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Q & A for PubHTML5 page flipping book maker

I successfully uploaded my flipbooks online .But I want to embed it into web page? Can I do it? And how can I do it?

Sometimes I am so busy with my tasks. And I do not have the enough time to finish the designing of my flipbook. So there comes the question whether I can save project file of edited digital publication flip books as project?

I have so many PDF documents to settle. But I do not want to convert one by one. Is there any simple way for me to create online flipping book?

No doubt that there may be many users to upload their flip books at PUB HTML5 self-publishing platform. I’ll be very happy to know that if I can follow some users that I’m interested in. If so, where to manage my following?

When I enter the Animation Editor, I find there is a time line at the bottom of the interface. I wonder what role the time line plays and how to customize it.

I happen to see your website in Google. I have scanned your introductions of PUB HTML5.But I am still curious about your new actions –advanced event. Could you tell me in details?

I created an account on your website and I filled in some information. And now I want to change the public and private information. Where to modify?

I want to move my digital brochure to another folder on PUB HTML5 online publishing platform. However, I don't know how I can do it. Can you give me some advice of some simple steps?

I want to customize privacy settings on PUB HTML5 online magazine publishing platform. However, I don't know where and how to do it. Would you please give me some suggestions?

It is said that PUB HTML5 enable users to add actions for the inserted objects of digital brochures. Is it true? What kind of actions I can add to my inserted objects?

As you know, the common magazine can not keep pace with the modern digital world. I am going to create digital online magazine with animation text. Can PUB HTML5 help me achieve my aim?

I am kind of doing e-business right now and I have tried to upload PDF files of my products to html5 digital magazines and catalogs, which was a wonderful experience. Now I want to re-upload a new PDF file to replace the original one. Could you please tell me how to do that?

After watching the demo,I can’t wait to get my electronic reading materials uploaded on pubhtml5 digital publishing platform. What if I wanna share some of them? Can I allow readers to download my online digital publications?

My project is done. Thanks to PUB HTML5 to help me create a wonderful digital publication. But I don’t need it so far. Then how can I cancel my account?

I know that PUB HTML5 can help me create HTML5 eBook which can be viewed easily on the web. But at the same time, I want to print some pages. Can I create print area by myself?

I wonder if I can share the online flipbook on my Facebook and Twitter pages after I publish it online. And if it's possible, can you show me how to do this?

I want to know whether I can create an interactive flipbook with soft background music. And if I want to insert different audio to each page, how can I achieve this setting?

If I upload a PDF to your website and convert it into HTML5 online magazine, how can I make it display on my website?

I already use PUB HTML5 for couple months and now I want to have a look at my rental history. Could you please tell me where to find my rental history easily?

After I publish the digital magazine to PUB HTML5 Cloud, how can I change the publication settings such as HTML meta title and description?

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