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October DiscoverDance Lesson Plan

Published by amysimkins, 2020-10-22 17:33:51

Description: 03 October DiscoverDance Lesson Plan


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October Lesson 3 Level Class Du ration: 45 minutes Warm-Up: 20 minutes • Freeze Dance with prop (Suggested Music: Rock and Roll Freeze Dance, Hap Palmer) • Welcome Review- Ballet positions of arms, 4-count curtsey/bow (Suggested Music: Anything instrumental or Rio Loco and Lucia, Kate Kuper) • Brain and Body Warm-Up with Circle Stretches (Suggested Music: Anything instrumental or Rio Loco and Lucia, Kate Kuper) Discover: 10 minutes • Introduce the Concept of LEVEL (High and Low) When we dance, we can dance way up HIGH in the sky or down LOW on the ground. (Use bird visual to show HIGH and LOW.) Show me how you can fly HIGH and say HIGH. “HIGH”. Now, show me how you can crawl down LOW and say LOW. “LOW”. Great! Let’s explore LEVEL together! • Explore the Concept with scarves (Suggested Music: Reach Up High, Parachute Express) • Explore the Concept (Suggested Music: See How I’m Jumping, Wiggle Ensemble) Develop: 10 minutes • Obstacle Course (Suggested Music: Do your Ears Hang Low?, Patty Shukla and Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, The Bingo Kids) See Obstacle Course Layout Prop Suggestion: Balance Beam Station 1 (Balance) Prop Suggestion: Cones Station 2 (Gross Motor) Prop Suggestion: 2 Step Stools and 2 Poly Spots Station 3 (Spatial Patterns) Prop Suggestion: Tunnel Station 4 (Concept Exploration) • Skill Development: Skips-HIGH knees (Suggested Music: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Kidzone) Appreciate: 5 minutes • Cool Down and Recap • Give stamps. If first day of lesson, give concept coloring pages. • Take Goodbye Train out of studio (Suggested Music: The Goodbye Train (Reverence), Craig Wingrove) © 2017 Andrea Trench

LEVEL Layout Concept Obstacle Course Gross Motor Skills Station: Leap HIGH Cones Balance Spatial Patterns Station: Station: Walk HIGH across Balance Step HIGH on a Beam Step Stool/Stones, step LOW on a Poly Spots Exploration Crawl LOW Station through Tunnel Waiting Station © 2017 Andrea Trench

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