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January DiscoverDance Lesson Plan

Published by amysimkins, 2020-10-26 20:35:56

Description: 06 January DiscoverDance Lesson Plan


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January Lesson 6 SPEED Clas s Duration: 45 minutes Warm-Up: 20 minutes • Freeze Dance with prop (Suggested Music: Self-Control (Toddler Version), David Kisor) • Welcome Review- Ballet positions of arms, 4-count curtsey/bow (Suggested Music: Anything instrumental or Rio Loco and Lucia, Kate Kuper) • Brain and Body Warm-Up with Circle Stretches (Suggested Music: Anything instrumental or Rio Loco and Lucia, Kate Kuper) Discover: 10 minutes • Introduce the Concept of SPEED (Fast and Slow) When we dance, we can dance FAST or SLOW. Everyone say “FAST” (say it quickly). Everyone say “SLOW” (say it slowly). Let’s explore SPEED together! • Explore the Concept with action poem: Say and move slowly: Slowly, slowly, very slowly, goes the garden snail. Slowly, slowly, very slowly, up the garden rail. Say and move quickly: Quickly, quickly, very quickly, goes the little mouse. Quickly, quickly, very quickly, to his little house. • Explore the Concept with ribbon rings or scarves (Suggested Music: Fast and Slow, The Laurie Berkner Band) Develop: 10 minutes • Obstacle Course (Suggested Music: Slow and Fast, Hap Palmer and I Had a Little Turtle, HooplaKidz) See Obstacle Course Layout Prop Suggestion: Balance Beam Station 1 (Balance) Prop Suggestion: Cones Station 2 (Gross Motor) Prop Suggestion: 2 Poly Spots (same color) Station 3 (Spatial Patterns) Prop Suggestion: Tunnel Station 4 (Concept Exploration) • Skill Development: Tempo Patterns- “3 Spots” slow tip toe walks from spots 1 to 2. Fast tip toe runs from spots 2 to 3. Repeat Backwards. (Suggested Music: Three Blind Mice, Baby Music, Songs for Children) Appreciate: 5 minutes • Cool Down and Recap • Give stamps. If first day of lesson, give concept coloring pages. • Take Goodbye Train out of studio (Suggested Music: The Goodbye Train (Reverence), Craig Wingrove) © 2017 Andrea Trench

SPEED Layout Concept Obstacle Course Gross Motor Skills Station: Leap FAST over Cones Balance Spatial Patterns Station: Station: Walk SLOW on the Balance SLOW tip toe walks Beam from one spot to the other Exploration Dancers Choice! Station Crawl FAST or SLOW through tunnel Waiting Station © 2017 Andrea Trench

© 2017 Andrea Trench

© 2017 Andrea Trench

Arctic BrainDance Suggested Music: Show Yourself (Instrumental), Kristen Anderson-Lopez Dancers, it's time to step outside into the wintry arctic air. Brrrr... it's cold. Estimated time suggestion. Breath (0:00-0:29) Let's blow into our hands to warm us up. Take big breaths. Repeat several times. Tactile (0:30-1:00) Let's rub that warm air into our hands, on our arms, up to our shoulders, and all the way down to our toes. Let's rub up the back of our body to our head. Look! It's starting to snow. Feel the snow fall (tap skin) down the front of your body, all the way to your toes. Let's brush the snow off the back of our body to our head. Core/Distal (1:01-1:23) I see the trolls coming! Let's curl into a tight ball and roll like the trolls. Now, let's pop out, stretching our arms and legs away from our belly button like Grand Pabbie. Repeat several times. Head/Tail (1:24-1:48) Now it's time be like Sven. Everyone, down on your hands and knees. Let's catch the snowflakes on our tongue like Sven. They are flying all around. Get them! Time to shake the snow off our head. How about our tail? Now, let's shake the snow off our whole body! Upper/Lower (1:49-2:15) Time to stand. Elsa's powers have taken over. She has frozen our lower body. Our feet are frozen to the ground. We can't move our legs! We can only move from our belly button up. Swing, sway, reach, stretch, etc. while keeping your lower half frozen. And, unfreeze! Oh, no... now she has frozen our upper body. Our head, shoulders, arms, and back are all frozen.We can only move our lower half. Swing, kick, tap, march, jump, etc. while keeping your upper body frozen. Body Sides (2:16-3:08) Now one side of our body is frozen. let's draw a line done the middle of our body and freeze one side. Only the unfrozen side can move. Swing, stretch, reach, shake, etc. while keeping one half of your body frozen. Now, let's freeze the other side and move the unfrozen side. Cross Lateral (3:09-3:33) Elsa's power has moved into our bodies. Let's freeze the space around us. Crossing the midline, freeze high, low, and all around. Repeat several times. Time to see if the water is frozen. Crossing the midline, tap your foot to test the water. Repeat several times. Vestibular (3:34-end) Is the water frozen? It is! Let's step onto it. Spin around and look at everything we froze in the space. Spin 3-4 times. Stop! It's so cold. Take a few more breaths into our hands to warm up. Let's test the water behind us, now. Is it frozen? Let's step backwards. Now, spin the other way and check out the frozen space. Spin 3-4 times. Stop! Take your hot cocoa out. Put some marshmallows, whip cream, and sprinkles on top. Blow to cool it off. Take 2-3 breaths. Drink your hot cocoa. Now, we're warm again. WWW.DISCOVERDANCE.NET © DISCOVERDANCE, LLC 2019

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