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Q & A for PubHTML5 page flipping book maker

There is a lot of button setting in custom setting list. Is there a simple and quick way for me to get the button I need? If there is, it will save a lot of work for customizing my digital publications.

The online page flip eBook will seem to be much more attractive with video gallery on it. I wonder whether I can add video gallery to my page flip book. Is there any tool which can help me do this?

How can I know which plan my account belong to and how many books I can upload to PUB HTML5 Cloud Host?

I want to print my page flip book directly. However, I don't know how to print it. Can I do this by using PUB HTML5?

I want to add bookmarks to my flipbook. However, I don't know how to do it. Is there any tool which enables me to do this easily in minutes?

I learned that if I want to publish flipbook with PUB HTML5, I would need to create an account to login. Can you show me where the sign up and login interfaces are?

I am not that used to reading digital publication from left to right. Is it possible for me to change and read from right to left?

While customizing the flipbook, can I change the background color for the link when the mouse cursor moves over it? And how?

I viewed you demo and I like the hard cover feel digital publication. Can you tell me where to apply the hardcover for my html5 flipbook?

Thanks for your wonderful software that I can create impressive digital publications. And I would like to know where to change page shadow and alpha width for my electronic publication.

Can I attach some information about my digital publication and my company? I think if I can show our company information on flipbook will be better. Please show me the solution.

I create a really awesome page turn flipbook with your PUB HTML5 software. And now I would like to create a help file for my readers to get start reading better. Is it possible to import help content file to my digital publication?

I downloaded PUB HTMl5 and tried to convert PDF to page flipping catalog. And now my question is background sound issue. Can I insert background sound and customize play flip sound of my digital catalog?

The display area of the publication almost takes up the whole display window, leaving no space in between, which has a negative effect on aesthetics. Besides, this brings the display content to the very end, thus the audience may miss the important content. So could you tell me how to expand the margins?

Can I make the page flipping time shorter so readers don't have to wait too long before they can open and read next page?

After I publish my flipbook online, can my readers download it for offline reading?

I know that your software allows readers to zoom in or zoom out the flipbook, and I don't want the publication to be zoomed out to a very small proportion. So how can I set the minimum width and height of the zoom page?

I want my digital brochure to turn page automatically whenever it is opened. Is there an auto play option to make it play in that way?

Sometimes the content especially text content of the publication is too small for clear and comfortable reading. Is there a way to blow up the page without blurring the content?

Your digital publishing software is awesome to create digital magazine. And I want like to know how to allow my readers to share my publication to Facebook and Twitter?

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