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CVP report MAY -Sep 21 Final copy

Published by Karishma rajesh, 2021-11-28 17:11:45

Description: CVP report MAY -Sep 21 Final copy


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Sl. Topic Page No. No. 5 I. Introduction II. Kindergarten section 6 Physical Development 7 Mental Development 9 Intellectual Development 10 Spiritual Development 13 Indian Culture 13 Patriotism 14 Universal Outlook 18 III. Integrated Development 19 1. Physical Development 19 International Yoga Celebration (Physical fitness) 20 First Aid Day (Safety measures) 21 Fit India Freedom Run (Physical fitness) 22 World blood Donor Day (Health education) National Sports Day Observation (Health education) World Heart Day (Adopted from Chinmaya Drishti) (Health Education) 2. Mental Development 24 Reading Day (Sense -Organ development) 25 Hamari Avaz Suno - CVK Stream lights (Understanding and imbibing positive emotion) 25 {INNOVATIVE} 26 Virtual Assembly (Emotional Expansion) 27 {INNOVATIVE} 27 Counselling session (Gender specific Education and counselling) - Handling Emotions International Day of Friendship (Emotional expansion) Virtual motivational video (Understanding and imbibing positive emotions) CVK | 2

3. Intellectual Development 29 Webinars, Workshops and Orientation - The Teachers way (Training the mind) 37 Digital Diary (Organisation) {INNOVATIVE} 37 E-Lesson plan (classification and observation) 40 4. Spiritual Development Chinmaya Jayanti (Awareness of high power and its 41 qualities) 41 Guruji’s Birthday (Spiritual enlightenment) 43 Ramayana Maasacharanam (Spiritual techniques) Guru Poornima Celebration (Awareness of the higher 44 power) Mahasamadhi Day – AARADHANA DAY 47 (Observance of divine power) {INNOVATIVE} Vinayaka Chathurthi (Personal relationship with God) 50 50 IV. Indian Culture 52 Kavya Shradhanjali (Literature) 54 World Music Day (Literature) Onam Celebration (Festivals) 55 Grandparents’ Day (Cultural Exposure - Custom of 56 respecting elders) Teachers’ Day (Custom of respecting Gurus) 59 Esperanza -Vision 2021 (Cultural exposure) {INNOVATIVE} 60 60 V. Patriotism 61 Chinmaya Chunav (Understanding secularism) 62 Kargil Vijay Diwas (Stories of great lives) 63 Investiture Ceremony (Responsibility and Accountability) Quit India Movement (History and Civics) 64 Independence Day (Fostering pride in one’s own country 66 Sanskrit day Celebration (Fostering pride in one’s own 66 country) 67 Hindi Pakhwada (Fostering pride in one’s own country) Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav (History and civics) CVK | 3 Fit India Freedom Run 2.0 (Responsibility) Bhagat Singh Birth Anniversary (Story of great lives)

VI. Universal Outlook 69 National Doctors’ Day (Science and Religion) Environment Day (Environment Education)- (Planting 69 saplings at home) (Adopted from Chinmaya Drishti -Samahriti I) 71 73 World Nature Conservation Day (Environment Education) World Against Child Labour (Becoming aware of and 73 sensitive to world issues) World Drug Day (Becoming aware and sensitive to world 74 issues) 76 Anmol (Science and religion) 76 Van Mahotsav (Environment Education) 77 World Population Day (Harmony in creation) 78 Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day (Citizen of the world) 80 World Ozone Day (Environment education) 81 VII. Seva Paramo Dharma VIII. Achievements CVK | 4

INTRODUCTION Hari Om! “In all worthwhile undertakings, there will be risks of failure, of disappointments, of even disaster. To face them all with inner poise and firm faith is to discover the glory of final victory.” Swami Chinmayananda The ideology of nurturing the young minds with Gurudev’s vision for the youth which percolates into their hearts, is the footing for the art of man-making taken up by Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kannamaly. The proclivity for holistic development of the child, sensitizing about the Indian culture, fostering fraternity and fierce patriotism, yet performing for the goodwill of the world selflessly makes us School with a Difference. The sevabhav is woven into the curriculum and minds of the children so subtly yet firmly that they become the way of life for them. Unravelling the spirituality and kindling the inner divinity, to awake and rise to lead from the front is what is expected from Chinmayites. From the humble beginnings twenty-five years ago, Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kannamaly has walked the path of education carving its own space and name in true Chinmaya culture. The Silver Jubilee celebrations - “VISION 20-25” spanning across five years, are illuminated by meaningful themes each year. This year we begin the saga with ‘Green Campus’. We strive to etch our name in gold when it comes to man-making. With the plan for future well in sight and positive collective influence, we ready our students to take the leap forward and embrace the world as eligible citizens who are the torch-bearers of Gurudev’s vision. We are blessed to have Gurudev’s benevolence and vision to guide us towards excellence. In His service always, Unto Him, Our Best! CVK | 5

KINDERGARTEN PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT PHYSICAL FITNESS ARTS AND CRAFT PROJECTS ❖ SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMME: HIGHLIGHT: • ACTIVITIES ARE SHOWN THROUGH VIDEO CLIPPINGS. OBJECTIVES: • To develop the fine and gross motor skills. • To develop the hand-eye co-ordination as well as psycho-motor development. “Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm.” The fine motor skills for the tiny-tots are based on art and craft projects which involve moving the hand and fingers and engage kids and nurture their creativity. Activities like cotton work, origami, scribbling, and ice cream stick craft work, freehand drawing, drawings using basic shapes etc… were incorporated in our subject video. Children need to be active every day to promote their healthy growth and development: We know that exercise helps with executive function like sequencing memory and prioritize which contribute to necessary skills for success. To improve the young learners fine motor and gross motor skills small activity like finger exercises and puzzles were given through various subject videos for KG. OUTCOMES: • The students fine and gross motor skills are gradually developed. CVK | 6

INTERNATIONAL MUSIC AND YOGA DAY (21ST JUNE)- ❖ SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMME ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED: ➢ VIDEO CLIPPING FORWARDED WITH SIMPLE ASANAS PERFORMED BY YOGA TEACHER. ➢ MUSIC VIDEO WAS FORWARDED. OBJECTIVES: ❖ To introduce basic and simple yogasanas like butterfly asanas and tree pose. ❖ To arouse aptitude to music and yoga. Students performed yoga and also did music performance along with family members. They were shown some basic asanas and breathing exercises. A music video was also forwarded for them to listen and sing. OUTCOMES: • The students are able to do simple breathing exercises and asanas. • They learn melodious but simple bhajans. MENTAL DEVELOPMENT LIFE SKILLS OBJECTIVES: ❖ To assist the students, find new ways of thinking and to develop problem solving skills. ❖ To understand the impact of their actions and teach them to take responsibility for what they do rather than blame others. ❖ To build confidence in speaking skills and for group collaboration and cooperation. ❖ To analyse options, make decisions and understand why they make certain choices outside the classroom. ❖ To develop a greater sense of self-awareness and appreciation for others. CVK | 7

ACTIVITIES PERFORMED 1. Dry pouring activity 2. Sponging and transferring wet (wet pouring) 3. Filling activity using filler and water 4. Art activity (Paper rolling) 5. Rolling 6. Sorting cereals and pulses 7. Opening and closing of containers 8. Scribbling Chanting and Value Education Topics Prayers 1 Bubbles and spark in the park - Do not keep others belonging. 2. Bubbles the litterbug - littering is a bad habit, always keep your surroundings neat and clean. The importance of life skills: In a constantly changing environment, having life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life. The dramatic changes in global economies over the past five years have been matched with the transformation in technology and these are all impacting on education, the workplace and our home life. To cope with the increasing pace and change of modern life, students need new life skills such as the ability to deal with stress and frustration. Today’s students will have many new jobs over the course of their lives, with associated pressures and the need for flexibility. OUTCOME: ❖ They find new ways of thinking and problem solving. ❖ They recognise the impact of their actions and learn to take responsibility for what they do rather than blame others. ❖ They develop confidence both in speaking skills and for group collaboration and cooperation. ❖ They are able to analyse options, make decisions and understand why they make certain choices outside the classroom. ❖ They develop a greater sense of self-awareness and appreciation for others. CVK | 8

VALUES THROUGH STORIES AND RHYMES - Storytelling Competition “Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world. They make us think and feel.” ❖ INNOVATIVE PROGRAMME ACTIVITY: STORY TELLING COMPETEITION OBJECTIVES: ❖ To imbibe values through stories, rhymes and dance. • A good story can imbibe the right values in the most impressionable age. As a learning tool, storytelling can encourage students to explore their unique expressiveness. It helps to improve the language skills, instills a love of reading and stirs their imagination. Brightening the day of the students with wonderful stories, a storytelling session was conducted where life and expression was in abundance. • In order to enhance the tiny tot’s imagination and communication skills our Vidyalaya has organized English storytelling competition. 21 students participated in this competition (12 students from LKG and 9 students from UKG). OUTCOME: ❖ The students learn right values though the stories they tell and enact. INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT E-LIBRARY AND WORKSHEETS “Reading is to mind what exercise is to body.” ❖ INNOVATIVE PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS: ➢ E- library books and creative worksheets for all subjects are send to the student portal. OBJECTIVES: ❖ To encourage reading from a young age. ❖ To enhance vocabulary. ❖ To increase language skills. CVK | 9

1. In this growing world it is important to acquire knowledge and the knowledge which books impart, nobody else can. As a part of subject enrichment and to build vocabulary among students we provided e- library books for our students from KG. Parents are urged to read the books aloud and guide the children to read on their own. Library books were forward through students’ portal. 2. To enhance the writing skill along with creative skills in students we prepared and forwarded creative worksheets through students’ portal a for various subjects. 3. Oral subject assessments are conducted regularly through WhatsApp video call. OUTCOME: ❖ The students love reading books. ❖ The overall language skill and vocabulary of the students’ increase. SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT ❖ SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS: ➢ Videos of Sloka-chanting (Srimad Bhagvad Geeta) and celebrations are forwarded in students’ portal. ➢ Exclusive virtual meetings are organized to celebrate/observe festivals. OBJECTIVES: ❖ To awaken the spiritual inclination of the children. ❖ To create awareness about the festivals and their significance. 1. Videos of Gita verses are forwarded in the class group. Each video comprises of 2 slokas. Students are asked to learn and send the video of them chanting those slokas (in mp3 format). These are checked by the music teacher. 2. Guruji’s Birthday - 30th June: Students were asked to prepare birthday cards and take a snap of it and send it to the class teacher. The selected ones were forwarded to Guruji’s email id. 3. Gurupoornima - 7th July: The students participated in speech to signify the event. They spoke on the significance of guru in our lives. CVK | 10

4. ONAM CELEBRATION “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” On 14thAugust 2021 as a part of Onam celebration, Chinmaya Vidyalaya Kannamaly organized Manga - Maran competition for the tiny tots of Pre-kg, LKG and UKG. The students were dressed up as Manga and Maran in the traditional outfit. The programme was arranged in three categories. The students of UKG delivered two or three sentences about Onam. LKG and Pre-kg students sashayed in their traditional costumes. Two students from pre-kg, twenty-one students from LKG and Fifteen students from UKG participated for the programme. CVK | 11

5. SREEKRISHNA JAYANTI On August 30th as a part of Sree Krishna Jayanthi celebrations, Chinmaya Vidyalaya Kannamaly organised various activities for our tiny tots of kindergarten to instill the values of Indian Culture to the younger generation. Around 13 students from UKG, 10 students from LKG and 3 students from Pre- kg had participated in the competition. The participants were dressed up in the attire of Little Krishna and Radha. Tinytots, attired as lord Krishna and Radha, enthralled one and all with their performance. Later Children danced to enchanting songs of Krishna. A video related to the birth of Sree Krishnan was shown on that day. On the occasion of Sree Krishna Jayanthi, our Vidyalaya organized the following activities: ❖ For Pre-kg a colouring activity was conducted online. The students had to colour a Makhan pot. ❖ For LKG Cotton sticking activity and colouring was conducted online. The students were asked to colour and stick cotton in the worksheets which were provided. ❖ For UKG Bansuri making activity was conducted online. The students made Bansuri and were asked to stick in the worksheet given. This holy occasion brings people together, thus signifying unity and faith. OUTCOME: ❖ The students are aware of the significance of festivals, the traditions and rituals related to the festivals. ❖ They are eager to wear traditional outfits. ❖ They prayed and performed Pooja even during lock down. CVK | 12

INDIAN CULTURE “A nation’s culture resides in the heart and in the soul of its people.” OBJECTIVE: ❖ To know the importance of teachers and grandparents in one’s life. ❖ To express their love to their teachers and grandparents. TEACHERS’ DAY - 5th September: All the students of the kindergarten wished their teachers and thanked them for being with them and teaching them especially during the time of pandemic. Class wise videos of the students wishing their teachers were compiled. EVENT NAME: GRANDPARENTS’ DAY CELEBRATION DATE: 9th September To honour the grandparents, our Vidyalaya celebrated Grandparents’ Day on 9th September 2021. UKG and class I hosted the programme. The videos of the performances of the grandparents along with their grandchildren were collected. 16 Grandparents participated in the online programme. The video was published in the class groups of Pre-Kg, LKG, UKG and I. Master Sreehari R Rao of UKG B delivered the welcome speech. Grandparents’ Day talk was also rendered. Appropriate music and enthusiastic grandparent - grandchild combinations made everyone happy. OUTCOME: ❖ The students realize the importance of teachers and grandparents in their life. ❖ They learnt to love and respect teachers and grandparents. PATRIOTISM “Let’s Salute India where each bud blooms in its true colours, where each day is celebration of unity harmony and synthesis.” OBJECTIVE: ❖ To instil affection towards own country. ❖ To identify Tricolour as our national flag and respect it. ❖ To introduce national language at a young age. CVK | 13

EVENT NAME: PATRIOTIC SONG COMPETITION DATE: AUGUST 15TH In connection with 75th Independence Day Celebrations Chinmaya Vidyalaya Kannamaly has organized a Patriotic Song Competition for the tiny tots of kindergarten to instill the value of Patriotism. 17 students from UKG and 12 students from LKG participated in the competition. Most of the children were dressed in white. OUTCOME: • The students can recognize the Tricolour and understand that they must respect the national flag. • They know the Hindi Aksharmala. UNIVERSAL OUTLOOK “You are the universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while.” OBJECTIVES: ❖ To understand that we are part of the world. ❖ To take care of the nature. EVENT: NATURE CONSERVATION DAY DATE: July 28th \"Nature is the art of God.\" ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED: • Hand printing on an A4 size paper with the slogan “Give the Earth a Helping Hand” for Pre-kg classes. • Planting saplings in egg shells or egg carton etc.… Students were instructed to fill the soil and pot a flowering plant. Water it regularly and observe its growth in a week and decorate the outer part of the shell. Photos are to be taken and forwarded to the provided mail id. This activity was organized for LKG and UKG classes. CVK | 14

• A one-minute talk about the importance of protection and preserving our mother nature for LKG and UKG students. • The little children were all dressed in green. The pictures reflect the touch of love, care, compassion and responsibility which we must nurture for our Mother Nature. • A video was published and circulated in groups. Compiled a video from the best of the above activities forwarded. As part of World Nature Conservation Day, Chinmaya Vidyalaya Kannamaly organized various activities for the tiny tots of kindergarten to instil the students with the feeling of warmth and affection towards nature. The main objective of the event was to propagate awareness amongst our children, pointing the importance of nurturing our Nature for a promising and better future. After all, a small group of thoughtful, committed responsible little citizens can change the world LINK OF THE VIDEO: w?usp=drivesdk CVK | 15

EVENT NAME – WORLD COCONUT DAY ACTIVITY CONDUCTED: Colouring competition OBJECTIVE: ❖ To create awareness among the students that they are a part of this world and they must protect the nature. World coconut Day is observed on 2nd September every year by Asian Pacific Coconut Community (APCC). The day is celebrated to highlight and raise awareness about the importance and benefit of coconut. Coconuts have multiple benefits and is one of versatile (having many uses) fruit. This year keeping in mind coronavirus pandemic, the theme is Building a Safe Inclusive, Resilient and Sustainable Coconut Community. In connection with the World Coconut Day, we celebrated 4th September as colouring day. Our Vidyalaya organised colouring Competition for our tiny tots of Pre-kg, LKG and UKG. Google forms were sent earlier to the parents, around 24 students participated in the competition. The colouring competition was done through online, for PRE-KG and LKG picture was sent earlier, some parents took the print out, a few drew the outline of the picture. When the online class started, they did the colouring. For UKG picture was shown on the screen, they looked at the picture, did the drawing and then they coloured. Parents took photo of the child doing the drawing and the photo of colouring paper sent to the mail id which was given. OUTCOME: • The students understood that they are a part of this world and they must protect the nature. CVK | 16

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT INTENT • To encourage healthy habits and behaviors. • To promote the thought - ‘An active lifestyle is to live one yourself’. • To help make choices about how to get involved in lifelong physical activity. CVK | 17

EVENT NAME: INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY DATE: JUNE 21ST “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” – The Bhagavad Gita SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMME ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED: ❖ Quiz competition conducted in class VI ❖ Practicing Yoga with family OBJECTIVES: ❖ To know the amazing and natural benefits of yoga. ❖ To understand the history of yoga, different asanas and the founder. ❖ To involve every family member in understanding and performing the ancient Indian tradition of combining bodily agility with mental relaxation techniques. The school observed the International Yoga Day on 21st June 2021, despite the Covid 19 pandemic. With the wholehearted participation of the students along with their families, the event turned a grand success. This year the students, through the virtual platform showcased their contributions amidst the limitations. Yoga instructor Ms. Haysal Thomson had sent demonstration videos of easy yoga asanas to the students through their respective class WhatsApp groups. This encouraged the students to practice yoga at home along with their family members. Around 50 videos were received which, showed the enthusiasm of our little ones. Along with that, a yoga quiz competition was organized by the Physical Education Department for the students of class VI on 21/06/2021 from 4.00PM to 5.30 PM. There CVK | 18

were 10 participants for the quiz. Mr. Sreejith K S and Ms. Haysal Thomson were the quiz masters. The quiz was conducted in three rounds- Question Answer Round, Identifying the Asana from the Picture Round and Identifying the Asana from the Video Round. OUTCOME: The quiz went well and helped the students to understand the history of yoga, different asanas and founders etc. This indeed was a great learning experience for the participants. EVENT NAME: WORLD FIRST AID DAY, DATE: September 11th OBJECTIVES: ❖ To raise public awareness of how first aid can save lives in everyday and crisis situations. A webinar was organised for students and parents of class V to promote awareness about how first aid can save several lives. The resource person was Dr Shaji S (Nodel Officer at DM office, Alleppy) OUTCOME: ❖ The students become aware about the importance of giving first aid in crisis situations. EVENT NAME: FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN DATE: September 25th ❖ SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMME ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED: for Classes 1 to 12 OBJECTIVES: ❖ It aims at developing health related physical fitness among the students by walking or running at least two kilometres daily. Chinmaya Vidyalaya Kannamaly, organized Fit India Freedom Run 2.0, a programme launched by Ministry of Youth affairs and Sports in connection with Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav to encourage fitness and to get freedom from obesity, laziness, stress, anxiety, diseases etc. The programme was organised from 25th September 2021 to 2nd CVK | 19

October 2020.Students from classes I to XII were allowed to participate in this programme. As part of this programme, students were asked to run daily their own race at their own pace on a route of their choice, at a time that suits them for these 8 days of the programme. They have to trace their kilometres ran and to take a selfie and mail it to the Physical Education department. Around 15 students participated in the programme and a total 30 kms were covered by the students all together. The details of the event were uploaded in the fit India freedom run website on daily basis and the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Government of India has issued our Vidyalaya the certificate for successfully organizing the event. The participants received the participation certificate from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Government of India. OUTCOME: ❖ Students got the motivation of maintaining physical fitness in their comfortable zone. EVENT NAME: WORLD BLOOD DONOR DAY DATE: 14th June ❖ SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMME ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED: Slogan activity for class V and VI. CVK | 20

OBJECTIVES: ❖ To inspire the young minds of CVK and encourage them to donate blood. World Blood Donor Day was observed on 14 June 2021. Based on the information provided by Mr Tiny Francis, a blood donor from Thrissur, an inspiring video was prepared on blood donation. A few students also participated in the video. The video circulated in the class groups. A slogan writing activity was also part of the programme. It was open to the students of class V and VI. OUTCOME: ❖ The Observance of World Blood Donor Day inspired the young minds of CVK and it was an encouragement for them to donate blood for others. LINK: p=sharing EVENT NAME: NATIONAL SPORTS DAY OBSERVATION DATE: 29th August OBJECTIVES: ❖ To develop sports man spirit in students. ❖ To know more about Hockey, our National Sport. ❖ To understand the contributions of Major Dhyan Chand to hockey in India. To mark the birth anniversary of hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand and to honour his contribution in international hockey arena, the Vidyalaya observed National Sports Day on 29th August. In connection with \"National Sports Day\" our Vidyalaya conducted a category wise Quiz competition on the topic “Olympics 2021”. A special talk was also included in the assembly. In addition to this, “Stream Light”, the radio-show of CVK specially focused on the National Sports Day. OUTCOME: ❖ The programmed helped the students to develop sports man spirit. ❖ They came know more about Hockey, our National Sport. CVK | 21

❖ They understood the contributions of Major Dhyan Chand to hockey in India, who led India to the glory of three gold medals in the Olympic Games. EVENT NAME: WORLD HEART DAY “A good heart is a beautiful home where you can always find peace! OBJECTIVES: ❖ To raise awareness among students about cardiovascular diseases and prevention. In connection with “World heart day” observation our Vidyalaya released a podcast of Dr. Praveena MSc, Bed, BAMS. She is a famous Ayurveda Cardiologist, Thrissur. We coordinated with her through telephonic calls and she agreed to share her thoughts and experience in connection with heart health. The video was compiled along with some useful tips for a healthy life. OUTCOME: ❖ Students understood the impact of heart diseases and through healthy lifestyle they can prevent it. Link: ew?usp=sharing FRUITION: • Students learn to cultivate healthy habits and behaviors. • They understand the implication of the idea- ‘An active lifestyle is to live one yourself’. • They are ready to make choices about how to get involved in lifelong physical activity. CVK | 22

MENTAL DEVELOPMENT INTENT • To establish a sense of identity, a role and purpose. • To regulate one’s emotions, thoughts and behaviors effectively in different situations. • To make constructive and respectful choices about personal behavior and social interactions. CVK | 23

EVENT NAME: READING DAY CELEBRATION DATE: JUNE 19th “The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries.” ❖ SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMME ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED: Webinar for class IX OBJECTIVES: ❖ To inculcate the habit of reading. ❖ To promote book-mindedness among students. ❖ To promote digital reading. As part of reading day celebration, Chinmaya Vidyalaya Kannamaly organized an online webinar on the topic ‘The importance of reading’. The main speaker was Prof. Nirmala. The webinar was organized by CCA co-ordinator Ms. Iswarya S and Librarian Ms. Shari with the help of Ms. Preeji V Raj. Students of class 9 with their class teachers joined for the webinar. The resource person Prof. Nirmala had an interactive session with the students. She described about the role of books and library in the society. By reading, the imagination of each person will improve, and there is no age limit to start reading. She inspired our students with her life experience. All students interacted actively in the session. OUTCOME: ❖ The students have adapted to digital reading. ❖ They love to read books and have benefitted from reading. CVK | 24

‘HAMARI AVAZ SUNO’ - CVK STREAMLIGHTS 2021 “Voice of students, parents, teachers & management” DATE:(1st August) ❖ INNOVATIVE AND SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMME OBJECTIVES: ❖ To instil sense of belonging in students. ❖ To create a supportive and caring learning environment. ❖ To set standards and expectations for all activities organized in the Vidyalaya. A spectrum to illustrate and voice student engagement fostering the life skills trajectory to shoot up, impending phenomenal transformation, helping the young Chinmayites express their views in a safe, unimposing environment thereby promoting inclusion and school community, the school Radio Show – Stream Light 2021 was executed from 1st August. As per the schedule allotted, Stream Light would be broadcasted on the first working day of every month. This would help the students to have a glimpse of all the activities conducted in the Vidyalaya during the past month. This venture has aided the pupils to showcase their talents, build confidence and also to improve their speaking and listening skills. Above all it has enabled them to understand the value of communication. OUTCOME: ❖ The monthly broadcast has been supportive and inclusive thereby instilling in the students a sense of belonging. ❖ The students understand that there is a set standard for all the school activities and they should strive to uphold it. LINK- ew?usp=drivesdk VIRTUAL ASSEMBLY “Gateway to the Essence Values and Resilience INNOVATIVE PROGRAMME OBJECTIVES: ❖ To enhance the Spiritual Quotient, Patriotism, Cultural awareness and Adversity Quotient in students. Opening the portals of unusual learning and adaptability, virtual assemblies motivate students to be the best version of themselves and turn them into well- CVK | 25

rounded human beings. They serve as a wonderful platform for the development of practical skills in the millennium learners. CV, Kannamaly has come up with virtual assembly by each class which is screened during the first period of all Mondays and Fridays. OUTCOME: ❖ The students understand the importance of spiritual presence and develop holistically embracing our culture and patriotism. LINK: SAMPLE OF ASSEMBLY VIDEO w?usp=sharing COUNCELLING SESSSION- DEALING WITH COVID 19 AND BEYOND ❖ SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMME ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED: Councelling sessions for parents and students OBJECTIVES: ❖ To offer support to students for better integration with mental health and wellbeing, within the school and outside. Councelling sessions are given to the students and the parents through phone, google meet, videocalls and off line sessions based on their requirements. Proper follow up is also done. We are assuring and maintaining the confidentiality of all the matters shared by the students and parents. Regular follow up session is also being done. . The Importance of Screen - time Guidelines. • A Video is uploaded on the topic The Importance of Screen - time Guideline’s. Key takeaways from the session 1. Today all the children are ‘At -Risk’. They have been locked up inside the houses for very long with minimal interaction with their peers and others. The online interactions that students are having is not sufficient. 2. The term Students At- Risk no longer applies exclusively to the students who may be likely to experience academic failures or are likely to drop out of school. The term will now also include the students who are at the risk of developing mental health problems. 3. Once face- to -face classes start tending to the mental health of the students and don’t be in a hurry to teach and finish the syllabus. Give at least 15 days for the students to readjust. During this period try to identify the students at risk. 4. Schools have the responsibility of identifying the students at- risk and teachers are best placed to do this as they have regular interactions with the students. CVK | 26

Online Examinations should be combined with Concept Interviews by subject teachers • Link of the Video: w?usp=sharing OUTCOME: ❖ The students are called up personally and are also given individual attention and guidance for any problem they face. EVENT NAME: INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR FRIENDSHIP CELEBRATION DATE:(30th July)- SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMME ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED: Friendship message writing for classes III TO XII OBJECTIVES: ❖ To promote the role that friendship plays in endorsing peace in different cultures. In connection with this day, Friendship message writing competition was conducted for classes III to XII. Sixteen students participated in this competition. A video of friendship day messages of students was prepared and circulated in class groups. OUTCOME: International Friendship Day observation enabled to promote the role that friendship plays in endorsing peace in many cultures. LINK: ( VIRTUAL MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve.” - Napoleon Hill ❖ IINOVATIVE AND SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMME OBJECTIVES: ❖ To motivate and give a boost to the morale of students. ❖ To inculcate values through success stories. ❖ To instil positivity and happiness in students inspiring them to be engaged in optimal productivity and eventual success. CVK | 27

To take stock of the goals and dreams, to inspire the students to cultivate values and to discover the future changemakers, globetrotters, influencers and trendsetters, we regularly screen motivational videos during allotted periods. Students express their views and experiences in a positive way. OUTCOME: ❖ The videos motivate and give a boost to the morale of students. ❖ A major factor in inculcating values through success stories that instilled positivity and happiness in students inspiring them to be engaged in optimal productivity and eventual success. FRUITION: • Establishes a sense of identity, a role and purpose in students. • They learn to regulate their emotions, thoughts and behaviors effectively in different situations. • They understand that they have to make constructive and respectful choices about personal behavior and social interactions. CVK | 28

INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT INTENT • Development of self along with academic achievement. EVENT NAME: WEBINARS, WORKSHOPS AND ORIENTATIONS - THE TEACHERS’ WAY “The best teachers are those who equip students to observe, think and enquire for themselves.” OBJECTIVES: ❖ To develop personal, professional and social competence through self and social awareness. ❖ To equip the faculty with different tools and strategies to gauge aspects of self- regulation and management of emotions while handling the online sessions. ❖ To enhance the knowledge to decode the language of behaviour of the students and ways to create happy and positive environment in the online classrooms. The much needed and well-appreciated training sessions on organization, classroom management, leadership and faculty development were organized and attended by the teaching faculty of the vidyalaya. The virtual sessions emphasized on the need for teachers to become leaders and be aware of the major organizational aspects by being in touch with the information systems and procedures. Faculty development by self-criticality, self-appraisal, self-motivation intertwined with co- operation and effective communication has helped in improving the communication skills, pedagogy assessment and evaluation. ✓ 12th May- Physical Education teachers, Yoga teacher and the School Counsellor attended a Health and Wellness Series organised by CBSE. The first webinar was titled ‘Care, Compassion & Communication” which aimed to address the current pandemic issues. CVK | 29

✓ 14th May- Teachers attended a Live webinar on ‘Smart Tools for Teachers in 2021’ organised by Poorna Publications. ✓ 27th May- KG teachers had an enlightening session on New Butterflies-Lesson Demo by the Password Publishing House. The faculty was Mr Binesh K Menon. ✓ 29th May- The teachers of the vidyalaya attended a Zoom meeting by the Password Publishers. The topic was ‘Planning in Pandemic Times: Educational Strategies & Empowerment”. The speakers were Shri Surya Narain Bahadur, Master Trainer, Shri Ram College of Commerce Master Talent Development ATD, USA and Smt Vinita Kher Master Life Coach and Former Director-DPS Society. ✓ 29th May- The teachers attended a webinar on ‘Competency Based Learning’ hosted by Kochi Metro Sahodaya. The faculty was Dr Dinesh Babu (CBSE Trainer, General Secretary, Thrissur Sahodaya, Principal CSM Central School, Thrissur) ✓ 29th May- A webinar on ‘Inculcating Creativity & Thinking Skills in the Early Years” was organised by CBSE Bharat Sahodaya Complex. KG teachers attended the session. The resource person was Ms Manjula Sreekumar, Kindergarten Director, Sacred Heart HSS, Malapuram. ✓ 31st May- The teachers attended a webinar organised by Kochi Metro Sahodaya on the topic – Pedagogy in NEP 2020- Foundational Stage. The faculty was Dr Deepa Chandran. ✓ 1st June- A Zoom webinar was conducted on the ‘The Art of Online Teaching’. The teachers attended the same on 1st June. It was hosted by Orange Education Pvt. Ltd. The Resource person was Ms Nidhi Gupta (Technology-Pedagogy Expert), Educationist & Author Publishing Manager, Orange Education) ✓ 2nd June- Teachers attended a Live webinar on ‘Gamification (Future Pedagogy) by Shri. Muralidharan (International Education Consultant). It was organised by Kochi Metro Sahodaya. ✓ 4th June- Sahodaya Group of CBSE Schools Bhopal hosted a webinar on ‘Nurturing Creativity in Classrooms’. The teachers of the vidyalaya attended the webinar. The faculty was Ms Kala Mohan (Educationist, Philathropist, Counselling Physcologist, Special Educator and CBSE Master Trainer) ✓ 8th June- An online meeting on the topic ‘Enhancing Online Strategies/Methodologies’ was conducted by Kochi Metro Sahodaya. All the teachers attended this session in which Dr Abdul Jaleel P CBSE Trainer gave a deep insight into the strategies that can be used for making online teaching more effective. ✓ 12th June- A webinar on ‘Leading with a Vision’ by Smt Shanti Krishnamurthy hosted by Anil Kumar (IN_BOM) was attended by all the teachers of the vidyalaya. CVK | 30

✓ 12th June- Password Publishing organised a webinar on ‘Reach Before You Teach’ all the teachers attended the same. Jyothi Swaroop was the trainer. ✓ 12th June- A webinar on Competency Based Learning was conducted by Kochi Metro Sahodaya and all the teachers of the vidyalaya attended the same. Mrs Latha Prakash, CBSE Trainer was the resource person. ✓ 14th & 15th June- Students of class VI- X attended an online workshop on Coding, Robotics and AI. It was a joint venture by Rancho Labs and eDC IIT Delhi. ✓ 16th June- Kochi Metro Sahodaya came up with a webinar on ‘Story Telling as Pedagogy’ in which Dr Vasanthi Thyagarajan (CBSE Master Trainer) addressed the teachers. The faculty of CVK attended the same. ✓ 16th June- Team Bharat Sahodaya organised a zoom meeting on ‘Making of Digital Library’. Ms Komal Dua Chief Manager Education & Training SEL was the chief Resource Person. Ms Shari and Ms Lithiya attended the same. ✓ 18th – 20th June- The KG teachers of the vidyalaya attended a 3-day training programme ‘Update’. It was an interactive session with Raseena Kadengal (Teacher Coach & Principal, Kailsanadha Vidyanikethan) and Vandana Rao (Teacher Coach & ECCE Consultant) ✓ 19th June- In connection with National Reading Day, the vidyalaya arranged a webinar for the students of class IX. The faculty Prof Nirmala spoke on the importance of reading habit and encouraged the young ones to make use of their leisure time in a fruitful manner. ✓ 26th June- In connection with the International Day Against Drug Abuses and Illicit Trafficking, our Vidyalaya arranged a live awareness class about the significance of observing this day for the parents of classes IX & XI. Our faculty and Master trainer, Ms. Seema Sagar, hosted the awareness session. ✓ As part of the celebrations, another online live awareness class was also conducted for the students of class 8 to observe the significance of this day. Ms. Dhanya D Prabhu, who is a Master trainer and our faculty, hosted the awareness class. She described the significance of observing a day against Drug Abuses and Illicit Trafficking. ✓ 26th June- On the occasion of ‘International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking”, the Science, Health & Wellness Club of Toc H Public School, Vyttila hosted a webinar. Shri Rishi Raj Singh IPS (DG of Prisons & Correctional Services) was the chief guest. The students attended the same. It was an interactive session in which Shri Rishi Raj Singh spoke on the growing sense of Global community and solidarity to ensure health for all and making the world free of drugs, organised crime & illicit trafficking. ✓ 26th June – A Career Guidance session was organised for the commerce students of XI and XII. The speaker was Midhun Mitwa. ✓ 26th June- Teachers attended a Zoom meeting on “Transforming Teaching the Digital Way” hosted by Ratna Sagar Publications. CVK | 31

✓ 26th June- A few teachers of the vidyalaya attended a webinar on NEP 2020- Higher Order Cognition & School Education organised by CEIR. The faculty was Dr K P Mohanan, Former Faculty University of Texas. ✓ 27th June- Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth organised a skill development workshop for the young learners on the topic- Essential Skills to Become a Successful Entrepreneur”. The speaker was Ms Aina Raj, Career Coach and NLP Practitioner at Transforming minds. ✓ 2th June- Teaching faculty attended a national webinar on New Digital Literacy Initiative-Introduction to ‘Infosys Headstart’ jointly organised by Infosys, MBITS and Kochi Metro Sahodaya. The resource person was Shri Kiran NG Program Manager Infosys Digital Literacy Initiative, Principal Education Training and Assessment Infosys. ✓ 28th – 1st July- Students of classes VI to XII attended a 4 days programme – Infosys Catch Them Young 2021 organised by Infosys. ✓ 29th June- The Pre-Primary teachers had a chance to participate in the webinar organised by Madhuban Educational Books. The topic was ‘Going Online with Young Minds”. The faculty was Ms Mridul Jain. ✓ 30th June- Teachers attended a session on ‘Making Thinking Visible’ organised by Team Sahodaya. The Resource person was Dr Meenakshi Narula (Principal Shemford Futuristic School UP). ✓ 3rd July- The Kindergarten and Primary Teachers attended a webinar by Kochi Metro Sahodaya on the topic ‘Story Patterns and Paper Puppets”by Anahita Lee (Author of OUPI). ✓ 3rd July- The faculty of the Malayalam Department attended a webinar on the topic- ‘Malayalam-Bhasha Padanathinte Saidhanthika Thalam’. The resource person was Dr Sasikumar Purameri. It was organised by Madhuban Educational Books ✓ 3rd July- The Hindi teachers of the school attended a session on the topic- ‘Teaching of Hindi Easily and Effectively’ by Team Sahodaya. The faculty was Dr Vinod Prasoon (Subject Expert & Author, Resource Person CBSE COE (HOD Hindi, Delhi Public School). ✓ 7th July- In connection with ‘Van Mahotsav’, the vidyalaya arranged a session for the students of class X on the topic ‘Nature is the art of God’. ✓ 7th July- The teachers attended the 57th web training session of Team Vharat Sahodaya on the topic ‘Lesson Plan & Design with focus on Competency’. ✓ 10th July- The science teachers of the school participated in the webinar organised by Team Bharat Sahodaya on the topic ‘Amazing Science Teaching Techniques’. It was handled by Mrs Jyoti J Shiddanagoudar (Academic Coordinator & HOD Science Lokmanya Tilak International School, Navi Mumbai). CVK | 32

✓ 10th July- A career guidance class was organised for the senior secondary students of both AY 2020-21 and AY 2021-22. ✓ 11th July- Team Bharat Sahodaya organised a webinar on ‘Annual Pedagogical Plan and the teachers of the vidyalaya attended the same. The rsource person was Ms Mrudula Mahajan, Principal- DY Patil Public School Pune. ✓ 16th July- The Science teachers attended a session by Rachna Sagar Pvt Ltd on the topic Competency Case Based Questions and Integrated questions. ✓ 17th July- New Age & Golden Books conducted a webinar for the latest course curriculum issued by CBSE IX & X for English. Ms Steffi Philip attended the same. ✓ 17th July- The Hindi teachers attended a training programme on ‘Innovative and Creative Teaching of Hindi organised by Team Bharat Sahodaya. Dr Vinod Prasoon (Subject Expert & Author CBSE Resource Person HOD, Hindi Delhi Public School) was the resource person. ✓ 21st July- A session on “All About Sanskrit” was organised for the Sanskrit Teachers by Team Bharat Sahodaya. The resource person was Dr Narayan (HOD Sanskrit Indian School, Oman). ✓ 23rd July- A webinar was arranged by the CCMT Education cell on the topic- Online Tools for Teaching. The faculty of the vidyalaya attended the same. The speakers were Shri Satish (HOD Science Dept, CIRS) and Shri E Ganesh (HM & IB Coordinator, CIRS). ✓ 24th July- The vidyalaya in association with Global Hunt Foundation arranged a webinar on the topic ‘Menstrual Hygiene’ for the girls of classes VI-VIII.Ms Roshni Bhowmick was the reasource person. ✓ 24th July & 31st July- The teachers attended Vidya Vritti Series 2 - An Online Empowerment Programme organised by CCMT - Education Cell. ✓ On 31st Ms Anitha K S (Chief HOD-Languages, CV Kannamaly) was one among the three speakers. The other two speakers were Smt. Latha Ganesan, Principal, VGN CV Avadi, Chennai who spoke on \"Adapt to Accomplish\" and Smt.Geeta Nair, Teacher, Arya Gurukul, Kalyan who focused on the Topic- \"Knowing India through KTPI\". CVK | 33

✓ 31st July- A zoom meeting was organised by Team Bharat Sahodaya on the topic CBSE New Scheme of Assessment. The resource person was Dr M Dinesh Babu CBSE Master Trainer (Principal CSM Central School Thrissur) ✓ 3rd August- The teachers attended the zoom meeting organised by Chinmaya Viswavidyapeet and CCMT Education Cell as part of launching KTPI E-portal. ✓ 7th August- The teachers attended Vidya Vritti Series 2 - An Online Empowerment Programme organised by CCMT Education Cell. The Principal of the vidyalaya Dr M Anil Kumar was one among the three speakers. He spoke on the topic “Creating Impression through Branding”. CVK | 34

✓ The other two speakers were Smt. Ranjini Venugopal, (Teacher CV Thrissur) and Smt Sanghmitra Joshi (Teacher NV CV Shegaon) who spoke on the topics ‘Non- Verbal Communication “and “My Transformation as a Chinmaya Teacher” respectively. ✓ 7th August- The students of classes I-X attended ‘Back to Future” a webinar organised by The Hindu exclusively for the students of the vidlyalaya. Students of classes VI-X could interact with the mathematics expert Smt Kanchan (Mathematics Subject Matter Expert, Swiflearn) and I-V graders could interact with Manupriya Tomer (Mathematics Subject Matter Expert, Swiflearn) ✓ 8th August- The Malayalam Dept teachers attended the 69th Web Training session on the topic- “Bhashadhyapanam Sangethika Vidyayilude”. It was organised by Team Bharat Sahodaya. The faculty was CP Sudheer (Head of the Department-Malayalam Indian School Al Maaabela, Sultanate of Oman.) ✓ 11th August- Teachers handling classes IX-XII attended a workshop by Extra Marks. ✓ 12th August- A workshop on MTB Textual content by S Chand was organised for the teachers of classes I to V. ✓ 14th August- A parenting session was organised for the parents of KG-II. It was handled by Swami Shantatmananda (Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission Delhi) and the Principal Dr M Anil Kumar. ✓ 14th & 28th August - The teachers attended Vidya Vritti Series 2 - Online Empowerment Programme organised by CCMT Education Cell. The speakers were Smt Usha Nandhini (Principal CV Taylors Road, Chennai), Ms Jyothi V (Teacher CV Vaduthala) and Ms Sahana (Teacher VBCV Telco Colony, Jamshedpur). The speakers on 28th August were Smt Sangeeta Sharma, Smt Mamata Padhy and Smt Saina Sajeev. The first session was led by Smt Sangeeta Sharma, Principal, GNT CV Guwahati. Her topic was ‘Classroom Ethics’. The second session was on the topic “School Culture and Teacher Effectiveness” By Smt. Mamata Padhi Faculty, CV Chand The third speaker was Smt Sajna Sajeev Faculty, CV Tarapur. She dealt with the topic “Holistic Education through Inter Disciplinary Approach”. ✓ 25th-27th August- The Vice Principal Ms Pinky Santhosh, Academic Co- ordinator Ms Susmitha, Ms Merly, Ms Sheeja Ramesh Ms Figi and Ms Steffi attended a webinar on the topic ‘Virtual Session on Decoding Multiple Choice Questions in Schools’ for the teachers of classes X and XII. The webinar was conducted by The Learners Confluence as three modules. It was an exclusive session on the latest assessment pattern. The topics dealt were ‘MCQs’, ‘Subject Specific MCQs’and ‘Leveraging MCQs for Students and Self’. The faculty included Dr Senthil Kumaran, Mr R Subramanian, Mr P SuryaKumar, Ms Srividya B, Ms Geetha Krishnan, Ms Neha P Arora and Mr Harneet Singh. CVK | 35

✓ 15th September- Ms Steffi Philip attended a webinar for English teachers of Grade IX & X on the topic ‘CBSE Board Exams Term-1- Making Effective MCQs’. It was hosted by Team Bharat Sahodaya and the resource person was CBSE Master Trainer Ms Ruchi Sengar. ✓ 16th September- A webinar was organised for the students of grade IX as part of World Ozone Day. The topic was- “Climate change and an Awareness on Sea Level Rise”. ✓ 18th September- The computer teachers of the school attended a webinar on “Computational Skills for Future Generation”, organised by Ratna Sagar Pvt Ltd. ✓ 22nd September- Teachers handling KG-V attended the 86th webinar on the topic “Better Presentations in the Class room”. It was a venture by Team Bharat Sahodaya. The resource person was Ms Aishwarya Taneja (HOD Economics- Bal Bharati Public School Dwarka, New Delhi). ✓ 22nd September- CVK in association with Global Hunt Foundation organised a book reading session for classes III and IV. ✓ 24th September- CVK in association with Sonalika CSR oraganised a book reading session for classes V and VI. ✓ 24th September- The Maths Dept. teachers attended a training programme organised for Mathematics teachers. The faculty was Mr Arindam Roay Choudhury (Principal of GD Goenka School, Jammu). The topic was ‘How to prepare MCQs’. ✓ 26th September- Students of classes VI-XII attended an interactive online education programme which covered the topics in Science and Mathematics Curriculum. Numerous hands-on activities, projects, models etc were included which helped them in conceptual understanding of various topics. OUTCOME: ❖ The webinars, training and orientation sessions were helpful to develop personal, professional and social competence in the faculty, through self and social awareness. ❖ They played a crucial role in equipping the faculty with different tools and strategies to gauge aspects of self-regulation and management of emotions while handling the online sessions. ❖ They are aware of tips and knowledge to decode the language of behavior of the students and ways to create happy and positive environment in the online classrooms. CVK | 36

DIGITAL DIARY “Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge and knowledge makes you great.” ❖ INNOVATIVE IDEA OBJECTIVE: ❖ To provide easy and hassle-free access to the school calendar. ❖ To introduce economic, paperless planner to stakeholders. Digital School Diary of Chinmaya Vidyalaya Kannamaly 2021-22 was circulated in the class groups. The diary is inclusive of important academic, co-curricular dates, all major activities and programmes to be conducted by the Vidyalaya. The scholastic performance of an institution is the benchmark of all educational institutions. The development of the heart along with the development of the intellect forms the nuclei of all learning processes at our school. OUTCOME: ❖ The stakeholders are able to access the details of all the happenings, major dates and events digitally. Link: E- LESSON PLANS ❖ SUSTAINABLE AND INNOVATIVE PROGRAMME OBJECTIVES: • To pre-visualize the transaction of a lesson through online classes. • To decide on the best teaching-learning methods involved in the virtual classrooms. • Improve user accessibility, time and establish paperless work. • To provide flexibility to engage learners in the online learning process. • To build teaching resource for future. The initiative of introducing E- Lesson Plans is aligned with the curriculum and the online teaching – learning during the pandemic situation. The live, complementary document explores the vast possibilities of curriculum transaction arousing the interest of the students. These also assist the teachers to find the best teaching practices, develop and improvise upon them to the need and level of the class. The teachers are motivated to work in a paperless environment which forms a part of project of completion of 25 years of School. CVK | 37

OUTCOME: • The teachers are better equipped for handling online classes by using E-Lesson Plans. • They are useful as future resource and can be used for reference. LINK: : Click here for English lesson plan ENGLISH : Click here for science lesson plan SCIENCE FRUITITION: • The holistic development of the young minds is well taken care of in our Vidyalaya, which is founded on the visions of Pujya Gurudev. CVK | 38

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT INTENT: • To nurture a positive school ethos paving way towards achieving personal spiritual enlightenment. • To glorify the value of faith in oneself and the supreme power. CVK | 39

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” EVENT NAME: CHINMAYA JAYANTI CELEBRATION DATE:(8th May) ❖ SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMME ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED: ❖ Dance and song for you tube ❖ Chanting of slokas OBJECTIVES: ❖ To pay respect to Pujya Gurudev. ❖ To know more about the life and message of Gurudev. Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda’s 105th birth anniversary was celebrated by the students and staff of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kannamaly on 8th May, 2021. This year’s Chinmaya Jayanti Celebration was online due to the resurgence of the Covid-19. The offering to Pujya Gurudev, as always unique, from the confines of our homes, praying, wishing and seeking Gurudev’s blessings, was truly enlightening and awakening the spirituality in us. The celebrations commenced with the prayer followed by the rendition of ‘Chinmaya Mahima’ by Rajalakshmi V of Class 9. The chanting of Slokas of Bhagavad Geeta is an integral part of any celebration at our Vidyalaya. Swetha Viswanathan of Class 8 chanted Slokas 1 to 10 of Chapter 7, Bhagavad Geeta. As a mark of respect to Gurudev’s everlasting love and guidance, Ms. Preetha M P, the Sanskrit teacher chanted the Gurusthotram. All the staff members also participated in the inaugural function of ‘Geeta Dhyana Yagna’ on Bhagavad Geeta Chapter 7 by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda telecasted in the You Tube (Chinmaya Channel). The inauguration session included ‘Chinmaya Mahima’ by the students of CV Kannamaly. The teachers continued to watch the Geeta talks by Gurudev till the concluding day (25th May) and submitted a consolidated report on the discourses. OUTCOME: ❖ The students know more about the life and all the contributions made by Pujya Gurudev for making India great. LINK sp=sharing_eil_dm&ts=619fa144 CVK | 40

EVENT NAME: GURUJI’S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION DATE:(30th June) ❖ SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMME ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED: ❖ SHUBH VANI - Students of class 1 to 12 spoke on moral values ❖ Bhajan OBJECTIVES: ❖ To express our respect and gratitude to Guruji. The staff of CVK extended their birthday wishes to Swami Tejomayanada by singing the birthday song penned by him. The staff offered prayers by performing Gurudev’s Ashtothara Naamavali, invoking Lord Almighty’s Blessings on him. To show our love and express our gratitude for being the guiding force the students of the Vidyalaya contributed towards a wonderful venture, “SHUBH VANI” (a short Video Presentation). From each class one student spoke on moral values, touching the aspects of Chinmaya Vision programme. A bhajan composed by Swami Tejomayananda sung by a student of class VI was also part of the video. The videos were compiled and uploaded in Chinmaya You tube Channel. OUTCOME: ❖ The well appreciated wishes for our Guruji showed our love and respect for him. LINK: usp=sharing EVENT NAME: RAMAYANA MASACHARANAM DATE:(16th August)- ❖ SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMME ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED: • An online quiz (Ramayan Prashnothari 2021) was conducted on August 16th. The children participated with full enthusiasm and interest and produced great result. The quiz was conducted by arranging the students into 2 categories • Category 1: classes 6-8 • Category 2: classes 9-12 CVK | 41

OBJECTIVES: ❖ To create spiritually awakened students. ❖ To know the significance of Bhagvan Ram in our life. ❖ To bring forth the feeling of oneness towards the Indian culture among the students. • RAMAYANA MASACHARAM (17th July)- In connection with the Ramayana Month, the Vidyalaya has organised a month-long ‘Ramayana Parayanam’ which commenced on 17th July. It will be concluded on 16th August. Each day, ‘parayanam’ by the teachers, students and parents is forwarded to all the class groups. As part of Ramayana Masacharanam , we were able to chant the entire Ramayanam, which was made possible by the wholehearted participation of the teachers, students and their families. The videos, with a duration of 30-60 min, of the rendition were sent to the class WhatsApp groups on a daily basis. All the technical support was given by Mr Sujith and Mr Sreejith. • • Despite the ongoing pandemic that has devastated the global community – this venture of the Chinmayites has added another feather in their cap. It has been greatly appreciated by all the stakeholders and helped them to delve into the big source of knowledge. With utmost devotion and spiritual ethos, the Vidyalaya conducted “Ramayana Masacharanam 2021” which commenced on July 17th and concluded on August 16th. It was held under the leadership of Malayalam Department. Ramayana Parayanam CVK | 42

videos (by the teachers/students/parents) were posted in the class groups daily (17th July - 15th August). Each videos had 30-60minutes duration. “Ramayana Preshnothari” (Quiz) was also part of the same. Students were divided into different categories and they participated with great interest. The culmination programme was organised devotionally on August 16th by the grace of Almighty God and with the blessings of Gurudev. The chanting started right from 6:00am with the lighting of the lamp by the Principal of the Vidyalaya Dr. M Anilkumar followed by the devotional chanting by Mrs Preeja V Raj. The whole day witnessed the devotional chanting of 16 teachers of the vidyalaya and Mr. Meganathan K B (A genius in chanting Ramayana) The devotional atmosphere reached its zenith with the ‘Aarathi’ performed by the President of the Vidyalaya Shri. Rajesh Patel and the Principal. Prasadam was distributed to everyone. OUTCOME: ❖ The competition created the feeling of oneness towards the Indian culture among the students. ❖ It also helps them to appreciate the good deeds ancient puranas. EVENT NAME: GURUPOORNIMA CELEBRATION DATE:(24th July)- ❖ SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMME ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED: OBJECTIVES: ❖ To acknowledge the significance of gurus in one’s life. ❖ To pay respect to the noble guruparampara of our country. • On the auspicious occasion of Gurupoornima CV, Kannamaly paid reverence to the holy Guru Parampara by organizing an online live puja in the morning. All the teaching staff were part of the programme. The programme began with prayer, followed by our students chanting Vedavyasa Ashtothara Archana, Vedavyasa Sthuti penned by CVK | 43

Guruji, Vedavyasa Aarti and concluded with Shanti Mantra. • In the evening, the teachers attended Satsang by Br. Devaki Chaitanya. Devakiamma enlightened the teachers on their role in a student’s life; guiding, mentoring, motivating and inspiring the student to become good citizens with values embedded deep within. Sanatana Dharma has always valued gurus and celebrated the jayanti of great gurus like Maharshi Vedavyasa, Sankaracharya, Swami Vivekananda, Gurudev Swami Chinmayananada. She also explained the characteristics of a guru. Different types of gurus and their specific role were also explained before urging the teacher community to elevate themselves to become gurus who can transform the students. OUTCOME: ❖ The students understood the significance of gurus in one’s life and paid respect to the noble guruparampara of our country. EVENT NAME: ARADHANA DAY CELEBRATION (FROM SUNRISE TO SUNSET) DATE:(3rd August) “NAAD AARADHANA, SARVESHU NIRAMAYA” ❖ SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMME AND INNOVATIVE PROGRAMME ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED: Bhajans, Gita chanting, Ramayanam slokas chanting slot wise from LKG to Class XII. OBJECTIVES: ❖ To invoke God’s blessings on all the people. ❖ To offer prayers for elevating conflict, despair and disease from the world. Adhering to the COVID - 19 protocol, CV, Kannamaly organized a day long offering at the feet of our Pujya Gurudev. From sunrise to sunset (6:00 am - 6:00 pm), the teachers, students and parents chanted Mantras, Slokas, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana and Bhajans to elevate the mind from conflict, fear, despair and disease seeking his blessings by offering our goodwill to heal the world to usher in health, happiness and peace. At the break of the day on 3rd August, 2021 at 6:00 am; CV, Kannamaly woke up to the vibration of sacred sounds of prayers and chanting. The ‘Nad Aaradhana’ - our offering to Pujya Gurudev and the world commenced invoking the blessing of the Almighty for the smooth conduct and success of the programme. The teachers recited Ramayana followed by the rendition and chanting of slokas, bhajans by the students and parents of our Vidyalaya, taking us through a day long reverence. All the classes, from LKG to CVK | 44

Std. XII became a part of the event. Strictly adhering to the COVID -19 protocol, each class was given half an hour time slot for performing. The teacher, students and parents rendered bhajans/ slokas during the given time slot. The programme was a rich combination of Bhajans for God's and Goddesses, in different languages, Sanskrit, Hindi, Malayalam, Konkani, Tamil etc... accompanied by musical instruments like flute, tabla, mridangam, violin which invoked the divine blessings on all present. The observance came to a close along with the setting sun at 6:00 pm with the Chinmaya Aarti and Shanti Mantra. OUTCOME: ❖ The chanting brought the spiritual ambience invoking God’s blessings on all the people. ❖ Prayers were for elevating conflict, despair and disease from the world. CVK | 45

CVK | 46

EVENT NAME: VINAYAKA CHATHURTHI DATE:(10th September) ❖ SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMME OBJECTIVES: ❖ To learn and build a strong cultural belief among students. ❖ To understand the rich heritage of India and learn about the importance of various festivals. ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED: ❖ A class-wise competition on Clay Modelling was also held for the classes II, IV and V. ❖ Ganapati Homam was conducted Vinayaka Chathurthi was celebrated on 10th September. The programme was scheduled for the students of classes III - V. A video presentation on the significance of the day was prepared by the students of class VI. A melodious Bhajan enthralled everyone. The importance of Vinayaka Chathurthi was also presented by the students. The video was shared in all the class groups. A Ganapathy pooja was conducted for Lord’s blessing. CVK | 47

OUTCOME: ❖ The students learn to build a strong cultural belief. ❖ They understand the rich heritage of India and learn about the importance of various festivals. LINK: usp=drivesdk FRUITITION: • The ambience creates positive school ethos paving way towards achieving personal spiritual enlightenment. CVK | 48

INDIAN CULTURE INTENT: • To create vibrant synergy of ideas through the bonding between the rich cultural heritage and traditions of India. CVK | 49

EVENT NAME: KAVYA SHRADHANJALI DATE:(17th June)- ❖ SUSTAINABLE PROGRAMME ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED: ❖ Famous poems recited by students. OBJECTIVES: ❖ To pay tribute to the great poet, Changampuzha. ❖ To ponder over the rich literary legacy that he has left behind. ❖ To know more about his poetry which is full of values and thoughts that continue to inspire us. Death anniversary of Mahakavi Changampuzha Krishna Pillai was observed on 17th June 2021. A tribute video was made and circulated in class groups on the day. The video consisted of the narration and his famous poems recited by students OUTCOME ❖ The students paid tribute to the great poet, Changampuzha. ❖ He was remembered for the rich literary legacy that he has left behind. ❖ The programme helped in understanding his poetry which is full of values and thoughts that continue to inspire us. LINK: EVENT NAME: WORLD MUSIC DAY “Music expresses that which we cannot put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” DATE:(21st June)- ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED: Students of category 1 participated for devotional song competition. Children of class 3 & 4 participated for Patriotic song competition Children of class 5, 6 and 7 participated for Light music competition. Children of class 8,9and 10 participated for classical music competition. OBJECTIVES: ❖ To know more about the significance of music and its soothing effect. ❖ To know the importance of honouring the musicians and singers for the gift of music. CVK | 50

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