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Good Life Advisor Practice Solutions Brochure

Published by Kayla Gettle, 2019-01-24 16:22:59

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Good Life Companies Good Life Companies is a network of independent advisors throughout the United States working collaboratively to enhance our clients’ lives, as well as our own. defines independence as “not being influenced by the thought or action of others”. That has fueled the passion behind our organization. Good Life does not dictate products or services to their advisors. Instead, we encourage an entrepreneurial approach and support them witih leading edge technology, state of the art facilities and leadership from a firm that was built by Financial Advisors, for Financial Advisors. The tradeoff for the advisor-entrepreneur? The advisor makes more money, enjoys more time, and has more control over the result. TOP 10 REASONS TO GO INDEPENDENT & JOIN GOOD LIFE • Transition Support • Real Estate & Technology • Marketing & Social Media Management • Business Coaching • Investment Research & Management • Insurance Services • Payroll Support • Group Benefits Package • Virtual Practice Management • Financial Planning | (610) 898-6927

Who’s Who? Good Life is here to support you in any way we can. Below you will find a list of individuals and how they will assist you during and after your transition to independence. FOUNDERS Conor Delaney | CEO & OSJ PRINCIPAL Business development, practice development, mergers and aquisitions, and product development. (610-628-2082 | [email protected] Courtnie Nein | PRESIDENT Internal processes, operations and workflows. (610) 628-2047 | [email protected] HR & ACCOUNTING Aelish Brooks | CONTROLLER & HUMAN RESOURCES Payroll, letters of instruction, reimbursements, compensation and HR. (610) 628-2084 | [email protected] Kelsey Fox | HUMAN RESOURCES COORDINATOR Payroll, letters of instruction, reimbursements, compensation and HR. (484) 509-0684 | [email protected]

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & MARKETING Kayla Gettle | MARKETING MANAGER Brand development, webiste and social media management. (610) 674-0337 | [email protected] Christine Ferreira | DIRECTOR OF COACHING SOLUTIONS Strategic planning and business coaching (860) 357-5444 | [email protected] Caitlin Degler | DIRECTOR OF ADVISOR RELATIONS Business development, recruiting, Advisor liason and service offering management. (610) 628-4284 | [email protected] Becky Angelo | MARKETING COORDINATOR Brand development, webiste and social media management. (610) 628-2201 | [email protected] REAL ESTATE Justinn Nein | Senior VP & Director of Real Estate Real Estate discovery and contracting for full-service advisors. (610) 628-2861 | [email protected] Norm Heilenman | REAL ESTATE EXTERNAL PROJECT MANAGER Real Estate discovery and contracting for full-service advisors. (484) 772-6019 | [email protected] Zach Hines | EAST COAST REAL ESTATE CONSULTANT Real Estate discovery and contracting for full-service advisors on the East Coast. (864) 918-9944 | [email protected] Seth Platsman | WEST COAST REAL ESTATE CONSULTANT Real Estate discovery and contracting for full-service advisors on the West Coast. (503) 416-0091 | [email protected]

Clayton Madey | WEST COAST REAL ESTATE CONSULTANT Real Estate discovery and contracting for full-service advisors on the West Coast (503) 227-2500 | [email protected] TECHNOLOGY Tim Gromis | IT & HOME OFFICE FACILITIES MANAGER Email, phone, hardware and software support. (610) 628-3761 | [email protected] Alex Rufer | IT Support Specialist Email, phone, hardware and software support. (610) 726-1468 | [email protected] INVESTMENT RESEARCH Noah Brooks | DIRECTOR OF INVESTMENTS Investment and portfolio management, sales, and customized investment solutions. (610) 572-4330 | [email protected] Rachel Sheeler | INVESTMENT ASSISTANT Enhanced trading, model proposals and comparisons. (610) 628-2054 | [email protected] Kanon Ream | RESEARCH ANALYST Fund investment research for WAM portfolios. (610) 628-4187 | [email protected] Chris Wuestner | INVESTMENT ASSISTANT Enhanced trading, model proposals and comparisons. (484) 509-1870 | [email protected]

COMPLIANCE Denise Brochu | CHIEF COMPLIANCE OFFICER & PRINCIPAL DELEGATE Compliance and OSJ, office audit preparation and regulatory information. (610) 628-2080 | [email protected] Richard Gromis | DIRECTOR OF COMPLIANCE Business continuity planning. (610) 301-2206 | [email protected] Dan Rome | COMPLIANCE CONSULTANT Offers legal support to ensure advisors are compliant with FINRA/SEC standards. (980) 213-5481 | [email protected] Sharon Boyer | COMPLIANCE SPECIALIST Compliance and OSJ related questions, office audit preparation and regulatory information. (484) 509-0925 | [email protected] Louise Ludwig | COMPLIANCE ASSISTANT Compliance and OSJ related questions, office audit preparation and regulatory information. (803) 667-4292 | [email protected] TRANSITIONS Nikki Gromis | DIRECTOR OF TRANSITIONS Transition related questions and new advisor training. (610) 766-7512 | [email protected] Pam Boguslowski | TRANSITION SPECIALIST Account opening and paperwork, client contribution and distribution questions. (610) 994-4695 | [email protected] Alicia Himmelberger | TRANSITION SPECIALIST Account opening and paperwork, client contribution and distribution questions. (610) 273-8020 | [email protected]

Kirstyn Martz | TRANSITION SPECIALIST Account opening and paperwork, client contribution and distribution. (484) 525-0983 | [email protected] Nicole Leskin | TRANSITION SPECIALIST Account opening and paperwork, client contribution and distribution. (484) 509-1119 | [email protected] VIRTUAL PRACTICE Denise Schnader | VIRTUAL PRACTICE MANAGER Questions regarding daily practice operations for VPM affialiated advisors. (610) 628-3992 | [email protected] Arianna Perez | VIRTUAL PRACTICE MANAGER Questions regarding daily practice operations for VPM affialiated advisors. (610) 628-3992 | [email protected] Terri Dowling | VIRTUAL PRACTICE MANAGER Questions regarding daily practice operations for VPM affialiated advisors. (484) 509-0925 | [email protected] INSURANCE Fred Claghorn | EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT Recruiting, agency/principal relations, FMO relations and contract negotiations. (843) 970-2166 | [email protected] Jackie Malloy | DIRECTOR OF LICENSING & CONTRACTING Contracting, on-boarding and carrier appointments, writing numbers & questions. (610) 674-0350 | [email protected]

Andy Hoffman | DIRECTOR OF ADVISOR RELATIONS Case management strategy, compensation grid clarification, and GLIA portal training. (843) 970-1036 | [email protected] Neelma Pyfrom | DIRECTOR OF PAYROLL & PENDING BUSINESS Payroll and compensation questions, pending business follow-up and execution. 843-970-2168 | [email protected] Brandon Woods | DIRECTOR OF P&C INSURANCE Good Life Property and Casulaty offering questions and support. (610) 301-9037 | [email protected] Bridget Grossman | NATIONAL SUPPORT SPECIALIST General inquiries, new business submission, pending business follow-up and execution. (610) 628-2098 | [email protected] | (610) 898-6927

Transition Services Our main objective at Good Life is to provide top-tier services and resources to our affiliated advisors. Good Life boasts an eight-person transitions team that focuses on one thing: moving your business. The team has transitioned advisors from all types of firms including bank channels, independent firms, wirehouses, mutual fund broker-dealers, and insurance companies. Our existing advisor base consists of a mix of prior firms including protocol and non-protocol. The variety of backgrounds within our team has provided a solid foundation for our experienced staff. The team delivers personal service during the most critical time of an advisor’s career, your transition to independence. Our team walks the journey with our advisors from start to finish with their main goal of restoring the advisors’ revenue as quickly as possible, all the while creating a pleasant experience for the advisor, their staff, and clients. TRANSITION PROCESS • Pre-transition training for advisors and their staff on the basics of running their practice • In-depth analysis and mapping of current book of business to Good Life • Preparation of client paperwork to move accounts • Establishment of contributions and distributions • All forms are pre-filled to protocol standards and tabbed where signatures are needed • Overnight shipping of paperwork directly to clients • Review of all completed paperwork • Opening of all accounts • Tracking all transfers through the process from start to finish • Trading for all advisors enrolled in WAM - (Our in-house portfolio management service) • Post-transition training • 6-week virtual class on all facets of running a business • On-going support post-transition | (610) 898-6927

Real Estate & Technology Services At Good Life, we have a multitude of services and personnel to assist in the most basic of office needs. From simply consulting on lease negotiations and technology setup, to the full design of office layouts and furnishings for a turn-key solution, we provide a service to aid in the difficult and detailed process of building an office and being an independent business owner. REAL ESTATE • Discovery/consultation of office locations • Lease negotiation • Oversight of office remodel for full-service advisors • Office furnishing design TECHNOLOGY • In-depth analysis of your technology needs prior to the transition • One-on-one support to ensure all your technology needs are met • Your technology will be 100% compliant according to broker-dealer’s specifications • Access to Good Life’s network during and after your transition • Ongoing software, hardware, and network support • Printing and scanning technology provided for streamlined document handling • Ring Central VOIP phone call routing, voicemail, faxing, and softphone capabilities • Disaster recovery services provided with minimal disruption to your business | (610) 898-6927

Marketing Services Whether it’s helping to rejuvenate your current brand, or giving you something fresh and new, the Marketing Services provided by Good Life is your resource for marketing support. BRAND DEVELOPMENT The Brand Development Package provided by Good Life is a service to aid in the development of your independent financial practice. If you are an advisor leaving a firm where you used their name and logo, if you’re an advisor that has a brand that you don’t believe is developed properly, or you’re simply looking for something new, Good Life can help. Each Brand Development process is unique and tailored to the individual advisor and their practice. The following general process will be used to successfully develop your brand: • Discovery Call • Establish DBA • Develop Color Scheme & Logo • Design Stationery/Announcement Letter/Press Release SOCIAL MEDIA & ONLINE PRESENCE In the online business world today, having a strong social media and web presence is just as important as having a business card. Good Life will get you set up with social media platforms designed to tell consumers your story, your brand, who you are, and what you offer, as well as build a modern, mobile-friendly website for you and your company. | (610) 898-6927

Post-Transition Marketing Services GRAPHIC DESIGN | Refresh $1,000 or Full Development $1500 • Logo ($200-$300) • Brochure/Presentation Folder ($100-$200) • Stationery ($150) • Social Media/Website ($500-$1,000) WEBSITE MANAGEMENT | Monthly Maintenance $100/month • Update website and fix technical issues • Add provided/approved content to event calendar/blog • Create small visual/content changes as needed SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT | Growth & Engagement Package $125/month • Daily & Weekly Market Updates to Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter • Website and Facebook Page Promotions once per month ($25 boosted ad included) • Facebook Giveaway per quarter (Advisor handles giveaway cost and distribution) • Month-end analytics for Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter Traffic BUSINESS COACHING SOLUTIONS | $300-500/month • FREE Consultation • Coaching solutions and price varies depending on advisor SEO LEAD GENERATION | $/month is determined by scope of engagement • Initial setup including SEO and content strategy • Ongoing SEO and content reporting | (610) 898-6927

Website Maintenance A quality website is clean, well-organized, easy to navigate, clear/concise, modern (in terms of style and layout), functional, branded, and motivates the visitor to do business with you. Having a visually appealing website is important because it is often the first impression you give prospects, you want that first impression to be a good one. Good Life will take care of setting up the website as part of your transition, but can also handle the technical side of it moving forward so that you can concentrate on what’s most important, building your business. WEBSITE MANAGEMENT | Monthly Maintenance $100/month • Website theme/plugin updates • Add provided/approved content to event calendar/blog • Add/remove staff/contact information • Diagnose any website issues as they arrise • Create small visual/content changes as needed | (610) 898-6927

Social Media Management The Social Media Management program at Good Life is a service to aid in the development of your independent financial practice. The financial services landscape is changing drastically as more consumers head to the web to find what they are looking for. Having active, informational, engaging, and well-developed social media platforms have become staples in everyday business. Social media is now more than sharing and liking pictures. Social media tells consumers your story, your brand, who you are, and what you offer. With Good Life’s Social Media packages we can expand your network, sharpen your image, and boost your web traffic. The cost of our Social Media Growth & Engagement package includes the setup and approval process for all social media profiles when necessary. Growth & Engagement Package Monthly Cost WHAT YOU’LL GET $125 • 1 Daily & Weekly Market Update to Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter • 1 Website Promotion OR Article Share per month to Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter • 1 Facebook Page Promotion per month ($25 boosted ad sponsorship included) • 1 Facebook Giveaway per quarter (Advisor handles giveaway cost and distribution) • Month-end analytics for Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter Traffic • Boost posts more often by providing monthly budget and credit card details • Pay for Social Media Management on an annual-basis to receive one month FREE ADDITIONAL OPTIONS • Boost posts more often/for longer by providing monthly budget and credit card details • Pay for Social Media Management on an annual-basis to receive one month FREE | (610) 898-6927

Coaching Solutions Coaching allows entrepreneurs and business leaders the ability to work with a highly-trained coach on their individual goals. Each program is tailored to match the advisors’ objectives, through a wide variety of services including team & individual coaching. What makes this coaching program unique is the link between coaching and marketing. Often, many of the coaching efforts rely on the execution of marketing activities. Good Life has tailored a program that bridges the gap between the two, giving you a huge advantage in the marketplace. We all have the common goal in mind of growing our business and providing exceptional service to our existing clients while increasing income with more high-quality clients. WHAT YOU’LL GET • Strategic planning & goal setting with accountability • Lead generation programs • Customized marketing plans & solutions • New client onboarding processes • Service models • Activity tracking (cookbook solutions) • Technology reviews (CRM) • Analysis of having the right staff in the right seats • Client segmentation models • 30-second commercials • Time management system (analysis of revenue vs non-revenue producing activities) • Centers of influence and creating the right sourcing wheel & network of professionals • Social Media/website review and implementation programs • Webinar access • Building client advocates & generating referrals • Turn-key event ideas with occasional live events • Practice acquisition/succession • Comprehensive materials • Access to coach for special projects | (610) 898-6927

SEO Lead Generation The number of daily searches on Google is over 4 billion, and the top five results get 65% of the clicks. Online content is a powerful tool that can connect potential customers or clients with your brand. When the content is unique, has actual value to the reader, has been optimized correctly and makes it clear what the reader should do next, you have a winning combination. Great content if ranked well will increase traffic to your site, engage visitors, keep them there longer and help convert them to new clients or immediate sales. Google loves websites with good traffic and low bounce rates. It lets them know that you are popular, well-liked and should be ranked high for keywords on your site. Quality traffic begets even more traffic! How do we know when our content strategy is working? Once a piece of content is ranking well it will appear in your SEO dashboard and we will be able to see how much traffic it delivers each month. We will also be able to see what actions are taken after they have engaged with it. The price per month is determined by scope of engagement . INITIAL SEO/CONTENT/TECHNICAL SETUP • Fix Technical Issues on your website • On-Page SEO • Content Strategy • Review Builder Setup • Live Ranking Dash Setup • Analytics & Webmaster Tools ONGOING SEO/CONTENT REPORTS • Monthly SEO- Meta Updates • Content- 2-3 Blogs per month • Review Monitoring • Live Ranking Dashboard • SEO & Lead Conversion Reporting | (610) 898-6927

Investment Research & Management Wealth Allocation Models (WAM) The Wealth Allocation Models, or “WAM”, is a model overlay service comprised of mutual funds and ETF’s with all trading done in-house. With WAM, advisors have a powerful resource to aid in the management of client assets through diversified asset allocation models. WAM is comprised of risk tolerance-based models that are easy to set up and centrally managed by the internal research team at Good Life. This compliant, cost-effective solution allows advisors to deliver innovative strategies while increasing service capacity and expanding the range of clients served profitably. BENEFITS OF USING WAM • Opening & closing of trades on your behalf • Includes all rebalancing & model changes • Access to branded proposal generation and risk tolerance software • Appropriate for taxable and non-taxable accounts • No additional client signature(s) needed • 3 or 6 month DCA by request • Access to marketing materials on each model • Cash maintenance for client distributions & contributions • Ability to lock positions Choose your level of equity: 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100 | (610) 898-6927

Insurance Services At Good Life Insurance Associates, our primary commitment and responsibility is to provide advisors and agents an ultra-competitive platform to meet their clients’ needs. With top tier companies, compensation, and case design, your clients will be furnished with unbiased advice through a needs-based process. An in-house agency for all fixed lines of insurance including: • Fixed Annuities • All Lines of Fixed Life Insurance • Disability Insurance • Medicare Supplements • Final Expense Insurance • Simplified Issue Good Life IA is constantly adding and enhancing the agency’s offering based on new interest rates, company ratings, and new products that are available in the marketplace. THE BENEFITS • Access to a suite of online quoting tools at • Access to experienced case design managers offering unbiased ideas • Access to case managers for every case in underwriting • Proven client-lead generation systems • Competitive payouts • A wide variety of insurance carriers offering competitive quotes • Access to proprietary real-time insurance quoting system • Concierge service provided by dedicated insurance professionals | (610) 898-6927

P & C Insurance Services At Good Life Property and Casualty, our primary commitment and responsibility is to provide advisors with an insurance platform capable of meeting and exceeding their clients’ needs. Our current relationships provide us with access to a plethora of carriers and specialized programs covering both personal and commercial coverage risks. We have the ability to write business in the following states: FL, NC, PA and SC. Our goal is to supply your clients with exceptional coverage, services, and reduce their total cost of risk. An in-house agency for all P&C lines of insurance including: • Personal • Commercial • Auto • Property • Homeowners/Renters • General Liability • Boat/RV/Motorcycle • Business Auto • Personal Articles • Professional Liability • Umbrella, and more! • Workers’ Compensation, and more! Good Life Property and Casualty is constantly adding and enhancing the agency’s offering based on new interest rates, company ratings, and new products that are available in the marketplace. THE BENEFITS • Access to the online quoting tool suite at • 150+ carriers for personal and commercial lines of coverage • Access to in-house experts in the property and casualty field • Value-added service to use as a retention tool for your clients • Advisor referral bonuses and commission opportunities available! | (610) 898-6927

Compensation & Benefits PAYROLL EXECUTION In order to minimize the cost of administering payroll to your support staff, Good Life offers a payroll service where the organization bears the burden of administering the payroll for your staff, you only cover taxes and salary. HEALTH INSURANCE & 401(k) With all that is going on with private health insurance plans, most Americans are experiencing a tremendous rise in premiums no matter what carrier, plan type or coverage they have. These rate hikes are impacting nearly everyone no matter what your income is to the tune of 10-75% in increased cost. Good Life has the opportunity to extend group health insurance through a national carrier for all of our 1099 independent advisor-entrepreneurs. Additionally, for their staff, not only is health insurance through us an option, but we will also execute payroll and offer the staff access to our 401(k) plan. Enhancing employee benefits in your practice drives retention and morale. Instead of figuring it out on your own, tap into our existing successful benefit plan. Let us take care of you. | (610) 898-6927

Virtual Practice Management The Virtual Practice Management service offered through Good Life is a way for financial advisors to leverage support through an outsourced office assistant. This program is offered to all affiliated financial advisors and can be utilized on a temporary or permanent basis. With the use of modern technology, all phone calls, e-mails, and physical mail can be forwarded to your virtual practice manager. Weekly meetings will be arranged to lay out tasks for the upcoming week. Calendars will be synced and assistants will communicate messages periodically throughout the day as needed to keep you abreast of all happenings within your office. PHONE ASSISTANCE | $100/week or $250/month FULL BACK OFFICE SUPPORT | $75/day, $300/week or $1,000/month ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT • Answer phones 9AM-5PM EST. • Prepare applications for client appointments, scan and upload documents • Process account opening documents and handle notifications • Track account transfers through CRM system, notify advisor when accounts are funded • On call to contact the service desk • Submit items to compliance and track progress CLIENT RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT • Run reports and monitor client database • Track and monitor client events and associated tasks • Run and monitor mass communication campaigns through your CRM system EVENT PLANNING • Schedule date, time and location with all vendors and facilitate reimbursement • Create invitation and submit to compliance for approval • Mail invitation to clients and handle all RSVPs | (610) 898-6927

Financial Planning Financial Planning is a service provided by Good Life that can be utilized for your clientele, and if leveraged properly, can be a new revenue stream within your current business. If you do not have a background or expertise in the area of financial planning, or you would simply like to outsource financial planning, you can utilize the team at Good Life to put together complicated and comprehensive financial plans that may lead to additional lines of business based on the overall plan. The financial planning team is headed up by Julie M. Kemp, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with over 15 years of expertise in this area. Our expert team acts as an extension of our advisors’ back office, there to help with any financial planning related needs. BENEFITS OF FINANCIAL PLANNING • Almost 80% of advisors reported 10-40% growth in profits from financial planning • Using a financial plan builds trust • Clients are more likely to implement recommendations with backing of a financial plan • It is easier for clients to refer you to family, friends, and colleagues • Clients are less likely to evaluate an advisor based on investment performance alone • Potential to create multiple revenue streams such as: advisory revenues, life insurance sales, long-term care sales, disability insurance sales, etc. Why should an advisor outsource financial planning to Good Life? • Time savings! The typical time to create a comprehensive financial plan is about 5 hours The advisor will spend more time with their best clients, prospects, or doing their revenue generating activity • Cost savings! eMoney/WealthVision licensing fees are currently $3,600 annually. Training is extensive and required to take full advantage of the software • Expertise! An advisor that is not familiar with the software can take longer to complete a plan and can produce a plan that is not user friendly • Product solutions to provide objective recommendations in all areas of the client’s needs. | (610) 898-6927

Good Life Outsourced Compliance Good Life Outsourced Compliance (powered by TotalRIA ) is the premier compliance solution used to build your own RIA. This platform allows you to focus on building your business with confidence that the necessary regulatory structure has been established and is maintained by compliance partners interested in growth and driving revenue. Behind the door is a compliance solution that is integrated with additional services offered by various Good Life Companies, but on the front of the door is your name and your name only. REGISTRATION SERVICES INCLUDE LLC Formation Tax ID Operating Agreement IARD Account Set-up State Registration (U4) Form ADV Part 1 Form ADV Part 2A Form ADV – Appendix 1 Form ADV 2B(s) Form CRS Asset Management Agreement Financial Planning Agreement Retirement Services Agreement Compliance Manual Code of Ethics Business Continuity Plan Cybersecurity Policy Privacy Policy ON-GOING COMPLIANCE Advertising Review Advice and Guidance Annual CCO Report Best Execution ADV Amendments and Filing Business Continuity Plan Code of Ethics – Certification Maintenance of Agreements Complaint Resolution Maintain Compliance Calendar Books & Records Conflict Resolution Correspondence Review Employee Trade Monitoring Vendor Due Diligence New Hire Due diligence Maintain Compliance Manual Track Gifts and Entertainment Exam Management Custody Controls LPL OBA Certification IAR Attestations Email & Social Media Review IARD Management LPL Branch Exam Support IA Annual Review Management Meetings Attendance CCO Support IAR Questions Political Contributions Documentation Regulatory Updates LPL Correspondence Trade Error Documentation CRD Management (U4, U5) IAR Training and Resource Whistleblower Contact Industry Best Practices Cash Solicitor Disclosure Violation Management Good Life Outsourced Compliance and TotalRIA are not law firms and do not provide legal advice. Legal services are available, if needed, by introduction to counsel or in cooperation with an existing legal team. TotalRIA, LLC is a boutique service offering with access to broad industry resources for financial advisors seeking true independence. Independence does not have limitations nor is it subject to fees that support unaffiliated corporate objectives and inflated expenses. Independence is freedom to explore revenue opportunities, liberation from compliance obstacles and an escape from boundaries. | (610) 898-6927

Interested in learning more? Advisors come to Good Life seeking a path to independence. Our proven system gives them that. We offer an easy transition and onboarding process to help you establish your practice, followed by a full range of ongoing support services. From practice management and lead generation to advisor training, compliance, and more, we are here to serve as your dedicated partner. Contact us today to discuss how Good Life can tailor an offering to meet your needs. Caitlin Degler Senior Vice President Business Development (484) 955-9828 (Cell) (610) 628-4284 [email protected] | (610) 898-6927

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