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Bear and the Flower Food Service Catalogue - Fall 2018

Published by Cathryn Sprague, 2018-10-11 00:20:20

Description: Bear and the Flower Food Service Catalogue - Fall 2018


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farmers feeding people food service catalOgue Excellent source of Omega-3

1 farmers feeding peopleHello! We are Christopher and Jessica Fasoli, the farmers behind Bearand the Flower Farm outdoor raised pork. We are passionate about raising our pigswith three key values in mind: nutrition, lifestyle, and genetics. Together, thisapproach makes for happy pigs and great tasting pork with exceptional marblingand well rounded flavour.In 2013, we sold out of the cattle that Christopher’s family had been raising for over30 years on our family farm in Irricana, Alberta. After missing working with animals,in August 2015, we decided to put to use one of our quarter sections of land thatpreviously had only been grazed by cattle! Sometimes you have to take a leap offaith and that’s just what we did. We both left our full time jobs and decided tobecome outdoor natural pig farmers.If there is one thing to know about us as a couple and team, it’s that we are drivenand passionate about our farm and what we do. Hours and hours of constructionand work have gone into creating Bear and the Flower Farm. In 3 months wetransitioned the farm into a pig friendly place, installing feeders, a watering system,fencing, huts, and so much more.Probably the biggest question we get is how did you come up with the name Bearand the Flower Farm? EVERYONE ASKS! It’s kind of cheesy but ‘Bear’ and ‘Flower’are the nicknames that we have for each other. Now can you guess who is the Bearand who is the Flower?To learn more about our farm, follow us @bearflowerfarm to see what we’re upto on the daily!

3 bearandtheflower.comour missionAt Bear and the Flower Farm we are devoted to providingsuperior and humanely outdoor raised pork products. Allwhile revolutionizing the pork industry towards a globallyconscious transformation, pig by pig.

Leading the industryBear and the flower farm has beencommitted to leading the outdoor hogindustry since we opened. By not onlysetting the highest standards for ethicaltreatment, nutrition, genetics, but now wehave taken our pork one step further intothe food safety side of farming. We havenow become the first outdoor raised hogproducer in the country to achieveCanadian Quality Assurance (CQA).What does cqa mean?Canadian Quality Assurance is a globally recognized standard for pork quality, rearingtechniques, traceability, and transportation. Up until now these standards have only beenavailable to indoor raised pork producers. Bear and the Flower Farm has worked extremelyclosely with the Canadian Pork Council and Alberta Pork to define and set CQA standardsfor outdoor hog producers. We will be piloting this new program until January 2019 whenthis program will be officially rolled out to the rest of the country based on this currentproject.The CQA program for outdoor farms will help revolutionize the outdoor hog industry,allowing it to become borderless not only in Canada but around the world. This is a biggame changer not only for the producer but helping to make outdoor raised pork morereadily available to a larger consumer base.

5 bearandtheflower.comNutritionAt Bear and the Flower Farm we work witha certified swine nutritionist. Ournutritionist has helped us to develop feedrations that allow us to finish our Bear andthe Flower Farm outdoor pork in a timelymanner, all while keeping this process anatural plant-based formulation. We takeour animals feed seriously and want themto have the best!We source our ingredients 100% fromAlberta to create our proprietary feedblend so that Bear and the Flower Farmoutdoor raised pork is a consistent, highquality product!We pride ourselves in feed that is: • GMO free • Antibiotic free • Animal by-products free • Hormone freeRich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Every100g of Bear and the Flower porkcontains .9g of Omega-3s.

our FeedOur feed is pelletized and we do this for the following reasons: Feeding pigs apelleted diet improves feed efficiency and growth with 4%-8% compared to a mashdiet. A pellet gives enhanced palatability, less feed waste and improved nutrientutilization, resulting in a more economical and environmental friendly production.To ensure optimal health and performance we use patented natural feed additives.A probiotic, which is a combination of naturally-occurring bacteria strains that workto stabilize the intestinal microflora. These beneficial bacteria compete with the badbacteria in the gut to improve the overall health of the animal. We also include a veryspecific soluble fiber of plant origin which acts as a prebiotic. This prebiotic favoursthe beneficial bacteria in the gut which helps to improve the overall health of the pigs. Our feed contains: • Barley • Wheat • Peas • Linseed • Lysine • Flax (enriches our pork with Omega 3s) • Limestone • Salt • Phosphate • Calcium • Vitamin A, D, E and Copper • Patented probiotics and prebiotics

7 omega-3s We decided at Bear and the Flower Farm that it was time to kick it up into high gear in terms of our nutrition. We sent our pork into the laboratory for testing and found that not only is our pork naturally rich in Omega-3s and other nutrients, it has 3x the required amount for certification. Bear and the Flower pork now meets the qualifications for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as a rich natural source of Omega-3s. Omega-3s are known for aiding in these areas of your overall health: • Mental Health • Rheumatoid Arthritis • Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia • Brain Functioning • Asthma • ADHD • Healthy Fetus Development • Healthy Skin and Hair • Healthy Fats in the Blood Stream

l i fe s t y l eBear and the Flower Farms outdoor raised piggies are happy year round! We get a lot ofquestions about how the pigs do in the winter time, and to be honest they do muchbetter in the cold then in the heat!! Did you know that pigs don’t sweat? Because of thisthey can get really over heated so in order to help our pigs relax and live happier, this pastsummer we trenched in a sprinkler system from our river to our pigs. Yes...our pigs have a‘splash park’.So how do the pigs get through the winter with no issues? We have heated waterers andthey get plenty of straw to burrow under. We had special metal tin huts made for our pigsso they can also have a roof over their heads during snow and rain.Our farm is growing. We recently expanded our pigs living space to support pasture re-generation! We also increased the square footage of each pig per acre allowing space formore waterers’, shelters, feeders and ease of handling. Now each pig enjoys more than1000 square feet to roam and play!

9 bearandtheflower.comgeneticsWe realized that raising pigs wasnot that much different thanraising cattle. First of all, youneed to make sure you havegreat genetics. As we trieddifferent breeds of pork, it waslike Goldilocks and the threebears. . . this one’s too fatty, thisone doesn’t have enoughflavour. We knew that if Bearand the Flower pork was goingto lead the industry, it needed totaste great; better than great!Great genetics take years todevelop so after some troubleshooting and errors, we searchedthis province high and low forthe best breeds and breeder.Then we met our breeder whohas been raising pigs for over30 years. He raises the pigs nat-urally in an open barn environ-ment, also allowing them spaceto graze outside. Then we finishthem on our farm!

Bear and the Flower Pigs Good genetics are developed over time! It takes more than 24 months to breed the next generation of pigs. We work with a geneticist to improve our herd every year, in search of healthy pigs and the best tasting pork.Our Breeding ProgramWe cross Duroc and Landrace pigs to develop a breed that is adaptable to our climate, pro-duces great tasting pork with good marbling, a nice cover of fat, and lots of meat.DurocDuroc is a heritage breed from North America, native to us. Often referred to as the BlackAngus of the pork industry! Like Black Angus cows, the Duroc breed is known for itsexceptional meat quality and eating characteristics, as documented in tests performed bythe National Pork Producers. Duroc pigs are one of the fastest growing breeds of pig whenthey’re kept on a consistent and nutritious diet. This hardy breed is a great outdoor pig asthey stay healthy and happy in both cold and warm climates.LandraceLandrace pigs have admirable meatiness on foot and particularly on the rail. The rumps arelong, and the hams are plump but not overly fatty. The sides are long, of uniform depth,with sixteen or seventeen ribs per side (at least 1 extra!). The Landrace breed is known forcrossing well with other pig breeds. Additionally, Landrace breeds are recognized for theirlengthy body, a high proportion of carcass weight in the loin and ham, and the best amountof meat. The Landrace female pigs are prolific for farrowing large pigs.

11 bearandtheflower.comproduct guideProduct information is noted throughout the catalogue using the following symbols: Case Size Pack Size Shelf lifeShelf life is noted under each product code next to the symbol indicating whether theitem is available fresh or frozen (or both). Fresh Item Shelf Life Frozen Item Shelf Life Smoked or Cured Item Shelf Life Nitrate Free Item Shelf Lifeproduct categoriesThroughout the catalogue you will find three different categories of products:Prime Cuts: Belly, Loin, Shoulder & Leg p. 13 - 16Signature Sausages: Our signature flavoured Sausages & Ground Meat p. 1 7 - 25Smokehouse: Smoked + cured items: Hot Dogs, Kolbassa, Hams & more p. 26 - 31Butcher Cuts: Ribs, Chops, Uncured Belly, & Roasts p. 32 - 38Famous Chops: Centre Cut, French Cut & Rib End Chops p. 39 - 41

Prime cuts Whole Uncut Side of Pork Feeling creative and want to get your hands into a whole Side of Pork? Comes cut down the middle, head off and jowl attached at the shoulder. BF 5006 100lb per side

13 bearandtheflower.comprime cuts Belly, Skin on Natural The belly is where the flavour and fattiness of our Duroc genetics are showcased. Smooth and undeniably mouthwatering. It comes skin on for the ultimate crackling. Amazing for roasting, curing your own bacon, or to add a buttery flavour to your dishes. BF 5007 20kg, 4 pieces 5kg each 21 days 6 months

Pork LoinLean, mildly flavoured meatwith a thick cap of fat on top,the loin is a cut where ourgenetics make for exceptionalflavour and marbling.Choose whole loin orboneless.Loin, Bone InBF 5030 10kg, 3 pieces 2.5kg each 21 days 6 monthsLoin, BonelessBF 6031 7kg, 4 pieces 1.75kg each 21 days 6 months

15 bearandtheflower.comprime cuts Shoulder Lean, mildly flavoured meat with a thick cap of fat on top, the loin is a cut where our genetics make for exceptional flavour and marbling. Choose from bone in or boneless shoulder. Shoulder, Bone in BF5040 18-20kg, 2 pieces 9-10kg each 21 days 6 months Shoulder, Boneless BF 5041 15kg, 2 pieces 7.5kg each 21 days 6 months

LegSlightly leaner than theshoulder, this is where ourgenetics shine - Landrace pigshave award winning thighsLeg, Bone inBF 5045 10kg, 1 piece 10kg 21 days 6 monthsLeg, BonelessBF 5046 12kg, 2 pieces 6kg each 21 days 6 months

17 bearandtheflower.comsignature sausages Maple Breakfast Sausage All natural and mild breakfast sausage with a hint of maple for sweetness. BF 5063 5.1kg, 180 links 35g each, 18/pack 6 months

Signature Sausages and Ground MeatAt Bear and the Flower we prepare our sausages with fresh Alberta sourcedingredients that are free of GMOs, Antibiotics and Animal by-products. Our sausagesgo through rigorous testing making sure they are full of flavour. Andouille Smoked sausage with a Cajun flair. BF 5064 4.8kg, 48 links 100g each, 8/pack 6 months preservative free

19 bearandtheflower.comsignature sausages Blueberry Maple Bratwurst Maple syrup plus whole blueberries makes for a mouthwatering and naturally sweet breakfast sausage. Blueberry Maple Bratwurst Sausage BF 5072 4.5kg, 60 links 75g each, 10/pack 6 months Blueberry Bratwurst Ground Meat BF 5101 6kg, 6 bags 1kg each 6 months

Bratwurst Our fresh sugar free Bratwurst features a full-bodied blend of sea salt, black pepper, and coriander that’s delicious served with grainy mustard or crumbled into sauces and soups. Bratwurst Sausage BF 5065 4.5kg, 60 links 75g each, 10/pack 6 months Original Bratwurst Ground Meat BF5103 6kg, 6 bags 1kg each 6 months preservative free

21 bearandtheflower.comsignature sausages Spicy Mango Dig into the flavours of the tropics with our *NEW* spicy mango sausage. A hint of heat from fresh jalapenos combines with sweet mango, garlic, and spices. Spicy Mango Sausage BF 5066 4.5kg, 60 links 75g each, 10/pack 6 months Spicy Mango Ground BF 5105 6kg, 6 bags 1kg each 6 months

Hawaiian Pineapple Hawaiian pineapple combine with hot sauce, garlic and spices for a tasty sausage. Amazing grilled or crumbled on a pizza! Hawaiian Pineapple Sausage BF 5067 4.5kg, 60 links 75g each, 10/pack 6 months Hawaiian Pineapple Ground BF 5106 6kg, 6 bags 1kg each 6 months preservative free

23 bearandtheflower.comsignature sausages Hot Italian Classic Italian flavours with a hint of heat, the Hot Italian features a light fennel flavour with the kick of chili peppers. Hot Italian Sausage BF 5075 4.5kg, 60 links 75g each, 10/pack 6 months

Mild Italian Mild flavour with a hint of anise, our fresh Mild Italian Sausage is perfect for the grill or crumpled into sauces. Mild Italian Sausage BF 5076 4.5kg, 60 links 75g each, 10/pack 6 months Mild Italian Ground Meat BF5104 6kg, 6 packs 1kg each 6 monthspreservative free

25 bearandtheflower.comsignature sausages Spinach and Feta Fresh spinach and tangy feta combine for a juicy and briny sausage. Spinach and Feta Sausage BF 5068 4.5kg, 60 links 75g each, 10/pack 6 months Spinach and Feta Ground Meat BF 5102 6kg, 6 packs 1kg each 6 months preservative free

Smokehouse Stadium Dogs The perfect way to share outdoor raised pork with a crowd, our signature stadium hot dogs have no fillers. BF 5077 4.8kg, 48 links 100g each, 12/pack 55 days

27 bearandtheflower.comSmokehouse Ham Sausage Our fully cooked ham sausage showcases the amazing flavour of our pork. Simply seasoned with sea salt, brown sugar, and natural smoke. BF 5070 3.6kg, 9 packs 400g each 55 days

KolbassaGarlicky and smoky, thisUkrainian classic is fullycooked and naturally smoked.BF 5071 4.8kg, 12 packs 400g each 55 days

29 bearandtheflower.comsmokehouseBacon Bacon, Sliced Back Bacon, WholeBear and the Flower bacon is BF 5084 Back bacon is cut from thenaturally wood smoked, full 5kg, 2 bags loin, making for a leanerflavour without the additives. 2.5kg each bacon. Ours is coated with 55 days the classic Peameal for aChoose from regular bacon Canadian twist. Our backor our all natural nitrate and Bacon, Nitrate and bacon comes whole so yousugar free. Sugar Free, Slice can slice to order.Smoked Pork Belly Slabs BF 5085 BF 5087BF5081 5kg, 2 bags 15kg, 3 pieces 2.5kg each 5kg, 5 bags 55 days 28 days 6 months 1kg eachSmoked Pork Belly Slabs, 55daysNitrate/ Sugar FreeBF5080 15kg, 3 pieces 28 days 6 months

31 bearandtheflower.comsmokehouse Ham Bear and the Flower hams are fully cooked and naturally smoked. The Old Fashioned ham includes the bone for amazing flavour and the whole muscle ham is boneless for quicker cooking. Old Fashioned Ham, Bone in BF5082 1 piece 10-15kg 55days Whole Muscle Ham, Boneless BF5082 1 piece 10-15kg 55 days

butcher cuts Ribs One of the reasons we selected Landrace genetics for the Bear and the Flower herd is for the extra rib this breed is known for. That means our ribs are extra large and juicy! Choose from the tender back ribs or more robust side ribs. Back Ribs BF 5015 5.5kg, 6 pieces 1kg each 21 days 6 months Side Ribs BF 5016 15kg, 10 pieces 1kg each 21 days 6 months

33 bearandtheflower.combutcher cuts Tenderloin One of the most prized pieces of any pig, the tenderloin is a lean and delicately flavoured piece of meat. This tender cut is amazing roasted whole or portioned out at your desired thickness. BF 5025 5kg, 12 pieces 400g each 21 days 6 months

Ground PorkOur ground is pure with nowater added. You’ll love theflavour in sauces and stews,meatballs, and burgers.BF 5050 6kg, 6 bags 1kg each 14 days 6 monthsTrimTrim is taken from all over thepig, guaranteeing a variety ofrobust pork flavours. Great forcharcuterie and sausages.BF 5560 20kg, 4 bags 5kg each 21 days 6 months

35 bearandtheflower.combutcher cuts

Jowls, Skin on Bones HocksThe lower part of the face The perfect way to add a Pork hocks (shanks) create aand chin, jowls have a larger rich pork flavour to stocks deep flavour base for soups,fat cap and are more and soups. stews and sauces. Choose allmarbled than the cheek natural or smoked.meat and even the belly. The BF 5051amazingly creamy fat shines Hocks, Naturalin charcuterie like guanciale. 15kg, 24 pieces BF 5052BF 5055 21 days 5kg, 5 pieces total 1kg each 5.5kg, 8 pieces total 6 months 21 days 6 months 4/pack Back Fat Hocks, Smoked 21 days The richest of all trim, back fat is the ideal way to add BF 5060 6 months juicy 5kg, 5 pieces total marbling to any dish. 1kg each 55 days BF5056 5kg, 2 pieces 2x2.5kg bags 21 days 6 months

37 bearandtheflower.combutcher cutsWhole Head Trotters Cheek MeatAt Bear and the Flower, we Cut from the leg, our trollers Pork cheeks are a musclebelieve in nose to tail create a rich pork flavour for cut from the area justcooking and we love to work soups and broths, or cooked below the eye. Slightlywith chefs who appreciate whole to showcase nose to leaner than the jowls, cheekthe whole animal. Our whole tail cooking. meat is amazingly tender,pigs heads are great for great slow roasted until forkcharcuterie and headcheese. BF 5057 tender or used in charcuterie.BF 5061 21 days BF 5054 2 heads per box 6 months 7.5kg, 3 bags 21 days Pig Skin 2.5kg each 6 months Our pork skin makes the best cracklings or even 21 days chicharrons that are crispy and melt in your mouth! 6 months BF 5058 5kg 2 pack 21 days 6 months

Shoulder Steaks,BonelessAvailable fresh ornaturally smoked, pork hocks(shanks) create a deep flavourbase for soups, stews andsauces.BF 5515 2 pieces 10 kg 14 days 6 months

39 bearandtheflower.comfamous chops Centre Cut Chop Our centre cut chops have just the right amount of marbling. Choose bone in for a thicker fat of cap and extra flavour, or boneless for quick and easy cooking. Centre Cut, Bone in BF 5505 5kg, 16 pieces 2/pack 21 days 6 months Centre Cut, Boneless BF 5506 6kg, 32 pieces 2/pack 21 days 6 months

TomahawkBear and the Flower FrenchCut chops are a showstopperon the table, with a beautiful2” exposed bone and animpressive fat cap.Tomahawk Chop, Bone inBF 5021 6kg, 12 pieces 16oz/each, 2/pack 21 daysTomahawk Rack, Bone inBF 5020 15kg, 3-4 pieces 3-4kg/each 21 days 6 months

41 bearandtheflower.comfamous chops Rib End Chop, Bone in Rib end chops have a nice fat cap, with lean and tender meat. Quick to cook with a mild flavour. BF 5520 5kg, 16 pieces 2/pack 21 days 6 months

'Farmers Feeding contact us! People’ [email protected] [email protected]

farmers feeding people Because Christopher and Jessica care so much about what their pigs eat and what you eat, they created a proprietary feed blend that naturally enriches the pigs. Now for every serving of Bear and the Flower pork, you will receive your daily intake of Omega-3s! Our pork tested at 3x the required amount for Omega-3s and Bear and the Flower pork is now certified as a rich, natural source of Omega-3s. w w w . b e a r a n d t h e f l o w e r. c o m @ b e a r f l o w e r fa r m- Catalogue design & photography by Cathryn Sprague / -

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