appears to be sad, irritable, Depression is often caused by a combi-can have difficulty sleeping and may expe- CONTRIBUTING FACTORS nation of these factors which should berience a loss of interest. This behavior can Several different factors can cause men analyzed and treated by a mental healthbe much more strong and notable in men to suffer from depression. Family history specialist, who will help the patient acceptthan in women. is a key determinant in the development that they are suffering from depression and that they need help to treat it.28

( )WITH YOUR MINDLET THE DOMICILIOSSYMPTOMS DOTHE TALKING 29The National Institute of Mental Health inthe U.S. provides a list of behaviors that maysuggest depression:► They tend to feel more tired and irritable and lose interest in their work, family or hobbies.► They may be reluctant to talk about how they feel.► It is difficult for them to concentrate or remember details.► They cannot sleep or they sleep a lot.► They eat too much or do not eat at all.► They have pain or discomfort: headaches, stomach cramps or digestive problems.► They feel they are incapable of meeting their responsibilities at work, taking care of their family or of doing other important activities.

WITH YOUR MIND( )for himFAMILY CANBE A SUPPORT► If the man that is depressed is a loved one or close friend, offer them support and understanding in order to try and improve their emotional state and self-confidence. This can help their treatment be more integral and efficient.► Listen and have discussions with him. Be aware of any comments that express a desire to hurt himself.► Take him out to play sports, share a meal or go on a trip. Create spaces of trust to analyze the situation calmly and propose analysis from different perspectives.► Demonstrate your approval of him getting treatment from a specialist. (A state of intense sadness ment and on getting good support,” adds in which there is a loss of interest in the the psychiatrist, María Adelaida Arboleda. activities that used to be enjoyable is part of the symptoms of this illness. There are several ways to manage this condition. For certain types of depres- ACCEPT IT IN ORDER TO TREAT IT sion, some types of therapy are more effi- “The step of acceptance is very complica- cient than medication. For others, the ted with these types of patients, as many opposite is true. Therapy, for example, of them are embarrassed or insist that it is teaches the patient healthy practices and temporary. Once they get over this phase, new ways of thinking and expressing treatment depends a lot on their commit- themselves. It is important for this to be determined by a specialist. If depression is not treated, there are a range of associated risks and consequen- ces that exist, such as the loss of one’s life. This illness is even related to developing addictions and coronary and gastrointesti- nal diseases. So pay attention to the symp- •toms and allow yourself the guidance of a specialist if necessary30


( )WITH YOUR MINDUSEFUL APPS The world changes at a very fast pace. FOR TAKING CARE OF Lifestyles change and our daily routi- YOUR HEALTH nes incorporate new forms of technology. Throughout the world, more Technology should serve human health than 95% of the world’s population has and well-being. Using it in the right way access to a cell phone signal, and internet ishelps us to obtain valuable information on available to make distances feel shorter and to share knowledge. Healthcare is not far our bodies or on what we consume, from this reality and it should take advan- improving our healthy practices. tage of the technological resources availa- ble in order to breakdown distance barriers MEDICAL ADVISOR HERNÁN DARÍO SALAZAR. Physician and improve people’s quality of life. Following this line of thought, techno- logy is a synonym of life. Telemedicine, for example, is a resource that allows for medical treatments to be practiced from afar, giving priority to the well-being of people over any other distance-related limitation. Similarly, mobile applications are an ideal way to take personalized care of your- self, getting access to information on your daily habits, how you sleep or walk, among others. It provides feedback that is useful to the individual for planning exer- cise routines and for improving health indicators. “Many people use smartphone applica- tions in order to organize their nutrition, exercise routines and even medical32

( )WITH YOUR MINDrecords. Since the cell phone has turnedinto another extension of the body, aspeople carry it with them everywhere andat all times, it is the ideal tool for monito-ring healthy behavior,” Dr. Hernán DaríoSalazar points out.HEALTHY ATTITUDETaking on a negative attitude in responseto this evolution in technology is to con-demn a process that seeks progress anddevelopment. Promoting the monitoringof technology is necessary in order to pre-vent the existence of a negative perspecti-ve of the world of possibilities that thistool provides. It is important to understand that theworld does not revolve around technology,but that it should be used to create advan-tages and make positive transformation; yetit does not get the final word in a medicalopinion. It is a resource that improves thework of the specialist and helps to consoli-date their knowledge in order to protectyour health and well-being. Technology does not take the place ofthe work of a healthcare professional. Itis there to support treatment processes,and to make it easier to acquire a heal-thier lifestyle. 33

WITH YOUR MIND( )harmony is health 39% CALORIFIC This tool classifies food according to the OF CELL PHONE USERS THAT number of calories it has. The color greenUSE ONE OR MORE HEALTHCA- represents healthy food, and red repre- sents junk food. It can monitor what we RE APPS, ALSO IMPLEMENT consume on a daily basis. The application THE USE OF EXERCISE includes payment. AND NUTRITION APPS. MEDISAFE TRY THESE This is a free application that HEALTHCARE sends you reminders on when to take your medicine. Different APPS! alarms can be synchronized together and data on the patient THE CIRCLE OF HEALTH can be entered such as weight, height and number of calories This is a tool that can control car- consumed. diovascular risk factors in a perso- nalized way. The user has access toNote: These apps are a test in order to assess their car-available on the platforms diovascular risk. Depending on theof Android and/or iOS results, the application providesoperating systems. information on how to stop and reduce risk factors.34

ENDOMODO ( )WITH YOUR MINDThis is a free application that recordsthe number of calories you have bur- 35ned according to time, route distan-ce and sustained speed whilejogging, running or riding a bike. 6:00 IS THE TIME AT WHICH THEGREATEST DATA TRAFFIC FROM HEALTH AND EXERCISE APPS OCCURS, ACCORDING TO A STUDY BY CITRIX. MY HEADACHE DIARY This is an application that registers infor- mation on headaches and migraines. It records the date they occur, how long they last, and the medications that are taken to deal with this condition. This data can be •exported from the app to be sent in a report to your personal physician

WITH YOUR MIND( )couples It has become increasingly common to come upon marria- ges that decide to live their lives without chil- dren in order to follow other dreams or other goals, a challenge for a conservative society.NO KIDS: There are many reasons to not have children including: overpopula-A COUPLE’S DECISION tion, the devastation of natural resources, the growing rumor of a war that MEDICAL ADVISOR LUCÍA NÁDER, Guest Psychologist will put an end to everything, hunger, or diseases that arise from some strange town 36 on the map and end up getting spread around the globe. There are more reasons still, and many new couples know their reasons for not having kids by heart, they also do not want to follow the religious tradition that says man and women are to join together to populate the earth. Today there is an abundant number of couples that choose to not have kids, a decision that is sometimes difficult to explain, as our conservative society still believes that the purpose of a marriage is not met if children are not involved, or that it they will not be as happy without them. These are paradigms, or models that are followed, which are sometimes difficult to ignore. Lucía Náder, clinical psychologist and family and couple’s therapy expert,

explains that this is a very modern and ( )WITH YOUR MINDnon-traditional stance. “As of about adecade ago, the majority of couples that 37began to form, did it in order to have anexperience as a couple. The motivationwas no longer children. Today, men andwomen want to have a life plan in compa-ny of one another, they want to growtogether and to have a long journey in life,but they don’t want to have kids.” It is not easy for them or for those thatsurround them. Family pressure and pressu-re from friends begin, for example when arecently married couple is asked, “Whenare we going to meet your firstborn?” Today, there are groups of men andwomen called “the unpaired;” they arecharacterized mainly by choosing a life oftheir own, they do not want commitment,a significant other, deep affective rela-tionships, nor do they want to have kids. There are also homosexual couples,some of which decide to have childreneither through insemination, in vitro fer-tilization or through adoption, an issuethat for this community and for society isslowly getting resolved.THEY TAKE THEIR TIMENevertheless, sometimes the decision istemporary. They may hold off having kids,Náder says, because they want to accom-plish other things: greater financial secu-rity, more fun and when they reach adul-thood, they decide to take on parenthood.They may encounter physical challengeshowever, and as a result may seek treatmentat a human fertility clinic that are cons-tantly improving and are very specialized. This tendency, which in Colombiahas gained momentum as of a decadeago, is old news in other countries. “Wenow see that there are countries that do

WITH YOUR MIND( )couples(The majority of couples that decide to not have kids are between 28 and 40 years old, a productive age. They have other priorities such as traveling or having an easy-going life.not have the population to replace them do not have the unconscious whim of IS HAVING A PETwith and have a very small young popu- feverish youth, nor the regrets of a mature THE SAME ASlation. Some years ago in Sweden, the adult, “There are many people who don’t HAVING A CHILD?women decided to not have children want to have kids. One of many reasons isand many men left to find women in due to the financial load. They say, ‘it is By scanning through social networks,other countries that did want to have beyond our financial capabilities to raise a it is easy to find them: dogs in costu-them,” the expert tells, adding the case child.’ Others do not want to sacrifice mes, cats who dominate theof Canada, which develops more and their easy-going and peaceful life, even if ownership of huge beds, and under-more programs to receive young people they have a partner who is stable in many neath the image in the commentswho represent the workforce. areas of life. Now, how to deal with outsi- area is, “My little one. My baby.” Pets de pressure? By being firm and assertive. have turned into new members of The majority of couples that decide to the family; but these aren’t facts ornot have kids range between 28 and 40 •By saying: We don’t want to have chil- situations that we should get used to,years old, a productive age in which they psychologist Lucía Náder explains. dren,” the psychologist recommends Some people say that if they can raise a pet, then why can’t they raise a child? “The two are very different,” the specialist adds. She explains that while they do merit special care, a pet does not represent the level of affective, educational, upbringing and financial responsibilities of a child. Seeing your child grow up healthy, well, happy and as decent human beings is more than a dream for all mothers or fathers. Seeing them go to college, for example is a great challenge and in order for that to happen, it is important to have the right financial situation and a lot of encouragement.38

( )WITH YOUR MIND NUEVO OTZ 10 ANTIEDAD Protección Radiación Infraroja UVA/UVBRADIA CIÓNIR Las pieles jóvenes Terapia preventiva a La radiación IR Tienen la capacidad temprana edad,constituye el son más susceptibles de penetrar generando hábitos de cuidado 50% al daño solar. frente a los efectos nocivos de a capas más profundasdel espectro solar. de la piel. los rayos solares. Pharmaderm & skindrug 39

WITH YOUR MIND( )beforeKNOW MORENEW EXPERIENCES SEND EXERCISE TOWARNING SIGNALS TO THE BRAIN IMPROVE YOURWith the study, Night Watch in One Brain MEMORYHemisphere during Sleep Associated withthe First-Night Effect in Humans, a group of ► According to the study, Physicalscientists from Brown University explained Exercise Performed Four Hours afterwhy someone “sleeps with one eye open” Learning Improves Memory Retentionthe first night they are in a new place. The and Increases Hippocampal Patternreason for this is that one of the two brain Similarity during Retrieval, publishedhemispheres stays more awake during deep by the journal, Current Biology, goingsleep, possibly in order to be prepared in to the gym to exercise four hourscase of danger. Experts performed this study after learning something improvesby implementing the advanced technique of your memory.neuroimaging in order to analyze the brainduring a specific stage of sleep. Participants ► Brain imaging showed that exercise,included a group of 35 volunteers that spent after a period of time has passed, istwo nights in the laboratory with a one-week related to precise manifestations ofpause in between each night. activity in the hippocampus, an area that is important for learning and for 25% the memory. IS THE PERCENTAGE BY WHICH (TAKE NOTE) THE ABILITY OF A CHILD TO LEARN INCREASES WHEN THEY ARE IN A Getting enough vitamin D may redu- STIMULATING ENVIRONMENT. ce the risk of developing diseasesGET MORE WITH LESS USE YOUR CELL such as cancer and other autoimmu-WEEKLY ACTIVITY PHONE SAFELY ne and neurological diseases.Researchers from the National Cancer According to the study, Has the incidence ofInstitute in the United States indicate that brain cancer risen in Australia since the51% of the U.S. population and 31% of the introduction of mobile phones 29 years ago?,population throughout the rest of the world researchers from the University of Sydney,do not do the minimum amount of exercise Australia, found no evidence of a relationshiprecommended in order to be healthy. between the use of cell phones and brainWalking, running, swimming or even riding a tumors. The study included a group of menbike at a rhythm that can go from slow to and women between the ages of 20 and 84intense for a period of 150 minutes a week is who were diagnosed with this type of tumorthe recommended minimum amount of time between 1982 and 2012. Nevertheless, it isneeded in order to reduce health risks. good to maintain best practices: go hands- free and use voice messages.40


WITH YOUR MIND( )gamesCROSSWORD PUZZLE SUDOKU A B C DE F G H I J K L Easy difficulty 1 2 Average difficulty 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13HORIZONTAL VERTICAL ANSWERS1. Sección de nuestra revista. 1. Sección de nuestra revista que trata el tema Horizontales2. Preposición latina. Certificado de calidad. de la vivienda saludable. Prefijo doble. Tu Generación-Ad-Iso-Nebulización-Ela-Et-3. Procedimiento médico, consistente en la Hepatitis-Ne-Una-Nuca-Calmante-Tor-Antena- 2. Antorcha. Silla que ocupa un diputado Ácaros-Om-Sudoración-Re-La-Semi-Bullying- administración de un fármaco o elemento en el parlamento. Nao-Íleo-Rae-Eon terapéutico mediante vaporización a través Verticales de la vía respiratoria. 3. Gabriel García Márquez. Cantautora británica. Tendencias-Bi-Tea-Curul-Gabo-Adele-Edú-4. Rey de Israel. 4. Futbolista de Brasil. El hueso más largo Húmero-Lo-Llena-Or-Elí-Pan-Salir-Zea-Ta-Cana-5. Conjunción latina. Tema tratado en nuestra Alt-En-Ge-Cain-Tíos-III-Tute-Nené-Oso-Ícono- sección “Radiografía”. de las extremidades superiores en Mao-Non-Sarampión6. Neón. Pronombre indefinido. Parte posterior el ser humano. Neutro. del cuello, donde se une la cabeza con la 5. Crecida que hace que un río o un arroyo se Average difficulty Easy difficulty columna vertebral. desborde. Conjunción del inglés.7. Analgésico. Dios escandinavo. 6. Juez de Israel. El nuestro de cada día.8. Apéndice articulado, fino y alargado, que Ir afuera. algunos grupos de artrópodos tienen a 7. Ciudad de Grecia. Golpe de tambor. ambos lados de la cabeza y que funciona Cabello plateado. como órgano del tacto o del olfato. 8. Tecla del PC. Preposición. Nombre9. Pl., arácnido traqueal mencionado en nuestra de la quinta consonante. sección “Tendencias”. El amén sánscrito. 9. Hijo de Adán y Eva. Los hermanos10. Tema de nuestra sección “Tu generación”. de mi padre.11. Nota musical. Artículo. Prefijo medio. 10. Tres romanos. Juego con cartas. Bebé.12. Tema tratado en nuestra sección “Pequeños 11. Ridículo. Imagen religiosa pintada. gigantes”. Nave. Expresidente de China.13. Obstrucción intestinal. Raspa. Edad del 12. Impar. Enfermedad infecciosa y contagiosa, mundo o universo. causada por un virus, que se caracteriza por la aparición de pequeñas manchas rojas en la piel, fiebre alta y síntomas catarrales; general- mente, se padece durante la infancia.42

RUNNING IS CON TU CUERPO A PHYSICAL ACTIVITY THAT ( ))WITH YOUR BODY IS GAINING IN POPULARITY. IT 43 OFFERS MULTIPLE BENEFITS, BUT MULTIPLE PRECAU- TIONS SHOULD ALSO BE TAKEN. A HEALTHIER AND STRONGER BODY Aside from helping you stay fit, run- ning is a great exercise for improving your aerobic capacity, strengthening your muscles and improving your cir- culation. IMPROVES YOUR HEALTH Its impact on the body helps to redu- ce the risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, obesity and type 2 diabetes. PRECONDITIONING While it sounds like a simple exercise, it doesn’t just involve going out and running. Muscle strengthening exerci- ses and flexibility are also key.20%IS THE PERCENTAGE BYWHICH A HEART ATTACK CANBE REDUCED WHEN YOU RUNBETWEEN 5 TO 10 MILES AWEEK.

WITH YOUR BODY( )for your smile YOUR TEETH IN THE HANDS OF A SPECIALIST The quality of In dentistry, as with other healthcare dental care is disciplines, there are different areas of improved and is expertise that allow for proper treat- more reliable when ment to be provided according to the type it is in the hands of disease, cause of the disease, age or patient condition. Dental specialties of experts. include: orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, oral rehabilitation, dentistry MEDICAL ADVISOR and oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery, MIGUEL ALBERTO URREA, oral and reconstructive implantology, oral pathology, pediatric dentistry and oral Dentist, practitioner of radiology. Coomeva Private Healthcare Generally, patients see a general or pri- mary care dentist and if the dentist detects a problem that requires specialized atten- tion, they refer the patient to the appropria- te specialist, which is why it is important to know what each of the specialists do. Miguel Alberto Urrea, a dentist with a specialty in oral and reconstructive implantology indicated that, “In general, people go to the dentist only when they are in pain, but the recommendation is to go every six months because there are some diseases where pain is not present, such as gum disease.”44

( )WITH YOUR BODY 6 MONTHS IS THE IDEAL PERIOD OF TIME TO RETURN TO THE DENTIST FOR A CHECK- UP. THIS HELPS TO PREVENT PROBLEMS THAT SHOULD BE SHARED WITH SPE- CIALISTS. It is important to note that whensomeone is going through cancer therapy,they cannot receive periodontal treat-ments or surgeries, except for the occasio-nal need and with the consent of themedical provider. Learn what each of these specialties isabout, what they do and when theyshould be visited.ORTHODONTICSThis treatment may be needed when teethare in a bad position, have spaces betweenthem, are crooked or if there are bite pro-blems. Treatment generally lasts between18 and 24 months and can be perma-nently attached (with braces) or appliedwith a removable device. Orthodontics isnot just used for esthetic reasons, havingproper positioning is fundamental to thecorrect functioning of the whole system.PERIODONTICSThis is the specialty that diagnoses andtreats all diseases that affect the tissuesthat support the teeth such as the gumsand bone as well as the #implants thatsubstitute them, in order to maintain thehealth, function and esthetics of the teethand the tissue that surrounds them. Themost common disease is gingivitis, which 45

WITH YOUR BODY( )for your smile is caused by the accumulation of plaque. (Tooth cavities are a common Over time, plaque damages other tissues disorder. They are present in children and in causing periodontitis and there is a risk of young adults, but can affect any age group. even losing the tooth. Cavities cause tooth loss. In the majority of cases, after recovering from periodontal treatment, the teeth return to their original state; the patient, however, must maintain good oral health and keep their regular check-ups. ENDODONTICS This specialty treats diseases that are rela- ted to dental pulp (tooth nerve). This pulp is extracted because it is necrotic (dead) or damaged. The space inside the tooth where the extracted nerve was loca- ted is cleaned, filled with a special mate- rial and is sealed. The most common cau- ses of nerve damage or death of the den- tal nerve are injuries due to serious impacts to the root of the tooth, fractures or deep cavities. ORAL REHABILITATION This is a specialty that restores the shape, function, esthetics and the overall aspect of the oral area. It can replace lost teeth or restore those that are in poor condition through the use of permanent prosthesis, removable prosthesis, partial prosthesis, complete prosthesis veneers and implants. DENTISTRY AND ORAL SURGERY This specialty diagnoses and treats diffe- rent diseases of the oral and maxillofacial system (structures that are part of the oral cavity), and performs wisdom teeth extrac- tions, frenectomies (surgical removal of an abnormal frenulum of the lip or tongue), cyst removals, removal of lesions and tumors, apicoectomies (extraction of the root and surrounding tissues that are infected), alveoloplasties and biopsies. MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY The intervention of surgical procedures is46

needed when the jaw structures encounter ( )WITH YOUR BODYproblems such as size and position defor-mations. This surgery can also correct an 47asymmetric balance between the jaw andthe chin and can achieve an esthetic andeven aspect for the face, facilitating a nor-mal and functional bite.ORAL AND RECONSTRUCTIVEIMPLANTOLOGYWhen a tooth is lost, it can be replacedwith an implant and crown. The implantis a titanium screw that takes the place ofa dental root. Implantology seeks to achie-ve the improved esthetics and functioningof the mouth, to the point where an arti-ficial tooth can appear natural.PEDIATRIC DENTISTRYThis specialty focuses on the dental healthof children between ages 3 and 12. It pre-pares them so they can understand theimportance of taking care of their teethand gets them familiar with visiting anoral healthcare professional. During thisage, oral complications can be prevented,diagnosed and corrected when they arejust starting so that through the use ofpreventive orthodontic treatment andorthopedic treatments, treatments can beshorter and less invasive.ORAL PATHOLOGYThis specialty identifies and treats diseasesand disorders located in the mouth,upper jaw, lower jaw and other oral struc-tures and connects them with systemicdiseases or conditions.ORAL RADIOLOGYThis specialty performs oral medical ima-ging analysis (x-rays, CAT scans, ortho-dontics analysis and oral rehabilitation),allowing dentists to make precise diagno-•sis for oral treatment plans, which is veryhelpful in preventing diseases

( )WITH YOUR BODYTHE HEART:OUR OWN PERSONAL MOTORThis organ pumps blood throughout our whole bodywithout ever stopping and is responsible for keeping us alive.MEDICAL ADVISOR PAULA XIMENA BURBANO, Cardiologist THIS IS HOW IT WORKS Lungs Heart 4 chambers: Two atriums It has four valves that serve as doorways that are in charge of receiving open and close, allowing for blood to pass from the blood and two ventri- one cavity to another and, lastly, onto the large cles pump it out. arties through which the blood is distributed. Left atrium Right atrium The heart is in charge of sending Right Left blood to the lungs to get oxygen ventricle ventricle and then sends it throughout our whole body.HEARTBEATS, WHEN THIS MUSCLE CONTRACTS Atrial contractions: Ventricular contractions: Diastole: This is when all The atriums contract, The ventricles contract, parts of the heart relax pushing blood towards pushing blood towards the in order to allow for the the ventricles. circulatory system. new blood to enter.48

Heart disease continues to The risk of cardiovascular ( )WITH YOUR BODYbe one of the main causes disease in women increase significantly after MILESTONE of death throughout the menopause. whole world. A pioneer procedure considered to be a success, the first heart transplant took place in South Africa in 1967 by Doctor Christiaan Barnard. The heart needs On average 108.000 nutrients and oxygen in times a day order for it to function. 60 to 100the heart beats times a minute It obtains these from the blood that passes 40 million through the coronary times a year. arteries whcih exit 3 billion the aorta. times throughoutOf all the body’s the term of muscles, this one’s lifemuscle is always Its size is proportional to the size of one’s fist and depends on active. the build of each person. Generally, the heart is in the middle of the chest and is a little to the left. It is located behind the sternum Since it generates its and is supported underneath by the diaphragm. This is why own electric impulses, it heartbeats are heard more strongly on the left side. can continue to beat for a few minutes even 49 if it is not inside the body. Diabetes, cholesterol Some practices that and high blood keep the heart pressure, obesity, healthy are stresssmoking and sedentary management, exercise, lifestyles are risk factors for heart happiness, disease. and healthy eating.The flow of blood throughout thehuman body occurs during systole,while the flow of blood in the heartoccurs during diastole.

( )WITH YOUR BODYA TIME OFCHANGE At the age of 12, Ah! Puberty! The stage where there Manuel Alonso Alejo Riveros, pedia- adolescents begin is such a mix of hormones going tric specialist in adolescent medicine and the experience of on that youth can’t even reconcile sexologist, explains that due to the normalbecoming adults. This with themselves. There is not only a chan- influx of hormones, specifically testostero- not only comes with ge in their temperament, and the existen- ne, the main changes of puberty consist of bad moods, but also ce of the belief that they are immortal, or growth and development: tissues grow,acne, weight gain and know everything; there is also the challen- height and weight increases, deve- ging side of the changes in their bodies. lopment, new capabilities are gained (par- dandruff. Signs of these changes are perspiration, ticularly with the reproductive system), body odor and acne. and this is the beginning menstruation MEDICAL ADVISOR and ejaculation, among other elements of MANUEL ALONSO ALEJO RIVEROS This is a time between the ages 10 development. and 18 when everything explodes, litera- Pediatric Doctor, practitioner of lly: a pimple can appear on the face, on Puberty consists of all hormone-rela- Coomeva Private Healthcare the chest or in the must unsuspecting ted physiological changes that a child places. These changes in the body provo- experiences, and adolescence refers to the ke the laughter of classmates and entire life experience of someone who is friends, which affects adolescents’ in transition to their youth. According to moods and their temperament becomes an average genetic development, adoles- another problem. But there is either an cence spans approximately between the end or a solution to it all. ages of 10 and 20. Some, however, expe-50

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