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Allegra High Impact Programs and Support

Published by Alliance Franchise Brands, 2022-03-07 16:39:58

Description: Allegra High Impact Programs and Support


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Allegra’s parent company, Alliance Franchise Brands LLC, is one of the world’s largest business-to-business franchises, serving the multi-billion-dollar market for marketing, print, sign and graphics communications services. Alliance Franchise Brands is considered a leader in franchise training, technology and implementation. Alliance Franchise Brands LLC is the parent company of KK Printing ULC.

Welcome to an Allegra Franchise As an Allegra® franchise owner, you will provide small and medium-sized businesses and organizations with marketing communications support like printing, direct mail, signage, displays, design, eCommerce sites, website design, email marketing and more. Enjoy the autonomy of being your own boss with the backing of 45+ years of proven success and unparalleled support.

45+ The Allegra Marketing Print Mail franchise model is an established concept and trusted Years of brand name. You’ll ease your way to successful Success business ownership with pre-opening training and ongoing IT, marketing, product development and sales support from experienced professionals. Plus, you’ll tap into a network of like-minded franchise owners who know your challenges and opportunities and are there to share best practices and lessons learned. This guide is intended to 2 Marketing Programs & Support give you a look inside the 6 Business Development & Sales Support comprehensive programs and 8 Operational Support & Supplier Resources support you will receive as an 12 Member Communications Programs & Support Allegra Franchise Member. It 14 Networking Opportunities & Engagement omits specific information and additional proprietary programs and services that are revealed upon franchise ownership.

Allegra Marketing Fund Contributions Each Allegra franchise contributes a percentage of sales to a Marketing Fund that is earmarked for marketing and sales programs and support to: • G ive you a strong, consistent brand identity. • Keep you top-of-mind with existing customers to identify additional sales opportunities. • Generate qualified leads or requests for information from prospects. • P rovide the steps for a sales follow-up plan. By pooling dollars, the collective buying power gives Allegra Franchise Members greater access to strategic partnerships and resources that otherwise would be cost-prohibitive to a single business. It’s just one of the many ways you capitalize on the power of the network. 2 | MARKETING PROGRAMS & SUPPORT

Programs to Find & Retain Customers MARKETING PROGRAMS & SUPPORT Lead Generation Initiatives For Allegra franchises, SEM programs are Public Relations/Community sponsored by the Home Office Marketing Involvement Programs Allegra Franchise Member Websites Team as national campaigns. Local Allegra Franchise Members benefit from campaigns can be executed for individual public relations programs and guidance to Your Allegra website is just one element Allegra Franchise Members by the Home generate goodwill in the local communities of a multi-channel marketing strategy. Office-appointed digital marketing firm they serve. Strategies managed by the The site content is localized to your market for a pre-determined fee. Home Office Marketing Team include press opportunities and customer targets. It is releases, media relations, bylined guest optimized for digital performance, and the Social Media articles and networking support. design is complementary to the Allegra The Allegra FootPRINT Fund® for brand identity depicted across all online The Home Office Marketing Team posts Nonprofit Friends is an opportunity for and offline promotional channels and content on local Center social sites to Franchise Members to offer free print materials to help you drive awareness. supplement the content Members post and marketing services through in-kind themselves. And, we create graphics, awards to organizations that provide vital Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Program videos and marketing guides to help community services. our Members build their local brand. Search engine marketing involves placing MARKETING PROGRAMS & SUPPORT | 3 paid advertisements that run above or beside (and occasionally below) the free search engine listings on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Typically, to get the highest position among these ads, website owners place a pay-per-click (PPC) bid. PPC advertising is a great way to promote special offers as well as products and services, in turn boosting website visibility and traffic.

Customer Analysis Service On-demand Marketing Consultation Through a strategic partner, Allegra The Allegra Marketing Team is your resource Franchise Members gain access to an for support and consultation with any automated, easy-to-use service that self-promotional marketing efforts across statistically profiles best customers. House media channels. We’re here to help Allegra files are matched against a comprehensive Franchise Members plan and strategize, database of U.S. businesses to create a optimize your digital marketing, provide list customized market penetration analysis. recommendations for direct mail campaigns, This enables Allegra Franchise Members identify new market opportunities, review to segment existing clients to develop your Center-developed creative executions effective cross-sell campaigns, up-sell and more. promotions, loyalty programs and other customer-focused strategies. On-demand Customer Communications Allegra Marketing Materials Online (MMO) is a user-friendly portal for Members to download branded promotional collateral for self-promotion. You’ll find brochures, mailers, flyers, videos, wall posters, identity materials and more, all conveniently housed online to give you 24/7 access. 4 | MARKETING PROGRAMS & SUPPORT

ISSUE 02 2021 NEWS AND KNOWLEDGE FOR Customer Retention Seasonal/Milestone Marketing Support TODAY’S MARKETER Allegra Franchise Members’ business Email Marketing Program anniversaries, relocations, seasonal Pie in Marketing Insider Magazine July customer appreciation promotions and is an award-winning publication The Email Marketing Program helps Allegra more are supported with a variety of branded designed to drive interest in Franchise Members remain top-of-mind marketing materials to enhance your and the understanding of print with customers through consistent brand business relationships. and marketing communications messages and offers. Participating Allegra trends. It’s a value-added Franchise Members supply customer email PFiJreeueinly! educational tool for customers data for opt-in outreach with fully drafted It’s our way of saying and Center sales staff – and and designed communications. “Thanks,” a powerful way for Allegra any way you slice it. Franchise Members to differentiate Client Follow-up Surveys themselves from the competition. Through a strategic partnership, Allegra Franchise Members gain access to a full-service customer satisfaction surveying tool that provides timely feedback on completed jobs, generates sales leads, gains approval to use testimonials on Member websites and social media, and alerts you to at-risk clients. MARKETING PROGRAMS & SUPPORT | 5

SIX STEPS OF THE SALE Sales-Driven Solutions Provider STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 4 STEP 5 STEP 6 PRE-CALL FACT-FINDING PRESENTATION & OVERCOMING MAKE THE SALE FOLLOW-UP PREPARATION MEETING RECOMMENDATION OBJECTIONS (Close) (<10 minutes) (Qualification) (ROI from the Customer’s • Company information Point of View) • Industry trends • History as a customer • BE CURIOUS • Provide • Ask questions • Gain commitment to • FOLLOW-UP! • SEEK TO UNDERSTAND recommendations • Objections are move forward FOLLOW-UP! • Get the meeting with • “Yes” six times to and solutions that FOLLOW-UP! a qualified prospect/ address goals/ BUYING SIGNALS • Agree upon client qualify prospect objectives by recommendations • Do what you say you • Determine key metrics connecting the and budget are going to do • Primary business information • Implement tactics • Ask for a referral objectives: • Do the customer with project timelines, • You’re not closing a – Brand Consistency math deliverables and – Protect/Grow outcomes sale; you’re opening a relationship Existing Customers • Measure response – Target & Acquire New Customers – Internal Communications DESIRED OUTCOME(S) • Find out about • Give good advice • Be bulletproof • Make the sale • Build to the next sale customer’s primary business goals REMEMBER: EACH STEP OF THE SALE HAS A PURPOSE. DO NOT SHORT-CUT THE PROCESS. • Understand the “why” before recommending the “what” Our “why-before-the-what” sales philosophy drives our sales process and programs to assist you in developing impactful client recommendations and positioning yourself as a sales-driven solutions provider. From planning and leadership to management, recognition and coaching, the Sales Support team is committed to providing the tools you need to succeed. 6 | BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & SALES SUPPORT

Programs to Build Your Expertise & Drive Growth BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & SALES SUPPORT Sales Planning & Sales Management & Recognition Through these sessions and resources, Leadership we provide support and best practices Whether adding a customer service to introduce or reinforce effective sales Building a successful representative, account manager or outside techniques, capture new business and sales culture salesperson, our Sales Support Team grow existing accounts. begins with strong provides tools to help recruit the right fit leadership and for your Center and create an onboarding • Sales Huddles vision. Our Sales training program. Designed to familiarize Support Team new employees to the Allegra Six Step Sales • Interactive, Small Group Coaching works closely with Process and develop effective customer Allegra Franchise communications and time management • One-on-one Coaching Members to help them establish sales goals in practices, each training plan is individually alignment with company objectives, provide tailored based on the background and needs • Sales Conference & Bootcamp Training measurements and accountability towards of the new hire. Rely on us for support in the Sessions achieving sales results, as well as ways to following areas: engage all Team Members in the Center’s • The Pipeline Newsletter sales efforts. Key areas of support include: • Hiring & Onboarding Account Reviews • Sales Planning & Goal Setting • Managing & Coaching Salespeople Conducting Account Reviews with your key • Six Step Sales Process • Customer Relationship Management accounts is essential to protect and grow your Solution business with your existing clients. Done on • 5-Star Customer Experience an annual basis, the Account Review process • Honors Sales Club Recognition Program allows you to gain a better understanding of • Account Growth & Prospecting Strategies the future direction of your clients’ businesses Sales Training & Coaching and how you may be able to partner with them to achieve their business goals. A step- The following hands-on, interactive training by-step process, training materials, tracking and coaching opportunities are available for reports and tools are available to you on the selling owners and sales professionals. member intranet, the Hub. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & SALES SUPPORT | 7

Performance Groups Allegra Performance Groups consist of five to seven Franchise Members with similar Center sales who meet twice a year to discuss all areas of their business. Each group follows a format and rules of conduct to have effective meetings. Prior to meeting, each Allegra Franchise Member submits their financial statement. Operating ratios are then created and made available to discuss at the meeting. Note: Performance Groups are consistently rated by Allegra Franchise Members as one of the most valuable support programs offered. 8 | OPERATIONAL SUPPORT & SUPPLIER RESOURCES

Programs to Improve Efficiencies & Profitability OPERATIONAL SUPPORT & SUPPLIER RESOURCES Promotional Products Mailing Services Operating Ratio Study (ORS) Mailing Services include education, training This annual system-wide survey compiles Through our strategic alliances with the and support encompassing pricing, postal the financial performance of all contributing Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) and regulations, mailing software, variable data Allegra Franchise Members. The ORS SAGE, Allegra Franchise Members can gain software, list acquisitions, mailing equipment summary report details results in terms access to the industry’s best research and and more. Mailing support is offered with of profitability, sales volume and region. marketing tools as well as direct access to three options: Allegra Franchise Members also receive suppliers. Each supplier offers easy access • In-person training at the Home Office an individual report that summarizes their to over 700,000 types of promotional • Online classes through Alliance University financial information and compares it to the products for businesses, and provides • O ne-to-one remote training with our results for all Centers, high-profit Franchise sales and marketing tools that enable Members and those in the same sales your customers to browse product lines. subject matter expert volume group. Wide Format Printing IIMORNEPSSS National Contracts Program S IG N S, BAN N E R S AN D DI S P LAYS Contract pricing and other discounts or Allegra provides Franchise Members with special services are available to Allegra the key enablers for wide format printing. Franchise Members through more than Our support includes equipment reviews and 500 selected supplier partners. Strategic recommendations, suggested pricing plus partnerships are evaluated regularly, and basic and advanced on-site training, as well new supplier partners are added as Allegra as promotional materials. Franchise Members’ needs evolve. OPERATIONAL SUPPORT & SUPPLIER RESOURCES | 9

Franchise Business Consultants Alliance Resource Center Education: Alliance University Train. Support. Grow. Your Allegra Franchise Business Consultant Our Alliance Resource Center (ARC) is (FBC) is your first point of contact, providing staffed with highly experienced marketing Alliance University’s mission a broad range of support including assistance communications professionals who can is to advance the expertise in key personnel challenges, sales approaches, provide you with a wide range of consulting and knowledge of our diversification training, financial analysis and tactical services, depending on your Allegra Franchise Members and marketing. customers’ needs. Project managers and to better serve their clients. graphic design specialists are poised to help Alliance University offers If you are buying an existing business, your you fulfill overflow graphic design work, you and your Team Members a variety of FBC will help you review financial statements assist with sales presentations or oversee learning opportunities and formats: live and profitability reports to identify areas of complex project management work—all on a sessions, live and recorded webinars, and improvement, budgeting, forecasting and fee-for-service basis. Vetted digital marketing self-paced online lessons. All are designed cash flow management. outsource partners are also available to assist to provide you with convenient ways to learn with email campaigns, social media and and grow. other web strategies. 10 | OPERATIONAL SUPPORT & SUPPLIER RESOURCES

Right Start Program WorkStreamTM eCommerce RightStart is a three-year onboarding WorkStream™ eCommerce enables process for new Members that brings businesses and organizations to manage together Business Development, Marketing printed materials, marketing collateral and Operations to ensure success and and promotional products easily and profitability. The goal is to help new more effectively with the convenience Franchise Members achieve success of 24/7 access. quickly using a review-refine-repeat approach. The RightStart programs uses Offered as a monthly subscription and fully several tested methods, setting clear supported by the Technology Team, the expectations and remaining consistent. platform allows you to easily set up custom stores that are branded for your clients and The program is the most intensive in customized for their business goals. Your its first year with regular check-ins from customers’ marketing materials and business the Franchise Business Consultant (FBC) forms will be created in their branded site for and the RightStart lead. RightStart utilizes them to access pricing, quickly personalize Smartsheets to coordinate activities between and order at their convenience. Business Development, Marketing and the FBC to ensure key milestones are hit or And perhaps best of all, WorkStream™ practices are changed to achieve future goals. eCommerce can be integrated with many Management Information Systems Once you are fully operating your Center, (MIS) and includes automation options scorecards are used to compile Key to fully streamline your workflow for Performance Indicators (KPIs) designed to maximum efficiency. track progress and ensure financial goals are met or exceeded. Regular meetings are held with all supporting teams to review the KPIs, marketing and sales plans, and check in on operational support. OPERATIONAL SUPPORT & SUPPLIER RESOURCES | 11

Print Outlook Webinar The Hub: Resources at Your Fingertips Allegra Franchise Members have convenient, 24/7 access to business training and development, education, Supplier Partner resources and a support management tool—all via one comprehensive portal called the Hub. 12 | MEMBER COMMUNICATIONS PROGRAMS & SUPPORT

Programs to Keep You Informed & Engaged MEMBER COMMUNICATIONS PROGRAMS & SUPPORT The Hub • Member Management Tools: e-Communications As your gateway to a network of service • ePay – View and submit payments As an Allegra Franchise Member, you will platforms, like Marketing Materials Online electronically receive regularly scheduled newsletters and Alliance University, the Hub pulls via email that keep you informed about together a wide range of tools and resources • S ubmit Royalty Sales – Provides programs, services, learning opportunities, all designed with one goal in mind: to help immediate royalty information success stories around the network and you operate a successful franchise. Here’s more. You’ll find relevant content that often how the content breaks down: • Profit Mastery Dashboard – Visually links to the Hub for easy, convenient access represents key metric percentages to business-building tip sheets, guides, • F ranchise network news, announcements comparing My Center, Sales Groups proven processes and templates for a range and updates and All Centers of activities. • Supplier, Member and Home Office Team Online Meetings directories Live web meetings are presented regularly • A rich resource Library including Business to give Allegra Franchise Members real-time Administration, Business Planning, Center information in an interactive forum. Operations, Marketing, Products and All sessions are recorded and available Services, Sales and more on-demand, 24/7, so that they can be viewed when it’s most convenient for you. • Discussion Boards for knowledge transfer and assistance from fellow Members • Help “case” management system for reporting errors, issues and requesting assistance MEMBER COMMUNICATIONS PROGRAMS & SUPPORT | 13

Changes are taking place! Programs for the Life Cycle of Your Business INDEPENDENT LOGO Acquisition Program The Acquisition Program assists Allegra Franchise Members in identifying suitable independent printing businesses to purchase. Allegra Franchise Members receive assistance in the entire process through targeted mailing and telemarketing, as well as research such as business and financial analysis and equipment evaluations. The Development Team collaborates with you and your professional business advisors (accountant and attorney) to negotiate the purchase price and terms, write an Intent to Purchase and Purchase Agreement, and help facilitate closing and transition of ownership. Resale Program Having a plan to exit your business is just as important as having one to enter it. The support you receive as a Franchise Member is full cycle. Through the Allegra Resale Program, the Development Team helps you find and qualify potential buyers through comprehensive advertising, referrals and third parties to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership when the time is right for you to move on to the next chapter in your life. 14 | NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES AND ENGAGEMENT

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES Convention & AND ENGAGEMENT Sales Conference Network Advisory Council To keep pace in a rapidly evolving industry, Allegra Franchise Members The Network Advisory Council (NAC) was established participate in network-wide live and in 1983. Elected Members of the council participate virtual events. The programming features in initial program development, provide feedback educational sessions for Franchise on company goals, increase program participation Owners and their Team Members that and promote open communications between is delivered by internal and guest Franchise Members and the management team. subject-matter experts. The events also NAC representatives meet twice a year and play provide one-to-one access to key Partner a key role in strengthening our franchise system. Suppliers who showcase new services and technologies, many with preferred pricing negotiated for Allegra Members. NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES AND ENGAGEMENT | 15

Take the next step! Call us today to learn more at (800) 445.5172. Alliance Franchise Brands LLC 47585 Galleon Drive | Plymouth, MI 48170 11685 Crossroads Circle, Suite E Middle River, MD 21220 Alliance Franchise Brands LLC (MN F-4115) (MN F-8962) 47585 Galleon Drive, Plymouth, MI 48170, 800-726-9050 This advertisement is not an offering. An offering can only be made by a prospectus filed first with the Department of Law of the State of New York. Such filing does not constitute approval by the Department of Law.

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