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The Insider 2021

Published by alojz.roter, 2021-06-22 09:37:19

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THE INSIDER 2020/2021

Credits Published by: Valentine's Day: Gimnazija Ravne na Koroškem Maruša, Karin, Sara; Na gradu 4 Nastja Smrtnik; 2930 Ravne na Koroškem Kim, Žana, Luka & Primož; Neža Cesar, Aneja Požarnik, Toya Writers: Hober; Manca Čepin, 1. b Matic, Alisa, Manca & Lara; Ana Marzelj, 1. š - 1. b, f Dunja Črešnik, 1. š Lovro Petrič, 1. š Graphic design: Manca Črep, 1. š Nuša Kvasnik, 3. a Nik Čede, 1. š Tim Zagorščak, 3. a Primož Mori, 1. š Tinkara Podjaveršek, 1. š Editor: Maša Popič, 2. b Naja Jelenko, 4. a Anže Kotnik, 2. c Jošt Kadiš, 2. c Proofread: Luka Vaupot, 2. c Milena Rečnik, prof. Zoja Markač. 2. f Nuša Kvasnik, 3. a Photographs: Tim Zagorščak, 3. a Lia Stepišnik, 3. a Vida Hozjan, 3. b Špela Javornik, 3. a Ema Šuler, 3. c Gaja Tušek, 3. c Jan Potočnik, 3. c Mojca Mager, 3. c Naja Jelenko, 4. a Animals: Luka Kovač, Bine Piko Vončina, Matic Savelli Valente - 1. b Julija Ažman, Lara Šturm, Lara Kovač - 1. š

Table of content Introduction School I. Debating Club Carinthia II. Valentine's Day III. Animals Education I. The Science behind the Coronavirus II. To Snooze or Not to Snooze III. The Philoso-cast Poetry I. In the Depths of the Ocean II. Haikus Entertainment I. Red like Roses II. How the Music I Listen to Shaped Me as a Person III. Koroška Pride Parade 2020 IV. Primož Roglič V. In Memory of Sean Connery

Introduction 2021 is here. We have survived one of the hardest years of our lives. From the pandemic, protests, stock market crash… we have survived it all. And we can applaud ourselves. Our writers decided to write about the cure for covid-19, pride parade in Slovenj Gradec, sports, a few students wrote a poem... Many interesting but yet such different topics. We are sure that you will enjoy at least one of the articles. Because of the ongoing pandemic, we know that some of you still struggle and are feeling anxious. We suggest that in this hard times you connect with your family, do school work and maybe even find some new hobbies (for example, reading, starting a blog, maybe even learn how to sew etc.). As of right now it looks like this situation will never end but if we stand together and follow the rules we will be able to get through this in no time. Now get a cup of tea, lie down and enjoy the new issue of our newspaper. Have fun! Naja Jelenko, 4. a 3

Lia Stepišnik, 3. a

S C H O O L Lia Stepišnik, 3. a

DEBATING CLUB CARINTHIA The past year, freshmen and sophomore students actively collaborated on many debates, the first few were national, but for the end of a rather successful year we debated in an international one. The debate forced us to step out of and that wins are coming also, but our comfort zone and look at the main thing is the knowledge issues from a different per- we pick up on the way. When spective. Though challenging at researching we often collaborated first, we later got a grip on it. We with other Slovenian schools to got to debate some topics we were brainstorm and exchange infor- incredibly passionate about and mation, we also received great help others that left us disoriented after from a former debater. Overall, only reading the motion. However debating is not easy, but we can all nonetheless, we persevered and testify it is fulfilling. It was not all did a whole lot of research, wrote hard work though, at the end of good arguments, thought of the academic year we got a chance counterarguments to create to visit the Ministry of Foreign sturdy, bulletproof cases. Even if Affairs where we took part in a that sometimes was not so, we discussion about the European were not too miserable when Union. We are already looking losses came, because we knew that forward to next year! practice makes perfect Maša Popič, 2. b 6

Some believe that love is all you need, others that it makes even the wise man foolish. No matter what, we’re sure that these Valentine’s cards our students wrote will warm your heart and remind you of the bonds you share with your significant other, friends, family and yourself! 7

You haven't found yourself a Valentine’s match? No worries… Eventually you'll get a catch. Spend today with your friends and family, now that you're free. There are still plenty of fish left in the sea. Alina, 1. b 8

Nastja Smrtnik, 1. f Kim, Žana, Luka & Primož, 1. b 9

Sorry, no refunds or returns, you are struck with me forever. My love, I wish you a happy valantine's day. Loved you yesterday. Love you still. Always have. Happy valentine's day. Neža Cesar, Aneja Požarnik, Toya Hober 10


Animal Shelters An animal shelter or pound is private shelter with a a place where stray, lost, contract to operate for a abandoned or surrendered municipality. animals – mostly dogs and You can also help animals cats – are housed. The word on your own by doing \"pound\" has its origins in the these: animal pounds of agricultural communities, where stray 1. Educate your friends and livestock would be penned or family. ... impounded until they were 2. Ask for birthday donations. claimed by their owners. ... 3. Raise money for animals. ... While no-kill shelters exist, it is 4. Volunteer at your local sometimes policy to euthanize animal shelter. ... animals that are not claimed 5. Adopt animals from quickly enough by a previous shelters. ... or a new owner. 6. Set up a donation drive. ... 7. Foster an animal. ... An animal in a shelter has 8. Speak up. four outcomes: • return to owner, • adoption, • transfer to another shelter or rescue facility, • or euthanasia. Many shelter policies allow individuals to bring in animals to the shelter, often called content/uploads/2020/12/NINTCHDBPICT000079910999.jpg owner surrender, or relinqui- shing an animal. An open Animals that get in those admission shelter will accept any animal regardless of shelters are well taken care reason, and is usually a municipal-run shelter or a of. They have food, water and even a place to sleep if they were caught on the side of the road. Nik Čede, 1. š a 12

The Monkey Uprising It was year 2050 when human race was on its peak. They controled the majority of all power sources and they had complete control over earth. They enslaved, slaughtered and murdered majority of all animals but little did they know that through the next hundreds of years the average IQ of an ape would rise to 160 points. They started developing technology never seen before. They started taking human land by force and after a while they took over the majority of all big cities. They enslaved humans and made them experience what they were previously doing to animals. Now apes control earth and animals live peacefully. We are one of the last free humans left and we are living deep in the forest they are looking for us but currently we are still safe. We are sending this message in hope of finding other free humans and forming an alliance and taking back our planet. Lovro Petrič, 1. š 13

Animal Solidarity We should stop animal abuse, because it is no use. We are ruining their homes, because we are on our phones. Cows and pigs are getting killed, while our industry is getting built. In second of our blink, Species are getting extinct. For the animal solidarity, you should join our charity. Monika Črep, Tinkara Podjaveršek, Primož Mori, Ana Marzelj, 1. š Animals are all around us, in the woods, in the water, in the air, so let's live in peace while we're still here, the torturing, killing and making life bad, don't do good to us, we're just sad. If animals weren't here we would be bored, the creatures who live can be glad that they were born, so pretty and beautiful so we can look at them and have fun, let's spread love and never pick on anyone. Dunja Črešnik, 1. š 14

There is No Excuse for Animal Abuse! There is no excuse for animal abuse Stop turning a blind eye to animal cruelty Evolve: End violence against animals They have feelings too; you know? Only a bully and a coward would hurt an innocent animal Don't treat animals as animals, treat them as living beings. That's what they are. Why test cosmetics on some poor animal who didn't do anything? If you want to test a product why don't you test it on yourself? Auschwitz begins whenever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: They are just animals. When a man wants to murder a tiger, he calls it sport, When a tiger wants to murder a man, the man calls it murder. When it comes to being able to feel pain, hunger, thirst, what is a difference between a rat a pig a dog and a boy? Luka Vaupot, Jošt Kadiš, 2. c 15

Luka Kovač, Bine Piko Vončina, Matic Savelli Valente, 1. b Julija Ažman, Lara Kovač, Lara Šturm, 1. š 16

Špela Javornik, 3. a

THECSOCIRENOCNEABVEIHRINUDS THE Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that cause illnesses in humans and animals. Seven different types have been found in people, including those responsible for the SARS, MERS and COVID-19 epidemics. Coronaviruses (CoVs) are a family of viruses that cause respiratory and intestinal illness- es in humans and animals. Since December 2019, the world has been battling another coronavirus. Severe acute respiratory syndrome corona- virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is the virus responsible for the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), which was first identified in Wuhan, China, following reports of serious pneumonia. WHY DO SOME SCIEN- These spikes help the virus bind to TISTS REFER TO IT AS and infect healthy cells. However, SARS-COV-2 (AS OP- the same spikes are also what POSED TO COVID-19 OR allows the immune system to 'see' CORONAVIRUS)? the virus. They are named for the distinctive appearance of their SARS-Cov-2 stands for Severe spikes; when seen under a po- Acute Respiratory Syndrome Co- werful microscope, the spikes look ronavirus 2, and COVID-19 stands like a crown (corona is the Latin for Coronavirus Disease 2019—the for ‘crown’). Beneath these spikes year when it first emerged. If we is a layer of membrane. This are being technical, SARS-CoV-2 membrane can be disrupted by (the species of virus) gives you detergents and alcohols, which is COVID-19 (the illness). The World why soap and water and alcohol Health Organisation explains it as hand sanitiser gels are effective being the same way you would say against the virus. Inside the that HIV gives you AIDS. Of membrane is the virus’s genetic course, it does sound very tech- material - its genome. Whereas the nical and medical, so it is no genomes of some viruses like wonder that most are sticking chickenpox and smallpox are with ‘coronavirus’ as a broadly made of DNA like humans, those of accepted term. THE STRUCTURE OF THE corona-viruses are made of the VIRUS closely related RNA. RNA viruses Coronaviruses are relatively simp- have small genomes which are le structures, and their form helps subject to constant change. These us to understand how they work. changes, called mutations, help They are spherical and coated the virus adapt to and infect new with spikes of protein. a host species. 18

It is thought that the new COVID- HOW STABLE ARE 19 likely originated from bats but CORONAVIRUS PARTICLES it is not yet known whe-ther OUTSIDE THE BODY? mutations allowed this jump from animals to humans. A lot of people are anxious about Figure 1 touching door handles, receiving topics/health-financing/novelcoronavirus-optimized.tmb- 1200v.jpg?Culture=en&sfvrsn=755458c4_ mail and shaking hands due to the WHERE IN THE BODY DOES unknown lifespan of SARS-CoV-2. SARS-COV-2 ATTACK? A person can become infected So, how do coronaviruses with- with a virus when they come into contact with the diseased part- stand these surfaces? All viruses icles, which then infiltrate our bo- dies, hijacking healthy cells and are obligate intracellular para- replicating rapidly. When a virus replicates they can dictate the sites; in other words, they have to infection’s symptoms. The common cold-causing corona- be inside a cell, such as a human, viruses replicate in the cells lining the upper respiratory tract and animal, plant or bacteria, in order prompt symptoms like sneezing and a runny nose. In contrast, to replicate. So, in general, they SARS-CoV-2 primarily infects cells and replicates deep within the have a finite shelf-life outside the lungs, otherwise known as the lower respiratory tract. body. Research on SARS-CoV-1 and MERS tells us that corona- viruses may exist for 24-48 hours outside the body. Further studies reveal that SARS-CoV-2 can survive for up to three days on hard surfaces but will decrease in infectivity over this time. The virus can be killed by washing ha- nds for 20 seconds with regular soap (this breaks up the lipid envelope), or washing surfaces with detergent and hot water or diluted bleach. Ema Šuler, 3. c SOURCES gclid=Cj0KCQiApsiBBhCKARIsAN8o_4hCDJ20f6KmyG3R7YtVFUZGztTjuXiX4XmmchjIZec4S2BkotZzDJ0aAv21EALw_wcB 19

To Snooze or Not to Snooze Not once in my entire high school experience have I woken up feeling well- rested and refreshed. Not to mention the struggle of leaving a warm, cosy bed in favour of a cold morning walk (or run) to the bus stop, followed by a one-hour drive to school. It's so tempting to close my eyes, even if just for 10 minutes. However, I can't help but wonder, is hitting snooze actually beneficial, or does it do more harm than good? Scientifically speaking, it's bad news. To understand why, it's good to know the fundamentals of how sleep works. Typically, you go through 4-6 sleep cycles per night, which last an average of 90 minutes. Sleep is also divided into different stages that differ based on length and function. Stage 1 lasts only around 1-10 minutes. It is the starting point of sleep. Although the muscles have not fully relaxed, body and brain activities begin to slow. A person will often twitch or stir during this stage and is still easily awoken. Stage 2 is light sleep. Your body temperature drops and muscles relax. Heart rate and breathing are slowed. Eye movement stops. Stage 2 can last from 10 - 25 minutes. Stage 3 is referred to as deep sleep. The body relaxes even further. This stage has a restorative function, as it allows body recovery and growth. It also contributes to creativity, memory and insightful thinking. Stage 3 lasts for 20 - 40minutes. It is harder to wake during this stage, and if you do, you will most likely feel disoriented. The fourth stage is REM, short for Rapid Eye Movement. The body muscles, except for the muscles that move the eyes and control breathing, are temporarily paralysed. Brain activity picks up and nearly reaches the levels of activity that are present when awake. Due to this, dreams, especially vivid ones, are most likely to occur in REM. It got its name due to the fact that you can see a person's eyes moving despite them being closed. Per night you cycle through these stages multiple times. 20

So, what does this have to do with snoozing? For starters, if you wake up and you're already sleep deprived, your body is more likely to start a new sleep cycle as soon as you fall back asleep. Because snoozing typically means around 10 extra minutes, you will get no restorative (deep) sleep at all and will be awoken during the beginning stages, which will only further your fatigue. Moreover, preparations for getting out of bed begin in the body almost 2 hours before actually waking up (assuming you wake up at a semi consistent time every day). With the first alarm, your body will already be nearly prepared, but going back to sleep for a short while will throw it off and most likely cause sleep inertia, the tiredness and disorientation you feel after waking up, that will last even longer than it would without the snoozing. To quickly sum up, it will make you more tired. Fortunately, this is not always the case and it can benefit you occasionally if you use it as a way of allowing your brain to slowly wake up, but it should never be more than 10 minutes. So how do you break the habit? The only real way to do it is get up. Aforementioned inertia is only temporary and should wear off after a while, assuming that you are not genuinely sleep deprived, in which case, no snooze can save you. However, if those 10 minutes is what gets you through the day, then maybe at least consider not actually falling asleep and just lying in your bed. That has to be worth something too, right? Sources: Vida Hozjan, 3. b 21

The philoso-cast (let’s talk about nostalgia!) You probably know what podcasts are if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 8 or so years. You would usually listen to them while cleaning or doing school work. Perhaps even while falling asleep. However, you can’t really listen to an article so we decided to transcribe our conversation into text. As two young philosophers we reminisced about the days long past, when life was simpler and every day held unexpected potential. Memories of school, old friendships, road trips, summers spent basking in the sun… maybe even memories that never happened sometimes hit us out of the blue while doing the most mundane activities. As you might have deduced, today’s topic is nostalgia. We came up with some questions and statements, and debated a bit. So voila, here is our untraditional Zoom™ ˝philosophical podcast˝. Nuša: Let’s start, Tim - today’s topic is “nostalgia”. We’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives, so I think it’s safe to say that we’re all familiar with it. However, to be completely honest with you I don’t know what nostalgia is. I think I know; I just don’t have a proper definition for it. Do you have any idea and how you would define “nostalgia”? Tim: Hmm, well, I’ve also never really thought about it, but I guess you could say it’s a bitter-sweet feeling that we experience while we’re remembering the past. Nuša: Definitely, I’d probably say the same. What if we try and look up an actual definition of nostalgia? Tim: Ok, so Cambridge Dictionary defines it as ˝a feeling of pleasure and also slight sadness when you think about things that happened in the past˝. Nuša: Oh wow, I’d say we defined it pretty well! T: Yeah, I agree! Now, doing a podcast, especially like this, is a bit complicated, so it’s always good to have some questions prepared in advance. Here’s one: do you think it’s okay to be nostalgic, like… isn’t it a bit draining to think about the past, when you could risk not seeing the present? N: I think it’s okay. Sometimes it can be a bit unmotivating and dull, dare I say a bit depressing, but I like to think about the spontaneous, heart- warming memories I’ve made with my friends and family. It feels like a sweet reverie. 22

T: Well yes, I agree, but we have to be cautious. I think we get nostalgic mostly when we’re facing current difficulties. You know, as a kind of escapism. N: You make an excellent point. I’ve never thought about it as an escape from reality. More like a feeling we get at random times. Now that I see it from a different perspective, I think I can connect the times I’ve felt nostalgic to evading reality. For example, whenever I have to focus on a certain thing which I do not enjoy, I find myself reminiscing about memories from the past, that make me forget any sort of difficulties. T: Oh, what do you recall when you’re feeling nostalgic? N: That’s an interesting question. Umm… well I like to remember silly things I’ve done with my friends on many different occasions, trips I’ve taken with my family and all of the exciting things I’ve seen… I think about the concerts I’ve been to, throwback songs that were popular when I was younger... and so much more! T: I see…Well you said you ˝like to remember˝. Does that imply that nostalgia is something you actively participate in, or do you think it’s more of an involuntary emotion that pops up - something you can’t control? N: That’s a tough one! I wouldn’t say that I “actively” start participating in it, I feel like it needs to be triggered somehow... by a stimulus. I suppose I can say that it is more of an uncontrollable feeling rather than an action you can wilfully play a part in. T: Yes, I agree. Like when you taste something you’ve already eaten before, or smell a familiar scent. I always remember drinking tea as a small child whenever I smell star anise. But do you think it’s completely uncontrollable? N: Hmm… Maybe after you start feeling nostalgic, you can control your train of thought - you can let it go with the flow or make it stop. But you can never control the thoughts that enter your mind. T: I think so… And another question, are feelings about memories even constant? I mean, something you thought was super embarrassing a few years ago, can be funny now when you’ve grown as a person. N: Yes! We need to take growing as a person and most importantly time into consideration. Years later, one can have a totally different perception of an event that happened in the past, and will most likely change the way they think and feel about it. Tim, can you hear me… are you still there? 23

T: He-ey my Zo--om i-s laa-gg-i--kkkkhh N: Uh oh - I see! Tell me when you can hear me. T: … N: Oh yep, he got disconnected - uh okay, alright we’ll wait for a minute or two for him to get back on. T: I’m sorry, looks like I lost connection. N: I see, welcome back fellow funky philosopher! T: Hwhazaap, shall we proceed with the conversation? N: Yes please! I was saying that people usually have different perceptions on the events that happened in their past. T: Oh yeah, I remember in - oh no, looks like our time is running out! N: Yep! The meeting will end in a minute. Let’s wrap this up… Perhaps we can debate more about it another day. T: That’s right! It’s a really interesting topic, I would love to talk about it more. But for now, Goodb- Thank you for joining us and reading our philoso-cast. Obviously this is a very diverse and complex topic to talk about, which is why we barely scratched the surface of it. We are by no means real philosophers or psychologists - take everything we said with a grain of salt! Nuša Kvasnik & Tim Zagorščak, 3. a 24

P O E T R Y Špela Javornik, 3. a

In the Depths of the Ocean In the depths of the ocean, so silent, so clean, she created a potion to put you to sleep. As green as the forest, as dark as the night, her body’s gone rotten, her heart’s got forgotten. Oh, love, that’s forbidden, so frosted, so dark, just don’t be exhausted, when she’ll leave her mark. She lives in the ground, her blood soaked the violence, her eyes hold the silence, to avoid all the pain, please care to explain; How life will go on? and will she survive? she wants you to know: what actually counts, is the wisdom of soul, the softness of heart. 26

You’re one of a kind, alone in the world, what’s left of your mind; don’t ever stay cold. Alone in the mist, they’ll swim far away, as the soul let’s her kiss, the blood on his hands. Don’t ever look back, when in the dark he’ll attack, he might take the blame, but will bleed on your back. As far as I know, life is a bitch, she’ll never regret, those scars that she’ll stitch. No matter the hurt, no matter the lies, dark shall stay dark, and light shall stay light. Zoja Markač, 2. f 27

HAIKUS A field of sunflowers- they are all facing the sun tell me, why can’t you? What is a soulmate? It is when reality and dreams feel the same. A quick memory of your lips kissing my cheeks- a graceful feeling. You were just standing at the end of a rainbow- such a dreamy gift. And then suddenly on every single sunrise, I waited for you. Gaja Tušek, 3. c 28

HAIKU 1 She is so lovely, extinguish my heart and thrill since it burns inside. HAIKU 2 If I hold you now, my love will be sufficient and my heart just yours. Kim Debelak, 1. b 29

E N T E R T A I N M E N T Špela Javornik, 3. a


Chapter 1 “A Surprise Visitor” The room was dark and quiet. It was peaceful. The morning sound of birds chirping and wind blowing into the room through a barely opened window delivering a soft, cold and calming breeze, brought with itself a feeling of prosperity. Sarah was laying in her bed tucked deep underneath the sheets, not caring about any outside interferences. The only thing that caught her attention was the feeling of the wind. While for many the wind would be calming for her it was just annoying. It reminded her of the fact that she had to wake up. She didn’t want to, she just wanted to forget about existence and just enjoy the few moments she had left to not care about anything and just peacefully lay in bed. The sleepyhead suddenly heard a knocking sound on her door. Half asleep she slightly lifted her head and then realized getting out of bed is too hard and just placed her head back on the pillow. She was hoping the person knocking would think there was no one home and leave her alone. The knocking appeared again. Sarah was starting to get annoyed, but nonetheless she decided to still ignore the knocking Even through her valiant efforts to ignore the knocking it still continued and persisted to annoy her. After a couple more knocks she realized the person at the door wouldn’t go away. “I have to get up either way so why not now” was the thought going through her head trying to convince herself that this is the way she must wake up. As she had convinced herself to finally get up and had already started sitting in bed, the knocking stopped. She listened for a while to see if the person had really left or if their hand just started hurting and they were taking a break from knocking. She could hear footsteps walking away. Frustrated she laid back into bed for a second and the quickly picked herself back up and stood up on the side of her bed. 32

The room was almost pitch black. She could barely see anything. The only visible thing was a ray of light coming through barely opened curtains and shining onto the door leading out of the room barely illuminating it. Barely able to keep her head up, she started walking to some dark place on the opposite side of the room. She was thinking she could make some coffee to help wake her up, since she still had a lot of things to do before the end of the day, even though she didn’t care for a single one of them and just wanted to sleep. She was walking to what seemed like a very dark and small kitchen. Thinking about how much she didn’t want to be awake right now, she suddenly hit a sharp edge of something with her ankle. The scare of something being there and the pain itself caused her to scream. She started jumping on one leg and slowly maneuvered back to the bed to sit down. She heard running from outside the door approaching it fast. And then a person started talking through the door sounding very worried: “Are you alright?” The voice belonged to what she thought was a twenty-five-ish year old male. Sarah answered with pain in her voice from the hit and exhaustion from having to be awake: “I’m fine… Just hit my leg on the edge a table” “Are you sure it’s going to be fine. You could have fractured something.” The man replied, still worried and the injured replied: “I am fine! I can take care of myself just fine!” “I’m sorry, but it doesn’t seem that way…” He said cautiously not to offend her. Offended she replied: “What are you even doing here talking to a stranger through a door?!” “This is the apartment of Sarah Rose, right?” “Depends on who’s asking.” “This is Arvel Woodwart…” He paused for a bit. Just enough for Sarah to start wondering if she had heard that name before. It seemed familiar, but from where? To break up her questioning he continued: 33

“Her fiancée. We’re supposed to get married tomorrow and I thought it might be a good idea to get to know each other a little before the weeding.” Sarah was still confused, wondering if her mom had kept this from her or if she’s just stupid and forgot. She knew that she had to get married tomorrow and that the marriage was arranged, which she disliked a lot, but it was still her duty to act a bridge between families to help insure their future. The man sounded like he matches the description, but the name still felt out of place. She tried to remember what name her grandfather told her. Armin maybe, or perhaps it was Albin… Then it finally dawned on her and she felt like an idiot. The man outside the room was truly her fiancée. Anxious and embarrassed she started talking: “Right! Oh shit. Give me five minutes! I’ll be right there!” “Alright.” The man calmly replied with a tone of worry still in his voice Sarah tried standing up even though her leg was still hurting. It almost made her fall back onto her bed, but the pain faded almost as quickly as it came. When it did she finally decided to open up her curtains covering the opened window to let a bit of light into the room. The light coming through the window blinded her for a second but after the blare left, she was able to see the outside world clearly. Tall buildings stretching along a wide and long street. She was in what seemed like the third floor of a building and about the halfway point of most of the building on the side of the street. The street itself was filled with people walking along the sides, some even riding carriages along the middle, but those were upper classed and rich people. There were people talking, people buying food, clothes. Most of the buildings seemed old and built out of bricks, with some of them having metal alloys to reinforce the foundation to prevent them from collapsing. There were more of these streets in different parts of the city, the biggest of which all led to a tall clock tower in the middle of the city. The clock tower was surrounded by other industrial looking buildings but none of them could match the sheer sky-scraping size of the clock tower. 34

Sarah looked at the massive clock near its peak and realized: “Damn, it’s already almost noon. Must’ve really wanted to sleep through the entire weeding” Her thought made her smirk for a short while before turning back into her room now being all lit up. It was small but seemed to fit in two people since there were two beds a couple of meters away from each other. The light also revealed a table with two chairs next to it and a small kitchen behind it. That’s where she was going until the table so rudely interrupted her and that is where she was going to now while angrily looking at the table, jokingly thinking to herself: “Your days are numbered” She went into the kitchen and picked up a jug of already premade coffee. “That’s strange… I don’t remember making this…” Was her first thought while picking the jug up from the kitchen desk, when she noticed a small paper underneath it with something written on it. It read “Dear sister, I’m sorry to not be there when you wake up so I made some coffee to hopefully make it up to you. I still have a lot of things to do before the wedding so I just can’t wait for you to wake up before starting and really didn’t want to wake you up since you seemed extremely comfortable underneath you sheets. Again, sorry about that. But I heard your fiancée is coming to visit in a couple of hours so you might want to get ready for that so he doesn’t just walk in on you still wearing nothing and being just woken up. Anyway I thought we could meet up at lunch, say at something like noon in the café on our street close to the clock tower, I think it’s called something like Clock Café, but I’m not really sure… Anyway I think that besides you just reporting back to me about your meeting with Arvel, we could talk a bit about the whole Ascension process a bit, since well, it’s supposed to take place a day before the wedding and I thought I could prepare you a bit for it since it can be a bit brutal for some people. Actually I think it’s just horrible for everyone, but you know I was kind of an exception for that rule… Anyway, take care! Yours truly, CR.” 35

Sarah finished reading the letter and put it back on the desk. She opened a drawer above it and took a porcelain cup out of it, pouring the coffee from the jug into it. The joy of the coffee still being hot overwhelmed her. And then Arvel, still waiting outside the door started talking: “So are you going to be done soon? If not can we just meet later, if that’s fine with. How about at five in the afternoon at Clock-Tower Café, which will probably go nicely with the Ascension being at a quarter to six. About forty minutes is hopefully enough to at least get a hang on us.” Sarah heard him, but decided not to answer him while still slurping her luckily hot coffee. “I’ll take that as a yes so I’ll see you then, if you do show up…” Arvel said the last part of that sentence quietly enough for Sarah not to hear him and left the door. Sarah was deciding whether or not to look out the window to try to spot him, but ultimately decided against it. She continued slowly drinking her coffee while, thinking about how much she just didn’t want to do this. She hated the idea of an arranged marriage and especially of the idea of having a partner forced down upon her without her say in it. The only thing making it better was the fact that this was the norm that every relatively powerful family in Yohrhum followed. Despite that she still hated it. She walked back to her window still feeling a small amount of pain in her ankle from the hit. She looked through it and at the clock tower. At her current rate she’ll barely be able to make the meeting with her sister unless she picks up her pace. To be continued. Anže Kotnik, 2. c 36

HOW THE MUSIC I LISTEN TO SHAPED ME AS A PERSON The impact music had on my life and why I think it's so important for everyone Plato, the Greek philosopher, once scrolled through a list of various said: “Music gives a soul to the things I could do when I'm older and universe, wings to the mind, flight then choose this one because it to the imagination and life to seemed like a good choice. Quite everything.” and despite the fact he contrary. I tried finding any other has been dead for over two thing that would bring me as much, thousand years now, I think this or at least half as much, joy or make quote still holds a firm ground in me as interested as music did. But I today's society. The music we listen just couldn't find any. That's why to and the means we use to access today when I have the opportunity to it changed drastically, but the fun- write about something I could go on damental idea this quote encom- about for days, I'm going to be passes is still present today. discussing how music shapes us and helps us as people, how it shaped Through the years I've noticed how me, and who I have to thank for many of my interests and hobbies that. slowly faded away. That's not necessarily good, but I feel like it is I realize that maybe this isn't an natural when people grow up. They interesting topic for everyone. Some choose a niche they want to people take music as something that improve in, really delve deep into doesn't really play an important role and maybe even make it a job later in their life, while some look at it as in life. These niches can be big or art. And I think there isn't one right small and it seems that I've chosen or wrong way to look at it. But it is one of the smallest and un- something that surrounds us in our promising niches I could in our daily lives and there for everyone has small country. I chose music. at least a small interest in it. And it wasn’t as intentional as I'd like 37 I've grown up in a 'musical' family if people to think. It's not like I woke you could say that. My great up one day, calculated my options, grandfather played the accordion . a

and soon my grandpa picked it up I've always felt like I could tell a lot and started learning himself. Then about a person based on what he passed it down to my father who music they listen to and how they decided he wasn't particularly fond tend to talk about it. Maybe I just of the folk sound it brought and paid closer attention to that instead switched it for a guitar. because I found it fascinating, so There was rarely a quiet day in our one of the questions I ask people household. Someone was either when I first meet them is what is playing an instrument or listening to their favourite and least favourite some form of music. First, they music artist. The answers are of played vinyl records then later mix course varied and they depend on tapes and CDs. I guess you can't the age and upbringing of the help but love it when it's been with person. No matter who you ask you your entire life, and in such big they'll always talk about it with capacity. more passion than they would when giving you the answer to a I think at some point I started to mundane factual question. look at the world through music. I'd be sad and I wouldn't hesitate to put I think to people music means on a slow pop ballad that described emotional support, music means exactly how I felt before I even had memories and inspiration. It's the chance to start crying. Or I'd put something ageless and a specific on some old classic rock songs when song or a specific music artist can I was feeling specifically happy and live forever, as long as at least one motivated. And soon that was all I'd person remembers their name. The do. It's become quite unhealthy at lyrics of a song can give people hope, this point because I don't think you make them feel confident and could ever see me without beautiful or remind them of a earphones in my right pocket or terrible past mistake and a time of headphones around my neck. I hurt. We often relate a certain song learned about the world through or melody to a certain time in our music. And with that, I learned life and it makes us nostalgic and about people as well. wishful to go back in time. 38

The point is, music makes us feel. One thing I love about music is the Truly feel. Which is something that got quite distorted in this day and fact that no two songs are exactly the age. Today, people at large are taught not to express their feelings same. Music is limitless and as long as much, to act like everything's fine. We are often told not to make as you feel inspired and have the our issues other people's issues. But when you listen to that song, that passion to work on it I think anyone one specific song, the one your mind immediately jumped to when I can write a song. wrote that, you can't help but feel something. Show some emotion As someone who loves writing songs and get hit by the realization that and would one day love to be able to maybe you truly aren't happy at all. say that's what they do for a living, Or that you genuinely are. I've compiled a few examples of the artists I listen to and how I think Now, you could argue that all forms they shaped me while growing up. I of art can have that effect on people. try to expose myself to many And that's true to a certain extent. different genres, though everyone Someone that loves paintings could, has an obvious preference when you potentially, cry when they see a look at the big picture. I'd like to say specific one that brings up a certain my music knowledge is pretty emotion or memory. But the simple diverse but in reality, I haven't even truth is that not all of us have scratched the tip of the iceberg. paintings, or statues and sculptures around our house, while music is My parents always listened to classic everywhere. The radio is on while rock and I think I grew to appreciate you're on the bus on your way to it as much more than just a genre work, a busker is playing on the street while growing up. It was a corner you pass on your way to the movement, changing the music library every week, music is diverse industry of the 60s, 70s and 80s. I and all around us in so many different love the band Queen and Freddie forms. And I think that's wonderful. Mercury, who I think many more young people should learn about. He was a member of the LGBTQ+ community before that was even a 'thing' and socially acceptable. Even though he never really formally 'came out' he still put his sexuality front and centre in his song writing and performances. 39

That's admirable and takes a lot of for example AIDS, which I think courage. Despite the fame, he got a every person with his status should lot of backlash about it and yet he do because not many people have persevered through it and he is one the means to. I also love the lyrics to of the biggest stars of rock history. some of his songs, though those He came from nothing and was born were mostly written by Bernie in Tanzania, yet still believed in Taupin, who is a big inspiration to himself, clung onto his passion and me when it comes to song writing. at the end of the day, he is regarded He says a lot with a few simple as one of the greatest singers in the words and I think that's very history of rock music. Many people powerful. Music can make you feel have since said that he made them so many emotions without words feel comfortable expressing but sometimes a sad heartbreak themselves, even when everyone ballad can't go without a good judged them. Through him and his plotline. Because lyricists are music they learned that nothing is storytellers. wrong with them just because other I love some country and rock songs people don't agree with their written by Fleetwood Mac and I love lifestyle. the unique voice Stevie Nicks, the The next artist is Elton John. He's lead singer, has. Whenever I watch a had some struggles that are very Fleetwood Mac concert I think you similar to Freddie Mercury's, but I can truly see how in love with want to talk more about his hard performing and the music they work and the dedication he has to created the artists always were. They his craft. In his long and successful continued to tour and play two or career, he released over 60 albums. three hour-long shows even when He dedicated his life to music and in they were over sixty and almost him, I see how far you can go if you seventy years old. And they played truly love and are truly passionate magnificently, jumping around the about what you're doing. He is still stage like they were twenty again. performing and trying to raise That just shows me what music can awareness for important causes and awaken in a true musician, it makes charities to fight different diseases, them feel young and alive again. a 40

And the last person I'll point out is a His signature slogan is 'Treat people current chart-topping musician. with kindness' and I think that Harry Styles. I don't listen to a lot of impacted me on a high level. I never modern music, though it's always imagined some simple thing like interesting to find a good album that that could make me think as much was released less than a year ago and about myself and my behaviour, but enjoy what the musicians made. it has. And the more I follow him Personally, in the last two to three and see how he treats everyone and years or so, I started gravitating how he tries to be a good person, the towards older music that seems a bit more I think about my actions and more genuine to me. But I've been a how they can affect people. In turn, supporter of Harry for a little over a I try to be kinder as well. year now. Of course, anyone could say we don't Many people are quick to judge me, really know these people, they could saying: 'You only like him, because be completely different behind he's handsome'. And I'm not saying closed doors. But I do think that that isn't a nice contributing factor even if they are horrible people, at that comes with being his fan, but the end of the day, their persona in he has been in the music industry the media is the one that affects for almost 10 years now and I only people. If they are portrayed well decided to listen to him when I enough to educate and motivate coincidentally heard one of his songs others, make them want to better and realised how good his music themselves, that's enough for me. I was. I love the intricate production, try to support artists that believe in the 70s inspired 'vibe' he has and the equality, the importance of being a elements you can find in old songs good person and that try to share that he is trying to incorporate into those messages through their his music. He doesn't stick by a music. certain genre and you can't label him I know I could go on and on about and say he is a pop artist, or a rock the work these people put out and artist or a country artist. He's simply just admire some specific songs for an artist. Exploring the infinite days. In music, I see much more possibilities that creating music and than a few chords and some random song writing offers. words that coincidentally rhyme. 41 a

Through music, people can inspire also change the life of one specific global change, motivate political and person to an extent many of us can't social injustice conversations, raise comprehend. Music heals and awareness for topics we don't supports and at the end of the day discuss nearly enough. But they can saves lives. a Manca Čepin, 1. b ‘Freddie Mercury was a member of the LGBTQ+ community before that was even a 'thing' and socially acceptable ... He came from nothing and was born in Tanzania, yet still believed in himself, clung onto his passion and at the end of the day, he is regarded as one of the greatest singers in the history of rock music.’ i103420.jpg ‘Whenever I watch a Fleetwood Mac concert I think you can truly see how in love with performing and the music they created the artists always were ... That just shows me what music can awaken in a true musician, it makes them feel young and alive again.’ 42

Koroška 2020 On the 12th of September 2020, At around 16.00 people started to our Koroška pride institute orga- show up. We expected around 100 nised the first ever parade in people, but at the end around 200 Slovenj Gradec. We put a lot of came. And it was lovely. The effort, sleepless hours and sweat march around the town started at in creating this event and in the 17.00 and our main moto was ‘We end it was worth it. exist and we will stay’. Words cannot describe how beautiful it As I already mentioned we put a was, being a part of something so lot of effort into organising the powerful. 200 people, celebrating event. We had to create a plan, get the LGBTQ+ community. a place where all of the people would gather, listen to live music When the march was over, we and celebrate being themselves, went back to the meeting point, we had to make a lot of calls to get where popular singers and other some “famous” people to parti- people preformed and gave spee- cipate as guests etc. A lot of work ches. Our guests were Dunja, had to be done and as a team we Alina & Luka Kotnik, Filip Vurnik, successfully managed to find our Sara Nuša Golob Grabner, Tom main place of the event (the so Veber, Suzana Tratnik… You also called “stara komunala” in Slovenj had a chance to visit an exhi- Gradec) and contact some bition Prvinsko, which exhibited popular Slovenian singers, book work of Sara Nuša Golob Grabner, writers etc. Nela Poberžnik and Karin Rošker. For members of our organisation Besides the parade, we also host a the day started very early. That lot of different educational ev- was because we had to decorate ents throughout the year. If you the whole place, set up a stage, want to be part of our journey, stands, greet other organisations follow our social media accounts. that participated etc. Our Instagram: koroskapride Facebook: Koroška Pride 43

SOURCE: SOURCE: Naja Jelenko, 4. a 44

Primož Roglič Born in 1989 in Trbovlje, Primož Tirreano-Adriatico, and at the tour Roglič (Rogla) started his career as of the Basque Country, Roglič won a ski jumper. He competed there stages 4 and 6. In June, he was from 2003 to 2012. His personal named in the start list for Tour the record was 185m in Planica. After France. He won stage 17 of the race having quit ski jumping he started becoming the first Slovenian to win his cycling career. a stage of the Tour the France. Primož started cycling in 2012 and Fast forward to 2020 Primož started got to the paid class of cycling in off the season with a win in the 2013. He reached the world tier of Slovenian National Road Race cycling in 2016 where he imme- Championships, in June 2019. diately showed his talent and finished excellent 5th overall in the He ended his season with 1st place Volta ao Algarve. The next month in Tour de I'Ain, Liege-Bastogne- he finished 2nd in the stage 7 of Liege and 2nd on Tour the France. Volta a Catalunya when he lost in Overall Primož is the most the final sprint to Alex Tsatevich. successful Slovenian biker ever and I hope his success carries on to other During the 2017 season Roglič generations. started out by winning the title at the Volta ao Algarve. One month Jan Potočnik, 3. c later he finished 4th overall in source: 45

IN MEMORY OF SEAN CONNERY Sir Sean Connery was a Scottish actor born on 25th August 1930. He played in many movies, but was mostly famous because of his role as James Bond. Before going into acting, Sean had He was the first actor to portray many different jobs, such as a fictional British secret agent James milkman, lorry driver, labourer, Bond on film. He starred in the first artist's model for the Edinburgh seven Bond films between 1962 College of Art, coffin polisher and and 1983. bodybuilder. He also joined the Those movies are: Royal Navy, but was later discharged because of medical - Dr No (1962) problems. At the age of 23, he had - From Russia with Love (1963) a choice between becoming a - Goldfinger (1964) professional footballer or an actor, - Thunderball (1965) - You Only Live Twice (1967) - Diamonds are Forever (1971) zk1MDg1/sean-connery-9255144-1-402.jpg - Never Say Never Again (1983) and even though he showed much His acting career spanned seven promise in the sport, he chose decades and he won an Oscar, for acting and said it was one of his Best Supporting Actor, in 1988 for more intelligent moves. his role in The Untouchables. Sir Sean's other films included The Hunt for Red October, Highlander, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and The Rock. He sadly passed away at the age of 90 on October 31st last year in his home in the Bahamas. He had been struggling for some time, but died peacefully in his sleep; his family said. Mojca Mager, 3. c 46

Lia Stepišnik, 3. a

Špela Javornik, 3. a

Lia Stepišnik, 3. a

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