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Published by kcrane6, 2016-12-30 02:18:21

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Queenscliff27CELEBRATINGRIPYEARSand Point LonsdaleYour Community Voice January 2017 No. 286Take the plunge... It's that time of year when our twin towns of Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale truly shine, mainly for their simple, old-school beach holiday-style offerings. We don't do showy, we do real and we do it well! So if you're visiting us this month, exhale, ditch the car and take your time exploring by bike or foot our unique environment, heritage, food and wine offerings. Happy New Year! Photo Isabelle KiddDavid McDonald Builders Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 1building with excellence Complete Building Service Award Winning Designs Coastal Living at its Crows Nest Place, Queenscli 3225.p: 0418 599620 e: [email protected]

Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 2

Streeton's return to QueenscliffA selection of never-before seen etchings by Nine contemporary artists in residencerenowned Heidleberg artist Arthur Streeton will also be part of the exhibition, Theo and Soula Mantalvanos have spentwill be exhibited at Queenscliff Gallery and demonstrating Streeton's influence. months behind the scenes restoring the hiddenWorkshop in March in a major coup for Streeton printsQueenscliff By luck, chance or maybe even karma, the Gallery’s Theo and Soula Mantalvanos to clean them further as best he knows how. Some time in the early 1900s Arthur Streeton were entrusted with the precious pieces “Without his help we would not have got asstood on the cliff face overlooking Queenscliff after meeting Streeton’s grandson, Williamfront beach and painted the beautiful view Streeton early in 2016. far as we did and he’s humble and he’s genuinelayed out before him. “It’s funny how this story all comes Continued page 41 It was a return trip for the artist, who had together,” says Theo. “William came intolived here for a time as a child, while his father the gallery and I just said to him, like I do towas Principal of the local primary school. any customer, ‘how’s your day, what have you been doing,’ and then I asked if he had Early next year Streeton will make yet seen the lovely exhibition of Streeton’s atanother return visit to our shores, his most the Geelong Gallery. He said, ‘I have seensignificant yet. the exhibition, I’m his grandson.’” In what is being regarded as a major coup, When William mentioned he might popQueenscliff Gallery and Workshop will exhibit back in, Theo thought little of it until a week later when he returned with the badly My immediate thought damaged plates, wrapped in a blanket. and comment to him was ‘we don’t want to damage “He asked did we want to have a look them’ and his response at them and did we want to have a go at was ‘they already are so repairing them,” says Theo. let's do something.' “My immediate thought and comment Theo Mantalvanos to him was ‘we don’t want to damage them’ and his response was ‘they alreadynever-before published prints of etchings done are so let’s do something, the worst thingby the artist during his travels to England in that’s going to happen is they get damaged1908. more so.’” For eight weeks from March the gallery will The couple immediately turned to highly-exhibit the works in a landmark show, set to regarded Queenscliff-based mezzotint artistdraw potentially thousands of visitors to the Graeme Peebles – an “icon” of printing,town. according to Theo. “We got excited but we realised we couldn’t keep cleaning by hand, it was going to take days and days and that’s when we engaged GraemeTurn heads this Summer.. New Year’s Resolution? MAKE FITNESS YOUR GOAL IN 2017! ENERGY FOR LIFE Kerry Pettigrove Personal Trainer with more than 20 years experience One on One training • Group training Circuit Classes • Boxing Classes • Boot-camps Gym memberships available 5258 1670 - 0414 581670 DOG GROOMING Beautifully unique recycled clothing & accessories from 7 Days a week throughout Summer Australian & overseas designers• Flea, Worming and Mosquito treatments • Quality dog food and treats 36B Hesse Street Queenscli (next to Rush Group Accountants) • Great range of high quality toys Open Friday to Monday 11am-4pm ripeto_vintage Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 3 • Designer collars and leads for all weather conditions [email protected] - ••552255885544141

ARE YOU WEBER READY FOR SUMMER? Call in to Geelong’s ONLY Specialist Weber Dealer to check out the latest range Weber has changed the way we barbeque with its full range of Weber Q’s. Did you know there is now a wide selection of Weber Q’s to choose from including black and inbuilt models?And did you also know that three premium models are EXCLUSIVE to your local Specialist Dealers for only $10 more than the standard model? Come and see Geelong’s ONLY Weber Specialist Dealer, Classic Fireplaces & Barbeques, to discover more. You will be glad you found out when you use your new Weber Q. The ANYWHERE BBQ BIG enough to and coming soon...beach - bush - backyard feed a CROWD THE MIGHTY RED Q Weber’s BEST SELLERBaby Q Weber Q Family Q RED QSERIES SERIES SERIES SERIES99 West Fyans Street, Newtown our showroom or phone: [email protected] 1688 5522554411333388 Holiday Property Management Bookings thttihhspt“hiilmssppttSai““hhspllmmn“SSoaahiilmssppPtSannn““ooRhhaullmmlnttASSotaannheataauuhtnnnitttoouhhlnttaouhhettiittnnttwsttooaanuuhaietttttwwtattonnihheersiitttstwtooriinahihssettttiwwrrnnnoihhhhleesUutitrighnUUuuhssttaittrrhhmhhiitttUupnotmmStteppUUuuitteeemuh”iirmtttpeemm””rrlttsepprullesseee”eeraee””nsrrtlsssdllesstseeessesesswsrsss tttttthhtthhhhtttthhhhhhiiiiiisssssppiiisiippppipsssssppsppppmmmmpllmmlllllaammmmmallaammllllalaamaaaoooonnna““nnoo““““ooono“nn““nnoooSS““n““nnnSStSttntt“onnSSSnnnSStSttttataaaannhhhthStntthataaaaahhhthttntthtththhhttattuuuuthtththhhuuthiiittiiiuuuuthhuutoioioioihiiuootttwttwowowooitthuoottwttwwwittttonttnnwwnttnnttonttnwwnetteeenntiiiieeweeetiiiinteetwtttssssrntiirtrrttesshsshrhiihrrrrssttehhhhhhrrssttihhhUhUUUhhiUUrUUshhhhtrUUshhtuutuuttUUuutututthppppihihiipuupppiiUhiiuutttttmtmmUmttppttmtmmmpp””””tiittt”””uiitttttttmmetemmeep””eettp””eteeeieeeiteerrrrmerrm”llll”tllleesssseesseeeeeeerrrellssllsssssessseeeeersssssssllsssseessssssss Queenscliff & Pt Lonsdale CSCCCCSSSSCCSSuCSuuuuaCCCCSSaSSuuaaaCCpSSppppuaaluuuuppalllleauuaaaeleelppppplaallleelrrrrpprlllleeleetliiiirritltltltlooooeeoltrrorrriiootioioiioooorrrrrdittttoooootroddiiooqrrqqqooaoooorrrrdddddaarqdduuuuyqrrqqqqaddddyyaauqaaaaaaaauuuuyuuqqyylllluaaaafaaaayyyyaaiiiuuiffottttloolllafyyyyllyaaiyiyiyiffirotiitttrrootlffffttllyyyyiraaaayiiryyoootofffyfttyttttaaaayyyooooyayoaaotttrtrrrahhhhoaautouttrrrrtthhyhhyyyeuteeeuttrrtttyyyyeeeehhrrhtttooooBBBBFFFhhFFhooooeeBBBBeEEEEFFFFFuuuuReeRRRRReREEEESSSSuuuuRRRRRRBBRBEESESESSTTTTrrBBEErrBEEEEETTEETTrrEEErrEEEEppEEppEEEEEEEESSppppEESEooooSSSooooTTmmssssTTTmmmmmmssssTmssmmsmsmsppssseeiiiipppeebbibbiiiaapeoobbbbaaeeeeooeoeleelssllaollesslelsseesuueesseeaaaassuuaaaassusrrppssupprrppppsssssiieersssssiieerrrrrbbrrrrbbieuuuiuiiieuubuiuiiicccc&&bllcccc&&lleeeeeee&lrrerereelee!!!!!!e!e!eeppppqqprruuqii&&&&rooccuitteeoceeqqqq!!tee!uuuuooootttteeeeAre you looking for aProperty Manager for kbkbbkkbbkbbkkeakbeeeeaaaaeebkkbbkkbaakkbblelll[email protected][email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@[email protected]nnnnlwllwlwwirirrrriiilnlnwnnnwwwdwdddiiooooonndddddssssooooonnnnddaaaassssssnnnnbbbbaaaannnnssaaabbbbllnnnnllllaaddddiiaiinniiinnnlllllnlnnndndddiiiinniiissssnnnnddddnnnndddsdsdsdshhhhddddddddssddsshhhhssssssuuuussssaasssshhssuuuuaaaaahttaatthhaaaannahntntntntuunnnunnn your holiday house?Beach Breaks Bellarine offers afresh professional andpersonalised approach toholiday property management.Our aim is to unlock the earningpotential of your home orinvestment.Talk to us today about ourcompetitive rates and range ofservices... Cheryl & Philip 0424 172 050 [email protected] MAY RR 2016.indd 14 Rip Rumour, January 2016The Rip, Page 4May 2016 Page 14 26/04/2016 8:10 am

Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 5

Not your everyday catch Meetings called on front beachand ceramic marine Hopper Closet was delivered unexpectedly, and erosion woesthankfully smelled of “the sea.” “The first course of action was to immerse the closet into a tub of water. The second action was to Potential solutions to Point Lonsdale front notify Heritage Victoria’s Maritime beach erosion problems will be revealed at two Unit of its arrival,” she said. community Open House forums on Wednesday “[It] was in quite good condition January 18. The Department of Environment Land Water and a decision was made to seek and Planning (DELWP) will co-host the event funding to have the closet conserved with the Borough of Queensclife and Parks Victoria. for display at the Museum.” In recent weeks Coastal modelling The trawler crew hauled the loo to consultancy BMT WBM has reviewed 20 years of studies, to better understand short, medium the surface in June 2014. and long-term trends. Melbourne University has Residents have demanded action to stem the loss of sand from the iconic beach since used the toilet as a study “It’s clear that measures to retain sand over piece, bringing in leading Western the past have had limited success, and we need to improve our understanding of the Australia-based conservationLeading conservation scientist Dr Ian McLeod inspects the scientist Dr Ian McLeod to provide18th Cenury Hopper Toilet, hauled by fisherman from the expert restoration advice. “Dr MacLeod was most pleased It's the sort of catch John West might that the closet had been placed area before we consider further investment,\"have rejected but the Queenscliffe Maritime into water as soon as i1t 5ar1rAiveFdelalot wthse RMouasde,uPmo,intsLaoidnsDdEaLleW|P$'s4L6a0n,0d0P0la-n$n4in9g0,0an0d0 ApprovalsMuseum couldn't resist! Regional Manager, Greg Leece minimal drying goluatze2h/ha1ad0d nPooicctcobueArervneedanduvsoeer,sPteholyeint meetings. An eighteenth century toilet is set to become ceramic insert and LoInnsitdiaallefin|d$in2g3s5w,0i0ll0be- t$a2b5le5d,0a0t 0thethe Museum’s newest amusing exhibit. affected,” Mrs Negri said2. 5 Norman Crescent, PTwohiinleltapLlrsooonjebscedtaotlneeahm|anCadonntdotaidncidstceAupgsesenntdhteenrtevcoienwsu. ltant The artefact, dated at around 1860, isundergoing its final stages of restoration after The Queenscliff Point Lonsdale Community Locals are encouraged to bring their ownbeing netted by a trawler fishing off the south- Enterprise has provided a $3,000 grant to houseeast coast. the artefact in its own display case. It is due to photos to add to a time wall. Open House sessions will be held at the Point The Museum’s June Negri said the brass Lonsdale Bowling Club between 11am and 1:30pm and 5 and 7:30pm. Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 6

26 Golightly Street POINT LONSDALE FORTHCOMING AUCTION ll 20 Emily Street POINT LONSDALE CONTACT AGENT 29 Nelson Road POINT LONSDALE $590,000 - $640,000 7 Noma Crescent, Point Lonsdale| $750,000 - $780,000 Comfortable family home with a design edge, fully landscaped and ready to move in. 1/13 Grivan Grove, Point Lonsdale | $700,000 - $750,000 9 Gill Road, Point Lonsdale | $1,200,000+ CALL INTO OUR NEW POINT LONSDALE OFFICEPoint Lonsdale OffiFceelFi5xe2lHi5xa8Hk1ain8ksi1n01s40|0400100/30853350P00o00in0|t|LPoNrnuicseodlSaetlreReoRewtoe0a4d00,40P2o80i3n604t 07L2o59n0s9dale | Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 7

Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 8

Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 9

Enjoy ‘Twilight at Basils’ overlooking Sunday Sessions beautiful Swan Bay and Queenscliffevery Friday + Saturday in January! LIVE acoustic music every Sunday! • Every Friday till late • Sunday 1st January McRobin with outdoor BBQ Spit Roast! • Sunday 8th January Jason Coghill • Sunday 15th January Liv Cartledge• Every Saturday till late • Sunday 22nd January Sam Hanson with select café menu! • Sunday 29th January Fraser Telfer Point Lon 43 Kir 43 KiOPEN 7 Days from Dec 26 + 12 noon New Years Day!Lunch HOLIDAY HIGH LIFE IN THE HEAmenu’TsRhe.insorveantoeSvdwaObtbeyaPdlaonEccsNhaBiallpars7aryfecmDateTrAirumh:Ymo5S.mbc2uNeo5ilidmyn8eetr.h4DaRea2uhdv8ei,da0MrtcRHbToDfheeiTHRoT4HOsinOhaehsnyinOl3icsooOsdaorurhrvveleeLLrLLdaKnneagntoIo,IoeIaDtsiDvnvodtfrom Don’t miss ‘Breakfast at Basils’ every Thursday - Sunday! & Point Locosywinterevenings,andcleveropeningofroomcisossyvyoiwuariFngtraee 12noon everyday. Visit for open hours The focal point of the home is a spacious kFitrcTeRhheneencofnovhcawateldi HOLIDAY HIGH LIFE IN THE HdFasuercatkhs.teTurhdTfrehieoaiestoruberrenteodosvr,soagttooaemrdseacsyhnaoadnuradsrclcitameasrrmshli,noabmerotheacetien,anctthatinrreaaghlv,bearTtaFaeanouchrvtFdatcTdFaahoereasueohsuoetnrrrcasmercahftosyktfldkhshOsfa.woe.oetoeteTmuTuarirlccmhrnrchdddgaflfrtryeailoleiefoeLoNATURAL FIBRES gardensFOR SUMMER RenovatedbylocalpremiumbuilderDavidhMocliDdoanyalt cosywinterevenings,andcleveropeningofroomsviaNew cotton, linen & Alpaca knits, shirts, The focal point of the home is a spacious kitchen pants & a stunning deck. Three bedrooms and a smart central bathroo collection of throws in store now... Further features, gas and slim line heating, reverse as a studio or to store your cars, boat, caravan and INTRODUCING NATURALS BY 100% pure linen to wear all Summer THE HOUSE OF 42 Hesse Street, Point44L4999oFFFnlllii NOBLE FIBRES Queenscliff 5258 2912 HOLIDAY HIGH LIFE IN THUEUPHPMMEAA quite EXTRAORDINARY fashion for women & men This renovated character home in the heart oAfAbUOebbalPrdcrihlilMilLealsoniaAttno pAabrardilliisaen. tT Shop 6, 44 Hobson Street, [email protected] - or 0413 189843 cRoesnyowviantteedrbevyeloncinalgpsr,eamndiucmlevbeurioldpeernDinagviodfMrocoDaumclosbplneeosveanvvinervaeqeaalclisredshael.u.idedDswFDees,oiro.tntwe Downst Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 10

43 Kirk Road, Point Lonsdale HOLIDAY HIGH LIFE IN THE HEART OF OLD LONSD 30 Stokes Street 62 Mercer Street This renovated character6hoAmleexiannthdeehr eCarret oscf OelndtLonsdale is an easy walk to front and QUEENSCLIFF Contact Agent QUEENSCLIFF $is6y4o5ur0g0a0te-$w6a7y5to0a00greaPt OlifIeNstTylLeOinNvSeDstAmLeEnt. Contact Agent RenovatedbylocalpremiumbuilderDavidMcDonald,thehomefeaturespolishedhardwo cosywinterevenings,andcleveropeningofroomsviaFrenchdoorstonorthandsouthfacin The focal point of the home is a spacious kitchen with open plan dining and living a deck. Three bedrooms and a smart central bathroom complete the accommodation.nsdale For SaleFurther features, gas and slim line heating, reverse cycle air conditioning, private front as a studio or to store your cars, boat, caravan and all the usual holiday trappings.rk Road, Point Lonsdaleirk Road, Point Lonsdale F$8oF39or,0rS0S0aalleeIDiAnorDsAvkdRaYAaRtTleeHoYdiIsOaGcadHhHnFa,eILraOaGIsFcyLtEHwePDarINlohkLoitLTonImHOFftreEoELNniHontSIaEntNnhADsdedRbAhTTaaecLHlOakeErbFtEeoOafcHLhODeElsd,LgAOLoolNRfncSsoTdDuarAOsleeLaEiFnsdaOsnheoLpaDssyanwLdaOlk tNo fSroDntAanLdEback $InF8$o38s39rp9,,S000ea00lc0et ISna$8tIsnu39rsp,d0p0ae0yec1cstt Mar 3.00 – 3.30pmHoEnAsRdTalOeF OLD LONSDALE FInosrpSeacCClteoonnttaaccttmgeyedatasoeeDevfoveeditLodeaphtecparatete,ecarleeobodetnoboeththowolAtewdoubgeuvybapeevrynirpiconreaaedenrhladmeYlteototesoohyntoodyantodbrtrscuosdcucpiorti,ioridhti,plsnshanisaooHorooamygvfrfsgtnftalegalgooolopelaputaacrtaatresnecsnmhratmIshlraresoor,oe,gesaegotGaetcacoea.iasosfermretnmrsty,nnlpyneneeecheshnaouadodHhfgdaairddailrtontaonuuauucnactothnhrohomdmsdtmilsrtmlralnellseotlolohiuieLcnrilciefaefvaievmsmmbmibeepeaatoeedrearodIssusauirshirereressmFtmnsatssltrlaioiroaiiciyy,lh,lsynneiaianhddtipnpyanEbanlblcanneepeQ1eheerrwseseimooootttfdtnntrprpihighn4nodhhaaanInaDDcrcamUaameeiitgteNednvva,e/elnni,a,aclccaasiueeknEnphhsccg3gpvviisdttmoossilaeaattiieieiooshhEmtnitnntr0ddTrrpuusrranammmoaaffiaoaggoNeMMssrorovr-rgliliHvvoodt,,teen3sfbdbdkkauaccurrbooSproonniieeaDanDng2lotttEadmhmflfttttavCvcticteuis.o.oaOnhhhsOahntehehvassenHnnin.rrrrHietlLveslvffioaoreodssdaldadnracninfidIeaepedaooallnonaLFdLdEacagknFmFwmcwwhcoos,ale,n.FlrcirdytlytldA.neinnesihechtctacottcctrinsnThhsehlheloengobedreRdaiociaceehmDhmehsoooahaahdagantoduSoTuplpalidcpidperieurmearysmsdetneoklseolucudiecirenconssvOeoseoooaoetgabterlkfaerfeaelnrpienlpeuesoekesndshen,FdhlttdaltaacaabaahorroiihooietrietndttntdsturecknlueanlMieaOiiecgio,drohoesddrioagsdshaeenynvanhydricaeraaicsncsLtainyitciwyecng-pwhsngphelitroirDonttDgno,taagoeaaordrimhromngglna,tlgdnl,alskikoipoewpsdpomcspsodmaeathLrethpwsrnoeponsnilnooemioavaeifovOdianisadfdancudfdaailcurygr$tiatohkglllttaophsolyteinlaNhsehitvnahst3uvdnati.tucliff.iorgrtffiaornorautodn3gpraSdrona,lonocgsawcsngeswnn.9eitnn.t,iDnespaanodtahhdaoatdgroogaapar0noeabeeAdeebgnddhnnadiaar0aaesoadnresdicLudrsccukvh0copkrlokekcsrlekgeEaonpsesebooesabamuaorihateaeridodsrnlededsrmota,paeniga,hregnigachanpcaeliannhgdagilaehigrrrgltO1tsnrefdthoeoetrthdhoiestda2eoactsstfeor,pCcscnoe,eeniegst-gnoeaigoilsaahe2rondlistaaEaeoilklptsnyliaklnp0nfnculaiaAltfrfguunuillcrggpeauiuidctesgposGnnNsetno,grscfetuahr,eaouaha.gapineirepnaonhresonrrGalsohseri,susolugveipauvrubnvgpaapnRegaanpneteenoednanteorOdnergsodditnregnasvrenthlnasVoehrlritrnmoehaiatrvpoaeraesttrgpoEelpothtgirahelprehtrensaecaDttfosiceaeaanfidagineaaidncffmrendoncf.tirideiano.niv.rdoaanlgrlheg.rcneaotarmadsnwpldeloea$rodt1eed.ia3ntrhg- e$1.$S4a8t3mu9r,d0a0y0P11/OBCSCSOs3utuOICSCSaIya0nNauS3OCSCaMemetomuaemaAcusLTctoeaPmPperupenocpPdrpoPopLrpbenbdat3ooctObetetyp5abet.statle50tylk2t51cslsalNoPet50llc22s1itontsP85cPs05tiSl–tM1ot8n14lgt0ot80DtMs5003a14tPttt7s0r50.a414Atmo39o370r0s50009.3L40n00t70pe.90E40t0409m90s14C–n4038314–034t050r835.339e45145.40331s14p9013c3$m8p3038m4e55950193n159t351033009030- 9$530 0003 1 3s plus a huge garage, ideal as a studio or to store your cars, boat, caravan and all the usualltdr,athpephoinmgesfe.aturespolishedhardwood oors,highceilings,anopen replacefor 3 13 ContactaFrenchdoorstonorthandsouthfacingdecksidealtosoakupthesunorentertain. Campbell Potts 0418 513 309n with open plan dining and living areas leading to a large private north facing Sue Potts 0400 049 435 O ce 5258 1579om complete the accommodation. 6 Pentland Roade cycle air conditioning, private front and rear gardens plus a huge garage idealall the usual holida2y3trAapSpyinmgso. nds Street 44 Mercer Street $12493000 PO1INT LON3SDALE QUEENSCLIFF Contact Agent QUEENSCLIFF Contact Agent 39 Osbourne Street Lot 2/69 Flinders 49Street Flinders SSthroepe3t6,7-69 PoinQt LounsedaelenRsocadlinliiisnnnddddeeearrrlssseSSSttrrteereeeOett,,Ct,EAQNuGQQeRuueOeeVneeEsnncsslccillfiif $1300 000 QUEENSCLIFF $439 000 POFIoNTrLSOaNSleDALE Contact agent UPMARKET LIVIF$N8FoF$3oG69or9r,90r,S0BS0S0a00YaalelleTeHE BEACHMAARRTKOEFTOLwLIVDwINLwOG.NcBSaYDmATLHpEEbBeEl lApCoHt t s . c o m . a u CamICCInnpoossbnSnpputeteeaaeclcclcttPPttoottttss 00440108 501493 433095AoaAtnttttnwTeowTohcdpoanhphRnsnRnotoetoioiihtsdpshssocsrsKthKeteinoriaoashpatptionioriniEroElrdoredeoeesuaesomnanaTTtoiao,ar,orsdirthlwsleowoohooithioLLovtvuiooniiofnarggeiegerIkseIkeonnhnrhrViVreitrlalnnhooonnqhiqhegtgoaoIIttuouounNNe,kaykqaanamamirirocslcnnlltieuiotdGreaGreytggrooyoyisnatiiossPPwsspkkhsspioonlBBioioskttioooaaiigccrtnneYYppihhlnloyeettnakeeiecerrrsNNdnneevegnnTTkthueeddasioppooipp,eHHdortaiiaamppenenedfcrrueeaeakkrcEEaaahnnnnolhltiasassyrnsshnannaaeoBnnBotbtnndidfreoetonmseaddEdEuwwttdattsocoPhwPhArArocnmcioooepeponpoooiodiCpiCinnndncdcgmaaodttdittwiebnHunHudiLcirLdtwitrironanionkieneeuooingnsgcstnslcnqhsaqsoaksadkaduauaetntonpnaneasbneonedldldriededsSeeSdsl,lu,wlpowytpoat,cteihruhhtahtruaoceoiainnopinnsivaeshvagglgiBiitBdrinlsdeesephaoeadedeapysarysrcssoiswo,iuacuiaoaoeniomgennamnnmtimarlidioimdlkqunmqtnisksunniluanrtnaf(uoge(egceeeeggcrcsupaosufoaotsdstolslaplsabltpea,peqltpuahedltnpoedoceonagoluraegilydrinoysnrntrsoettpuedptuaournonprrlenreesadeSint)tetie)tshtsynwehepyowweeinenastidnmttirostrtoheasteeaaheassrdtnstnpn.deneehthedhccdTtpcecopouoeBdeuoodhrnalpurrnearwaudatenatidtesnyddcesaeyymdoreeemeaosieuysrdopnuandwfprrwoorob.nolodinbrtoiiooarrwthoveawdhmrnnrynmiunym.nuolssnialssvpiagogvpwieeognifnencfngaicsonigaiaiotafclevaofclevlpabeevenperbaenurtardurrtlthtrbolwttboouawtooiouafywsnofyAUbplcsmeotoeapvobvraeesaerlctlteidsraihlhesl.viiiesreadDesoesnoil.stftntswfwToa.dephnontoroihssedoistmeidoratiniormoreiesunnaatao,rcdlwuohoolvioonagerktehreirelnonqbhgotueo$BSekadama6CC$ISiyrcnlnrta6tCICSSai9oreantuto9uagmAaousyt9iooem9rnrupiss,Pddps0mPrkpbsni,pd0aoonta0beioepy0atotstalyiegetylc10ncsalpoPwlchs11cetato0tPecsietsritrMtotNnntt0eettntMsha4tedtaMsrp0amop,b30riaamp.en30u00rer.0ea40k4i0aal3901nnn–l4tias8n.14–s30tina835n.n330bt5n1d5.0eo33re1dp–0wot33dmptob03Ph3mrc90o.eoep3o9soii0nndcmapdttirnumieLwtironiesoingsetnhqsravduaenianecndledesSdu,lwpotibthruaeoyinnsvagaiBindsewadeayreswoulaiolamnnamlidkpmqspiunna(oeegcrisuoanotlsbtlpaeeeltpd Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 11

limited edition clothing, nightware and homewares made from beautiful Indian M T IPOP UP SHOP 2 HOBSON STREET, QUEENSCLIFF SAT & SUN 10 AM – 4 PM limited edition clothing, nightware and homewares made from beautiful Indian textiles POP UP SHOP 2 HOBSON STREET, QUEENSCLIFF OPEN ESVAETR&Y SDUANY T1H0RAOMU–GH4 PJAMNUARYBarwon Heads 81 mason81smtraeseont,sstroeeut,thsouytahryraarra&& 22 hhoobsbosnosntresett,requeete,nqsculieffenscliff Open 7 Days christine 0407ch8ris0ti4ne5024607 8•04m5a26ril•ynma0ri4ly3n80473878778666611 • [email protected]@momti.cootmi..cauom• .wawuw.m• owti.cwowm..amu Hitchcock Ave - 5254 2277email:[email protected]:@mossgrottobyalex POINT LONSDALEPOST OFFICE & NEWS [email protected] A more convenient way to manage your money We provide transaction services on behalf of more than 70 banks and financial institutionsp·lums agazines & newspapers · ink cartridges · art supplies · toys, gifts & books · all your stationary needs · holiday essentials POSTAGE SERVICE 99 Point Lonsdale Road - 5258 1159Community Environment Alliance– Round Two solar information workshopThursday, 19th January 2017Queenscliff Uniting Church HallVisit email [email protected] for more details Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 12

textilesF Cruise the Bay and enjoy a spectacular bay sunset whilst enjoying Food, Wine & Live Music | |Sailing from Sorrento 7pm -10pm $85per person Sailing from Queenscliff 7.45 -10.45pm Book online @ SUMMER HOMEWARES AT HERMIT CRAB SCOEHMNERNGEIASTTGHTEEIENRMNTGTIENHNAFIGSOITNSRSI,NS,BEGUWVIRMEOETMRDUHYEDDTRIAMNDYGOUSSOM!,!R! S ROTBHEOERCRTBGCAEGOAMOILSSBDROIOSDMOONO, UNWSMGWAOSTEOUHET:DSHHISTAIAHNRSNBAGADPIVTLRFAIMEAOTIENMRALGITLAEAEMALLNTITNL,CAHEHTOAUHESVNGROAEDLMMSRAOEEIDELTSASDCBNPERO!DNEWACPLBIOASTLAONFDsomething for everyone this summerAAHLNSSAONINEMGMPDERAUEWEIECVLICOAESNISNINLNAATIAEGGDBOLLAMCHUSCIGAWTLDUCTKhEDIYLTFKEo,LALLTNEIpLCGSREWCYETI2ORVEHOEOWAS,RYETOURO:6,SBVRRKLACE7K,REEYH,-NHBWR6FASIDUACSAL9ONAAVDSR,CDTOPTRORKAMESRoKUEERUSU,iEORSnNNBAO:LStISSTESEA:WALEWSF,MCPEoMIT,RBCOnEHTGINKCBUsELLHAIEdEFAQTAOENEaTRMSGEDGlAUIeBADINWTYNNTINEESRFDAEIMADERLTIoLSRNLSaOBSAWAHAASdAINCRNNA,IRRALSR,CGPBNSAINKSYLNoEDL,DELUPTiEEAnTCCIDOPCtANOGPBIINNLNODNRADOoEGKDGODZRnAWWLDMGOIsNAERUdAOEAOKSNDCaTGRZRWAlTDSSELIeESANO!:,RDAEN,D NEW GPRhO:O5V2E5Y8G4A8D8G8EOTpSePnLU7SdaYyOsU8RaOmLD- F6ApVmOiUnRJIaTEnSuary Shop 2, 67-69 Point Lonsdale Road,Point Lonsdale ▪ Ph: 5258 4888 ▪ Open 7 days 9am - 5pm Habitat, Serroni and ECD outdoor dining ware ▪ Robert Gordon Australia ▪▪ basic white platters and salad bowls ▪ drinking glass and stemware ▪Untitled-5 1 26/04/2016 5:43 amGallery hours: 10am – 5pm 81 Hesse Street Queenscliff P: 5258 4927 [email protected] QG&W represents Australian Artists & Printmakers Art & Print Workshops Bookmaking | Drypoint | General Drawing | Etching | Linocut | Mezzotint | Monoprint | Wood Engraving Printmaking Access studio Custom group workshops QueenscliffGalleryWorkshop q_cliffgallery queenscliffgalleryworkshop Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 13

O’D O W Ddesign + construction imagine The stately innovate Lathamstowe create could set a real estate record forBUILDER OF THE YEAR Queenscliff whenRegional Victoria 2012 it is auctioined on January 31 Historic gem set to fetch $6 million All eyes will turn to Queenscliff this month, “Lathamstowe is one of, if not the most iconic when one of the state’s landmark mansions residential properties throughout the region goes under the auctioneer’s hammer. and even further afield. It offers all the character and charm of a bygone era, yet has absolutely Lathamstowe, at 44 Gellibrand Street, is unrivalled 360 degree views across Swan and fielding enormous buyer interest from both Port Philip bays and beyond to Point Nepean, home and abroad and could potentially set Arthurs seat and the Melbourne skyline. It is a new sales record for the town, according to absolutely unique,” he said. Fletchers Real Estate Agency Director James Gladman. Carlton United Breweries magnate Edward Latham commissioned noted architect William “We have had an excellent response to the Ellis to design the Italianate building, as a gift to early marketing, with loads of inquiries. We the Anglican church. are seeing good interest coming from the Melbourne and Mornington markets as well as It is included on the state register of interstate and internationally. significant buildings, with important heritage featuresincluding original Brooks, Robinson “We are expecting that it will sell in the $6 & Co stained glass windows, pressed metal million plus range, so we expect it will set a ceilings, marble fireplaces and a cast iron spiral new record for the region.” stairway to the peak of the 23-metre tower. The stunning property, built in 1883, is “Lathamstowe demonstrates the popularity arguably Queenscliff’s most significant heritage of Queenscliff as a seaside resort in the home, although planning approval has recently nineteenth century and the popularity of been given for a modern upgrade. the ltalianate style for large and prestigious buildings in the late part of that century, “ a “It offers a variety of options. The current Heritage Victoria Statement of Significance approved plans would turn this amazing says. building into undoubtedly one of the finest homes in Victoria, however it certainly lends The property will be auctioned privately at itself to other uses and alternatives,” said Mr 3pm on January 31. Gladman. CREATIVE PLANTING RETAINING WALLS AUTOMATED GATES DECKING OUTDOOR STRUCTURES GARDEN LIGHTING PAVING TURF MAINTENANCEAward-winning qualitySustainable designs5258 Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 14

Port Phillip gets clean bill of health Port Phillip is now home to more than 100 including birds and fish, seagrass, reefs and “More research is required to understandintroduced marine pests, including the highly critical ecosystems. Water quality is generally the impact of specific pest species. No recentinvasive Northern Pacific Seastar and Japanese good across most indicators, despite increased surveys have been taken of the distribution andkelp, according to a newly released stocktake of pollution pressures associated with population abundance of any exotic species in Port Phillipspecies and habitat. growth, the report concluded. Bay. The effect of future exotic species is also unknown.” The State of the Bays 2016 report, commissioned However shorebirds are in decline andby the state government, has given our bay a various fish stocks are being threatened by “This is a critical piece of work to help us“generally” good tick of health but has called for marine pests. better understand the challenges we face inimproved monitoring, reporting and mapping protecting our bays in the face of a changingsystems to better understand its ecosystems. “For 16 migratory shorebird species climate,” said Environment Minister Lily examined, 10 species had significantly declined D'Ambrosia. Fifty assessments were undertaken against since 1981, with curlew sandpipers and lesser36 indicators to measure the health of species, sand plovers experiencing particularly strong declines,” the report said. LBMUIICMHILADBELERS SPECIALIDSETSSIGINNE&COC-OCNOSNTSRIUDECRTIAOTNE W: WWW.MICHAELLIMBBUILDERS.COM.AU E: [email protected] M: 0410650019 Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 15

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Stingray feeding scrapped for heritage vision Queenscliff’s Fisherman’s wharf ■ Ensure public access to the wharfwill be re-built and the historicCayzer slipway restored, after ■ Celebrate existing features from thecontroversial plans for a stingray local environsfeeding attraction were officiallyscrapped. ■ Enhance the amenity of local residential areasQueenscliff Harbour The harbour is understood to bemanagement has confirmed it will drawing from the recommendations ofno longer pursue the proposal its own marine expert Dr John Ford into build an outdoor stadium and preparing the new vision. As revealedcinema in the heritage precinct, in The Rip in April he has proposed aafter a prolonged campaign of more educational attraction, floatingopposition from residents. the idea of a glassed underwater“[We have] listened to the viewing’s feedback and “Queenscliff Harbour is consideringmodified the scope of works a number of other ideas to attractproposed for the Fisherman’s more visitors to the harbour area,”Wharf Rejuvenation Project,” said Mr Blackwood said. “For example,QHPL Manager Sean Blackwood. we are currently exploring options “The proposal for a stingray Queenscliff's historic Cayzer slipway will be restored for small craft, for creating a series of high qualityresearch and education facility after plans for a stingray feeding stadium were scrapped interpretive installations in the wharfwill not proceed. Community residents and “a much more suitable vision for and harbour areas which celebrate theconsultation determined that such the area. area’s maritime history and naturala facility would not be the right fit for the ecology.”community and they have rejected it.” “It would be a good result for the community The final scope of works remains subject to and for Queenscliff Harbour. state and local government planning approval. “The wharf wall and adjoining Cayzer’s “We expect to have detailed draft conceptSlipway will be repaired in 2017. These facilities \"Until details of the new plans are published, plans to present to the community forare currently in a derelict and unsafe condition, our protest signs are staying up,” she said. discussion in early 2017. We hope to have theand they are in urgent need of refurbishment.” QHPL says the revised plan will: The slipway will be “sensitively refurbished” ■ Respect the heritage values of the area official approvals for the project in place toto retain it historic character and provide a enable refurbishment works to start from Julylaunch for small craft, he said. ■ Protect the environment 2017 onwards,” Mr Blackwood said. Fisherman’s Flat’s Carmen Bell described ■ Have an educational element to thethe news as an early Christmas present for tourism features elementCome in and sample ourGREAT product range...GREAT customer service &GREAT views!● market fresh fruit & vegetables Open until 9pm Point Lonsdale● butcher quality meat from● full delicatessen Boxing Day● artisan breads & through● competitively priced liquor January● gluten free● hundreds of locally sourced productsPoint Lonsdale Road, Point Lonsdale - 5258 4911 antipasto and gourmet cheeses OPEN 7 DAYS - 8am to 8pm pre-made quality meals hot BBQ chickens Follow us on instagram: @pointlonsdaleiga gourmet salads Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 17

Mayor denies pre-selection bid Lions Club Queenscliff Mayor Tony Francis has played down his recent Secretary appointment as Bellarine Liberal Party State Electoral Committee Phil Newey Director, claiming it will not impact on his Councillor duties. welcomes new members to He has also flatly denied suggestions he will be seeking pre-selection the Queenscliff for the party to stand against sitting Labor MP Lisa Neville at the next branch state election.\"Welcome to the pride...\" Councillor Francis issued a statement to clarify his new role after concerns were raised the political affiliation was not declared ahead of The Queenscliff – Point Club Secretary Phil Newey said the recent local government elections and could place heavy restrictionsLonsdale Lions Club has been the new recruits, officially sworn on his time, precluding him from fulfilling Mayoral obligations.given a much-needed shot in the in last month, would ensure thearm with the arrival of five new Lions could continue its 70 years “I am happy to confirm that I have been a member since approximatelymembers. of local fundraising. May 2015,” Cr Francis said. Down to a handful of active “We probably only had about “I was elected Chair of the Liberal Bellarine State Electoral Committeemembers and facing the prospect five active members previously for a period of 12 months. Council can confirm that I have made a requestof having to hand in its charter, although there were nine on the to record this new position on my Councillor Register of Interest.the branch issued an S.O.S back in books. Hopefully having someSeptember. new blood in the club and using “There is no truth to the recent reports in the media about pre-selection, social media to communicate and I want make it very clear to the community, that my only focus at It embarked on a “no strings will relieve members of the time this time is my role serving the Borough of Queenscliffe as Mayor.”attached” membership drive in commitments, and I hope thatthe hope of attracting time-poor might be the attraction for more Councillor Francis, who is also a senior serving police officer, wasresidents, willing to pitch in when people to join.” elected to the Director’s role on November 30.available. One of his key tasks will be to install a Bellarine candidate to unseat The branch also plans to scale Ms Neville.back its workload and hit socialmedia to better publicise its “I am looking forward to continuing a strong working relationshipactivities. with the Borough of Queenscliffe and the Mayor,” Ms Neville said. “My priority is supporting the local community and I will work with anyone to advance the interest of the community.“number 35 bed & breakfast ๏ Three luxurious, spacious, light-filled contemporary suites with private balconies and ensuite.Stunning beach accommodation - Point Lonsdale ๏ Gourmet breakfast provided by on-site hosts. ๏ Well positioned for a short stroll (80m) to Point Lonsdale shopping. ๏ Rip view car park and beaches. ๏ Off street parking and lap email: [email protected] ph: 03 5258 1798 CLARK HOMES▬ builders with experience ▬ ○Green Smart Builders ○ Quality Customised Homes○ Architectural Designed Homes ○Complete Building Service ○Building & Planning Permits ○ Renovations & Extensions ○ Multi Dwelling developments PH: 5258 4640 - 0418 366938 [email protected] 2062 Bellarine Highway, Marcus Hill Registered Building Practitioner Housing Industry Association Member Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 18

New truck arrives just in time The Queenscliff Fire Brigade has takenpossession of a $70,000 new state of the art A lot of people are still not Bellarine MPall terrain truck, thanks in large part to the thinking about what could and Lisa Neville andgenerosity of our community. is going to happen Queenscliff Fire – Cpt Dale Scarff Brigade Captain Dale A public appeal for donations raised more Scarff have warnedthan $24,000 towards the cost of the purpose- the Black Saturday fires.” of a horror seasonbuilt Ford Command Vehicle (FCV). The arrival of the vehicle comes ahead of ahead “In November 2015 the Queenscliff Fire what is predicted to be yet another horror if something goes it’s going to go pretty hard.Brigade approached the communities of fire season, prompting renewed warnings to A lot of people are still not thinking about whatQueenscliff and Point Lonsdale in the hope of residents to fireguard their properties and a could and is going to happen and they are stillraising funds to assist with the purchase of a fresh call for new CFA recruits. not looking after their properties,” Cpt Scarffnew Ford land vehicle,” Cpt. Scarff said. warned. “It’s going to be an extreme fire season and “It has been about 40 years since we have “They will be asked to clean up and if theyasked our community for any donations… and don’t council might have to clean it up and thewe were truly overwhelmed with the support, owners will have to pay for it.”which well exceeded our expectations. In totalthe donations were over $24,000 and that shows “We’re still struggling for members, we’vehow much have as a volunteer brigade,” he only got about 20 with only 18 of those active.said. Most of them work in Geelong so it might be a bit hard for them to participate. If they’re not The brigade-designed vehicle includes a here on the day the truck mightn’t turn out,”purpose built canopy, capable of carrying extrahoses into terrain larger fire trucks are unableto reach. Although stationed in Queenscliff, it willalso be available to other brigades and to theQueenscliff Coast Guard. “It will create an opportunity for greatercapacity not just in Queenscliff but across theBellarine, a smaller truck able to get into theareas the bigger trucks can’t get into,” saidBellarine MP Lisa Neville. “This brigade has had a very long historyof being part of, not just fighting fires in theBellarine, but right across the state includingHeritage bid deadline looms A push to have the Point Lonsdale lighthouse vision and strategy for this remarkable part 60 years of firereserve heritage listed could be about to gain of Australia. We now call on the Queenscliffe service recognisedpace, with Corangamite MP Sarah Henderson Council, as the responsible managementoffering to lead a community briefing on the authority for many of the Borough’s heritage Queenscliff’s Geoff Beazley has beenproposal. places, to start the community engagement honoured for his more than six decades of process for National Heritage listing,” the letter service to the Queenscliff Fire Brigade. With National Heritage List applications to said.close in a little over a month, Ms Henderson He was recently presented with a rarehas reiterated her support, but has cautioned Councillors in June unanimously voted medallion, combining both 60 years ofthe reserve’s inclusion would have lasting to have the matter further investigated involvement and his life membership.consequences that would impact any future and a detailed report be prepared by CEOdevelopment on the site. Lenny Jenner. It is unclear whether such an “A brigade like Queenscliff is fairly busy, 70- investigation has been undertaken. plus calls a year and up to 100 sometimes, it’s a “I will conduct a briefing and look to lead fair impact on our volunteers down here,” saidthe community consultation on a National Meanwhile, the Point Lonsdale Civic CFA Operations Manager Mick McGuiness.Heritage listing, but what’s important is it that Association (PLCA) has urged the Borough toit is very much community led,” she told The come clean on any fresh plans it has for the site. “It’s not just about time of service in CFA,Rip. it’s about commitment in the CFA and it’s also President Fay Agterhuis said a Council pitch about the brigade activities that are required to “There seem to be a lot of support for a for government funding for the site would have support such a busy brigade like Queenscliff.”listing but the community needs to understand necessitated detailed plans, yet to be madethat there is sometimes consequences, there are public. Mr Beazley joined the brigade in 1955 andcertain sorts of developments that may not be held the role of apparatus manager for severalallowed and other types of restrictions. “It is clear that the community do not want years. to be confronted with a fait accompli situation “The Great Ocean Road has some particular where council defends its proposal with the “It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve enjoyed everyrestrictions on it because it is heritage listed, so justification that it is what has been approved moment of it,” he said.we just need to go into this process with our by the Government grant and its hands are tied.eyes wide open. “But I am very supportive,”she said. “We ask for open review of BOQ planning on the Lighthouse reserve site,” she said. Nominations for locations seeking inclusionon the list must be lodged with the Federal Following an extensive communityEnvironment Department by February. consultation process some two years ago, the community overwhelmingly rejected any large- A group of prominent locals launched the scale development on the site, opting only forpush for the reserve’s listing in an open letter limited the Borough of Queenscliffe early last year,citing its rich maritime, military and culturalheritage. “We believe this is the time to agree on a Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 19

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Artist Lucy Simms has created the souvenir t-shirt for this month's Rip View swimOh Christmas tree... Swim gets an arty updateQueenscliffe Citizens of the Year Joan Kenwood and Liam Petrie-Albutt Participants in this month’s Rip but I wanted to capture what I feltwere given the honours of lighting the Point Lonsdale Christmas Tree at View Swim will walk away with was the ‘perfect’ swimmers armlast month's official start to our festive season. Hundreds again gathered an original piece of art, in the in definition. I drew it a numberfor the event, and were treated to carols performed by Point Lonsdale form of a t-shirt designed by Point of times in attempt to get it right,”Primary school students and local performers. Lonsdale local Lucy Simms. Lucy said.The 100 year old pine will remain lit until the end of the month The talented Civil Engineer “Once I completed it the face has always had a passion for art, reminded me a lot of a friend running a small sideline business of mine who was a professional Salty Days Art. triathlete. Maybe I subconsciously drew some creativeness from him. As a former Nipper, cadet and surf lifesaver, she also has a strong “All my pieces are inspired connection to the Point Lonsdale by things that I love; the ocean, Surf Life Saving Club and jumped bodies, athletes, surfers, tropical at the opportunity to create a plants, animals.” memorable design to mark 29 swim and 70th anniversary of the Many locals will recall previous club itself. summer exhibitions of Lucy’s works in local cafes and will have The shirts will be handed out to a pair of B’Totties tucked away in the more than 1500 swim entrants. a drawer, the fun gingham short created by Lucy and long time “The image is an inspiration friend Penny Cordner. piece for me – no one specifically, Surf’s Up! Queenscliff Village News Drop into Lab10 this summer... 72 Hesse Street, Queenscliff 3225we have all your beach needs covered Phone: 5258 1828 Fax: 5258 5128 Email: [email protected] with brands like Seafolly • Birkenstock • Roxy Happy New Year! Quiksilver • Rip Curl • Havaianas Let’s get those champagne corks popping Billabong • Rusty with some great New Year specials and And much more... enjoy some holiday fun... 1 0labten Hats & Sunnies: 4-6 Hesse Street Queenscliff We have a terri c range of summer hats and fashion 5258 1149 sunglasses, TOP VALUE and in store now. Books & Magazines: We have an extensive range of magazines and discounted book titles. RELAX and enjoy your holiday reading... Kids activity packs, toys, beach gear and games: We have a great selection to keep the kids happy over the holidays Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 21

letters public noticesDangerous! or obtained are detailed, revealing and alarming. Do you havjust inconvenient. They include a string of emails between a CONsGtRaArTtUinLgATsIOcNhSool in 2Council's FOI shame senior council officer and the arborist that raise serious questions. & GOOD LUCK On September 12th red and white tapewas noted around several Moonahs in Victoria The documents show the arborist was Point Lonsdale Primary School staff and SchoolPark. Council stated it was part of an annual tasked with assessing trees in all three caravan Council congratulate all our current and pastassessment of parks under its management parks, with a view to considering risk of harm students on their academic, sporting and artisticand posted a heavily redacted arborist and to preparing the Borough’s yet to be successes in 2016.assessment on its website to justify the actions. released caravan parks masterplan. Each and every achievement makes us proud and we know that you will each continue to That report revealed nine Moonahs Of most concern is a comment by the aspire to achieve your personal best in allwould be removed due to poor condition/ officer on June 9, asking that all trees with a pursuits.and/or reduced life expectancy. None were “medium” risk be recommended for removal. We wish to thank all those who work alongsideidentified by number, photo or mapping and “I would prefer a strong recommendation and support us in both our classrooms andletters to Council seeking clarification went rather than a recommendation that has community activities and look forward tounanswered. Only 4 were also assessed as high options,” the email exchange states. “Options continuing and further strengthening thoserisk of harm introduce ambiguity to the community, relationships in 2017. because no matter what choice we make those Staff and School Council P.L.P.S. The felling commenced on September will be those who, disagree.”21. The Borough’s manager appeared several SHARE YOUR VIEWS:hours later with what appeared to be a hastily In a further exchange on July 1 thecreated map numbering the relevant trees, officer directs the arborist to remove a We love to hear what our readers havebut declined any further discussion on the paragraph altogether, apparently to ensure the to say and encourage your letters. Viewsmatter. Two trees were temporarily spared assessments \"overestimates\" the Risk of Harm. expressed are not necessarily those of theafter nesting Rosellas and Lorikeets were editor. Preference will be given to lettersdiscovered. Subsequent talks resulted in A detailed map, contained withing the FoI carrying the author’s name and address.assurances the two trees would be coppiced documents, reveals the true extent of Council's Email: [email protected] the wood made available for bespoke plans for Victoria Park and the Recreationnesting boxes. Requests for the full report to be Reserve - wholesale tree losses and installationreleased were again refused. of boom gates - all to maximise camping. Left with no alternative QCA sought the Sadly we have lost significant andreport and associated documents via Freedom irreplaceable trees that on the face of theof Information. The more than 100 pages evidence provided presented neither an immediate nor high risk. They appear to have been collateral damage for the as yet to be released Caravan Park study.THE RULES AND FORMATS HAVE CHANGED FOR POWERS OF ATTORNEY W Think ahead and be proactive! w If you or a loved one became mentally or physically incapable, e.g. by an E accident, a stroke or dementia, who would you want to manage your affairs and look after your money? p A trustee company or at total stranger appointed under the Guardianship and Administration Act or a family member and a person of your own choosing? M The solution is simple – have an Enduring and a Medical Power of Attorney drawn by a professional. ITS QUICK, IT’S SIMPLE AND IT WORKS! w BRUCE ARTHUR & ASSOCIATES - LAWYERS Deceased estates + conveyancing + Wills + Powers of Attorney Servicing the Bellarine and Melbourne 94311070 • 52584847 • 0402133455 Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 22

opinion Queenscliffe BoroughRites of passage a forgotten memoryThe following piece, mourning the loss of refugees from Point Phillip Council’s official LatinQueenscliff's fishing heritage, was penned by Bay will be faced with the inscription means ‘into option to pay harbor mooring safest harbour’ but2 one of the town's oldest residents. Their name fees or not, as no free parking perhaps to many it has been withheld. for boats can be found. Of If you go to the end of Beach Street in course they may go to Mud really is becoming 'smugQueenscliff you will find upon the old wharf, Island or Pope’s Eye – it’s harbor.' Take the loss ofnow surrounded by a huge wire fence, a nest only a little off course! the little wooden boats allof old sheds all painted cream and green, the As for the wharf area, think nearly gone, to no longerlast of the wooden buildings once used for of it as a part of the good enjoy the Blessing of thefish and abalone, slowly dying by stealth, with old days, a place where a Fleet. Too many becameMother Nature’s help. Roofs open to the sky Queenscliff lad or lass could victims of the high costs.and weatherboards adrift and floating by. All take a running jump and drift The old timers havewaiting for Father Time and the white shoe down the Creek or Cut with become disillusionedbrigade, who harbor its demise, to decide its the outgoing tide (or reverse with the concrete, tar andfate. it). This summer swim often cement. Some were told to To visitors passing by the sheds are no doubt marked the move from walk the plank and movean eyesore, the writing of messages on the childhood to adolescence, on for privatisation and awalls faded, tattered or torn, the hard-hearted with bigger brothers or sisters standing by - a larger fortune for the few. No prize for guessingshowing nothing but scorn, for to them its use Queenscliff rite of passage for its youth. who – just the prized date has come and gone. Just as the Zanoni shed, once upon the older Now we have sheds for old men’s needs – A sorry saga whilst the QBC (Queenscliffe pier, now well preserved in the Maritime funny that!Borough Council) appears to burrow its head Museum reserve, with its old ship paintings Whereas the heritage of the past appears toin the sand, as it cannot, or will not lend a hand. on the walls, marked a boy’s passage from be becoming lost, fast money and bureaucracy The nearby locals have become vocal about childhood to manhood at the age of 16. are becoming first in the ‘Q’ of Queenscliffethe plans with good reason, for they know No tears were shed there, just pats on the demands. Demolition is the name of the game.there’s a sting in the tale for the old Cayzer back, welcoming him to the fraternity of the There will be no moratorium or 360 degree fisherman on the Flat. turn for the wharf sheds as their time is up.slipway. No doubt more signs will appear ('Keep Outs This whole area used to be called “Swan But shed no tears – it’s demolition by neglect,'are already there). Any boat people arriving as Ponds”. Now it should be called “Lame Duck.” a form of selective amnesia now common to many rites and passages of Queenscliff. POINT LONSDALE If these was an oversight by those responsible Planning in relation to the Point Lonsdale front it may be understandable, however for beach stabilisation project (sand on our beach CIVIC ASSOCIATIONPoint Lonsdale Civic AfsrisgonmsifopicrcaonitetacattrieoianosrtneoqbuIeirndeseclai.breertahtienlky.rTehmisovmeadtter into the future). A community Open House Representing Point Lonsdale Riessibdeefnotrsesainrecevi1ew91p0anel at present and we session will be conducted on ….. The sand monthly column await developments. We thank Lester for his cover has improved considerably in recent weeks but future planning and infrastructure personal effort is the detail and professional are essential both now and into the future. mMJoeaeiyntionPrgLT. CoWnAeyaFprpanreccisiaatettdenthdeedopoeunr December approach. Community action may be required THE BOQ CARAVAN AND CAMPING discussion PARK STUDY, commissioned in 2014, is8 to resolve this matter and we will provide now well overdue and the recent promise PLCA support as necessary. This raised the of something by June 2017 is unacceptable,to ahnadvepryoomuprtsfaoylloown up to several issues. It NOTisIsuCeEofOhoFw community are listened to by,iecnAr2ilpa,0Lnroo1drMvt6tihhdeEe-iinrmE7gc.eTop3cnohI0ssNauspnilbtGimaslemntssso,fliounrtitcohonimss.tmypueniocfation particularly in light of progress in the fullywMEpwlwwcmaawwsi..aleppwWpciaaebtdatarT:shieacinpunrlleremHccolumeehraosdvpt:aateaughdueEothee[email protected]OhprmsidlerlaaSIeaosoaN?ptpuuiQseonegnnaturudInnytmTm,ttonbooesthaictlvuahDentpesihmaearishndlnrsetEt.rtiavtoiochsedisanVabek.aojreleermfcyAnmeFmEoycnaticetmeLttaersssoe.hdsmtnveuOwpWitoeefaimirwartfanPrnieryoetalectMgeeaismphltoebolbSbuopgeuionEeftlLeeifcrofeblCNsofeiieltTevoelaesiauGrqoiaeeTdevhecnmrbluGovrerUepsecnias-nieiunGaoePmartdiEmonedihstWrrooftemdtpSgoaeiiesUfrsnfPeltuTnehsepaCvtwoTiLtsttdnouatncastoeOSCiurnoibniamtasiPPsAmliolodtrdnieImecuEaegAwrsAo!densKb-EsPiRtodPRbFatwbatojpruehheispneerlOeTnEhsfaeeoItpffetcbtSttnaeIOmoiosrrlhoNeLfriiEielceislinrceeelocsovsRnwoBTanfcasrcnpifcnwrVtlueetohEuioLeesteioowsheEuioaandOrtnegondetCnrntatrSrcgfgsNewvhctsolwOutArwdehibutehuSoerlehiaNyGbraowPputcDdretcehtjroC.pAeerFanitkAOiiintThcfanmtonthIsoettL#lpehuRifinyrtfpaso2inaEiteocnndsiaMrfriuwlo–o“cynoaLrlsnwfemnifluphCtmIylEiaSsthatGrrhaoo2fm.iusesDecttotas,eCnhHrphpraueidnhrteenopoodcreTnideaermodcueronowitseHitolcptaibtsln,vsmycbomioOlecfpaeliienuesdd!oecltpleUsaodennanoednluldpnSnitdtbo”nlwamastaEitoymioinapsbnhfinetittigtpoatiaiehnhwnuoauirvdtenongtataesh.vtinwineteoetodintttoh funded activity at the Queenscliff Recreation Reserve.PLANNING SCHEME REVIEW - A by the Government grant and its hands Our caravan parks are noted as independentpresentation by Lester Hunt highlighted the are tied. We ask for open review of BOQ but they all interact with each other in a small local area and need some form of master planhistorical, maritime and military significance planning on the Lighthouse reserve site. We and community acceptance.of the Point Lonsdale lighthouse and understand that a recent presentation for an We consider them as impacting on all BOQ residents as the total capital and managementsurrounding areas, that don’t appear to be arts precinct was of interest but does not fall commitment is now significant. To have secured recently announced federal funding –protected under the current Queenscliff within the Option 2 recommendation. for Shortlands Bluff, The Fort precinct, Hesse St, Monahan Centre, Victoria Park, SportsPlanning Scheme Review process. This was PLCA also had discussion with the areas and some camping facilities upgrade – the Council must have prepared detailedpart of Lester’s own submission to the review. Department of Environment, Land, Water and planning and scoping documentation. This information has not been made public to date and we believe an urgent public presentation and consultation process is needed. We trust everybody has enjoyed a happy Christmas period and can relax over summer months in the wonderful haven we know as POINT LONSDALE. Fay Agterhuis President PLCA Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 23

Lonsdale Bight SSerevrinvginBgr5eaLDkuafaynsstc,ahLwu&eneckhD&inDninenrerOpen House 5 daWyesd a- SwuneekDELWP, the Borough of Queenscliffe and Parks Victoria invite Open 7 DWayes dfr-oSmuDnecember 27you to attend open house sessions to discuss coastal [email protected]egDreEeEkosd5KedaWasDkiEaELaDvIenyWiikNnKiEKunesySgaefgetaGwsdyCsfSnrsdFFrssee5S-oEt5cOGeOaa-,Sa2m2tvh-MLuS55RRiwQu5weeuu88DB2ws&unenSnS5et55eeeEhUc2UH8ecek2hoRD4enMk4ou5M4ms&u42si2cMnes4lb6MiDe4fenfEriEneR2Rnr7eSrSEEAASSOONNprocesses such as sand movement at Lonsdale Bight. BOBOooKkIiNngGs S52-55825528454244The sessions will focus on a recent DELWP- commissionedindependent review of the current understanding of theLonsdale Bight, identify knowledge gaps and discuss short-and long-term sand management options for consideration bythe community.The project team and independent consultant will be availableto discuss the review.The sessions are also an opportunity to share your history ofthe local beaches and share with us how you use the Lons-dale Bight – bring your photos to add to a time line wall.Point Lonsdale Bowls Club, Point LonsdaleRoad, Point LonsdaleWednesday 18 January 2017Drop in between: 11:00am - 1:30pm and5:00pm - 7:30pm OCTOBER RR 2016 .indd 10 Uniting Church Events Sausage Sizzle & Lawn Games! 11am - 1pm Sunday 1 Jan FUNdraising for our Vestry Op Shop refurbishment!Helpful advice always available. Free delivery and pick-up in Pt Lonsdale & Q’Cliff daily. Jimi Hocking in Concert 8pm Wednesday 4 Jan superb songwriting and performance make Jimi one of the 'must-see' acts in bluesNew range oFof rsualml omf yeor usrhoesSenior’s Card Welcome Tickets $20 (includes supper) Wine Bar open 7.45pm NOW INSUSMTMOERRE52 Hesse Street Queenscliff PH: 5258 1817 Enchanting Tea Cosies Knitting Exhibition 10am - 5pm Friday 6 Jan - Sunday 8 Jan Tea cosies & artful knitting sensations for sale Luscious scones & refreshments available in the UQ cafedvice always available. Free delivery and pick-up in Pt Lonsdale & Q’Cliff daily. The Little Stevies in Concert 8pm Wednesday 11 Jan Senior’s Card Welcome our favourite indi-pop duo, charming the audience Peace of Mind withesysouernmtieadliscation....52 Hesse Street Queenscliff PH: 5258 1817 with their delightful vocal harmonies & evocative lyricsWebBse aStcuhentsrocy-rsPee-naR-ekHats.ful advice always available. Free delivery and pick-up in Pt Lonsdale & Q’Cliff daily. Tickets $20 (includes supper) Wine Bar open 7.45pm pellentsSenior’s Card Welcome Teeny Tiny Stevies 10.30am Thursday 12 JanSimple52, HceossenSvtreeetnQiueeAenfnstcelairffnsPudnHd:c5ae2rle5iv8pre1o8rd1eu7dctsto your The Little Stevies - songs written especially for the pre-school age-group Tickets $10 per person (includes morning tea) No charge for babieshome weFoeokt wlyear ‘Bilarni’ - the greatest yarn-spinner of them all Written & performed by Jan ‘Yarn’ Wositzky Two performances: 5pm Sunday 22 Jan AND 8pm Wednesday 25 JanWebster-pak is a safe and simpalend much more... Tickets $20 (includes refreshments) Wine Bar availablemedication paHcek.lpItfsueltsaoduvt iacllethaelways available Car Boot Sale 9.30am - 1pm Saturday 14 Jantablets and capsulSesENthIaOtRn’eSedCAtoRD WELCOME Kirk’s Place, cnr Winterley & Kirk Road, Point Lonsdale To book a site, call Jan 5258 2854, Community Groups free, Individuals $10be taSketnayatseaafceh tphaertsiceulharotliimdaeys and enjoy a healthy & Info and bookings online at www the dhaayp, pfoyr eNaechwdYayeaofr from the team at Pardeys... or contact Jan 5258 2854 email [email protected]keeedsSicitatrteioent. Queenscliff 5258 1817 Uniting Church, cnr Hesse & Stokes Street QueenscliffIt is securely sealed so the Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 24

PREMIUM QUALITY Borough citizens recognisedSQUEEZED DAILY Three of 100% Queenscliff’s most FRESH active volunteersNOTHING ADDED have had their “The Pure Juice” efforts recognised, with an invitation to the Victorian Governor’s Christmas Party. Jane Wager, Huw Joyce and Liam Petrie Albutt have all been recipients of our Huw Joyce, Jane Wager, Governor Linda Dessau annual Australia and Liam Petrie Allbutt Day awards for their respective contributions to our community. A highlight of the event was the Governor's giant Christmas Tree, featuring ornaments hand-created by communities from across the state, including one – of Santa riding a stingray – by Queenscliff Primary School student Sol Bowtell.• Butcher • Provedore • Liquor • Greengrocer •Your freeOPEN 7 DAYS *Enjoy*Fresh*Local*Queenscliff* 5258 4744energy63 Hesse Street Rip Rumour, October 2016 Page 10 efficiency28/09/2016 5:21am helplineCall today for All Day Menu-Open 7 Daysindependent advice Share Plates/Seafood/Burgerson energy efficiency,installing solar PV, insulating House made Pizzasyour home, replacing lights *Sports Bar/TAB*with efficient LED lighting Carlton Draught/Furphy/Goat on Tapand lots more! Selection of Local Wines Bookings necessary for 10 or more1300 23 68 03 5258 4590Supported by 18 Hesse Street, Queenscliff 3225 Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 25

bellarine memories David Wilkinson Buildersfor life's significant occasions Philip Christian Richard Grimmett New Homes Renovations Extensionsfuneral and mortuary service Phone: 0438 258324weddings, namings, celebrationsrecording your memories and stories Email: [email protected]: 5255 5500 cnr. Grubb Road and Sinclair Street, Ocean Grove Homes Ian Warren Builder Pty LtdExtensionsRenovations Point Lonsdale 5258 2758 Decks 0418 525452 [email protected] Registration no DB - U2446 HIA no 516372Home maintenance Grant Rogers Point LonsdalePh. 0438 261 954 A.H. (03) 5258 1056 great coffee - great food - fully licensed OPEN 7 DAYS FROM BOXING DAY EAT IN OR TAKE AWAY Located: Princess Park Queenscliff (near playground) Trading Hours: Thursday to Monday from 8am Phone: 0458 585252 Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 26

Council looks to dodge Fort unveils new attractioncopyright rules The The Borough of Queenscliffe may employ an expert to review water Queenscliff fortsamples from the Moremac development site, The Point, to better is exhibitingascertain the impact of large scale earthworks on neighbouring Ramsar a 25 pounderlisted wetlands. 'short gun,' The Council maintains it cannot publicly release the data, obtained A significant piece of wartime history, left dumped by a rail line, is thefrom the Federal Department of the Environment under Freedom of Queenscliff Fort Museum’s newest exhibit.Information, because of copyright laws, despite one resident revealing hereadily obtained the same documents from the state government, within The 25 pounder ‘short’ gun was donated to the facility by Drysdale’s24 hours. Lean family. Fed up with not being able to view the material, marine consultant Greg They discovered it abandoned, while living in New South Wales.Parry sought and received it from the Department of Environment, Land, “David’s father, being a military man himself, must have saw the valueWater and Planning DELWP, without having to lodge an FoI request. in the gun and stored it in the shed for many years,” said Mueum curator Sergeant Helen Janner.” Phil Josipovic, Borough General Manager Planning and Infrastructure,said legal advice obtained by Council is adamant the material can not be The gun was donated several years ago and has since undergone amade public in its entirety because of the copyright restrictions. painstaking restoration. Council can, however, report on its key findings, as long as it is “Approximately 200 were manufactured and now the rare piece is onpresented in a fair manner, he said. show at the museum, just in time for the holiday season,” Sgt. Janner said. “Given the technical and specialised nature of the report it is consideredappropriate to engage an independent consultant who would be able to The 25-pounder was an Australian modification of a British system.interpret the information within the plans and provide a summary and It provided troops with an artillery piece that could be air-dropped orexpert opinion of their effectiveness in protecting the environmental easily towed into a combat zone.qualities of the Ramsar listed Swan Bay.” Results of the testing remains under wraps, despite it being a conditionof the planning approval process for it to be made public. Council deferred a decision on the appointment, pending a request foradditional documentation. “I do note that Council has been stonewalled in this area and thatcertainly… we will keep pursuing this topic,” said Mayor Tony Francis. Massage Therapist Petrina Blair-Tierney Remedial/Sports/Relaxation/TMJ Ph: 0429 380 317 Ct. Neuromuscular Therapy Dip.Ther.Mass/B.Ed. (Phys Ed) Health Fund Rebates Available POINT LONSDALEDIGBY MORAN MECHANICAL REPAIRSLANDSCAPES Pt Lonsdale/Queenscliff (Assoc. Dip Hort, Burnely) Automotive CentreSpecialising in low-maintenance, (Steve Higgins) low-water gardens Full Car Servicing Design & Construction All Mechanical Repairs Quality Paving Fully Qualified Mechanic Retaining Walls Turf Air Conditioning Irrigation Repairs & Services Pick Up Service AvailableLandscape Plans for Council approval (Local area only) Qualified Tree Arborist 46 Bellarine Highway, Queenscliff 0412 520 438 or 5258 1547 PHONE: 5258 4668 0418 524 861 email: [email protected] Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 27

Community groups score grants A school vegetable garden, updated theatre facilities, new Nipper boards for the Point Lonsdale Surf Life Saving Club and the restoration of an 18th century toilet are among 13 separate the projects to share in more than $30,000, in the latest round of Queenscliff-Point Lonsdale Community Enterprise grants. The funding pool is derived from a small potion of interest applied to local Bendigo Bank accounts and administered by a volunteer committee. Pictured; Point Lonsdale Boardriders Club president Ross Bird is presenteed with a $3500 cheque to pruchase camera equipment Basils Farm extended hours Basil’s Farm has initiated a series of Twilight Dinners for summer. Commencing on January 6, the picturesque local winery will open its doors for the first time in the venue, allowing guests to roam the grounds and take in stunning Swan Bay views across to Queenscliff. “We are not usually open in the evening, so we are excited to share the beauty of the property as the sun sets, and take in the stunning views over Swan Bay across to Queenscliff,” says General Manager Kim Dema. The venue is popular for its outdoor firepit, overlooking the bay. It has also recently opened a new outdoor cellar door. Meals commence at 6pm. Bookings are recommended: bookings or (03) 5258 4280. Engine shed gets overhaul Point Lonsdale Boardriders have rolled up their sleeves to help turn their clubhouse into a live music venue, after completing a new outdoor deck area. The new structure will host the Lighthouse Sounds of Summer series of concerts. Each Saturday night throughout January the club will host band including The Go Set, The Tiny Giants, Midnight Woolf, Seagull and more. The shows will run from Saturday January 5, between 5 and 10pm. The events will include twilight lighthouse tours, food and a bar.Gas Fitting & Roofing 0404 163 609 Specializing in Kitchens, Wardrobes, Vanities,For all your Plumbing needs [email protected] Wall & Entertainment Units,Mob: 0408 037 686 Domestic Furniture, Commercial E: nigel [email protected] Flat Pack Assembly and Lic. 40157 Industrial Installation and much more. Registered Electrical Contractor 23229 0417 168 537 Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 28

2 The RIP VIEW SWIM celebrates its 29th January Diary Our local sailing fraternity is providing an opportunity to try out your sea legs thisyear today. More than 1500 swimmers are Crafts for kids, rockpool rambles, boat trips summer, with three separate events forexpected to line up for the prized open water and mudflat meanders are all on the list of novices.event over two distances and a range of age things to do. Log onto the centre's web pagecategories. This is a major fundraiser for the for further details. Every Saturday from January 7 until the endPoint Lonsdale Surf Life Saving Club. Get of April, and for just $2.00, participants canalong and enjoy the festive street atmosphere 14 The Queenscliffe Maritime Museum's learn the ropes of the sport on board a yachtfrom noon. or couta boat, at the Queenscliff Harbour. MARITIME AND COLLETABLES MARKET is Gather outside the harbour office to meet the4 Local favourite Jimi Hocking returns to on again today - a great opportunity to pick up skippers from noon. pre-loved and hand-crafted goods. Gates openthe Queenscliff Uniting Church tonight for a at 9am. Adults $6, children FREE The Queenscliff Lonsdale Yacht Club willsolo performance, from 8pm. Tickets can be also hold Discover Sailing Days at its Swanpurchased at the door. 18 Two Open House sessions will be Bay club on January 8 and 29. Dinghies, canoes and paddle-boards will be available.6 Families will be treated to a free held at the Point Lonsdale Bowls Club today to The activity is free. A Barbeque lunch is release new evidence and discuss remedies available for $5.screening of The Jungle Book these to the eroision of Point Lonsdale front beach.holidays, when a The Point’s pop up Moonlight Sessions will be held from 11am - 1.30pm and For enquiries regarding both events visitCinema returns to Point Lonsdale tonight . 5 - 7pm the club’s webpage – 0417 772 220 or phoneThe event includes a free sausage sizzle, 0409 562 976popcorn, fairy floss, ice cream, coffee and 21 Today is the COTTAGE BY THEother refreshments. Screening commences at THE RIP7.30pm. Tickets are free but must be picked up SEA ANNUAL FAIR. Get there early to bag ain advance from The Point’s land sales office bargain - cakes, preserves, fresh fruit, plants, FEBRUARY DEADLINEon Bellarine Highway. Phone 0427 257 712 for books, clothes and lots more. Gold coin entry,further details. from 9am - 2pm. The deadline for events, adverts■ Original and quirky - the Queenscliff 26 AUSTRALIA DAY - Celebrate at and copy in the February edition isEnchanting Teacosies exhibition featuresa wonderful display of hand knitted crafts, the Queenscliff Town Hall with a flag raising THURSDAY JANUARY 19including tea cosies, socks and other woolies. ceremony, bbq and announcement of ourContinues until Sunday Citizens of the Year, from 11am Contact 5258 4131 or9 Grab a shovel folks! The Queenscliff 28 The 25th annual BoroughcoutasBLUE email: [email protected] House's ever-popular Sand WATER SWIM is on today. The event is theSculpture Competition is on today. Gather a ninth on the official Open water swim calendarteam together or go it alone - at the Queenscliff and aims to promote junior swimming. Thefront beach from 10.30am. Plenty of prizes up event is open to all ages. Log on to the websitefor grabs in age and team categories. to register: challenge.The Queenscliff Marine and FreshwaterDiscovery Centre is again hosting an extensiveprogram of holiday events to provide a betterunderstanding of our coastal environment.LAKERENGINEERING Jardine Homes Markets · Steel Fabricator Custom-built homes and Renovations Point Lonsdale Primary School Market, · Turning and Fitting Second Sunday of the month. 9am-2pm Will Gordon Bowen Road, Point Lonsdale. · Machining · Stainless Steel 0414 354 079 Queenscliff Community Market. Last & Aluminium [email protected] Sunday of the month from September to May. 9am-2pm at Lower Princes Park. . · Welding · Steel Sales Ocean Grove Craft Market – First Sunday of the month from October to May. Kingston Tel (03) 5258 1777 Park Ocean Grove. Over 70 stalls. 0418 521 199 Drysdale Market – Third Sunday of the month, October to May. 9.30am to 1.30pm. Drysdale Recreational Reserve Buy Bellarine Produce Barn – Every Saturday & Sunday 9am - 3pm. Tuckerberry Hill Farm. Becks Rd Drysdale. Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 29

The Rip DirectoryEMERGENCY Phil Vallance [email protected] 0417139636 EDUCATIONBorough of Queenscliffe 5258 1377 Michael Limb Builders 0410 650019. Point Lonsdale Primary School Coast Guard 5258 2222 Queenscliff Kindergarten Point Lonsdale S.L.S.C. 5258 4123 O’Dowd Builders 5258 1634 Queenscliff Primary School 5258 1501State Emergency Service 132 500 5258 1342 Paul Riley 0408 520 981 5258 1696 Ray Threadwell 0418 525 095ACCOMMODATION BUILDING DESIGNERS 0413 202300 ELECTRICIANSBeach Breaks Bellarine 0424 172050 Pty Ltd Col Ferrier 52581553, 0448813156Number 35 Bed & Breakfast 5258 1798 BUILDING SERVICES/MAINTENANCE LMAC Electrical Services 0438 545500Lonsdale Views 5258 2990 Steve's Handyman Service 0497 331788 Peter Coyte 0414 520 248Queenscliff & Costal Holiday Home Maintenance 0431 488706 I & S Ransom Electrical 0418 336 670Bookings 5258 3763 John Gleeson Demolition 0419 347708 Warren Jankowski Electrical 0404 163609Queenscliff & Pt Lonsdale Acomm Paul Farmer Geoff Whittakers 0422 52581640/0407866568 Tomcat Truck & Bobcat Hire 0411 231678 ENGINEERINGHolidays on The Bellarine 5255 1222 Mini Bobcat Hire 0418 147 174 Laker Engineering 0418 521 199Ruby’s Queenscliff 0407879096 Patrick McCarthy Maintenance 0408 075 330Roseneath Villa B&B 5258 3394 Coastal Property Maintenance 0404 088 500 FENCINGACCOUNTING/FINANCIAL Seagull Home Maintenance 0438 261 954 Point Lonsdale Fencing 0408 581 439 5257 3776Brian Dalton Accountant 0414 804 152 Home Works 0422 370 145 JMD Fencing James Rush Accounting 5258 5100LBW Accounting 5221 6111 DCM Services 0439 355115 FITNESS - SPORT INSTRUCTORS Dave's Handyman & Carpentry Services 0423 874854 The Yoga Bud 0431 110085ANTENNAS - AUDIO CABINET MAKERS Julie Golightly Tennis Coach 5258 4104Pt Lonsdale Television 0411490430/52582068 Jake Masterman Kerry Pettigrove Fitness 5258 1670Kendall Antennas 0417168537& Communications 0404019781 CARPENTRY FUNERALSARCHITECTS/PERMITS/INSPECTIONS Steve's Carpentry Service 0497 331788 Bellarine Memories 5255 5500 0418 147 174 Kings Australia Funerals 5222 3688Thomas Andrews Designs 0423 298 666 Carpenter Fully licensed Tuckers Funeral Service 5221 4788J3 Design & Warren Hobbs Architects CIVIL CELEBRANTS 0417543786/52413334 Sally Cordner 52583325/0417522851 GARDENERS/MOWINGTony Baenziger Architect 0412 823 488 Val Lawrence Marr. Celebrant 5258 1616 Bellarine Black Diamond Garden Service Binder-Peart Design Pty Ltd 0437 463125 Mel's Gardening 0429 990 850 DCM Services 04005 68629 0413 202300 COMMUNITY GROUPS Lawn Order 0439 355115 Mia Cooke Gardens 0488 885 296Jim's Building Inspections 131546 Rotary Club (Ken Adam 0408 357 116) 0417 506 611 Lions Club Jim’s Mowing Stuart Miller Permits/Design 0412841434 Masonic Centre Queenscliff 5258 4723. 131 546 Neighbourhood House 5258 4648ART - GALLERIES 5258 3988 Probus Q’cliff/Pt Lonsdale 0400 553939 GARDEN/LANDSCAPING 5258 3645 Point Lonsdale Civic Assoc. 5258 3367Salt Contemporary Art 5258 4927 Queenscliffe Community Assoc. 5258 4308 Digby Moran Landscaping Seaview Gallery Queenscliffe Historical Museum 0400 083719 Elite House & Garden Co. Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop Queenscliff Library 5258 3381 Nathan Hovey Landscaping Queenscliff Music Festival 5258 2511 Rip View Landscapes AUTO 52581841 Queenscliff Reconciliation Mob 5258 2017 0412 520 438 5258 4668 Red Cross 5258 4816 0407 605 460Queenscliff Junction Motors Senior Citizens 5258 1722 0411 571 482Steve Higgins Auto Elec. 0434 648510 Swan Bay Environment Assoc. 5258 1616 0419 890 082Lonsdale Car Cleaning Swan Bay Ladies Probus 5255 2856& Detailing 5258 2559 GLASS/GLAZIER 5258 1871BLINDS, CURTAINS & SHUTTERS Kev's Window, Door & Glazing 0418519078Barwon Blinds & Shutters 52541338BOAT REPAIRS/MARINE COMPUTER SERVICES/REPAIRS HAIRDRESSERS/SALONS 0408 565733 5258 2261Queenscliff Marine Services 52581305, Laurie’s Computers 0418 302178 Donna's Mobile Hairdressing 5258 4764 Sophie Johnston 5258 48540412 460 987 DJ’s Computer Help 0466 564 921 Ivy Creations Hair on Harbour 5258 3451 Seagalls and Buoys BRICKLAYERS OG Technology and i-device screen Take Two Design in Hair replacements – 0457 363 261Chris Pennant's Brick Laying 0417 543 628 Computer Solutions 0406 264191GJB Professional Bricklaying Contractors - Brick & CONCRETING HEATING - COOLINGBlockwork inc. repairs - Gary 0418 522928 Breisch Concrete Floors Classic Fireplaces & Barbecues 5222 1688 (polished) 0418 336 670BSC Bricklaying 0438 839129 Ross Fewtrell I & S Ransom Heating/Cooling BUILDERS 0488 088 258 HOME CLEANING - IRONING 0403 722649Clark Homes Craig Fenby 52584640 DENTIST Bizzy Barker 0414 583 708 / 5258 3708David Wilkinson 0419 392 537David McDonald 0438 258 324 Queenscliff Dental 5258 2388 Ladybirds Cleaning & Maintenance 0434 838 833Ian Warren 5258 3883Ocean Grove Building Service 0418 525 452 DOG GROOMING/WALKING Home & Garden Maintenance and 0417891122 Domestic Cleaning 0412 107 558 La Petterie 5258 5441 Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 30

Advertise your business in the Rip Trade Directopry for just $70 for 12 months - FREE with any 12 month advert listing Phone 5258 4131 or email [email protected] - RESTAURANTS - CATERING VET - ANIMAL HEALTHBenitos Meals & Catering 5258 1131 REAL ESTATE Bellarine Animal Hospital 5258 4862La salle a manger Restaurant 5258 5244 Bellarine Property 5255 3100Saltbush 5258 4829 Brian Capp – Property Advocate 0418 500 483 WINDOW CLEANINGLix Ice Creamery and Juice Bar 5258 4564 Fletchers 5258 2833 Peter Macmillan 5258 4248/0415 493302Mint Catering 0400 611 966 Kerleys 5258 4100 Sparkle Pete’s Domestic and CommercialPikNik 5258 5155 Campbell Potts Real Estate 5258 1579 Window Cleaning Services 0439 995 624Let's Torque Food 0423 844806 Rob Hendrey FAPI CPV Wayne’s Windows & ExteriorLEGAL - SOLICITORS Independent Property Valuer 0418 314 760 House Care 0408 059 616Peter Boyle /Lawyer 5258 1084, 0402 282190 Jeanette Ernst Licensed/Conveyancing WATER PRESSURE CLEANINGBruce Arthur/Lawyer 52584847, 0402 133455 0407726260 RT Edgar 5258 1811 Gary's Gerni Service 0405630076McManus Lawyers 93184188 WATER PUMPS & IRRIGATIONMEDICAL - HEALTH - MASSAGE RETAIL - BUSINESS OUTLETS Just Water Solutions 5258 5193 Day Spa Queenscliff 5258 4233 Citrine Essentials 5258 5378 0438763462Dr Haydyn Cohen Farmfoods 52584744 WEB DEVELOPMENTOsteopath 5258 0888/0431716218 Foodworks - Queenscliff 5258 1857 Kylie Crane 0466 545539Holistic Osteopathy 5258 2174 IGA - Pt Lonsdale 5258 4911Point Lonsdale Medical Group 5258 0888 Lonsdale Tomato Farm 5258 2665Greg Sly Optometrist 5256 1295 Labten 5258 1149Ocean Eyes Optometry 5255 5655 Point Lonsdale Newsagency 5258 1159Pardeys Pharmacy 5258 1817 Queenscliff Village News 5258 1828Point Lonsdale Physiotherapy 5258 4633 Watermark 5258 1008Astarya Massage Therapist 5258 4863 Hermit Crab Homewares 5258 4888Petrina Tierney Massage Therapist 0429 380 317 Wildpurl 5258 5349 OPEN THE DOOR TO Saltbush 5258 4829 MORE THANPAINTERS ROOFING JUST A VALUATIONSteven Flynn 52555667/0411 126291 Joshua Withers 0417 357 769 0421962111 Independent valuationsColourman Painting/ James Long J.R Chapman Roofing Highly experienced team0407 415541 - [email protected] Personalised service Pre-purchase & Pre-saleD&B Scarff 0417 389627 SECURITY DOORS/FLYSCREENS Family LawDaryl Nicol 0408 596 241 Screens Direct 0419 507 484 Estate & Probate Mortgage ValuationsTrevor Pigdon 0418 524 228 We value homes.Ricky Moore 0438 717 552 SIGN WRITING Not just houses.PLUMBERS All Signs Signwriting 0417 345 110 HENDREY CONSULTINGAnnandale Plumbing 0408 037 686 SPORTING CLUBS QUEENSCLIFFE 03 5258 1112 MELBOURNE 03 9242 0116Bellarine Peninsula Plumbing 1300 665 931 Lonsdale Golf Club 5258 1523 Point Lonsdale S.L.S.C. 5258 1257 [email protected] Ray 5258 4989/0418 373 026 Point Lonsdale Bowls Club 5258 1150 Q’Cliff Football/Netball Club 5258 4588 HENDREY.COM.AUPoint Lonsdale Plumbing 0427 544258 Q”Cliff/Lonsdale Yacht Club 0409 562 976 Queenscliff Croquet Club 5258 1773Golightly & Sons Plumbing 0418 524 268 Queenscliff Sporting Club 5258 4588 Point Lonsdale Tennis Club 5258 3272Grant Priddle 0455 363603 Queenscliff Bowling Club 5258 1773AJM Plumbing Service 0418386916Mark Riley Plumbing 0418 100 689PICTURE FRAMING 0439 563355On the Point Picture Framing PLASTERING - RENDERING STORAGE - BOATS - CARAVANSPlaster - Bryant 0405 252103 Bodea Shed & boat storage 0490 081066Patrick McCarthy 0408 075330 TRAVEL - TOURISM - FERRYPOST OFFICE Queenscliff Visitor Info centre 5258 4843Pt Lonsdale Post Office 5258 1159 Queenscliff Sorrento Ferry Service 5258 3244PRINTING - GRAPHIC DESIGNPress Here Printing 5255 2663 5258 1579 . [email protected] Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 31

business & tourism All aboard the Q Train!A place to call their own Four heavily graffittied train carriages are I’ve travelled the world on currently undergoing a restoration that is set trains for many, many yearsA shake-up at Point Lonsdale's Rt Edgar to transform them into Queenscliff's next big and I’ve always wanted to doreal estate agency over recent months has tourist drawcard. something like thisculminated with the team finding a new home. – Andrew BridgerThe doors to the fresh office space at 1/83 Point Prominent heritage train enthusiast AndrewLonsdale Road, alongside Pasquinis, were Bridger has his sights set on creating a unique “From a food and beverage point of view,officially opened on Saturday December 17. fine dining and function experience, to rival the whole objective is to showcase Bellarine California’s famous Napa Valley Wine Train. produce and wines. It will be like a taste of theChange at the Chamber Bellarine on rails. In all, seven carriages will be trucked down Queenscliff Bendigo Bank Manager Matthew from northern Queensland as part of the Mr Bridger said he first \"nagged\" QueenslandWaterson has taken over the reigns of The Rip ambitious plan to create Q Train. rail about the carriages while they were still inChamber of Commerce. service some five years ago. “There was a fleet of these carriages, about He was elected unopposed to the position at 60 or 70 all up, built in the 50’s and they were When they were eventually replaced withthe recent Annual General Meeting, replacing the trains that ran the Inlander and Sunlander new tilt trains he made an offer to buy seven.Mayor Tony Francis. services,” said Mr Bridger. “They ran from Brisbane to Cairns and out to Mount Isa and up Once renovations are finished, some time The Chamber expects to unveil a Marketing to Townsville and out west. mid this year, Q Train will boast two diningPlan in coming weeks. cars, two bar carriages, a state of the art kitchen “We’ve got a bunch of these carriages and and lounge carriages. The first of its business breakfast meetings we’re going to set this up as Q Train, a diningwill be held on Wednesday February 15 at the car and special events and function train. So The venture could employ as many as 25 fullQueenscliff Uniting Church, where the group It could be murder mysteries or anything you and part time works and generate millions ofwill provide an update on activities. like on board and you can hire it for corporate dollars into the local economy, he said events.Solar round two “The economic impact of the train will An information session will be held this \"We’re going to have a chef and our aim is to probably be in the order of $15 to $20 millionmonth for businesses and residents wanting have a hatted restaurant,” he said. per year. The Railways’ current economicto participate in round two of the Borough of impact in 2011 was $16.5 million, with theQueenscliffe’s solar installation program. Mr Bridger, a former president and long time Blues Train, so give this three years and we’ll be member of the Bellarine Railway, said he was matching that, if not increasing on it. The community solar project is an initiative inspired to build the service after riding the 25-of the Community Environment Alliance, a mile long Napa Valley route. “I envisage it running to a scheduled timepartnership of residents, businesses, schools, table each week of probably six trains overcommunity organisations and Council, The heritage train experience runs through lunches and dinners and evening. We don’tworking together to reduce carbon emissions in some of America's best wine growing regions, want to in any way clash with the Blues Train…the municipality. and attracts thousands of tourists each year. and we don’t think it will is because it’s a totally different product.” Forty-three systems, totaling $403,000, were “There is no other fine dining train ininstalled the program's first round. Australia. Q Train will use the Bellarine railway Whilst is will be housed at Queenscliff, the but it will be stopping at various locations along train will begin its journey and return to the Eight solar providers have submitted tenders the line so people can sit and dine and enjoy the Drsydale station, occasionally passing theto carry out the project. The next step in the scenery. For instance sitting the train out thereprocess will be revealed at Town Hall workshop along Swan Bay, with the swans and birdlife, iconic Blues Train along the line.on January 19. unique, it can’t be done anywhere else,” he said. “I’ve travelled the world on trains for Visit for many, many years and I’ve always wantedfurther details to do something like this and I’ve always seen the potential for something like this on the Peninsula. When the carriages became available I realized we had this marvellous opportunity to do this here,” Mr Bridger said. Pictured: Top, Andrew Bridger is hoping to have the Q Train running by mid year. Left, inside one of the carriages Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 32

“You can count on my experience… when experience counts the most.” Neil Laws FREI FAPI CEA (REIV) – Branch Manager, Queenscliff Licensed Estate Agent - Accredited Auctioneer - Sworn Valuer Buying or selling a home is a major event in anyone’s life so it makes sense to Queenscli use the most experienced professional in the field at such an important time. Neil 64 Hesse Street is the most experienced real estate practitioner permanently located within the Borough of Queenscliffe. 5258 4567 He has built an outstanding reputation over more than twenty years in the local Kerleys offices also area for his professionalism and singular concern for his vendor’s interests, his at Point Lonsdale honesty and integrity and his depth of knowledge in all things real estate. and Ocean Grove He is a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Australia and the Australian Property Institute, Past President and Director of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria and an REIV Accredited Auctioneer and Sworn Valuer. If you are in the market to buy or sell or require valuation or consultancy advice regarding the local market or real estate generally then give Neil a call on 0419 583 633 or email him at [email protected] 5258 5100 James Rush FCPA 0400 853 674 Terry Philp FCPA 0408 788 081Rush Group Pty Ltd Local Accountants on the Bellarine 36B Hesse St FINANCIAL SERVICES is a CPA Practice PO Box 172 Queenscliff Authorised Representative of Charter Financial Planning Limited Simon McDonald B.Com 0447 612 441 Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 33

Point Lonsdale Point Lonsdale Playground Lighthouse ReserveMayor’s message Thank you for your high level Council has finalised its of community engagement application to the StateAs the warmer weather to finalise the completion Government seeking fundingbegins and the holiday of the Point Lonsdale Village to undertake the first stageseason approaches I Playground. Through the public of works at the Point Lonsdalewelcome people visiting consultation process a number Lighthouse Reserve (PLLR).the Borough. It’s great of changes were made to the Council hopes to hear theto see our first wave of concept plan including; deletion outcomes of its formalholiday-makers arrive. of plastic bumble bee rocker submission early in 2017. We and water feature, minimisation will continue to keep youCouncil continues to receive of metal in play elements, posted on this importantrequests for information minimising concrete paths, community project.on local projects and I am minimising alterations to existingpleased to provide the combination unit and widening Proposed Councilfollowing updates ahead of the boundary path to 2 metres. Boundarythe Christmas period. Realignment The existing wooden combinationCr Tony Francis, Mayor – unit has remained with worn Council officers continue toBorough of Queenscliffe parts replaced, and the ‘monkey work with the City of Greater bar’ element extended. Likewise, Geelong to source relevantOffice Closure the existing wooden swing has data and information and been increased to 3 swings with we expect an updated reportPlease note that the Borough a fully accessible path to the in January 2017.of Queenscliffe Council disabled swing only.offices will close at 4:30pm Murray Road Landon Friday 23 December 2016 New play elements includeand re-open at 9:00am on a ‘pilot styled’ boat facing Council is yet to considerTuesday 3 January 2017. the sea with fully accessible the sale of any Council timber access ramps and owned land at Murray Road,For more information a lookout on roof linked to Queenscliff. A planning permit existing combination unit, application and developmentCr Tony Francis, Mayor, basket swing and spinner plan (as required by thephone 03 5258 1377 or pole. Thanks for sharing your Queenscliffe Planning Scheme)0429 117 346. ideas and preferences with has been submitted. Council to deliver this upgraded playground popular local area. Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 34

Borough Bulletin Summer 2016Queenscliff Harbour fence at this site some two years the community as one of ago has largely contributed to our priorities. We will beThe planning permit application this more stable condition. considering the evolution ofis ‘on hold’ at the formal request communications methods andof Queenscliff Harbour Pty Ltd The current investigation and welcome your involvement(QHPL). Council understands report being undertaken by the throughout the coming year.that QHPL has established its State Government (DELWP),own community engagement through consultants BMT Sand Sculptureand community reference WBM, will assist our awareness Contest 2017group to provide further input and understanding of theinto the new proposal for the coastal dynamics at play at Queenscliff Neighbourhoodsite. Given that Council is the Point Lonsdale. Any change House will host the 19th Sandplanning authority, officers to Front Beach reefs or Sculpture Contest for ourand Councillors have declined White Lady grass beds is community and visitors to theinvitations to participate in this also potentially linked to the Borough on Sunday 8 Januarygroup to transparently fulfil its variability of sand movement 2017. The event will be heldstatutory planning obligations. in the bay. Council is awaiting from 10:30am–12:30pm on this imminent report from Queenscliff beach in front of theBeaches DELWP which will be tabled Neighbourhood House and next for Council’s consideration to the Pilot’s Jetty in Tobin Drive.Issues related to maritime early in the New Year. Prizes will be awarded to first,health and coastal erosion second and third place holdersresponsibilities rest with the Community in age categories for singles andState Government (DELWP), Engagement groups. The cost to enter is $5Parks Victoria and the Borough and Consultation for a single and $10 for a group.of Queenscliffe. Coastal experts Make sculptures with yourhave recently identified that the The newly elected Council friends or on your own.beach condition at Dog Beach is has placed continuousrelatively stable. Council’s action improvement of engagement A second hand book saleof placing a sand protection and consultation with of great holiday reads will also be on offer throughout the morning. Attendees are invited to stay for lunch and try the delicious bbq hosted by the Men’s Shed, enjoy a glass of wine and the Sea of Ukes performance. For further information about the Sand Sculpture Contest please contact Carolyn on 5258 3367. 50 Learmonth Street (PO Box 93) Queenscliff VIC 3225 | Phone: 03 5258 1377 | Fax: 03 5258 3315 Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 35

Franchises Bobbi leads the way scrapes above the high-tide line. Once hatched,Now Available chicks are not fed by their parents but must By John Murray forage for themselves on the open beach and low-tide exposed reefs. After nine perilous “Leading” is a Hooded Plover survival weeks – four at egg stage and five as flightless chicks – they are full grown and can fly. But strategy. During the breeding season [Sept- few eggs are surviving to fledged adulthood. Already this season ten local nests have failed Mar] Hooded Plovers are sometimes seen between Point Lonsdale and running along the shoreline about ten meters Ocean Grove. All five resident Hoodie pairs have attempted ahead of humans who are to breed, but seven nests have been predated by fox, two byFor MORE than just Mowing! out for a surfbeach stroll. dogs and one nest was storm The beach-nesting Hoodies destroyed.Gardening, Mulching, Rubbish Removal have been incubating eggs or A new three-egg nest west of Fellows Rd is due to hatchGuHtteeLdraJsgoneCbdTlsserBcaiFmaoorrpedmMidynOi,RngCEIg,ntoh,EsraRnupxjproiudasertenarm-ttcoeoePwn/iWrnWugM!onoorirFFFnkrrrwkaaannngAAAcccciNNNvvvhhhnaaaooooiiisssiiiwwwllleeegaaavsssbbbllleeeer Gardenginug,aMrudlcihningg flightless chicks when in January. Humans can also PoFolricMeOPRoCElicthheaeCnhcjeukcskteemddowing! help this local endangered OInHsu&rSedCompliantFor MwOwOIIPOPInnnRoowHHsssElluuuii.&&jcctrrriSSheemeeeadddCCCCsnmoohhjmmeeuoccswppkktlleeiimnaaddnngott.wneintg! Gardendinigs,tMuurlcbhiengd by approaching species survival by “leading” – placing their dogs on lead wwOwH.& Expert GPraurdneinndgin,agHn,eMdggueelcrThr.iinmgminLgeaving eggs or when visiting the surfbeach Expert Prunincgh, Hiecdkgse Trimhmiindgden, the parents home of the Hooded Plovers. 131 131 546ExpIIIennnrssstuuuBBBPrrroooaaarudddnnnnyyycccieeeCCCnthaei///ooognhWWWrrrs,rapppHeceooooooveorrrrrrfkkkaaadecccrtttrgdeeeoooo“tevvvwwweaTleeenoooerdrrnpirrrtmjjjkkkaooogobbbmdtssseosoiniirfngtaigotz”shnoaeenfdetehi.ndetimOtrshutnaedlnmyoecruseetalwafvtneoeidlsrfl More info www.birdlife. 131 546the adult birds return to their 131 546breeding site. Hoodie eggs are solely laid on surf beaches in simple sand 5258 5100 James Rush FCPA 0400 853 674 Terry Philp FCPA 0408 788 081Rush Group Pty Ltd Local Accountants on the Bellarine 36B Hesse St FINANCIAL SERVICES is a CPA Practice PO Box 172 Queenscliff Authorised Representative of Charter Financial Planning Limited Simon McDonald B.Com 0447 612 441 Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 36

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Kev’s Window, Door and Glazing Service OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: ● glass repairs ● glazing & mirrors ● sliding door rollers ● tracks & locks ● pet doors in glass ● shower screen repairs ● repairs to security doors, y doors and yscreens ● sash cord replacement ● windows re-puttied ● window winders Kevin Smith Mobile: 0418 519078 Quali ed Glazier * No job too small * FREE quotes Servicing Queenscli , Point Lonsdale & the Bellarine PeninsulaPlease don’t put plastic bagsServicing the Bellarinein your green waste bRiunsty’s Repairs and Home Maintenace0418 330 188Visit fAornmdyoRreuisnsfeorllmation on howto correctHlyomuesReepyaoirus r kerbside green waste service.Lawn Mowing and gardeningSeasonal maintenance [email protected](eP.OviBco.xg9o3Pv).raQeRsuuusebuebrniesshcClrliefufannVsiInCg3225 | Phone: 03 5258 1377 | Fax: 03: 5258 3315 Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 38

Q&A with Harwood Andrews Will’s and Estate Lawyer Sarah CohenKev’s Window, Door and Glazing Service ŏtŏragŏclkaŏrsses&stQAwpipnahraalesi:o:alaihrpDrlcAt)tscakcOiioytlccisfolrooosuUrŏIyadsurŏlondeaRdprruecuergeaauSlpeŏlltybntarslEddisazectwsioRicymcenesaieondVoghtpmwrwdosmsoI&oeooCiiiuatrnnelwrmhlEtlsnt?dga,aiSwdŏyrflnlrahoyhioIbtnswaNuorsddetsvirmoŏnoeClŏeoowdreLsmsnroashsioUlwsgaiowawdhiDswknnieinnerdlegEelgser.fsa-:lrpsHdwy,cawuosabrhcrtoeivtereelerieliecnnrned(dooongriylsemrlsoeaptmrueraswiiabdrasikuileplete.eaaIndrtesninusetrw,es Q: If I am married does everything automatically go to my spouse? Kevin Smithget married, separate or divorce. A: Not necessarily! This is a common misconception. Mobile: 0418 519078 Many couples own assets such as their home, bank Q: YWohuaawtrhewaswpa.pibdewtnodsgdifise.Ic‘dionimetew.satiutahteo’uatnadwthilel?law accounts and shares jointly. Upon the death of one A: sets joint owner, the asset automatically transfers to the surviving joint owner. Couples usually own a QuoaluiftiehdoGwlazyioeru*rNaosjsoebttsoowsimll ablel *dFiRsEtEriqbuuotteesd. You do not combination of assets jointly and in their individual ServicihngaQvueeeannsyclicff,oPnoitnrtoLloonsvdearlet&htehedBiseltlarriibnue tPieonninsouflayour assets. names. Your will deals with any assets held in your individual name. Family members, friends or your favourite charities Q: Do I still need a will if I don’t have any assets? may miss out or receive an unfair share. A: Many people think that they do not have any assets to warrant making a will. But what about your Q: What are executors? car, your bank accounts, your personal belongings, jewellery and furniture? People also forgetLisa Neville MPA: In your will you appoint executors whose role is about superannuation. Even if your accumulated to ascertain the assets and liabilities, take control superannuation is meagre, any attaching lifeM e m b eborfentfheoefircaisaBsreieetssl ,linaanardcicdnoisretdraibnucteewthiteh aysosuertws itllo. the insurance policy may alone create a significant You pay-out. should give careful consideration to who you appoint Q: How can I make a will? A: Contact me to make an appointment to discussFor assisatasnycoeuroenxeacnutyoirs/ss.ue your circumstances and the process of making a will on 5226 8574 or [email protected] You can visit please ring my me at the Harwood Andrews Geelong Office at 70 Gheringhap Street Geelong or I am more than happy Electorate Office on to make a home visit. 5248 [email protected] Funded from Parliament’s Electorate Office and Communication Budget television Harwood Andrews,‡InstallaWLRQRI79DQWHQQDVPDVWKHDG planning for your future  DPSOLILHUVERRVWHUV79SRLQWVFDEOLQJ ‡6HWXSDQGWXQLQJRI79·V'9'·VDXGLR  HTXLSPHQWGLJLWDOUHFRUGHUVHWF ‡$OO79UHFHSWLRQSUREOHPVGLDJQRVHG   IL[HGXVLQJWKHODWHVWWHVWHTXLSPHQW ‡$OODUHasRI%HOODULQH3HQLQVXOD *HHORQJ .HLWKT'0R3UP52D2Q5M5:225|70GheriTn:ghapSt,Geelong | [email protected] Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 39

exhibitions & showsEmma's back! Salt's BIG Summer Unique maps on showBaby owl in tropical Garden by Emma Hack Seaview Gallery welcomes Emma Hack back Summer Afternoon, by Eleanor Millardto Queenscliff for her annual Exhibition. Works by Craig Parnaby, David Beaumont, Jill Sandra Lee and Rosemary Brown have Emma has received great acclaim for her Lewis, Eleanor Millard, Hugo Shaw, Bridgit curated an exhibition of rare mapsrefined body paint camouflage technique;through a combination of painting on canvas, Thomas and others will feature in a bumper The Queenscliffe Historical Museum isbody painting and studio-based photography,her work evokes a rich array of visual narrative summer of exhibitions at Salt Contemporary currently hosting an exhibition of maps createdand magical realism. Gallery. by Thomas Ham. She will open her show on Saturday 14January with drinks followed on Sunday with The Summer Series show runs until December The on loan exhibits demonstrate thean exciting Artist Talk and Champagne Brunch INVITATIwith Emma . 7. Summer by the Sea will open with drinks on Queenscliff's British Colonial Grid, as laid out Bookings are essential for the Brunch and ExpoJanuary 8 and continue until the 21st. by Governor La Trobe.Artist Talk . Ham was sole contractor for engravings and lithography for the government in the mid Price is $45 includes champagne brunch.Please ring the gallery for tickets and further 1800's.information. Seaview Gallery Summer Arts Expoqueenscliff ming INVITATION Patsy Bush ham Matthew Broughton SUMMER SHOW Sue Cumming December 24 - January 10 TimPPaeuslcIontgtham Michael RyanSummEMMA HACK EXHIBITION Paul Waycott rts ExpoJanury14-31 Priscilla Fenton Priscilla Fenton Janet Goldman Helen Martin ycott PlusShirley Hurley Paul Ingram Helen Martin 'What a Relief' Tom Wells ToEmxWtraells Stephen Wright Patsy Bush Step+hen Wright ‘WHMAaTttAheRwELBIEroFu’ ghton Wright John McClumpha Leeanne WErixghttra aturday 3rd Decemberenton OpenPinagulSIantguhrdamay 3rd DecembHeerle3n-5Mpamrtin Exhibition dates 16th-30th January 2017 Emma Hack - Artist talk & brunch Tussock Upstairs GaPllluesry January 15 - Bookings essential 33m-05btphemr1166- 30th [email protected]Rursop.casotdam,iPr.sao.uicno-tm0L'.o4Wan1us8Mdh3a9ialce2Et4h8xaa5terRlaReylaienf' Open 10.30 - 5.00 daily 86 Hesse St Queenscli 3225 - 5258 [email protected] -email: [email protected] Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 40

artsWinter fest gets Streeton returns to Queenscliffgreen light from page 3 education as well,” said Soula. “These prints may have gone away and never be seen and A new festival is set to chase Queenscliff’s and he loves what he does and we love having we didn’t want that to happen. And we alsowinter blues away. his work.” wanted to show the process behind them, and we don’t think that that’s ever going to be The state government has announced $30,000 The precious bounty has remained secret possible again funding to help deliver the town’s inaugural for some six months while the trio, with fullWinter Arts Fest this coming June. blessing from Streeton’s remaining family - “The plates are going to be up, the prints worked behind the scenes to revive the plates. are going to be up, admission will be free and The event, an initiative of the Borough They managed to illicit his stunning imagery everybody is going to be able to walk straightof Queenscliff’s Tourism and Economic from 11. in and see that but also the legacy that an artistDevelopment Advisory Committee (TEDAC), like that leaves behind.will showcase artists, musicians, performers One, used as a putty palette, wasand local food an wine to “create an indulgent unsalvageable. A chunk of copper had been Any business or individual wishing tofestival of soul-warming entertainment and removed from another and used for running become a sponsor can obtain a proposalexperiences.” plumbing repairs in the Streeton family home. document by emailing; [email protected] Illuminated sculptures and light projections Revered the world over for his The oil on canvas At Queenscliff was paintedlinking with the towns’ significant historical stunning landscape paintings, by Arthur Streeton in around 1907. At aroundand maritime pasts will be also a key feature of the etchings, although never th same time he travelled to England andthe programs. previously editioned printed, completed a series of etchings that have reveal Streeton also showed never been revealed to public. After months of “The Winter Arts Fest is a great chance for the promise in printmaking. restoration of the original plates, the works willcommunity to welcome visitors and enjoy a rich go on show in a major exhibition at Queenscliffdiversity of arts and performance in regional “They’re beautiful pieces, I’m Workshop and Gallery from MarchVictoria,” said Bellarine MP Lisa Neville. not just saying that,” Theo says. “Arthur Streeton would have “We’re the events capital, and we want to stay drawn on the plates as a lot ofthat way. Our Regional Events Fund is helping artists do and he would have hadgrow our world-class calendar of events.” another artist doing the technical side of it.” The Borough has pledged close to $20,000 forthe event. The significance of the find and its potential impact on QueenscliffArtists prepare for residency is unfathomable. A selection of works by an artist of Streeton’s The ‘Participate Karingal’ photography stature has never before beengroup has been in our community, collecting exhibited here before.inspiration for a forthcoming local exhibition. The Land of Golden Fleece - The The 21 artists from the disability support Geelong Art Gallery’s recent showgroup visited the Lighthouse, harbour, Marine of Streeton’s significant works drew thousands.and Freshwater Discovery Centre, and other As luck would have it, the Queenscliff show willvenues, capturing the shapes and colours of the also coincide with an Australia Post celebrationarea. of the artist's 150th anniversary. Works created will be displayed as part of Soula and Theo are hoping local businessthe Borough’s Artist in Residency program and the wider community will embrace thefrom March. A limited edition book will be event - even take up the chance to be one of aproduced to coincide with the event. few corporate sponsors. “We’re about art and we’re about art Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 41

Australia Day 2017 Community CelebrationsThursday 26 January 2017 | 11am – 1pmQueenscliff Town Hall | 50 Learmonth Street, Queenscliff| Australia Day Awards | Flag Raising Ceremony| Australia Day Ambassador| Children’s activities | Sausage sizzle| Free native plant for families | Local entertainment 50 Learmonth Street (PO Box 93) Queenscliff VIC 3225 Telephone: 03 5258 1377 | Fax: 03 5258 3315 Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 42

& Ph: 0417 543 786 btoheokshopWarren Hobbs at queenscliff New Homes / Townhouses Architect Rennovations 5258 4496 Heritage & Planning 30 Hesse Street Commercial [email protected] [email protected] Energy efficient Small or large projects 2/33 Learmonth St. Queenscliff 3225 30 Victory Way Highton 3216YVhaioonswiutdwtrorwcoewoncr.rqyleuiccnetllieyennusAgscel-ibZyffoieung.rvusikceii.gdrsboesnvi.doafeouwbrtionawlseveaaarrsvniitcleeable. Ctohmromugohnyhoouurskeehrobldsiditeembisnascecrevpicteed50 Learmonth Street (PO Box 93) Queenscliff VIC 3225 | Phone: 03 5258 1377 | Fax: 03 5258 3315DDDVDrDoDDiiDDnesgeCsepoCktCpulCdoieuCinrCo/tusroCotol(bgogoaClerptocCseuaeCbrrokglmCfnrokCyannltlleCaylloefosCfcashittCer(etfDCnwht(tpesyerCrtcmb(ehChiaessgeCriislectaeroscaBieaeaplzriBaenrrltw&cBotssasronnjoBrsdmtmrtuagBotnralrBapesprglobiBaraoeRkpabyBacaalioaehxBs(ono)clesxB)epsoarosdtuBr&peaisatBnyceetcsslxoB(setlmeBnurhlbstaycriewlkAeargedrga(Aereuematco(AsswikrnylAhkttscrnlslgbAailileiouatebeiilteapun(inson-mrcppsugramotroxsugmixgelirospwlemteinuaanaeapitpssediBnl)masyslnlno)saer,(dsiisyc(lsheibunspfru)a&&ctloiomeassarmuprdctspnstupttblsceereaiioaaGnnth(esaensyeltgorm)rsisedelscd/dte))fp)conot)iynlW)l(RycRa)RolRoesaPlPacltPyz-kPrenoorPrusPoei)nPrlBmPlnalx(sPlaysiPldasiPlna(ssaomnPtlasdePttlasivPtlgandoyiciPtiaaniecsPiznsridctrPhllnspnctePzelibltaPottponotaPaonwtpobrWaiaPplrwnleakPapscaenofaoagbaPpaePsaauolepbeatcsnttalsmioOprerObyiosntet(rapeesbitnxNraclt)tinldsNtrtl(ietloeeoilNttscpnptNeeoontsbr(a)sotwkoMtlacwlgwetMgitarBapa&ikMn(onhpiMeneuseotsssgnMepisio,sMlkenmpetslbfcMli(wiekkMrii(srnh(ceedoMa(inceaaosiolpcoaiascgenni)pecmastrrlnlcantgtsleregtgegiytp(draatanatp,rpa)rC)atahrsppisaznetoranzaaioiyeilynnipnaynbeolnns)olssseseroenee(cnstrp/t(&plwssio)ftylbcaloylu)a)ruebi)aansnsotmpttttc(i)epecti)rll)mienftsoupgrbt(ypsi)nlafsotrimc) ation Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 43

TREATMENT WWhhaatt’’ss oonn this MENU [email protected]@mC?eQrBTC? queenscliff •dermalogica WIN A WEWBBEIRNBBAQ WEBBBIG EBARSH BBONBANQZA! cleanstart facials Spend $S5poennKdE$N5O oinnoKurEcNluOb in oCurraczlyubbabr septweceiaelsndDureincgeemvebreyrB1ig5th 4 BIG WEEKS OF SKINCARE •cosmeceutical peels between December 15 aannddJJaannuaurayry 2B0athshtgoagmeet-ySopuercieanlstrruy.n until the SPECIALS TO START THE NEW YEAR •organic facials 20 to get your entry first wicket falls in each innings •microdermabrasion WEEK 1 - 40 % o all gift packs in store JACK ATTABCKIBGOWBLSASH BTWOILNIGHAT NTENZNAIS! WEEK 2 - 30% o all Eminence •pedicures & Tu$e5sednatyrynCi-gr5ha.t3zs0yipnBmJaasnrtauSratrpyecials duriCnogmeevaelroyngBfiogr Ba agasmheGoanme manicures Names in by 4pm Wednesday nights skincare products •shellac application GREAT PRIZES & GREAT FUN Let’s see who our champion will be! WEEK 3 - 20% o all dermalogica MASSAGE JACK ATTAJOCKINB&OWBLES skincare products •deep tissue REWARDEDTuesday Nights in January - $5 entry - 5:30pm start. •relax WEEK 4 - 10% o all O cosmedics and •hot stone Names in by 4pm - Great prizes and Great FUN!! •remedial emergin c products Enjoy generous *health fund rebates TWILIGCHdoTimscmTouuEnniNttsyNaRneIdSwoaurdr s available Come along for a gamelooynaWlteydnpesrdoagyrnaigmht.s sinoJcainaulary OPEN 7 DAYS A Let’s see who our chmamepmiobnewrilsl bheip- salljwuesltco$m1e1. WEEK IN JANUARY 5258 4233 118 Hesse Street - 5258 1773 Level 1, JwOwIwN.quAeeNnsDclifBfboEwlRingE.cWomA.auRDED Queenscliff Harbour Be rewarded with generous discounts and our Community Rewards Cottage By The Sea 2017 Fair Advert_Outlines.pdf 1 3/11/2016 2:11 PM Headin Organised gSunday January 8th for the 10.30am to 12.30pm community by on the Beach next to Queenscliffe Pilot’s Jetty, Tobin Drive Neighbourhood $5 Single $10 Group HouseCMYCMMYCYCMYK Contest Categories for Singles or Groups: Ages 8 yrs & under Ages 9-12 Ages 13-16 Adult Secondhand Book Sale, BBQ food Group Wine sales, Sea of Ukes performance (mixed ages) Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 44

sport, health & wellbeing Council forced into rec reserve backdown? Queenscliffe councillors have ditched plans to shrink the Queenscliff sporting oval after widespread community opposition. The Queenscliff sporting oval will retain going to be coming back to the south west The map we its current size and training lights will be corner of the precinct and that the girls are not fast tracked for the start of football season, going to be getting changed in the toilets any didn't get to see! under wholesale changes to the Borough more. It seems to me that accepting girls get of Queenscliffe’s draft Recreation reserve changed in toilets is like saying they’re second- A secret plan, obtained under Freedom of Masterplan. class citizens.” Information, shows just how far the Queenscliffe Council was preparing to go in redeveloping Councillors have unanimously supported Councillor Ross Ebbels said the number of the Queenscliff Recreation Reserve. wholesale changes to the $3 million project submissions was “heartwarming.” after community opposition to key elements, The detailed design, prepared by tree including a reduction in the size of the playing “It just shows how passionate our community consultants arbecology in April, shows the field and closure of the northern end of the is when they get hold of something and it’s Hesse Street entrance to the ground and the ground to all but campers. great to see that passion being used in a positive manager's residence was to moved closer to the light. the Bowling Club, with a boom gate installed The draft attracted 127 submissions, chiefly and a traffic block applied mid way around the in favour of sporting components of the plan “Obviously with the removal of some of ground to prevent public accessing the eastern incorporating stage two of Monahan Centre those [caravan] sites there are some financial end. redevelopment, a gymnasium, two new netball implications and we will be working quite courts, four cricket nets and oval lighting. vigorously to make sure moving forward will The document also clearly shows how much be viable.” of the reserve Council had earmarked for Not one submitter objected to the proposed Under the changes, training lights could camping, including additiomal cabins. lighting. be installed by the end of March, subject to approval from the Port of Melbourne. It is more detailed than the concept plan There was strong opposition, however, to Detailed designs and further community the second part of the masterplan, involving consultation will be undertaken before the released to the community as part of recent shrinking the oval to accommodate more master plan is finalised. camping, restricting parking around the initial consulations ground and installing boom gates at the Hesse Street entrance. In moving a sweep of amendments to the existing proposal Cr Bob Merriman said the community was supportive of the sporting upgrades. “We believe as a council that this is a terribly important activity for the community and allows work to continue on the building that was started many years ago,” he said “Yes we are most insistent that the facility be upgraded to a standard that allows it to be used correctly and properly.” Councillor Susan Salter said 30 percent of the submissions had come from people under the age of 30. “It was very clear that the young people of our community were writing and trying to engage council, I was very happy to hear that,” she said. “I am so thrilled that the netball courts are Architect-designed modular homes Custom designed house, Inverloch Victoria Visit us online: Visit our display suite: 33 Garden Street, Kilsyth Victoria Book an appointment: 03 9761 5544 Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 45

sport, health & wellbeingTrail blazer at Roddy notches upthe forefornt of a a triple centuryfooty revolutionFOOTBALL – Point Lonsdale’s RileyShapter is at the forefront of the AFLwomen’s football revolution, havingbeen selected into Geelong’s veryfirst women’s VFL team.The 21 year old was among morethan 160 girls to try out for theGeelong Cats.Emma Allen, daughter of GeelongFootball club and Point LonsdaleMedical centre medico Geoff Allen,has also be selected in the trail-blazing team, set to kick-start a new Riley Shapter has been selected in Geelong's first VFL CRICKET - Queenscliff's Rod Baker has notched up a milestone, lining up for his 300thlevel of female football participation women's team game with the club.across the region. The batsmen come wicket keeper picked up Shapter, a former Girls Youth Geelong Magpies. a bat for the first time as a junior in the U/13football Best and Fairest winner, said she was The Geelong Cats became the first AFL club compeition, has has barely missed a Saturdayexcited the sport was finally being recognised. without donning his whites since. to establish a women’s side after assuming the “It’s really amazing, especially for those girls Magpie’s licence. Across 30 years the club life member haswho have been playing football with the boys played at all levels from A through to, moresince they were kids. I didn’t get the chance “I’ve always been a bit of a go-getter and recently, do that in Queenscliff, I wanted to but the enjoyed playing netball up until year 10 butpathway wasn’t there.” when I got the chance to play footy in secondary \"I'm going to take one match at a time, I'd school I just loved it and picked it up really would love to get to 400 but will try for 350 firs,\" “I’ve been part of football for the past six naturally.” he said.years, but it’s only in the last two that thingshave really taken off, it’s a really exciting time,” The girls will feature in double-headershe said. clashes with the VFL men’s team. Home games will be played at various venues throughout the The talented midfielder ditched local netball local region.   to play with the Modewarre youth girls team,before switching over to the powerhouse North LADIES S SUMMER Liz Atkinson SOCIAL HIT O COURT HIRE C Careers Consultant & Counsellor Tuesdays @ 10am - Come I $12 / hour T: 0419 876 215alone or bring a friend and A Day or Night L grief ¤ adolescents ¤ anxiety & depression have a hit! ¤ relationshipsReturns January 10th. ¤ drug & alcohol ¤ anger management All welcome!! working with clarityT Byron Dreaming BeautyE NEW!!N TWILIGHT TENNIS Natalie  Russell  N Come and Join us for a social hit Queenscliff   over the summer break in ourI fast fours social night. 0427  497  310  S Wednesday nights in January @ 6:30 Waxing/Tinting   Eyelash  Extensions   QT&BC Facials   Eyelash  Lift   Call Judy on 0447 368 161 Spray  Tans   Microdermabrasion   Queenscliff Bowling or contact the club on: Manicures/pedicures   Massage  Tennis & Croquet Club Ph: 5258 1773 SNS  Gel     Gift  Vouchers  Available   118 Hesse Street Queenscliff Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 46

sport, health & wellbeing Conroy impresses in nationals Long time Nippers SURFING - Point Lonsdale's Bea Conroy has cemented her position supporter as one of the best young surfers in her age group, after narrowly Rick Aitchison missing a spot in the National Junior Championships. rewards a junior during Pitted against surfers from across the country at the Phillip Island last year's event, the 13 year old breezed in to the semi-finals but missed out by compeitions just .5 on moving through to the final round. Nippers line up for 50th year Juniors the ones to watch More than 360 Nippers will through the ranks. storm Queenscliff’s Santa Case “There are many examples Reigning Rip View Swim champion beach in coming days, one of the Rob Dillisen is in top form ahead of this biggest intakes ever. of youth members meeting at month's event, having finished third in the Nippers, developing and taking on recent Victorian Open water Swimming This season marks 50 years of responsibilities in Surf Life Saving title. The 17 year old was fastest in his the program, first introduced to and indeed ultimately marrying own age group for the 5km course, in an Australia by the Point Lonsdale and now ensuring their offspring elite field that featured Olympian Mack Surf Life Saving Club. will benefit from membership of this Horton. wonderful youth group,” said Rick. The Aitchison family is among Point Lonsdale Surf Life Saver a number who have had a multi- Club captain John Turner Annabelle McPhail (pictured) also generational relationship with introduced the program to Point impressed, finishing first in her age group. Nippers. Lonsdale 1967, after witnessing a The 16 year old was the fastest female on similar one in the United. It has the day in last year's Rip View. Life member Rick Aitchison since grown to become a major helped run the program when his focus of Surf Life Saving across the Upwards of 1500 swimmers will again two sons became involved in the country. line up for the January 2 event. early 1980s. He was later president from 1997 – 2001 and has since yoYoggaa witnessed a third generation of his family - two grand daughters - go in tihne ptahrke park Excellence in Health and WellbeingEExxcceelllleenn 8am daily Barb Vallance Dec 27th - Jan 29th BCNRaloaaRrtRbiabroosHeBVbbhuPaCaCaHHtrllcllalbHauauahpititonVrircpcneegcahhsealPiPilonnnallnasnaspopocpnepn   Ganes Reserve, Point Lonsdale S••SPPSSHEEppeCoCoarrdtItIssaAAcIILnLnhjjeuuIIsrNrNSiS•ieeTTssPPESEEEpRRCCoEErItISSsAATTILLnSSju::IINrNieTTsEERREESSTTSS:: (Ocean rd, near SLSC) • HNeacdka&chBeasc•k PSHapienoardtsacInhjeusries $15 or $70 for 5 classes • NDeryckN&eeBdalicn•kg PHNaienacdka&chBeasck Pain BYO mat and towell /blanket • DRreymNeedeiadlliMn•gassNDaergycekN&eeBdalicnkg Pain yo a risin P•••HAYRJAJoorreSttiihnmhnIrtrtOeiit&t&idiccTiMMaCCHluuooMsEsnn••••ccaddRuusiitltlsADJRAiaAJRiaooaorrorrnrenegPttSyiSishsmnhemnYttrNtrrtreiaeiat&t&eiidiidc•nnceiisMsMaaCdCClluluooiMMLnssnngcIcaaddNuussiitltlsCsICiaiaooCaarrllnngigiASSnsnseettiLirrccaaaPaiinnllIssLPPAiillaTattEeeSssCCSS•llittinunuFdidIiccTiiooaNalNlNEPPOOSiiSWWllaaCttOOeeLPPssAEESSSNNStt!!uuEddSiioo N N lPPPOOHDDYIISAATTI•ORRFYCYT•IH••LTPPPPPPIENHNOSSHHREYYYIDYCYACCSSISHSHAPSIO0OTOIYICOORTLLOLO•HYTTAGG1CHEH•0SYYPRLE1ES••SIABRNRHHEYePAAIASAClClYNNaHPPArDD•i•OnYYLTTReLCHHPEO•H•LEEIwMLGRIRCCNyAEAAY,LLTIPDPPC•IIEYoYNINHAASi••nAIILDLDtCC•NLIIPEMoEAADFITnTLALILsIITTTTAdSIHPNIPaTAASlEIEEINeNALLRSSV•G•AAASBiBcTETPOOC3EEYWW2LSS2•EEA5DNNS••I••SEFFFFETUUIIISwTTNTNwNwE. S l• DRYCLNPIENOEIDCDIAL0TINRGY1•0•P1SPBYeOCllDaHrIiAOneTLROHwYGy•Y, PB•oHOinAWt NLoEDnNsTdTHaHlEeERVRAicAP3PY2Y2•5DIETIwTww CLINIC 0 101 Bellarine Hwy, Point Lonsda 5258 4633CLINIC 0 101 Bellarine Hwy, Point Lonsd 101 Bellarine Hwy, Point Lonsdale Vic 3225 Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 47

Brian capp new year 17 copy.pdf 1 17/12/2016 8:13 pm STATEWIDE PROPERTY ADVOCACY HAPPY NEW YEAR and our best wishes to all Rip readers (Rippers!) for 2017 from the team at Statewide Property Advocacy Let us help you avoid the pitfalls of buying and selling your property • Presentation tips • Selecting the right agent • Cost effective advertising • Method of sale Call us for a no obligation chat: Brian - 0418 500483 or Andrew 0413 052333 Our fruit and veg is now hand-selected, market-fresh and delivered daily just for you... QueenscliffFoodworks Queenscliff prides itself on its fresh, localapproach to supermarket shopping.Weʻve changed our focus to ensure the fruit and vegetableswe deliver to you are best quality and value available...come in and sample the difference! GREAT service, GREAT prices & SPECIALS every dayPLUS 5% Seniors Card discount (excluding specials) FREE DELIVERY 73 Hesse Street, Queenscliff - 5258 1857 Mon-Thurs 8.30am-6.30pm * Fri - Sat 8.30am-8.00pm * Sunday 9.00am-7.00pmLisa Neville MP television Member for Bellarine • Installation of TV antennas/mast head amplifiers/boosters/TV points/cabling For assistance on any issue please ring my • Set up and tuning of TV’s/DVD’s/audio equipment/digital recorders etc Electorate Office on 5248 3462 • All TV reception problems diagnosed & fixed using the latest test equipment [email protected] • All areas of Bellarine Peninsula & Geelong Funded from Parliament’s Electorate Office and Communication Budget Keith Dorman: M: 0411 490 430 T: 03 5258 2068 E [email protected] Rip Rumour, January 2016 Page 48

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