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Get The Right Talent For Your Expanding Dental or Medical Practice From This Company

Published by francis, 2021-07-27 16:48:06

Description: Practice management consultants and recruitment specialists Dental Medical Careers (+1-214-654-0111) have launched updates to their recruitment platform for orthodontic, dental, and medical professionals. More details can be found here

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Get The Best Talent For Your Expanding Dental/Medical Practice

Whether you're looking for a new position in the dental industry or trying to find a new member for your practice team, Dental Medical Careers can help you!

Make the next career move the right one with a little help from Dental Medical Careers. The newly updated recruitment platform provides you with a comprehensive database of vacancies and career opportunities.

The company is currently recruiting for territory sales agents in Manhattan, NY, Atlanta, GA, Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD. If you have 3 or more years of experience in dental and orthodontic sales experience in your chosen territory, Dental Medical Careers is inviting you to apply.

The Dental Medical Careers site contains listings for opportunities nationwide, collating available positions in every facet of practice care and operations.

The Dental Medical Careers team includes dental practice management specialist Todd Keeter who brings over 27 years of experience in coaching dental practices to achieve financial success. Randa O'Connor, the agency's founder has worked with him for over 16 years Todd can advise you on start-up practices, transitions, acquisitions and mergers to help you navigate the business side of running a clinic along with more personal recruitment consulting services.

The company was founded by expert recruiter, business coach, mentor and practice management consultant Randa O'Connor with the aim of connecting dental professionals and practices.

Randa says, \"Dental Medical Careers was born out of a deep desire to help people make great hiring decisions that would result in higher and long-term success in their dental business.\" Get connected with the best opportunities in the dental industry.

Go to https://dental- for more details.

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