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Published by eddie, 2017-06-29 07:54:51

Description: Smith Lake Living
" a community magazine"
Summer 2017 Issue

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a community magazine

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Duncan Bridge Marina & rV retreat 55 Marina Drive Arley, AL. 35541 [email protected] 205-387-1208RV Retreat • Wet / Dry Slip Boat Storage • Public Boat Launch $ 5.00 Fee 205 - 387 - 1208 • Gas - 90 Octane Non Ethanol • Store - Boating Accessories & More • Beach Area - Picnic Tables Duncan Bridge RV Retreat offers long term parking on concrete pads up to 20’ x 50’. All pads have full hook-up and utilities (water, power, sewer, and wi-fi ). The park has year around water with a dock for easy access to water, bath house, and is very convenient to Duncan Bridge Marina. Pricing starts at $ 300 a month..4 l I 5

Smith Lake Living TM { Summer 2017 }• 7 The Mike Beasley Memorial Run - Supended this Year • 44 HOPE Horses - Preakness Party Mud Run- Stony Lonesome OHV Park• 9 Alabama Senate Bill 322 • 62 The Time of the “Season”• 14 Wakesurfing with the Kinney’s By Samantha Acton• 22 Wake the World Alabama • 64 Smith Lake Living• 26 The Dollar Family • 66 In His Wakes By Rachel Sweigard • 68 Delta Rae - Smith Lake Concert Series• 29 Dodge City Collision Center LLC By Eddie Hand By Rachel Sweigard • 72 Arley Women’s Club Celebrates -• 30 Smith Lake Concerts Military Banner Program at Local Fundraiser By Natalie Bonner• 32 Smith Lake - The Cleanest Lake in America ? By Kristine Bullock • 74 Events Dodge City Day• 36 Pet Safety Summer Tips on the Lake By Natalie Bonner • 76 RCBC Fishing Tournament Gains a True Angler: Brooks Takes Home The Win and A Whole Lot More By Natalie Bonner• 38 Essential Conversation About Family Wealth • 78 In Advertiser Index By Jeff Roberts & Associates 1468 Wakesurfing with the Kinney’s Delta Rae - Smith Lake 2676 RCBC Fishing Tournament Brooks takes the win. The Dollar Family Enjoying Living, Working, & Playing in the Smith Lake area.16 |

The Mike Beasley Memorial Poker Run - Suspended This Year PLEASE SEND YOUR DONATIONS TO HELP TO SUPPORT SMITH LAKE TASK FORCE, AREA VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENTS, & OTHER CHARITY ORGANIZATIONS ! It is with a great debt of gratitude that we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your pastsupport of “The Mike Beasley Memorial Foundation”. The monies from your generous donations enabled “The Mike Beasley Memorial Foundation” to quicklyachieve our initial goal of purchasing a specially equipped boat, deep water camera equipment, tow vehicle andall other necessary equipment for deep water recovery. The equipment is inventoried, insured, and maintainedby the Walker County Sheriff ’s Department as an invaluable tool that has been used on waterways all over ourstate. In addition, over the past 16 years we have made annual contributions to every non-federally fundedentity that provides emergency service coverage on Smith Lake in Walker, Winston, and Cullman Counties. With your help we have made contributions of approximately One Million Dollars to the various entities. We will not be scheduling the Annual Poker Run Event this year, but, humbly ask for your continuedsupport of this wonderful local community based and driven charity. We will maintain our tax exempt status andwould like to continue every year with these contributions. Please make your contribution prior to 8/01/2017.Again, thank you for your generous support. Kindest Regards, Your Board of DirectorsSmith Lake Task Force PLEASE MAKE CHECKS OUT TO: MIKE BEASLEY MEMORIAL FOUNDATION c/o HAROLD BEASLEY 198 DUSKIN POINT ROAD JASPER, AL 35504 Our Mission: At Smith Lake Task Force is to PHONE (20S} 384 - 6942provide high tech equipment for search / rescue /recovery missions. Our Vision: Is to serve and promote boating safety on Smith Lake and other Alabama lakes and waterways.Help Keep Smith Lake safe by donating to the Smith Lake Task Force:Mike Beasley Memorial Foundation 198 Duskin Point Road Jasper, AL. 35504 (205) 384-6942 I 7

Smith Lake Living Smith Lake Living, LLCSummer 2017 Vol. XIII No. 2 788 County Road 97 Smith Lake Living kicks off a busy summer with many Bremen, AL 35033great events on the lake. In His Wake and Wake the World Ala-bama are annual events that give kids the opportunity to experi- Editorence a fun day on the lake learning watersports.Smith Lake is becoming a concert capital of north Alabama with Casey WilliamsTrident Marina hosting Rock Candy band and more acts to fol-low, Goldiggers Bar & Grill at Lakeshore Marina and Inn having Photographylive entertainment every weekend, Smith Lake Concert Serieshosting Delta Rae and Liz Longley, and coming up on July 2 The Eddie HandKentucky Headhunters on the water concert hosted by FredricksOutdoors. Contributing Writers The Mike Beasley Memorial Poker Run has been sus- * Natalie Bonner * Kristine Bullock *pended this year after a 16 year run and over a million dollars * Samantha Acton * Casey Williams *has been raised for the Smith Lake Task Force, local volunteerfire departments, and other local charities. Please support the * Rachel Sweigard * Eddie Hand *foundation this year by sending your donations to the MBMF, 198Duskin Point Road, Jasper, AL. 35504. Smith Lake Living Magazine Published by The boat traffic has been extremely heavy this year, soplease everyone remember all the boating rules. Always yield Smith Lake Living, LLCand boat on the right side of the lake. Wear your kill switch andhave your life jackets on or nearby you for easy access. Do not Printed byfollow someone pulling a skier or tuber. Do not cut off someone. Color XpressSlow down and let them pass. Most of all be courteous on the Madison, Alabamalake and LEAVE NO MARK..TM AdvertisingBe Safe & See you on the Lake For information about advertisingEddie Hand in Smith Lake Living Magazine, please callPublisher Eddie Hand 256- 287-1545 Email: [email protected] Scan on your smart phone Letters Letters to the editor are welcome, but must SUBSCRIBE TO include the writer’s name and a daytime Smith Lake Living Magazine phone number ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION AVAILABLE Cover $15 check only Kelsi-Beth Kinney (Make checks payable to Smith Lake Living LLC) Ryan Creek Mail to: Smith Lake Living By eddie hand 788 Co. Rd. 97 Bremen, AL 35033 a community magazine NAME: __________________________________________ADDRESS:_________________________________________ All rights reserved. No part of the publication may be reproduced without written consent of the publisher ________________________________________ CITY/ STATE/ ZIP CODE Copyright 2017 Smith Lake Living is a registeredTELEPHONE _______________________________________ Trademark of Smith Lake Living LLCE-MAIL: _________________________________________ SU17 SMITH LAKE LIVING MAGAZINE is distributed free of charge.8 |

Alabama Senate Bill 322“A Economic Development, Tourism, & Marketing Legislation” Alabama Senate Bill 322 past the Senate and SYNOPSIS: Under existing law, there is a processthe House of Representatives. The Governor sign thebill into law on May 25, 2017. The bill past in the Sen- for establishing community development districtsate by 19 yes votes and 1 nay vote and in the House that meet certain requirements. Once established,of Representatives by 70 yes votes and 17 nay votes. the sale of alcoholic beverages is authorized within the district by certain entities otherwise licensed The driving force behind the legislation was by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. This billthe marinas in the three county area, the coopera- would provide for an additional type of communitytion of all county officials, chamber of commerce, development district which would be required toresidents, and many more. The bill enables marinas border on a lake which is formed by an impound-with 30 boat slips and a restaurant with 100 seating ed reservoir of a river whose source is in a federalcapacity to hold an on premises beverage license. On wilderness area and to have a marina and restau-premises is defined as on site consumption and no rant. The restaurant would be subject to addition-over the counter sales for someone to leave the area al regulation by the local governing body wherewith beverages. located. Upon incorporation and approval of the board, the sale of alcoholic beverages would be This legislation will have a positive economic authorized in the district.impact on the Smith Lake area. Lake residents andvisitors to Smith Lake with the enactment of this leg- “Community development district” also meansislation will see an increase of much needed restau-rants on the lake accessible by land and water. The a commercial district which borders on a lakelegislation sets the stage to attract first class facilities which is formed by an impounded reservoir of aand restaurants to the Smith Lake. river whose source is in a federal wilderness area and has a marina with not less than 30 boat slips As define in some of the comments on Face- and a restaurant with seating capacity of not lessbook, this law does not change any other laws that are than 100 seats of which not less than 50 seatsgoverned on the lake. Cullman, Winston, and Walk- must be inside seating and is located on prop-er counties are still dry counties and it is illegal to erty where the marina and restaurant are underhave alcohol on your vessel. This legislation does not common ownership. In addition to any other re-change any BUI (Boating Under the Influence) laws. quirements by law, the restaurant shall obtain a business license from the local governing body As most enacted laws not everyone will agree having primary jurisdiction of the property wherebut just as when the cities adopted alcohol sales in the restaurant is located and shall be subject totheir dry county: Jasper, Cullman, Double Springs, additional regulation as determined necessary byGood Hope, Hanceville, etc.,the tax revenue and eco- the local governing body. Only one restaurant li-nomic impact has increased. cense per community development district shall be allowed. Smith Lake Living and many lake folks arelooking forward to have some nice restaurants on thelake that are accessible by water. The number onecompliant, I have received from visitors and residentssince publishing Smith Lake Living is the lack of plac-es to eat that are accessible by water.g s l lmith ake iving h I 9

4 I

@)® @)2401 Hwy 31 South, Decatur, Alabama 256-353-8150

Wakesurfing with the Kinney’s Kelsi-Beth Wakesurfing with family & friends on Ryan Creek ! The Kinney family are ready for some Kelsi - Beth shows off herlake time after a long winter of work, school, wakesurfing skills.and sports. Their lake season starts in April andruns to late October every weekend relaxing attheir condominium and enjoying watersports. Richard and Connie’s daughter Kel-si-Beth age 11 in the 6th grade at EvangelClassical Christian School in Hoover. Kelsi-Bethis ready for watersports after a busy schoolyear; achieving honor roll with all “A’s”, playingsoccer, and being on two completive cheerlead-ing travel teams. Kelsi-Beth started waterskiing at age 5and three years ago learned the sport of wake-surfing with the encouragement and supportfrom her aunt Katie. Kelsi-Beth proudly showsoff wakesurf board a PHASE 5 -Matrix hand-made from Venice, Florida. Wakesurfing is a family and friend eventwith ten people in the boat as we head out forKalsi-Beth and her friend Allissa Tidwell fromTrussville show us their wakesurfing talents.Katsi-Beth has accomplished many tricks onher board over the three shorts years of wake-surfing. She gets up with ease and quicklythrows the tow rope to her aunt(coach) Katie.She tried and has made a 360 spin whilewakesurfing ( wakesurfing and turning 360degrees on the wake and keeps surfing). Healside, Stalling, Cutback, and etc. are maneuversKelsi-Beth has mastered. The show has started and you couldhave been watching the wakesurfing finals onTV or at SeaWorld, but we were on Ryan Creek, Continued on Page 1614 |

Kelsi-Beth Kinney & Allissa Tidwell Double Wakesurfing on Ryan Creek I 15

The Kinney Family & Friends Smith Lake. Allissa Tidwell jumps in the water with a larger wakesurf board. Then Allissa and Kelsi-Beth get up on one board and quickly toss the rope and they are wakesurfing double on one board down the lake. One can see the excitement and the talent, balance, and skills these two girls have achieved. The girls had more tricks in their plan with both getting up on different wakesurf boards on the same boat wake and wakesurf- ing down the lake. Continued on Page 18 Kelsi - Beth’s handmade PHASE 5 -MATRIX wakesurf board.Wakesurfing - Wakesurfing is a water sport in which a rider trails behind a boat, riding the boat’s wake without being directly pulled by the boat. After get- ting up on the wake, typically by use of a tow rope, the wakesurfers will drop the rope, and ride the steep face below the wave’s peak in a fashion reminiscent of surfing. Wakesurfers generally use special boards, designed specifically for wakes 16 | I 17

Kelsi-Beth Kinney The Kinney Family & Friends Allissa Tidwell Fun day on the lake seeing two young ladies with smiles, enjoyment, family, and the competitive spirit. So if you see Kel- si-Beth wakesurfing with her family on the lake wave, say “betus wakesurfing” which translates HAPPY Wakesurfing in Latin which Kelsi-Beth has taken in school for the past two years. g sll h Kelsi - Beth & AllissaDouble Wakesurfing on the same wave.. Richard Kinney with daughter Kelsi - Beth after a day of wakesurfing on Smith Lake.18 | I 19

Six years ago, Wake the World Alabama startedout with eight volunteer boats and 25 kids from the BigOak Ranch for a fun day on the lake. On June 16, 2017,a group of 102 kids from Big Oak Ranch and 26 volun-teer boats came out for this year’s event. There is nobetter way to create lifelong memories than a fun dayon the lake learning to wakeboard, inner tubing, wakesurfing, knee boarding, swimming, and jumping off thedock. Smith Lake Living got the opportunity to spendthe day in the boat with Cary and Brian DeWitte, event or-ganizer; Amy Thomas, a house parent at Big Oak Ranch;and two kids, Jasmine, 4 years old, and Lexeigh, 3 yearsold. Amy has been a house parent for eight years. Eachhome has 5 to 8 kids from all age brackets for 3 yearsold up to senior in high school. The Big Oak Ranch is aChristian home for children needing a chance. The event starts out with a safety meeting withthe volunteers and boat drivers. After that, the Big Oakkids arrive and a group photo is taken, and the teams areassigned for the day to each boat. The morning sessionconsisted of teaching the kids watersports and pullingthe ones that know watersports. Then everyone headedback in the home base, Windemere at Smith Lake, forlunch. Nothing is better than pizza, snacks, and drinks. Continued on page 24INTERTUBING @ WAKE the WORLD ALABAMA 22 I

Nelems Marine Nelems Marine: Proudly serving Smith Lake for 50 years and the Nelems Marine Family is ready to continue the tradition into the next 50 years & beyond. MB Sports205-221-3072 I 23 “ Alabama’s Oldest Marine Dealership”Come by and visit us at our dealership at 13239 Hwy. 78, Jasper, AL.

Afternoon Ice Cream Break at Jeff Roberts’ Dock is a Hit with all the Wake The World Boats.Continued on page 22 The groups go out again for an afternoon LtoR:session, but the real hit for the afternoon ses-sion was the ice cream boat at sponsor Jeff Rob- Cary DeWitte, Bebbie Roberts, Jeff Roberts, Brian DeWitteerts’ dock. Boats stacked up at the dock and ev-eryone was swimming, kayaking, jumping off theupper deck of the dock, and with smiles enjoyingtheir favorite ice cream bar. Yes, I did see somego back for seconds! The day ended with a dinner for all un-der large tents set up at home base, and kids,volunteers, and sponsors reminiscing the day’sevents and some past years’ events. All the BigOak Ranch kids got loaded up in the vans tohead back to their homes. Cary and Brian De-Witte said it was, “Another great event for such agreat cause” as they and others, volunteers andsponsors, start planning for the 2018 event.FOR MORE INFO: 2017 WAKE THE WORLD ALABAMA24 I

Duskin Point Marina205 - 384 - 6942• Dry Storage• Pontoon Rentals• Wet Storage• Ship Store• Boat Sales• Boat Service• Boat Brokerage Service• Fuel Call Michael 205-384-6942 for Landau Pontoon Sales ~ 198 Duskin Point Road, Jasper, AL 35504 OF ALABAMA ~ America’s # 1 Boat Lift 205 - 384 - 6990 With a HydroHoist Boat Lift your boat is securely dry-dock, its hull & out drive are safely protected from wind & wakedamage, algae & marine growths that compromise your boat’s performance, value, & appearance. Phillip Beasley ~ [email protected] ~ 146 Duskin Point Road, Jasper, AL 35504 I 25

THE DOLLAR FAMILY“Enjoying Living, Working , & Playing in the Smith Lake Area!” By Rachel Sweigard For some, life on Smith Lake is a no-brainer; visiting the Warrior River and Lake Logan Martin withthey grew up here, fell in love with the lake and had no family.want or reason to leave. For others, however, living onSmith Lake just happened after countless summers Lynne and her husband, both from the Birming-spent skiing, swimming, and fishing. The Dollar family, ham area originally, soon acquired a mobile home onof Dodge City in Cullman, fall into the latter category. the lake and it became their “weekend place” as they spent summer work weeks counting down until Friday If you ask Lynne Dollar how she and her family afternoon to make the trek to Smith Lake. Unfortu-ended up on the lake, she’ll give her husband, Joe, all nately, a tornado destroyed their weekend place sev-the credit. Lynne says that her husband began visit- eral years ago, and the Dollar family did not want toing the lake during summers with neighbors when he lose their summers and weekends on the lake, so theywas a pre-teen, while she was not introduced to the re-built the house in late 2004, a decision that Lynnelake until she was about 18 years old. Immediately credits to God because she did not think it would beupon visiting the lake, Lynne says that she fell in love possible otherwise.and has felt drawn to the lake ever since. Lynne saysthat her family have always been “water people” and The Dollar family now lives just down from Bigshe fondly remembers spending childhood summers Bridge in an A-frame home with huge glass windows26 |

that overlook the lake. Lynne says that their home is a bit a-typical for Smith Lake, but it’s a “plain Jane homefor a plain Jane family” and they wouldn’t want it any other way. The best parts about the lake, according toLynne, are all the memories that she has of her children growing up on the water; for example, Lynne remem-bers riding her son around on a Sea-Doo when he was younger and finding calm sloughs for him to fish inwhile sitting on the front of the Sea-Doo. Dollar currently drives a school bus for Cullman County Schools, theirdaughter, Katie attends Cold Springs High School, their son Kyle is a graduate of Cold Springs High School,and her husband owns and works at Dodge City Collision off of Highway 69 in Dodge City. Lynne raves aboutliving, working, and owning a business in the Smith Lake area. She says that Cullman County is a great placeto live and she loves that Stony Lonesome ATV Park is just up the road. She also says that she has never feltmore at home than she does now in Cullman County. Continued on page 28Large Picture Windows overlooking the lake from theDollar’s Great Room... I 27

Continued from page 27 Smith Lake is filled with fami-lies just like the Dollar family; thesefamilies have grown up away fromthe joys of Smith Lake life, but dis-covered Central Alabama’s greatesttreasure through visiting with friends.No matter how you discover SmithLake, you, like the Dollar Family, willquickly discover why so many peoplelove the lake and will want to join thethousands of people who call SmithLake home. g sll h Lake View from the Dollar’s Deck Dollar’s family Mobile Home destroyed by tornado. Joe, Katie, & Kyle Dollar Lynne taking Kyle for a Jet Ski ride28 | on Ryan Creek. Joe teaching Katie how to drive ski boat at a young age.

Dodge City Collision Center LLC 4333 County Road 216, Dodge City 256-287-0680 By Rachel Sweigard While many people equate Smith Lake with just a place to go in the warmer months and enjoy aday or weekend on the water, the lake is actually home to many small businesses owned and operatedby “lake people” themselves. These businesses cater to the needs of locals and travelers alike, and pop-ping in to one of these businesses almost always ends in a great conversation or a great recommenda-tion for a secluded swimming hole or “mom and pop” restaurant in the area. One such business, ownedand operated by “lake people,” is Dodge City Collision Center located in Dodge City on Highway 69 nextto S & S Foods. Dodge City Collision Center llc. , opened in 2008, is owned by Joe and Lynne Dollar, a husbandand wife who are former Birmingham natives and have 18 years’ experience in the insurance claimsbusiness. The Dollars previously owned an insurance franchise, but sold it to move to Smith Lake. Whenasked what drew her and her husband to open a collision shop, Lynne Dollar’s first answer was that herhusband was always a car lover and it made sense for them to open the business given their experiencein the insurance claims industry. DCCC is located in a new building and boasts the most up to date ser-vices and equipment to serve each customer and situation that comes in the doors. DCCC is made upof an employee who focuses on fixing the body of the vehicle, an employee who primarily paints the newparts before they are installed, a detailer, and two office worker in addition to Joe and Lynne Dollar, theowners. DCCC offers a variety of services to customers. These services include: collision repair with or with-out car insurance, auto body work, and fleet car rentals from Fords to Porsches. Dollar says that whatseparates their business from the rest is the fact that no corners are ever cut. When someone bringsa vehicle in for service, the person working on the vehicle takes everything apart to paint it instead ofjust taping over headlights and trim, and the vehicle is completely detailed before being returned to thecustomer. DCC also offers free pick-up and delivery of drivable vehicles within a 25-mile radius of theirbusiness. Dodge City Collision Center is open Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-5 p.m. by appointment only. However, tobest accommodate busy customers, DCC will make appointments after hours or on weekends as need-ed. Visit DCCC online at or on Facebook at Dodge City Collision Center,LLC. g sll h I 29

Smith Lake Concerts Crowd gathers @ TridentMarina to listen to the bandRock Candy. Check TridentMarina’s Facebook page forSummer Concert Series dates.05/27/17 Rock Candy Band @ Trident Marina May 28, 2017 Derek Selles & Aaron Williams Band DeWittes’s Fun ~ Band ~ Lake Party30 | I 31

Smith Lake….The Cleanest Lake in America?“The earth will not continue to offer its harvest, except with faithful stewardship. We cannot say we love theland, and then take steps to destroy it for use by future generations.” - Pope John Paul II By Kristine Bullock The beauty and tranquility of Smith Lake has pulled together as a team to keep our lake clean, imagineattracted people from all walks of life to enjoy its over 500 the environmental impact that could be made.miles of natural shoreline. Fishermen come to competein professional bass fishing tournaments, families come So, what can you do as an individual to decreaseto teach their children how to wakeboard, and many your environmental footprint on Smith Lake? Currently,choose to retire within the serenity of Smith Lake’s un- there are approximately 4,500 existing home sites alongmistakable splendor. Before the 1980s, much of the land the shoreline. The EPA estimates that individual wasteboarding Smith Lake was undeveloped. Now, 37 years production is 4.4 pounds of trash per person, per day. Anlater, Smith Lake’s real estate market has exploded with easy way to begin is to ensure proper waste disposal notnew homes, restaurants, and marinas. With new homes just in your home, but on the highways, roads, and water-undoubtedly brings more people, and with more people ways leading to your home as well. Waste that is thrownunfortunately brings more trash. Which poses the import- out of car windows or flies off of boat docks will undeni-ant and necessary question, “Are we taking care of Smith ably end up in the water. Be prepared when taking boatsLake in a way that will support our future generations?”. out on the lake. Put a designated trash receptacle in the boat, and make sure it is secure! Teach visitors about According to the United States Environmental Sur- the importance of keeping Smith Lake clean, and lead byvey and the Environmental Protection Agency National Hy- example by being a strong environmental steward. Hostdrography Dataset (USES/EPA NHD), there are 389,005 a community clean up, with prizes for individuals whobodies of water that contain characteristics that define collect the most trash. The unmistakable truth is that thethem as lakes in the United States. To put that in pro- beauty of Smith Lake will give and provide for us only asspective, the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries long as we give and provide in return. So, we all need toDivision manages 23 public lakes. Many have boasted become more aware of the mark we leave on our waterthat Smith Lake is one of the cleanest lakes in Alabama. and shorelines.In fact, the Alabama Water Watch program published dataearly in 2016 indicating that they had data to support this The strongest mark you can leave on Smith Lake forclaim. This information, in turn, charges the residents ofSmith Lake with the tremendous responsibility of being future generations is to leave no mark at all!accountable to maintain to quality of its waters. g s l lmith ake iving h Though Smith Lake may be one of the cleanestlakes in Alabama, it is difficult to compare this statewide www.leavenomark.comranking to the rest of America. In the NLA’s most recentsurvey on the nation’s lakes, reportsindicated that 56% of lakes are in goodcondition, 21% are in fair condition, and24% are in poor condition. It would besafe to assume that Smith Lake wouldbe included among the lakes in goodcondition. However, other lakes includ-ing Lake Tahoe, Crater Lake, and LakeCoeur d’Alene top Smith Lake as beingranked among the cleanest lakes in thenation. Judging from the competitive na-ture that can be seen within the footballculture in Alabama, residents aren’t typ-ically happy being just state champions,they prefer to be national champions!Imagine if this same mentality was usedin preserving the quality of Smith Lake’sshorelines and waters. If residents32 |

Trident Marina Boat Storage DepartmentTrident Marina Service DepartmentJoin Us At The Grille at Trident Marina 256 - 841 - 4016 Summer Hours 7 days a week -Check Us Out On Facebook & Yelp M-F 11am to 8 pm Sat./Sun. 7am to 8pmNow Featuring Adult Beverages at the Grille.Wake / Surf Shop34 |

BOAT SALES department Go to Trident Marina web site to see ourinventory of new and used boats. Got a boat for sale give us a call to discuss our used boat consignmentsales program. follow us on Facebook & Instagram 7 Day a Week Full Service Marina ~ 256-286-0050 I 35

Pet Safety Summer Tips On the Lake By Natalie Bonner We all love our fur babies, and want to keep them as healthy, happy and safe as possible, at all times – but sometimes the summer weather can present a bit of a challenge in doing so. Do you leave your be- loved pet behind in the comfort of a crate, or risk taking them out on the lake to enjoy the blissful weather with you and the family? If you choose the latter, we have rounded up some of the best safety tips for your pet to practice out on the lake! The first idea is a no-brainer for many pet owners: a pet ID tag displaying the pet’s name, as well as the owner’s information, including a contact name, address and contact number so that the owner may be reached should their pet be in a problematic situation or become lost. In addition to a collar ID, most pets nowadays come imbedded with a microchip, helping you to find them even easier, should something cat- astrophic happen, or you fear they’ve become lost or stolen. This microchip serves as a miniature location detector, securing your fur baby’s location until you can get to him/her. Leashes are obviously the next go-to item. A dog on a leash won’t get too far from you, and there are several different types of collars and leashes to ensure your best companion doesn’t stray too far away. Check out your local pet care service center for even more varieties in the collar/leash department. Their specialized sales personnel will surely be able to find the right fit for you and your pet. In addition to these often overlooked basics, it never hurts to have your pet’s emergency vet num- ber handy should something go awry, as well as any medication he or she might need, and always ensure that your pet receives plenty of hydration. During the summer months, the water can still be in plenty sup- ply, and you would still be surprised to see your fur baby panting because of the heat index and humidity in the blazing sun. Always remember to give your pet plenty of proper water breaks in the shade, and a cool place for him/her to rest and relax in the summer atmosphere. In addition to an emergency vet number, pack a first-aid kit should your beloved fur companion come across a less desirable playmate in the wild. This will encourage you as the owner to always think ahead, be prepared, and have the solace in mind that should anything happen to your fur baby, you are ready to tackle it head on. Life jackets and other lake-living items for your fur baby are encouraged as they are prone to get tired/cranky/hot and overwhelmed during the heat and humidity of the summer weather. g sll h36 | I 37

$$ $$ $$ $$Essential Conversations about Family WealthHow confident are you about your family’s finances? How often do you discuss money with yourloved ones? According to the Family Wealth Checkup study by Ameriprise Financial, there’s a correla-tion between financial confidence and communication. While many families are discussing financialissues, they tend to shy away from diving deep into topics like inheritance and estate planning, leavingsome family members with unrealistic expectations.Here are some tips to help you discuss money matters with your family.Don’t wait for tragedy to bring up finances. Family conversations about finances lay the foundationfor a more secure financial future for the people closest to you. Nine in 10 adult children say a lifealtering event triggered a financial talk with their parents. It’s a good idea to have these conversationswhen all the important players in your estate plan can participate and communicate their wishes orquestions. With time on your side, you can cover topics thoroughly and have time to get the properdocuments in place, if you haven’t already.Although estate planning can be a tough and emotional topic to initiate, families who have talkedabout it say the discussion went much smoother than anticipated. Families said their conversationswere straightforward and relaxed as opposed to awkward or difficult – even more motivation to havethe talk with your loved ones.Make the conversation a priority and schedule a time to chat. Rather than hoping a conversationwill happen after dinner, let each family member know ahead of time that you want to talk. Complexestates may require multiple discussions, so schedule a date to continue the conversation if needed.After your initial conversations, keep your family members up-to-date about changes that could affectyour estate, such as establishing a living will or cashing in an annuity.Share your agenda ahead of time so that your family can prepare for the conversation. Considerstarting the conversation by sharing your financial goals and values, and telling your family why thesediscussions are important to you. Other topics on the agenda may include managing current financesincluding any debt, healthcare costs and legacy planning.Manage expectations. You don’t have to divulge the exact value of your estate or the amount ofmoney in your accounts, but it’s important to disclose enough details so that your family can setappropriate expectations. If part of your legacy plan includes leaving an inheritance, consider lettingyour family know whether it’s an amount large enough to help fund your grandchildren’s educationor maybe it’s closer to a down payment on a car. Most people plan to leave an inheritance, but only 21percent of parents have told their kids how much they can expect to receive. Continued on page 4238 | I 39

Essential Conversations about Family WealthContinued From page 38 Create or update your estate plan. Pair your conversations with a comprehensive estate plan to prevent rifts that can happen when financial wishes are not clearly documented. Your estate encompasses any- thing you own, such as real estate, cars, life insurance, financial accounts including your retirement plans, and personal possessions. Creating a plan for what happens to these assets and accounts is important no matter the size of your estate. If you already have an estate plan in place, revisit your will or trust, and update beneficiaries to various accounts and assets to mirror the blueprint you’ve shared with family members. Consider also providing instructions in a healthcare directive on what you want your family to do in the event that you cannot act on your own behalf. Clearly documenting your wishes can make difficult circumstances easier for every- one involved. Tell loved ones where to find important documents. Families who are kept in the dark could face challenges if something unplanned happens and they are left to pick up the financial pieces. Prevent headaches that can slow down the settlement of your estate by providing instructions about where you’ve stored the safety deposit key, bank accounts, stock certificates and other pertinent items, including digital assets. Also, ensure that your family has the contact information for the professionals (e.g. lawyer, estate planner, tax or financial advisor) who are helping you prepare or manage your estate. Work with a financial professional. If you experience conflict in your family discussions or want some help navigating difficult topics, consider working with a neutral third party, such as a financial advisor. A financial professional can help your family understand your collective financial picture and transition wealth from one generation to the next. Ongoing dialogue about estate topics with family members could bring you closer together and pave the way for a smooth transfer of wealth, when the day comes. The Family Wealth Checkup study was created by Ameriprise Financial, Inc. and conducted online by Artemis Strategy Group November 23 – December 15, 2016 among 2,700 U.S. adults between the ages of 25-70 with at least $25,000 in investable assets. Jeff Roberts, ChFC®, CRPC®, CFS®, is a Financial Advisor and Chartered Financial Consultant® with Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. in Birmingham, Alabama. He specializes in fee-based financial plan- ning and asset management strategies and has been in practice for 25 years. Contact him at (205) 313- 9150 or at Offices are located at 33 Inverness Center Parkway, Suite 300, Birmingham, AL 35242. Investment advisory products and services are made available through Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., a registered investment adviser. Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC. © 2017 Ameriprise Financial, Inc. All rights reserved. g sll h 42 | I 43

May 20th - PREAKNESS Party benefiting HOPE HORSES, Inc. at ST. BERNARD ABBEY BYRE center. Silent & Live auctions were held, along with dinner and live entertainment. For more info contact [email protected] The annual MUD RUN at Stony Lonesome OHV Park drew over300 participants held on May 13th. So if you like playing in the mudcheck the Stony Lonesome OHV Park facebook page for up dateevents. 44 | I 45


Neal Culpepper, Broker/Owner – 256-739-1389 Tammy Roden, Agent – 256-338-6612 Tyson Campbell, Agent – 256-531-7316 Mike Sims, Agent – 256-620-5432 Clay Culpepper, Agent – 256-338-5378 Becky Flack, Agent – 256-385-5764 White Oak Creek – New Construction – Cabin, Dock, Deep Water Lot $229,900• Bluewater Estates – 3 AC+/- - 90’ +/- Deep Water Frontage $89,900• Bluewater Estates – 22 AC +/- Bank Owned – 103’ +/- Deep Water Frontage $139,900• Big Bridge - 3.75 A +/- Bank Owned – 945’ +/- Deep Water Frontage $229,000• Cedar Ridge – 42 Acres +/- Bank Owned – 1000’ +/- Water Frontage $379,000• 209 AC +/- - Bank Owned – 1000’ +/- Water Frontage $1,590,000 CULPEPPER REAL ESTATE- Information herein deemed reliable but not guaranteed. New - Smith Lake development featuring Tiny Homes now available. Neal Culpepper Owner/ Broker 256-739-1389 I 47

YOU CAN SURF Seriously... you can. You just need the right boat. Come see us. We’ve got the right boats, the right people, and the right price. A demo ride is just a click or call away.Fredricks Outdoor | 1312 South Bethel Rd, Decatur, AL 35603 | 256-340-8899 | [email protected] Horses Offering People Encouragement Our Mission: At H.O.P.E. Our Vision: Is to serve is to provide therapeutic the benefits of therapeutic horsemanship programs programs to specials needs to individuals with special individuals in Cullman & physical, social,cognitive, surrounding areas. & emotional needs. Follow us on Facebook 1301 Convent Road Cullman, AL. 3505548 | I 49

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