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Table Of Contents Bag 1 collection 2 women's shoes 3 women's jewelry 4 flower

Bag collection Dior Book Tote is definitely your answer. Due to the square shape of Tote Bag style, it can hold a lot of things. Comes with a bag that can be used both as a hand carry and as a shoulder Exciting with intricate and delicate embroidery patterns. The decoration is decorated with the Christian Dior label that fits perfectly. which are available in many designs Whether it's the classic Dior Oblique pattern or any other graphic, it's eye-catching. PRICE 99,000 BAHT Any girls looking for a big bag to carry to work, Coach Tote in Signature, Tote bag, shoulder bag, Canvas leather, can hold a lot of stuff, suitable for girls who need to carry a lot of things. It can be paired with any outfit for an elegant and simple look. PRICE 4,500 BAHT Coach 2022 bag. This model is named Pillow. The pillow is soft and soft. This model is a green Pillow, but it's not embarrassing to carry it. Catching a match is not as difficult as you think. This card is made of nappa leather. Function with a snap button PRICE 75,000 BAHT

women's shoes Many people may not know that the Hermès brand has sandals that are as popular as bags. These sandals are ORAN SANDAL, made from high quality calf leather. PRICE 49,000 BAHT รองเท้าแบรนด์ GUCCI โดยเฉพาะรองเท้าผ้าใบนั้นได้ รับความนิยมอยู่ด้วยกันหลายรุ่น แต่รุ่นที่เราอยาก แนะนำในวันนี้เป็นรองเท้า GUCCI รุ่น Rhyton Gucci Logo Leather Sneaker PRICE 55,000 BAHT We recommend choosing a pair of sandals that have thick soles and are designed to provide optimal support for your foot, such as the LOUIS VUITTON POOL PILLOW COMFORT. But it is designed to be comfortable to wear. PRICE 75,000 BAHT

women's jewelry Pandora Bangle My True Color Heart Collection looks elegant in gold. and decorated with diamonds PRICE 59,000 BAHT Classic patterned leather wrist watch Enhance the charm and personality to look believable. For this Coach watch, I must say that it is one of the most popular models. Let's start with the design of the stainless steel case. It comes with a leather strap with the brand's classic pattern. PRICE 4,860 BAHT For anyone who likes brand-name watches with leather straps, Burberry's Classic Leather collection should have a style that is quite the answer. The brand has produced a watch strap made of Calfskin leather, which is characterized by light weight and comfortable wear. does not irritate the skin PRICE 5,800 BAHT

Flower Minimal design bouquet of roses Pamper your dark-colored lovers with black wrapping paper. but still sweet with flowers inside Anyone who likes this genre should not miss it. PRICE 2,190 BAHT A bouquet of flowers with a simple design, cute, arranged in a medium-sized bouquet. wrapped in brown paper Suitable for giving happiness to your loved ones. Looks beautiful in a minimalist style. PRICE 990 BAHT bouquet of sunflowers representative of brightness Give to loved ones instead of encouragement. The exterior is wrapped in brown paper, simple but stylish. PRICE 1,190 BAHT

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