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questions about account settings

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I created an account on your website and I filled in some information. And now I want to change the public and private information. Where to modify?

My project is done. Thanks to PUB HTML5 to help me create a wonderful digital publication. But I don’t need it so far. Then how can I cancel my account?

I already use PUB HTML5 for couple months and now I want to have a look at my rental history. Could you please tell me where to find my rental history easily?

I want to use PUB HTML5. Do I need to create an account and login before I start to create my HTML5 flipbook? If yes, then how should I do it?

I learn that if I upgrade my account to Platinum or Enterprise version, I will be granted with 3 or 10 premium accounts that enjoy the features offered by Platinum or Enterprise version. However, after I upgraded my free version to Platinum version, I can use only my account as Platinum version, so how can I get the rest 2 Platinum accounts?

I brought platinum plan and now I would like to make sure you already activate my account. But I have no idea to check my user type. Please show me the way.

How can I know which plan my account belong to and how many books I can upload to PUB HTML5 Cloud Host?

I learned that if I want to publish flipbook with PUB HTML5, I would need to create an account to login. Can you show me where the sign up and login interfaces are?